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Italian- Jimmy Vesey (Jersey Part two)

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Ok so this is part two to my Jersey Jimmy Vesey story. I really hope all my Rangers fans like it! PS- I wasn’t sure of Raanta’s nickname so I asked a friend and we both think Rants is it, if not, let me know! Enjoy!

Warning: like two sexual innuendos

Anon Request: Can you do a part two of jersey with Jimmy Vesey

And:  @hotnhlplayers asked i think this needs a part two where they meet up after a win & maybe go out on that dinner he was talking about


              Ok so this was awkward.

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Don’t expect me to try this again next year

Summary: It’s Tony’s birthday. You try baking a cake.
Word counting: 450 
Pairing: Tony Stark x Short!Reader (Established relationship)
Characters: Short!Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers 
Warnings: Fluff. Reader isn’t good at cooking food. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome.

This work is part of a series. Read more here.

Happy Birthday to my favourite millionaire! 

You frowned at the recipe in front of you, wondering if you had done it right.
It was Tony’s birthday, a day that always made you anxious. 

Let’s be honest, Tony Stark was rich. Filthy rich. 

He had more money than whole countries. 

In consequence, he had everything he wanted. 

Clothes, gadgets, accessories, properties… There was nothing in the world you could give him that he didn’t have, so give him a present was the hardest thing on Earth. 

Every birthday he said he didn’t want anything and he honestly didn’t. He had you, and the love you always gave to him. He didn’t need to be given more luxury.

Still, you always took your time to prepare him something, and this year you were making him a strawberry cake with pink frosting. 

Well, you were trying to make the frosting. 

You see: You were a writer. And a fighter. A regular cooker.

But a baker? That was a bit of a stretch of your abilities. 

“Y/N?” Steve entered the kitchen. “What are you doing?”

“Finishing a cake.” You decided to give up on the frosting and turned to look at him. “Is there a problem?”

Steve blushed. 

“I… huh… I got a new phone and I need some help.”

“Oh.” You stood straight. “No problem. I can configure it to you and make it a bit easier.”

He smiled genuinely, and you two walked to the couch. For about 30 minutes, you explained every tool and option on the new generation iPhone to the super soldier, trying not to laugh when he frowned at some of your words and terms.

“See, it’s very simple.” You smiled sweetly. “You’re gonna do just fine.”

When you stood up, Tony walked in and made you blush. 

“Always offering help.” He noticed. 

“Well… There’s always someone seeking for help, right?”

He chuckled, and your three raised your eyes when the fire alarm sounded loud in the whole floor. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Tony quickly called. 

“It appears to be that Miss Y/L/N’s cake is on fire, Mister Stark.”

Your eyes widened as you ran to the kitchen with the two men right behind you. 

“Shit.” You exclaimed and opened the oven to find it on fire and your strawberry cake completely carbonised, quickly moving away to let Tony use the fire extinguisher on it. 

The whole kitchen stood in silence up until the alarm stopped, and your boyfriend finally looked at you. 

“Well, we both know you’re not much of a baker, love. I guess that just proves it.”

You and Tony cracked together, laughing out loud, and Steve just stared at you two surprised. 

“Happy birthday then, honey.” You looked back at him, taking a deep breath for a moment. “Don’t expect me to try this again next year.”

He nodded with a smile still spread on his lips. 

“Just stick with the sexy lingerie for now long, okay?”

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Title: Love At First Sight? (Part 13.)

Character(s): Denny and Jess (fictional/original character).
Summary: Denny wakes up.
Word Count: 1,430
Author’s Note: This is a short chapter, but do not fret. There is. So. Much. Fluff!!!! We’ve got one more chapter left! Enjoy! :)

Tag list: @memphisgirl1977 | @clinicalkayla | @lostxwanderess | @negan–is–god | @trashforwinchesters | @heartfulloffandoms@sweetsweetpeach@chicitytitties | @lostxwanderess | @warriorqueen1991 | @astrangegirlsmind | @dead-head-joker

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

I step into his room, biting my lower lip at the sight of him. There was a bandage covering his chest, but oddly enough, he looked peaceful. He was asleep and I was sure that this was a much needed slumber.

I sit at the chair near his bed, reaching for his hand immediately. I bring my legs up to my chest and let my cheek rest against the back of his hand.

I listen to the beeping of the machines as I keep my eyes solely focused on Denny. After a few minutes, I feel my eyes begin to droop and finally succumb to the slumber that I was in need of.

The next morning, I feel a slight nudge on my shoulder. As I look up, my breath catches in my throat at the sight of Denny awake. I rub the sleep from my eyes and take his hand into my own, kissing the back of his hand gently.

“You’re – ”

“You’re wearing my sweater,” he points out.

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Brienne: [returns to Winterfell and sees Sansa] *coldly* My Lady.

Sansa: Oh thank the gods you’re back! We’ve all missed you and each filled out a “thank you for being part of our family” card. Oh, and Winter has really hit so I made you this new cloak and I got a matching one for Podrick –

Brienne: *blushes* My lady, this is too much–

Arya: Shut up, we love you. So glad that Littlefinger didn’t get a chance to kill us. Can we spar now?

Brienne: o.0

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃
  • *Slughorn's party*
  • John: *waiting*
  • Sherlock: *approaching; apparently headless, his head tucked under his arm*
  • John: *horrified* Oh my God!
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* For the love of Merlin, John. It's a spell.
  • John: *blinking* Yeah but- *waves his hand where Sherlock's head's supposed to be* bloody hell, what happened to Jack Skellington?
  • Sherlock: I don't know what that is.
  • John: *shakes his head* Fucking show off.
  • Mary: *bringing over drinks; smirks* You bottled it, then?
  • Sherlock: *takes the drink* I think she'll be impressed.
  • Mary: *crouches until she's eye level with him* You're pathetic.
  • Sherlock: *swallows his drink with great difficulty* I know. Where is she?
  • Mary: By the punch.
  • -at the punch bowl-
  • Molly: *making drinks*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat*
  • Molly: *smiles* I was wondering when you'd- *turns around; slowly looks down at his face* -get here.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I considered joining the Headless Hunt. No luck.
  • Molly: *impressed* You never give anyone else a chance, do you?
  • Sherlock: *smug* Nope. Dance with me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Now this should be interesting.
  • -by the fireplace-
  • John & Mary: *watching Sherlock and Molly dance, his disembodied head watching happily*
  • John: *disturbed* This has to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
  • Mary: *grinning* Really? We should stick around until they start snogging, then.
  • John: *grimaces* You had to say that, didn't you?
More Then Just A Freindship

Title: More Then Just A Friendship

Ship: Karma x Nagisa

Anime: Assassination Classroom/ Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 

Words: 1856

Nagisa’s POV

    “He’s staring at you again Nagisa-kun.” Kaede-kun, my green haired friend said. “He is? I didn’t notice.” I lied. I looked over to the red headed trouble maker to see him focusing on Okuda-kun. “No, he’s looking at Okuda-kun, not me.” ‘don’t get my hopes up.'  I looked down at the floor, a blush rising on my face. “Hey Nagisa-kun!” Karma said walking over. “Whats up Karma-kun?” I replied trying to hide my blush. 'I was wondering if you got any new information on Kuro-Sensei.“ He leaned over my desk and looked at my note book. I quickly flipped to the page of notes on Kuro-Sensei and set it down on my desk. "Well, I learned that his favorite sweet is chocolate. I was thinking that if we paired it with his favorite adult magazines, we could make a trap.” I said showing Karma-kun my idea. “Or we could tease him and try to get him to hit one of us, so then he will have to die.” He said with a blood-lust look in his eyes. “Um, Karma-kun, I don’t think that would be a good idea. He could really hurt yo- one of us.” I stumbled. He grinned, “That’s why I would make sure that it would be me that he hit. Or are you worried about me?” “I’m always worried about you, thats what friends do.” I smiled at him. "Thanks Nagisa-kun!“ He said smiling back.

   "Nagisa -kun, you have to stop flirting with Karma-kun.” Kurahashi-kun said. I was taken back at her statement. “What? He’s just my friend, I’m not flirting with him.” I said looking away. “And besides, if I was why would you care?” I asked. “Because Okuda-kun has a very big crush on him. She plans on telling him at lunch.” She said. “Oh really? I hope it turns out well!” I said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. “Oh. I didn’t expect you to say that honestly.” She said sounding surprised. “What did you expect me to say?” I asked, curiosity peaking my mind. “Oh! Nothing!” she said skipping off. Okay?…

Lunch time ~

   I looked over at Karma and saw that Okuda was with him. She was looking at her feet, probably telling him. “Hey Nagisa, how do you think its going?” Kaede-kun asked, looking over at Karma and Okuda. “Probably pretty well, Okuda is a nice girl.” I said. I looked over at the two again, to see that Okuda had a tear rolling down her cheek. She turned towards us and started walking. “Nagisa-kun, why do you have to ruin this for me?” She said as she put her head in her hands. “What? I didn’t do anything!” I said getting glares from the girls in the class. “He said he liked someone else, someone he trusts a lot, so I assumed that it was you he was talking about. He trusts you the most.” she said still crying. “I am pretty sure he has friends outside of school, it couldn’t possibly be me!” I said rubbing the back of my neck as a blush was rising to my face. “Uh huh, sure Nagisa-kun.” Kataoka-kun said.

  The rest of the day I was quiet. I had no idea that this was going to happen, but I still feel like it was my fault. When the bell rang I was the first one out of the class, trying my best to avoid everyone. As I started walking down the hill I heard my name being called. “Nagisa-kun! Nagisa-kun wait up!” Karma said as he was running to catch up with me. “Did you know that Okuda-kun asked me out at lunch today? She talked to you afterwards, what did she say?” He asked, placing his hands on the back of his head. “Oh, she just said that you liked someone else. She seemed very upset.” I said looking at him. “Well, I did turn her down, but I still want to be friends with her. She could make some really fun prank supplies.” He giggled. “Yeah I guess so. But who do you like then?” I asked. “Hmm, that’s a good question. Did you still need help on the math homework?” He avoided the question, but I still need help. “Yeah actually. I just don’t understand exponents.” “Come over then, we can do the homework together." A blush crept its way on to my cheeks. "Oh, um okay!”

    We got to his house and set down our stuff. “You want a water or something?” He asked, getting up to go to the kitchen. “Um, a water please.” I replied pulling out my math homework. Once he returned he sat down next to me, placing the water on the table. He was looking into my eyes as I was looking at my homework. He ran his hand through the ends of my pig tails and turned his head to the side. I shivered and blushed. “You know Kagisa-kun, I really like that you went with pigtails. It suits you. Although I like it whens its down too, I can run my hands through it easier.” He pulled out the hair ties holding my hair in its usual style out, and let my hair fall down. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair. When I was born my mom wanted a girl, not a boy, so she tried her best to raise me as a girl. She even puts me in dresses sometimes. He ran his fingers through my hair again, making me shiver. “You know how you asked who I like?” He asked. He stopped running his fingers through my hair and left his hand at my neck. “Y-yeah.” I studdered. “It’s someone who I trust very much, and the only person who has been to my house.” He said. He moved his hand from my neck to my chin, pulling my face towards his. “I trust you very much Nagisa-kun.” He pressed his lips against mine, pulling me closer with his other hand. I stiffened up, not realizing what was happening at first. After a few seconds, I melt into the kiss. He moved his hand from my chin and started running it through my hair. He tugged at it slightly and I let out a soft moan. I slid my toung across his lip, asking for entrance, which he gladly let me in. We fought for dominance, which he obviously won. He explored every inch of my mouth, making sure not to leave one part untouched. We broke away to catch our breath. He set me on to his lap and resumed kissing me. This felt so wrong, but so right at the same time. I felt bad for taking him away from Okuda, but I have wanted this for so long. Karma moved his hands and put them on my hips, moving them so it grinded against his slightly. I moaned. He broke away and looked at me with clouded eyes. “I hope you know who I like now. Also, if we don’t stop now we wont get any work done.” “But its not that- Oh.” I said realizing when he ment. I got off of his lap and sat back down in front on my homework. He pulled me back in for another kiss. Lets just say that we didn’t get that much work done last night.

The Next Day ~   

    “Nagisa-kun! Karma-kun is staring at you again! Do you know?” Kaede asked. “Um, I have no idea why!” I said blushing. “Oi Nagisa-Kun, you still having trouble with your homework?” He asked walking over. “Um, a little bit of trouble. I can just ask Kuro-” “If you want you can come over.” He interrupted. “He went over to your house?” Kaede said surprised. “Yeah, he was having trouble with the math homework. So I helped him out. Is that a bad thing?” He asked with a smirk. “No, not at all.” Kaede glared at Karma, but he just returned it with a smile. “So you gunna co- woah Nagisa-kun, your face is all red. You feeling okay?” Karma asked as he placed his hand to my forehead. “U-um I feel f-fine thank you. Oh and sure.” I said pulling away from his hand. “Then I’ll see you tonight, Nagisa-kun.” He said. He swung his hips as he walked to his seat. 

   “There is love in the air between two of our students!! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said as he flew into the room. “What are you talking about Kuro-Sensei?” I asked. “I saw two of our students together last night and this morning! It was so cute!! Although, I don’t think that one of them is from here.” Kuro-Sensei said. “WHAT?!?!” The whole class screamed. “Oh yes but it’s true! It was a short girl with long blue hair! Well, I think it was blue. Nufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said, his body going pink. My face instantly turned red. 'I don’t look that much like a girl’ I thought. “Well who was it Kuro-Sensei?” Rio asked. “It was me.” Karma said. I felt my face get redder, if that was even possible. “Really? So that’s the girl!” Okuda said. “What is she like Karma-kun?” Sugino asked. “Yeah! If she got you she must be very special. Tell us Karma-kun!” Rio said. “Well, she’s very nice, and  puts up with a lot of my teasing. I would let her help me with anything, from assassination to just pranks. She is very observant too. Her hair is really soft too. I’m lucky that she didn’t reject me when I made a move” He said scratching the back of his neck. “What does she look like though? Does she have big boobs?” Okajima asked. Karma threw his pencil at Okajima. “No she doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter. She usually keeps her hair up in two cute pigtails. She has light blue hair that frames her face perfectly. She also has really pretty blue eyes and is pretty short. Most people wouldn’t give her a second glance, but she steal my breath every time I look at her.” Karma finished. He looked over at me and chuckled. “Really? She sounds gorgeous!  Your going to have to introduce us to her! She sounds wonderful!” Kaede said. suddenly Karma stood up and walked over to me. He leaned down and kissed me. I felt my face go red again and I was dying of embarrassment. “WHAT?!?! NAGISA-KUN?!?!” The class screamed. “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Shiota Nagisa.” He said as he slid his arms in the front of my neck and put his head on top of mine. I couldn’t help but smile. “Aww you guys are so cute! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said. “BUT NAGISA-KUN YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD THINK THAT KARMA-KUN AND OKUDA-KUN WOULD BE GREAT TOGETHER AND THAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE KARMA!" Kurahashi yelled. "No, I never said that. I said that I hoped it turned out well.” I said and turned my head down. “Its no use now. Let them be happy! They are so cute!” Okuda said. “Congratulations Nagisa-Kun and Karma-kun! Nufnufnufnuf.”

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Hey Anti, I just wanted to say that you're awesome and *hands him a box w/ a knife in it, blushing* I got you a new knife. - 🔮

Anti happily reaches for the box, glitching as he does. He settles the box in his lap after rattling it around like a child.

He pulls the knife out, grinning like a maniac as he looks it over.

“ Aw͡ęso̕m̸e̕ .” He giggles, looking up at you.
“ Tha̴nkś!”

With that, he glitches from the room, presumably to cause chaos somewhere else in the house.

BTS as your boyfriend (GIF reaction)


He’d find out your weaknesses when it came to him as soon as he could and you would be so screwed. Like you like it when he bites his lip? He’s casually nipping at it while he reads. You get goosebumps when his fingers graze your skin? Guess who’s hands just found your lower back! His collarbones leave you blushing? Perfect.

Him: “Look jagi, I got a new sweater!”

You: “Pull it back up on your shoulder!”

Him: “Ah, but I like it like this. Don’t you?”

You never should have shown weakness. Never.

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He’d be really mellow about giving each other space, but if he couldn’t see you right when he felt like it, he’d get cranky.

Him: “Jagi, come over.”
You: “I’m working, Yoongi. I can’t.”

He’d spout out half hearted “it’s okay, really, I’m fine”s until you finally take off early and get there to see him pouting at everyone in sight. This happens at least twice a month.

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Never forgets to bring you up when it comes to interviews or Bangtan Bombs.
Whether you’ve done something cute, dumb or just downright weird he’s going to want everyone to know about it. He’ll say he’s wants you to know he cares, but he also wants to brag.

He texts you during an interview: “Listen to the station!”

Your reply: “I am! I can’t believe you told them about… the incident.”

So of course he replies through the airwaves: “I guess I wasn’t supposed to talk about them falling on their ass when they tried to act sexy- sorry, honey, I love you!”

Good luck living down the embarrassment of dating Jung Hoseok.

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He’d love you two’s alone time, but he’d also adore you getting along with the other members. He is their leader, after all. You wanting to go out with him and the guys on their day off would be special to him. Eventually he’d get sick of sharing you though and would swoop in to steal you.

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If you’re giving him attention then he’s happy. He’d be over the moon if you just randomly told him how much you liked his eyes, or the way he laughs, or just that you love him. At first he’d be a little hesitant like, “Are you being serious, or is this going to end in a ‘just kidding!’?” But once he realizes you’re being genuine, he’s yours and he’ll definitely let you know it.

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Cluelessly sexy toward you. He’s normally goofy and cutesy, but once he got comfortable around you he’d especially have his more serious moments and that’s when you’d probably lose it. You’d be making breakfast or maybe reading a book and he’d be looking at you with this accidentally intense gaze, biting his lip, like he was trying to see your skeleton through your skin. When he got to be around you after being on tour, he’d collapse into your arms and his arms would be tight around you. You’d be sure he wanted you and only you.

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Jungkook would be like the opposite of Tae. He’d try to be cool and calm around you but he would be so cutesy by accident. You’d be telling him to finish brushing his teeth so you could go out and he’d try to argue back and end up with toothpaste running down his chin. You’d shout a curse word and he’d act like a preschooler over it. “Ooooh! Jagi said a dirty word!” It would be hard to take him seriously very often.

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The Birthday Boy (Sam Wilkinson) STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

Requested by anonymous: Sam Wilkinson imagine? Like a absolutely filthy one… haha. Thank you x

Today is Sam’s birthday and you’ve got a little something in store for him. You bought some new lingerie, and some new toys. He’s going to be home from work any minute now and you’ve planned everything out.

You hear the doorknob turn and the door open and you almost can’t contain your excitement. You left a note at the door telling him to follow the candles you had made a trail with. You hear him start to walk up the stairs and you get butterflies and a huge smile spreads across your face.

He opens the door and sees you lying on the bed in a skimpy little outfit. It a black mesh bralette and black mesh panties, both items hiding nothing at all, accompanied by thigh high black stockings and black stilettos. You stand up and make your way to your boyfriend leaning on the doorframe. You give a deviant smile and run your index finger from his lips all the way down to the waistband of his jeans. 

“Happy birthday baby” you say and then bite your lip, “Babe you look so fucking hot”, he says and he’s already panting, you know that soon he’ll be putty in your hands. You start unbuttoning his shirt and he puts his hand on your cheek, stroking it. You move to his pants and get down on your knees. You start unzipping it and yank them down, batting your eyelashes. “Are you ready big boy?” you question with a slight chuckle. He frantically nods his head and you pull down his boxers.

You grab hold of his length and lick up his shaft making him shudder. You pull away and beckon him to the bed. He follows and lies down, there’s a rattling sound and he gives you confused look, to which you answer with a smirk and show him two pairs of handcuffs. His eyes widen, you quickly straddle him and cuff each of his wrists to either bedposts. He pulls hard on both restraints but gives up easy enough.

You make you way back to his throbbing erection and start to suck on the head, gradually taking him deeper into your mouth until it hits the back of your throat. You start bobbing your head up and down. He starts thrusting his hips upwards and you grab his hips, pinning him down the best you can and he groans. You take him even deeper and you start to gag and drool. He hisses and you let go of his hips and play with his balls. His tip hits you’re the back of your throat one last time and he cums in your mouth, some of it leaking down your chin. You wipe it off and suck on your finger seductively making him moan.

You take off your bra and start kissing his torso, licking his abs and bitting his nipples. You push your chest in his face and he licks your nipple making it harden and then proceeds to the next one. You moan and feel him getting hard again against your thigh. You stand on the bed and turn around bending over and shimmy out of your panties giving a good view of your dripping pussy.

You turn back towards him, making your way to his shoulders, your core right in front of his face. He pulls of the restraints and growls. “Now you’re going to eat me out like the good boy that you are.” You demand and suddenly you’re sitting on his face. He immediately flicks his tongue against your clit and you moan loudly. He darts his tongue inside you and his nose is rubbing your clit. He goes deeper and your grind down onto his face and your legs star to shake. You get up and sit on his torso with your legs on either side. You teasingly grab his dick and move it against your slit making him groan “Baby please I need you” he says and you give him what he wants. You slide onto his member and kiss him; the kiss is rough and almost animalistic. Your tongues fight for dominance and he wins, his tongue invading your mouth. You reach for the handcuffs and undo them both.

In a split second his hands fly to your hair and he pulls hard. He starts sucking on your neck, causing your back to arch. He flips you two over and starts pounding into you. He lifts your legs and wraps them around his waist and grabs your hips. He lifts them into the air and moves them in sync with his relentless thrusting. You’re screaming his name and you’re both panting uncontrollably. You feel him twitch inside you and you grab your breasts, kneading them and you let go. The pleasure you feel is so strong that you’re lost for a few seconds and you close your eyes trying to absorb it.

When you open them, you have cum on your chest Sam is starring at you in awe. “Babe you’re the best birthday present I’ve ever received”. You blush and giggle; “Well I got you a new phone but I mean if you don’t” you begin to say and you’re cut of by Sam kissing you. He pulls away and says, “I fucking love you”.

girls talk for so long before they start makeup tutorials like

“so today i will be showing u a simple smokey eye and i love this look so so so much because i always feel so fierce and amazing when i wear it and i always get loads of compliments, it always reminds me of when the time my father left us for the other woman. she too used to spend her days creating the smokey eye look and this is what inspired me to do this tutorial. so im gonna be using mac prolock liquid eyeliner and i love love love this product because it goes on so smoothly and stays on for like 2 hours and i spent about $60 on it but it is SO worth it. but in this tutorial im going to be using maybeline dramatic whiny bitch eyes eyeliner. i also got this new blush from mac that i love so much and it is extremely affordable its only $45. I also got my 37th makeup pallet from sophora and im going to be using it for this tutorial and its only $150 on sale right now so get it while u can. I’m also going to tell u the exact brush number im using for every single eyeshadow color i apply because that is extremely important, so anyways lets get started!”


My makeup for today. I’m gonna be testing out all the new blushes I got and today I decided to try out a  Kleancolor blush (in the shade Mauve) and based my look around that color. I used Kat Von D and a bit of Sugarpill for the eyes and Milani’s Black Cherry for the lips

  • Dipper: Bill? *scratches head and skims over their super large bookshelf*
  • Bill: Hmm? *is sitting and reading in love seat already*
  • Dipper: Have you seen -
  • Bill: Journal 4?
  • Dipper: No, I uh. I actually got a new one too. It's this other... *blushes* thing that I'm writing. *faces bookshelf*
  • Bill: *takes off glasses like a smooth criminal* Which one Pine Tree?
  • Bill: *looks over at desk at the back of the room*
  • Dipper: *looks too*
  • Both: *stares at book*
  • Both: *at each other*
  • Bill: LET ME JUST TAKE A QUUIIIICK PEAK PINE TREE *levitates it out of reach and begins to read it*
  • Bill: ...
  • Bill: .....
  • Bill: Are you writing a, quote, fictional, unquote, story of how a boy met an... "Unkempt and unruly lovable demon"?
  • Bill: Well I'm glad you indulge in me. *smirks*
  • Dipper: *dies of blush*

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(Eroticxecstasy) Lex wrapped his arms around Jess' waist. "Babe..I know youre working but I really want you right now.." He said, kissing the back of her neck. (They dont hate eachother after all! :3)

“Babe, I got get these new drink recipes made for tomorrow.” She said before blushing, letting out a small moan. “One round, okay babe? I really have to finish this. Or you could eat me out, let me sit on your face.”

So i went grocery shopping yesterday!! And i have to thank everyone who donated money to me. Your kindness is so appreciated!! I have food in my house AND my tummy and my whole family will make it to the end of the week!! I even had enough to treat myself to some nutella, i got myself and my mom and my brother deodorant, i got new make up wipes, and i picked up a new blush!! So thank you all so so so much. I dont want to be greedy, im always concerned about being greedy, but there are other things i still need. Its not that im like “ah yess more money!!” But seeing the outpour of legitimate kindness gives me hope that maybe i can accumulate enough for a few more things im in need of. You dont need to donate!!! Im only putting this out there in the case that theres anyone else whos feeling generous right now. Do not feel obligated and if i get no more at all i wont feel bad at all and you shouldnt either!! I love you all and im already so so grateful for what ive already been given. However, here are some things i will still accept donations for.

Things im always willing to accept donations for that you cant really purchase from an amazon wishlist for me:

- new bedsheets and blankets
- new jeans/pants
- new dress clothes
- a proper binder so i can stop using sports bras that are too small and cut into my sides and crush me!!!
- new bras
- pads for my period, as im very specific and my body is very sensitive to what i use
- pullups for my mother for her bladder control issues
- cat food and cat litter (this isnt really a NECESSITY per say because its something we can get every month but now and then the little ones go without and im just putting it on this list to let you know we do have cats that we love very much and dont wish to give away regardless of our financial situation. If youre someone whos struggled with poverty or any tough situation at all you will know how important pets can be to keeping you happy and healthy)
- laundry detergent and fabric softener
- trash bags
- cleaning supplies
- various over the counter medications for our allergies, pain, etc

So anyway those are a couple things we usually need that food stamps cant buy us. Again, if you cant give, dont. Your kind words still mean the absolute world. Im just putting this out there for people to see. I dont LIKE doing this, but when you live below the poverty line you kind of need to learn how to swallow your pride and accept help from anyone and anywhere you can get it. If you would like a thank you card and youre comfortable, be sure to include your address when you donate! Your address is safe with me and i know thats not much since im just a stranger on the internet but IF youre comfortable i can send you a nice thank you card. If you are under 18 and youre not emancipated please ask parent permission or do not donate/put your address in!!

Anyway thank you all, so so so much for the kindness youve shown me. I can not believe how happy and comfortable ive felt these past few days. I havent felt this way in YEARS. So truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.