i got my second wind

Valentine’s Day Ships: SpideyNova

Like okay yeah, my OTP for general Spider-Man is totally SpideyPool, but if you hand me the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon I transform into a SpideyNova fangirl because they’re just so good together in the cartoon!

and Peter once called Sam “my little lightbulb,” which is cute as shit

It’s such an unpopular ship though so there’s like no fic or anything for it and that makes me sad :(


idk how ppl can like,, actually multitask?? sounds fake,,

Day 200

Well this is late again. 200 days seems like a milestone. I have my anniversary from graduating rehab and my injury coming up. The weekend was good I felt like I got a second wind for continuing my progress towards more independence. I have been in a rut since I started working. A lot of that has to do with being tired so much which is why the blog had been late some. Anyway yesterday I continues from Saturday in doing something new. It was building on the shoes. With the new way way of putting them on and taking them off out of the bed I was able to use an old device. The first set of leg lifters which were inferior to the other ones but had one advantage and that was a loop that could go over then ankle to the calf as well as the one that goes over around the thigh. It kind of helps lift the leg in a better way in that I can lift straight up but also bring the bottom part of the leg up at a different angle. It was not particularly useful because of putting shoes on in the bed and not being able to remove them in the chair meant they would have to be on all day. Now I can put it on when I take the shoes off as I showed out of the bed. Then they become useful to lift my legs into bed and since there are no shoes it is easier once I get in bed. I have the ability to lift my legs into bed with the leg lifts and this just made it easier to have them on then remove them after I made it to bed. Not sure if I am describing the process but in short it made something I could do technically more practical and that is the point of assistive devices and techniques learned in rehab to make it so I can make them work for me to get bettereveryday.

OH MY GOD. zap! offers a……..a construction service now….

meaning i wouldn’t have to put them all together anymore…..

they would be the help that i need

this changes everything

Thursday tempo - 7 miles at 6:00 pace

The Soldier Field 10 is next Saturday, so this was my last chance to get in a workout at goal pace. That’s an aggressive speed for a weekday night run, especially after killing it at the track on Tuesday morning. Splits looping around a nearby neighborhood were:


I started out sluggish. A couple splits near the beginning there were not good. When things are going well, it’s easier to keep it going. And the reverse also applies. I was ready to shut it down when I thought my run was falling apart.

Maybe I loosened up, got a second wind, or just managed to pull it together mentally. Either way, I molded my form and stride into a good rhythm for the last 4. Really happy to see sub-6 in those last two. I might really be able to do this race in under an hour!