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Valentine’s Day Ships: SpideyNova

Like okay yeah, my OTP for general Spider-Man is totally SpideyPool, but if you hand me the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon I transform into a SpideyNova fangirl because they’re just so good together in the cartoon!

and Peter once called Sam “my little lightbulb,” which is cute as shit

It’s such an unpopular ship though so there’s like no fic or anything for it and that makes me sad :(


Fake Chats #153
  • Namjoon: Yoonig-hyung?
  • Yoongi: hmm?
  • Namjoon: aren't you tired? You should go to bed.
  • Yoongi: nah, I'm alright. I got my second wind and I like the sound of these lyrics.
  • Namjoon: and in the morning you'll think they're garbage.
  • Yoongi: I'm that predictable, huh?
  • Namjoon: you're so predictable. Except when you're not. You're predictable in your unpredictability.
  • Yoongi: you're losing me, Joon.
  • Namjoon: I dunno. Write that down, though. Unpredictability. It's a great word.
  • Yoongi: uh-huh.
  • Namjoon: you're always exceeding expectations, hyung. You're so cool.
  • Yoongi: yeah, of course I am.
  • Namjoon: it's good that you know it. I'm glad you're confident and proud.
  • Yoongi: I'm proud of you, too.
  • Namjoon: I wasn't-
  • Yoongi: you lead us all so well, you work really hard, your dancing has improved tremendously, you're always want to be better and it shows. You're a good kid.
  • Namjoon: oh. Thanks.
  • Yoongi: now go to bed, kid.
  • Namjoon: hyung, I'm a year younger than you.
  • Yoongi: Jimin is one year younger than you.
  • Namjoon: point taken. But you're gonna go to bed soon?
  • Yoongi: soon. Goodnight, Joonie.
  • Namjoon: Goodnight, hyung.
Work Hard, Sleep Harder

This is Technically the second Sanders Sides tickle fic and the second longest one shot I have ever wrote! But I saw someone had asked for this prompt on @thetickleeraven‘s blog a couple weeks ago and I thought I would try it out!

There are no T-fics like this that I have seen yet, so I thought I might try this out. Let me all know if you enjoy. This tickle session was supposed to be between Virgil and Thomas, but Logan somehow managed to weasel his way into it.

Without further ado:

Work Hard, Sleep Harder

by: cefstickles

Words ~ 2,722 ~

(No ship)


This wasn’t the first time a situation like this had occurred, and Virgil knew it wouldn’t be the last. Still, the darker aspect never liked the aftermath of Thomas’s choices if he decided to stay up this late.

“Maybe make the border’s pink.” Roman rubbed his chin tiredly as Thomas typed away on his computer. He was designing a new flyer for his appearance at an upcoming con and Princey was helping him with formating. Or trying to at least. The Regal aspect was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, let alone making sense of what was going on around him.

“Pink would be a suitable color.” Logan was having the same issues. He knew that everyone including himself was falling asleep and it was only a matter of time before Roman zonked out, thus ending Thomas’s ability to keep decorating for the night. Not only was the logical aspect tired, but he could not think straight for the life of him.

“Ugh…its too bright.” Virgil just wanted to sleep. He didn’t care if they finished the flyer tonight or not. “Look. Can’t we just…finish this tomorrow? We are all tired and Patton fell asleep three hours ago. Not to mention Royal Playboy over there needs his beauty sleep.”

Roman tried to shake himself out of his daze only to be met by the same drowsiness once again. “I’m not a…playboy…” It was at this moment that Roman lost his balance and face planted into the floor. Both Virgil and Logan huffed in amusement, but they had to hold back their chuckles as they heard the fanciful trait begin to snore.

Thomas immediately stopped typing and put his head down on the table. “Darn it Roman! I lost my idea.” The royal trait didn’t answer, but continued snoring, confirming the fact that he was indeed asleep.

Virgil huffed as he walked down the stairs from his spot to where Roman was currently laying. “Alright Thomas. Roman is gone. WE are done for the night and we includes you.”

“Yes Thomas. I advise you heed Virgil’s advice. He does represent your body after all, and right now your involuntary functions are screaming at you to go to sleep. It’s best to not to fight it.”

“Ugh…fine.” Thomas saved his work and closed his laptop. He didn’t want to admit that he was as tired as the rest of them. He only wanted to get the flyer finished before tomorrow, so he would have time for other important matters.

Logan turned and walked over to where Roman was lying. “Are we going to carry him?” He motioned to the snoring log on the floor.

“Unless you want to let him sleep there for the whole night. But, I don’t want to deal with a grumpy Prince in the morning.”

“Point taken. I’ll hold his feet if you grab his arms.” With their combined strength, Virgil and Logan hoisted the sleeping Roman off the floor and carried him to his room. With much struggle the two were able to open the door and dump his body on top of his bed.

Thomas, seeing the two were busy escorting Roman, quickly whipped back open his laptop and continued working. It’s true he had no ideas, but with the other two aspects being awake he could at least get the skeleton of the flyer completely outlined.

Virgil and Logan both walked out of Roman’s room and closed the door behind them. Logan was about to bid Virgil goodnight when they noticed the light was still on in the living room.

Virgil rolled his eyes and just about stomped back to the living room, fed up with Thomas’s disobedience.

“Thomas! For the last time! Go. To. Freaking. Bed! Don’t make me into a replacement for Patton and drag you to your room because I will do it. You said you’d listen to me more!” Virgil almost sounded heartbroken at the last sentence.

Thomas’s head shot up. “I’m sorry! I just really want to finish this tonight.” He continued working, his mind in the zone, clicking and typing. The frustrated look on Virgil’s face could have intimidated Thomas into complying, had he been looking at him.

Logan had just about enough of this as well. He walked past Virgil up to Thomas and was about to steal the laptop from him when the latter held it away.

“Hey! I’m still working!” Thomas jumped up from his seat, closed the laptop, and held it high above his head attempting to keep it out of Logan’s hands.

The Logical trait used every last ounce of strength he had to continuously reach for it, only to keep missing with each grab. “Thomas. You are being ridiculous.”

“Swiper no swiping.” Thomas giggled waggling a finger in Logan’s face. Logic was extremely unamused. He could tell the human was tired by the amount of loopiness he was portraying. He then decided to use this said loopiness to his advantage by watching Thomas’s facial expressions and grabbing onto the laptop when he least expected it. It was now being suspended in the air by two pairs of hands.

“No Logan! Let go!”

“You know that I will not.” He frowned at Thomas, but then noticed Virgil creeping up from behind. Understanding what the darker aspect was up to, he continued to distract the human in front of him with a ‘gentle’ game of tug-a-war. All of them understood how expensive the item being fought over was, thus Logan knew agility was key.

Once Virgil had slinked his way right behind Thomas, Logan took his opportunity, extended his arms to the sky–in which Thomas had to do the same to keep his hold on the computer–and firmly grasped the sides of it with both hands.

Thomas tried to bring it down out of Logan’s hands, but the drowsiness he had been fighting off for so long was finally catching up to him, weakening the amount of strength he had left.

It was at this moment Virgil struck. All the darker aspect had to do was set his fingers inside of Thomas’s armpits and his arms involuntarily clamped down eliciting a couple loopy giggles from the human. At the same time, the pair of hands NOT firmly attached to the laptop slid off of it, leaving the electronic safely in Logan’s grasp.

The logical trait took a step back and a deep breath before calmly walking away to his own room. “I am putting this in a place where you will not be able to obtain it until I hand it to you tomorrow morning.”

Thomas was still giggling from the fingers resting in his armpits. “Nooooohohoho!!! I was sooooo close!!!” He tried to run after Logan but Virgil gave his fingers another wiggle, sending the human to his knees.

“The more you continue to move, the more I will tickle, so just stay still, relax and go to bed. Maybe then we can both keep what little sanity we have left.” Virgil grumpily replied.

Thomas was too busy giggling to reply, but he found the strength to get up on his feet, only to be sent back down to the ground, by the hands still trapped in his armpits.

“I swear if you try to fight me one more time, there will be no mercy.” Virgil almost found this situation amusing now. He had never gotten this intimate with any of the other sides, let alone Thomas. It almost felt good to be able to elicit laughter instead of the usual panic.

Yes he was still tired as crap, but Thomas came first, and he was going to make him go to sleep even if he had to tickle all the energy out of him.

Once more, the giggling Thomas tried to push himself off the floor back onto his feet.

“Welp. Your funeral.” Again Virgil’s fingers began to wiggle, only this time deliberately tickling with no intent of stopping. The sensations drove Thomas back down to the floor. Now, he had no chance of fighting the gravity of the situation or the tickler’s hands.

The darker aspect scratched and stroked at the soft hollows, while still keeping up his grumpy facade. He chose a different tactic and began to swirl his fingers clockwise looking for a different reaction.

“VIHIHIHIHRRRRRGGGGGEEEEE!!” Thomas managed to say his name through the heightened giggles pooling out of his mouth.

“What?” Virgil shrugged defensively. “You’re the one that asked for this not me. Geez, now I understand how you guys all feel when I keep you up at night. Heh. Karma am I right?” Due to the situation at hand, Virgil could feel a childish smirk growing on his features. He stopped to give Thomas a break before he knelt down to look at him square in the face.

“So. Are you going to bed now, or do we have to keep doing this all night? You of all people should know how stubborn I am. And lucky for you, I just got my second wind. Also, let me remind you of how weak and tired you are right now. You stand no chance whatsoever against me.” He let the smirk develop into an evil grin, to which Thomas just kept giggling.

“Ihihihih sthihihllll Waaahahahahnt my Laaahahahptop!!!”

“Not going to break eh? Well…I can fix that. I mean…” Virgil reached a hand squeezed Thomas’s side eliciting a squeak. “You should know how convincing I can be.” He reached out another hand and began squeezing both of Thomas’s sides up and down with varying intensities and speeds.

Thomas was now writhing on the ground with laughter bubbling out of his lungs, pleading for the darker trait to cease his attack.


Virgil glanced up to the ceiling and clicked his tongue as if to think. “Mmmm…nah.” He spidered his fingers up to Thomas’s ribs, teasing the little spaces in between.

Thomas snorted and his laughter dwindled down to small light giggles as he laid unable to fight back against the fingers grazing his ribcage. Virgil was now smiling as he continued his tickle assault. “Man. I kind of have to admit that I’m actually enjoying this, as odd as it seems.”

“Do you require some assistance?” Virgil’s head jolted up as he spotted the Logical aspect leaning against a wall with a neutral expression. Anxiety’s face flushed and hands stilled as he realized Logan just heard what he said. Regardless, he shook his embarrassment off and invited him over.

“Sure. Knock yourself out.”

“Waaait!! No! I can’t handle Both of you!!” Thomas was exasperated.

“That is the point Thomas.” Logan walked over expression unchanging. “You need to go to bed, but you refuse to. It is our job as your sides to tell you when to go to bed, and punish you if you disobey.”

Virgil swore he heard a bit of teasing in Logan’s voice, but pushed it aside as Logic sat on the human’s legs.

“Nohohohoho!! Please not my feet!!! I’ll go to bed I swear!”

Virgil frowned. “Well that’s a shame. I was just getting started.”

“And I just sat down, but after the trouble you put us through Thomas, I do not feel like moving.” Logan glanced towards Virgil. “Revenge?”

Virgil grinned. “Oh hell yes!”

“No no no no no no no!! I’m sorry guys! I promise I won’t do it again! Just let me go to bed!!!” Thomas had no hope of escaping his two captors as they dove into their kill. Logan had already pulled off Thomas’s socks and shoes and was now scuttling his fingers along his soles. The occasional wandering finger trailed up to gingerly stroke the ticklish skin in between and under his toes.

Virgil had rolled up Thomas’s shirt to expose his tummy and was now dancing his fingers on the sensitive skin. All of these sensations drove Thomas mad with laughter. He couldn’t even speak he was laughing so hard. But his breath failed him more when one of Virgil’s fingers found its way into Thomas’s belly button. Neither aspects could deny the grin on their faces at the state the human was in. But, Logan wanted to take it a step further.

“Virgil. Try his neck.”

“Oh? Heh. With pleasure.” The instant Virgil touched his neck was the instant Thomas squealed. His neck was so sensitive that every stroke felt like a thousand feather tips tickling all at once. With all ten of Virgil’s fingers wiggling against his most sensitive spot, thomas was a cackling, blushing mess.

“Aw…it can’t be that bad can it? Tickle tickle, Thomas.” Virgil teased having a genuine smile plastered on his face. He looked back to Logan who had stopped tickling Thomas’s feet to give the darker aspect an eyebrow raise.

“What? Stop looking at me like that.” The smile was instantly gone from Virgil’s face and replaced with a defensive look. Logan gave Virgil no comment and looked past him to Thomas’s face. The human was being tickled so much his laughter became silent and he was crying tears of joy.

“I believe he has had enough.”

“Yeah. I’d say so too.” Virgil and Logan both got off of him at the same time and went to observe their handiwork. Thomas was covered from head to toe in sweat. Not to mention he was still giggling and shaking from the tickling sensations still crawling all over his body. His chest was heaving as he looked up at his two sides, struggling to find the air for his next words to them.


Thomas’s eyelashes fluttered and batted begging for release from the conscious world. And just like Princey had done, he fell asleep. Right then. Right there.

Virgil smiled warmly at the human happy that he finally was able to rest. But also happy because he felt a stronger connection with the person whose life he was a part of. Of course he would never admit it to any of the other sides, but this last half an hour had made his existence all the more worthwhile.

“Ready to carry a second sleeping log?” Virgil turned his gaze to Logan with amusement sparkling in his eyes.

Logan surprisingly smirked back. “Yes. I believe so.” And with that they carried the sleeping Thomas to his room and dumped him on his bed, just like Roman.

Logan said his goodnight to Virgil and calmly left the room leaving the darker aspect alone with Thomas. Tonight had opened Virgil’s black heart just a little bit more. He felt the bond strengthen between him and this human. Satisfied at their current state of peace and mind, he carted a hand through Thomas’s fluffy hair, further relaxing the sleeping form.

“Goodnight Thomas.” He carefully pulled the covers over the body and tucked him in. At that moment, Virgil almost wanted to give him a goodnight kiss, but thought better of the action because he wasn’t Patton. He slinked to the door stealing a glance behind him, before shutting it completely after he was outside.

He turned to walk to his room, but found the Logical aspect, once again leaning on the wall, this time with a smirk on his face. Virgil’s smile instantly faded and was replaced by a defensive glare. “You say anything about this to anyone and you’ll be in a much worse state than Thomas was.”

Logan raised his eyebrow once again. “What makes you think I am ticklish?”

“Ugh!” Virgil just rolled his eyes. “Just go to bed so we can forget about tonight.”

But Logan was already gone, and his room door already shut much to the darker aspect’s relief. He too walked to his own living quarters shutting the door behind him. He didn’t even bother to take off his clothes before flopping into bed. Virgil just wanted to sleep and as he snuggled into his pillow, sleep is what he got.


Thursday tempo - 7 miles at 6:00 pace

The Soldier Field 10 is next Saturday, so this was my last chance to get in a workout at goal pace. That’s an aggressive speed for a weekday night run, especially after killing it at the track on Tuesday morning. Splits looping around a nearby neighborhood were:


I started out sluggish. A couple splits near the beginning there were not good. When things are going well, it’s easier to keep it going. And the reverse also applies. I was ready to shut it down when I thought my run was falling apart.

Maybe I loosened up, got a second wind, or just managed to pull it together mentally. Either way, I molded my form and stride into a good rhythm for the last 4. Really happy to see sub-6 in those last two. I might really be able to do this race in under an hour!

OH MY GOD. zap! offers a……..a construction service now….

meaning i wouldn’t have to put them all together anymore…..

they would be the help that i need

this changes everything

Preference #121: Going to Another Boy's Wedding (Requested)...

Louis: Louis was one of the groomsmen for Niall’s wedding. He had a lot of pre-wedding responsibilities so you had to go by yourself. You entered the church and found a seat on Niall’s side. You sat in the back since you didn’t want to take a seat away from someone closer to him. One of Niall’s friends had taken the seat next to you. “I like your shoes,” he said in his Irish accent to break the ice. “Thank you,” you said timidly. “I’m Sean,” he offered his hand for you to shake. “Hello Sean. I’m (y/n),” you grabbed his hand. “Beautiful,” he said looking into your eyes and smiling, “what brings you here (y/n)?” “Louis Tomlinson,” you said realizing that it was probably not the answer that he was hoping for. “So you are with the band,” he said forcing a frown. “Not exactly, but you could say it that way I guess,” you felt uncomfortable with that phrase. “Have you been on tour,” he pried. “Yes.” “Then you are with the band,” he whispered as the ceremony started. The ceremony was clearly going to be very long, but it wasn’t bad because Sean was making funny commentaries about what he thought the wedding party was thinking. As he got to Louis he paused and laughed a bit, “uh oh,” he whispered. “What,” you asked curious. He leaned over and brushed the hair away from your ear so that he could lean in really close and whisper in your ear. “He thinks I’m hitting on you and right about now he is visualizing punching me in the face. See it is kind of ironic because both involve hitting.” He giggled as he pulled away, but Louis did not find it as comical. You could see his jaw tense all the way from the back. “He wants to do more than hurt you, he wants to kill you,” you informed him of the seriousness of jealous Louis. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” he waved at an ever enraging Louis. “Don’t mock him,” you warned. “I’m not, I just want him to know that I did that with the knowledge that he can see us. Trust me I can charm my way out of this,” he pulled his tie out of his jacket and waved it like a surrender. That turned Louis’ anger to confusion, “see he is already lightening up.”

Harry: “Sweet pea,” Harry said in his ulterior motive voice. “I need a few minutes to catch my breath,” you giggled looking at the celling disoriented. “No, no. You wore me out plenty,” he joked turning onto his side and moving his head to rest on your chest. “Good,” you started playing with his hair relieved. “I was going to ask if you would be my plus one for Louis wedding,” he revealed kissing your collarbone. “Louis is getting married,” you asked worried. “Yup,” he propped his head up so he could look at you. “Is it bad that I did not know that,” you questioned. “I don’t think so, you barely know him,” he assured you. “Is that a bad thing,” you asked just as worried. “What is bothering you,” Harry asked now getting off of your chest and sitting up, you mimicked him and sat up too. “For a lot of people going to a wedding together is a big step,” you pointed out. “Yes it is,” he reassured your suspicion. You took a moment to pause. “Have I not been clear about my intentions,” he asked confused. You continued to try and get past the shrinking feelings in your lungs. “I love you and you are a part of all of my plans. I’m not afraid that this wedding will give you ideas. An event like this is already in mine,” he grabbed your hand concerned. “I’m sorry… I’ve just always had a crippling fear of commitment.” He nodded and you knew that he already knew that. “But yes I want to go to this wedding with you… I want all of that with you,” he rested his hand on your cheek and turned it to face him. “I didn’t mean to pressure you,” he looked guilty. “You’re not, I love you.” “You love me,” he asked for reassurance. “Sorry I don’t say it,” you tensed up. “You surprised me, this all surprised me, and I never thought I would be okay with needing someone to survive.” “You need me,” he half asked and half celebrated. You just nodded embarrassed. “I just got my second wind,” he exhaled rolling on top of you and pulling you into him. Your worry washed away as you suddenly felt at home in his arms.

Zayn: “Liam looked very happy the whole time,” you pointed out as you and Zayn drove home from the wedding. “Yeah he did,” Zayn agreed. “I can see why, the ceremony was perfect, the dress was perfect, the reception was even the perfect amount of fun and class,” you watched the street lights pass by. “Yup they learned their lesson from Niall’s wedding,” he laughed thinking about it. “That was fun too, that was just more the Horan’s style it would not work for Liam,” you concluded. “I see… You like weddings don’t you babe,” he asked regardless of knowing the answer. “Just a tad bit,” you smiled at him as he pulled up to the hotel. You got out before the conversation could continue. The whole ride up the elevator Zayn did not say a word. You found it strange but figured he was just tired. “Did I make a mistake by asking you to elope,” he finally asked as you entered the room. “No I love being married to you. Oh wait am I a bad wife,” you worried out load. “No you are a great wife,” he brought you into a tight hug. “I should have given you a proper wedding,” he rubbed your back like he was consoling you. “I don’t want a proper wedding,” you mocked his accent. “You love them,” he thought that you were lying. “I love going to them. I’m not much for planning them. Plus remember how I was explaining how different wedding styles are perfect for different people,” he nodded. “Well our style is spontaneous and purely for the right reasons. Besides I have never been one for waiting. Why put off till tomorrow what can be done today right?” “I suppose,” he was harder to convince than you anticipated. “I have never once in my life regretted how we did it Zayn. We may have ‘just’ eloped, but that night was the best night of my life. I like to think that it was so special because it was just us. I liked that it was intimate, it was romantic and I would never do anything differently. You were and will always be all I ever need,” you pecked his lips quickly. “Well when you put it that way I feel sorry for all of the people whose weddings we have been going to,” he finally smiled again.

Liam: “I will get you to dance with me if it is the last thing I do,” you challenged Liam. “Not going to work,” he shook his head and took another drink. “We’ll see,” you countered going up to the DJ to request a song. “What’s the master plan,” he asked resting his arm on your shoulder. “Some songs demand to be danced to,” you shrugged. “The Electric Slide,” he guessed. “You know I’m not that kind of girl. No one tells me what to do or how to dance,” you stated proudly. “Another request,” the DJ announced loudly. “How did you get him to play it so quickly?” “I have my ways,” you smirked as “Shake it Off” started to play. You grabbed his hand and yanked him up. “You did not,” he pulled you back to him. “Yup you’re dancing,” you stated sure of yourself. “You did. You requested a song by Taylor, Harry’s Ex who he is not marrying may I remind you,” he pointed out what should have been obvious. “I… I… yeah,” you stuttered to a realization of how stupid that move actually was. “He’s going to hate me,” you panicked. “I have to get him to stop,” you continued to fret. “Slow down babe. It’s going to be fine, it was just a ballsy move,” he found humor in your stupidity. “Look the bride is fine,” he pointed to the dance floor. The number of guest dancing had at least doubled from the last song. They were all belting out the song and having a grand old time, even Harry’s new wife. “And to the fella over there with the hella good hair. Won’t you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake…” she shouted along to the lyrics and pointed at Harry to join her in the middle of the floor. He obliged strutting like a dork to join her. “They are perfect for each other,” you smiled looking at how bad they looked dancing together, but also so right. “Yup, the love that those two have to give is amazing to be around,” he brought you into a tight hug. “Let’s dance,” he gave in.

Niall: “I hate weddings,” you complained to Niall at the open bar of Zayn’s wedding. “Not that I’m disagreeing, but why,” he asked confused. “They’re just so pretentious,” you sighed. “Half the time you can just tell that they are looking forward to how big the reception is going to be and have no worry in the world about the fact that this person is going to be the only person that you get. You have to see this person just about every day for the rest of your life. You have to pick their hair out of the drain, push them on their side when they are snoring, deal with them turning your solo in the car into a duet, force them to go to the doctor when they are being irrational, deal with them turning your show off to watch golf… Ugh I just can’t,” you took the drink form the bartender’s hand and took a big swig. “Are you talking about me,” Niall asked. “Not intentionally,” you huffed clearly a little buzzed. “So you don’t want one of these. Well I mean you don’t want one of these with me?” You looked to him and narrowed your eyes. “No. NO! I know all of that stuff and I still want this. Don’t you get it? You’re a huge pain in the ass most of the time, but I love every second of it. I don’t get how anyone in the world could be more prepared than I am to walk down that isle. But yet here I am, sitting at the bar yet again watching it happen to someone else. How many of my friends and your friends have to get married before I realize it is never going to happen. See, but the thing is I think I already know it is never going to happen, but I still can’t leave you because I’d rather prolong my misery than give up now…” Niall shut you up by crashing his lips to yours you reacted by slapping him. “Sorry,” you whispered. Even in your inebriated state you knew what you did was wrong. “Please don’t say those things,” Niall said on the verge of tears. “Sorry,” you whispered again. “It’s going to happen, but let me ask you my way at my time okay,” he took your pouty head in his hand. “Ok,” you gave in finishing off your drink.