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Despair is the enemy. Do not let it defeat you.

I cannot let this quote go by without some comments because a. it’s me, the queen of essays, and b. this quote means more to me than I can even adequately explain 

At some points in my life this quote has become my mantra, something I say over and over again. Do not let it defeat you

It has reminded me that I am not my despair, or my illness. My thoughts are things attacking me, enemies. Sometimes I called my thoughts ‘the Shadow Lord’, pretended there was a Crystal in my house. It helped me understand, know, it was something apart from me. Do not let it defeat you 

It has reminded me that even if I have control over nothing else in my life, not even my own mind and thoughts, I can try to control my despair. I can keep trying to find hope. Do not let it defeat you

It has reminded me that not all monsters can be defeated with swords. But they can be defeated. Do not let it defeat you

The Shadow Lord is never completely vanquished. But it is not it who is ‘the Enemy’. It never was. Lief defeats his true enemy when he chooses to live a happy life. He keeps hope. Deltora keeps hope. They win

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You know, it takes you forever to reply to messages and DMs. It's really annoying and you owe your followers faster responses.

Okay, so first off, no one owes their followers anything. It’s social media, don’t take it so seriously. I don’t owe anyone any explanations. At the end of the day, I truly appreciate everyone who follows me on my social medias but don’t forget that 99% of the people who follow me don’t know me. They don’t know about my life or what I have going on. That goes for everyone too. I don’t know 99% of the people I follow and they owe me nothing. 

Also, the reason it might take me a few days to reply to messages is because I don’t spend my whole day on social media. I’m out living my life in the real world. I’ve got books to read, friends to be with, family to hang out with, pets to take care of, and most importantly, I’m doing things I want to do. So let me live my life and don’t ever nag me about not spending every second I have on the internet.

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I was at the concert here in brazil and their reactions to the fanchants and the project (basically at the end of spring day we kept on singing the oh ooh oh part after jin finished, like in the mv), namjoon changing the lyrics, also hobi was smiling so much during mama cause everyone was singing, honestly it was just one of the most amazing moments in my life and I still can't believe I got to see them live, also I screamed so much my throat still hurts 😂

this is going to be me friday njfdkngsfh I’m glad you were able to have fun and be wrecked at the same time

Last Tuesday I went to an All Time Low concert. My first concert ever. I think it couldn’t have gone better, it was perfect and everything I suffered was totally worth it, the cold, the waiting, EVERYTHING. I singed, I jumped, I had so much fun. I can say now, with no doubt that I’ve got a favourite day. It was the best day of my life

Also I took this photo, I don’t know how but I did. It isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for me.

Last thing I wanna say, thank you so much ATL you are the best💙

On an unrelated note

The Miraculous fandom is ridiculous. You wanna know why? Here are the names for the five most popular ships on AO3:

  1. Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
  2. Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir)
  3. Marichat (Marinette x Chat Noir)
  4. DJ WiFi (Nino x Alya)
  5. Ladrian (Ladybug x Adrien)

Know why that’s ridiculous? FOUR OF THE FIVE SHIPS ARE THE SAME TWO PEOPLE!!! The main 2-person ship in the series is known as THE LOVE SQUARE!!!

What even is my life that I got sucked up in this? I watched four episodes and dived straight into hell

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Louis and El💕💕

The new HQ pictures of Louis and Eleanor have me SHOOK. They look so adorable and I cant believe my parents are back😭😍🙌 anyways am I the only one that could feel the energy from Louis as if he was saying “I got my life partner back, and this time and wont let her go” plus they way they are holding their hands as if they depend on one another. I CANT

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TEN & 24 :D

Anon said: 24 with ten !!!!! omg

Send in a number and a NCT member and I’ll write a drabble ^^

24. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” 

“Y/N, stop it! It’s my life!” You pull at the bottle of alcohol in your best friend’s hands, trying to get him from drinking so early in the morning. He only pulls back, whining at you.

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka! Give me the bottle, Ten, before I get Johnny over here!”

“I wanna live my life and you guys are here, ruining my fun! I just got dumped let me drink my life away!”

“Oh my fucking- you didn’t get dumped! Is that what you’ve been telling people- Ten, give me the bottle!” You tug one last time and Ten lets go, and somehow the bottle flies out of your hands, crashing to the kitchen floor and spilling everywhere. Almost immediately Ten is on the floor next to the broken bottle, his head close to the mess.

“I swear to fuck if you lick any of that up I’m going to get that girl to puke on your favorite shirt three more times and then you’ll feel worse than being dumped.”

Ten looks between the spill and you, deciding it’s not even worth it before leaning back against one of the cupboards. “You owe me another bottle.”

“Just like that girl owes you a new shirt. Sure, Ten. It’ll totally happen.”

“I just wanted to have a good time…” Ten whines. You throw a towel and a dustpan in his direction.

“Get to cleaning and maybe then I’ll care about your problems, buddy.”

After all of these years. After all of these years with my nose in the books studying to become something. After all of these years with tears rolling down my cheeks with the feeling of being useless because of a long time as an unemployed. After all of these years with the feeling of no hope my luck is finally here. I finally got a job and my life is finally only the right track.

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs