i got my lifee

three happy puppers🐶
a.k.a. i got real emotional realising that the girls are gonna miss him as much as we do and he them.

don’t worry I’m going

Me this morning, making plans via a facebook group of awesome local women: Yeah! I’ll go out and do something social in real life! Meet some online friends that aren’t fandom friends for a beer! This is A Good Idea. 

Me now: But I don’t wanna go anywhere! I’ve barely touched tumblr today! I bought several comic books earlier! How do I even talk to non-fandom people anymore?!

lena headey is the most incredible actress

she doesn’t need hair, makeup, or costume to completely change who she is, the person she is

and yes she’s an actress and it’s her job but HOLY HELL she’s god tier (and just…. DOESN’T have an emmy?? like who’s in charge here?)

just look at her in character as cersei:

and then, still in costume but out of character:

a comPLETELY different entity (i honestly think she’s unrecognisable as cersei)


it’s the way she moves her mouth?? and her gait?? and just everything holy guacamole

she has just,, been a diFFerent person?? in all of these gifs?? hOW? these are from only like 4 OF HER PIECES OF WORK

tldr; lena headey is an actual chameleon as well as being the most beautiful angel and all around lovely human and deserves all the awards

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D