i got my license today!

Idk if anyone cares or not but I got my temporary license && I took my GED test today . I didn't pass my GED test though I missed it by like two points but I'm still proud of myself for takin it 😁😁😁
Amnesia Pt.1 | Taeyong

A/N: I decided to write an angst scenario since I realised most of my scenarios/ reactions are quite fluffy (?) HAHA I actually quite like angst a lot… Do enjoy!

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Pt.1, Pt.2

Reader’s POV

Summary: After an accident, Taeyong, your boyfriend, was left comatose, and you were forbidden by families on both sides from meeting Taeyong again. After a few months, you were informed of Taeyong’s awakening, only to be struck with the news that he had lost most of his memory. You still loved him, you never stopped, but did feelings on your part matter when the guy you loved did not even know who you were?

Word Count: 2,437

Style/ Genre: Scenario/ Angst

Date posted: 31/07/17

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anyway i, a mentally ill adhd'er, got my driver’s license today at 22 years old after 6+ years of driving being one of my biggest fears in the known universe. i was 100% convinced i was going to fail and i didn’t. so that’s pretty chill

today i got my license and then had an 8hr star wars marathon with my best friends that included a dance party to rockin and rollin yoda and bushes of love so life??? good!!

so today when i was driving home, my seat was a little too far back, so when i stopped at a red light, instead of putting on the parking brake or pulling over like any normal person, i put my left foot on the brake pedal and tried to adjust my seat, but then i slid the seat too far back and my foot came off the brake and the car jolted forward and i had a mini-heart attack, but luckily i left a lot of space between me and the car in front of me so there wasn’t any contact.

fayts4  asked:

Mites meni inssi tänään? Olihan se tänään vai oonko taas homeaivo?

et ole homeaivo ja oli se tänää :—D JA PÄÄSIN LÄPI JEEEEEE OON NIIN ONNELLINEN jee (I got my drivers license today yessss finally) 😊❤️


I GOT MY LICENSE TODAY!!!!!!!!!! I’m a legal driver now!!!!! Nothing is stopping me from stopping by McDonald’s on my way home from work tomorrow except my own self control!!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!

I finally got my license today after being hounded about it for ever, and my family goes to my celebration dinner without me.

If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate my relationship with them, idk what does.