i got my friends kitten


This pretty boy and his sister (pictured on the right side of the bottom pic) are looking for a new home! The boy has got cool heterochromia (dual colored eyes) and the girl is a total cuddlebug sweetheart. They’re a couple months old now!

Their mama was a rescue stray after she was hit by a car and climbed into the undercarriage of my friend’s coworker’s car. They took the car to a shop to get mama kitty extracted, and it took a $700 surgery to save her life after the vet discovered her intestines had gotten pushed into her chest cavity AND she was pregnant. Some of the kittens survived it all, and these are the last two left!

If you’re interested in adopting one or both (it would be great if they could stay together), please feel free to send me an ask! They’re here in Michigan with me, but we can get them to nearby areas/states to the right person!


bias selfie moodboard thingy!!! featuring the ultimate babes seulgi and hobi! i was tagged by the beautiful @gentlewonho and i’ve never done one of these before but it was fun so thank you 💕

anyway i tag any of my mutuals who want to do this.. because i’m lazy and awkward.

professor: so why were you late to class

me: i’m gonna be honest here and it is because someone on campus was walking their dog and i had to stop and pet it for a good ten minutes 

I just found out my rat died and I’m like 800 miles away from home and I can’t do anything, and my favorite flower died the same month as my other flower. Tulip, (the rat) and Lily (my cat) are now going to keep on playing together :(

anonymous asked:

the only reason I believe in an afterlife is because I need to know so badly that my cat, who was my best friend for 12 years (I got him as a kitten on the first day I started kindergarten so we grew up together) is ok and safe and happy. I truly do believe with all my heart that there is a place we go after death, a place of warmth and love and peace. maybe it's not God or any religion at all, maybe it's just a place in the stars, a place where souls go to sleep. (part 1)

Continued: (part 2) I still talk to my cat, tell him how I still love him more than anything, tell him how much I miss him and can’t wait to see him again. I know he hears me. I still feel him at night sometimes, feel him hop on my bed and curl up in that little ball on my knees. I still thank him for giving me 12 years of unconditional love. I know your dog is at peace, she’s in a place that’s without pain and fear and I know she’ll be with you always. talk to her, tell her how much you miss her (…)
This is very sweet and kind, thank you for sharing this with me. It sounds like your cat was very special, and I’m sure that he would always, always want you to be happy. This is really beautiful <3

A New Chapter

Summary: Phil is 28 years old and has been wanting kids for quite awhile now, but never said anything to Dan. Dan always sees him looking at children on the internet and noticed how sad he’s been lately. So he buys him a kitten, though he doesn’t realize that Phil wants children until Phil says it out loud.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,682

A/N: I might have changed the prompt. They adopted boys instead of a girl because I didn’t read the prompt properly lol sorry.

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I just came back from the vet, after saying goodbye to one of my very best friends. I got him as a kitten when I was 10 years old, and he has been a central part of my life ever since. This was the guy who taught Sparta to respect her elders. His name was Lord Casper, and he lived up to it.

He first started showing signs of aging at about 8 years old, and lately he struggled with poor dental health, a seemingly faltering immune system, renal failure, and signs of dementia. Yesterday, he refused to eat. Today, his body had had enough.

May 16th, he would have been 13 years old. He may have been a grumpy old bastard, but he was my grumpy old bastard, and I’ll miss him like crazy.