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I hate when people desecrate witchcraft with their fake "spells" inspired by games or what have you. Don't you realize that it's disrespectful to the actual witches out there. Sick of people making things up just to give themselves a label that's unique

Are we really gonna do this? Really? Get over yourself fam. Your craft isn’t any better or more “authentic” then mine. And if you don’t like it why the fuck are you even on my blog? Go do something productive

As promised, I made some icons out of mangacaps I colored! It’s the 5 icons above but with different background colors.

There are 20 icons of 100x100!

Since it’s only 20 icons, I decided to upload them directly on this post. But if you want to download them all at once, hit me up and I’ll post a download link!

If you want me to make icons of a particular character, just tell me.

Please reblog/like if you (plan to) use! Credit is not necessary but appreciated! c:

The icons are under the cut:

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wanting pt.2 (complete)

*request —> Anonymous said: Wait wait wait. Stop everything. Are u gonna do a part2 of ‘wanting’? Because i liked it so much and now you got me suffering wanting to know what’s next and i really really need a Part 2. I really loved it. I love you and your writing 💓💓👌😭

Originally posted by sugutie

author’s note: 1,216 words. 

I wasn’t going to write a second part tbh. I really hated the first part to this like I hated it with a passion. But then I saw your request again recently and went “Oh, why the hell not.” Let’s hope this goes a bit better. (thank you so so much for your kind words anon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  I’m very appreciative of you loving me and my writing. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure lolol

wanting pt.1 here

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So did your love for Star Trek start with the reboot movies? And you're watching all the older movies and all the TV series because you liked the reboot movies so much? As an older fan, who watched all the TV series from TNG on in their original broadcast runs (I watched TOS in reruns on cable tv as a child), I think that's absolutely wonderful. A lot of older fans don't seem to like the reboots (I LOVE the first one), but if they are bringing new fans to the entire franchise that's only good.


I’ve gotten a few anon hate that says I’m “not a real fan” and even people I knew specifically my ex but we are not getting into that shit show right now have told me that if you like the reboots you are not a real fan. My opinion on it is if you like star trek to any degree you are a fan.

Completely obsessed with it from day one: real fan

Just got into it and love it: real fan

Only seen the reboots: real fan

We all just nerds that love to see these adventures in space. Nothing wrong with that))

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You're a disgusting bitch. Go to hell


What the fuck…I wasn’t expecting this.



I’d like to take this time to thank myself, for being the awesome bitch that I am…

Lucifer, for keeping hell warm for me…

Crowley too….

Thank u all!!

Anon, ur awesome!!! Gimme more!!! I’ll be waiting!!!

While being absolutely amazing and fabulous….

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Ur seriously a sick fuck. I would just love to see your face when someone comes to your house and kills your whole family and tortures you until you're begging to be killed. These people killed innocent children. Seriously get a life and stop wasting it on bad people. Burn in hell. I hope even Satan rejects you.

I’d like to make a small speech if you don’t mind
I’d like to thank everyone who got me here, my 86 followers, my friends, my internet friends I met through true crime and of course, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Dylann Roof, TJ Lane, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and my boy Ted Bundy
I am truly honoured my friend. Truly honoured.

College Visit [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by Anon: “Can you do a Jason x reader where Jason meets the reader’s college friends for the first time and he’s really nervous they’re going to hate him”

A/N: Honestly when I first saw this request, I got super excited. I love this idea! So thank you and I hope you like it my lovely anon!! <3

Warning: Pretty fluffy, sweaing


College college college. The stress, the parties, the classes… all very overwhelming. If it weren’t for Jason’s daily calls you wouldn’t make it.

You hated being so far from him, but a scholarship to Coast City University wasn’t something you could pass up. When you first told Jason you were moving across the country, he wasn’t thrilled.

Though he got over it and supports your studies. Most of the time he’s on missions with Roy and Kori anyways. But he still called you every night, and tonight was no different.

“I hate school” you groaned into the phone while spinning in your desk chair.

“You say that every time we talk” he chuckled on the other end.

“I know, but it’s just so true. I’m here on a Friday night finishing an essay while Alex and everyone are out at a frat party.” Your roommate Alex was your childhood friend who ended up moving to Coast City your sophomore year. So when she heard of your scholarship she insisted you room together.

Out of all your college friends she’s the only one who knows about Jason, though she’s never met him. And only seen pictures.

“Hey I don’t want you at any frat parties. I don’t trust those college guys” being protective as usual. You rolled your eyes laughing. “Did you just roll your eyes? I know you just rolled your eyes.”

“Damn, how do you always do that?” You stood up from the chair and walked to look out the window.

“I’m a hero babe, it’s what I do” you could hear his smirk over the phone. “Sorry sweetie, I think you mean outlaw.” Correcting his statement.

He chuckled, “And that’s why you’re the one who went to college”

“Where are you at tonight?” you questioned, while still watching out the window.

“Home, no missions as of late. City’s been quiet though, no patrols either. It’s fucking boring here” you could tell he slung his head back by the way his voice faltered. Being over dramatic as usual.

“Why don’t you come visit me? You can meet my friends and I’m sure Bruce will let you use the jet” you proposed.

“I’d love to see you but your friends I don’t think I’m ready” his voice lowered and turned to a mumble on the last few words.

“Are you the great Red Hood afraid of a few college girls?” you teased an amused smile blooming on your face.

“What?! NO! I-I’m just…… Fine I’m afraid they may not like me. They’re your friends what if –?” he started but you cut him off.

“What if I stop loving you because my friends disapprove” you finished his sentence, “Jason that’s preposterous. You know I love you more than anything, no matter what anyone thinks. So come visit.. Please.. For me?”

“But [F/n]” he was unsure of what to do with himself. “Please… I’m pouting by the way so you have to succumb” Making sure your voice sounded as if you were pouting.

“Fine fine, okay. I’ll be there Sunday, but I have to go my brothers just walked into the manor. I love you, see you soon” Hearing the smile in his voice made a beaming grin grow on your lips.

“Bye Jay love you too. Tell everyone I say hi” you finished before hanging up.

You couldn’t help but feel giddy that he was coming to visit you, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him. Sighing happily you fell on your bed.

Though your relaxing was short lived as the door flew open. “[F/n] [F/n] [F/n]! Guess who got three numbers tonight” one of your friends cheered happily as she came in before Alex and your other friend. “That’s great Cara” you chuckled.

“Sam got one too!” she cheered, obviously a little tipsy. You stared at your friend Sam a shocked expression on your face. She was usually shy, this was surprising.

“A bunch of people were asking where you were! I wish you didn’t have to study” she frowned as your other two friends laughed.

“Alright Cara, I think you should sit down.” Alex pushed her desk chair to her. “So, did Jason call tonight?” Alex questioned, drawing the attention of your two other friends.

“Who’s Jason?” Sam asked smirking at you.

“O-Oh, uh. Its my boyfriend” Nervously scratching the back of your neck.

“BOYFRIEND!” Cara yelled. “Shh, do you want to wake up the entire building?” you scolded glaring at her.

“Since when?” she questioned quieter. “Three years” you answered shrugging.

“Why have we never heard of this Jason?” Sam eyed you. “You never asked” meeting her gaze, hoping the excuse would work.

“Anyway he’s coming to visit me Sunday so you guys get to meet him. And you two should head to your dorms, RA will be around soon.” You mentioned, the two immediately hopped up wishing you goodnight.

When they were out of the room Alex turned to you, “Excited?”

“Understatement” you laughed as your beaming smile returned to your face.

“I’m excited to meet this guy, the way you talk about him make me curious” she said before walking to the closet to grab some pajamas.

“You’ll love him, he’s just perfect” Falling back on your pillow. The way you talked, anyone could tell you loved that boy.

“Alright little miss heart eyes, get some sleep. Tomorrow we have to figure out what to do Sunday.” She ordered, of which you happily complied. But you couldn’t sleep at all that night because you were so excited. Who would be able to sleep?

Saturday went by like lighting. You decided that just meeting in the courtyard/park on campus would be the best option.

You were sitting on a blanket laughing with your friends. Jason was texting you he was on his way.

‘On campus be there in 3 minutes’

Smiling down at your phone, friends catching on immediately. “Is he here?” Alex asked.

“Yeah he said he’s 3 minutes away.” Constantly you kept scanning the area, trying to spot the familiar face. But your eyes immediately caught his blue eyes and white streak.

Immediately upon seeing him you jumped to your feet and ran over to him. “Jaybird!” you yelled before jumping on him. Catching you, he wrapped his arms around you and spun you around.

Pulling away you from the embrace you slipped your hands behind his neck and pulled him down. Eagerly you met his lips with yours. Both smiling into the kiss.

He pulled away looking into your eyes, “Fuck, I missed you.” Completely used to his cursing you didn’t even flinch at the profanity.

“I missed you too. I’m so happy you’re here!” You beamed up at him. He couldn’t help but smile at the grin and sparkle in your [e/c] hues. “Come on, they’re dying to meet you” you took his hand and pulled him toward your friends.

Upon walking up you could feel how stiff he was. “Guys this is Jason. Jay this is Alex, Cara, and Sam” you said pointing to each of your friends.

“Hi it’s nice to meet you” Jason said wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s great to meet you to Jason. Please sit” Alex spoke up first, the both of you sat next to each other.

Jason’s arm never leaving your side. “You okay?” you whispered upon sitting. “Yeah fine” he answered nodding.

Your friends immediately bombarded the both of you with questions. When exactly did this happen? How did we meet? What does Jason do for a living?

Trying to answer each question as honestly as possible without giving wind of his nightly activities. Your friends seemed to like him. And they expressed it when he had to take a call.

“Oh I got to take this it’s Roy” he said before standing up. “Hey man” you heard him say over the phone while walking away.

“So.. You guys like him?” You smiled at your group of friends

“Consider me jealous” Sam said first while smiling at you.

“Yeah he seems really nice and in tune with you” Alex smiled at you.

“Don’t forget hot” Cara, the ever outspoken one, piped up. Each of you immediately looked at her, shocked at the outburst. Though unsure why exactly you were shocked. Deep down you knew that was coming. “Come on he is! You can tell how ripped he is through his shirt!”

“Oh god” you pinched the bridge of your nose, chuckling.

“You’ve seen him shirtless, exactly how ripped is he?” she questioned as you felt a burning on your cheeks. Your other friends were amused off to the side.

“I-I don’t know” you stammered waving your hands in front of you.

“How can you not know? You’ve done it haven’t you?” she really has no shame. You turned bright red, about the same as Jason’s helmet. “I-I mean yeah but I’m not going to tell you about it” you looked over your shoulder, sighing in relief to see him walking back.

“So ladies what’d I miss?” he dropped next to you. Looking at his face you saw a deviousness in his eyes. Shit, he so heard all of that. Your suspicions were confirmed by the way he pulled you onto his lap. A smirk growing on his face.

Cara shared the same expression. “You know, we have some studying to do in Sam and Cara’s dorm so how about we head out and give you guys some one on one time” Alex said before Cara could tease you. You gave her a thankful look. She nodded before leaving with the other girls.

“You heard it all didn’t you?” not even turning to look at him.

“Oh yeah every word” he confirmed while chuckling.

“At least you know they like you.” Shifting so your head was on his lap and you could look up at him.

“That I do” he traced your features gently. “You’re so beautiful”

“Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself” you countered, a laugh playing into your voice.

He leaned down and connected his lips with yours softly. Pulling away he began to run his fingers through your hair. You missed this so much, and him being here made all of the stress from school melt away. Sighing you relaxed into him more. Glad to have your Jaybird back.

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Mon-El is also canonically a misogynist former slave owner but I guess you'll ignore that and continue calling him a "puppy" or "cinnamon roll" even though some of these slaves were probably women that he could, in his own words, "objectify" and I think we're all suspicious that that means rape. But hey, as long as he's a "funny puppy."

Wait… OMG is this what I think it is? I just got anon hate?


I’d like to thank the academy for believing in my potential, I worked so hard to be where I am now, I also would like to thank Rao for this moment, and wow I’ve been waiting for this for so long I don’t even know what to say, I feel so blessed! Wait! Can I call myself a Tumblr famous now?


1) Which part of “There were a lot of things there [on Daxam] I didn’t agree with”, or “You never met my parents. They weren’t exactly role models”, or “I would run because he [his father] was not a good man” didn’t you understand?

2) Go away.

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Maybe "moloch" isn't actually some unstoppable, insurmountable force, but a convenient excuse for wannabe technocrats to pretend that the version of the world they want is inevitable and absolutely necessary. Or to put it another way: if your idea is that most jobs are fundamentally unwanted, and the poors are just too deluded to understand this, then maybe you're not actually on the side of humanity.


i’m not exactly sure what argument you’re making? like, i disagree with both of the things you just said, but i’m not sure what point those things are in service of. 

i think moloch is a pretty useful concept describing a real and serious (and close to insurmountable) thing? that technological unemployment is a continuing trend that isn’t going to get better unless we address it? and also i think that everyone i’ve ever heard calling people “wannabe technocrats” has been a huge jackass??

idk where the hell you got that idea that i think “the poors” don’t know what they really want, but, uh. it’s not a weird uncommon internet nerd thing to think that your job is terrible. i’ve worked minimum wage and never met anyone there who didn’t wish they didn’t have to do the shit they had to do there. ime it is generally understood that jobs are usually shit- the culture issue is that people feel like they need to have them in order to have worth as a person. isn’t it interesting that the common thread linking all jobs is that you have to pay people to do them?

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Wait. So ull draw a stupid sans from something that isnt even an actual AU. Its just a sans for no reason. A sans just to be a sans. But u wont even bother TRYING to get to kno a gret sans from a gret au? What kinda bs is that. ur not sorry ur just lazy and rude. "sylfy' sans is stupid, theres no story to them and ur gonna draw them and not one thats actually got a story and an amazing creator?? goes to show how nice u relly are

Dang, anon, you’re saltier than my Lay’s Limón chips. XD
You’re the first hate mail I’ve gotten in a while, so I must say, I am quite honored. ^w^ 

You can’t force me to draw something I know nothing about, dearie. And yeah, I know I’m lazy. Nothing new there.
I’m absolutely sure that the Rivertale AU (you’re that anon from before, if I remember) is wonderful. But it’s not my thing??? Which you should respect???

Sylphy is adorable and smol, and Underfaerie is magical. There may or may not be a story to that AU, but it’s still a valid AU. Nothing stupid about it, anon. And what do you know??? You’re not the creator of that AU. I bet you didn’t realize that! :o 

By the way, Purdue Owl is a great resource to check your grammar, spelling and capitalization. ;)

Recovery - Kara Danvers x Reader (Supergirl)

prompt: “Could you do a part 2 to the red kryptonite Kara imagine please maybe when the red kryptonite wears off please thank you” - anon

“Is it possible if you can make a part 2 of Red Kryptonite Kara? I really liked the first one! If possible, can you please make the reader be traumatized on what happened so when Kara went back to normal, reader is still scared of her and Kara hates herself for doing that to reader. Thanks so much!” - anon

- I got a bit carried away and it got a bit long (i might do another bit to this, don’t know what tho!!?) but this was fun i love writing supergirl so much (also a few different fandoms are coming up now so it might start getting varied, feel free to ask for anything you want!!!)

*not my gif*

Originally posted by mysteryandnonstopfun

It had been a couple of days since you had been attacked and you still felt no better. Running on little or no sleep didn’t help much either. Alex was constantly torn between looking after you and her own sister who was apparently residing at the DEO and going through a tough recovery, according to Alex. You weren’t sure how to feel anymore. You had always trusted Kara with your life but now that she had been the one to endanger your life, you were fairly confused.

You knew that Kara was Supergirl but you usually stayed out of her business at her request, she hoped that if you weren’t associated then you wouldn’t be targeted. Load of use that was as the only person you’ve ever been targeted by was… well, Supergirl.

You sighed and sighed and looked up to check the time, noticing that it was almost time for Alex to be back home for lunch. The noise of the kettle whistling made you jump, having forgot that you had even put it on in the first place. You were desperately trying to get yourself together and you felt like you were almost there, though maybe not mentally, so you had decided that today you would prepare lunch for Alex.

The pasta had just finished cooking when there was a quiet knock on the door, 3 consecutive knocks. It wasn’t much of a secret knock or anything but it reassured you that it was Alex on the other side of the door rather than someone like- someone who would hurt you. You opened the door and welcomed her in, instantly noticing that she had her business face on. This wasn’t going to go well. 

“Y/N, I think you know what I’m going to say.” Alex instantly jumped right in and gave you an earnest look, you knew she was attempting to get you to consider going with her to see Kara. You had managed to avoid facing it so far and you weren’t going to give in just yet.

“Would you like some pasta? I made it.” You offered, ignoring her pleads and instead busying yourself with serving the food up into two bowls.

“Y/N. Please, she’s begging for you. You’re all she asks for.”

“The coffee is still hot as well, I can pour some for you.” You persisted, refusing to meet her eye as you knew that she would just give you that look and you’d be too scared to decline anything she said.

“She won’t do anything, she’s distraught. She won’t eat and she hardly sleeps. She needs you.” Alex stood up, raising her voice slightly and leaning over the table, her elbows resting on the edge with her hands clasped. “Y/N-“

You briefly glanced up at her and immediately caved. However, you were still torn and there was no way you could trust her or be around her right now. “This isn’t fair Alex. I get it, you’re her sister and you want to see her get better but I just- I can’t! Okay?”

“Y/N, she wasn’t Kara. She was hurt, damaged. She wasn’t your Kara.” Alex attempted to explain but it didn’t mean anything to you. You still had to face the same girl that had thrown you off a building for god sake. “It’s this thing called Red Kryptonite and it’s hard to explain but you have to understand-” 

“I don’t know what you want from me!? I don’t understand what she wants from me. You say she’s all torn up about what she’s done? Good! Because she should be.” You shouted, tears springing to your eyes as you finally let out what you had been trying to avoid saying. In all truth, you didn’t know what to do. You loved Kara but not this Supergirl that had hurt you. And you couldn’t just see her as easily as that, could you? “I haven’t been sleeping or eating. I need her, the old her. I’m tired and distraught but I had to get over it and she will too.” You answered, turning around to head to your room.

You thought you would feel so much better shouting that all out, getting it off your chest, but as you sank into your bed you couldn’t help but just feel completely empty. It didn’t help at all. In fact, it made things worse. 

Deep down you still loved Kara with all your heart and to abandon her so easily was making you feel even worse about the whole situation and it got you thinking that maybe going to see her would only do you good. Maybe you could settle a few things, agree on where you would go form here. And if Kara was in as bad of a state as Alex had been claiming then you did want to be there for her.

You slowly opened your door and sniffled a little big, getting Alex’s attention. You properly looked her in the eye and licked your lips. “I should really go, shouldn’t I.” Alex sighed, wrapping her hands around her coffee cup. After finally looking at her – really looking at her – you noticed how tired she was looking and realised just how worn out she must be.

“I can’t make any decisions for you. You know I love you and I just want the best for you. And of course I love Kara, after I managed to accept that what she did wasn’t her at all, and I just want to make everything all right for the two of you again. I’m sorry; I don’t want to force you into something that you can’t do. I understand.” She nodded, giving you a tired smile and signalling for you to go to her with a tilt of her head. You trudged over and she wrapped you in a hug. 

The feeling made you miss your girlfriend even more. Though not biologically related, Alex and Kara were very similar and whilst Alex had been a good stand in for hugs and comfort, you missed your Danvers sibling. You missed her hugs and her comforts - eating potstickers and snuggling in bed. You smiled at the memories before jumping up and getting your coat on. 

“Come on Agent Danvers, we have somewhere to be.” You nudged her, earning a confused glance from her. 

“What? Where?” She swivelled around on her kitchen stool to follow your around the room as you got ready to leave the apartment for the first time in a couple of days. 

“To see Kara.”

On arrival at the DEO, your confidence from earlier had lapsed slightly. Your nerves were once again making you nervous and scared, every movement you saw made you jump and this hadn’t gone unnoticed to Alex who was staying close to you, protecting you.

“This is her hospital room, now it’s up to you. You can go in or you can decide that this is enough for you today. Or I can go in first and stay with you.”

You clenched your teeth and forced yourself to shake your head, you needed to go in there and you alone at this point. “No, that’s okay. I can do it. I have to do it.” You smiled at Alex. “If what you’ve said is anything to go on then in there is my girlfriend, the one that isn’t affected by that krypotine-”

“Kryptonite.” Alex corrected, smiling amusedly. “Go get her tiger.” She gave you a small nudge towards the door. You took a deep breath and wrung your hands out before nodding and pushing the door open.

You didn’t know what you were expecting when you opened the door but this wasn’t it and you immediately relaxed a little but more at the sight of your girlfriend. Who was distinctively your girlfriend. 

“Alex, go away.” She mumbled, her back to you. “Unless you have Y/N I don’t want to talk. I just want to forget what I did. Please make me forget.” Her voice was trembling and it made you feel even worse.

“It’s not Alex.” You said, the speed at which Kara had turned around and sat up to look at you made you involuntarily stumble back, flinching slightly. Your actions made Kara’s face crumple.

“What have I done?” She asked, crawling back onto her bed and bringing her knees in front of her. “I’m so sorry.” Kara dropped her head into her hands and you came to realise how the memories were actually doing the both of you as much harm as the other.

You chewed on your lip for a couple of seconds, deciding on what action to take now. In the end you listened to your heart which was aching to run to Kara and comfort her, kiss her. It was clear she had changed and maybe her actions and words would stay with you for a while but you could forgive easily enough.

You walked up to her and sat next to her before wrapping your arms around her and bringing her into you. She immediately latched on, gripping onto you. The action reminded you of how she had gripped at your hips on that night but you simply gritted your teeth and pushed the thought away, replacing it with new, kinder memories.

“I love you Kara.” You whispered. It was going to be difficult but you were going to try with everything you had to make things better. You were determined everything was going to be okay because you loved her and she loved you.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I got an ask like this. I’m actually going to savor this moment for a minute–my first anon hate!! How exciting!! Are you a random terf who found my blog and didn’t like the url? Or maybe you’re an angry follower of aphroditelesbians leaping to their defense, and regurgitating their nasty rhetoric. The suspense is really killing me here! Although you’d like that, wouldn’t you. It’d be better, easier for you if I just dropped dead. Gosh, how inconvenient it must be to share a website with people like me! 

Well, honey, sorry to burst your cisbian bubble, but I’m dfab (’designated female at birth’). Yup, I’m a “real girl”, a “female” according to your narrow-minded standards, genitalia and all. (That’s actually why I’m looking for a mod who’s dmab–so I don’t overstep. I know nonbinary people are allowed to claim the trans identity, but a dfab nb person like me should never be the voice for trans girls.) 

So, what was that you said about me being a conversion therapist? What was that about me watching too much lesbian porn? What was that about appropriating the lesbian label? 

I’m not going to throw trans women under the bus here by throwing a temper tantrum and making this about you misgendering me. I know you wouldn’t have sent me this if you actually knew what you were talking about, or (most importantly) that I was dfab. 

Instead, I’m going to make an example of you. This is what a TWERF looks like. Making assumptions when they have no right to, hiding behind anon because they’re not willing to assert their beliefs publicly. These are the people who run aphroditelesbians, and half of the other decent lesbian blogs out there. 

You get the worst of me. The fucking yelling when anger breaks out of a cage that was never locked in the first place, I guess I’ve got my priorities all fucked up again. The hate you but don’t leave me, I just need you to be unconditional, I just need you to stick it out for me. Thick or thin, please tell me that you’ll always be my friend. The attitudes and arguments, darling, I don’t mean any of it. The truth is I’ve got much to learn and that I’m still learning about myself. So please don’t go.
—  To our best friends

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you said you learned english by yourself. you don't have to learn english in school?

We do have english clases in all schools! :> However, my english studies weren’t conventional at all lol!

I didn’t have any english class during elementary school, so it wasn’t until I got to high school that I have my first approaches to english! And I really hated it, at first I didn’t even understand the differences between “is” and “are” LMAOO

By the 3rd year I was a bit more familiar with english, but it wasn’t my forte yet. Then I changed schools, and instead of english, I had french classes. So no more english studies for me ahah

But in 2007/2008 I started usin Deviantart and other english-common sites, so I started growing familiar with it~ Then I started translating manga for fun, from English to Spanish, and I gotta say I learned A LOT from doing that! It was around 2009/2010 when I started reading fanfics in english, and that’s what contributed greatly to my use of expressions and added a fucking ton of words to my voculbulary!

Somewhere along those years, English clicked as my second language and here we are :P I can’t write formal things for shit, though, and I make mistakes all the time, but I still think it’s pretty decent form someone who only had very basic formal formation on the language (?

The Push

First thing’s first: I hate, hate, HATE being serious on here. This is a haven for fun above all other things, and I despise having to stop laughing, if only for a moment.

My good nature was pushed (again), and unfortunately, I will no longer be performing “The Script”.

I would like to apologize to <names removed to prevent more anon hate> for this, but the fun just got sapped out of this project for me, and I can’t do it if there’s no fun.

I was pretty clear before - I do this stuff for fun, and when someone (whoever they were) starts ruining the party, they ruin if for everyone.

Now I don’t want another Southern Crane episode - I don’t want people casting aspersions about who pushed Codot. I want to just get back to having fun.

So, again, sorry to the lovelies who took the time out of their day to write this for me, but it’s not happening now.

Codot xx

Don’t Forget the Kid

I am a total piece of shit and I hate myself but this is a request I got not too long ago and I’ve just been way too busy to start it but it’s done now YAY! I’m not sure if this is what you expected and if not I’m sorry but I did my best! Hope y’all like it!

Anon: “Can I ask for a joker x reader request where the reader is a single mother then she meets the joker and he takes care of her and her kid” 


The thumping and pounding of the loud music flowed through your veins. At first you were reluctant to come to the club with your girlfriends but being a single mother had really worn you down. Eventually they broke you down and convinced you to hire a babysitter and come out for the night. You danced, you drank, you partied as if it was your last day on earth.

“I’m going to get a drink,” you yelled over the music. Your friends nodded in approval as you walked over to the bar. You could feel the sweat drip down your neck and you loved it. You were having more fun tonight than in the 5 years since you had your son. Leaning against the bar, you took in and admired your surroundings.

“Pretty great, hey? Did it all myself,” you hear a voice beside you. You nodded then turned your head to face the mystery voice. Your eyes widened in a mix of shock, horror, and fear. The one, the only, the infamous Joker stood right beside you staring you down with an intense look. “Pretty girl in a pretty club. What are you doing here doll?” he inquired.

“I uhm I well my friends wanted to take me out. My son is at home with the babysitter at home so I should probably go home soon. Don’t wanna leave the poor girl waiting,” you rambled. You looked down at your watched pretending to be shocked by what time it was. “It was nice talking to you, I’ve got to go,” you stammered as you started to walk away. A cold hand quickly grabbed your wrist. His grip around you thin wrist sent shivers throughout your whole body.

“Mmm I like you, you’re not going anywhere.” He spoke with a threatening tone laced with a delicious growl. As dangerous as this man was, and as much as he terrified you to the bone, he was unconventionally attractive and it killed you. You disgusted yourself, how could I be attracted to such a psychotic, murderous criminal, you thought to yourself. He yanked you closer to him and you fell into his muscular chest. “You’re coming with me doll.” His wide, silver grin scared you but nothing more scared you than being away from your son. Alexander was only 5 there was nowhere for him to go if you were gone. Your parents had moved to Europe somewhere, he had no aunts or uncles that could take him in, if you were gone he was completely alone. The thought scared you to the bone.

“My son. I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt my son. I need him, he’s my life,” you pleaded. You shut your eyes, astounded at yourself for conforming to his wishes. He pulled you to the back of the club, the VIP section you assumed, and called over one of his henchmen.

“Frost we’re going on a little roadtrip, get the car ready, we’ll be out in 5,” he said to the quiet man in a dark suit. The man curtly nodded and walked away. “Here’s the deal sweetheart, you come with me, do whatever I say whenever I want for however long I want and you can keep your son. You’re coming to live with me now doll and I guess if it makes you listen to me then you can have your little brat with you. But keep this in mind sweetheart,” he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up into his icy blue eyes,”you step out of line even once and the kid is gone, got it?” You nodded and looked down, accepting your fate. The screech of a purple lamborghini caused your head to whip up. Realizing he was opening the door you stepped forward, acknowledging the fact that this was it, you were picking up your son, some things for him and yourself, and heading off to a brand new life. Your heart sank as you realized how this would affect your son. He wouldn’t have a normal childhood, he wouldn’t play with toys and action figures, instead he would play with dangerous weapons as toys. You realized that this was the worst possible thing you could’ve done as a mother and you just prayed that your son would forgive you one day.

“Get in the car,” the massive goon said behind you as he shoved you lightly into the small confines of this car. “Sir we’ll be on all sides, in front, behind, and on the sides, we got you covered boss,” the man said to the Joker. He nodded and slammed the door as he started revving the engine. You felt the car push forward before you started zooming through downtown Gotham. After what seemed like forever the car came to a quick jolt in front of your home.

“Go get the kid you have 5 minutes or else baby doll,” he said menacingly with a smirk on his pale face. Your eyes widened as you hurried to get out of the car and through the front door. You had no doubt the Joker wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you because of your mistake so you ran to his room and threw some clothes into a bag, his favorite toys, his blankets, everything a young boy needs.

“Mommy? What’s happening?” A sleepy Alexander said behind you. You whipped around to see your precious child slightly waking up.

“Honey don’t worry alright? You and me are gonna go on a trip! You and mommy my sweet boy,”

“Alright mommy, love you,” his quiet words ripped your heart in two. You grabbed his hand and the bag and you rushed for the door. Just as you swung the door open you saw an angry Joker standing directly in front of you.

“3…2…1…” He looked at his fake watch and lifted his head up with a grin. He pulled out his gun and put it against your temple. You were shaking, terrified of what he would do. “You made it by three seconds doll. And next time I won’t be this forgiving,” he dropped his voice lower as his threat rang through your ears. “Let’s go, you’re already pissing me off. You just wait doll, Daddy and you are gonna some fun. Think I should punish you for being bad sweets?” he mumbled into your ear. You nodded in agreement, afraid of what he might do if you didn’t. “Answer me!” he yelled, startling you.

“Y-yes I deserve t-to be punished,” you mumbled, afraid to make eye contact. He growled in satisfaction, reveling in the fear that he caused. You pulled you and your confused son into the back of his fancy sports car and pulled his small frame into your side. You planted a brief kiss to the top of his innocent head and mumbled that everything would be okay.

After what felt like an eternity the car pulled up outside of a fairly large house, not really what you had expected from the Clown Prince himself. You were tanked out of the car, pulling your son along with you.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you where the kid will sleep and the real fun’s gonna start,” he said in a low almost taunting voice as he dropped his left eye into a sly wink. You walked behind him into the lavish space before you. You briefly stopped to admire the beauty of the house, very well decorated, clean, modern, all in all very nice. “Hurry up, I’m getting antsy doll.” As you entered a small room with a bed and not much else he motioned from the kid to the bed. “He sleeps here. Say bye and come with me.” He stepped outside the room giving you and your son some privacy.

“Baby I’m so sorry, I hope you understand one day why this is happening. I love you to the moon and back Alex. Never forget that. I love you so so much alright?” The tired boy nodded and laid down on the bed. You pulled the blanket over him and passed him his little stuffed teddy bear that you managed to grab from the house. You stepped out of the room to see the Joker glaring at you. He stepped in front of you in one long stride and grabbed your wrist.

“Let’s go sweets, time to help daddy out,” he said with a sick smirk on his bright red lips.


You had been here for just about a month now. Things had gotten better with the Joker, he had started to acknowledge your son’s presence and he even spoke to him sometimes. It turns out he was almost good with kids. He was gentle and made sure to never put him in harm’s way. It was endearing in a sort of way. You and him had even grown closer as he had started to maybe even care for you. He gave you everything you could ever dream of and had provided Alexander with whatever his little heart desired.

“Alex let’s go, your mom and I are going to the park and you’re coming too,” Joker told him with his silver toothed grin planted on his face. Alexander nodded as J ruffled his sandy blonde hair. It warmed your heart to see him soften his tough guy demeanor for your son. When this whole fiasco happened you were terrified of what this meant for you and your son but as of now you weren’t regretting complying to his wished to go with him. He had given you a better life than you had ever had and he made sure to keep his work away from Alexander so he wouldn’t be faced with that at such a young age. “Mmm Y/N you’re looking beautiful as always.” His smile widened as he saw you blush at his casual compliment. This was your life now. Luxury and a man who although may not seem it, really does care for you. He stood next to you and leaned over close enough to whisper in your ear. “Y’know doll, I would go to the ends of this very earth for you and that little monster over there.” You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Everything that he had done to you at the beginning, everything that he had done to terrify you, everything he said, everything was fixed now. It all vanished with those simple words.