i got my cousin into homestuck

Stridercest AU where Dirk and Dave meet in a bar and they totally hit it off, so they go to a cheap motel and bone all night. Then the next day they both get up early. Dirk says “yeah sorry to split so early, but I’m only in Texas for a family reunion.” Dave’s like “nah its no biggie, I got a family reunion as well.” so they wish each other good luck and leave.

Later, at the Strider Family Reunion, Dave’s mother introduces him to the cousin he never met, and its Dirk. Their mothers are absolutely delighted that they seem to know each other, but they just stare at each other in horror because “I FUCKED MY COUSIN HOLY SHIT”


Hello everyone I would like to show you what an amazing Jane my cousin makes??? Like wow she killed it 💙 im so happy she was down for cosplaying with me even tho she doesn’t read HS, she makes a great Jane and I love it !
Have some happy Jane Crocker everyone!

((we only got in enough time for a quick Rose test there but I can’t wait to make her Rose next time I see her ✨))


This is what happened when I got my cousin to guess the names of the Homestuck characters.

I was laughing so hard it was hard to type jfc Joe



Happy 4/13 everyone!

It’s been a long, crazy ride since I started reading the comic in the summer of 2011, and I can’t say that I regret any of it! Before I started reading the comic I had a really hard time making friends. I had a hard time connecting with others, and my social anxiety kept me from seeking new friends out in the first place. After I got into it, I started wanting to go out and meet the people who liked it (I knew they existed, I saw them online!) So I started attending conventions and putting myself out there. I met other fans, and became great friends with some of them! I even dated people who I initially met because of our shared interest in HS (hiya Bill <3) I even got closer with my cousin Jordan because I accidentally got him into HS too :3

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made, to everyone who’s given my friendship a chance. I’ve never been happier, and I owe a great deal of that to you.

And thanks to Mr. Andrew Hussie, who created the comic that helped make all of this possible.

No matter when the series ends, I know you’ll all still be an important part of my life <3