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anonymous asked:

What do you think Root was up to during the last ep?

oh man. Honestly i have no idea. I think she’s stuck in a very dark place between desperation and grief… not grief, no (cause for her to grieve she’d actually have to believe that Shaw is dead, which i still think that she doesn’t) pain or agony is probably more accurate.

I think she needed time to regroup, she’s in pain, she feels helpless. Not only did she watch the woman she loves ‘die’ without being able to do anything about it, but she also has no definitive answers of what happened to her. Which I think sometimes is worse than actually knowing for sure. 

So you have on one side the pain of losing Shaw, and on the other, the devastating hope, her belief that Shaw is actually alive and can survive against all odds. Now everyone is telling her to stop looking for answers because Shaw is unreachable (at best) or dead (at worst). And i think it’s VITAL here to say that “everyone” includes her GOD, and it’s the first time Root takes a step back and says ‘you know, enough is enough. I need answers. Fuck it i’m not gonna listen to you anymore’ and that adds a whole other dimension to her psyche rn (a side which i am dying to see, Root finally questioning the Machine, her God)

So what i think i’m trying to say is (LOL i just ranted sorry!): 

I don’t think for a second that she’ll stop, she BELIEVES IN SHAW, she believes in her fully and wholly to the point that she defied her God. I think it’s safe to say that right now, she believes in Shaw more than she believes in her God (AND I’M FINE I’M FINE JUST DON’T TOUCH ME) So what is she doing? I think she’s regrouping,gathering her shattered heart and using her anger and frustration into looking around for anything she can find that could lead her to Shaw. Because she’ll be damned if she didn’t find her closure this time, Shaw is alive and she’s gonna prove it, and she’s gonna raise heaven and hell and shatter everything in her way.