i got my book signed

hey guys i am back!!!! last week was insane bc of the show for dance (which was so fuckin fun!!!!!) but i have Returned, i am done all my midterms (even tho exams are in two weeks haha rip) and im gonna get back to writing for expedition!!!!!! it is so so so close to being done!!!!!!!!! 

tahereh mafi and ransom riggs rescheduled their event for tonight and i was a volunteer helping out with signing and selling books. we had all these posters that we were giving out for tales of the peculiar and they all the cover with gold on it, except for one. so we put this poster aside, and when i got my books signed (i first gave him a picture that i drew to which he said “you draw? this is great!”) i asked him if he could draw the cover on this odd blank poster, he said that he can’t draw yet he tried anyway and

Square Monster vs Sludge Monster was born

Tonight I got to go to the San Francisco Arcanum Unbounded signing with the magnificent Sebastian @flowercrownsandshardblades and the lovely Silver @valkyriesneverdie (btw, Silver, when I finally got to get my book signed he had that super cute Shallan you gave him propped up on the table and I was like ah yes Silver did an art)

I don’t know if a video of the q&a etc has been posted yet (probably not! I like, just got home practically!), but I did get to ask a question!

I actually wrote myself out a script beforehand because otherwise I knew I’d forget what I wanted to say, it reads:
The fact that Vorinism was partially inspired by Judaism and Jewish mysticism means a ton to me, a Jew. So that you so much for that! It’s not often that my people get fantasy representation other than, like, dwarves, and that’s all stereotypes. On that note, could you please elaborate on some of the specific influences Judaism had on Vorinism?

This is definitely not an exact transcription, and he expanded a lot on most of these, but he listed 

*the Double Eye of the Almighty is inspired by the Sephirot
*the names/phonology are very Hebrew, and he cited the fact that Kholin is pronounced properly with the Hebrew ch/kh sound (at which point I interjected to ask whether Kholin was deliberately similar to kohen/Cohen and I got a resounding yes, so congratulations me)

And then he pretty much said that he was going to stop talking now because otherwise he would not stop

During the signing line, though, he recognized me as the excited Jew in the grey sweater, and he gave me a few more examples! (also, like four different people came by and complimented me on my question and they were probably all Jews, but that’s neither here not there)

*most notably, he said that the Vorin outlook on the afterlife is very Jewish, the whole what you do while you’re alive is what matters, the afterlife is less important, just do your best to live in accordance with the Ten Names of the Almighty
*and tying into that, he mentioned that Journey Before Destination is, in that sense, very Jewish! which I totally agree with!
*then he talked about the influence that the laws of Shabbat (well, he said the Sabbath, but like,) had on the rules in Shadows for Silence, most notably the law against making a fire (it’s work!) and also he mentioned the eruv, the line that serves as a symbolic extension of the home on Shabbat (though, it’s been ages since I’ve read Shadows, so I can’t quite place where it ties in)
*I actually saw someone post a quote about the Shadows thing a couple days ago in the tag, but hey! may as well type it up here too!

Anyways, I had a great time, it was great seeing him and also seeing Silver and Sebastian! I had fun!

I think my introduction to the real world and how I became aware of my own mortality was when I watched Bridge to Terabithia with my mother in theaters for the first time and being completely blindsided and hysterical sobbing 

Mike mignola answered my questions about dealing with anxiety as an artist with “haha im still 90% anxiety” and went on a long tangent about it and i got a selfie with him and he signed my books and when i showed him my portfolio he was like quote unquote “ YOURE 19??!? i couldnt do JACK SHIT when i was 19” and he looked me dead ass in the eye as he shook my hand and told me im amazing at my passion

He also told me most of his ideas are bullshitted and he makes up half of everything he does if its “stupid enough to sell”

Also we have similar ways in thinking, he did art bc he couldnt do anything else and he cant even drive a car, and similar ways of drawing things out bc u dont know what theyre gona look like…
Tfw your childhood hero looks u in the eyes and tells you youre amazing…..i cant even comprehend what just happened to me…i told him that he inspired me since his work on atlantis when i was little and he was just like DAMN IM OLD….
Uhm im so happy i could die? I never ever thought i was ever going to meet him..and i made new friends too…WOWOWOW

Okay so story-time y’all- grab something hot to drink or something because this is CUTE.

As you all know I went to YALC last weekend, and it was fantastic, I met lots of my favourite authors and got books signed and went to panels and workshops and it was full of bookworms! But on the last day, Sunday 31st July, they had a Harry Potter party to close the event to celebrate Cursed Child being released. Everyone selected their houses and sat in the four corners of the room and some of the authors even stuck around as prefects or heads of house (@alwynhamilton is a Hufflepuff and @veschwab is a Slytherin by the way).

We played party games, one of them being pass the parcel- now y’all know how pass the parcel works but just in case I will explain. There is a parcel wrapped in many layers of paper, music plays and people pass it around, when the music stops the person left holding the parcel can unwrap a layer. You don’t win anything except maybe some sweets, only the person who unwraps the final layer gets the prize. Got it? Okay.

So we’re playing pass the parcel and the music stops, a layer is unwrapped, it starts again, and we repeat the process. Only every time the music stops I can hear clapping from the back left-hand side of the room. I’m like, what on earth is going on? So the music stops again and there’s more polite applause and you know what it was?




The rest of us, my fellow Gryffindors included were just like ‘wtf are they clapping?’ 

And that my friends, is the story of how puffs are the best thing humanity has.

I thought this story would cheer up @antstepsbooks in their identity crisis <3


I got my sketchbook signed by Adam Brown, Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy and Graham McTavish :D 

They are SUCH lovely people who get genuinely happy when they see artwork of their characters, and they were enthusiastic about talking with me about their character designs. I am so happy I got to meet them.


I just had the most incredible experience!! I got to be a part of global news’ Ask Trudeau interview which will air on Christmas Day. I was lucky enough to be selected out of 6,000 people to come into the studio and be part of the audience. I got to shake hands with Justin and he signed my book. Then my friend told him that I’m his “obsessive lover” and he grinned and said “oh really? 😏” haha! I got to give him a big hug and I’m happy to tell you all that he smells like fresh laundry and light, sweet, fresh cologne. It was amazing! He is absolutely gorgeous and such a genuine, down to earth person. I’m on cloud 9 right now. If you want to watch the interview it will be airing on global on Christmas Day.


I can’t believe I actually made it to Indy PopCon and was able to meet Jack. The whole experience felt surreal and was absolutely awesome. 

I never thought I would actually make it to Indy PopCon. It must have been a miracle. I drove 7 hours from Kansas City with my friend Rachel. (Who agreed to go on this trip with me, even though she doesn’t even watch YouTube.) The whole trip ended up costing us each about $200, but if I ever get the chance to do something like this again I would. I accomplished my mission and got my sketch book signed and a picture with Jack. (It was a 4 hour wait in line and a short 30 sec meet up, but what do you expect when there is thousands of people wanting to meet 5 YouTube stars.) That night I felt very content and I couldn’t  (and still can’t) keep a grin off my face thinking that I actually got to meet Jack, Mark, Bob, Tyler, and Wade (kinda).

I’m not trying to brag about my trip, and I feel for anyone who doesn’t think they will ever be able to meet Jack. I never thought this trip would be possible for me, and I understand how that feels.

 I just wanted to say that the whole experience of Indy PopCon was absolutely amazing! If you ever get the chance to meet someone you look up to, do it! Just do it! (but plan the details of the trip out too.)

PS: If you ever like art that you see on Tumblr please reblog it after liking it. Also, I might photoshop the background of the picture to take our kind PopCon volunteer out of the background. Feel free to send me a message or question on Tumblr if you would like to know anything about my Indy PopCon experience.

Booper Dooper!



So I go back to school by taking the train from Grand Central (and I lugged my suitcase & backpack with me) and I had 1.5 hours of free time. I saw that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was filming & decided to test my luck hoping that Tina would be there. They were filming a scene on a rooftop (hence the warm clothing) and someone from the set told me they were wrapping up so I might be able to catch Tina leaving. I waited outside for over 30 minutes & my fingers were frozen & another set person told me that Tina had already left, so I went to the other exit of the building and there she was! I got super star struck and couldn’t speak. I told her “I saw…your movie & I loved your…hosting..”. (Why am I so illiterate?!) I got her to sign my SNL book (I just so happened to decide to bring this book back to school) and then I had to leave immediately to get to Grand Central in time for my train. I saw Ellie Kemper (who looked so pretty) but didn’t have time to say hi or ask for a picture.

Last thing, I hope to look as good as Tina when I’m 45.