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#36 [Karl Anderson]

Requested, #36: “If you use one more shitty pickup line on me, I will throat punch you.” (Prompt from here.)

Word Count: 1,295

Author note: Here is the first story from the June requests! And it’s finally a Karl story! This is just fluffy and sweet. First time writing in first person POV as well.

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The first time it happened, I had been getting a post-show meal with Dean and Roman at a mellow 24 hour diner we’d stumbled upon during our travel to the next city for RAW.

When Luke had walked in, it was like his eyes had honed right in on me. We had friendship history from his previous tenure in WWE, where we had become ‘irritate CM Punk with our antics buddies’. It was a very deep bond.

Karl, who was trailing behind him, I had only recently gotten to know. He was friendly and seemed to have a good sense of humor. Plus, he was nice to look at. Granted, many of the men of the WWE were easy on the eyes, but it was always pleasant to have more around.

“Mind if we join you?” Luke had asked with little room for disagreement. I’d shifted over in the booth, allowing Karl to slide in next to me. He took the menu from the table, his eyes scanning over it.

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