i got more ill post more lol

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Who's ej???

i was high key hoping someone would ask that question lol

remember this sketch i did a while back? that aint the jay yall know, but an alternate version of him; a violent asshole with insanely perverted tendencies. me n bee called him ‘edgy jay’ for a while, but it got a bit long winded to type it out. so now we simply call him EJ

dunno how interested yall are to hear about him, so ill leave my inbox open if anyone wanna know more. 

( also that casual rp me n bee are doing here? that’s EJ lol )

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Headcanons for helping Jeremy learn his lines for the play?

im sorry this came out so late omg wow

(hcs under cut)

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i…was very reluctant to post this, but alas, this is a progress blog so i must ;-; i just feel like i didnt accomplish as much as i wanted to. last year’s even felt a bit more colorful… fear got in the way and i wont let that happen anymore. however i am still glad i accomplished what i did!

there was also this point in the year where i realized how much i loved a certain drawing direction, and my sketchbooks show much more progress than this post haaaa. this was a year of great learning, experimenting, inktober, sports anime, conventions, and original art im hoarding

so i do have a lot of hopes and plans for 2015! ill force myself to be more public about it… hopefully. lol. happy new year! <3

everyone being proud of their mythics and stuff so ill post my treasures too.

whenever i tell my friends “i cant, i have no more inv space”, “i cant trade anymore, no slots left”, “i only have two space left” they always say im exaggerating, or lying or something, or just dont wanna trade lol. well here u go, believe me now? XD. (nevermind the two odd scrolls there, they’re 30minutes each, i know i dont play anymore, but i cant seem to throw it away T_T)…..not to mention my pets are all full, warehouse/legion wh..i literally literally!! cant get anything now

i dont even know how lilith does it and she got more than i do, all hail the skin queen! lol..also this is her estate *~*

EDIT: meiridiya,

ok ill try this is gonna be fun LOL

from left to right
default cube - noble tac staff, veille’s staff, penemon’s staff, BM staff, prolly unicorn normal cloth top, then unicorn bard top, penemon’s tunic, beritra bard tunic, casually alluring outfit dyed black, then another one dyed white, masquerade dress, cute kitter, noble tac jerkin, siel’s jerkin, beritra gunner jerkin, unicorn jerkin, grigol’s jerkin, lvl 60 balic leather jerkin, unicorn chain top, kahrun hauberk, ancient coin hauberk, grigol’s hauberk, BM hauberk, proud singles costume, perky wedding dress, cavalry thingy, stupid fairy dress,

cube1/cube2 - fuck it just match them with the ones i mentioned from default cube.

hats - the balic cloth hat  with two pink flowers lol wat, primal leather dyed black, beritra leather hat, kamara’s headband, noble tac leather hat, kahrun chainhood, the lvl 58 crafted leather hat haha, lvl 60 balic cloth hat, lvl 60 balic leather hat, beritra bard hat, BM hat, catwoman hat thingy, mosbear ears, beatific headpiece, antlers lol, i think this one’s the gunner hat, hyperion leather hat, exotic wedding veil, primal leather dyed white, primal chain

wings- (im wearing the general wings) pernon’s victory something something wings, tiamat’s, skafir’s, ghostly angel, the black version of the cute angel wings XD, dramata’s wings skinned with the blue jellyfish butterfly wings, yume’s, and i dont fcking know the last one maybe its ancient spirits.