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Yous lot are the GOAT aight. You hear? Hanzo may be that character that’s hated as fuck because of some bs reasons most the time. You may get judged by some random because you picked him in any mode of play. Quick play, competitive. All that. Fuck all of that.

You keep playing that precious boy you love dearly. Because you know what, he’s an AMAZING character when used well. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone gold elims, damage and maybe objective kills and time too. I’ve barely ever got any real respect for that to be quite honest but I could careless about that. I’m enjoying myself playing Hanzo and so should you. Fuck all the critisism you may get for even daring to lock such a hero. You play him because you want to. And no one can change that. Absolutely no one.

This right here is currently my best game as Hanzo. 49 elims. Was a bit of a shakey start but as the game progressed I got my shit together and WRECKED. Oh and this is console gameplay too. Tbh the fact that I’m gold doesn’t exactly help a whole lot. But hey, 49 elims as Hanzo. I’d say that’s quite the number with someone like Hanzo. People call him a sniper but to be honest, he doesn’t play like a good ol’ fashioned sniper would. He can be used SUPER aggressively compared to the likes of Widow in my opinion. So anyone telling you he ain’t a good pick, prove them the fuck wrong because people have shown that he can be absolutely destructive.

In the end, you love Hanzo, you play him and enjoy it. No one can stop that from happening. Hanzo mains or lovers are among some of the greatest peeps. You got people like @mysteryprof who is a BRILLIANT person for Hanzo things here on Tumblr and overall is willing to stick up for us all. Or @bewvitched who’s probably got more Hanzo time than you and does some neat streams. And of course some other cool peeps who love Hanzo like @katzcratch, @kiryuva, @quidditchfan, @fluttu, @sinkingwithallmyships and MANY MORE. I know I p much just did a mass shoutout thingy. But oh well these are some cool peeps ye know? So go out there and slay some fuckers with the best arrow slinging boy there is. And enjoy that of course that’s the main thing.

aight imma shut up now


I’ve got you, Waverly. Angel.

I’m convinced that Bobo is playing a long game and he’s not afraid to play whatever side he needs to to get the job accomplished. He was a good man once, but as Constance said, hell will burn that right out of you. I don’t think he’s ever truly, 100% lost his loyalty to Wyatt though, no matter what’s happened. I think he’s just been waiting for an heir that can end the curse. He’s lived through quite a few, and probably quite a few that didn’t hold a torch to his good friend that he died for.

But then you have Wynonna. I think Wynonna has given him hope, but he can’t just come out and say that, because - as he said when they were digging up the talisman - actively, openly helping the heir would put the nail in his coffin. He has kept the other Revenants in control through fear , but we saw how they reacted to Doc. They knew who he was, where his original loyalties lay, and if they knew that Bobo had been close with Wyatt, they’d cast him out just the same. He’d never be able to get done what he needs to.

So he bides his time, does what he can for Wynonna when he can (like setting Waverly after her) and distracts her when he needs her out of the way. 

I may be wrong, but as of right now, I’m very convinced that Bobo is betting on Wynonna.

Got 7x06 Lord Fucking Snow King In DAA Norf - Fucking up yet again

Viserys - a fuck up in waking life.

Viserion - a fuck up in his second life.

Like c’mon dude….Dany had them 3/0 and now she lost Dorne, she lost Highgarden, she lost fucking Viserion.

I swear my hate for Jon Snow has been growing since earlier seasons. It culminated in the Battle of the Bastards (his complete incompetence and letting his men die for no reason) and now this STUPID ass idea to go capture a wight in the middle of winter with what, 13 men? He’s the only one with a Valerian sword and volunteered it to the stone man who gave it back because HE DOES NOT FUCKING DESERVE IT AND HIS FATHER KIND OF DISOWNED HIM in book and show.

Again Jon is looking around him, watching randos and men die….and again a white knight (Dany is literally wearing an all white power suit) comes and saves his candy ass but he wants to be noble and because he’s being noble Viserion is targeted and dies. 

Then Benjen volunteers suicide to save his candy ass.

Now next episode he’s gonna have some #boatsex with the mother of dragons who will magically be fertile and Azhor Ahai will plant his seed that will be the stallion that mounts the world™

I swear I can’t with this fucking show. It has become a literal live action fanfic.

The men go for a hiking day trip outside the wall jerking each other off about previous plotlines, witty banter, our cringy line of the episode a la Tourmound saying he “likes dick”, the hound calling a many flakes of snow and wight walkers assorted cunts.

In addition to winning the Westerosi all kingdom olympics for rowing Gendry is also the next Usain Bolt.

Thoros of Myr actually fucking died in his sleep peacefully like a cunt. No goodbye, nothing.

Cersei is suddenly utilizing the little bird/spy network vacuum of power that Varys and Little Finger left behind seasons ago that has never been spoke about until now.

People are still cool with Cersei roasting everyone at the Sept of Baelor.

Arya’s personality this episode was pure psychotic. She looks less like she supports Jon’s rule and more like she’s just super salty Sansa wants nice things and is the literal savior and rightful heir to Winterfell over their bastard cousin who is about to go fuck his Aunt on a boat.

Brienne suddenly is urging Sansa to go to Kings Landing because she doesn’t trust Littlefinger when Brienne knows Sansa would rather die than go back there and has never questioned her decisions before?

like………..can we fucking try with this plot? This is why we are rushing this season? A day trip to the Lands of Always Winter IN FUCKING WINTER to bring back a Wight so Cersei can kinda believe them before her and Euron betray them and then Euron betrays them all?

Why did Gendry leave his war hammer? He suddenly really loves his dear old whoring dad and suddenly likes hammers. He probably spent a many night hammering that thing out into a hammer…lmao I’m sorry this is all so damn stupid and convoluted.

Fuck you Jon Snow. Fuck you Viserion. Fuck you D&D for this extended fanfic. Next you’ll tell me Mel will come back from Volantis and name Ghost Azor Ahai. I’m sure he’s off screen because he’s the prince that was promised and needs to gather his forces and join with his sister Nymeria in the Riverlands to consolidate power. 

Gods help us all. It’s going to be a long winter. Why were the leaks right. Why were they all right. HBO did you even try?


Maria had come out to the room only to find everyone playing video games. “Are you kidding me?!” Maria shouted. “I’ve been busting my ass all morning and here the four of you are, playing games! What’re you going to do when I make it as mayor?!”

If,” Armando muttered, causing Stephen to snicker.

Maria crossed her arms. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

Armando get the controller on the coffee table - he just lost - and got up. “I’m getting some air.” he walked out of the apartment. One of these days, he thought, I’m going to walk out and never come back.

“Ridiculous!” Maria flung her arms to her sides. “What do I pay you for?”

“To work,” Stephen retorted, “but at this rate, we might as well be interns.”

Unimpressed, Maria let out a harrumph and stormed back to the computer, slamming the door behind her.


The evening before Luthor was to propose to my sister, I got lost on my way back from my embroidery lesson and happened upon his chambers. How absent-minded of me. The following morning, Luthor never made it down the stairs to propose to my sister, because the boy couldn’t bloody walk. And once he could, the only thing he wanted was what I’d given him, the night before. I was good. I was very, very good.


1x01 // 6x05

#listen up kids #this scene in 6x05 is so fucking important #and not just bc sansa made a cute cloak for jon #but because this is sansa stark reclaiming her identity #not just as a stark, but as a woman #as a person #ramsay thought he’d taken everything from her #and he was wrong #sansa has always loved sewing and embroidery #and she’s GOOD at it #it’s something that she LOVES #and something that she never got to do when she was with ramsay #a part of herself she thought she might never get back #so here is sansa fucking stark #taking back a little piece of herself that she thought she’d lost #and then sharing that piece of herself with her family #this is sansa beginning her journey to recovery #and that is not something that should not be minimized or ignored #sansa stark is strong af and i love her

  • Season 6, Daenerys to Dothraki: Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses?
  • Season 7, Daenerys to soldiers just defeated by Dothraki: I know what Cersei has told you... that I’ve come to destroy your cities, burn down your homes, murder you and orphan your children. That’s Cersei Lannister, not me.

i have been alive for 360 days after trying to take my own life. i sit here in this airport a year later, passport in hand, with a full backpack but an even fuller heart. in 3 hours i will be on a plane to a country ive never been to. today ive taken 2 trains, 6 subways, and countless steps in the right direction. don’t get me wrong ive tripped and fallen in the last year(literally) but i have gotten up every time. the world has continued to throw punches at me and a few of them stung but nonetheless they healed in time and i got right back in the ring. this world may be throwing punches but I’m throwing them back now. i have been given every reason to give up, but i am here, i am standing, and i am breathing. I AM HERE. and that is worth something. so heres to being resilient, heres to being a fighter, and heres to a year of crazy, a year of having my medication changed so many times i lost count, to countless therapy sessions, late night drives, tears, bruises, to the days i couldn’t get out bed, shower, or even go to class, but heres to scoring the game winning goal, hitting a new PR in the gym, and laughing til i cried, heres to jumping out of bed today, heres to being alive after being given every reason not to be. and heres to the ticket ill be holding a year from now, to somewhere new, because i will be here. i will be alive.

A Message to Supergirl fans from a Wynonna Earp fan

I’d like to start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through, for what you’ve had to listen to, and for how terrible everyone is treating this situation. I want to make it very clear to all Suercorp shippers and LGBT+ fans that, yes, you are valid no matter what.

I was a part of this fandom some time ago but lost interest when the show’s dynamic shifted (*cough cough mon el ruined everything cough cough*). And now the #supergirl tag is filled to the brim with nothing but homophobic crap and fandom backlash. Everything seems to be spiraling out of control faster than anyone can glue it back together. I know this must be a troubling time for a lot of you…

But I come to you in these dark times with a true beacon of hope…


“Crazy chick with a gun.”

This is Wynonna,

And that is her magical gun that sends demons back to hell.

This is her boss, Xavier-I’m-in-a-relationship-with-my-job-Dolls,

who has a thing for Wynonna. As does this guy

And this little ray of sunshine is Waverly

Wynonna’s little quirky sister (the Earp sisters)

And this is Waverly’s girlfriend, Officer Nicole Haught

(They kiss a lot)

This is our wonderful gay-overlord and holy-mother of all that is good, Emily Andras

She supports us shippers and validates us and our feelings, not to mention she loves to interact with her fans and her twitter game is

Dom and Kat love to talk about Wayhaught (WaverlyxNicole) and they’re probably the biggest shippers in the entire fandom (they are super cute together)

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Right next to Melanie

And Melanie being the rebel youth while mama Emily needs another drink

So This is the cast, who love and support their fans, and who want to be good role models for others as well.

And the best part… it just got renewed for another season!

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This is the show I found when I lost Supergirl. I’m not saying this is going to fix anything or make everything disappear, put a band-aid over a bullet wound and call it all better, but I hope you can find solace and comfort here. I hope this eases the pain a little. I hope you find something here to stick around for. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did.

Welcome to Purgatory!

Me: I went from shipping a blonde and a brunette to shipping another blonde and brunette. Such a coincidence.

Also me:

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When my daughter was taken from me. My only daughter, well.. you can’t imagine how that feels unless you’ve lost a child. I fed her at my own breast, even though they told me to give her to the wet nurse. I couldn’t bear to see her in another woman’s arms. I never got to have a mother, but Myrcella did. She was mine and you took her from me. Why did you do that?

do you ever think about how the night neil was taken was just a regular night and then suddenly it just wasn’t?

like the foxes kicked ass on court.  and to quote, following the game, “neil could practically feel the excitement radiating off [dan].” i mean they’re crushing it, they haven’t lost a game yet, the entire team’s probably waiting on liquor and sleep.  it’s an amazing, wonderful night.  i mean, shit, “thank you, you were amazing” followed by allison sending a significant look to matt?  she’s probably running through her head how much she’s about to win over bets.

but then the riot starts. there’s bottles thrown and then punches, and andrew’s getting an elbow to the face, and renee’s defending allison, and neil-

neil’s gone.

and then you’ve got everything flipping on its head.  like what do you think the foxes were thinking?  as andrew was choking out kevin, what are the chances matt was thinking about all the times neil avoided telling obvious truths?  as aaron was being bandaged up, do you think nicky was thinking about neil’s collection of languages?  do you think allison was giving a whole new connotation to “you were amazing” as they sat in the hotel room and waited to know if they’d be going back to PSU short one fox?  was abby thinking back to skin marred with scars she can’t even begin do describe the awfulness of?

they went from riding the high of another won game to crashing at the idea that they were never going to see neil josten again


Pyrrha being really bad at throwing non-metal things. Like she turn around and throw a wrench into a basket on a moving target. She can flip a ring with two fingers while blindfolded onto the bottle tops to win the grand prize at the fair. She throw a dart under one arm and make a perfectly good bullseye six times in a row. Team JNPR has a vine account dedicated for this reason only.
But she cannot coordinate non-metal things. It’s like a bad infomercial. She’ll toss the pancake mix to Ren and it’ll explode all over him. She’ll pass Nora her scroll charger and it’ll land five feet away from her. She’ll toss Jaune a snack after training and it’ll land on the roof. Team JNPR has dedicated a vine account for this reason only also.

Tango is the world’s largest troll

You don’t have to say something like that unless someone has REPEATEDLY AND DELIBERATELY taken your instructions to literally just to fuck with you.

It may have been said before, but this is the one that throws the whole thing into sharp relief for me. I mean, I probably should have known from his first appearance.

I mean sure, maybe he really is that clueless, he’s been asking a lot of questions, but I ask you…really? ……Reeeeally?

I’m convinced he’s playing the long game acting totally lost all the time just for the laughs.

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