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i wanted a bby bones but then the crew happened. (aos pls cast a bby bones)

2 - SWAP - Make an alternate Fresh! Underfell, Outertale, etc…

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I tried doing NatureTale for this one– I kinda like how it came out too tbh.

NATURETALE © @lavender-sans

FRESH © @loverofpiggies

ART © @kaoticdaydreamer


                              The kids were too lazy to take off their hats.

Based off a cute idea that me and @p-aurisan came up with about Karen making flower crowns and handing them out to various kids c:

Marigold Musings (Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Author’s Note: This is just a cute little idea I got. Also, the spelling errors are of course intentional when Lin talks at the end. (except for the errors that occur when Lin didn’t talk because i’m too lazy to proofread)

Summary: A new neighbor moves in next to Lin and their flowers catch his attention.

Warnings: Blood, swearwords

Word Count: 1,766

Tags: @mercuryze


Lin met a lot of different people through his job. Heck, he met new people every day. But he rarely got new neighbors. At least, not on his floor. 

He’d lived in the same building for years now and he’d always had the same next-door neighbors; Daisy, an old widow who used to give him casserole whenever he worked late, and Richard, a man in his 40′s who was away on business trips all the time so he was rarely there.

All of that would change one day. Lin’d just gotten home from work when he saw a moving truck outside the building. He frowned as he walked up the stairs. Who was moving away?

Just as he got to his door, Richard walked out his apartment with two large boxes in his arms.

“Oh, hi Lin!”

“Hi Richard, whatcha doin’?”

“Right, I didn’t tell you! I’m moving!”

“Really? To where?”

“To LA. I didn’t feel at home here in New York, that’s why I was always away on business trips. So moving to LA seemed like a nice way to get a fresh start.”

“Well I hope you’ll have a good time over there. You were a great neighbor Richard.”

“So were you Lin. Now, I gotta get these final boxes down to the truck. Hope music keeps on coming to you!” Richard said as he walked down the stairs.

“Thank you!” Lin waved at him. A strange feeling filled his gut. It felt weird to see Richard go. Lin and Richard had known each other for years and now, Richard was just gone. The only question left to answer was, who’s going to be the new neighbor?

It took a few days before he saw a single sign of the new neighbor. He’d walked out onto his small balcony to get some fresh air when he notices something in the corner of his eye. A flower box had been placed on Richard’s old balcony. Must be the new neighbor, Lin thought, Richard didn’t have any green fingers.

Over the next two weeks, Lin saw two more flower boxes being mounted onto the balcony and soil was put into them. 

He didn’t actually see the new neighbor until about 3 weeks after he saw the first flower box.

Lin’d been working on some lyrics outside during the late afternoon when the balcony door next to him opened. Out the door stepped someone carrying a case of different plants and flowers. It was a beautiful woman who had her hair pulled up in a ponytail, a few strands of hair falling in front of her face. She wore bright gardening gloves and a black fleece jacket.


The woman yelped and dropped the case, making the dirt, flowers and plants go everywhere.

“Shit!” Exclaimed the woman who quickly started to try to gather up all the plants that had poured out. Lin quickly stood up.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to! I just wanted to say hi since you’re my new neighbor and I just wanted to make a good first impression and I totally messed that up and oh my god I’m so-”

The woman raised her hand. “It’s fine. It’s… It’s fine.” She looked up at him, a tired smile on her face. She was absolutely gorgeous, her looks almost took Lin’s breath away. Why hello there, Lin thought to himself.

“You must be my new neighbor.” The woman stood up and reached out her hand across the space between the balconies. “(Y/N) (L/N). You?”

Lin reached out as well and shook her hand. “Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sorry about your bag.”

“It’s fine, really. I still have plenty left.”

“Want some help cleaning up?”

“No, it’s fine. The plants survived.” (Y/N) placed the plants back in the case and put them up on the little table next to her. Lin looked at her hesitantly before sitting down and opening his laptop again. As he continued working, he could see (Y/N) working with her little boxes. She gently dug up the soil in the boxes, took the flowers out of their pots and put them in the boxes. It was really calming to see her work.

She had all kinds of flowers, the majority of them being yellow and orange. The one flower she had the most of were these flowers who had tons of petals. She filled the entire front box with them. The small boxes on the sides were filled with small fruit trees and small white, red, yellow and orange flowers.

Lin find himself staring at her as she worked but he didn’t notice that he was doing it until she looked up at him, a single eyebrow raised.

“Find somethin’ you like?”

Lin blinked a few times, as if he’d just woken up and flashed a shy smile to her. “I’m sorry, it was just really soothing to watch you work. I’ve been pretty stressed lately, so it was just nice to see someone doing something so peacefully.” He said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

(Y/N) smiled at him. “Then I’m glad that I could help. I know how it feels when you get overwhelmed by stress. That’s why I started with gardening!” She said, stretching out her arms. “I love taking care of my little flowers. It just feels calming.”

“I can see that you’ve picked out a favorite flower.” He points at the main box. She turns to it and laughs a bit.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite. They’re Marigolds. They’ve been my favorites since I was a kid when my dad started growing ‘em in our backyard.”

“They’re beautiful.”

“They are, aren’t they? Especially now, during the sundown. Brings out colors.”

As she looked down at the flowers, Lin couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Her face was beautifully illuminated by the sun falling in the west and he couldn’t help but feel his chest warm up as he looked at her.

“You’re right. The sundown does bring out colors.” He told her. She looked at him form the corner of her eye. And, it may have just been the light, but Lin could’ve sworn that her cheeks turned slightly red.

Over the next few weeks, he and (Y/N) spent every other day just talking on their respective balconies and Lin felt how his started to beat faster every time he saw her. He got to know her more and more and, even though he refused to admit it, he started to fall for her. Lin wanted to ask her out, but he didn’t really know how. 

He’d been sitting by his computer on his couch when he suddenly got an idea. Lin quickly ran into his office and got a piece of paper. He scribbled down a few words on it and grabbed a small piece of string that was laying around. Before he ran out he poked a hole through the paper and put the string through it.

When Lin got out to the balcony he closed the door, reached over towards the smallest fruit tree and tied the note around it. Just as he tied the knot, he heard some noise from inside (Y/N)’s apartment. Panic filled him and he quickly turned to run inside.

The only problem was that Lin’s balcony door was closed. He’d ran straight into his glass door.

“OW! DAMNIT!” He yelled loudly and covered his nose.

“Oh my god what happened!?” (Y/N) shouted and ran out to where Lin was.

“I just ran into the damn door!”

“How did you do that!?”

“I don’t know!” Lin removed his hand from his nose and saw that his hand was covered in blood.

“Jesus Lin, you’re bleeding! Hold on, I’m coming over!”

(Y/N) ran inside again and after a few moments, she opened up the door and pulled him back in. 

“Come here, i got some paper.”

He was led to the couch and the two of them sat down. (Y/N) took his chin and tilted his head. After drying off his nose a bit, he ripped off little pieces of paper and twisted them.

“Now stay still…” She put them into his nose, even though Lin flinched several times and whined all the time.

“Oh, stop whining. You brought this on yourself.”

“I did, didn’ I?” He said, his voice slightly muffled because of his stuffed nose.

“Actually, how the hell did you run into that door?” (Y/N) removed her hands and Lin tilted his head back into a normal position. The one thing he didn’t want to talk about was how he ran into the door.

“I jus hear de fone ring.”

She eyes him down suspiciously. “You never leave your phone inside. Especially if you’re waiting for an important phone call. Spill.”

He looked at her and took a deep breath. Come on Lin, he thought, you can do this.

“(Y/N), I godda dell you somethin. I ha jus died a node do you dree.”


“I died a node to your dree.”

“A note?”

“Yeah! By you dree!”



“What did it say on the note?”

“Id said… Ah fugk id.” Lin said and pulled out the pieces of paper from his nose. Before (Y/N) could protest, he opened his mouth again.

“(Y/N), I’ve started to fall for you over these few weeks which might sound insane but you’re just a really nice, funny, kind and pretty person and I just wanted to ask you out on dinner or something. I’d basically written that on the note but when I heard you come into your apartment I panicked and ran into the door.” He rambled out quickly as he felt blood trickling down from his nose.

(Y/N) stared at him with big eyes and he put back the little pieces of paper in silence. God he’d fucked up. He stared at his hands, not daring to look up at her.

Then he felt a pair of lips press against his cheek. As soon as they disappeared his head shot up and turned towards (Y/N). She wore a big smile on her face and slightly shook her head.

“You stupid idiot. Y’know, you could’ve just asked.”

Lin just stared at her with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Does… Does dat meam…”

“I’d love to go on a date with you Lin.”

A huge grin formed on Lin’s face and he was about to hug her when she put up her hands.

“No hugging until you get cleaned up. You’ve got blood all over you, lover boy.”

He laughed. “No ploblem. I aleady got my yes.”

ಠ_ಠ it just had to be manga flowers that senpai likes… I can rest when I DIE.

Modern au I'm too lazy to write

They all are happy and well. (Do I need to say anything else)
•Fiona and Hugh both got an apartment in Oregon. Fiona works as an inspiring artist and worker in a flower shop. Hugh is a photographer. He and Fiona had met each other in the coffee he worked. They are both vegan, and in weekends they participate in events like cleaning parks and planting trees. Their house is filled with plants, and they have a cat, our maybe a bird.
•Claire is studying abourd in the us where she met olive. Claire is studying to be a nutritionist(don’t ask me why) and olive dreams of working in the NASA. They share the same dorm room, and they both dream of always being friends maybe during some years of their life share a real apartment.
•Enoch walks in the same uni as Claire and olive. He is studying to be a doctor(???). He met a boy online. And in a uni party they found each other, and Enoch invited that boy for a date and now they are dating. In a year when Enoch finishes his course he has planed to go live with the other boy.
•guess who is the other boy! Horace. Horace wants to go live in Paris or Italy, he is planning on creating his own clothing line. He suffers from insomnia, and during nights he creates most of his creations.
•Emma and Jacob are traveling around the world together. They were childhood friends, and during some years Jacob was secretly in love with Emma. But when they got back in their neighborhood, they both fall in love with their neighbors.
•Victor and Bronwyn bruntley are the new kids that changed home. Bronwyn and Emma are both in love with each other. And later Victor is going to find his feelings for Jacob and confess to him.
•Millard is a smart kid that wishes of being a teacher, when he was younger, there were some years that he was in love with Emma. But now that he is in uni and he has meet another girls and boys, he might be in love with someone else.

Note: The kids have very similar ages.

Through the Years

A/N: An anon request for a fic based off the song “The Gambler” by fun. I included ALMOST the entire song (and changed a detail or two in the lyrics) to tell the story of Spencer and the reader’s life together. This is going to be told from the perspective of Spencer and the reader’s two kids after the pair have grown older. @coveofmemories


Slow down, we’ve got time left to be lazy
All the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes.
We’ve got fifty good years left to spend out in the garden
I don’t care to beg your pardon,
We should live until we die.

As kids, both Noah and Kayla looked at their parents as the picture of happiness. What marriage should be about. They were barely 22 when they both met at the BAU, which they were now leading together. Married and working together for nearly 35 years. It was almost too good to be true.

Noah and Kayla both yearned for the type of relationship their parents had - with each other and with them. No matter how much time they worked, each of them made time to be lazy. To spend doing nothing. Just watching their kids grow. Every Saturday, whether they were away on a case or not, they made it a point to relax and watch Noah and Kayla play out in the garden. It was a simple garden, just a couple flowers and a small swing set, but it was perfect. If they were home, they’d spend a few hours watching them on the swings, and if they were away, Noah would set up a laptop so they could watch anyway. Despite their jobs, they never missed a chance to see their son and daughter grow up. They’d nailed the balance between family and work.

We were barely 22 when we crossed collective hearts.
It was cold, but it got warm when you barely crossed my eye.
And then you turned, put out your hand,
And you asked me to dance.
I knew nothing of romance, but it was love at second sight.

Noah remembered a day when he was very young. It was the day he realized his parents relationship was different than that of his friends’ parents. He was about nine, and asked his father to recount the story of how they started. “Oh, that’s a good story,” Y/N had said, rubbing her husband’s arm. “Go ahead, honey. You tell him.”

“Well, when your mother and I first met, it was at the Bureau. She was, and still is,” he said, looking to his side, “extremely beautiful and I had no idea what to do. I still don’t really. Anyway, we started working together, and we got partnered up a lot.”

“I think that was Hotch’s doing,” his mother laughed, remembering her boss’s insistence that they work together so frequently. “I think he was rooting for us.” 

“Me too. One night, maybe about six months after we started working together, the team made us all go out for drinks and dancing. I wanted nothing to do with the dancing, but your mother got up from her chair and extended her hand out to me. The way she took my hand…I just knew,” he’d smiled.

I swear when I grow up, I won’t just buy you a rose.
I will buy the flower shop, and you will never be lonely.
Even if the sun stopped waking up over the fields
I will not leave, I will not leave ‘till it’s our time.
So just take my hand, you know that I will never leave your side.

One of the things that both son and daughter so admired about their parents was their absolute commitment to each other. That’s not to say that they did absolutely everything together, but whenever a problem arose, no matter how big or how small, they were at each other’s side. His father had always said that when you found the one you loved, you wanted to be at their side, no matter what stood in the way.

When Kayla had turned nine, she too asked them the secret to their marriage. How they made it last. “It’s not as hard as people make it seem. But even the smallest thing can be difficult at times. If you want to end up with someone as long as I’ve been with your father, there’s only a few things you need to know. Communicate no matter what and make sure that even if you’re separated for some reason, the one you love never feels lonely. Do those two things and you’ll be fine.”

And now he’s turning to a man, though he thinks just like his mother,
He believes we’re all just lovers he sees hope in everyone.

And even though she moved away,
We always get calls from our daughter.
She has eyes just like her father’s
They are blue when skies are grey
And just like him, she never stops,
Never takes the day for granted,
Works for everything that’s handed to her,
Never once complains.

Noah wouldn’t have been the man that he was if it wasn’t for the way his parents raised him - and the marriage they’d grown and fostered over the years.  He took after Spencer in a lot of respects, wanting to go into law enforcement as well, but he held the same beliefs as his mother. All he wanted was to be happy and one day love someone as much as his father loved his mother.

While Noah stayed home for college, Kayla ended up going away. At first, Noah thought his parents would be devastated to have their daughter move so far away, but unlike their friends’ relationships with their parents, Kayla hated moving away from them - only doing it because her major of choice was located across the country. But just like her parents, no matter how busy she was, she made it a point of Skyping her mother, father and brother to fill them in on the previous week. 

Unlike Noah, the lover, Kayla ended up the fighter. She worked her ass off just like their mother did, deserving everything she’d earned. Though the two grew up with the same love from their parents, they ended up very different from each other - but despite their differences, Spencer and Y/N were equally proud of the people they’d become. 

You think that I nearly lost you
When the doctors tried to take you away.
But like the night you took my hand beside the fire
Thirty years ago to this day
You swore you’d be here 'til we decide that it’s our time
Well it’s not time, you’ve never quit in all your life.
So just take my hand, you know that I will never leave your side.
You’re the love of my life, you know that I will never leave your side.

Watching his mother get sick was one of the worst aspects of Noah’s life, but it also showed him just how strong his parents’ relationship was. As she lay in the hospital, he overheard his father whispering to her. “You told me when it was our time we would go together so we would never have to be without each other. Well, it’s not our time. We’re still too young for that. We have too many more years ahead to watch our son and daughter grow up into the amazing people we’ve helped them become, so don’t you dare quit on me now. Do you hear me?”

From outside the room, Noah heard his mother. “I hear you, Spence. I may be sick, but we have too much life left to live. I promised I would never leave your side, and I intend to keep my word.”

Smut with Owen Grady.

So i wrote a bit of smut, seeing a load of it on here. There is no name for the female in the story, so feel free to add whichever name you wish. It’s in 3rd person.

“Ah shit.” She sighed “Not again.”
She had been out on the beach, laying out an area for a bit of a small garden, to grow some nice veg, or if she got lazy she’d just dump some flowers in there. She assumed a bit of a feminine touch was required.

She ran through the door and to the kitchen to clear out the small wound from a bit of glass buried into the sand. “Does nobody on this island clear up after themselves?!”

She ran the hot tap to rinse out the granules of sand deep in the small wound; unfortunately for her it was bleeding quite a bit, making it a little difficult.

As she lightly scrubbed her finger, she wasn’t aware that Owen had pulled up out front, sneaking up the steps and through the main door.

Before she realised, Owen was behind her, curious at all the commotion by the sink. “Hey, what happened?” he said with concern, taking hold of her hand and lifting it up to see the damage.

“Just a scratch, a weepy one.” She smiled, lightening the situation even though her finger is throbbing to the beat of her heart.

Before another moment passed, without thinking, Owen lifter her hand once more and placed her finger in his mouth, soothing her skin with the walls of his mouth. The hair along her skin stood high, the tingling sensation in her spine spreading an electric vibe through her body. Briefly, their gaze met, and so her breath held momentarily until he took her finger out of his mouth to see its progress. “C’mon, let’s get a plaster on it.”

A sigh of relief left her mouth, the sting of the wound had calmed and she had noticed Owen didn’t seem himself. “Is everything ok Owen?” She said, placing her hand over his.

“Actually, things are looking really good. They’re all slowly learning and following me more often than not, even though I get a lot of sass from Blue. The progress is-“

Watching him talk about his escapades of the day was one of the best things about him. The excitement in his posture and the enthusiasm in his voice was a key sign that he wasn’t just training the Raptors and becoming their Alpha, but he was befriending them.

Too busy away in thought, she didn’t notice his arms quickly wrap around her and pull her close, her chin resting along the line of his shoulder, her ear twitching at the invasion of his hair, her neck prickled at the touch of his facial hair slowly brushing up to her ear “I wish you could have seen it today.”
“Me too.” She whispered, lifting her chin and placing her lips against his shoulder, appreciating his scent invading her airways. “So what’s it like being an Alpha?” She whispered.

“You say that as if it’s my first time.” He whispers deeply.

“How am I supposed to know?” She smirks.

“Is that a challenge?” He growls.

“Is it one you’ll accept?”

Owen sweeps her up into his arms, walking slowly over to the kitchen counter, placing her atop the icy surface causing a light shudder to spread across her skin. “Cold!”

Owen sniggered under his breath, a slight grin passing across his face “I’m trying to be dominant here, stop making me laugh.”

She wiggled along the surface of the counter to get comfy and draped her arms over him, locking them at the nape of his neck; pressing a light peck on his cheek. “What if I like it when you laugh?”

Owen let out a small sigh, jolting at the laugh mixed in with the air that left his lungs. He pressed his lips against the bottom of her neck, lightly dragging them up her skin to meet the lobe of her ear and grasping t between his teeth. “I’m trying to prove a point.” He whispered into her ear.

She pulled back, running her fingers through his tousled hair “I’m not stopping you.” She said, lowering the tone of her voice.

Owen was always up for a challenge, but to be confronted directly really began to press his buttons. He slipped his hands under both of her cheeks and lifted her from the counter, backing her up against a wall with enough force for her to let out a gasp. He lifted each of her legs around his waist, grinding against her through the fabric of his jeans while planting hard kisses along her neckline.
She lifted her head, leaning it backwards as he kissed up her windpipe and on the peak of her chin before finally pressing his lips against her own. Between each kiss, she took off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra to expose her body to him, Owen following suit until they were pressed closely together. The pressure of his body against her own was immense, pushing at her to hold her against the same spot on the wall; every single breath she took caused her breasts to bulge against his chest as they began to meld together.

The space between her legs grew tight and throbbed with anticipation; It was all happening so fast it was almost like an attack on each of her senses. The smell of his sweat, the sight of his skin glistening in the sun, the prickle of his hair against her face, the sound of his breath echoing through her ears was so much to take in at one time. He knew how to get her going and he wasn’t planning to stop.

Her breaths became longer and slightly hoarse, signalling it was time to remove what was left of her clothing.

She stopped for a moment, leaning back to unbutton her shorts, Owen holding her up via her backside, using one hand to pull both the shorts and her underwear down her lags and ripping them off the ends and slamming her against the wall with his pelvis.

He undid the button on his jeans and pushed them down a little along with the hem of his boxers to expose himself fully and pressing himself against her opening.

“This is what it’s like being an Alpha.” He growled in her ear, biting at it.
As he pressed against her, he ran the finger of his semi free hand along her exposed clitoris and releasing with a slight flick at the end of each turn. The stimulation began to electrify her spine, the butterflies in her stomach flying around in spirals as the sensation spread throughout her body.

As her back began to arch, Owen knew she was ready. In that moment, he gripped both of her wrists, holding them high above her head as he slammed his erection deep, her back lightly scraping against the wall as the force pushed her up. As she inhaled to take another breath, it was evident that the electricity had spread through her body; her back arched and her eyes rolled back, her toes twitching along his back.

Once she had caught her breath, Owen was ready to subjugate this challenge and began to pound into her, finding a comfortable rhythm in which he was still able to touch her. He released her arms, which found their way around his shoulders; gasping against his ear as she held on tight.

He wrapped both of his arms around her back, holding her tight as he was reaching his peak; grunting as he buried his face into her neck.

Their breathing was erratic, Owen releasing a slight moan with every thrust while she cried out. 

Their bodies began to tense, their arms locked around each other as they each approached their climax and within seconds, Owen gave one final thrust, almost on the tip of his toes with his final release whereas she let out a final cry as her body froze in the final moment of her orgasm.

They stood still for a brief moment before Owen turned so his back faced the wall and began to slide down to the floor, still holding her within his arms.

They sat together on the floor, her posture elevated above his. She leant down and placed a light kiss upon his lips, pulling away move hair from her face only to be pulled back into another intoxicating kiss.

“I love you.” Owen whispered between their final kisses, catching their breath.

“I love you too.” She whispered into ear.