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STARISH +Crush Headcanons!

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Ittoki Otoya

  • First to realise when he has a crush on someone
  • He spends more time with them, talking and knowing more about them. He doesn’t hide his feelings
  • Very straightforward. He just waits for that “moment” to confess his attraction.
  • He finds it easier to text his crush despite being direct with them. He gets nervous jitters around them~
  • His confession is usually somewhere less crowded and it does come out of the blue (aka unexpected)
  • He blushes red as a tomato when his friends tease him about his crush
  • He doesn’t kiss his crush on the first date unless the attraction is really strong

Hijirikawa Masato

  • Fifth to realise when he’s in love
  • TBH, the man here isn’t sure how to approach his crush. He only would if the relationship is going to be serious
  • At times he even doubts that he feels something for them. When you walk past him though, he jolts inside with awareness so that’s when he KNOWS he has amorous feelings towards you
  • He does overthink sometimes and that leads to him being stiff and stoic near his crush due to nervousness
  • He feels emotions as a strong whirl. They are so strong that he cannot voice them when asked for the first time
  • He confesses to you by writing you a letter, expressing his feelings (probably as a poem) and inviting you to an outing
  • The most you’d do on your first date is hold hands lol

Shinomiya Natsuki

  • The last one to realise when he has a crush. Mainly because he sees them as a cutie patoot who he loves to shower affection on
  • When he feels something for you, its his heart beating erratically and the want for him to be constantly near you
  • He describes this to Syo who points out that Natsuki is in love with you
  • Oh the sun suddenly seemed to shine brighter, birds chirped and flowers bloomed when he realised it
  • You do kiss on the first date. He asked you out so sweetly that you couldn’t say no
  • He'a frank and open about his feelings for you
  • Very clingy and affectionate. Even in the midst of his friends

Ichinose Tokiya

  • Fourth to realise he’s in love/ has a crush
  • He turns warmhearted and into a total sweetheart around his crush. He has secret smiles for them and even teases them playfully
  • At first he is pretty hesitant but eventually accepts the idea that he has a penchant for your company and you in general
  • He spends more time around you, even casually brushing his hands over yours with a soft smile.
  • He does ask you out and confesses on your first date. He planned the ‘perfect date.’
  • The force of his feelings can melt you into a puddle of love. He is a rather amorous suitor
  • He only pursues you if he sees this relationship going somewhere. He already works a lot so you have to be very special to catch his eye and be worth his time.

Jinguji Ren

  • Third to realise mainly because he ponders too much over his emotions
  • He may appear to be cool and suave but Mr. Jinguji turns very nervous and aware around his crush. He absentmindedly checks his appearance too.
  • He waits for some time to see if what he feels is just mere infatuation. If it isn’t, be prepared to be pursued
  • Oh the bouquets and gifts he’d send you would flock your room. He doesn’t hide his feelings but is definitely on the subtle side.
  • Little love notes and poems. He even calls you out to a location where you two are alone to ask you out
  • Whether you kiss on your first date really depends on him. Nonetheless, it was a very spontaneous (he planned it though) and fun date.
  • If he’s interested in you, he’d ask more about you, pay close attention to your likes and habits so he knows just how to ensnare you in his web of adoration

Kurusu Syo

  • Sixth to realise he’s in love
  • He visibly turns into a bundle of anxiety and nerves when around his crush. He stutters a lot and blushes too.
  • He turns a little hyper and excited around you too. Conversations include him knowing about you and him also telling about himself in return
  • When he asked you out on a date, Natsuki jumped from the bushes and pulled you two for a hug, crying that he was so happy for Syo and you.
  • The date was sweet, a little on the nervous side yet exciting. He does kiss your cheek on the first date. If he’s feeling bolder, its on your lips
  • Everyone minus Syo’s crush knows about Syo’s feelings for them when he has a crush
  • He would probably yell out his confession of love for you. The whole world practically heard it

Aijima Cecil

  • Second to realise his feelings. He has pretty strong instincts so he KNOWS when he likes you
  • Very forward when he pursues you. He doesn’t need to hide his feelings.
  • His emotions often overwhelm his crush and he makes sure to encompass them with his love, affection and adoration
  • He LOVES spoiling his crush. He always buys them little trinkets and gifts. He loves seeing them smile.
  • Also lowkey likes it when they wear an article of clothing/accessory that he gifted
  • His feelings are strong enough to have him kiss you on the first date.
  • He kinda turns into a stalker. He tries to know what you’re up to, if you’re free to talk to him, what you like/dislike etc.

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