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Candy Canes (Zen x Mc)

OKAY! This is a little last minute, but I just got the idea for this, this morning! So with that, enjoy!

It was Christmas, and everyone in the RFA had decided to gather at Jumin’s house for an exclusive RFA members only party. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Except Zen, who was in the corner, sulking. He wasn’t having a bad time at the party, Per Say, he had a couple conversations with Jaehee and Yoosung, and catching Mc under the mistletoe. But other than that, they had barely spoken at all tonight.

And now she was playing with that stupid trust fund jerk’s cat. Damn him.

Zen let out a sigh, feeling rather lonely.

Eventually, Mc tore her eyes away from Elizabeth the 3rd, to look over at her boyfriend Zen, who looked in desperate need of some company.

She smiled, putting Elizabeth down and brushing the cat fur off herself. Don’t want his allergies acting up now.

Sneaking up on him when he wasn’t looking, Mc wrapped her arms around Zen’s neck from behind him.

“Zenny~” she whispered into his ear.

A bolt of surprise and happiness shot through Zen at the sound of his Mc’s voice, glad she had finally come over to talk to him.

“Hmm? Y-yes, Jagiya?”

“Well, you were sitting over here brooding, so I thought I’d come and keep you company.”

“I wasn’t Brooding!” he said in accusation.

“Pfft, sure.” Mc let her eyes wander, until they landed on the snack table. On said table, were a variety of different striped canes. She gasped, grabbing onto Zen’s hand and leading them over to the snack table

“Zen looked!” Mc said, with enthusiasm.

“What is it?” he chuckled.

“Candy canes!” Mc responded, picking one up, “I haven’t had one of these in forever. They’re sososo good! And they’re the big kind too!”

Zen found it incredibly adorable how Mc reacted to the candy canes. She was like a little kid.

She tore off the plastic covering the cane and gripped onto the hook part.

“My favorite are classic peppermint.”

Zen thought it was Mc at the moment was extremely precious and innocent

…that was, until she started on her cane.

She wrapped her lips around the peppermint flavored cane and started sucking to get some of the flavor into her mouth. Zen watched as she licked the cane and moved it in her mouth.

Must not release the beast.Must not release the beast.Must not release the beast. Zen kept repeating it in his head, like some kind of mantra.

Finally, Mc pulled the candy cane out of her mouth, and licked her lips

“I always like starting from the bottom. Don’t know why. But that was good! My hands are all sticky now though…”

She looked from her Candy cane to her boyfriend, who’s face just so happened to be flushed the same color as his ruby red eyes.

Mc raised an eyebrow at him, puzzled at what he was staring at.

“Are you okay, Zen oppa?”

That’s when his control snapped.

“Come with me.” He said, grabbing Mc by the hand and leading her to the elevator.

“Zen? Where are you and-” Yoosung started, but Zen cut him off.

“Don’t wait up for us.” he said, pressing the button down.

When they finally arrived on there floor, Zen escorted Mc to the closest room possible and locked the door behind him.

“Zen, what’s up?” asked Mc, who was majorly confused.

Zen turned back to her, eyes full of desire before finally answering- “I need you.”

“Hu-?” Before Mc could finish, Zen strode towards her, pinned her to the wall, and smashed his lips into hers.

Every question left Mc’s mind as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

She tasted like peppermint. Sweet, sweet peppermint.

When they’d finally pulled apart, Mc spoke,

“Did I accidentally release the beast?” she panted out.

Zen smirked, gently grabbing Mc’s chin with his thumb and index finger.

“Ooooh~ Definitely. We only have to do this if you’re ok with it though,”

Mc pushed forward, Connecting her lips with Zen in a short, loving kiss, giving him his answer.

When he pulled away from her, he licked his lips and chuckled.

“That candy cane was sweet, but I think you’ll taste much sweeter.” he slipped one hand under your sweater before saying,

“Merry Christmas, Babe~”

Okay, I keep telling myself I’ll end with actually smut, but it’s late and I got lazy. So I’ll right it later~ Merry Sin-mas!(I hope this didn’t ruin candy canes for you…)


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In Which Astra Isn’t Cute

“Astra, for the last time, you’re still sleeping on the couch.” Alex resolutely ignored her sulking girlfriend as she focused on slicing the vegetables for their dinner. “I’m not changing my mind.”

“I have expressed my regrets multiple times,” Astra mumbled from her perch on the windowsill, where she was, according to herself, “most certainly not pouting”. (She totally was.) “How was I supposed to know that the walls at the DEO were so fragile? You told me they were meant to withstand an assault from even one of my kind.”

“I also told you to wait until we got home, but no, you just had to try and fuck me against a wall, which then fell down, and—” Alex’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as she remembered the stares of the agents on the other side of the wall, among whom, to her deep mortification and regret, had been J’onn. The look on his face made her feel like burrowing into the floor and hiding. Astra, for her part, had been completely unapologetic, simply offering a lazy smirk before scooping Alex up and carrying her home. 

“I will not apologize for needing you. Lately we have both been quite busy, and I have missed you.” Astra uncurled herself and stood up. “I did not wish to wait.”

“If you could have waited five more seconds—” Alex cut off with a growl of annoyance, slamming the knife down on the cutting board and fixing Astra with a glare. “Do you even know the meaning of the word ‘self-control’??” 

Astra had the grace to look ashamed of herself as she approached the human woman. Alex opened her mouth to tell Astra to leave her alone, but then warm arms slipped around her waist as the taller brunette tucked her face into Alex’s shoulder, dark curls tickling Alex’s cheek. “Astra,” Alex growled, although it lacked any real venom. She couldn’t be mad when Astra was being so cuddly and…..so fucking cute. Her hands came up to grip the Kryptonian’s shoulders, but instead of pushing, she just rested them there. “Stop it.”

“I am sorry, Alexandra.” Astra’s words were muffled against Alex’s jacket. “I truly did not mean to cause you humiliation or distress. I simply….” Her breath rushed out as she exhaled. “I wished to be close to you.”

“You could have just asked me for a ‘private discussion’. Hell, I would have been happy to head home a bit early; J’onn knows better than to ask questions.” That was going to be a fun conversation the following day, she thought sourly. At least Kara hadn’t been around to witness it. Having that whole fiasco in front of her little sister would have been grounds for a legal name change and a move to the other side of the country. Alex played with the ends of Astra’s hair, the hand still on her shoulder rubbing gently. “I do still have to work there, you know.” 

Astra said nothing, turning slightly so that her face was pushed into Alex’s neck, and in spite of herself, the shorter woman smiled. “You’re pretty cute, you know.” 

“I am not,” Astra mumbled. “’Cute’ is for baby animals. And my niece,” she added after a moment, making Alex snort in agreement. “I am—well, according to several sources, quite intimidating.”

“You used to be intimidating.” Alex moves both her hands to Astra’s back, trailing her palms up and down the smooth, muscular plane. “Now you’re just cute.” 

Astra pulls back just enough to give her a petulant look, and Alex has to bite her tongue to keep from squealing. It should be illegal for Astra to be this adorable. “I am not cute.”

“Sure you’re not,” she croons, pressing a kiss to the tip of Astra’s nose and not even bothering to hide her smirk. Astra growls and kisses her soundly, which is definitely cheating, but Alex can’t really find it in herself to care.

She just hopes they don’t break anything this time.

What He Never Got To Say - Fred Weasley Written By: Rosy-affair

Pre reading warning, I did not write this at all but it’s breathlessly amazing and will bring you into tears! Credit is at the end! xxxx

I couldn’t believe it. The battle had ended. The war was over. But at the same time Fred was gone. I had lost the love of my life. And I’ve regretted going in the Great Hall ever since that moment I saw Weasley’s standing, kneeling and crying besides him - believe me I have. Sometimes I think that maybe if I hadn’t gone in, it would have never happened. But that’s just not the truth.

 I’ve spent these few days after Fred’s death at the Burrow. Today was the funeral. And I’ve kind of kept it together till yesterday when Molly came into the room I was staying at and gave me a small box she had found in Fred’s stuff. Once I opened it I couldn’t keep back the tears and I think I’ve been crying ever since. A ring. The box had a diamond ring in it. Fred had wanted to propose.

 At some point during the night I understood that I had to answer back to him. At least in some way. Because it felt like he had already asked. And I know he would have. I decided that a eulogy was the best way to do that. So I spent the rest of the night and this morning to write the best one I could - it ended with me sitting in a puddle of tears all the time, remembering everything we did together. Every trip to Diagon alley, every prank we planned, every Christmas spent together at the Burrow once Molly had insisted that I’d come home with Fred during Christmas break, every kiss, every touch, every…

 “We should be going, (y/n).” That was George. George has been a complete mess, but who can blame him. So have been I.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Everyone was there. Family, friends, the members of what once was the Order of Phoenix. Looking at all of us - it was just like looking at the remains of Hogwarts. Too sad and heartbreaking.

 Molly and Arthur spoke first. Well, more Arthur than Molly. She couldn’t get more than a word out.

 Then George and that was it from the Weasley’s. Speaking was just too painful for them. So it was my turn.

 I got up and went in front of everybody, shaking from head to toe. I took the chain, that now had the ring on it, off from my neck and held it tight in my hand.

“Fred Weasley was the star-crossed love of my life. Ours was an epic love story and as all great love stories it will die with us. As it should.* And because of that, and also because I wouldn’t get out a sentence without disappearing into tears, I can’t really talk about our love story. Half of it is already gone. And a part of me wishes that the other one was too. But Fred wouldn’t have wanted that. Fred doesn’t want that - I’m sure. It’s just that in a perfect world I would want that story to last forever.”

Tears started to roll down my cheeks and I needed a moment to catch my breath.

“Although we can never know how long that forever would last for each of us. After all - it lasts only as long as we do. When we’re gone, that forever goes with us. So in a way Fred and I got our forever. I just wish… I wish that that forever had included the wedding which apparently was on Fred’s mind. But Fred, my love, you have to know - I don’t regret a thing. Not even one lazy afternoon spent on a couch in front if the fire in Gryffindor common room. Ours was a perfect love story, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

That’s it. I probably could have said more. It felt like I should have said more, but my voice had already cracked and the last sentences were barely audible. So I went back and sat next to Molly, who was crying just as much as me. As I sat down, she turned to me, hugged me and said “That was beautiful, sweetheart.”

*Some John Green quotes here, but i really felt like they were needed :)
Hope you liked it.
~ Rosy-affair

Dominant Ashton (Demons)

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Part 11

I woke up just after 5am in the morning. I looked over to see Ashton sleeping peacefully next to me. I sighed, I honestly did love him but I just couldn’t so this anymore, he has many enemies and I don’t want what happened to me happen again so I knew this would be for the best. It would be the best for both of us, he didn’t need to constantly worry about me and I didn’t need to constantly worry about doing anything wrong to make him angry.

I decided to get up and leave him in my bed. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen it was pitch black except for the light of something on the kitchen counter, I couldn’t make out what it was until I got closer. It was the light from Luke’s laptop as he say typing away on it the light illuminating his face.

He looked up startled as he heard we enter the kitchen. His shoulders visibly relaxed as he saw it was just me.

“How are you doing?” He asked sleepily

“I’ve been better” I chuckled

He sighed shaking his head in disbelief.

“What are you doing up at this time?” I asked curiously. He looked as if he hadn’t slept at all and that he had been in the same position for hours.

“Oh you know the usual, just trying to hack into the security cameras of a few clubs nothing too unusual” he laughed.

I chuckled at him. A peaceful silence fell over the room as I say down on the bar stool next to him.

“Can I ask you a question?” I said

“You just did, but go ahead” he smirked

“I’m being serious Luke” I moaned

“Okay sorry go on”

“What do you think Ashton would do if I - if I left him?”

It was silent as he looked at me shocked. Five minutes had passed when he finally decided to reply. “Honestly… I think he would act like he didn’t care, but I’ve know him long enough to know that he would, he’s very good at hiding his feelings, he hates them, he doesn’t know how to deal with them”

“Do you think I should do it?”

“Look, you have to be the one to decide” he said softly “ do you love him?”

“Yes, but I can’t live in fear of other people coming after me. Because if I stay with him… That’s probably likely to happen again and I can’t handle it” I sighed

“Then you know what you have to do” he said pulling me in for a side hug.

“I should probably go back to bed and stop interrupting you from your work”

“Hey, it’s fine … This is probably going to sound weird because I don’t do this much but, if you ever need somebody to talk to come and find me”

“Thank you” I said hugging him appreciatively

I walked back upstairs to my room hoping Ashton would still be sleeping, I couldn’t face him now. I hadn’t thought of how I was going to do this. To be honest we were never even in an official relationship, we just fucked and told each other we loved one another.

I opened the door to my room seeing Ashton awake and sitting up on my bed. He was looking nervous and his hair was all ruffled from sleep. It was an adorable sight surely something that wasn’t going to help the situation.

“Hey… Where did you go” he croaked

“Just got some water” I lied

“Oh… Come back to bed” he said patting the spot next to him. “Please”

“Ashton… We need to tal-”


“Ashton please listen”

“Don’t do this” he sighed shaking his head “please don’t do this”

“I’m sorry but I can’t - we can’t do this anymore” I whispered brokenly.

He got up making his way towards me. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked

I shakily took a breath of air and nodded.

“Fine” he said storming out of the room leaving me by myself and lonely with an inch of sudden regret.

By the time morning came the house was silent. I couldn’t find any one so I assumed they went out. I decided to sit on the sofa and have a lazy day, I tried everything in order to forget about Ashton for a few hours and eventually found myself playing on Michael’s Xbox which is why I was startled when he walked through the door.

I jumped pausing the game.

“I thought I could hear someone playing FIFA” he laughed

“I didn’t think anyone was home it’s so quiet”

“So you didn’t hear all the disruption Ashton caused?” He asked confused


“How didn’t you hear? He basically trashed his whole room in anger!” He exclaimed

“Oh… Was it my fault?” I asked quietly

“I-I think so” he sighed “but it doesn’t matter he’ll move on don’t worry”

After talking me and Michael ended up playing FIFA for a few hours until Calum came in telling us to get dressed for some guys house party we were all going to.

I decided that tonight I wanted to forget about everything and get wasted. I pulled on my sexiest little black dress and black heels.

As I walked down the stairs to where all the boys were waiting Michael wolf whistled making me go bright red in embarrassment. I could feel Ashton’s gaze burning into me but I refused to look at him knowing it would only cause me heartbreak.

“Damn you look hot” Michael smirked before Calum hit him playfully on the shoulder.

“That’s my sister you pig”

“You look beautiful” Luke whispered into my ear.

“Thank you” I smiled up at him.

Ashton stormed past banging his shoulder into Luke’s and walking straight to the car. It was awkward all the way to the party it was a horrible atmosphere and I was dying to get out of the car. Being around Ashton made me nervous as I didn’t know when he would kick off. Luckily I had Luke there to help me through.

Me and Luke were currently at the bar ordering several shots between us and racing each other to see who could down them the quickest. We were having fun until something caught my eye. Ashton was in the corner of the room pressing a tall skinny brunette girl into the wall kissing her hurriedly and basically dry humping her.
He turned around catching my eye as he carried on grinding against the girl. He smirked at me before turning back around.

Well two can play at that game right?

“Let’s go dance!” I shouted over the music at Luke. He nodded taking my hand and leading me into the group of people dancing. This was now officially a game of making each other jealous and I could tell he was loving it as he kept sending me small glances to see if I was still looking.
I pulled Luke close as we danced with are bodies pressed tightly together. I moved my crotch forward to meet his as I slowly grinded against him to the beat of the music pumping through our veins.

I reached to rest my hands around Luke’s neck pulling him closer into a lust filled kiss. He responded by grabbing me round the waist and kissing me back his tongue fighting for dominance with mine but he soon won. I looked over Luke’s shoulder to see that Ashton and the girl had disappeared. My heart sunk as I hurriedly looked around the body packed room searching for him. I saw him over by the stair case the girl in front and him following, before they went up stairs and out of sight Ashton locked eyes with me for a second before giving me a harsh glare following the brunette up the stairs.

I brushed if off focusing my attention back to Luke.

“Do you wanna go home?"Luke whispered knowing I had, had enough. I nodded as we told the other boys and then left the party.

Once we got home I got into my Pjs crawling into bed, thoughts of Ashton with that girl flooded my head and I knew that I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

My bare feet padded along the wooden floor making their way towards Luke’s bedroom door. I knocked quietly and he shouted to come In.

He saw it was me and lifted the left side of the duvet in order for me to crawl in next to him and snuggle up to him finally finding comfort in somebody.

A/N: Please ignore spelling mistakes and bit’s that don’t make sense i’m sorry. feeback would be nice ily