i got lazy on mikasa's sorry

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ooh Im really curious about your brush settings, is it possible that you could show them? I love how you do your lines + sketches it all looks so nice amg <3 //youre a really big inspiration//

hello anon!!! here are my current brush settings i use for sketching and line art!! (or did you want the brush settings for painting? im soRRY //shot). 

the one on the left is the um pencil-texture-sketchy brush lol!!! and the one on the right i use the most (usually for sketches for bigger projects) since the slight opacity is really good for colors i think. i forgot where i downloaded the watercolor texture but im sure SAI’s default watercolor texture could suffice???

for pieces with more polished qualities i use (i think its called the ‘water’ tool on some versions of SAI) with this brush setting: (ft. mikasa :3c SORRY I GOT LAZY AND DIDNT FINISH THE BOTTOM HALF)

for harder edges and coloring, i use the ‘brush’ tool on the right (and mainly the regular pen tool for coloring in things) and the ‘water’ tool for blending and shading


“Your ears will be cold.”

Remembered a memory where a friend tugged down my beanie when I complained it was cold and well…this happened. ٩(•౪•٩)

I’m sorry @minxiebutt, I should be writing but I got distracted! x_x (I’ll get to writing now, I promise.)  

Mikasa: Stop being such a–
Levi: –little shit, and flip the coin.

The Ackermans as the Luteces, or physicists with vulgar mouths who don’t do that much physics but do a lot of sniping at each other and at other people instead. Inspired by ackersexual.


Yeah! This was really fun to draw! Sorry if the 2nd drawing is poopy…I got lazy ;.;

Here’s the story behind it: Mikasa is a mermaid caught by a stray fishing net. Eren lives in a small fishing village, and finds her by the rocks. He retrieves her, and cuts the net off her. He realizes she cute!  


Attack on Space MMD: JeanKasa Moment 

I am no way with the 14thvoicesquad, i just did a fun thing over one part in episode 6!

AOS is a Au by Kelps on tumblr

Jean voiced by: Johanna/  http://askjeanvoice.tumblr.com/

Mikasa voiced by:  Sahar/ http://askmikasavoice.tumblr.com/

Background Music (i got no clue and im to lazy to go on the vid and look) not mine

Audio taken from Attack on Space episode 6

Cam motion: Mine

Model motions: Mine

AOS Model edit: Mine (edit is mine not the models)

Models belong to their rightful owners.

Now… this was the most fun to do

One: Johanna, when i had to back up on the audio when he was speaking it sounded like at some part he was saying “Im sorry babe” or  "Baby" I busted a gut so hard

Two: Damn you guys talk fast! it was difficult to get those mouth flaps in.

Three:  I hope i got the reactions close enough to the characters! I tried my best here with the animation and everything!

I hope you guys enjoy this!