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She’s white, medium size, and has brown circles around her eyes.



Who else is excited for season two?! :D

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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!


h ey howdy i love your oc berry so u m he re u go @bunblevee


I adore this 

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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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i finally got Chrom, Robin, and Lucina in FE:H and i couldn’t help but put them in the same team. unbalanced? yes. Robin is a bronze three star Robin? i’m too lazy to grind for another Robin. So he stays! because i’m bad at this game anyway! Although I did manage to get a golden five star Lucina.

Clair is my trusty Pegasus Knight who has to deal with this family.