i got lazy at the end lolol

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I'm a trans boy and I'm 5'6 with curly blue hair and brown eyes. My hobbies include music and social activism (if that's even considered a hobby lolol basically all I do is listen to music and do social work). For a date, I would most likely take somebody to a quiet park on a nice day just to sit outside and talk about anything. I'd probably take a long time to befriend the other person before dating them and I'd make sure that they're doin okay at all times and I'd probably fall in love v fast

oo ur hair is probably so cool?? i used to have reddish hair at the ends but then i got lazy and cut it off rip. also shush ur hobbies r v interesting (i mean all i do is scribble in my sketchbook whilst listening to music bc im lame). also true i feel like its much better to become friends first and then date. 
i love parks aaa honestly they’re so peaceful ( i mean the nature-y ones? not the ones with little kids running around u know what i mean) also u sound so sweet?? u r the actual cutest awe c’:

Fatesona 30 day Challenge :

Day 4: In clothes from the kingdom they’re not from

so technically my fatesona is neutral and would follow corrin regardless of the path they chose but since my class is nohrian, i drew a hoshidan outfit for this day! i was actually gonna draw myself in a hoshidan class but i got lazy so i did this instead lmao

i also doodled a couple of hoshidan fatesonas including @tomodaichis, @krazehkai, and @alphatheend! i wanted to do more but im way too tired and exhausted so maybe next time!! o(–(