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5 a.m. [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Inspired by the one time me and some friends went to McDonald’s at 5 a.m. The reader, craving junk food, drags a sleepy Lin out of bed, way too early in the morning. The breakfast menu isn’t up yet. Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

Word counter: 4,474

Warnings: None, just a really sleepy and grumpy Lin. 

Authors Notes: @sunshinemiranda - i cannot believe i got to the chance to collab with ren again??? you guys, this honestly all stemmed from this really cute story she told me and then me (being pushy and annoying as per usual) needed to get in and then this came into being!! we got so attached, we made headcanons for this, unbelievable. i still want to make a prequel. enjoy.

@alexanderhamllton - i got to collab with my girl again, can you guys BELIEVE??? I am so happy with how this turned out, we made a whole lot of headcanons (hence the mixtapes) and we really hope you guys like it! If you want more from this universe PLEASE let us know, because we would love to wirte that! 

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Lin wasn’t expecting his phone to ring at 5 in the morning. He wasn’t expecting anything but a solid sleep that he desperately needed after too many late nights full of work. Funny thing was, life had a screwed up talent at ruining expectations.

His phone lit up in the dark, vibrating against the wooden bedside table with a vicious energy. With a groan, he stabbed a button blindly and brought it to his ear without even bothering to emit a greeting. It was too early for that.

“Lin. Listen, it’s 5 am. You wanna go to McDonald’s with me?”

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Simple Man (Part 4)

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Summary: The truth comes to light when reader has to call Dean for help…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, brief violence

A/N: This was a fun and quick series that I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!…

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The Passing of a Friend and Brother

A close friend of mine died this past Sunday. His name was Sagar. Even as I type this, it is impossible to believe. He was 28 years old.

We met ten years ago this coming fall. It was the first day of college, literally the day we moved into the dorms. I walked down our hall, looking for someone who had set up their television. My own roommate and I couldn’t figure it out. His was the first room I came across that had a working television. 

When I asked him if he would help us, his immediate response was, “Of course!” 

As he was hooking everything up, he said, “One day we’ll look back on this and say this is how we met.”

Sagar helped me on the first day we met and he never stopped helping me. 

To his friends, Sagar was encouraging, supportive, and always proud. He loved The Lazy Yogi and told many people about this blog even while I kept it quiet. When I switched from working in the film industry to pursuing my medical doctorate, he rooted for me and immediately got on board despite much skepticism and doubt from those around me. He was a true friend and ally. 

Wherever Sagar lived, that’s where the parties were. He loved hosting, he loved bringing people together, and he loved his friends. All through college people thought I was one of his roommates because I was always at his place chilling. 

After college he moved to New York City while I had to live at home in Connecticut. I came into the city every weekend and he would always have a place for me to sleep in his apartment. This very summer I slept on his couch many times. I slept in his bed the night before he died. 

The month before, he went to the doctor with a bad cough and back/leg pain. They did a scan and it turned out to be a rare genetic late stage lung cancer. He underwent surgery but his condition declined rapidly. I visited him while he was unconscious in the ICU on Saturday and Sunday. I visited his body after he passed. I still can’t believe it as I am writing this. 

The last two times I saw him stand out in my mind. The earlier time was our last nice day together. We drank on the rooftop of his apartment building in the Lower East side. We climbed the water tower and took in the view, talking about our plans for the summer and the future. He took a picture of me, which became my profile picture on Facebook. 

The second time was the last time I saw him before he was in the hospital. His pain was bad, his cough was bad. But he was so happy to see me. 

“Everything feels better when you’re here,” he had said to me.

When I left, he hugged me and told me he loved me. That was another thing I learned from Sagar. He always said “I love you” to his friends. Now I do too.

I have seen too many early deaths in my life already. My father died of cancer when I was in high school. One of my high school best friends committed suicide when I was in college. And now Sagar is gone. 

Fuck. He was the center of everything good in our massive group of friends. 

His death is senseless and tragic. One quote keeps going through my mind: “Nature is not human hearted.” 

No it fucking isn’t. 

I say this again and again: impermanence is inescapable. This life is not a means to an end. The end is death. No matter what we do, we take nothing with us. This life is an opportunity to love and to awaken. No more, no less. 

I don’t know how Sagar’s death will effect me. After my father’s death, I found myself on a spiritual path and it led me to meditation. I don’t know what’s next. 

All I can say is don’t wait. There is no later that we can depend on. 

Thanks for listening. May you all be blessed with health, happiness, and peace. 


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Maybe if you're still doing requests, a drawing of superman and batman younger about 8 meeting for the first time?

This was in my inbox for a while but I finally thought of one. I set it not too long after Bruce lost his parents and he’s passing through Smallville on his way to a relative’s house. 

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You spend a lazy day with Hoshi (your boyfriend) and you just hang around and play video games and then it gradually gets smutty. <33333

lmao I didn’t want to mention a specific type of a game because we all have different tastes, so you can decide for yourself what game it is that you’re playing! ♥

The day was one of your favorites: neither you nor Soonyoung had anything to attend to, and you had planned to keep it that way, too. That way you could spend the whole day together and just relax while doing things you probably wouldn’t be able to on a more busy day, such as…

“I won you again!”

…play a whole bunch of video games.

“Give me a break,” Soonyoung mumbled with a huff, but broke into a laughter right after. “One more time!”

You rolled your eyes playfully - you had, by then, already played closer to ten rounds of the game you were playing, all of which you had won - and got another round ready for the two of you to get through.

Since it was a lazy day like that, your had dressed accordingly, too. Soonyoung was dressed in a black tank top and gray sweatpants, while you wore a pair of comfortable shorts and a loose t-shirt that occasionally fell down your shoulder a little, which never bothered you.

Before you had started playing, you had spent a whole lot of time in the bed, just cuddling and watching an occasional funny clip on one of your phones, after which you had eaten and watched the newest episode of the drama you were both watching. After that, though, Soonyoung had suggested you’d play some video games, and that was exactly what you had been doing for the past hour or two.

Now that you were playing yet another round, Soonyoung was determined to win, no matter what.

He was sitting on the large bed you shared with his back against the wall, and you were sitting between his legs, leaning against him, so it wasn’t too difficult for him to try to bother your gameplay by placing his controller on top of yours so that it was difficult for you to play, or do any other desperate actions.

“Come on, let me play,” you laughed and shoved Soonyoung’s hands away, and he laughed as he placed his controller a bit further on your lap, where it normally was.  

You were winning again, but with a small smirk spreading to his lips, Soonyoung decided that if it was up to him, it wouldn’t happen.

And so you felt shivers run down your spine when you felt his lips on your shoulder, bare due to the oversized shirt having fallen down again. Swallowing, you tried to appear unbothered. “Think that’ll distract me?”

Soonyoung chuckled, and a small smirk remained on his lips when he felt you stiffen a little when he sucked on your skin, all the while focusing on playing. “I’m trying.”

You would’ve been lying if you had said it didn’t distract you at all that your boyfriend was sucking on the skin of your shoulder and slowly making his way to your neck, where the skin would be even more sensitive. A gentle sigh left your lips when Soonyoung nibbled lightly on your neck, but you didn’t let it distract you from the game. Your voice was weaker than usual as you spoke. “You’re playing dirty.”

He hummed, his eyes locked on the TV and his fingers moving expertly on his controller no matter how much he was also distracting you: you found it particularly difficult to ignore when he blew lightly into your ears, which always made you shiver.

All in all it wasn’t that surprising that you were starting to get turned on little by little by what Soonyoung probably considered innocent teasing that would distract you from the game and let him win. However, no matter how much it was getting, you kept your mind on the prize, and even though he was breathing heavily right by your ear, you managed to win him again.

You turned around with a wide grin when “Winner: Y/N” appeared on the TV screen. “I won.”

Soonyoung huffed with a pout and put his controller down to rub his eyes. A small yawn left his lips; somehow he was a bit tired despite barely having done anything the whole day. “I’ll win you one day.”

“That day might still be far away,” you laughed and put your own controller away as well, and started to turn around before getting up enough to get yourself on Soonyoung’s lap. His hair was soft between your fingers as you stroked it. “How about we play something completely different?”

“I’m not sure if I’m following,” Soonyoung snickered, but you recognized the tiny hue of pink that appeared on his cheeks, and concluded that he was definitely following.

Either way, you leaned towards his ear to whisper. “You need to finish what you started, Kwon Soonyoung.”

At that, he chuckled and placed his hands on your hips, his eyes aimed at yours when you pulled back again. “You should know by now that I don’t tend to leave things unfinished.”

“I know, but you were playing clueless.” Your voice was quiet, and the further you got in your sentence the lower your eyes dropped, until you were eyeing his lips, incredibly tempted to kiss them.

Before you were able to act on it, however, Soonyoung had already leaned up to kiss you, and your lips curved into a smile when you kissed him back with just as much passion, your fingers still in his hair. You could feel his hands slowly moving up your sides, underneath the loose shirt you were wearing, and shivered as his cool fingers met your warm skin.

“You’re so warm,” Soonyoung hummed appreciatively as his hands traveled higher and higher, until his thumbs were slowly moving up the band of your bralette. A moan left your lips, muffled by his, when he had uncovered your breasts and cupped them, with your already erect nipples rubbing against his palms. He grinned. “Looks like I’ve found the warmest part.”

“You talk too much,” you said with an amused edge to your tone when you had pulled away from the kiss, already interrupted a few times by Soonyoung’s talking, and without much further ado took your shirt and bralette off. He looked at you intently, and once your top was bare, he grinned.

“I wasn’t expecting video games to turn into this,” he admitted and swallowed hard as his eyes focused on your breasts. “Not that I would be complaining.”

A grin similar to his earlier one spread to your lips, too, and you slowly slid your hand down to his crotch. Palming him through his sweatpants, you leaned to his ear again. “Oh, you better not complain.”

He chuckled, but it became a quiet, content moan when you continued palming him and eventually slid your hand into his pants to stroke him. Soonyoung’s hands were restless: they were initially on the bed on either side of him, but as you touched him, they moved first to your hips, then to your breasts, and ended up in your hair when he pulled you in for a needy kiss.

The kisses were, as one might guess, hungry. Soonyoung’s kisses had gotten you riled up earlier already, and with your hand stroking him steadily, knowing just the right ways to drive him crazy and your thumb sliding over the head of his length, he was turned on, too, and desperately needed more: more of your touch, and more of you in general. You couldn’t be close enough to him.

When Soonyoung was fully hard in your hand, he tugged at your hair lightly to break your kiss. You gave him a small smile, your mind clouded by your arousal that was only further fueled when he spoke up, his eyes practically burning with lust. “I need you.”

“I need you too,” you breathed, painfully aware of how wet you were at that point, and got off Soonyoung’s lap. Soon your shorts and panties were on the bed next to you, and while Soonyoung got rid of his shirt and pants, you turned off the TV, deciding that the music coming from the video game was, to say the least, lowering the mood.

Once he had gotten a condom from the drawer of his nightstand, Soonyoung gave you a small grin and wiggled his eyebrows in a way only he could make seem hot in such a situation. “C’mon, baby.”

Licking your lips, you didn’t waste your time in getting back on Soonyoung’s lap, although you didn’t quite sit down and instead stood on your knees with your arms around his neck. You sighed contently into the kiss you shared while one of his hands slid between your legs.

He chuckled, amused yet aroused when his fingers dipped between your outer lips. “I can’t believe you got this wet from jerking me off.”

“There was a lot going on,” you mumbled with a pout, moaning quietly when Soonyoung drew a few circles around your clit before easily sliding a digit into your wetness. “You know I like it when you touch my–”

“Breasts?” Soonyoung suggested knowingly, and soon his free hand was cupping your breast, which effectively had you moaning again, giving him his answer. He remained silent, and before you had even gotten to complain about him talking too much, he focused on fingering you, now with two digits, while sharing hungry kisses with you and massaging one of your breasts.

It wasn’t until you began desperately bucking against his fingers that he pulled them out and smiled at you when you pulled back a little.

“I don’t feel like moving yet,” he said almost innocently, which made you roll your eyes playfully while you reached for the condom.

You unwrapped it and put it on him while chuckling. “You’re lucky, because this is exactly what I was planning.

“Was it really?” Soonyoung teased and placed his hands on your hips when you took a hold of his length and moved it up and down your wet slit a few times before aligning it to your entrance when you had lowered yourself a little.

“Maybe,” you grinned and leaned down to kiss his neck: it muffled your moan conveniently when you began sinking down on his cock, loving how it stretched you, and only in a good way. Soonyoung’s hands tightened a little on your hips, and his mouth opened into a moan of his own as your tight heat encased him.

“Have I told you how amazing you feel?” he asked, sounding just as amazed as he did every time, with a smile audible in his voice.

“Only every single time,” you said with a giggle, and straightened your back. A smile remained on your lips even as you rolled your hips, biting down on your lower lip a little. “But knowing that makes me happy.”

Soonyoung’s lips curved into a smile, too, and you felt his hands slowly move to your ass. “Great.”

With a nod, you moved your hips back, only to move back forward, sighing at how good it felt. Soonyoung’s breath hitched the merest bit as you continued grinding on him like that, while his hands kneaded your ass every now and then. It only made moving more pleasurable for you, which soon made your sighs turn into quiet whimpers.

As good as it felt on both ends, he wanted more, and so, with his lips pressed to your neck, he whispered. “Bounce for me, baby.”

You were too desperate for just that to even chuckle at that point, and instead did exactly what he had said, as he put both of your desires into words. Rising and falling on his lap steadily, you found it more and more difficult to remain quiet; it felt simply too good.

Soonyoung took in each and every sound that left you, and took particular pleasure in feeling you get wetter and clench around him. Adding all that to how it felt to have you move on him, he was more or less in heaven, much like you. On occasion you managed to come down with an angle that gave your clit the friction it desired, and every time that happened your back arched a little.

Soonyoung’s cheeks were getting flushed and his hips had a hard time staying still, as all he wanted to do was buck up into you. However, the current situation, especially the position, were too good for him to give them up just yet, so he merely tugged at your hair lightly and pulled you into a kiss.

With your lips connected in sloppy, hungry kisses, Soonyoung began pushing you down every time you fell down on his lap. You moaned at that, feeling how your ass hit his thighs and how much better it felt to, in a way, ride him a bit harder.

For a while you continued like that, and it was only automatic how you began riding him faster, too, your kisses interrupted more and more frequently by your moans as he continued pushing you down hard, letting out a few grunts, too. Eventually you’d gotten enough, though, and broke away from Soonyoung.

Your eyes were hooded as you looked at his puffy lips, your chest heaving faster than usual from the strain of riding him. “Could you fuck me?”

The neediness sugarcoated with sweetness in your voice almost made Soonyoung growl as he put one hand under your left thigh and the other behind your back before maneuvering so that he could lay you down. “Is that even a question?”

You were about to sigh contently when your back met the mattress, but felt something poking uncomfortably on your shoulder. Soonyoung noticed what it was, and with a snicker, moved the controller he had been playing with further away. “Sorry about that.”

Rolling your eyes good-humoredly, you shook your head and wrapped your arms around Soonyoung’s neck while your legs wrapped themselves around his waist. “Whatever, just– please.”

He gave you a serious nod, and after giving you a long, sensual kiss, began ramming into you. Your fingers threaded into his hair that you gripped tighter than you had intended to as moans began slipping through your lips from the power at which Soonyoung was thrusting into you, hitting each and every sensitive spot inside of you.

All in all he was, like he had promised, finishing what he had started, and you could already tell you would end feeling incredibly sated afterwards, like you always did. It had already been quite a while since you had first discovered what a blessing it was, especially when it came to sex, to be dating a dancer; Soonyoung knew full well what he was doing with his hips, and oh boy did it show.

His hips met yours in one delicious, deep thrust after another, and the wet sounds caused by it only made it all so much lewder. You could feel your orgasm nearing, and with your lips still somewhat locked with Soonyoung’s, got one hand off his hair and slid it down to your pussy, where your fingers were met with wetness, Soonyoung pushing into you and your sensitive, swollen clit.

“S-so good,” you nearly choked out, your breath hitching momentarily when you pressed two fingers against your clit, and as you began massaging it, your back arched and your legs tightened around Soonyoung. He moaned when he felt you clamping down on his cock, which brought his orgasm a whole lot closer, too.

“Y/N,” he mumbled against your lips and broke the kiss to hide his face in your shoulder, his hips desperately ramming into you as he chased both of your orgasms.

Soonyoung was the first to come, his hips stuttering to a stop for the moment he released into the condom, and it was with that deep thrust of his accompanied by the fast circles you were rubbing into your clit that you came with a mewl.

You both shivered from the intensity of your orgasms, and for a moment it felt like there was absolutely no sound in the world, and even Soonyoung slowly pulling out of you and lying down next to you felt surreal.

He took the condom off carefully and tied the end, after which he threw it to the bin by the bed. You caught your breath, almost amused by the pulsating you could still feel between your legs, and slowly turned to look at Soonyoung.

“I think we both needed that,” you said a bit weakly before moving closer to him for some cuddles.

Soonyoung’s lips curved as he nodded, and for a while you just lay there, with you drawing figures on his bare chest and him playing with your hair. He chuckled, and you hummed in question. “I didn’t win you in the video game, but it looks like I’ve still got it.”

“What do you mean?” you asked, amused, and looked at him with an incredulous smile, your eyebrows in a small frown from the confusion.

“I got you turned on,” he said the slightest bit smugly and laughed loudly when you hit his chest playfully. “It’s a great success, Y/N!”

Shaking your head, you rested your head on Soonyoung’s chest with a serene smile playing on your lips. “You say it like it’s difficult for you.”

“It’s not, really, but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t be proud about it,” he laughed and hugged you close.

You cuddled for some time, until you started feeling too sticky and uncomfortable, after which you had a warm shower and put some pajamas on.

Once you were back in the bedroom, having stayed after Soonyoung to dry your hair a little, you were met with Soonyoung, looking at you expectantly with a controller in his hands. “Are you ready to lose?”

“Are you?” you asked with a grin and joined him on the bed, grabbing your own controller on your way.

Unsurprisingly, Soonyoung lost again, and you kissed his small pout away each time, no matter how well you knew he wasn’t actually disappointed. For him it wasn’t about winning as much as it was having fun with you, after all.

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this is not inspired by the fact that hinata has the same crazy hairstyle as midoriya or bakugou has kageyama’s temper early on what no what’re you talking about


Notes about the AU:

  • All of them go to UA, but are in different classes.
  • To mix things up a lil’ though, the classes are organized by grade. Yep, that’s right: whether they’re from Nekoma, Aoba Johsai, Fukurodani or Karasuno, whatever grade they’re in is where they’ll be!
  • I’ll do asks about this too, so hit me up with a scenario or whatever!

Class 1-A:

Quirk: Blink – Can teleport any short distance, regardless of what’s blocking it. However, this is limited to approximately a 10 meter radius, and it feels like a 50 meter sprint each time. (Hinata, though, still has enough energy to do this). HOWEVER, since Hinata sucks at using his power efficiently, the only thing he can actually do with consistency is go the full 10m directly ahead of himself.

Quirk: Sharpshot – Anything he throws/shoots is guaranteed to be accurate, regardless of location or distance, but it can still be blocked easily. He and Hinata work together a lot, but there’s a huge trust bond between the two.

Quirk: Influence – Has the ability to say the right thing at the right time to make someone feel anything he emotionally wants. Usually uses it to piss people off, obviously.
Flaw of the power comes in when he and Yamaguchi first met, as Yamaguchi was getting bullied. He only calculated the effects it’d have on the bullies, and didn’t expect it to have an effect on Yamaguchi, who felt that Tsukishima was very cool. Same thing can happen during battle, where if he provokes an enemy to dissuade them, it might help another become enraged and an even bigger threat.

Quirk: Upgrade – Can enhance the potential of anyone else’s quirk. Except, of course, his own. Since his power can’t be used for himself, he’s basically useless on his own which caused him to get bullied a lot early on (see Tsukishima for more ^^). Has considered switching to a support class, but wants to be a hero, too.

Quirk: Infographic - Can create projections with her eyes. Although they’re just holograms and VERY distinguishable from reality, they relay information well and can replicate exact scenarios.

Class 2-C:

Quirk: Inflate – Can enlarge any specific part of his body up to 5x the normal size (ie. Hands, entire body, etc.) The weight of it doesn’t change much, but any damage dealt to the body will also shrink when it returns to normal size, making him good at protecting things.

Quirk: Endurance – Any attack he takes can be returned back with double the power. Of course, this requires him to take quite a few hits.

Quirk: Wikipedia – He can think of three questions every day and get the absolute answer—according to the top three results from the internet. (ie. he thinks, ‘How to get people to stop talking to you’, and a wikiHow page will come up in his mind as though he’s read it, even if he hasn’t.)

Quirk: Future Vision - Allows him to see the future, but only the future that occurs if he doesn’t do anything. 

Class 3-B

Quirk: Knowing the truth – Allows him to hear the truth, even if someone is speaking a lie. Because of this, he can’t hear the lies that people say, which is a problem.

Quirk: Restrain – By touching someone anywhere, he can completely restrict their movements. It only lasts for as long as he touches them too, though. Used to control Nishinoya/Tanaka… more rambunctious juniors he knows 

Quirk: Shrink – Imagine something like Ant-Man. Can make himself super small, but still have his regular strength. He usually doesn’t use his power for fighting purposes, and instead tries infiltrating/escaping this way (until he has to rise to the cause and bring out the real hero in him)

Quirk: Afterimage – Leaves an afterimage of herself after quick movements. Also gives her a second of boosted speed. You can bet she uses this when certain guys try to tackle her with ‘affection’.

Quirk: fabulousness Charm - Can attract the attention of anyone within eyesight of him. However, his quirk doesn’t work on blind enemies, and it also works on his own teammates. This also makes him the target of enemy attacks usually too, of course, so most of his training is dedicated to actual physical combat. 

Quirk:Sound Waves – Has the ability to manipulate sound waves, being able to replicate someone’s voice or even erase the sound waves of a living/non-living object. Great for getting Oikawa to shut up. When he fights with Oikawa, they’ve had a long enough history for Iwaizumi to know when Oikawa will use his power, so he can close his eyes and influence his enemy to believe that they’re elsewhere. Together, they can shut down the enemy’s sight and sound.

Quirk: Flight – Constantly has wings that look like a great horned owl. Obviously, enables him to fly. Also obviously, it’s kind of hard to hide human-sized owl wings. Also sucks ass in small spaces.

Quirk: Cat – Can turn himself into a cat and back, gaining all cat-like traits. Drawback is that if he stays in cat form too long, his actions as a human begin to mimic that of a cat’s instincts for quite a bit of time until he returns completely to normal. He can use his quirk for many things, but a simpler one is gaining information by pretending to be a simple alley cat. 

Quirk: Invulnerability – For four (almost five now) minutes, Ushijima can become completely invulnerable to anything. Even fatigue or muscle strain. However, it takes half an hour to recharge the ability.

my freshman advice

1. be nice to the janitors. say hi when you pass them, ask them how their day is going, and clean up your stuff. if the janitors are on your side you will be able to pull off so many shenanigans 

2. thank the lunchroom staff, even the mean ones. they have to deal with rude and entitled kids all day and they make about minimum wage

3. there will be teachers who don’t like you and that’s okay. there will be more people like that in life. just show them you put in effort to your work and earn their respect

4. befriend the school nurse. seriously, if she/he likes you, nap time can be any time.

5. if you show your teachers that you’re responsible in the beginning, you can get away with even more shenanigans. seriously. 5 minute bathroom breaks, bring a pass back from the nurse, whatever. later on they’ll deem you trustworthy when you need a break from their class or have an excuse about your homework.

6. but for real, do your homework as soon as you can after you get it. study hall, right after school, whatever. you will be sooooo glad.

7. one thing i really regret about my high school experience is i never consistently stayed with one club or sport. i did track my freshman year but was bad at it so i quit, rather than staying and trying to improve myself. i stopped going to guitar club because i was so lazy. i highly recommend sticking with at least one activity, it doesn’t matter whether you’re good or not!

8. if you have a teacher that offers something after school, go. my english teacher senior year held movie screenings once in a while after school. not a lot of people went, but it’s a great way to get more personal with your teachers, which has huge advantages.

9. find something that empowers you. it can be anything. for me, i discovered the 90′s feminist punk movement Riot Grrrl. It got me over my shyness and I wasn’t afraid to say “fuck you” to anyone who bullied me. your empowering thing can be anything- a band, sport, hobby, whatever works!

10. don’t send nudes to that boy please. while i’m all for female empowerment, one of you is 99% likely to be underage if you’re in high school, and there’s no telling who he’ll show them to (even on snapchat). high school kids are dumb.

11. don’t date/hook up with the senior who’s hitting on you. there’s a reason why they’re hitting on a freshman and not people their own age

12. you don’t need a s/o. i know it seems like everyone is dating someone, but i know plenty of people who never had a s/o in high school and they’re perfectly happy! it’s not very important, if it happens, it happens!

13. people may offer you drugs. it’s ultimately up to you if you say yes or no. in my experience, people really don’t care if you turn them down. it’s more drugs for them lmao.

if you get offered hard drugs, though, stay away from those people. 

14. listen to whatever music you like unapologetically. listen to other people’s music suggestions, too. that’s how i found one of my all-time favorite artists. 

15. take electives you wouldn’t normally take. try art, science, history, home ec electives. it’s really cool to broaden your horizons. 

16. try and be nice to everyone. say hi to people in the hallway, even if you don’t really know them. it’s good to get people on your side. in high school i developed a huge us vs. them mindset because of bad experiences with jocks, but honestly, i regret having that mindset. it caused me to isolate myself and hate people i didn’t even know. 

17. school events aren’t always terrible. i went to maybe 2 football games even though i despised the football team, and they ended up being pretty fun. (no one really cares about the actual game)

prom is cheesy as fuck but it’s a nice formality. don’t even worry about having a date, plenty of people go by themselves or with friends and have an amazing time.

i never went to any homecoming dances or anything. but if you wanna go, do it!

18. you don’t really need a yearbook until your senior year. they’re expensive as fuck and for 2-3 years they’ll just be huge books of people you don’t know.

19. stand up for what you believe in, even if no one else agrees. 

20. you might not know what you want to do later in life for all of high school, and that’s okay.

feel free to add!


If you were forced to destroy one of the Harry Potter movies for ever, which one would it be?

“Actually, that’s quite easy: number four, Goblet of Fire. Nothing to do with the film, really. It’s a hair thing again – it’s just because of how my hair looks in it. It’s terrible. I’ve got no recollection of my hair ever looking like that.” (2016)

For quite a while, you’ve had longer hair than usual. What motivated you to change your look?

“After Prisoner of Azkaban shooting, I was simply too lazy to go hairdresser. When the producers saw my new cut, they demanded that I keep it for Goblet of Fire. They thought that it was similar to Ron’s personality. This decision is fine with me, since I never was fond of cutting my hair!” (2005)

Talking of mad hair, you once said that you weren’t allowed control of your own hair during the Harry Potter series. Did you make up for it afterwards?

“Not really, no. Hang on – actually, yeah! One time. I let my mum cut my hair after the last Harry Potter film. She kind of dabbles in hairdressing. And it ended up being a total nightmare. She just kept trying to make it even and symmetrical but, in doing that, she kind of cut all my hair into a really weird shape. Ever since then, I’ve had a fear of scissors.” (2014)


Mystic Messenger x Cheese in the Trap Crossover

I (horribly) attempted to try and draw MM characters in one of my favorite art styles, which is Soonkki’s, who created the webtoon: Cheese in the Trap. I’m very influenced by their style, especially with how I draw eyes and expressions. So yeah, when I was playing through Zen and Jumin’s route, I can’t help but see some parallels between some MM characters and CiTT, so I’ve been wanting to try and draw them in Soonkki’s style for a while… but I kind of… butchered it lmao.

BTS Reaction to Their Partner Having Lots of Tattoos.

Request: Hello, Rain! Can I request BTS reaction seeing their s\o tattoos (lots of them/or really big ones like full-sleeve) for the first time? Thank you! @kainblackfox

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Kim Seokjin: (He looks like a baby chick here)

      Seokjin had started dating his partner in the autumn, so he had only ever saw them with long sleeves or sweaters on. So when Spring finally came around it was a bit of a shock to see them with a full sleeve of tattoos. Even though Seokjin is very confident in his own looks, I don’t think he would be very judgemental of other’s looks or whatever they decide to do with their body. I think his main concern would be his partner being happy in their own body, so if their tattoos did that he would be very open and even praising towards them.

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Min Yoongi: (excited baby panda.)

    While Yoongi was away on tour his partner decided to get a mural of all their loved one’s favorite flowers tattooed onto their back. One day they would be hanging out with Yoongi, and decide to change into their pajamas to just spend a lazy day inside revealing the mural. I think Yoongi would be surprised, but only because they had not had it the last time he saw them, and wasn’t notified that they were getting one. He would honestly not really care if his partner got tattoos, it was their bodies after all, but would probably find the sentiment of the mural pretty sweet. “When did you get that?”

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Jung Hoseok: (his smile is so cute mah heart)

     Let’s just say Hobi would probably make a big deal out of it. This does not necessarily mean it is a bad reaction, it is just well… a reaction. He would probably ask you a bunch of questions. Did it hurt? How long did it take? Why there? What does it mean? He would do that with every single tattoo until he found out the story behind every single one of them. He then would probably go around bragging to everyone about how brave his significant other is.

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Kim Namjoon: (he goes from cool to cute in seconds, wow)

    Namjoon would know that his partner had a love for tattoos before they even got together. He knew it was their dream to fill up their body with beautiful art. So he would not have had much of an initial reaction, but after getting to know them he’d probably research the meaning of some of their tattoos and inform them about it. He would probably even help them research for new ideas.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Park Jimin: (look at that fond smile… also I know it’s at Taehyung so like my vmin heart)

     I think Jimin would be like Hobi, and want to know the story behind all of their tattoos. I think he would find it amazing how body art like this could be as meaningful, as say a song he would write or a dance he would perform. I think Jimin would appreciate arts in all forms, that including all of his partner’s tattoos. I do think he would drop hints that he wanted you to get one for him though.

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Kim Taehyung: (he’s a goofball)
      Taehyung upon noticing all his partners tattoos would probably question how many they had, and if they did not know how many he would probably start counting himself. He would probably find all their tattoos amazing, because anything that was a part of his significant other was automatically beautiful and the best thing in the world, to be honest.

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Jeon Jungkook: (here he comes to wreck your life)

     Jungkook would find his partner’s tattoos cool. Like this boy would get so excited when seeing all of them. They basically just earned themselves a little fanboy. I think much like Hobi he would ask a bunch of questions about them. They probably would inspire him to get tattoos of his own, but he probably would want them to come with him… just to see him get it. Totally not to hold his hand.  

A leader has to rule.

Paring: Negan x Reader.

Warnings: Some injuries mentioned?, Language and angst.

P.S: I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I think it ran out of my initial idea. I use as the base some things that happened on the show, and I inclement some things to add more… idk, “meaning”.I hope you guys like it. And I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Xoxo L.

Word Count: 3099

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Negan enters in his room after killing the doctor, “it has to be done” he thought. He sat on the couch and stare into space “how things went through this? Why Sherry left? And why they had to free Daryl? I was almost making him crack under my hands. Fuck it” he thinks while he got up and went to get a cup of whiskey.


Was a pretty day today, after a while being here in Sanctuary and getting to understand all the point system (not that I worked with it, I’m one of Negan wives after all so I don’t need to move a muscle, but I don’t want to get lazy with my ass doing nothing all day just drinking and eventually having sex with Negan). I got to know that Negan was pretty smart about all that. How he makes the Saviors work and how he get everyone around here to work and to fear him.

Going back inside while I had a little escape getting the top of the trees to think about how my life got to that point. I went to the infirmary to find no one there, and after walking through the huge place I found Eugene, being honest I hated the guy, never understand why Abbe and Rosita kept him alive since the only thing he does is complain and cry all the time. I honestly always wanted to shot him in the fucking face. I mean we always fight, and since he got into the group we just protected him, my group.. well, ex-group, don’t need that weight on our shoulders. Not more than we already had.

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anonymous asked:

Concept: being kept by a big lazy pred as a little pet to clean his teeth after every meal. Basically involves him sitting with his maw open and the pet sitting his tongue and scrubbing all his big pointy teeth while he drools over you and occasionally burps. He might just decide to eat you one day and get a new teeth cleaner.

Sounds like a better job than what I got…

HHH.. god, minus the bad breath, PLEASE GEEV!! I fuckin volunteer!!

I just had one of those VERY long, but also VERY good days! Actually, it started yesterday morning with my godfather’s birthday, but I couldn’t sleep after I got home and today I met a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We got some stuff done we’ve both been avoiding… It wasn’t even anything big (she wanted to check prices for a cell phone on a store and I needed to close an old bank account I don’t use anymore), but I’ve been avoiding this out of pure laziness and just… eh for so long. It feels so good to get something done? Even if it’s this small! It’s one item I can take off the list! And doing it with friends is always better than doing it alone!

When I start thinking about all the small things I’ve been avoiding, I freeze and it crushes me. It feels like it’s all so much and it’ll never be done, but if I try to think and approach it slowly, one by one, it feels great! I know it, but the more my energy fades away, the harder it to remember this sometimes. I’ll try to remember this from now on.

Ahhhh I’m sorry I’m rambling. It’s just been a good day for the first time in a while so I’m just gfjkdkd I’m happy and a bit relieved. I didn’t sleep in almost 36 hours and I didn’t eat much today, but I feel like I could run a marathon, write a book and dance all night long??? For some reason the more I stay awake, I feel even more full of energy? I’ve always been like that and I actually like this feeling, I like knowning I can do things without feeling tired and sleepy 24/7, BUT I know I have to take care of myself now ~

I’ll find something to eat, take a warm shower and try to get as much rest as I can! I might watch Fullmetal Alchemist a bit more before I go to sleep, though ~ I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP, but I know I can’t keep myself at this point ;a;

Nature Spirits AU – First meetings

(Onho / 2min / Minkey / Jongho) 

☁️ Kibum visits Min’s Island with Tae one time because Tae has a friend???
☁️He loves all the flowers Minho grows so he visits often
☁️50% of the time is nice and sends nice warm winds and 50% of time is Bothered and sends cold winds just to ruffle Min’s leaves
☁️Highkey in love with Minho but won’t say it (and literally blows away anyone who tries to tell Minho). Purposely calls everyone babe so that he doesn’t accidentally proclaim his love.

(fic under cut)

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Cutest Shit a Male from each Sign had ever done for Me
  • Aries: He ain't a crush of mine but he had a crush on me, and he's the school's unstoppable valedictorian. I don't study, yep, I know, not very Capricornish, but this Aries guy is such a fucking amazing friend that he never ever fails to help me in my cramming. If I don't understand no shit at classes, he's never ever that person who'd tell me to ask someone else for free lessons. He'd always write down notes and equations as simplified as he can. Tbh, I would have never graduated high school if it wasn't for his huge ass help.
  • Taurus: I had a long-standing crush on this guy back at high school. So one break time, I asked if he can treat and run me water cos I was feeling lazy to go out of the room. Then he said no give me money to buy a bottle, so I went back to the room to rob anyone some coins then when I went back to the door, he's gone. So I asked another guy to buy me water and he said okay cool. Then after some while, boy #2 got my water and he gave it to me, with Taurus boy behind him holding a bottle of water. I saw 'wtf' on his face and I told him "NO NO GIVE ME THAT WATER I WILL DRINK AND EMPTY IT FIRST IM SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WONT BUY ME WATER".
  • Gemini: I've an on-and-off crush with this guy, only met him online and we've never seen each other yet. But, some years ago (I screen capped and still treasure this shit cos it's too good), he sent me a late night message telling me how he's appreciative of knowing me. And that I should know that even if he's a total wreck, he'd always listen to me if I need someone to rant to, and he still cares a lot about me and he doesn't wanna lose me and i should take care more of myself.
  • Cancer: We're not close but he's a friend of mine, he's the director of my dance cover group. One night we all had a sleep over with booze and all and he's the first one to crack open. He did a long speech, and parts of his presidential two hour speech are about how I'm a dangerous coral reef that no one should ever cross with because it's gonna be bloody, but on the other hand, I also have a brilliant smile, something like that.
  • Leo: Oh my goodness yesss this guy, younger than me, friend of a friend. Almost all of his friends knew that he has a massive crush on me and I also knew that. My last prom was coming near and after school he walked towards me with a tray of cupcakes with letters on top, so if you put them all together, the cupcake said "Will you be my prom date?" and I jump and said fuck yeah, anyone who's brave enough to ask me for the prom with food will get my yes. Wanna know what happened? First dance of prom didn't happen as the students hoped for but I immediately grabbed him out of his chair and danced with him.
  • Virgo: HAHAHAHA THIS FUCKER okay so around my first week at my new high school (I arrived like third quarter, I know, weird but uninhibited yass), I was walking on a path walk when him and his best friend came up to me with him holding a struggling dragonfly right in front of my face and I was like df are you doing? Then he said you're not afraid of dragonflies? I said nope. He got puzzled lol ahahaha and then after that incident, he started casually calling me Snow White because of my hair and my pale face.
  • Libra: Aw shucks, Librans are the nicest people this known fact makes me cry every time. Anyway. There's this guy, past schoolmate, his house is near the train station near the school. When me and my siblings had to start using public transportation, he'd always offer to tag along with him and basically my other male friends as we all walk to the metro (and him to his house) cos there were so many nasty minded men along that area. I have a younger sister and she really likes this Libran guy. He's also very soft spoken.
  • Scorpio: I have so many fucking broken tales about me falling for Scorpio ALL THE FUCKING TIME. But lemme tell you my fave one: This guy, song of a family friend, I had so much feelings for him and his mom was really rooting for me to be with her Scorpio son even if her son already has a girlfriend. So Anyway, he's generally a nice guy. He made my heart crazy for lots of things. But there was one time that he was at our apartment and we invited him for a game of scrabble but he looked at me saying he doesn't wanna play with me because he knows that I'm a writer and will try getting an English major and that he'll just lose, so he won't play with me. Too bad I never really stood a chance with this guy ayayayay.
  • Sagittarius: OMG OFMG THIS HAS TO ME MY CURRENT FAVE so I've met this guy through an app again (21st century romance man) then we both know we like each other but it was so fucking hard for me because he's Korean with no English and I'm still trying to improve my Korean so anyway, we got to the point where I ask about his height, he said he's 180 or 180+. Then he asked me about mine. I said idk i haven't checked in a long while but i'm small and petite, around 155 cm. And then he went on saying "What? Are you a fairy?" and Ifs2g I broke even with my cheeks so red and my limbs all flailing around like that is the best way to subtly insult slash tease a girl about her lack in height.
  • Capricorn: HAHAHAHAHA okay so I went on two dates with this guy cos I had a delusional crush on him and them after a prom, he started developing a crush on my as well. Basically, things didn't end up so well, but lemme tell you this: he is one very supportive guy. He did lots of cute things like 1. that merge camping at our school (he was my senior) when he made me sushi (but it didn't end up to me cos of misunderstanding) or 2. when he tried learning this Korean song that I like with his guitar. But I guess, the cutest thing he've done was he gathered his friends in a train station to witness him asking me to be his girlfriend. Curious what happened next? I didn't show up.
  • Aquarius: I noticed that the Aquarians I know are not afraid of gore and blood and horror and everything between these things. There's this one guy that I had a short mutual crush with, younger than me, and every time that I can't finish reading web horror mangas, I'd always ask him to finish the manga for me and tell me what happen next so at least I sort of finish the story as well. I always start reading scary shit, already knowing I can't do scary shit, then I run to him on pm for help lol. We'd always talk after midnight with all these scary topics but in the end, I was the sissy chicken.
  • Pisces: My previous and only ex is a Pisces. And in the span of time we were together, he did make a handful of cute shit. But what always come to my mind whenever I think of any good things we had was that, even if we literally live on both ends of the land, he will always travel back and forth just to go to my city. He would always do everything to go and spend as much time as he can with me. He always ended up using so much money to use a taxi to get home cos he'd always miss the train. It's really cute of him that he really showed how much he loved my company that much.<p/></p>
Business (M - Yoongi)

*I kinda want this lol*

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Word Count: 1760 words

You were lying down on the sofa, lazily watching TV. Your husband still wasn’t home, working at a large law firm. He usually had a lot of meetings, some of which are surprise meeting that left you without a husband until 12am.

You sighed in relief when you heard your door open and he immediately called you.

“Babe?!” He walked in, his suit still looking fresh as if he just put it on. You loved that suit, he’s pretty damn sexy in business attire.

“Yes, Yoongi?”

“You made it.” You stare at him in disbelief, he couldn’t be serious.


“Are you trying to make me deaf? I said you got the job, Y/N.” You sat up, letting him sit next to you.

“Oh my freaking God.”

“You start on Friday, I can’t wait. But let’s set some ground rules.” You almost groan, sometimes he was more like your parents than your husband.

“Yoongi, I’m not a defiant teenager, I’m grown.”

“But that doesn’t change the fact that the guys at my-I mean our-company aren’t thirsty douchebags. Don’t dare try to trust one, no matter how nice he may seem.”

“Yoongi, you sound absolute crazy. Like one of those crazy men that you see when you’re hiking and tries to tell you that there’s some crazy murderer.”

“Well in horror movies, who’s usually right in the end?”

“Yoongi, most of the time it’s either the crazy man who kills them or everyone dies.”

“You don’t watch enough horror movies, then.”

“I think I’ve watched one too many.” You were definitely scared of horror movies, being the easily frightened type and you thought Yoongi loved that about you.

He loved to scare you, that is. You weren’t sure whether he scares you so you could cling onto his body or he enjoyed your scared reaction to his little scared that he sets up.

Either way, you wanted them to end but you knew that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

“The fact of the matter is, you’re my wife and I’m willing to kick any guy’s ass for trying to flirt with you.”

“They’re not going to flirt with me, Yoongi.”

“They’ll think your ring is just an accessory. Guys think with their lower head, not the one up here.”

“And what makes you so different?”

“I’m a genius, babe. I think with both, speaking of which. My lower head had some thoughts, care to hear them?”

“Of course.” He leaned in to kiss you, his tongue licking your lips before exploring your mouth. He was on top of you easily, taking his usual dominant position.

It wasn’t long before you were bouncing on him, screaming his name so long you were sure the neighbours on your street knew his name. He only encouraged you to be louder, thrusting his hips into yours and you press your hand against his chest.

Climaxing came soon after, resulting in you cuddling up to Yoongi. He kissed your head, mumbling about how much he loved you before drifting asleep.

“Wake. Up.”

“5 more minutes.”

“That’s what you said 10 minutes ago.”

“I promise.”

“Babe, it’s your first day and we’re going to be late. Get your cute ass up.”

“Yah! Did you just spank me?”

“You didn’t mind when I did it last night.”


“Come on.” You got up, feeling extremely lazy while doing simple tasks and Yoongi watched in annoyance. He rushed you to the car after eating and you were also annoyed.

“Hey, Princess. Pick up the pace, will ya?”

“You’re so insensitive.”

“I should have left you, then. You wouldn’t want to be with someone so insensitive, right?”

“Were you always this much of a dick or did I not notice?”

“Wow, haven’t heard that one in a long time. So glad you’ve brought that back, baby. If I knew you were going to turn this bitchy, I could have spared myself the oxygen.”

“Honestly, go fuck yourself.”

“Gladly.” You arrived at the building, the tall structure covered in glass never failed to intimidate you. You felt jittery, all these sudden nerves infesting your mind.


“Is that you, Min?”

“Namjoon, of course it’s me. Who else could it be?”

“Confident as always and who’s this pretty lady?”

“None of your business, Kim.”

“Alright but we need to rush. There’s a meeting today again, Min.”

“Shit.” He looked to you, seeing you were still upset with him and shot you a sympathetic look.

“I know, okay but I’ll see you for lunch. Promise.”


“That’s my girl.” He kissed you quickly before parting ways with you, leaving you to navigate around the building. You absentmindedly walked into someone, causing them to drop all their sheets.

“Goddamn it.”


“Oh-hey, are you new around here?”

“Yeah, I just started today.” He looked kind, not giving off the douchebag vibe Yoongi wanted you to expect. Maybe you were right about him being delusional.

“No wonder you looked so lost, haha. Do you need a tour guide, I’ll lend you my services. Free of charge.”

“What’s the catch?”

“One lunch with me, unfortunately.”

“I think I could manage that.” He smiled at you cutely and you ended up smiling back.

“I’m Jimin, by the way.”


“Wow, everything about you is beautiful. Even your name.” Was he flirting with you?


“Now, let’s start this tour.” He explained where everything was, the dynamic of each section and where you were supposed to be. You were in the IT part of the building, making sure the system was up and running on every computer.

“Pretty with a smart brain. Aren’t you little miss perfect?”

“Jimin, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“I guess this concludes our tour, but now it’s onto lunch. Come on.” You followed him to the cafeteria, your eyes wandering to the seemingly endless food choices.

You settled for chicken parmesan, not letting your indecisiveness get the better of you. You two went up to the rooftop, eating happily. His thighs brushed against yours but you thought it was unconsciously, just letting go.

“You know, you’re really pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“I want you to show me how thankful you really are.” His hand was on your thigh now, caressing it and you pushed it off.

“I’m not that thankful.”

“Now, Y/N, don’t be shy. I promise I won’t bite too hard. Wouldn’t want to leave a hickey on this perfect skin of yours.”

“Stop, J-Jimin.” He leaned in, you closing your eyes to hope he would back but you felt a sudden breeze and a loud thud.


“Fucking asshole. Trying to pull moves on my wife, dickwad?”

“You’re married?”

“Her ring is not a goddamn decoration, if that’s what you thought dipshit.”

“Yoongi-” He just grabbed your wrist, pulling you along until you were in the room where all previous cases and records are. He locked the door, pushing you in first and you backed up.

“I was mad, okay and forgot that we were supposed to have lunch.”

“Didn’t I warn you, babe? The nice guys are still douchebags and he put his filthy hand on you. I should have made him bleed.”


“Don’t bother. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll lose your goddamn voice.” He growled and kissed you harshly. The metal bars of the shelves pressed into your back and he pushed you back further. You cry out from that, your back hurting for the bar being wedged in.


“You like it when his thigh touched yours, didn’t you?”


“It turned you on knowing someone else wanted to touch you, you dirty little girl.”


“Don’t even try to lie to me, babe. I know you.” He pushed up your skirt, revealing the garter belt you were wearing. Your lace panties looked amazing against the see through garter and he didn’t hesitate to tear off your panties.


“Look at how fucking wet you are.” He swiped your pussy, showing you his fingers glistening in your juices and you had to bite your lip.

He slid two fingers inside you, telling you just how tight you were. He nibbled on your ear while you moaned his name. It excited him more, knowing that nobody could hear their name being moaned by you like his name was.

There was nobody that made you soak your panties faster than him, and he fucking loved that. He unbuttoned your blouse and lifted your bra over your chest, revealing your breasts.

“Are you really that horny? With your pretty little nipples all hard for me.” His free hand twisted and pinched your nipple, getting a rise out of you.


“You like that?”

“Y-Yes.” He smirked, repeating the process alongside fingering you. He started kissing your neck, not caring about where his hickey was and it was a bruise on your skin. He left some more on your breasts and collarbone before pulling away.


“Fuck.” He pulled his fingers out of you, licking up every drop of you off his fingers and pushing you against the copier in the room.


“Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please give me y-your thick cock, I need i-it.” The tip teased your clit while you begged and he complied with your request.


“N-Nghh.” He entered you from behind, your back arched and his hand on your hips. You moaned louder, he always had the ability to make you scream on top of your lungs. He didn’t go as fast as he usually did, not wanting to alert anyone of what was going on in there.


“How could you be so naughty, babe?”

“F-Fuck.” He slapped your ass on every syllable, adding more pleasure to your body. He held you by your hips, sometimes stopping so you could feel all of him inside you.


“Shit, babe.”

“Please..I want to c-cum.” He didn’t say anything but, his actions spoke for him. You felt him thrust deeper, wanting you to feel the tip of his cock pushing against your g-spot. His fingers also found your clit, playing with it in hopes to sending you over the edge.

You came, your legs shaking while it occurred and he came as well with the clenching of your walls around him. He pulled out, pulling the condom off him and hiding it in the garbage.

“This is only your first day, baby.”

~Admin Blake

A Little Something About Gestures (Part 3)

Here it is, the long awaited part 3! I’ve decided this is going to be the last part to this little story. I hope you all liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2I highly recommend reading them, otherwise the end won’t make sense. 


I hadn’t planned out an elaborate proposal. We were a couple made up of simple gestures and passionate moments; both of those in one night sounded like a perfect evening to me. I kept the ring in the drawer in the bedside table and it was practically burning a hole through the wood that was concealing it.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a while now.”

“That’s basically the same line you used when you asked me to be your girlfriend.” She smiled, reminiscing back to the night that her life infinitely changed for the better.

“I know. And it worked then so I’m hoping it works now.” I looked at her with such admiration and I could only hope she was feeling everything I was trying to give. “Do you… do you wanna marry me? I mean, I know we’ve had the relationship title for two years but we haven’t been together the whole two years. There’s a lot of time that we, I, have to make up for and I promise I will. I just… You’re it, end game for me. We’ve only talked a bit about having kids and what a proper future would like for us, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: you’ve always been a constant in my life. Once I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said yes, I had no doubt whatsoever that I’d ask you to marry me.”

She was crying and this time my brain wasn’t screaming at me because I’d ruined everything. I rolled over to the table, pulling the ring out of the drawer and rolling back so I was facing her. I played with the box in my hands, just trying to think of what else I needed to say.

“As long as I can remember, ever since we were kids, I knew I’d do whatever I could do keep you in my life. I didn’t know when I was eight that I was gonna marry you,” I chuckled, “but by the time I was eighteen I knew that I wanted to. I want to do life with you. I want to wake up to your bedhead  and lazy snores, I want you to come home to your favorite meal on the table because I slaved over the stove for a day.” Through the tears, she smiled at me and cupped her hand on my cheek. “I want to do whatever I can to make your life lighter and brighter. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else and nothing about us feels wrong. It’s right, it’s always been right.” I paused, opening the ring box. “So what do you say, Petal? Do you wanna do life with me?”

We had the perfect wedding; it was something out of a fairytale. Nothing that could’ve gone wrong did; the unpredictable English weather held off its antics just for our day, loved ones that were asked to join made an appearance, and no one was left at the altar.

Our honeymoon couldn’t have been more romantic if either of us had tried. We took a two week cruise on the Mediterranean, docking in some of the most breathtaking places in the world: France, Italy, and Spain. What better way to start life with your spouse than in the destinations where love flourished? We ate mouthwatering food and perfectly aged wine; we explored each place, making the most out of the little boutiques and hidden treasures along the cobblestone paths; we consummated our marriage, more than once, in a gorgeous, private suite that overlooked the sea.

We did our best to make sure the honeymoon phase was more than just a phase. We had to make some adjustments as reality began to set back in, but the wedded bliss that consumed us only remained. Each day I was lucky enough to wake up with her by my side, her hair fanning around her pillow and my arms wrapped around her. She made me tea in the morning, just how I liked it, and I made her waffles with fresh blueberries and strawberries decorating the top, just how she liked it. She always gave me a kiss good morning, not caring whether I had morning breath or toothpaste covered lips.

People, males - more often than not, made the joke that now that they were married, they were trapped. Why they felt the need to make insensitive remarks was beyond me but they couldn’t have been more wrong. She made life worth so much more. I didn’t detest dreary mornings; she’d always snuggle me a little bit closer. If I had a tough day ahead of me, she offered the utmost encouragement and reassured me that was only a text or a call away if things got to be too heavy.

She made me feel like I was worth so much more than what I could give. I wasn’t always the best at showing emotions; a lot of times I shuffled matters under the rug and just let them be, let them go. She knew it wasn’t my strong suit and never made me feel invalid when I was struggling with it. If I wanted to talk, she’d be there. She didn’t criticize me in a way that came off harshly. The reality of the matter may have been tough to swallow, but she alway found a way to put a positive spin on whatever was running through my brain.

Along with the gestures that had serious tones, she also did small gestures, just to let me know she was thinking about me; it went farther than her making my tea or giving me toothpaste kisses.

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So this question is weird and you don't have to do it if you don't want too but who do you think are the virgins and non virgins of bts now that they are much older. Sorry if you did this question already

This one is quite interesting. I’ll try, but this is absolutely something I really can’t guess properly. But anyways.

Jin: I don’t think he’s a virgin. He could be, and I think he’s the most likely in the hyung-line. But I’m saying he isn’t just because of his age. He’s got hormones to deal with, after all.

Yoongi: Pretty sure he’s not a virgin. Like, I’m 90% sure. He just seems like the type to like sex, and being quite sexually active (although sometimes he might be to lazy to top). Even if it’s just drunken one night-stands. And in relationships as well.

Hobi: Could be a virgin, could not be a virgin. But he’s less likely than Jin at least. I simply think that Jin might be better at holding back, while Hobi might just go for it. And also he’s still quite upset/sensitive about a previous relationship. And he might be the type who’s just really emotional, but I think it was a quite serious relationship since he’s still upset about it. And if it was a serious one, I’m pretty sure they had sex.

Namjoon: He’s the one who got a virus onto one of the company’s computers because he downloaded porn. He’s not a virgin. You can fight me on this one. He, again, seems like someone who’s pretty sexually active.

Jimin: I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin. Simply because off-stage, he’s quite shy and adorable. Not sex on legs, like he is on stage. But he could still have had sex. It’s not impossible.

Taehyung: I actually have no clue. On one hand, I can see him being very shy and innocent and definitely still a virgin. But in the other, I can see him having loads of hormones so jerking off just doesn’t do it for him any more, and being quite flirty. So I have absolutely no idea about him.

Jungkook: He just turned legal. And, where I live, people don’t really care if they’re of age or not, they’ll have sex anyways. But I think people in Korea are more strict about that. So I’m pretty sure he’s still a virgin. Unless he got drunk on his birthday and had sex then.

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28, 36 and 39 :)

28. When did they decide to join the Alliance? Was there a breaking point in their life that made them to become a soldier?

(ima copy and paste a bit from a hc i posted a while ago bluruguruguurgur lazy mode activate)

he enjoyed his time being in a gang. he craved the fear and respect it got him. he was also favored among it moving up in its ranks steadilyat one point things got dicey which led to the mass murder of an entire other gang and sebastian was one of the few that survived it. hackett found sebastian. unique white hair and white eyes could never be mistaken. covered in blood wounded and exhausted after the horrid affair. hackett gave him two options be executed right then and there or join the alliance. hackett saw the ruthless leading glint in sebastians eyes. a soldier who would make the tough calls that no one else could. or he was entirely wrong and this kid would end up causing a lot of damage but he didnt seem like a loose canon. he heard about sebastians rep in the gang it was never haywire. he didnt kill for no reason, altho he obviously loved the violence, he always had reason or cause that made sense in the long run. even at his young age he was completely logical and rational. hed be a face that the alliance would come to remember for the good and the bad. ofc sebastian took the way out he had no intention of dying but he also had no intention of stickin with the alliance. he was sure hed find a way out. he never expected to like it the way he did being a soldier. having a roof over his head free food while also being able to do what he did best. he kept to himself within his ranks. aside from making connections w/ppl he knew he should. he never stepped out of line at least not that anyone found evidence of. he did as he was ordered. he was the perfect image of a ruthless dutiful soldier. an artist with a gun. cool calm and collected but intimidating w/o fault.he was still feared and respected and he loved it

36. Do they have any coping mechanisms?

alcohol, puzzles of all sorts & hitting the shooting range

39. What is their greatest fear?

having to retire one day & how much he cares for kaidan