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Maybe if you're still doing requests, a drawing of superman and batman younger about 8 meeting for the first time?

This was in my inbox for a while but I finally thought of one. I set it not too long after Bruce lost his parents and he’s passing through Smallville on his way to a relative’s house. 



I wanted to make more people for this set but I got lazy cause it took so damn long- but I am happy with what I managed to finish!

First is Mark and Jack, who have no money for costumes so they make ones with things they find in the shack and what junk Ken gave them that the costume store was gonna throw out.
After a while though, as the night goes on, Mark stays in character a little too well, Jack realizing that its linked to the pink gem he gave Mark as a necklace, with approval from Bill Cipher (Its a crystal that causes insanity and chaos-)

The rest are just other kids in costumes- I really like them all- Here’s little junk to go with the pics just for you guys who like any kinda story-

  • Jack added to his costume by putting a plastic green fang in the spot of his missing tooth
  • Mark’s knife turned out to be a real one and Jack only found out when Mark started to stab Jack-o-melons.
  • Cry doesn’t join civilization after he gets found and stays in the cave with the Sup Guys by choice, and keeping on his mask by choice. Felix is one of the few people who is his friend and is chill with him keeping on the mask and living in a cave- So, with a marker he finds a way to incorporate Cry’s mask into his costume-
  • It was definitely Phil’s idea to put whiskers on Dan too, even if it didn’t match.
  • Vanoss and his friends constantly fight and roughhouse for fun, hence why he straight up punched Delirious.
  • Not sure how well those could be considered costumes since everyone except Nogla dresses like that the rest of the year anyways- atleast the masks-
  • Vanoss was almost given a cape and hat in that picture to be “Hoo-dini”
  • Alternately, Vanoss was also almost BatOwl, but I went against it cause then I wanted to make regular masked Delirious instead of Batcoon.
  • All the photos except the first one seem to be taken from shots inside the Shack (and I’m just realizing this now) so I’m dubbing it that before they all went trick-or-treating, they met up there.
Sunday At The Beach // 2Jae x Reader (Polyamourus Relationship)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader x Youngjae (Poly Relationship)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; Your two boyfriends take you out for a day of fun at the beach!

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11 Facts???

Thank you @the-musical-alchemist for tagging me to write 11 facts about myself! I really don’t know what to say, but I’ll try not to make it too boring :)

1. My username is actually the name of this cat my family used to have, who was named after one of my mom’s favorite desserts, szilvás gombóc, and this is my username on literally every social media I have because I’ve been too lazy to come up with a new one since I was like 7.

2. Just recently, I got a silver award in the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for this drawing I did. And it’s really surprising considering the fact that I drew most of that piece at like 2am while screaming about how much I hated charcoal

3. One of the many reasons I love Riza Hawkeye so much is because I also shoot, and she’s really inspirational to think about before competitions. 

4. My bus ride to school each day is over an hour each way because I go to this special gifted school in the city.

5. My sister dropped my computer and broke it back in December and I still haven’t bought myself a new one

6. Even though I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I still don’t know what I want to do for college, or what kind of job I want. 

7. I’m a huge procrastinator, and this past year I’ve just been getting worse and worse about it

8. This year I started learning Chinese as a fourth language, and in a strange turn of events, Honors Chinese is my easiest class

9. I don’t like pizza because I’m not a fan of tomatoes. I will eat white pizza though.

10. Even though I still don’t have a consistent art style, I think I’ve improved at drawing a lot in the part year

11. For some reason, I ended up agreeing to perform with the fan dance group at my school’s Asian Assembly this year (and I know the name sounds kind of bad, but the largest cultural club at our school is Club Asia and all the acts are very respectful and run by Asian students), so now I’m trying to learn how to properly use a fan.

And okay, since I’ve done like 4 tag things in a row, I’m just going to tag a bunch of people, and say that it’s your choice to do whichever one you want to do out of them. They’ll all be the most recent posts on my blog, so if you want, you can scroll through.

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This was initially supposed to be a short comic strip for digimon otp week. But I got busy..and lazy. And I forgot all about it. So here’s a panel.


Anyway, the short was for the “day of firsts” portion: Sora and Taichi’s first days in elementary school. Sora has a hard time adjusting and Taichi notices and wants to cheer her up. One day after school, he passes her a soccer ball and invites her to play with him while they wait for their parents to pick them up from school.

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can you write a scenario where giriboy is caught being really nice to a random girl at a club? and how he would act towards his girlfriend after he got caught

He’s Mine

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„Do you know where Si young is?“ You asked one of his friends. You have been looking for him for a while now, but you couldn’t find him anywhere. He told you to meet him at the club, but since there was a special event today, the little club was especially packed. His friend pointed to the left and you followed the direction of his fingers with you eyes, just to see your boyfriend sitting at the bar with a girl that you haven’t seen before. You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. You were used to it. He was a rapper who was pretty known in the underground scene. In addition to that he was also extremely handsome. He had a large amount of female fans, so girls would always approach him in the club. You had no objections of him talking to his fans. But what you hated was how he talked to them. He was always flirting and giving them the impression that he was interested.  You knew that he loved you. He told you plenty of times, but you just couldn’t shake off the weird feeling every time you saw him next to a girl that wasn’t you. And it wasn’t helping either that those girls looked as if they were in the model business. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust him. You trusted him completely. But you felt insecure. 

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Plajus is drunk so I must write.

[A/N]: so plajus seems to be drunk and answered my ask about what I should write. I already read all of their writings so I shall write what they ask for. It’s not my best writing. I was writing it while taking care of the kids at thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy plajus and this is a nice drunken treat for yourself.

“Hal!” Dirk yelled one lazy afternoon. After months of work AR had been given a robo body.

It was weird at first. Knowing that he was able to move around and could attack dirk at anytime.

But Dirk got use to it. And honestly you were starting to enjoy it.

Yes Hal is an annoying fuck, who doesn’t know when to shut up. But he’s not all that Bad.

“What do you want plastic bag of mostly water?” Hal looked up at Dirk. Fuck do you want to fuck that robot.

“I may be drunk.”

Hal rolls his robot eyes sighing. He stands up poking a needle thru your skin takih a blood sample. “Dirk you are more than drunk.”

“You can’t tell me I’m drunk.”

“I’m not. It’s science. The facts don’t lie.”

“Well maybe you’re just a lying robo.” Dirks thoughts are getting clouded with alcohol taking over your thoughts.

“Am I honestly going to have to take care of your drunk ass?” Hal asked air coming out of his vents.

“More like I’ll fuck your ass.”you stumble falling on Hal.

Hal groans. “Great this will be fun. If I was even possible of having fun.”

“Haaaaal. Let’s play a game.”

“One like Caliborn’s fucked up games?”

“Nope. We are playing duck-duck-goose.”


“Were ducking Hal. Ducking. I say.”

Hal groans “I swear to go Dirk I’m not even going to put up with this. I’m taking you to bed.”

Dirk smirks well as best of smirk you can do drunk, “yes carrying me to bed Hal. Take me and do me.”

“I’m done with you and your shit Dirk.”

Dirk wraps his arms around Hal’s neck smiling.

Hal groans picking up Dirk. “Let’s get you to bed and then I can make fun of your hangover tomorrow.”

Not to many people’s knowledge Dirk’s type of drunk is a sloppy romantic drunk. And now you’re stuck with him.

Hal walks down the hall kicking the door open and tossing Dirk down onto the bed.

“That wasn’t nice Hal.”

“I’m not a nice person.” Hal puts a blanket sighing before going to leave.

Dirk grabbed Hals metal wrist. “ Ignitionate program alpha-69

“Wha-” is all Hal gets out before the program begins.

“Dirk. What did you-?”

“I made a programs so I could forever have a source companionship and how I’m going to use it.” He says with slurred words.

~~~robo fucks follow~~~

Dirk groaned rolling over. “My head hurts.”

Hal laughed looking over to Dirk. “Worth it.”

Dirk sighed, “I ran the program didn’t I?”

Hal smirked, “yes and you should run it more often.” He leans in kissing Dirk.