i got kind of lazy towards the end but

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in sixteen languages, named here:

English // French

Spanish // Japanese

Korean // German 

Swedish // Dutch

Czech // Danish

Hungarian // Hebrew

Portuguese // Polish

Norwegian // Mandarin Chinese

So I’m not 100% happy with their faces (especially Kai’s), but I am fairly happy with how their bodies came out (and you bet I did spend a second on Jinora’s booty there sorry not sorry >.>).

Admittedly, I got a bit lazy with this toward the end/coloring stage, but I was trying to get it done on time. Which is also why there’s not background.

But here we are. It was kind of originally supposed to be more of a photo thing which is why they’re kind of posed like that, but anyway :P

This is for the bathing suits prompt and I just think Jinora would look great a white bikini. As for Kai, I think he looks good in red ^_^

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Hello Kikai! How are you doing? I hope you're okay :3 Anyway, I wanted to ask, do you use SAI? If so, do you have any tips for someone who so far only worked with pen and paper, so to speak, and now wants to move on to digital art? SAI seems overwhelming when you first start it up...

Yeah I use it and I actually just reblogged a post with the same kind of question before seeing this haha. Just like in that post, it’s mostly just getting the feel of everything bit by bit and setting it up to what you’re comfortable with.

There’s still a lot of things I’m still learning. For example, the Color and Tools, the three lil things I have selected out of the 6 there at the top. That’s the Color Wheel, Color Mixer, and Swatches. I found out about the swatches maybe a year ago and the mixer only 3 weeks ago. Very handy for picking colors quickly. You right click a blank swatch to set it to the color you have selected.

Another thing I’d wish I’d known right away is you can set up what you want to see and which side you want it on. Like I think by default, everything is on the left side but I prefer having the layers and navigator on the right. So here I have the Show Layer Panel to Right selected for that.

It’s easier for me and it’s also kinda symmetrical which soothes my ocd.

I use the Inverse button A LOT to see if a picture looks really awkward or not when it’s flipped. Also, if you select part of an image and hit Canvas > Crop by Selection, you can crop the picture. Change Resolution is where you can change the image size that comes out so if you’re working HUGE like I do you can downsize from 2500 pixels to like 700 pixel wide and actually post it on tumblr. Whereas the Image Size option adjusts the size of the canvas that you’re working on in case you ran out of room to draw that leg. Those last three options I didn’t know about for years and would have been so so useful to know about.

The Layers are so important click and mess with all those buttons.

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