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Are You Jealous?

Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2050

Prompt #57: Wait a second… are you jealous?

Author’s Note: I had @mf-despair-queen​ pick her favorite prompt I had for all of Chris’ characters and she picked this one and I was excited to write it and basically wrote it in one day! I hope you guys like it, enjoy! Oh, she also proofread it for me because she’s awesome!!

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“Mr. Grady, your lunch.” You say, smiling as you walk towards your boyfriend who stands in front of the safety cage of the raptor pen.

“Thank you, (y/n).” He says, before taking the burger out of the bag and taking a huge bite. “Delicious, as always.”

You roll your eyes and look at your boyfriend’s coworker and best friend. “Hi, Barry.”

“(Y/n).” He smiles. As Owen walks away, he leans in closer. “You know, you might not want to wear shorts and a tank top around here anymore. Some guys were talking about what they saw.”

You roll your eyes. “Barry, we’re on a tropical island. What do you expect me to do?”

He holds up his hands and smiles. “I’m just saying that I’m pretty sure Owen could be the jealous type.”

He walks away, and you smile before going to stand with your boyfriend in the safety cage. He’s throwing pieces of burger to the girls. “You’re ruining your lunch.”

“Technically, they are.” He retorts, throwing another piece of beef to Charlie. “And although I love your burgers, I can’t eat anymore. The new intern brought snacks.”

“What new intern?” You ask, ignoring the fact that he’s lying about liking your burgers for the moment.

“The one that’s been gawking at you since you got here.” Owen says, still looking into the paddock.

Your face falls. “Hey, Owen, look at me.” You say, pulling his face so he looks at you. “I’m yours and yours alone. Promise.”

He doesn’t look so convinced. “Wow, Barry was right. You are the jealous type.” You laugh, before growing serious again and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Do you really think I would leave you for some intern? I love you, Owen. Only you.”

Finally, he smiles and kisses you softly. You pull away first and smile at him. “If you didn’t like my burgers, you could have just said.”

He just grins and pulls you in for another kiss.

Another Jealous Owen

Based on Anon Prompt: “A imagine where Owen gets jealous when you pay more attention to the raptors than him please”

“Atta girl, Delta!” You shout, hopping a bit in excitement. You smile widely down at her as you toss her another treat. “I told you she could do it.” You mutter to yourself. However, when you hear Owen’s voice behind you, you jump.

“Yes, but she’s also been training for four hours now. That’s overdoing it a little, don’t you think?”

Owen doesn’t seem nearly as excited as you and this irks you a bit. Delta is the runt of the litter and has been struggling to learn her commands as she’s easily distracted by her sisters. However, you promised that if you could get her alone for a few hours a day, you would get her caught up.

“It’s not overdoing it. Look, she’s having fun; she loves me. Besides, I can’t train her alone during the day because the girls whine when they see you if they’re locked up.” You give him a smile but he doesn’t return it.

“Yeah, but it would have been nice if we could have made our dinner reservations.” He crosses his arms and looks away, clearly pouting and you gasp.

“Oh my god, was that tonight? Why didn’t you call me and remind me?” You reach for your phone to check the calendar and 3 missed calls, 5 texts, and a voicemail show up on your screen. You drag a hand down your face.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I left it on silent again.” You apologize before walking over to him, wiping your hands on your jeans. “I really am sorry, Owen. I just got so excited about being the one to teach her this.”

He shrugs and lets out a sigh, the anger in his face residing. “I’m not mad. I just feel like she’s the only thing you think about anymore.” He raises his eyebrows and you decide not to try to defend yourself. You really have been spending way more time than necessary at the paddock and realizing that he’s jealous of the time you spend there both makes you feel bad, but slightly proud too. He really does care about you if he wants to spend more time with you.

“How about this? Why don’t I swap my lunch break with Anna. I’ll train with Delta alone while you’re on lunch and then when you get back I’ll take mine. She’s catching up enough now that I don’t think it will take more than an hour or two a day to keep her caught up.” You give him a smile and he looks down at you, giving you a nod.

“That sounds fair.” He finally gives you a real smile. “I’m sorry too, I know this is important to you; I shouldn’t have gotten jealous.” He reaches down to caress your cheek and he gives you a quick kiss on the forehead. “If we hurry, we can grab some subs on the way home before they close.”

“I’ll go get cleaned up, can you let the other girls out of the cage? Thanks.” You press onto your tiptoes to give him a kiss and then run off towards the breakroom trailer. You never meant to make him jealous, but you’re glad that the two of you can talk about things like this without it ending in a fight. You wash the dirt off your arms as you think about how lucky you are to have someone like Owen in your life.  

Owen Grady x Reader -Until You Fall Asleep-

I have a request, you sweet, wonderful person~ Owen and the reader are taking care of baby raptors and one night they keep making ungodly sounds whenever the two leave so they decide to stay until the baby raptors fall asleep, which takes more time than expected so (after I read your sitting on lap fic I needed more of Owen’s lap) reader cuddles up with Owen and ends up falling asleep~they both wake up to a very amused Barry, sleeping raptors, and a very, very jealous Claire. ❤️

A/N: I couldn’t help but write this one right away i just loved it. Sorry the raptors werent sleeping when you got up D’: I just thought theyd wake up to people coming in. I don’t know if I gave you enough lap either. I hope it was enough. Thanks for requesting this!

-Until You Fall Asleep-
It had been a long day of just watching Owen try to train the Raptors to watch him. But like babies, they didn’t listen.
“Why can’t they just do what they’re told?” Owen scratched his head as he left the enclosure. You closed the door behind him as the babies ran up. You laughed and shrugged your shoulders.
“Time to go to sleep little ones.” You bent down to be at their level. The bars between you hardly seemed necessary. They loved you and Owen. You smiled and made little kissy noises while they purred at you. Owen behind you whipped the dirt off his hands and laughed.
From outside the holding cell you could hear the last of the workers leaving for the night. Typical, you and Owen were the last to leave.
“Want me to drive you back to the Hotel? It’s pretty dangerous out there, "Owen joked. "With all those scary dinosaurs running around.” You stood up and got close to him.
“Are you sure you’re not just scared.” You whispered. He let out a fake laugh.
“Me? Scared? Never! Alphas don’t get scared.”
You rolled your eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, okay Mister Tough Guy.”
You loved joking around with Owen like this but you knew you had to be careful. Your boss Claire and him had an on and off relationship. And getting to close to him could mean bad news, but he made you happy.
Owen started out the holding cell with you following after.
“Graaaa” Behind you Blue cried out. Both you and Owen turned to investigate the sound.
“What’s wrong?” Owen watched Blue through the bars. She stood there looking and him.
“Go to bed.” You turned to leave again but Echo let out a cry.
“I don’t think they want us to leave.” Owen walked to the gate, bent down and looked up at you. The babies were struggling to get through the bars to be close to him. Owen carefully slipped a hand through the bars and Blue rubbed her head against it. Soon the other three were fighting for his touch.
You let out a long sigh and crossed your arms. Usually you would love to stay with them but you were tired and had to get up early in the morning.
“Fine, but only until they fall asleep.” You looked at them and pointed. “Hear that? Until you fall asleep.”
Owen kept the babies occupied while you opened the gate. You both entered and immediately the raptors rushed your feet. You couldn’t help but smile. You ran around with Delta and Echo for a few minutes while Owen had found a comfortable spot on the ground against the wall a few feet away from the gate with Blue and Charlie.
Delta and Echo eventually decided they wanted to be with their sisters and ran off. You watched them make their way to Owen who under the moonlight looked so peaceful. He had a smile on his face watching the babies fight over what part of his body would be their bed.
You walked over and , careful not to sit on Charlie, you sat down. You were shoulder to shoulder with Owen who’s eyes had wondered to you. His goofy grin make your heart skip a beat.
“Why are you smiling at me like that?” You rested your head against the wall and looked at him.
“It’s just nice to have someone like you around.” He said over the purrs of the girls. You could feel your face get hot.
“Yeah, well, without me you’d probably get eaten so I have to stick around.” You were trying not to think about your feelings for Owen. How when you watch him with the babies your hearts swells and how when he smiles at you, your knees get weak.
“Are you still tired?” He asked quietly not to wake the finally asleep raptors.
“Why don’t you lay down and close your eyes. I’ll wake you in a little bit. You can use me as a pillow if you want.” Owen picked up Delta slowly and held her close in his arms. You smiled and shifted so you could lay your head on his lap. When you were comfortable, Owen placed Delta on your stomach and she seemed to not notice the transition. You looked up and Owen. The moonlight outlined every little feature. His small scruff on is perfect jaw. Every loose strand and curl in his hair.
“It’s really beautiful out.” He looked down at you and ran his hand gently ran through your hair. Your eye lids started to feel heavy. “You’re really beautiful.” He whispered. But your eyes had already closed and you were already drifting into sleep. You tried to wake yourself up to make sure that it wasn’t a dream but sleep took you.

You woke up to a screaming Charlie.
“Well isn’t that just cute.” You shielded your eyes from the blinding sun and sat up. The babies had all hidden behind Owen when people had entered the enclosure. Above you stood a laughing Barry.
“What time is it?” You groaned. Your back hurt from sleeping on the ground all night. Beside you Owen started to wake up. He rubbed his eyes and yawned.
“Eight in the morning. Time for you to go to work.” Claire stepped out from behind Barry with her arms crossed. She looked down glaring at you. Shit. This doesn’t look good. Barry let out another laugh as Owen tried to stand. The girls nipped at his shirt as he rose and he struggled to push them away.
“I’m giving her the day off.” He offered you a hand up and you hesitantly look it knowing Claire was not happy. “She stayed over time to help the girls get to sleep. She deserves it.” He put his hand on the small of your back. You graciously smiled at him but kept your head down.
“Thank you.” You said quietly. You followed Barry out the gate. You walked to the hose and splashed a little water on your face to help wake you up. As you were wiping your face Owen walked up behind you.
“Thanks for staying last night.” He smiled.
“It was no problem. I just don’t think we should do it—” Owen cut you off. He caressed your cheek and quickly pulled you into a kiss. .You separated when you heard cars coming up the road.
“I- uh…” You started.
“Just go home and get some rest okay?” Owen kissed your forehead before walking away.


Okay so @flyoffthehandle sent me a prompt about a jealous Owen and this is what it came out of that. I kind of changed it a little, because I don’t believe he would be the only one possesive in their relationship. Espero que te guste!

The invitation was pretty clear. Finish your shift, go to Joe’s’. It was Maggie’s birthday, and she got to decide how she wanted to celebrate it. Apparently, her idea of a party included all of her friends and family hanging out in a bar as if they were twenty years old.

And it would have been so fun; really it would –if only she and Owen hadn’t been at odds all day long.

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A/N: GUYS. We’re almost to 400 followers! You guys are so amazing :) also, this is the last Owen imagine I have queued up, so you guys need to do some requesting :)

Request: Hello! Could you do one where reader and Owen are already together but they got into a huge fight before the Indominous Rex escaped and Owen couldn’t find any way to contact the reader and he got super worried. When Owen finally saw the reader safe but slightly injured, he was happy and guilty at the same time? Thank you! :)
(I added a little bit to it, I hope you don’t mind!)

Warnings: language, dinosaur-related violence

“What is your problem??” Owen asked you angrily, and he could tell immediately that he had asked the wrong question. “My problem?! Really?! Need I remind you, Owen Grady, of just what this fight is about! Anytime Claire needs anything from you, you jump at the opportunity! I can’t even get you to buy some goddamned milk!” you exploded, throwing your hands in the air. “Are you kidding me? I told you, I meant to go yesterday. Something came up on my way to the ferry,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to calm himself. “Something? More like someone. ‘Oh, Claire, let me ignore my fucking girlfriend and the things she needs to make MY FUCKING FAVORITE BREAKFAST BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO SURPRISE ME EVEN THOUGH IM A MAJOR ASSHOLE and do whatever you need to! You might as well be dating her!” you shouted, storming out of the bungalow just in time to see the redhead pull up in her pristine white car. You turned to glare at Owen. “Whatever she needs, you tell her no. You stay here with me. If you get into that car, I swear to you that I will not be here when you return,” you threatened, your voice low. “Babe, just let me see what she needs,” he said, turning to Claire and forcing a smile. “How can I help you, Claire?” he asked. Her eyes flickered to you, glaring at her, and then back to him. “We have a new asset, and Mr. Masrani insists that you come take a look at the paddock. You know, make sure it’s secure.” Owen looked at you, and you shook your head. “Will you give us a moment, Claire?” he asked, and she nodded, tapping away at her phone. He pulled you to the porch, and you intensified your gaze. “Y/n, please-” he started, and you threw up a hand to stop him. “No. If you go with her, I’m leaving,” you respond stonily. His green eyes pleaded with you as he said “babe, it’s not her asking, it’s Mr. Masrani! He owns all of this!” You continued to shake your head, and he turned away from you in exasperation. “Fine. Be like this. Please don’t leave. I will go there, look at the paddock, and come right back and we can finish talking. Okay?” You just continued to stare at him, and he turned to go with Claire. You watched them leave, and went inside to pack your things.

You didn’t actually leave the island, you just went to the resort for the night. You turned your phone off because you knew that Owen would be calling and you really didn’t want to hear from him, and you left it in your hotel room as you went to walk around the island. You were sitting outside of Margaritaville, fully intending to get drunk in the middle of the day, when you heard screams. You turned to see the prehistoric birds flying straight for the resort, and your fighting instincts kicked in. You jumped onto the table and pulled the umbrella out of the middle, shouting for people to get behind you. You hit the birds with the umbrella, driving the few that came at you away until one of them came at you from above. You heard people screaming behind you as it dug its claws into your shoulders and lifted you up, up, up. You still had the stick from the umbrella (the top had broken off at some point) and so you began to swing at the bird, trying to force it to release you. It finally did and you fell, certain that you were going to die. You hit the ground with a heavy crack, and then everything went black.

You woke up early the next day in a room full of people on cots, much like the one you now realized you were laying on. You tried to sit up and felt a sharp pain in your shoulders and chest, and saw that you were wearing a thin tank top and that most of your torso was covered in bandages. “Damn, I must have hit hard,” you thought, and panic enveloped you. You quickly turned to the nearest doctor who assured you that yes, everything was perfectly fine. “Y/n!” Owen called, and you suppressed a groan. You were glad he was here, but you didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of your fight in your current state. He reached your cot and dropped to the ground beside you, pulling you into a gentle hug. “Are you okay? I tried to call you and warn you to get somewhere safe, but I couldn’t get in touch with you and I was so worried and Lowery said he saw you get dropped by one of those bird things and I’m so sorry this is all my fault I should have just stayed with you and everything would have been okay and I could have protected you” he said, all of his words rushing together as he took your face in his hands. “Owen, baby, it’s okay. I’m okay,” you reassured him, and he continued to look over you. “Are you sure, darling?” he asked, green eyes filled with worry. “I’m positive. And I’m sorry I got so jealous. I just miss having you around. Lately it seems like all you do is run after Claire, doing everything she needs. I need you, sweetie. We need you,” you said softly, looking up at him with tears in your eyes. “We?” he asked, his eyes wide. You guided his hand to your stomach and nodded. “The doctor said that we both survived the fall.” Owen looked at you for a second before pulling you in for a long kiss. When he finally pulled away from you, you both were smiling. “I am never leaving you again,” he whispered, and you nodded your agreement.


Based off a request I got from an anon to write more Jealous!Owen. 

A/N: So this one is a bit short, I already wrote a little bit of jealous Owen but I couldn’t resist writing some more.

AO3: (x)

    Owen never wanted to be the jealous boyfriend who immediately thought the worst whenever someone came near his significant other. And before Claire had entered the picture, he’d never been the overly jealous type. There had been instances where he would be a bit overprotective, but with Claire it was different, he supposed it was because he never loved someone like he loved her before. Owen trusted Claire completely, that was never the problem, it was other people – especially ones he never met before – that he had a hard time trusting.

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Missed Moments

27th of every month I will be posting a oneshot. Now, it should work as a stand-alone oneshot, but it’s actually a missed moment from the Harvard/Brigham series which can be found here. I’d be interested to know if someone who’s not read the series enjoyed it though…

Silent Apology

It was a horrible day. Owen and I usually have a very similar approach to medical care. We tend to agree on most issues and trust each other to make the right judgements. His trauma skills mixed with my precision- it makes us a great team, something we knew from the day we started the Doctors Without Borders programme back at Harvard.

On this horrible day however, we did not make a great team. We’d fought most the day on how to help a pregnant lady recover, him being rigid and stubborn and me much the same but with a completely opposing view. It did not end well. Addison and Kepner got involved and both sided with Owen due to him appealing to their aching wombs and making a case for the baby’s best chances.

I was livid. I remember the conversation as we left the hospital for the bar that night.

“I was right, why can’t you just admit that?” he’d said to me, rubbing salt in every gaping wound I had procured.

“Just because the others agreed with you, doesn’t mean I wasn’t right. It just means you’re all wrong,” I argued back, scowling at him. He held his hands up in surrender but my eyes remained narrowed. Sighing, he gave up trying to win my favour and turned to head to the bar across the street from Brigham’s front entrance.

“Where are you going?” he asked with a frown of confusion when I didn’t follow him.

“I’m walking home. To my apartment. With Luke. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I had mumbled. I didn’t wait for an answer and immediately started sulking down the street.

Although a ten minute drive, our apartment was a good forty-five minute walk. I had made a rookie error in the mild Boston night to forget an umbrella and as the droplets gained momentum and the clouds reflected my gloomy mood, the pit of rage towards Owen grew in size and intensity.

Why couldn’t he see that I was right? Why did he have to drag the others into it? Does he not think I also care about the baby’s well-being but… what chance will the baby have if it’s mother is dead?

“Amelia?” His voice threw my inner monologue off track and took me by surprise. I turned around to see his truck driving 5mph alongside me and his passenger window open.

“Leave me alone,” I answered.

“Get in the car, you’re soaked!”


“Look, I’m sorry for how today panned out but you’re not achieving anything except a risk of hypothermia by walking,” he tried.

“Owen. Fuck. Off.”

I knew he hated me saying those words to him, and I wanted to get a rise out of him. I wanted him to snap and provoke me into more hateful words which is probably why I had thrown in the reminder about the boyfriend I lived with and the apartment we shared. Meanwhile, he slept alone in an on-call room. Well, occasionally alone…

I stormed on, looking straight ahead, and started seething with rage when I realised he had driven off without even a bitter goodbye. Dickhead, I thought to myself. The problem was I hate to lose. I hate to lose in arguments about medical cases, and I hate to lose my power over Owen Hunt and the previous night I had found out he had gone home with another woman.

I was a woman with a fiance, jealous over my ex-boyfriend hooking up. The argument we were in had nothing to do with the case, or the mother, or the baby. I knew I was right and I also knew he was right. It was a lose-lose situation with a coincidentally good outcome. But the hooking up thing… that had got to me. He was the one brushing his hand against mine at every opportunity, making me feel things for him, inviting me to dinner and drinks, luring me in and tempting me to cheat on my handsome fiance. And then he had the audacity to go home with someone else when I refused his efforts?

Crazy, I know.

In all the time I had been thinking over my insanity, I hadn’t noticed that there was a big build of a man in a grey overcoat standing in the middle of the street, completely still. I stopped in my tracks, my eyes trailing up his trousers, up the length of the coat, up the lapels, up the slightly stubbled neck made obvious by the backlight, and finally I locked eyes with Owen Hunt.

I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t express why I was jealous, or why I started the fight, or why I was pushing him away and making it impossible for us to work together by refusing to see his point of view. So I shrugged. I turned my head away in shame, keeping him in my peripheral as I stuffed my hands into my small pockets. I saw him shrug too, not knowing how to react to my surrender. He was clearly expecting me to fight.

I uncomfortably shifted from one foot to the other, avoiding his eye contact, before he stepped towards me. I moved an inch. He took another slow and steady step and I gained confidence by another inch. The anticipation was building and the excrutiatingly slow pace with which we approached each other was abnormal for us. When we were close enough though, his forehead rested against mine and he reached into my pockets, linked fingers with me and brought my hands into his own coat pockets.

No words were said, no kisses were threatened, no arguments were had… It was a silent apology- one we’d never shared- and it was one that years later we would be using to get us through our married life together.

anonymous asked:

Can you write something with Jake visiting/dropping by GSM, and Owen being jealous, not knowing the nature of his r/s with Amelia? :)

This might actually be one of my favorite prompts ever.

“Jake!” Amelia squealed – yes, squealed, as in the kind of noise a kid might make if you offered them an unlimited supply of candy – as she saw her friend, causing Owen to look up from his paperwork to see what exactly had just happened. Taking off into a run, she all but mauled the man in the middle of the hallway, arms flung around his neck as she jumped into his embrace. There she stayed, lingering awhile before pulling back to show of a wide, dimpled grin.

From the nurse’s station, the trauma surgeon could see the entire thing, and his brow furrowed, eyes narrowing. He had known Amelia for awhile now – a long while. He had seen her in moments of joy, and in moments of darkness, but never had he seen her greet someone like that. An uncomfortable tingling started in his hands, moving up through his arms and sending shocks down his gut. The way she was looking at him – like he hung the moon and stars – was enough to make him crazy. Who the hell was this Jake guy, anyway?

He watched them for a moment – a long moment; a lot longer than he was proud to admit – but from his place across the hall, he couldn’t hear any of their conversation. All he could see were Amelia’s exaggerated movements, and the way she stood far too close to him for comfort (his comfort of course, she seemed perfectly content to invade the man’s space).

It’s not like he didn’t trust her. It’s not like they were even an exclusive thing. They hadn’t even discussed whether or not they were in a real relationship now or if it was some loosely defined friends-with-benefits situation that confused the hell out of him, but even so, he couldn’t get enough. He had no reason to be jealous. And he wasn’t. He wasn’t jealous. This was not jealousy. This was just… Okay, so he had no idea what this was, only that it was, very certainly, not jealousy, and as such, he turned his eyes back to the tablet in his hand.

Words. There were words. And numbers. And figures and stats and even a little diagram in the corner. And he wasn’t reading any of them at all. The only thing registered by his conscious mind was the sound of her laughter booming through the hall. It was obnoxious and loud, and for all he knew, it could have startled some of the patients awake. That couldn’t be good. Maybe he should go over there and ask them to keep it down. For the patients. Take their conversation somewhere else. Wait, no. Not in private. That would be even worse. Because then how was he supposed to reach her if there was an emergency? Pagers couldn’t be effective 100% of the time. Alright, now he was just being ridiculous. Stop it, Hunt. Pay attention to your charts.

Another roar of laughter, and this time when he turned, her hand was on Jake’s bicep. She was staring him in the eye, doing the smile with the cute nose-crinkle. He bit down on his tongue, clenching a fist so hard he thought his knuckles might crack.

This was so not him. Owen Hunt was not the jealous type – especially when he didn’t even know where he stood with a girl. But this wasn’t any girl. This was Amelia. And Amelia had this thing about her he could never quite explain – like when he got around her, everything inside him began to work overtime, leaving him short of breath, skin tingling, heart racing. Every single movement set butterflies in his stomach and he always wanted more. But what if she did that to Jake, too? What if she made his heart pound, made electricity spark through his veins, made his mind race with dreams of a future together? Or worse, what if Jake did those things to her? He was tall and undeniably attractive. He had that look, that dimpled charm that women just couldn’t seem to resist. He could probably whisper Spanish in her ear and sweep her off her feet in a matter of seconds. The very thought made him want to throw up.

Okay, no, this was getting stupid. He was just going to go over there, introduce himself, and make sure everything was on the level with this guy – or, at the very least, let him know he wasn’t about to let Amelia go without a fight. Dropping his table on the counter of the nurse’s station, the redhead set off down the hall, plastering what had to be the world’s worst fake smile to his lips as he approached the happy couple. (Gross!)

“Hey,” he tried to sing, as if his approach was anything less than entirely conspicuous.

“Hey!” Amelia beamed her toothy grin. “Owen, this is–”

“Jake,” he interrupted. “I, uh– I heard him arrive.” This was seeming less and less like a good idea with every word, but he couldn’t just leave her there, could he?

“Yeah. Jake is–”

“Owen,” Jake finished. “It’s nice to meet you, man. I’ve heard a lot about you” He held out his hand, a gesture reluctantly accepted by the other man.

And I’ve heard nothing about you. “Nice to meet you, too. Dr. Shepherd, can I speak with you a moment?”

Uh oh. Formality was never a good sign. “Yeah, what’s up? Are you…okay? You look kind of red.”

“I’m– I’m fine. I just need you for a second.”

“Oh, um– Can it wait? I’m kind of in the middle–”

“No,” he blurted out, a little faster and with more intensity than anticipated. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. “No, it’s urgent.” He hadn’t quite worked out the excuse he would tell her once he actually got her away from Jake, sort of hoping that would come to him along the way.

“Okay, um– Catch you later?” she asked, turning back toward Jake.

“Text me when you’re ready. I’m going to go meet with my patient.”

“Okay,” she smiled, waving as she turned back to Owen. “What’s up, Chief?”

“I…need a consult.” Placing a hand on her arm, he gently led her to the nearest uninhabited room.

“What’s the case?”


“The case?” she asked. “You need a consult. What’s the case? You know, patient, stats, what they’re in for…?”

“Oh, right. Um–”

Her eyes narrowed as she watched the look on his face start to shift. He was…nervous? No way. Had she just entered the twilight zone or something? With a scrutinizing gaze, she scanned him up and down, starting to register exactly what was going on. “There is a case, right? You weren’t just jealous of me hanging out with Jake?”

“No,” he sputtered, trying to make it sound as if what she said was entirely absurd.

“Oh my god. You’re jealous!” she exclaimed, trying hard to bite back a laugh.

“I am not jealous, Amelia. Don’t be ridiculous. You two were being very loud and it was disrupting the patients.”

“Uh-huh. I didn’t realize we had noise laws in the hospital police state.”

“It’s not a law, it’s just common courtesy. Some of the patients might be trying to sleep and they need their rest. Or–”

“Owen, cut the crap. You are, like, the world’s worst liar.” She waited, but he didn’t respond, so instead she continued. “You don’t need to be jealous. Jake is just a friend.“

“Just a friend?” he repeated.

“A really good friend who’s married to my sister.”

And that’s when he finally remembered where he heard Jake’s name before. “Addison’s husband.”

“Yeah. Addison’s husband. Henry’s father. The guy who’s pretty much my brother.”

Well now he felt stupid.

“Jake and I– We were tight in L.A., you know? When I lost my–” Amelia cleared her throat. “He was there for me through my pregnancy. He got me through. I love him and I probably owe him my life. But he’s not the one I’m in love with.”

An eyebrow quirked. Owen tried to hide his smile, unsure whether to believe just yet what he hoped she was saying. “And who are you in love with?”

She took a step closer, laying a hand upon his chest. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this.” A sly grin crossed her lips. “Alex Karev and I have been having an affair. Don’t tell Jo.” Amelia snickered, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Come on, Owen, it’s you. I’m in love with you.” Biting down on her lip, cerulean eyes stared up into their baby blue equals.



“I love you, too, Amelia.”

Beaming, she stepped up onto her toes, stealing a quick kiss. “Good. Now can I properly introduce you to Jake so he doesn’t think I’m dating a jealous idiot. How about that?” she asked, looping her arm around his and dragging him toward the door.

“Yeah, I’d like a chance to make a better impression. Especially if we’re going to be family one day.”

Her gaze shot back to his, trying to fight away the excitement of such a promise. Playfully nudging her shoulder against him, Amelia let out a chuckle. “Better to let him know I’m dating a cheesy idiot instead.”