i got it to wear on

Well My love Jackson Is back but my baby Bambam got sick with a eye virus😭 he came to the est cola FM event in south korea for a little but said he couldn’t stay long cause both his eyes were swollen and he couldn’t see anyone😞💔 I hope Bambam gets plenty of rest and I pray he feels better🙏💖

P.s. He was wearing the shades to cover up his eyes and bambam is still going strong 💪💖💋

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this isn’t an open idea b/c it’s literally one of my ocs, BUT.. a vampire who’s got enough cross jewelry (mostly necklaces) to fill an entire store, always has either one of the 50 necklaces they’re wearing in their mouth or a toothpick they combined w/ another toothpick to look like a cross.. goes outside during the day on a regular basis just to display the various parasols & pairs of sunglasses they own.. is very partial to wearing shades of yellow.. & is dating a werewolf (who’s a foot shorter than them & owns like 50 cats)

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how about alex fierro in 3B??? because it's canon that alex does wear dresses (there's dresses in her room) and no one draws her wearing skirts or dresses. (i was gonna ask for hearthstone in 3E but someone beat me too it haha. though if you want to draw more hearth, shall i recommend 2A?)

[the shirt says ‘sorry 4 not giving a shit’ in pink letters]

aaaa man alex in a dress!! so cute,,

Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, September 13, 1896

I look me back adown the months
Now in the silent past
And see my sweetheart, but ah me!
Not as I saw her last!

Ah no!
She then 
Was coy,
Unwilling, quite, to flirt, 
and always dressed in simple garb - a shirtwaist and a skirt 

But time, the old iconoclast,
Brings changes, good and bad,
My sweetheart of the present day
Has got the biking fad -

She eyes me with 
The scorcher’s glance,
And manner, oh! so pert!
Now bloomers linger loosely where she
Used to wear a skirt!

I sketched out an oc of my original closed species, “Daisy Pushers”, for my boo @modeowstic !

His name is Brain Fried!

He may seem like your regular undead frycook, but he actually specializes in a variety of cooking styles, and enjoys haute cuisine! While his skeleton is indeed partially exposed, (especially on his skull), he does his best to make his flowers bloom there the most, to ensure that everyone feels safe and sanitary!

So when I was just about to turn 13, I decided it would be fun to wear a nice summer dress to school. I got a lot of compliments from my friends and we had a sub that day. So I asked the sub if I could take the attendance down. She said yes and while I was walking down the hall this short sixth grader whistles at me and says “Bend over so I can see your pretty panties.” I look him dead in the eye and he runs away. I tell the office while I’m down there, and because I don’t know his name they think I’m making it up. I tell the counselor a week after when I find out his name and she asked me what I was wearing I said a summer dress, she said that it brings attention and boys do that because hey are boys.


Some snaps of a great Saturday!

Woke up this morning at 6:30 AM wide awake and felt a crazy urge to purge my closet and switch out my winter clothes for my warmer pieces. I love a clean closet.

After doing some laundry and downing espresso, Logan and I went to the gym and I swam laps (but wore workout clothes over my swimsuit just in case there were no open lanes 😂)

After, we got showered and had breakfast. The weather was gorgeous so I got to wear my new comfy dress and favorite sandals. We headed out to the Bark and Brew and met my co-resident, Lydia.

The bartender said I had really pretty hair and I wanted to hug her forever.

Afterwards, we tried out an amazing ramen place in Charlotte and finished dinner with strawberry basil ice cream (so yummy)!

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Hi! Which physical depiction of Dionysus do you think is more accurate? The bearded, older man, or the younger feminine man? theres a statuette that I fancy of the latter depiction, but I want to make sure it's the most accurate way to respect and represent Dionysus.

There isn’t a more accurate version.

The bearded depiction of Dionysos is older, it was around first. The image of Dionysos as a beardless youth came later. Images depicting Him as feminine (even wearing womens clothing in some vase paintings) are their own thing as well. Then you’ve got imagery of Dionysos that has clear influences from India. And that’s not even touching on modern art depicting Dionysos.

Both have been used in antiquity as representations of Dionysos. You have vase paintings, ritual masks, and mosaics with Dionysos as a bearded man. You also have vase paintings, mosaics, and statues of Dionysos as a beardless youth; dating from different times in ancient Greece.

And yet… There’s nothing saying that a deity has to maintain one form throughout Their entire existence. And if there was, then we wouldn’t have art of Them appearing in so many different forms. Of course, this doesn’t excuse things like white-washing deities from poc cultures, but it does mean one person may see Aphrodite as thin and one may see Her as fat and curvy. One person may see Ares as short and built like a brick wall, another may see Him built more like Chris Evans. Their forms are not necessarily fixed, and there’s no actually guarantee that the way we depict Them actually looks like Their forms.

If you want a statue of Dionysos as a beardless, effeminate youth, because that’s the image of Him that resonates with you, then go for it. If you want an image of Dionysos in drag because that’s how you see Him, then go for it. If you want a bearded mask atop a wooden image of a man because that’s how it feels right for you to represent Dionysos at your shrine, then do it.

There is not a more right answer here.

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Okay I'm 22 going on 23 and I don't have the best clothes ever. I want to re do my wardrobe so I can stop wearing clothes I still have from high school. I was a tomboy and I here I am fresh out of college and I'm okay with wearing dressing and wanting to have the "preppy" look. I don't know where to start with the little money I have lol. Can you point me in the right direction?

i got you 100%. Here is a master list and i tried to make everything linked reasonably priced :)

Navy gingham button down

chambray shirt

solid button down

peplum top

Striped tee

striped dress

paper bag skirt

white skinny jeans (have these and love them)

blue skinny jeans (one of my fave denim brands)

white lace shorts

scalloped shorts

seersucker shorts

chino shorts (only $17!)

simple brown sandals

Neutral statement necklace

Tassel necklace

gold watch

leather watch

pearl studs

brown cross body bag

clubmaster sunglasses

off the shoulder top

embroidered top

light blue striped dress

  • 170326 Inkigayo’s Pre-Recording Fans: Gikwang oppa, you’re good-looking~ GK: I heard a lot about that lately (cr. GKing0330)
  • 170326 Inkigayo’s Pre-Recording Dujun seemed to be in good condition today, he even got off the stage while ‘boxing’. XD (cr. LOVING_DU)
  • [Inkigayo pre-rec] During CYFI intro, they were posing for camera in order (JH, YS, DW, GK, DJ). only JH did well, the other were laughing (cr._Hello_o trans:highlightMakassar)
  • [Inkigayo pre-rec] YS wears shirt w/ frill sleeve + specs n seems like he’s in a good mood. They did camera rehearsal once & recording 3x (cr.yysasyforever trans: HighlightMakassar)
  • [Inkigayo pre'rec] there’s earth model (globe?) on d'site, they have to climb on it.the globe was shaking so GK said “earthquake’s so scary” (cr.loving_DU trans:highlightMakassar)


🌼🌸went doll hunting today!🌸🌼

first I went to the thrift store & found three new dolls! they didn’t have much, but I got a ghoulia(who I love) a really pretty bratz doll(who I got bc she was wearing a cute fur shawl that I wanted) & a frankie(who I didn’t realize wasn’t articulated until I took her out of the bag, so she’ll be a model for clothes/wig making) annnnnnd then I went to an outlet store & found a NEW honey swamp for like $12 and she was the only MH doll there so I couldn’t resist!! gonna post pictures of the others when I take better pictures of them, but for now here’s honey 🍯💐💖 ps. her hair is everything omg


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1. When is your birthday? October 4th

2. What color are your eyes? Plain Brown.

3. Have you ever met (or just stood near) anyone famous? Apparently once i was behind a local celebrity on the pharmacy line. 

4. If you had to sing a duet, who would sing with and what song?  Smelly cat, with my cat 8D

5. What advice would you tell your 14-year-old self? Don’t Give up and work harder. 

6. What personal possession have you lost that you still miss? A long grey/black scarf i lost at the University. 

7. What’s your party trick? I can put my fingers on a 90° angle over the back of my hand. 

8. Favorite costume you ever got to wear? My old Witch hat. 

9. What’s your favorite board game? I love Monopoly, but you can’t play it on your own. 

I tag: @simper-fi, @twofee@mdpthatsme and @thesimtraveler


Okay so I understand cleansing is some of the most basic, rudimentary things you learn when starting magic. This isn’t a post about how to cleanse, rather this is about the importance of it. My experience is apparently uncommon, but not unheard of.

I have a protection amulet I used to wear 24/7. It is absolutely lovely. It’s a Celtic Shield my husband enchanted. It worked wonderfully from what I could tell. Maybe too well. After a while of wearing it, I began to get random shakes. They would appear during anxiety and I’d shake as a mechanism to get the thought to go away. I would also just shake for no apparent reason. Over time the shakes got worse and worse. It got so bad that one night before bed I was shaking so bad my husband asked if I was having a seizure. I’ve never had a seizure, but I was sure this wasn’t what it was. My husband reached over and ripped the amulet off of my neck the next morning. I immediately felt relief flood over me. The weight of thousands of battles just got ripped off my shoulders. It was an amazing feeling. After that my shakes went down to only every so often. I will still shake to this day.

The amulet had been worn by me for a very long time and had not been cleansed. I will still use the amulet when I need protecting during a spell or meditation, but wearing it every day worries me, no matter how much I’ve cleansed it.

Magic is powerful and the energy it emanates has power. This can affect us in both positive, negative, and neutral ways whether we realize it or not. This practice can be fun, but it’s not always easy, or safe.