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hey guys i am back!!!! last week was insane bc of the show for dance (which was so fuckin fun!!!!!) but i have Returned, i am done all my midterms (even tho exams are in two weeks haha rip) and im gonna get back to writing for expedition!!!!!! it is so so so close to being done!!!!!!!!! 

While this was a heartbreaking scene to watch, they are not broken up. I can never hate Jay. I understood why he left. I just hate how they introduced the storyline, a ex wife/wife was not needed. They could have done in many different ways and had many opportunities to do so. I just hope they do this story justice and we actually get to see his past. And okay I will be honest, I want them to address the status of him being married. I want to know if the divorce papers got signed or Abby lied about them still being married. I just don’t want it to be a Kelly/Britney situation because I don’t think they got the marriage annulled/divorced

TalesFromYourServer: Fighting with the bar next door over parking

I work at a national sandwich chain called, let’s say, Submergency. My branch is located next to a fairly popular bar that has a permenant 2-for-1 special going on. The problem is that the bar tends to take up most of the parking for the entire strip mall. My boss worked with property management to get some “Submergency customer parking only” signs put up, which worked pretty well. But yesterday morning, when I got to work, the signs were gone. And the gym owner next door said he saw the bar guys taking them down. I find it a pretty big coincidence that our exclusive parking signs disappeared the day before March Madness and St Patrick’s Day, as well as their big anniversary celebration next week. Anyways, my boss called the police this morning, and, what do you know, our signs were back by this afternoon.

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so last thursday, one of my best friends saw Hamilton. she was the one who got me into it, so of course i was really happy for her. she came back to school today and came in with these. she bought these for me because she knew i would love them. i literally tackled her in a hug and squealed in front of my whole class. i love her so much

she also got a poster signed by the whole cast, a tshirt, and she got to meet miguel cervantes. she took a photo with him and he signed her playbill!!

she literally told me everything about it. this is true friendship guys.


‘Power Rangers’ star RJ Cyler talks about playing an autistic character

  • Power Rangers made headlines this week with news that Becky G’s Yellow Ranger is gay (or possibly bisexual). 
  • But the representation doesn’t stop there. The reboot includes an autistic character in the Blue Ranger Billy, played by RJ Cyler. 
  • In an interview with Mic, Cyler said he knew his character would be on the spectrum when he signed onto the film.
  • “I got excited,” he explained, when asked how he reacted to the news. “It was good to be able to see life through a different viewpoint, because we see life through our eyes and so we feel like we have everything understood, but that’s just through our imagination. Being able to just bring that type of aspect to Billy, man, it was just exciting, and it was such an honor to be able to represent such an amazing group of people.” Read more (3/21/17 3:12 PM)

nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco


I am so late to posting this wow. But I just wanted to say thank you so much Jack for being so nice to me on Sunday, this has literally been a dream come true for me for the past few months now and I’ll never forget it.

Also I’ll never forget what you said after I gave you that hat “What in St, Patty’s Day nation.” But again, thank you so much Jack, I am so blessed that I got to meet you and of course Signe too.

P.S. That bracelet I gave you took about an hour and a half to two hours to make but it was worth it!!


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A huge thank you to @fy-good-earp-cleavage for getting this signed by Alycia and posting it back across the world to me.  I will buy you many a drink in Vegas next year <3


Timedog makes it all the way to the barrier, and Flowey comes to some uncomfortable but much-needed realizations about himself.

Also featuring BABY GOAT PRINCES

More will be coming along in the future!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
He's enjoying it (*´・∀・)b

Hello have some Patater before I must do homework :(

Two years ago, Kent Parson would probably have given Alexei Mashkov a handjob under dinner table at that fancy ass restaurant, if Mashkov hadn’t been holding his left hand over the table like a dork the entire time. When he came on to Alexei at the bar the other night, he was legitimately expecting a night of wild Russian sex (he didn’t know what that entailed exactly, but boy, was he hoping to find out). He was, however, not expecting Alexei “Call me Tater” to light up, punch in his phone number, and invite him out to dinner at a respectable location. He was not expecting the walk in the park afterwards, or Tater’s embarrassed, handsome laugh when they talked about everything from Kit Purrson to Tater’s grandmother. He was not expecting to be kissed under the lamplight like some lovestruck woman (or actually asked to be kissed, for that matter) in a black and white film, or to be kissed goodnight and left to his own devices at the door of his apartment.

(This has almost never happened in Kent’s dating history, so he didn’t what to do with himself for the rest of the night. He ended up watching three episodes of Parks and Rec while finishing the rest of the Rocky Road in the fridge.)

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The signs as anime season lengths thingys idk

two 12 episode seasons and a third season that airs when the fans have all aged 50 years and stopped caring: Taurus, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius

one chill 13 episode season, short and sweet: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer

87366 episodes, eight movies, three spin-off series, a Korean live-action drama rendition, and a cult following: Leo, Aries

a cool 2 cour season with a 13 episode follow up/a movie: Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio

Honestly it’s totally ignorant to ignore the abusiveness that is embedded into the American school system. 

Punishments in schools often include public humiliation, isolation, withholding food, and physical punishment. For example, when I was in elementary school I often got detention when my parent’s had to sign something. My parents worked odd hours and I couldn’t always get my stuff signed before the next school, and that meant detention. Detention meant you don’t get to eat lunch, withholding food is a common abuse tactic and this is being used at schools across the country. 

Then there’s the very real threats of violence with schools that have cops on the grounds. I don’t think I really need to show how that’s gone over especially against Black and brown children/teenagers. Not to mention the ways that the public school system absolutely fails and abuses children with disabilities. Violence, discrimination, and exclusion and we hear about this OFTEN, like there’s no way you can be ignorant about this.  

Now here’s the thing, I personally think there are a lot of great teachers, and as someone who was abused at home, a lot of teachers helped me growing up. However, the American school system is specifically designed to punish students in this way. There’s a reason that so many abuse survivors see these parallels because the school system often employs the same methods seen at home. I don’t think this trivializes abuse, I think it highlights how normalized this behavior is and we’re never going to address these problems if we refuse to acknowledge it.