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Got some books today to celebrate me getting the job I’ve been wanting for months!

Pictured is Les Miserables, American Supernatural Tales (a collection of horror stories), The Picture of Dorian Gray, and A Little Princess! I’ve only read A Little Princess on my kindle but I had to have a beautiful physical copy, as it’s one of my favorite books.


Ok, Lucifer is supposed to be the ‘light bringer’ in this ship, right?

But look! Whenever Chloe is there

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it is Lucifer

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who practically has

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light coming out of his (very fit) ass

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and his mouth

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and look basically like everywhere

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So God basically used Chloe to re-kindle Lucifer’s light and make him the Lightbringer again and I love it :’) (probably not as much as they love each other but still)

Kemetic Book Recommendations for Beginners

A few months into exploring Kemetic religion and it’s been a struggle to find books that are actually useful and informative. I thought I’d make a little list of ones that I found to be helpful. Most of these I got on my Kindle, and some I bought in a local used book store. I thought maybe this would be useful for other beginner Kemetics.

Rituals & Practice

Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern World by Richard J. Reidy

Egyptian Religion, Generally

Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt by Emily Teeter

The Gods of the Egyptians (Vols. 1 & 2) by E.A. Wallis Budge (Old and somewhat dated, but lots of good information)

The Egyptian Book of the Dead translated by E.A. Wallis Budge, Edited by John Baldock (lots of good illustrations)

Myths & Stories

The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends by Garry J. Shaw

Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green

Gods of Ancient Egypt by Barbara Watterson

Egyptian History

The Egypt Story: Its Art, Its Monuments, Its People, Its History by P.H. Newby & Fred J. Maroon

Discovering Ancient Egypt by Rosalie David

Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation by Aidan Dodson

The Life and Times of Akhnaton by Arthur Weigall

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson

kirkwall is better. dirt and dust and no one knows your face. 

trashchild in kirkwall. see also: 2017 moodboard.

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How many times have you read/reread TLC?

Lets see…

I read Cinder and Scarlet about a month before Cress came out. But then we had to wait a while for Winter to come out and when it did I read up to chapter 13 I wanna say…and was like, “Da eff is going on?” Honestly, I just read a lot of books between Cress and Winter. So then I had to put Winter down and reread the whole series leading up to it. Then I finished Winter and oh man was I deep in the feels.

Then I literally reread Winter!

After that, I still couldn’t shake the feels so I listened to the audiobooks from the beginning. If you guys have not heard the audiobooks, I highly recommend it. I think Rebecca Solar does a fantastic job with all the voices, especially Iko and Thorne!! 

Then I got all of the paperback books (I was reading the series on my Kindle) so that I could reread and mark things up for fanfic… so in reality I have probably read/reread the whole series 4 times thus far. Full disclosure, this does not include all the times I’ve reread or relistened to all of the Cresswell parts of the series because I am complete and utter trash and should seek professional help. 

New Year, New Me (pt 28)

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to get healthier and then every year I…don’t. But this is the year! So I’ve got some ~overall resolutions, then monthly goals, and then weekly goals (following 52 Small Changes by Brett Blumenthal–available on Kindle Unlimited).

So overall resolutions:

  • Get healthier
  • Write everyday

Monthly resolutions (so far)

  • January - No more fast food!
  • February - Eat more greens
  • March - Let’s get physical

I’m also going to try to do a weekly journal to ~document my progress (that journal might be here). I’ve also got a fitness planner, and I even started this year with an hour-long 3 mile walk so…yay me?

Happy New Year, everybody!

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Random way you made a stranger's day better: I got a kindle recently and had only downloaded my desert island books, which are kind of varied so it was recommending random books I might like. The end of SFI (fantastic as always, btw) [1]

reminded me to grab a digital copy of UMS I’ve had waiting on amazon for a bit. My kindle took one look at the download and said “ah ha, you’re queer!” and recommended a bunch of LGBT authors, including one I love and had forgotten about for years. 2

Lol, I’m glad Under My Skin connected you with all your previously-loved gay books. Enjoy your journey down gay nostalgia lane~ XD

Book ALERT for Fans of Fantasy with Female Protagonists



The Green Rider is the story of a girl who comes into a position of great responsibility by happenstance - and is thrust into a web of intrigue and betrayal. There are great characters, romance and a story that draws you in easily. If you liked Mercedes Lackey’s Arrows of the Queen, this book will be right up your alley.  

I remember buying this when it first came out at the Barnes and Noble in downtown Pittsburgh and absolutely devouring it once I got back to my dorm room. It’s a fun read: the novel equivalent of that really awesome summer blockbuster that you can’t help but like. Readers who like Anne McCaffrey, Merecedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce and Marion Zimmer Bradley should definitely give this one a try!

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may i ask for book recs pls? or personal faves??

i can do that! disclaimer: i only read femslash novels, it’s like a thing now, if it’s not explicitly gay and by that i mean tagged with lgbt and all the reviews talk about a femslash main pairing, i won’t read it, alright, now that we’ve got that established, here we go, i’ll link you to the goodreads page and also tell you my opinions on it and whatnot

  • Colorblind by Siera Maley
    • i got this on my kindle without reading any reviews or like, actually confirming that i’d like it because i read a previous book written by siera maley and i trusted her to impress me again and let me just say she fucking delivered, i read it all in one sitting and i love love love the hyper realism centered in our natural world and all the little concepts sort of fall together in the end and makes perfect sense, it’s a goddamn rollercoaster ride of emotions and the relationship is realistic like, it’s not some saccharine love story, it’s real and rooted in feelings we can relate to and the development, both plot-wise and character-wise, was done amazingly well 
  • Black Iris by Leah Raeder
    • alright, listen, i loved this so much, it was all i talked about for like weeks, the main character has bpd and its really evident? the mental illness isn’t used to romanticize her or make her seem like an “aesthetic sick girl” and appeal to the male romantic interest. in a shocking turn of events her female romantic love interest is bipolar, i think, i don’t quite remember, but she suffers from mental illness too. the plot twist at the end is like a gunshot to the heart and it’s just not what you would expect. also the writing is absolutely amazing, like, listen to this, “we love with claws and teeth and the blood is just proof of how much we feel”. i am physically unable to describe this book with words, there’s so much and it’s so good and it ends beautifully 
  • Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown
    • i read this one recently, like a week back maybe? it’s really super cute, and might be a little unrealistic within the “homophobic small town” trope because like there are people who are staunchly against The Gays and the protag does lose friends once she comes out (is this a spoiler? idk? it’s a happy ending femslash so i don’t think so) but our girls are mostly accepted by the people who are important to them and i know that isn’t like totally realistic within our society but i love it, because having a sweet femslash love story to just read and soak up is really fucking great you know, anyway, the plot progresses nicely, even tho it’s kinda slow at times, and you sort of finish the book feeling satisfied
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters
    • this is something i read a long time ago, like, maybe last year? the beginning of this year? but it’s stuck with me this entire time and i distinctly remember telling my friend an in-depth summary of this while we walked home from school, i picked this up before i had my “only femslash books” ultimatum because it seemed interesting and i remember halfway through the first chapter realizing that the protag was a girl and not a boy, like, the name on the synopsis and at first was alex and i was like oh yeah cool but turns out she’s a girl! and she snowboards which is uber cool but anyway the book progresses very nicely and deals with issues in a realistic manner and it’s the kind of book you remember even after a long time, as made evident by yours truly
Today, I fucked up... by being John Cena

This FU happened within the last 24 hours! I live with my girlfriend in London about 500 miles from my family home, and my sisters graduating today so we decided we’d travel the 8 hours down and surprise them, as we’d previously thought we wouldn’t make it but a change in holiday schedule at work made it possible. Anyway - last Christmas my dad got a Sonos sound system, which is controlled from smartphones connected to the houses wifi, so everyone has access to it including myself. My parents tend to sit and relax to Classic FM and read their kindles together, bless them. So we turned up outside and I connected to the Sonos and thought it’d be a good idea to announce our arrival with some music. I promptly interrupted their string quartet listening with JOHN CENA’s entrance song with the volume up very loud. I thought it was perfect until I entered the house to find it had caused my dad to spill boiling tea onto his lap, scalding his manhood.

tl;dr - John Cena burned my dads crotch

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Kindled - Derek Luh Imagine




It was a long day at college my professors were being absolutely ridiculous, they expect me to finish 3 essays and study for exams all in one week. Im up to my eyes in homework. All I wanted to do tonight was go home and cuddle with my boyfriend of 4 years Derek. Derek and I have been close ever since we were little, our moms were best friends. It was around junior year when I fell for Derek hard. He asked me out towards the end of our Junior year. I got everything I wanted.

I pull into the driveway and see Derek’s car there. Thats weird he should be at the studio. I walk through the door and set my keys down on the kitchen counter. I grab a water bottle and walk down the dimly lit hallway to Derek’s and I’s bedroom. 

I poke my head through the door and see Derek sitting on the bed looking out the window. “Babe?” I say trying to get his attention. Derek turns around and gives me a small smile.

“Whats wrong Derek, Is everything okay at work?” I ask coming to sit on the bed next to him. I place my arm around his waist and pull him close he puts his head on my shoulder. 

“Everything is perfect at work. My career is taking off but there is one problem.” Derek says looking down at his hands. 

“Okay, what is it whatever it is we can work through it.” I say rubbing small circles on his back. 

Derek takes a deep breath and sighs, “They want me in L.A in a week.” 

I inhale sharply and stand up. I walk to the window then pivot around on my foot, “So what does this mean for us.” 

Derek gets up and makes his way towards me he cups my face in his large hands, “come with me. We can get an apartment out there together you can find a job or i can just work, all i know is that i want you to be with me.” He then leans in and captures my lips with his. 

I pull back from the kiss and hug him. I burry my head into his chest and mumble “I can’t.” 

Derek pulls away from me and looks me in the eyes. “W-W-Why not?” He stutters. 

“I have college. Exams are next week and I have so much homework and I can’t drop out now. I need to graduate.” I say bringing my self back into Derek’s arms  inhaling his sent for possibly the last time. 

“So I guess we have to end this. Long distance doesn’t work out.” Derek says as a tear slips down his face. 

“I guess this is it.” I say as tears slowly fall down my face as well.

“I love you y/n.” Derek says wiping tears away and hugging me one last time. 

“I love you too Derek Luh.” 

The next week Derek was gone and i let him slip away.


Its been two years since Derek walked out of my life to pursue his dreams. After I graduated college, I moved to L.A to open up my own business. I lived in this cute little apartment uptown close to a lot of record labels. I had been in L.A for almost 9 months now and it was great my friends and I party on the weekends like crazy, most of my nights are blurry. 

I met this really cute guy at a party once and it turns out he lives below me! Crazy right? The boys name was Nate and he was a rapper I didn’t know much about him or his friends. He invited me over to hang out with him and he said a few of his friends might be dropping by. 

I knock on Nate’s door and not even 10 seconds later the door swings open. The cute dimpled boy smiles and pulls me into a warm hug. 

I giggle, “Hi Nate its nice to see you.” I give him a cheeky smile. 

“Come on Lil mama some of my friends are already here.” Nate says and leads me into the living room. 

Inside the small casual room are 4 boys there names are Jack J, Jack G, Sammy and John but they call John, swazz. We are all laughing and telling random stories and even listening to the boys freestyle when we hear a knock on the door. Nate gets up to open the door and comes back in with another one of his friends. 

I turn around to see who this friend is and my eyes grow wide when I see Derek. “Oh my god Derek.” I mumble under my breath. I turn my head around and close my eyes hoping I was just dreaming.

“You okay y/n?” Swazz asks with a questioning look. 

“Yup” I quickly say and give a small nod.

“Derek I want you to meet someone.” Nate says walking around the couch to the side where I’m facing. I hold my breath and stand up only to come eye to eye with the love of my life. 

“Y/n?” Derek says clearly confused. 

“Umm… Hi.” I say reaching out to shake his hand. He shakes my hand  then pulls me towards him only to whisper “What the hell are you doing here.” 

“You two know each other?” Nate asks looking back and forth between us. 

“He’s an old friend.” I say not taking my eyes off of Derek. 

“We go way back.” Derek adds. 

“Wait a minute is this the girl that you left behind to come join us.” Sammy says standing up walking over with a sly smirk on his face. 

“I guess I’m that girl. On that note Im gonna head back to my apartment. Nice seeing you guys. Bye Derek.” I mumble the last part. 

I turn to walk out of the apartment and Im half way down the hallway to the elevators when I feel a hand on my arm that quickly spins me around. 

“We need to talk.” Derek says looking deep into my eyes waiting for an answer.

“Okay…” I say slowly “Lets go to my room.” 

Derek and I get into my room and it was so nice to see him. We settled things over and had a few small conversations about what we have been doing since we parted. 

I felt Derek reach for my hand then push a fallen curl out of my face and behind my ear. He always used to do that just to make me feel special. 

“I never stopped loving you y/n. I want you to know that. I tried to get over you. I had a relationship with one girl but she reminded me too much of you and I couldn’t put my self through that. Not again.” Derek says rubbing small patterns on my smooth hands. 

“Derek, I love you and I always have. I miss you so much there’s not a day where I didn’t think about you.” I lean in and place my forehead on his looking into his gorgeous orbs. 

“Please come back to me.” Derek whispers. 

He then grabs my face and smashes his lips onto mine. Our lips were in sync as our tongues fought for dominance. His obviously won. I smiled into the kiss. 

“Never let me go Derek.”  


Thank you to the anon who requested it! I had a lot of fun writing this one! 

Remember requests are open! 

-M 💕

last year when i got a kindle i decided to seek out the worst (free) str8 erotica i could find so i could horrify myself (and ooooh boy was i horrified by the phrase “he could smell her sweet, hungry pussy” on page 3) and even though i’ve read so many other books since then my recommendations are still flooded by stuff like that lmfao @ amazon stop

I got tagged by @itsallaboutpie 🙃

- Nickname: Mandy, Mandiesel, Jiggy
- Star Sign: by seasonal zodiac, I’m a Sagittarius, but technically I was born under Ophiuchus.
- Height: 5′1" smol bean
- Time right now: 7:11am, no joke
- Last thing I googled: “binti meduse” because I’m reading a sci-fi story on my kindle (the very first thing I’ve ever read on my new kindle!) and I’m having a hard time imagining what this alien race looks like, so I was hoping for some kind of artist representation.
- Fave music artist: My go-to music is Linkin Park, okay, shut up.
- Song stuck in my head: I Want You by Savage Garden. You know, that “chicka-cherry cola” song from the 90s.
- Last movie I watched: in theaters, it would have been Arrival, because the overlap between ALIENS and LINGUISTICS. I think I watched Batman: Under the Red Hood on my laptop vaguely recently?
- Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe, probably.
- What am I wearing right now: my Batman pj pants and one of my teal long-sleeved shirts. This one is a turtleneck with lace cutouts on the shoulders.
- When did I create my blog: holy shit, like 2012 I think?
- What kind of stuff do I post: I am mostly just content to reblog, but I have been known to post some drawings, selfies, pics of my cat, and occasionally a wildly popular text post or two.
- Do I have any other blogs: Ha! I have 9 including this one, and not including the 3 (or more?) I created with different email addresses. I mostly use them as a way to organize things because there is just so much junk on my main blog now.
- Do I get asks regularly: almost never.
- Why did I choose my url: I had a persona in high school called Jigamaree that has adapted and long-since outlasted the fandom I created it for.
- Gender: Demi-girl
- Hogwarts house: Growing up, I always thought I was a Gryffindor, and I still have tons of merch for that house. But every single reliable test has put me firmly in Slytherin, so I’m embracing it now.
- Pokemon team: I’m Team Instinct and I’m not even sorry.
- Favorite color: gray, teal, mauve, black, and burgundy
- Average hours of sleep: lately it’s been like, 4, ugh. I’d prefer at least 7.
- Favorite character(s): Franken Stein from Soul Eater, Theresa from Fable, The Architect and Flemeth from Dragon Age. (… I may have a type or two. Super powerful, ancient, cryptic, old ladies pulling the strings of fate who wear burgundy; and really tall scientists with empathy problems and a deformity skewed to the left who wear purple.)
- How many blankets do I sleep with: 3 that I stack and cycle between as it gets colder/warmer.
- Dream job: like, professionally, I guess something along the lines of a content writer/editor/manager for a fun language-learning company or something. But really deep down, I want to be an artist/writer/developer for my own stories, visual novels, and small indy video games. Or, you know, Earth’s ambassador to the vulcans, whenever first contact happens.
- Following: 180, no wonder it takes me so long to get through my dash.

I’m gonna tag @fuzzyhairedfreak, @daemonmatthias, and @findangoh