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Seasons: Spring

Here’s the next part of the series!! Hope you all enjoy!! xx B


The last few days had been a whirlwind of different relatives popping by to say hello to the newest Styles family member, Harry trying to fend off any paps that might get a little too close for comfort outside of the hospital (they’d found out your room umber and used those high-tech lenses to take far off pictures), and your eldest daughter being a little bit of a brat at all times. You could barely keep up with her mood swings, since now you were having to tend to your newborn, and Harry was at his wit’s end when your little family finally returned to your home on the outskirts of London.
“Love, why don’ yeh go on t'bed, I’ll get her,” he nods to you oldest child, “to sleep.” Nodding, you call your daughter over and press a kiss to her forehead and wish her goodnight, not noticing the way her eyes are trained on the small, sleeping bundle in your arms. Harry, however, frowns quizzically when he sees how standoffish she’s become, but doesn’t say anything about it, brushing it off as an effect of her exhaustion. After a quick bath and a bedtime story, Harry sponges sweet kisses all over her cheeks and stands to leave.
“Daddy?” Her voice comes out timid and a little sad, and Harry turns quickly to look at her. No tears are brimming her eyes, only a slight furrow in her brows telling of her mood.
“Yes, angel?” He watches the little girl toy with her bedsheets, her green eyes rising to meet his.
“Do you and Mummy still love me?” Harry’s taken aback by the question, a frown etching itself onto his own face. He gently settles back on the tiny bed beside her, his large hand going to smooth down her hair.
“O'course, petal, o'course we do. How could we not? You’re our girl, aren’t yeh?” The wheels of his mind are click-click-clicking as he tries to work out exactly what’s put the ludicrous idea into her sweet little mind. “What in t'world would make yeh the kids we wouldn’t still love yeh?”
“Because Baby Sister.” Harry blinks in surprise.
“Baby Sis–oh. Angel, c'mere.” He gathers her into his arms and cuddles her tightly, loving the way she clings to his shirt. “Listen here; yeh mum an’ I will always love yeh, no matter wha’. We love yeh sister, too, but we don’ love yeh any less because o’ her, a'right? You’re still m'girl. Still my Love Bug, yeah? You’re the one who made me a Daddy in th’ first place. Could never not love yeh.” She snuggles into him, green eyes peering up at him with much more intensity that a six-year-old should be able to muster.
“Promise?” The word snaps his heart into two. Harry swallows harshly and nods, holding out his pinky finger.
“Promise, Love Bug. An’ Mummy promises too.” With a few more kisses and another round of tucking her in, Harry exits her room and shuffles down to your bedroom, rubbing at his eyes. The sight of you holding your newborn baby and singing softly under your breath warms his whole body, and he smiles as he pads over to you.
“What took so long?” You whisper, careful not to stir the sleeping child. Harry drops a kiss on your lips, his hand rubbing at your neck.
“She was askin’ if we still loved her because we have a new baby.” A chip breaks off your heart at the thought. His green eyes are focused in on the infant’s face, such a love-stricken look that only compares to when he’d first laid eyes on your first child in the hospital. Harry gently takes the baby, cooing softly as the baby stirs, and closes his eyes contently.
“Love yeh, Flower. No matter wha’, I love yeh. Even if yeh do scream yeh lungs out because dear ol’ Dad takes yeh from Mumma.” He brushes tender fingers over the baby’s brow, swallowing hard. Little eyes flutter open and he smiles down at the child, “Got eyes like spring flowers, y'do.”

Daddy Osterfield pt. 2

Because I got such an overwhelming response to part one and also for Audrey, because she asked and I know she’ll ace her test :P

Warnings: a minor panic attack (I don’t think I wrote it well but yeah)

Word count: 1676

Tagging: @misshollander1 @tomsleftbrow (ask to be tagged if you’d like)

Part 3 here

You got dressed in your favourite outfit, which consisted of ripped skinny jeans and a baggy shirt, scarf and jacket combo. You always received compliments when wearing this so you decided it was a good outfit to go with. Audrey argued until she got to wear her purple batgirl suit that Hannah had once again let her get, if not for the fact that she hadn’t actually seen batgirl in anything apart from the Lego movie you would have not approved of the outfit but Audrey knew you were going to the shops which meant she got to go on the jungle gym in the food court and show all the other kids just how cool she was. Shaking your head you just let her go with it, some fights just aren’t worth it with the kid.

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Bedbound - Snowbound Part 009

Like the last part, this one started out *considerably* smaller. In the process of expanding it, things got sloppy and I needed to try to fix it, but hey! It’s here. It’s another light one, and I hope you enjoy. x

Dad Harold/Snowbound Masterlist

It’s a horrible, hacking cough.

It’s the kind that keeps him up at night and makes his voice all rough, and the kind where he can feel his lungs struggling to expand and take air in. He’s had it since Monday night (after hiding his sore throat from you half a day on Sunday and Monday morning before leaving early when he could no longer be in denial) and he’s taken every type of vitamin supplement and chugged every type of tea, and juice, and soup that there is. It relieves his misery, but still it lingers.  

So, on Thursday morning, he texts you to tell you that he’s caught something nasty and not to come over. He doesn’t want either of you catching it, and he’d insisted upon your absence even when you’d tried to press back. He’d snapped at some point and you hadn’t responded, nor had you responded when he’d apologized after the fact. He’s going to have to try again, but for now, as long as your anger keeps you away….

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moana and maori culture

when i was 13 my mumma moved us to New Zealand for 2 years. I went to school there and traveled all over the south island and had a generally beautiful time, but the one thing I will never forget is how much of the Maori Culture is embedded in New Zealand’s everyday happenings.

Over the two years I was there, I (like everyone who attended school) learned about Maori language, customs and history. Not in a superficial “yes they exist” way like Australia does with the Aboriginal culture, but actually got involved with the Iwi and leaned about language and practices from Maori chiefs and members of the community. It was a privilege that I’ll always be grateful for.

I just got back from seeing Moana and while I would never boast to be an expert or even a part of Polynesian culture, I couldn’t help but recognize the Hongi (the forehead touching Maori greeting) that Moana does with her grandmother, and the Hukka Maui does when he faces Tefiti. Maui himself is a figure in Maori mythology I remember learning about when I went to school in NZ.

Admittedly I was a little worried this film would be one giant visual scrapbook of cultural appropriation. But with a strongly Polynesian cast and crew leading the production, my worries proved unnecessary.

But like I said, my knowledge is limited and I don’t claim any connection to the culture, biologically, I was just really pleased to see a culture I have appreciated and respected for a big part of my life be shown so beautifully through a story so heartwarming and i hope Moana is a film everyone goes and sees and loves and i never hear about Frozen ever again.

also s/o to my boi taika waititi for anything he touches being golden

Hair (Request)

hey! could you do something where you come home from work and walk in on Harry and your daughter and he is doing her hair or something and OMG


When you’re a mom, getting sick is not ideal. So when you woke up that morning with a pounding head and a throat that felt like daggers, you knew you were in trouble. You laid there in bed, eyes shut and hands trying to shield your face from the intrusive sunlight, and let out a small groan.

Beside you, Harry rolled over and slung an arm over your waist.

“What’s wrong?”

“My head is killing me.” You replied. “And my throat hurts.”

Harry leaned up a bit, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and moved your hand away from your face. You grimaced at the sudden onset of light again as Harry pressed a quick kiss to your forehead.

“You’re burning up, sweetheart.” He said, eyes full of worry.

You were about to reply when you heard the familiar sound of tiny feet padding down the hallway toward your bedroom. Your door creaked open slowly and soon there was a little figure standing at the side of your bed.

“Hi mumma.”

You put on your best smile. “Morning, precious.”

“Can I snuggle?”

Your three-year-old daughter, (Y/D/N) had a habit of crawling into bed with you and Harry in the mornings after she woke up. Typically you didn’t mind; it let you stay in bed a little bit longer. But this morning, you just weren’t feeling it.

Thankfully, Harry came to your rescue and leaned over your shoulder so he could see her.

“Mumma’s not feeling well, lovebug. Why don’t you come on this side and cuddle with daddy this morning?”

You saw your daughter’s eyes grow a little bigger as she looked at you.

“Mumma, are you sick?”

You nodded and reached out to gently caress her hair.

“A little bit, baby. But don’t worry, I’m okay. I think daddy really wants a snuggle this morning though.”

She nodded hesitantly before walking around to the other side of the bed. Harry helped lift her up and get her situated, cradling her under his arm as she laid on his chest.

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Christmas 2025

aka the Christmas where there is a new baby, Jude is slightly suspicious, Alex is pantless, Chris is in tears, Grace is exhausted, and Harry is the Sexiest Man Alive

Sugar on the Asphalt | Tennessee Teacakes


Harry Styles is acutely aware of the fact that his five-year-old son has a vendetta against Santa Claus. He found elaborate plans drawn on the back of a magazine he was on the cover of—People’s Sexist Man Alive—to catch him on Christmas Eve. And while Harry is known to indulge his children’s peculiar (and slightly terrifying) passions, he’s also acutely aware of the fact that he hasn’t slept in seven weeks. His tolerance and patience are wearing thin, so when he finds the cushions of the couch stuffed into the fire place, he just about cries.

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Barbies Are For Boys Too

i love the idea for this one so i had lots of fun writing it (plus this is how i’d probably react if this happened to me) anyways i really hope you enjoy it (: 

I was currently on tour and Harry and our son, Mason, were accompanying me since Harry had finished Dunkirk and didn’t have any jobs or anything for a while and Mason was four which meant he was too young to start school. Plus we didn’t really need someone to babysit him while I was busy, because Harry could take care of him and Mason played with Lux most of the time anyways. I asked Lou to be my stylist for this tour and she joyfully agreed. She admitted that she had missed working for the boys terribly, and couldn’t wait to work with me. I had always thought of Lou as an aunt ever since we got close before Harry and I started dating a few years ago. Now we’re engaged and most of the people who I had met through the boys were close friends of mine. I even set up my best friend with one of Harry’s best friends a year ago, and Niall and Selena have been inseparable ever since. And now that Niall was opening up for me and Selena was taking a break from touring they got to come along with us too. And they weren’t the only ones, Louis and Danielle were joining us for a few weeks because they finally caught a break. Louis was part of a football team and Danielle got a major role in a movie and both were on hold at the moment. Louis got to have Freddie for the first week, but then he had to go back with Brianna before we went from LA to Florida. That’s where we were now and me, being bored with having to stay in either the hotel or the dressing room, came up an idea. 

“Hey, Harry?” I said, looking over at him as he played some game on his phone. 

“Hm?” He hummed, apparently too immersed in his game to look away for even a second. “I think you and Mason and I should go to the store.” I proposed.

That sentence was enough to make him put his phone down and look at me as if I was insane.

“You can’t be serious, love.” He said incredulously.

I gave him a look. “Of course, I’m serious. I’m sick of being stuck in here and I need a few things from the store anyways. Mason needs snacks and stuff and I need the fresh air.”

He sighed. “Alright, but we’re bringing Jason. As strong as I am, I can’t protect you two from everything on my own.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Thank you. You go get him and I’ll get Mason.”

He nodded, then got up from his spot beside me on the couch. I got up as well, walking over to Mason, Lux, and Lou.

“Hi, (y/n)!” Lux exclaimed. “Mumma’s doing my hair!”

Lou smiled as she wrapped strands of her daughter’s hair around a curling iron. Mason made grabby hands at me, so I picked him up.

“Mumma, I want my hair done too.” Mason said, pointing to Lou.

I laughed, running my fingers through his shoulder length hair that resembled his father’s before he cut it. “Maybe if your good at the store, when we get back Auntie Lou will do your hair.”

Lou looked at me with wide eyes. “You are mad, woman,”

“It’s not going to be that bad,” I tried. “We’re bringing Jason, and we’ll only be there for a second. I just need food and stuff for Mason.”

“Can you get me food too? I really want some candy.” Lux asked.

“Now, Luxy, how do we ask for things?” Lou said.

“Can you please get me some candy, (y/n)?” Lux tried again.

“Yes ma'am I can,” I smiled.

Just then Harry and my bodyguard came into the dressing room.

“You are completely insane, I just want you to know.” Jason said, crossing his arms.

I rolled my eyes again. “I know, I’ve basically been told that twice already.”

“I can understand why,” He gibed, causing Harry to hold back laughter.

“Alright, alright, let’s get going.” I shooed them away.

“Good luck!” Lou called out as we left the room.

We made our way down the hallway when we passed Niall and Selena.

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” Selena asked us.

“This one wanted to go to the shop really quick,” Harry said as he pointed at me.

Niall and Selena gave me looks.

“I know, I know,” I piped up before they could speak. “I just wanted to actually go get food for my son for once.”

Selena looked at me understandingly while Niall shook his head.

“You’re absolutely nuts, (y/n).” He said.

Selena slapped his arm. “Hey, don’t be rude, she just wants to do something normal. I can totally understand where she’s coming from.”

He sighed. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want something to go wrong. All you see on social media is how people are getting too close for comfort to people they’re fans of. But, I’m sure with Jason and Harry by your side you’ll be fine.”

“It’s okay,” I assured him. “We will be fine. Most of the people are outside anyways, they won’t expect us to be at Walmart.”

“Good luck with everything, love you.” Selena said as she hugged me, then looked at Mason. “And I love you too, little cutie.” Mason giggled.

“We love you more, I’ll let you know when we get there and when we get back.” I told her.

“I’d greatly appreciate that,” She smiled.

“See you later, mate,” Harry waved at Niall.

“See ya, I really do wish you guys luck.” He waved back.

“Thanks,” We said in unison as we walked away.


We finally got through traffic and got to the store, beanies on our heads and sunglasses on our faces. Jason insisted that we wear them, but I took my sunglasses off as soon as we got a cart and I put Mason and my purse into it. Harry did the same soon after. I texted Selena that we had made it, and we were on our way to the isle with crackers and other snacks in it when we passed the toy isles.

“Mumma!” Mason exclaimed. “Look, toys!”

“I know, but we’re here to get snacks for you and Lux, not toys.” I explained.

Mason started pouting, tears welling up in his little green eyes as he began to cry.

“Mason, buddy, don’t cry. We’ll get toys another time, yeah?” Harry consoled.

Mason whined a bit louder. “No, Dadda, I want toys now!”

I looked at Harry, then at Jason. Both of them shrugged.

I sighed. “Alright, bubby, let’s go look at some toys. But we’re only looking okay? We’ll get some another time.”

Mason nodded eagerly, clapping his hands together.

I pushed the cart into the isle, and Mason was at awe. Since this was basically the first time he had been to a store since he was very little, he hadn’t really seen a toy isle before. It kind of hurt to know that he probably wouldn’t be able to see one again for a long while. But I tried to focus on how happy he was right now. Harry picked up a little Hotwheels car and showed it to Mason, making car noises with him. He loved it, but was soon looking around for something else.

“Ooh, look at that one! I want that one!” He said kind of loudly, causing us to look around to make sure no one was paying attention. I then followed his finger to find a Barbie with blue hair and sparkly clothes.

“You want that one, bubby?” I asked as I pointed to it too.

“Mhm, can I please have it, Mummy?” Mason asked sweetly. How could I ever say no to that?

I walked over and grabbed it off of the shelf, then handed it to him. He couldn’t stop smiling once I gave it to him. He started playing with it, not caring that was still in its packaging. I was grinning from ear to ear seeing how happy it made him, when Jason nudged me slightly. He nodded his head towards a lady who was also in the isle, her daughter looking at the Barbies too. She was giving Harry and I a judgmental look, and I realized it was because our son had a Barbie in his hands.

“Can I help you, ma'am?” I said firmly.

“I just don’t understand who in their right mind would give their son a girl’s toy.” She said harshly.

I scoffed. “And I don’t know who in their right mind would think that toys had genders. Last time I checked, most of them were made of plastic and didn’t really care who bought them or who played with them.”

She laughed. “Come on, Sarah, we need to get away from these crazy people.”

“Good plan, I was just about to ask you to leave.” Jason spat.

The lady eyed Jason, looking at the pocket on his shirt that had ‘security’ printed on it, then turned and walked off, dragging her daughter behind her.

Harry laughed. “Why was she so hung up on whether or not our son got a certain toy? I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal, to be honest.”

“She made me so angry. I would never tell another mother how to raise her child, why did some random lady think she could tell me not to let my son look at a Barbie? She had some nerve…” I ranted.

We looked at Mason, who was still contently playing with the toy. Suddenly, I got another idea.

“Mason, do you want that toy?” I asked him.

His eyes lit up. “Yes, please.”

I smiled. “Then lets go get it, hm?”

“Yay!” Mason beamed, doing a happy dance.

Harry grinned at me. “I love you, (y/n).”

“I love you too,” I kissed his cheek. “Now let’s go get the rest of the stuff we need so we can go.”


We arrived back at the venue, and saw everyone in the dressing room once we came in.

“Guess what I got, guess what I got!” Mason cheered as he ran over to the couch and stood in front of Louis and Niall.

“What did you get?” Niall asked excitedly.

“A Barbie!” Mason yelled, pulling his hand from behind his back and revealing his new toy.

Everyone gasped playfully.

Louis pulled Mason onto his lap. “Wow, look at that, would you?” Mason got his own Barbie!“

“No fair, I want one!” Niall sang.

“Ask Mummy for one then,” Mason said, causing everyone to laugh.

Harry joined his friends, Lux following after him to see Mason’s toy, as Selena and Danielle walked up to me and Lou. Harry grabbed some water bottles that were laying around and started juggling them, causing us to chuckle.

“I thought you guys were just getting food?” Lou said.

“Well, it started out that way, until Mason wanted to look at some toys and this bitch thought she could judge me for handing my son a doll.” I explained. They all looked shocked.

“You went off on her right?” Selena asked me.

“Basically,” I answered. “She said she didn’t get why anyone in their right mind would give their son a girl’s toy, so I said I didn’t know anyone in their right mind who thought toys had genders. I’m so over this stigma that boys can’t have dolls and girls can’t have trucks or action figures. So, I bought Mason the Barbie and got the rest of what we needed and we left.”

“I’m so proud of you,” Danielle smiled. “Fuck gender norms,”

“If i were you, Jason would have had to break up a fight today,” Lou chuckled.

“I would’ve done the same thing. Except I would have covered Mason’s ears and said, ‘Fuck you, i’m buying my son a Barbie.’” Selena joked.

“I’m just glad you guys agree with me,” I exhaled. “So many people have backwards opinions, and I hate that. I’m happy you all have good heads on your shoulders.”

We turned to watch Mason play Barbies with Lux, and I got yet another idea. I pulled out my phone and tweeted:

@y/t/n: To the lady who judged Harry and I for buying Mason a Barbie, if only you could see his smile right now. Then you’d know just why I did it.

I looked up from my phone to see Harry on his. Apparently he got the same idea. I checked my phone and saw that he had tweeted:

@Harry_Styles: Barbies are for boys too. Just saying.


thank you for reading! if you liked it, feel free to send me requests for other things to write, requests are always open x

The Story of Our Lives

I Have Loved You Since Series: The Story of Our Lives



“Don’t think of it as beans, babe,” you laughed, taking a sip another sip of water from your glass. “Pretend they’re yummy Skittles… You love those, don’t you?”

Noah continued to pick at his plate of vegetables, mostly green because he had already finished the carrots – the only healthy food he liked. His knuckles pushed against his cheeks as he let out a heavy, disappointed sigh; his failed attempt of trying to swoon you into letting him leave the table. “Yeah, real rubbish we can only get them in ‘Merica.”

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nhlover  asked:

can you write a one shot with em and harry taking the kids to the Dunkirk premiere?!?!

Home Sweet Home

Thankfully it turned out that I didn’t need to stay in LA very long at all for the movie so Em and the kids stayed in London while I flew there.  We stayed in contact with Skype and Facetime the entire two weeks I was gone.  And when I came home, they all but tackled me as I walked through the front door.

Lucy pulled me towards her room.  There were very important school decisions to be made that she wanted to make sure I was a part of.  

I sat down with her on the bed as she handed me some of her school supplies,

“Mumma said I didn’t need pens yet…but I got pens.  Cuz we start cursive soon.”

I smiled at her.  God how I missed this little ball of intelligence,

“Well then it’s a good thing you got pens, Diz.”

She nodded,

“And I got new shoes.  Wanna see ‘em?”

“Course I do.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb about like a morning in the Styles family (when Harry and (y/n) are married with kids) it would be so cute!! ❤️

Sunday mornings in the Styles household were the one morning when no one had anything on: neither Harry nor I worked on Sundays and none of the kids had any school or clubs to attend. For this reason, Sunday mornings were what Harry called ‘The Lazy Morning’.

Before any of the kids were born, I could lay in bed all day with Harry but, as a mother now, it’s impossible to lay around doing nothing.

“Why are you making so much noise? It’s too early.” Harry whined, though it was muffled due to his head being hidden beneath the blankets.

“This vacuum won’t work itself, you know.” I hummed, “you’d know that if you ever done the vacuuming.”

“I do plenty other housework, vacuuming is boring and loud and especially annoying when I need my beauty sleep.” He grumbled, still not making an appearance.

“Harry, it’s half past 11, you’ve had almost 10 hours sleep.” I laughed.

“Last night’s activities tired me out.” He said, finally peeking out from beneath the blankets with a cheeky grin on his face.

“And yet here I am, full of energy and ready for a new day.”

“I was on top last night, I had more work to do.” He shot back.

“Harry!” I scolded, throwing a sock at his head since it was the closest thing I could find to scold him with. “Get up, I need to change these sheets.” I told him, shaking the sheets above him.

“Hey that’s not fair! The kids get to stay in bed!” He pouted and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head with a small smile on my face at his childishness.

“I helped mumma take all the clothes to the laundry room before I went back to bed!” Emilia, our 3 year old, shouted from across the hall.

“She got to go back to bed?” Harry shrieked. “How come I’m not allowed to do that?”

“Harry, you’re such a child!” I laughed, “She’s watching frozen, if you must know.”

“Still unfair.” He pouted.

“Ok, everyone up!” I shouted, “Thomas, lift all your toys and make your bed.” I shouted to our 5 year old, who’s room was at the end of the hall.

“Five more minutes!” They all shouted in unison; all three of them. I shook my head, laughing at how lazy they all were.

“If everyone gets up now we can go out for dinner today and everyone can get dessert.”

I wasn’t even surprised when Harry was the first to jump up, shouting about lemon meringue on his way to the bathroom

anonymous asked:

How about Harry cuddling you and your new baby?

Labor had taken almost 24 hours and there was a lot of painful moments, and a lot of moments where you snapped at Harry. He knew you didn’t mean it so he tried to not take it personal. He’d let you squeeze his hands until it felt like you’d broken them and he’d let you yell at him.

Once it was all said and done, there was this tiny little girl sound asleep in your arms. All ten fingers and toes and a full head of hair. She had her daddies lungs and his charming green eyes that you knew would come in handy for her in the future.

Harry had stepped out to call his mum and sister and when he came back into the room, shutting the door quietly you looked up and smiled at him. You guys were parents now to a little version of yourself and Harry. “Hi how’s she doin?”

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, from the moment she was born he knew he was a goner. She’d had him wrapped around her little finger the moment she entered the world. “Fine…misses her daddy though I can tell…” He sat down on the bed next to you and wrapped an arm around you.

“Yeah? How’d yeh know tha’?” A little squeak came from the little baby and it made Harry’s heart jump. “Just does I can tell…got yourself a daddies girl.” He smiled and gently took her out of your arms and held her close to his chest.

Her eyes fluttered open for a moment and she pursed her little lips out. “Hi my angel. Did yeh miss me? Daddy missed you, so pretty angel. You look so much like your mumma. I love you baby girl.” He leaned down and placed a long kiss to her head, breathing in deep.

He then leaned over and kissed your lips saying, “thank you my love…you’ve given me the best gift ever. I love you so much, both of you.” He was forever in love with his two girls and he couldn’t wait to watch his baby grow and give her so much love.

She’s His Little Lady

I Have Loved You Since Series: She’s His Little Lady


To the moon and back was how it always was since the very first day she was born. His pride and joy, his heart, his love. She was everything; she was the spitting image of you and she was sweet, kind, and caring and anyone who met her, fell in love instantly. Darcy found the best in everybody and everything; it didn’t take much to make her smile and surely it didn’t take long for Harry to make her laugh. She was Daddy’s little girl and maybe she didn’t know it now and maybe in a few years, she’ll complain to you about how Harry was being unfair, or how he loved the other kid more than he loved her, but no matter what, no matter when or where, it will always be “I love you to the moon and back”.

With the start of your second trimester for your second baby, you could feel his arms and legs move, shift, and kick parts in your belly that should never be kicked. Going to the bathroom every ten minutes wasn’t ideal either but it was happening and you could hardly let yourself out of the house without wearing an adult diaper. Something Harry seemed to be quite fond of when you jokingly suggested it.  

December in London wasn’t different than any other month in London; it was the same breezy, cloudy weather that loitered all year round. The house was big, maybe even a little too big for three, now four, but it was warm and it smelt of vanilla candles, coffee, and Harry. His jumper made it a bit more bearable now that most of your wardrobe has been thrown aside due to your growing belly. He didn’t mind though; he found it quite amusing to watch you snuggle into one of his sweats and jumpers. He’d always remark about it as well but not very deep down, he truly adored it.

The couch in the den shifted as his body slumped down beside you, his presence bringing a whole new level of warmth onto your skin as he rested his chin on your shoulder, pressing a soft kiss to your ear.

“Hi,” you giggled, wriggling to his touch.

“Hi,” he mumbled, pressing another kiss to your jaw. “I’m headed out to pick up Darcy. Do you need anything from the store?”

“No, I think I’m good.”

“Okay,” he kissed your lips.

You could feel his smile pressed against yours as he lingered along your bottom lip, kissing you like he had went to the moon and came back with a handful of stars. His eyes were dreamy when he parted from your lips; green with a hint of blue and glitter. He was in one of his sappy moods again. Although lately, he’s been in his sappy mood 24/7. With the new baby along in a few months, he was gentle and thorough with you; anything you needed or wanted would be with you in minutes if Harry had anything to do with it. 

“You’re in a mood,” you snickered.

He chuckled and shook his head. “I just like kissing you,” he smiled. “You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.”

You laughed, your hand reaching for his jaw to pull him in for another peck. “You as well, my love. Now go get our daughter before she cries because she thought we forgot her again.”


Harry was leaning against the wall in the tiny hallway of Darcy’s preschool while scrolling through his turned-off phone in attempt to avoid the stares and whispers from the mothers waiting across from him. It’s been four months of driving back and forth between dropping off and picking up Darcy from school and in those four months, he had endured flirty waves and smiles by the married women who waited along with him. Sometimes, they’d just stare at him.

“Daddy!” Darcy’s high-pitched voice screamed as her teacher, Miss Collier, opened the door to her classroom. He smiled, squatting down with his arms wide opened to meet her hug. Her tiny hands could barely meet as she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her head under his chin.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he grinned, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “How are ya?”

“Good,” she giggled, holding up a piece of paper to show Harry. “Look what I drew today. Look!”

Harry took the piece of paper before he brought it close to his face and humorously squinted his eyes to observe it, making Darcy giggle. “Hmm,” he hummed. “You’re quite talented, aren’t you, my love? I can see you’re going very strong with the lines for the potato.”

“That’s not a potato, Daddy,” she whined, poking her head over the piece of paper. “That’s Noah!”

Harry’s eyes enlarged while his lips pulled back to his ears, showing every single one of his teeth in embarrassment before Darcy snatched the paper from his hand and brought it to her chest. She scrunched her nose and stuck out her tongue, making Harry laugh as he stood to his feet to greet her teacher. “Darce, you wanna say goodbye to Miss Collier?” He looked down at her, watching her tiny hand wave swiftly at her teacher.

“Bye, Miss Collier,” she chirped.

“Goodbye, Darcy. I’ll see you tomorrow,” the petite lady smiled, waving back.

Harry took Darcy’s hand and the two of them began to walk down the hall towards the exit before he heard a small voice call out. “Bye, Darcy!” Hers and Harry’s head whipped around to her name before they were met with a small, blonde haired boy around Darcy’s age, maybe a year older, standing by his mother as he smiled and waved.

Harry was shocked to see how bright Darcy’s face had gleamed when she saw who it was, instantly throwing up her other hand and waving back to him with a toothy smile. “Bye, Cameron.”

Harry opened the car door and lifted Darcy in the air to sit her in her car seat, buckling each button, and making sure she was comfortable before walking around to the driver’s seat. He stuck the key in the ignition, quickly tugging the side of his beanie to cover his ears before promptly driving off school property. “Was that one of your classmates,” he asked, keeping one hand on the wheel, the other under his chin as he drove.

He looked up at the rearview mirror, watching her nod happily while staring back at him with the same toothy smile. “Cameron shared his color crayons with me today, Daddy.”

“Did he?” Harry amused. “Well I’m glad you’re making friends. He seems nice.”

“He is,” she marveled. “He told me I was pretty.”

Harry’s eyebrows cocked up into place before his lips fell into an awkward frown. “Did he now?”

She nodded, “Yep!”

“I take that back then! He doesn’t seem very nice,” Harry scoffed, with his lips parted ever-so slightly. His eyebrows furrowed in concern as she went on and continued to talk about Cameron and he nearly jumped in his skin when she slipped out the word boyfriend casually. His eyes were wide and his tongue was tied as he anxiously shifted around in his seat. He cleared his throat before flaccidly cutting off Darcy and changing the topic to something less cringe worth. “Alright, alright, we’ll talk more about this with Mumma when we get home. Let’s just get that tummy of yours filled.”


Harry and Darcy shuffled through the front doors, hastily wiping their feet on the mat laid in the foyer before dropping his keys in the bowl. “Babe? We’re home,” he shouted, shivering in his own skin, happy to be home where there was a burning fire in the den.

Darcy spotted you at the top of the stairs, a tired smile on your face as you slowly made your way down to meet them. “Mumma,” she squealed, running up the steps to meet you halfway and wrapping her arms around your legs, pushing her head gently against your bump. Her cold hands were not minded as she shoved the hem of your shirt up passed your belly to give a small kiss to your bump. “Hi, Noah!”

You giggled, leaning down to give her a kiss before taking her hand and walking down the rest of the steps. “Hi, baby. How was school?”

“I’m gonna get dinner started,” Harry huffed as you followed him towards the kitchen, taking a seat by the island and watching Darcy climb onto a stool beside you.

“It was so much fun, Mumma. Miss Collier taught me how to count with my fingers and I think I’ve got a new boyfriend as well,” she giggled. You couldn’t help but laugh as you heard the words tumble out from her lips, watching her eyes gleam brighter than usual at the talk of her new boyfriend. Her small hand tugged on yours, motioning you to lean closer before she pushed your hair behind your ear and brought her lips to your skin. “Don’t tell Daddy though,” she whispered. “I don’t think he’s too happy about it.”

“I don’t think he’s too happy about it either, my love,” you chuckled, looking over to Harry who looked like he had no interest in this conversation whatsoever. “What’s his name, Darce?”

“Cameron Wilkes,” she lisped.

“Well, I hope he’s very nice to you, sweets. If he isn’t, I’m not going to be happy with him,” you pouted.

“He’s very nice to me, Mumma. He shared his crayons with me!” She added, making you laugh again.

“I share crayons with you,” Harry mumbled, beginning to mix the macaroni together with Darcy’s favorite cheese.

“Well, you’re my daddy,” Darcy pointed out. “You’re meant to share crayons with me.”

Harry groaned and continued to mix the macaroni and cheese together, feeling a little sick to his stomach. It didn’t take long for you to notice how tensed Harry actually was; one look and you could see it written all over his face.

“Darce, why don’t you watch the telly for a bit while Mumma helps Daddy with dinner?” You suggested.

She nodded, “Okay.” She hopped off the stool and stumbled down to the den, disappearing in the hallway in seconds before you found yourself on two feet as well.

You crept around the counter and your bump met Harry’s back as you wrapped your arms around his waist, pressing your lips to his nape. “Hey, handsome,” you purred, snuggling up closer to him. You could feel his belly relaxing in your arms as the room grew silent for a few seconds. His breathing was steady and the two of you just stood there in each other’s presence. It was not minded but very much appreciated as you wouldn’t even let Harry stand without knowing he was loved. “You okay?”

“No,” he grumbled. You might have been standing behind him but even then, you saw his pout.

“What’s wrong,” you almost whispered, your hands resting politely on his hips as you shifted him towards you, his stomach now meeting your bump. He moped for a few seconds but you didn’t rush anything. Your finger pushed aside the lock of hair that fell into his eye before his cheek nestled itself into your palm, eyes drifting off into some kind of an abyss.

“She’s got a boyfriend,” he groaned, lips frowning and eyes sad. You laughed, watching him whine like a baby who left the store without a toy before you brought your hand to his cheek and pulled him close.

“Oh, baby,” you chuckled, swiping your thumb at the corner of his lip. “It’s just a crush. She’s not even old enough to understand the idea of a boyfriend yet.”

“It’s just the beginning,” he scoffed. “He’ll hurt her. She’s my little lady, my little girl and he’ll hurt her. He’ll plant one on her when she’s not ready and one day, she’ll come home crying and I’m going to have to kick some kid’s ass.”

He was quick to shut him up when you pressed your lips against his. You could feel him easing to your touch as he leaned forward, almost leaving all of his weight on you. His hand lifted from his side and came running along your jaw, creeping behind your hair before he held your neck, pulling you closer and deeper into a needed kiss.

You pulled back, looking into his lusty eyes and giggling against his soft lips, “You’re cute when you’re babbly.”

“Maybe I should be babbly more often if you’re going to kiss me like that every time.”


“Hey, finish your vegetables,” you warned, watching Darcy about to hop off her chair with an empty bowl of macaroni and cheese and a full plate of broccoli and beans.

“But I’m full, Mumma,” she whined, slowly sitting herself back onto the chair.

“Should have thought about that when you decided to steal Daddy’s macaroni,” you smiled, standing to your feet and pressing a kiss on the top of her head before grabbing Harry’s empty plate and yours to the sink.

“Daddy,” she whimpered, hoping he’d allow her to leave the table.

“Don’t look at me, darling,” he held his hands up with a grin. “You heard Mumma.”

“Vegetables are disgusting,” she countered, continuing to pick at the greens with her fork. “They’re green and funny looking.”

“Hey! I love green,” Harry grumbled.

“I like pink,” she chirped.

“Would you like some pink veggies, my love?” Harry suggested, folding his arms and leaning in towards Darcy on the table, watching her eyes widen to the idea.

“Yes,” she shrieked, nodding her head swiftly making Harry laugh even harder.


“Darce!” Harry called out, trying his best to keep his voice low just in case you had already fallen asleep as Darcy escaped his grip from wiping down her wet self. “Get over here. You’re getting the floor all wet.” He could hear her giggling near her bedroom from where he stood in the bathroom. “Darcy Gem, don’t make me come and get you.”

Baths were always his favorite; he enjoyed watching his little one laugh and giggle to soap and bubbles floating around the tub. He didn’t mind the small conversations about pointless things that meant absolutely everything to him. Her little bunny tummy, soft skin; he enjoyed every moment of it and was always the one to volunteer for bath duty.

“Come get me, Daddy,” she giggled, poking her head out from her bedroom.

Harry grinned, shaking his head before he quickly raced out of the bathroom and chased his daughter down the hall, trying his best not to trip on his own two feet. He was quite a tall person, one who did not know how to control his balance much and he usually ended up falling on his face out of nowhere. He shut the door behind him, leaving no escape for Darcy while she ran from one corner of her room to another, giggling tremendously as if she was the most clever one out there.

“I’ll bet you can’t catch me,” she snickered, holding her hands at her bare bottom. Her wet hair continued to drip onto the floor as she stood drenched, waiting for Harry to catch her.

He dashed for the corner and Darcy squealed long before he made it halfway across the room. He picked her up and lifted her into his arms, throwing her in midair before swiftly catching her again. Her squeals could be heard from outside as laughter spilled from her pretty lips.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you?” Harry grinned, walking over to her closet, watching her giggle on his shoulder. “Let’s see,” he pulled opened her closet door. “What do you want to wear tonight?”

“I want to wear that nighty Nana got me,” she pushed her wet hair out of her face, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder. She was beginning to get tired and Harry knew.

“Alright,” he hummed, quickly pulling out the pink night gown Anne had gotten her when she was off on holiday with Robin. “Let’s get you dried up and dressed.” He set her down on the table before grabbing a new towel from her dresser and wiping her dry, making sure she wouldn’t get a cold from being wet and cold. He squeezed some Johnson’s baby lotion onto his hand before gently smearing her arms and legs with the scented cream. “You tired, baby?”

“Yeah,” Darcy rubbed her droopy eyes as a yawn slipped out, giving Harry the cue to change her into her pajamas promptly. The gown fit seamlessly although it’s been months since she’s asked to wear it but Harry didn’t question it. He lifted her into his arms again and made his way over to the edge of her tiny bed before leisurely lying her under the sheets and tucking her in. “Will you cuddle with me tonight?”

His heart swelled whenever she asked for cuddles. It wouldn’t be long before she didn’t need them anymore so he took every chance he got for some warm snuggles with his little one. He nodded with a heartfelt smile before climbing in beside her, her cheek pressed against his side and arms resting across his belly.

“I want a butterfly colored on my face, Daddy,” Darcy whispered. Her hand lingered across his stomach, outlining the shape of the butterfly like how you normally would if you and Harry were cuddling.

“Do you?” Harry snorted. “Why is that?”

She stayed quiet for a few seconds, “Because you and Mumma have a butterfly. I wanna be just like you guys.”

She was a butterfly, a beautiful one as well. One Harry wanted to keep and stay young forever so he could cuddle with her every night like he did tonight. “Okay,” Harry bubbled. “Why on your face then?”

“So everybody could see,” she said. “Why? Would you not like it?”

Harry smiled as Darcy’s head shifted to look up at him. “I’d love it. You’d look gorgeous, gorgeous!”

Darcy giggled lightly, “I love you, gorgeous. You’re the bestest daddy ever.”

“I love you too, baby,” Harry beamed, pulling her closer and hugging her tighter. “Always.”

“To the moon, Daddy?”

“And back, my love,” he pressed a kiss to the top of her head before he heard her giggle and grumble.

“You’re squishing me, Daddy!”

“I can’t help myself, gorgeous.”


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Things I Can III

Here’s a part three! The first part three I’ve ever written to an imagine set. Thank you for the request, again, sorry it took FIVE months and I hope I did it justice for what you wanted! (I’m sorry it’s a bit short, but I think it goes well, if I can be that boastful about my writing). If you would like to read part one and two they are here: Part I and Part II

Harry walked past the nursery and found Darcy gazing up at the ceiling with her pacifier in between her lips as she sucked on it. It wiggled gently as she ran her tongue over it and Harry was mesmerized by the small action. She kicked her tiny little feet and seemed dazzled by the mobile that spun slowly around her head playing none other than Harry’s voice (along with the other boys) softly singing Little Things.

Harry rested his head against the doorjamb outside her room and watched the tiny baby examining the world above her.

Darcy hardly ever cried. He thinks she got that from you because Anne constantly told him he was a loud baby. But he didn’t mind. He liked that you were quiet, and he liked that Darcy never cried; to him, it meant he was being a good dad and that Darcy had no reason to be upset.

“Hello little kitty,” he cooed to the eight month old. The little one turned her head to look at the tall approaching figure. The pacifier fell from her lips and she squealed and shrieked. Her tiny feet kicking excitedly as Dadda walked over to her.

Harry didn’t think his heart could be fuller than it was in that moment. He grinned, quietly chuckling to himself as he lifted his tiny angel out of her crib and into his arms. She rested against him in absolute contentment, her tiny hands gripping on his shirt and her little face pressed to his neck.

He rubbed her small back and kissed her soft wispy hair. “I’m so happy you’re here, baby girl,” he whispered. “I love you so much and I am so happy you exist,” he whispered quietly. “You have no idea how much you mean to me,” he cooed to the little one.

She drooled on his shirt, her little face pressed against his shoulder. He just absolutely loved her nearly as much as she loved him.

Her little lips continued to bounce the pacifier in her mouth and she suckled on it. Eventually she pushed off of Harry’s chest looking up at him and her little mouth smiled around the toy in her mouth. Harry’s heart melted. She was adorable. While she was busy ogling Harry, he smiled back at her fondly and sprinkled kisses all over her tiny face. She started to squeal and release a few tiny giggles.

Harry chuckled and cuddled her again. “I am so happy you’re here, pretty girl.”


Harry was quite obviously wrapped around Darcy’s tiny finger. So when the little two year old asked Daddy for a piggy back ride he couldn’t deny her for even a millisecond to tease her. Harry was laughing and chuckling when he finally stopped parading around the house with the tiny figure on his back and tossed her gently onto the soft couch cushions.

Of course Harry was no less in love with Darcy than the first day he met her. But he wanted her to have a playmate around her age. He wanted her to have someone to look after and care for the way Gemma cared for him.

So Harry started to get sad every month when your lady friend joined the household.

“Harry,” you whispered cupping his face each month. He felt even worse because he wanted to make you feel better while you had your period, but he felt like a failure again. He wanted more babies. Lots of them, but it was just so hard to get you pregnant. “It’s okay. We have a beautiful, perfect, little girl. If we are only supposed to be blessed with one little one, then we only have one little one,” you kissed his forehead and wiped your thumbs under his eyes.

“It’s so hard,” he croaked.

“I know,” you pulled him toward you and rubbed his back.

“I wanna have more,” he cried into your neck. “I want Darcy to have someone to play with. I want to make you happy,” he said brokenly.

Your heart all but shattered as you took in your sad husband. “Harry, Harry, Harry,” you tisked. “You have made me so immensely happy. More than I deserve,” you promised. “Don’t you dare worry about my happiness. I couldn’t be happier if I tried,” you said squeezing him tightly.

He sighed sadly. “I want more babies,” he whispered.

“When the time is right, Harry. I promise, we’ll have another baby.” He was so broken up over this. He had one job—get you pregnant. And he couldn’t even do it. “I still like trying to have a baby, baby,” you smirked gently trying to get his mood up even if it was just a smidge. “You’re good at it,” you mumbled and pressed a kiss to the side of his face.

He smirked weakly. “I guess I’ve got that going for me.”

“Darcy also loves you more than you could ever imagine,” you reminded him.

The grin on his lips stretched further, because that did make him happy. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you always, Harry,” you answered.


Harry was entirely unprepared for your ear-piercing scream while he played with Darcy. Startled, Darcy clung to Harry around his neck and Harry hopped up and placed Darcy in her crib. “I’ll be right back,” you promised. She started crying a bit as Harry hurried to your shared bedroom and he found you crying in the bathroom.

You were nearly hyperventilating, your heart pounding and your hand over your mouth.

“Kitten?!” Harry asked alertly. He swallowed thickly as he watched you—terrified. “What’s wrong?” He ask and knelt and had his arms resting on your thighs. “What’s the matter?” He whispered. “Love?”

You pointed to the sink and took heaving breaths. Suspiciously, Harry peered inside and found the stick resting at the bottom of the basin. Darcy was screaming in the other room and the two of you felt guilty, but Harry’s heart was about to pop out of his chest. “That says positive,” he whispered breathlessly.

You nodded and croaked out some half happy sob and sad disbelief.

“You’re pregnant,” Harry confirmed. You whimpered as you nodded with a small smile popping onto your lips. “I got you pregnant,” he murmured.

“You did,” you croaked.

He shucked your shirt up to your bra and started kissing your skin slowly and perfectly telling the tiny being inside of you how much he loved him or her. And then he stood, wrapped you in his arms as tightly as he could without his own fear of crushing you or the baby. “I love you. I love you so much. M’so in love with you and I can never stop loving you,” he cried as he kissed you softly, hotly.

“Oh Harry,” you cried and nuzzled against him and sighed happily. “I love you so much,” you answered.

He told you to stay put and he hurried to Darcy’s room. “M’sorry kitty,” he said and scooped her up and cradled her as she immediately stopped crying. He pushed her hair from her face and he kissed her forehead. “Y’know how Mumma had you in her belly until your birthday?” He whispered.

She nodded and looked at Mumma who was still crying and Dadda who had just finished crying.

“Mumma’s got another baby in her belly now,” he said proudly, happily.

“Baby!?” Darcy wondered. Darcy loved dolls and she loved to look at babies and play with them. “My baby?”

“Yes, your baby,” you promised and kissed her forehead. “I love you so much,” you told her. “You’re going to be the best big sister,” you sighed softly.

She grinned and looked at her favorite playmate. “I baby,” she said pointing to herself.

“I promise, kitty,” Harry nodded. “You will always be my baby,” he swore and he kissed her softly on the cheek. “All three of you,” he muttered and pulled you toward him and kissed your forehead too. “I love you all so much.”

“We love you too,” you quietly nuzzled against Darcy’s soft, wispy hair and you tucked yourself into Harry’s neck. This is all the two of you ever wanted.

“It’s not three anymore,” he whispered.

“No, love there’s four,” you grinned.

“For now,” he smirked.

You giggled. “The second isn’t even here yet, would you?” You gently elbowed him. Harry knelt down and he tickled Darcy.

“Can you kiss the baby?” He asked. “Tell the baby how much you love him or her,” he said. You held your shirt up a little as Darcy placed a kiss on your skin and then said love a few times. You laughed and Harry kissed her before he stood up again and kissed you hard. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you more, Harry. Always.”

No Matter What

Your head had been hanging over the toilet almost all night and into the wee hours of the morning with a drained Harry rubbing your back.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” He kept asking, his voice filled with worry.

“N-No, it’s just the morning sickness. I’ll be okay,” you mumbled and rubbed your face, getting up and washing your face. “Go back to bed, you have to be up in a few hours.”

He was quick to shake his head and help you walk into the bedroom. At only 16 weeks, the morning sickness was beginning to take a toll on you. You’d be up at the ungodly hours of the morning with your hands bracing the toilet and your stomach trying to make its way up your throat. You had lacked sleep from it, but Harry would make sure you came back to bed with him during his free afternoons to catch a nap with you. When he offered you food, you knew you wouldn’t be able to stomach it causing you to turn him down. So he’d make his way to the kitchen to prepare a large mug of ginger tea to put the nausea at ease.

You looked up at him and pouted; you noticed the way his eyelids were drooping, begging to be closed, the dark circles under his eyes indicating he hadn’t slept well, and the constant yawns falling from his mouth. The guilt set in and you gently pushed his hair back.

“Let’s get some sleep, hm?” You climbed into your side of the bed before pulling the duvet back to invite him in. He was quick to oblige as he crawled in, sprawling on his back and pulling you to him.

“Just try and relax, my love.” He whispered, the sleep in his voice unmistakable. You cuddled into his side with your head on his shoulder and after only a few short moments, you heard the soft even breathing coming from his mouth. You planted a small kiss to his chin before you dozed off to sleep.


You were woken up to the sound of the loud doorbell ringing through the house. Harry groaned and turned himself over, lying on his stomach. You rubbed your eyes and looked over at the clock: “8:45,” it read. Groaning, you were about to make your way out of bed but were stopped when you felt your husband’s arm snake around your waist.

“They’ll go away,” he mumbled into the pillow. You let out a small laugh and pushed his hair back.

“It might be one of the boys, my love.”

“They know where the spare key is,” he let out a breath between his teeth and kept his eyes shut. Leaning over to softly press your lips to his forehead, you whispered into his ear.

“I’ll go see who it is, I’ll be back.” You quickly climbed out of bed and shuffled out of the room before making your way down the stairs and into the foyer. The impatient guest continued to ring the doorbell until you swung the door open to be met by one and only, Louis Tomlinson.

“Why am I not surprised?” You groaned and let him in. He let out a laugh and quickly pecked your cheek.

“Good morning to you too, miss. How’re you feeling? Harry texted me that you were sick last night,” he pouted and rubbed your belly softly.

Giving him a small shrug and a hand over your stomach, you simply replied with an “I could be better.”

“Where is that hag of a husband you call yours?” He laughed and set his jacket down. You rolled your eyes and punched him in the arm playfully.

“He’s still in bed, I’ll go try and get him up.” You were already making your way up the stairs as he plopped down on the couch.

“I’ll be here.”


“Baby, Louis’ here.” You whispered and tried to get him to stir. Harry was not a morning person; he never was. He’d beg for 5 more minutes in the morning and would end up trying to sleep for much longer. He’d pull the duvet back over his head and drift back to sleep before you’d be back to shake him again. He would finally give up when you would pepper his face with kisses and slide your hands down his sides to give them a soft tickle.

“Tell him to go away,” he groaned and kept his head buried in the pillow. You pushed the few strays away from his ear, tucking them behind the lobe, before leaning down to kiss his bare shoulder.

“It’s a big day for you guys today.” It sure was. After long months of filming on tour, their new movie was premiering tonight. The press was already covering the news with the fans gathering at London’s Leicester Square where the film was set to premier. In no less than an hour, the rest of the boys would make their way over with Paul and Lou to get ready for the big day.

“You’ve got to get up, my love.” The nausea began to set in again and you laid yourself down, taking a long breath before slowly releasing. You heard him mumble something inaudible before sitting up and rubbing his face. “I’m up,” he stifled through a yawn and looked over at you. “Again?”

You nodded and closed your eyes. “I didn’t even eat anything,” you sighed. He leaned over and lifted the shirt you managed to steal from him over your belly to give it soft kisses.

“Come on, love. Give Mumma a break, hm? She’s not feeling so well,” he whispered softly and pressed his lips one more to the swell beginning to take its form. You watched him sit up and leaned down to kiss your forehead softly.

“You should stay home, baby. You haven’t slept.”

Nope. There was no way you were going to miss this. This was a vast milestone in his life and he’d worked too hard for you to miss it. Even he was excited for it; he’d be up during the night next to you just talking about how excited he was for the fans to get an inside look into what they really do. Just because you were feeling a little off, you weren’t going to miss this.

“No. Harry, we talked about this. I’m fine, it’ll pass.” You looked up at him and nodded reassuringly. “Plus, I’ll have Gemma and your mum with me.”

He wasn’t going to put up a fight because he knew how stubborn you were. He wasn’t going to stress you out over this because he knew you wouldn’t change your mind. All he did was nod and press a kiss to your lips before climbing out of bed and padding his way into the bathroom.

You laid there with a hand running over your stomach and trying not to think of how nauseous you felt. You hummed softly and your toes curled, everything fighting in you to hold it back. You heard the shower water stop flowing and a few seconds later, the door was opened with a flood of steam, and Harry stepped back into the bedroom with a towel around his waist. You propped your head up on the pillow and admired from your place on the bed; his moist hair sticking to the different parts on his neck and face, the water droplets making their way down his body, and the way his muscles moved in tact with his movement.

“Admiring the view, missus?” He shot a smirk in your direction and began reaching for a pair of fresh briefs.

“Perhaps,” you grinned and watched him dry himself off and slid on his undergarment.

“Hey, horndogs! The rest of the guys are here so hurry up!” Louis’ voice rang through the house. You rolled your eyes and propped yourself up on your elbows, watching as Harry made his way around the room. He hummed to himself and made his way over to you, climbing on top and making sure to shift his weight so he didn’t hurt the baby.

“I love you, missus.” He leaned down to press a kiss to your lips, making sure to let it linger for a few extra seconds.

“I love you too, mister.” You pecked the tip of his nose softly and smiled. “Let’s head downstairs, shall we?”


“Finally!” Louis yelled out from his spot on the couch as the rest of the boys were getting ready.

“Oh, leave them alone!” Gemma chimed in, making sure to flick his ear in the process. She made her way over to you and took you in her arms, her embrace engulfing you. “How’re you feeling?”

“She hasn’t slept all night,” Harry stated as he grabbed a fresh bagel off of one of the delivered platters. “Her morning sickness is acting up.”

His sister pouted, her brows furrowing together, before leaning down to give your belly a soft rub. “I’ll get the tea going, yeah?”

“You’re the best, Gem.” You made your way over to the recliner and smiled at the rest of the boys. “Good morning boys. Are you excited?”

“This is going to be wicked!” A very excited Niall announced from his spot under the blow dryer in the hands of a Lou Teasdale. Everyone around nodded in agreement with a few laughs here and there. There was a knock at the door before it creaked open and clicked back into place.

“Hello, lovely children!” A very ecstatic Anne made her way into the living room to join everyone else. “How’s my grandbaby doing?” She scurried to your side and beamed, leaning down to give a soft rub to your swell.

“Great, but not letting me get any sleep,” you sighed softly. You watched her lips frown at the corners and shake her head.

“Are you still getting sick?” You nodded and leaned back in the recliner, suddenly feeling quite sick after mentioning it.

“It’s been so bad lately,” you groaned. “Can someone grab me a bin or something?” Zayn was quick to make his way into the kitchen to grab a large bag for you before rushing back and placing it in your open hands.

“Easy, my love.” Anne comforted in your ear as you began heaving into the bag. Harry rubbed his face softly and sighed, shaking his head.

“I don’t know why it’s been so bad for her,” he whispered worriedly to Lou. She sat him down on the chair and began fumbling through his hair, separating the wild mane into different sections.

“It’s normal, Harry. I was the same way with Lux. Once these next couple of weeks pass, it’ll stop.” She gave him a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before beginning to style his hair. He watched you from the seat he was in and his heart ached. He loathed when you were in any discomfort and it bothered him even more that he couldn’t do anything about it. All he wanted was to wrap his arms around you and tell you that you were okay.

“Tea’s done, darling.” Gemma came over and set the mug on the coffee table before coming to your side and rubbing your back. “Don’t try and make yourself sick, it’ll just make it worse.” She grabbed the mug and replaced the bag in your hands with it. You groaned, wiping at the tears that had formed from your vomiting, and began to slowly sip from the cup.

Anne saw the worry in Harry’s eyes and smiled comfortingly at him. He sighed and shook his head, waiting for Lou to finish up her work. You leaned back in the seat and ran a hand over your diminutive bump, silently wishing for the sickness to stop.

Once Lou was finished and had another boy under her hands, Harry made his way over and sat on the coffee table in front of you.

“Baby, maybe you should just stay here. I-I know you want to be there, but what if I can’t be with you the entire ti-“ he wasn’t able to finish before you cut him off.

“Harry, we went over this. I’ll be fine. Both Gemma and Anne will be there with me. No more worries, okay?” He sighed and nodded, leaning up to kiss your forehead before grabbing his suit off the rack and going upstairs to make himself presentable. Anne followed in suit and knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in,” he mumbled as he slid on his trousers. She walked in and smiled, watching her son transform in front of her.

“Hi, my love.” She softly said and wrapped her arms around his waist, her son towering over her.

“Hi, mum.” His arms wrapped around her shoulders and he held her close, enjoying the warmth of his mother.

“What’s got you all worked up, baby boy?” She looked up and saw the despair in his eyes.

“She’s just been so sick lately and,” he sighed. “And I just don’t want anything happening to her tonight. I’ll be pulled left and right for interviews and all I want is to be by her side making sure she’s okay.”

“Oh, Harry. Everything will be fine,” she smiled up at him. “This is all normal. Her stomach will settle after a while and your sister and I will be right by her side tonight. If anything happens at all or if she’s not feeling well, we’ll bring her right back to bed. Does that sound good?” She pushed a few stray hairs away from his ear and smiled. She watched his shoulders lax and he gave her a small nod.

“Yeah, okay. Thank you, mum.” She smiled and leaned up on her toes to plant a kiss to his cheek.

“No need to thank me, my love. Now you get dressed and I’ll go help her into her dress. No more worries,” she smiled and left him to finish getting dressed before making her way back downstairs.


“Is it going to zip up?” You asked quietly as Gemma stood behind you fumbling with the zipper on the dress you had slid on after Lou had finished the last touches on your hair. You ran a hand over the smooth material that was pressed against your chest and flowed its way down the rest of your body making the bump that nestled your baby less noticeable. After a few more tugs and pulls, Gemma had managed to slide the zipper up the dress smoothly.

“There we go,” she smiled and peeked over your shoulder to look at you in the mirror. “Wow, you’re glowing.”

You smiled and took a step back, looking at yourself in the mirror. “Do you think anyone will notice?”

“Some might but hey, they’ll find out eventually.” She gave your shoulder a small rub and grinned. You turned to look at her in her own dress, a smile playing at your lips.

“You look absolutely stunning, Gem.” You watched the heat rush to her cheeks and cause her to blush as she broke into an inane pose. You laughed and made your way over to the bed to slide on the heels you’d managed to pick as the most comfortable.

“Are you feeling any better?” She stood with her hand on the wall, balancing herself to fix the strap on her heel. You nodded softly and leaned back on your hands taking in a long breath before letting it out between your teeth.

“Yeah, it just comes and goes. I’ll be okay,” you reassured her and gave your belly a soft rub. There was a knock at the door and Anne peeked her head in.

“Are my girls ready?” She smiled and stepped in, her eyes falling over the both of you in awe. “Oh my goodness, you girls look so beautiful.” You both thanked her while giving her compliments and watched as she blushed. “The cars are here, darlings.” There was another knock on the door and your husband’s voice was on the other side.

“Is everyone in there dressed? I don’t want to walk in on a naked Gemma.” The three of you laughed and his mother went to open the door for him.

“You’d be missing out on a hell of a vi-”

“Ew, shut up, Gemma!” He shot back as the door opened.

“Everyone’s done, my love.” He slid in and his eyes fell to you. You watched as his mouth gaped open a little and his eyes scanned you from head to toe, a smirk playing on his lips. The heat crept into your cheeks and you blushed, your fingers tangling behind your back. He made his way over to you and his arms snaked around your waist.

“You look breath taking, baby.” He whispered and pressed a kiss to your lips. You placed your palms on his chest and pulled away softly.

“Your mother is right there, Harry.”

“And my wife is right here,” he grinned and dipped you softly, his lips colliding with yours.

“Let’s give these lovebirds a moment,” your mother-in-law said through a giggle and led her daughter out. You suddenly felt sick again from the position you were in and you pulled away quickly.

“I-I’m going to be sick again, Harry.” He quickly led you to the bathroom and threw a towel around your shoulders to keep any vomit from ruining your dress. You heaved repeatedly and finally let it all out. He stood behind you and rubbed your back, handing you a piece of gum after rinsing your mouth to try and put the nausea at ease. He gave you a look of despair and sighed softly, deciding to keep his mouth shut.

“I’m okay. Come on, the car’s outside.”


“Harry! Over here!” The flashes and screams surrounding you had you squeezing Harry’s hand tightly, afraid of letting go. He looked down at you and smiled, rubbing his thumb of your knuckles.

“I’m right here, baby.” He leaned down and whispered into your ear. Gemma and Anne stayed close behind, making sure to keep an eye on you. Each of the boys were being interviewed, some together and some individually. Before you knew it, your husband had drifted out of your grasp and off to a corner by the fans to be interviewed.

“Giuliana Rancic from E! News here with the only and only, Harry Styles!” She exclaimed causing the fans around to go wild with screams and shrieks. You watched from a distance with Gemma and Anne at both your sides. He grinned and leaned into make sure he heard and answered the questions she shot at him, one catching him off guard.

“Your wife looks absolutely stunning, Harry.” He couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he glanced back over at you.

“Thank you, thank you.” He smiled up at her and clasped his hands behind his back.

“Now the question on everyone’s mind; is there a baby expected anytime soon?” He cleared the lump in his throat and he looked back at you; he smiled to himself as he watched you talk with the other boys and wave to the fans screaming for your attention. He watched as you picked at the little nothings on your dress, something you did whenever you were nervous. He watched as you locked eyes with him, a smile playing at your lips, and shot him a wink. He laughed to himself and turned back to Giuliana, an eager smile plastered on her face.

“You know, I’m a very lucky guy. I married a woman I never thought I’d fall so head over heels for and if a baby is set to come our way any time soon, I’d be one grateful man because there’s nothing I want more than to have little Styles’ running under my feet.” He heard the fans ‘aw’ and scream louder causing the interviewer to break into a smile he thought wasn’t possible.

“She’s a very lucky woman, Harry. And if there is a baby anytime soon, you’ve got extremely supportive and loving fans. Good luck to you both and congratulations on the movie.” She leaned into give him a hug, her hand rubbing his back softly. He managed to escape after signing a few autographs and snapping a few pictures with fans making sure to constantly glance over at you to make sure you were alright.


“Gem, if I don’t sit right now, I’m going to be sick all over your shoes.” She laughed and led you inside the theater, making her way down the aisles with your arm locked with hers. You found your seat, wedged between Harry’s and Gemma’s, and gratefully sat down.

“Do you want anything?” She sat down and gave your swell a quick rub. You shook your head and leaned back, taking in a long breath and exhaling through your mouth.

“I’m okay right now.” You looked around and watched the rest of the people, ranging from different celebrities to eager fans, make their way in. Your eyes fell to the man who stood with the rest of his band mates, laughing and beaming in excitement before his eyes caught yours. He stood for a few extra minutes before turning on his heel and making his way toward you.

“My lady,” he took your hand in his and planted a small kiss to the back of it. You laughed as he took his seat next to you. He grinned and slid his arm around your shoulder making sure to press his lips to your temple.


“I’m so proud of you, Harry.” You beamed up at him, his height having an advantage over you although you stood in fairly tall heels.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, baby.” He leaned down to kiss your lips, hands finding their way to your hips. You pulled away and swiped your thumb across his bottom lip to get rid of the light color that had been planted to it.

“Are you feeling alright?” His fingers rubbed tiny circles into your stomach over the material of your dress. You nodded and leaned your head on his shoulder, watching as the theater began to flood out for the after party.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” You smiled and looked up at him. “Are you?”

“I’m great.” He kissed the top of your head and intertwined his fingers with yours. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, no matter what. I love you, mister.” The smile on his face continued to grow.

“I love you too, missus.”

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Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Luke’s POV

“Where’s Y/N?” Ashton asked. “I let her go” I said. “Why?” he asked. “I don’t know” I said honestly. I probably just made the biggest mistake of my life.


What can I say about Lucas Robert Hemmings? He’s shy and awkward. He can be rather charming and very sweet. He’s tall and lanky. The lip ring can fool you and his ice blue eyes can haunt you. You know what else I can say? He’s a heartbreaker.

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Alright, here is a photo of my body. All my life I have been self conscious about it. I hated my flabby thunder thighs, my ‘bingo wings’, my double chin and most importantly, my tummy. Since June last year I have overcome a lot of things such as suicidal thoughs, self harm, and hating my body. I have become a body positive person. I have been bullied about my weight my entire life. I got called Big Mumma, wooly mammoth, fat cow ect. But now I have embraced all of my insecurities and am confident enough to post this photo on a website where I have thousands of followers. These are not 'nudes’. This is just my body appreciation post. Every body is beautiful. From every stretch mark, every skin tone, every rib and every shape. I am proud to be chubby. I am proud that I no longer have to hide my beautiful body. If you are disgusted by this, unfollow me as soon as possible because I do not want people to be ashamed of seeing other people’s gorgeous bodies. If you ever need help with overcoming any insecurity, I am always here to help. Stay body positive and love yourself xx