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Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Washington, DC

Written by my-own-patronus

2400 words

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #9

There were many reasons why Kurt was glad his father was in Congress. Making a difference in the lives of LGBT people, for one. But right now, he was most thankful that it meant that for the next two nights, he and Blaine would be staying in Burt and Carole’s DC apartment and not in some seedy hotel.

Kurt had been several times before, and had even helped his father decorate the Dupont Circle apartment when he had first come to DC. Thus, Kurt felt much more at home here and didn’t waste one moment before flopping face-first on to the bed.

“Come on, Kurt!” Blaine called, “too much to do, not enough time! I want to get to the mall before all the museums close!”

Kurt groaned. “Why don’t we just stay in tonight? Besides, didn’t you already see all the monuments and stuff on your eighth grade field trip?”

“That was years ago, and I didn’t care about any of that stuff back then. Anyway, I thought you were the one who wanted to make out in front of the supreme court in honor of marriage equality?”

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