i got inspired to do this after reading one about kamenashi kazuya

Ryutaro Morimoto♥

This boy.

This is the boy who I never get tired of. Who I think & talk of everyday. This is the boy who made me think there has got to be an end to this but there really isn’t. This is the boy who makes me smile like a freak everyday. This is the boy whos smile made me fall for him, and I still stop and stare. This is the boy who has made 100’s of people worldwide smile. Who proved that you can be 12 and debut with others.

This is the boy who is almost in some ways forever a boy. Who has a crazy fetish for girls necks, and gets slightly perverted around Hikaru,Yamada and Yabu. Who fights with his brother and sister and makes up with them the next day. Who laughs like a nut. And constantly talks about baseball. Who flashes a peace sign whenever he can. Who visited his stalker. Who smoked a few times, and obeyed his consquences. And tries to get in the camera whenver possible. Who sings enka music on the radio shows. Sometimes ignores people & barely listens. Who cries because he mis-prounounced some words in public. Who thinks pears and apples are brothers. And befriends almost every johnny jr. 

This is the boy with a huge heart. Who baby-sits his little sister when no one else is home. Who stayed up till 5 am studying everynight trying to get into Horikoshi with the rest of 7. Who makes sure Shintaro is safe after school. And told Shintaro he would become a great person. Who didn’t mind not getting the spotlight or any lines in songs. When told he messed up on some choregraphy and told to leave, he stood ground, and tried his hardest. Who takes his family out to eat, and helps his grandparents as if they were his best friends. And stayed out for hours helping re-teaching Inoo dance steps. Who flies with the flow even if he doesn’t feel like it, the happiness of others around him makes him smile.

This is the boy who went through a lot. Who got threatened to be stabbed. And had the guts to meet & talk to his crazy stalker. Who got scolded at by his dance-teachers daily when he was a jr. Who got his phone stolen. And had old men who adored him make riots at concerts. Who smoked cigarettes. Who got plenty of hate for it. And even so he is still able to smile.  

This is the boy with an intimidating aura, but is actually lame. Who is more embarrassing than funny. Who says the most adult-ish words even I don’t understand. Who says the most oddest things at times. And uses a fork and infloatable ear for a magic trick. Who makes the most weirdest jokes & comments that I only halfly understand and make me shrink into my computer seat and ask why oh god tell me why are you still talking? This is the boy whose humor was dry but made me laugh anyway

This is the boy who is astonishing. Who says the most wisest things for beyond his age. This is the boy who taught me there is no sense in slacking. There is no sense in hate. And that love is a powerful thing. Who taught me things I should’ve learned years ago. Who in just a couple of words manages to say so much. Who speaks with in such depth, and wisdom. This is the boy who opens his mouth and makes me think Please say more.

This is the boy who is real. And nothing else. Who eats his mother’s rice and says its really good every morning. Who was upset that Shintaro stopped calling him Nii-Chan. Who went on a trip to Hawaii and didn’t have enough trunk space to take back the souiveners he bought for his family. Who finally didn’t feel like a burden anymore when he learned how to put in his contacts by himself. Who got mad when his mom told him to hurry and take a bath. And cried when he finished watching Hana Yori Dango. The boy who says his happiest when he’s working. This boy is so real, it makes it unreal

This is the boy who dares. Who doesn’t only work to entertain but to make others happier. Who underestimates his limits, but still goes for the grand thing. Who jumps into everything with a -BAM! Who puts an endless effort to make everyone satified, and leave concerts with a wide smile. Who most likely got blisters from practicing baseball too much. Who watches the news & reads newspapers just to stay informed. And watches his own concert DVDS just to find mistakes. This is the boy who strives to be his best. Who dares. 

This is the boy who makes 1000’s or 100’s of people happy. This boy who is also a man. Who is a star and a dork. Who is true. Is my happiness. 

This boy. 

Ryutaro Morimoto.

I kind of like him. Just a little bit-