i got inspired by lots of jokes

i think you all know what this means by now! hitting that heart gives me permission to:
come to you whenever to talk about plots/headcanons/dad jokes / send you memes whenever i see them / write you random starters if and when inspiration strikes etc etc.

i get anxious sometimes that i can come across as too much, so this is as much to waylay some of those fears as it is for my own sanity — you liking this means you’re willing to put up with my slow ass, and awful puns whenever, wherever ( we’re meant to be together ♪ )


SOOOO @llljjj, @yousoullessfuck and I got together for a yu yu nerds doodle day. Basically we ate food, laughed our way through amazing and terrible doujinshi, chatted about tumblr posts and fanfics, listened to lots of YYH music and drew each other random hilarious art lolol (it’s almost like a warmup for @yyhbb lmao)

Above are the fruits of our productive labour!!

Art by me: Treasure troll Hieis (credit to @yousoullessfuck for the inspiring inspiration), Kurama with a tiny grow op Kurama (this was a running joke during our doodles…), “photo taken by Kurama”, watercolour Kurama

Art by @llljjj: Yusuke’s ramen, Yusuke with Puu, angry tiny Hiei (it’s hard to see in my photo but there’s also a faint pencil drawing of a little plant-summoning Youko Kurama going “hehehe” in the bottom right)

Art by @yousoullessfuck: Yusuke NO OLD KINGS tattoo, Yusuke and Hokushin, Kurama and Yusuke meeting under a streetlight… lmao

Can’t wait to do it again~!

@ all undertale kins

Hi I’m Pacifist!Frisk and I love you!!

Sans, you’re selfless and strong! You care so much and you kept me safe, I can’t thank you enough, and your jokes are super funny! Never lose hope, okay? You got this!

Papyrus, you’re giving and earnest! Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have determination, you have more than a lot of humans! You are an inspiration. You can do anything!

Toriel, you’re compassionate and good! You took such good care of me and everyone else, you are so wonderful. Don’t doubt your worth for a second. Anyone would be privileged to call you a friend!

Mettaton, you’re enthusiastic and endearing! The most fabulous robot to ever grace a universe, and you’re no less captivating this time around! You’re so clever and ambitious, you’re a shining star!

Undyne, you’re enduring and powerful! You have so much passion for everything you do, a spirit like yours can’t be broken. Don’t lose your fire, every goal is within your reach!

Alphys, you’re talented and clever! Don’t sell yourself short, my brilliant, creative friend. Find your niche and hang onto it, and you’ll blow this world away with your talent. Keep moving forward and remember that you are loved!

Asgore, you’re well-intentioned and courageous! The good and beloved king, everyone looked up to you for a reason. Keep your mind open, and keep trying. You’re just as admirable in this life!

Asriel, you’re genuine and loyal! Your heart was so good, don’t let a few mistakes get you down okay? This time around we’ve all got a shot for a happy ending, and that means you too so long as you keep going!

Flowey, you are intelligent and driven! All that strength of yours is still there to be harnessed, put it to use for good and you can do astounding things! New lives bring second chances, and your new beginning could be the beginning of something amazing!

No matter what you’re going through now, or how hard this life gets, there is still hope. Trust me, I’ve almost lost my soul a few times, but anything can be survived so long as we all stay determined! <3

Scarlet Amare: Spring Clothes!

Before you have a panic attack, yes 2 posts in one day. Calm down the world is not ending nor am I an imposter…at least to your knowledge….

*Regarding that comment I am not an imposter nor do I know about an upcoming apocalypse…it was merely a joke*

So recently I’ve been getting into fashion…not modern professional fashion that looks hideous and horrendous, rather comfort fashion and street fashion and such. Mainly Japanese comfort fashion because lots of japanese girl fashion is really cute and frilly. Now *Ahem* being the manly man I am, I wouldn’t wear it myself. However I got Scarlet to wear it for me… (Wow that sounds odd now that I think about it) So I’ve been looking up popular japanese fashion and putting it on her (the last sketch was also inspired by some as well) and it comes out great. Admittedly I love having my characters wear cute things…fashion has become something I’m hoping to emphasise more…funny how horrible I was at women’s fashion before. In my old drawings women all looked like dudes and wore a t-shirt and jeans….maybe a sweater. Because that’s all that exists in a man’s wardrobe. We live in T-shirts and jeans; and die in T-shirts and jeans.

I also tried a thing. A cool thing. Did ya notice? If ya didn’t imma tell ya anyways! Her shirt it partially see-through! I was given that idea by my sister and drew her torso and just lowered its opacity and TA-DA! Made it look that much better! Also got to draw boobs so I mean…that’s always fun…It’s not me being weird it’s just…Look I just…LOOK MAN IM LONELY!!

Breakfast would be better without terrible puns (inspired by my grandma telling me that Chai tea is better without sugar).

Baby Katie hc’s inspired por mi hermano meno parte ???

  • Would scream “ACHOO!” while sneezing for a while. Thought is was quite literally the funniest joke
  • In the car: “Mom, where are my disney princess/veggietales songs?”
  • Was figured to be a prodigy very early on, but still got herself stuck in some of the dumbest predicaments. Like the time the hangers in her closet tried “trapping” her. Not a lot of people believed her prodigy rating until she was six and dismantling phones, though, for obvious reasons 
  • Matt was stuck with a little sister laying across his back to watch cartoons on his phone while he tried to do his homework a lot (At least until Shiro started coming over because “Matty, you’re too cold and bony.”)
  • Whenever they first got Gunther and she was learning how to properly handle a pet, as in not manhandling it or mistaking the poor soul for a toy, Katie would always try kissing Gunther’s head after she was reminded to pet and/or hold him a certain way. As an apology
  • Was actually a pretty picky eater when it came to peas, you’d either have to try and hide it in another dish or bribe her (Unfortunately, for any babysitters, it was always, “I want $10 and no bath or else I won’t eat the peas.”)
being my fren

i got inspired by @drinklifeaway


you get called fren

my frens will probably love you

a lot of ‘thats what she said’ jokes

free sketches and comics (i just started doing comics lol)


i try to take over your problems

i make way to many references

you become a homestuck

i can get really snappy

im too confident sometimes

Omgcp characters as things I've done

(Inspired by @mrcrappyknight and others)

Bitty: baked lemon cakes with a friend, while blasting Beyonce’s LEMONADE

Jack: stole a joke from my dad to impress my crush

Shitty: wrote an essay debunking one of Socrates’ (whom I dislike a lot) theories for one of my most important philo class essay that year. ended it with a “In your face Socrates”

Ransom: had a existential crisis in the middle of a epistemology test and wrote it all down on the test. got a 97

Holster: had a sore throat on our yearly school camping trip. Insisted to sing anyway, and ended up completely hoarse for a week

Lardo: used my hand as a color palette when drawing on my wall cause I couldn’t bother with getting a real one

Dex: my friend told me I can’t mock Twilight since I haven’t read the book. suffered through the entire thing so I can do just that.

Nursey: over loaded a plate with food in a eat-all-you-can buffet. too focused in balancing the plate to notice the closed glass door. there was food everywhere

Chowder: proudly beamed as my friend excitedly (and drunkenly) explained in detail why I’m her favourite person to hug

Tango: almost had me and my friends miss our only bus home because I was completely engrossed in a conversation with a old artist lady, and had to run 2 blocks to get to the bus on time

Whiskey: walked into class to see a guy in my class twerk upside down. walked out without saying a word

Kent: accidentally come out to a friend only for them to say “I know”. twice








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my mom used to be an art teacher when i was small
it was cool cause the “take your child to work days” were fun
and she let us always express ourselves by decorating our rooms how we wanted and gave us the liberty to decide what to wear to school
and i had some speech problems and i was made fun of for it
but in a joking way i feel cause i dont think any of them knew it hurt my feelings
my mom always made me feel better about my flaws
she would say “theres no mistakes in art and babygirl you are my masterpiece”
in high school i was skipping school a lot and only doing the homework assignments that inspired me and my counselor and i got super close cause i was sent there a lot
and sometimes my mom would keep me home and give me a canvas to paint on and she would tell me to paint how i was feeling
and what i wanted to be
and where i wanted to go
and it would take me most of the day
and there were a lot of tears and blues and hues of red
but i got my point across
i was always running from things that scared me
i still am
but its fine cause if ive learned anything thus far
its that my life is my canvas
and i have the power to paint it anyway i want.
and whatever i choose will be just fine
because there are no mistakes in art.

-tiffany majette