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Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (Poly Ships)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. However, since there aren’t as many poly fics to rec, I’m consolidating all poly relationships here (the pairings will be mentioned for each fic). Enjoy!

the numerous assorted issues in the life of tsukishima kei by symphorine @asexualkurootetsurou (T; 35k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima Kei’s life is getting very difficult. He would start a revolution against fate and the universe if he wasn’t so painfully aware it’s entirely his own fault. He’s starting to think he secretely hates himself, honestly. Or maybe he angered some deity, somehow. Or it’s karma from a previous life. Whatever it is, he’s fucked.

(Yamaguchi just thinks he’s scared.)

Comments: This is just incredible. I enjoyed it so much, gosh, i can’t express how much. Such an incredible contribution to the tag.

High Dive by BlueColoredDreams (M; 19k; English; Chapters 4/?)

Relationship: Tsukishima Kei/Yachi Hitoka/Yamaguchi Tadashi

Kei thinks that he can handle being roommates with Tadashi and being in love with him at the same time. He can’t, but he’ll take what he can get, even if it’s just being friends with benefits.

Tadashi and Hitoka want to give him more.

Comments: OMG this was so good. My heart ached for Kei multiple times, and I just loved how the plot has been built up.

Mannequin Men by surveycorpsjean @zanimez (M; 76k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

The modeling world is full of hungry wolves, constantly clambering over the other, snarling and desperate. They fight, and they kill, trampling over anything in their path.

In this case, Akaashi fell in love with the wolves.

Comments: This was a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed, cried, ‘aww’d a lot throughout this one. 

happy mother’s day! by MissMairin @anyhao (T; 2.8k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi

As captain of Karasuno Volleyball Club, Yamaguchi had changed a lot since his first year. He finally mastered the float serve. Puberty was gracious to him. He had gotten piercings and tattoos. Most importantly, though, he had picked up a new skill. His maternal instincts.

[Four times Yamaguchi’s maternal instincts had helped his team, and one time the team helped him.]

Comments: This is so pure and beautiful. 

Together, We’re Infinite by thunderingskies @josai (M; 8.9k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima has never liked being touched.

A pat on the back, a hug from a relative, a friend nudging his ribs - it’s an invasion of his personal space, and he hates it. It’s awkward, uncomfortable. A reminder of how different he is, because normal people seem to like it, and that’s just not him.

That is, until the day Tsukishima finally learns that maybe being touched isn’t so bad after all - at least, not when it comes to them.

Comments: One of the best getting together fics with poly ships. Lovely.

So, You’ll Be Joining Us? by helloyesIamtrash (G; 5.4k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

Though no one knows how or why, at midnight on a person’s 16th birthday, they get writing on their wrist, almost like a tattoo. This writing, whatever it says, has something to do with your soulmate. It’s usually something like the first thing they say to you after it appears, or an inside joke you two will have, maybe a phrase they say a lot. Simply a push in the right direction, fate’s little nudge-nudge wink-wink about what future you have in store. This is the story of how Tsukishima Kei got three soulmates.

Comments: This was so funny but also really cute, and I love what Kei’s first words to the others are.

This list is in no way complete. These are just a handful of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

For KageHina fic recs, go here!

For KuroTsuki fic recs, go here!

For TsukkiYama fic recs, go here!

For a masterpost of my fic recs, go here!

My Asylum 18

Okay folks so here I’m going to attempt to write up my weekend at Asylum 18 in Blackpool. For those about to read, I salute you. Imma try and keep it to the highlights but bear with it’s gonna be a big post.

Four hour drive up on Friday morn and then a lot of waiting around after finally meeting the awesome @teamfreewill-imagine. Got registered around 2.30pm then waited for Jamie to come out of the pre-orders queue (I didn’t even attempt joining it was loooong). Queued for the autograph room as they decided to do some that evening. 

Head in and make a beeline for Briana who is stunning and just fucking lovely. I won’t tell Jamie’s story for her so check out her blog for more. My turn and I tell her “I bloody love you” and she grins and says she loves me too. Bless her for signing her character underneath her name before I could say I loved her…. I think she was worried people wouldn’t know who she was. 

Off to Osric (I don’t remember the exact order we went in but sure I’ll say this next. He sent me a snapchat a while back in response to one I sent about being at the GOTG Vol 2 premiere and I brought it up leading the three of us into a Marvel sequels debate. I said I thought it broke the sequels curse (Thor 2 excluded), he disagreed but we all agreed on the Wolveerine origin story at the same time then he said Spiderman 2 with Tobey Maguire and I said it was terrible where he sat back in his chair and was appalled which just made me laugh. We argued a touch then I said “But I still love you, though” and he says “And I still love TOBEY” to which I just laughed more as he did and said “My poor little frozen heart.” Not sure why that was my response but sure.

Went to Kim Rhodes who said “I fucking love your shirt” - it was the Wayward AF Creation Stands one - and I said “Well I fucking love you” to which she had the most gorgeous grin and said it back.

Mark Pellegrino was pretty chuffed that him liking my tweets managed to persuade me to come to con.

Friday evening - all of my inclusive autographs already done and fish and chips back at the hotel. Winner.

Saturday morning we head in and head to the pre-orders queue… which is not open yet as so many still need to register. I go to the stewards meeting instead and agree to volunteer in the panels hall for the day and run the mic.

Have a hilarious day of running the mic, chatting with other fans and even getting to ask my own questions when there was no one in the queue and also at the beginning of Misha’s panel.

Got to ask Kim and Briana a question in the first panel - I asked if their characters could appear in any other film or tv show what would they appear in and what would they get up to - Briana said she’d loved to see Donna in Game of Thrones and she and Kim joked about her trying to clear fire hydrens for dragons. Kim said she’d like to see Jodi on The Walking Dead kicking ass.

A fan forgot her question in the queue so asked me for one and I told her to ask Adam and David if the boot had been on the other foot would Mick have killed Ketch and how would it have gone down.

Asked Misha the same question about different film or tv show but after I said hello he mimicked me then did his British accent and laughed about how people said he accent was terible. He said it was niche and that it was someone born in Southern England that had spent ten years in Leeds and then a year in Australia so actually it was spot on we just didn’t get it. He then said he’d love to see Castiel in Debbie loves Dallas.

Another fan forgot a question for Mark P and Alaina so I suggested they ask who would they possess and Mark said Trump, Alaina said Mark Sheppard.

Mark Sheppard broke all the panel rules and went walk about which was brilliant. I have dubbed him ‘the savage wanderer’ and he was absolutely hilarious. Standing with the people waiting to ask questions was funny too as he kept coming down to intimidate them and getting really close to them. On around the fourth time around he looked at me and went “You still here?” To which I just laughed and said “Looks like it.” 

The Hillywood Show - I didn’t know much about them but really enjoyed their panel and had a great laugh dancing with fans at the back of the hall waiting for them to come on. Asked them if they had any show or movie they were too protective of and loved too much to want to cover or do a parody of it and they said no.

Day 2 done and still have all my photo ops and two more autos to go.

Sunday another early start and a big day ahead. Decided not to steward in the morning as the likelihood of being free to help was pretty slim and this turned out to be a good call. My group was called for the Misha photos pretty early so I went there pretty much straight away. It was hectic as they had so many to get through so it was get in, get out but he said hello and smiled, I thanked him for coming, he thanked me too then we had our picture and he took my hand and squeezed it as I left. Now I should preface this with I hate pictures of me taken by other people. I rarely like pictures I take myself, to be honest. But I am beyond thrilled with the picture of us both and so relieved I love it. So chuffed!

I had a little while in the panel room then Misha autos were called so I took the card I had put together with the messages from all the donors of my fundraiser with me. When I went in they were actually doing Mark Sheppard’s autos too and the line was shorter so I went there first but got told to go to the front because I was volunteering, I didn’t really want to but since the line was so long for Misha and I was worried about giving him the card I did and Mark grinned at me saying I was being sly sliding in. He called me sweetheart, said thank you when I said he was awesome and signed my poster.

Went over to Misha and joined the queue. I could’ve skipped but I don’t like to and I was nervous as fuck to give him the card. Finally got to the front and he looked up and smiled and said hi, I said hello and gave him the card, he asked what it was and I said I’d raised over $2000 for Random Acts this year to which he did my favourite shocked face and sat back a little to look at me. I said that a few of the donors wanted to share messages to thank him for inspiring them and I did too. He put the card to one side and held out his hand which I took and thought he wanted to shake it but he held on then said “Thank you so much, it means a lot” and I said something along the lines of “No thank you for inspiring us, you help more than you know.” He squeezed my hand again and thanked me again then I went to go and nearly forgot my poster so he pulled it along for me and I said “I’d better take this” and he grinned, winked and I left.

Got back in time for the end of The Hillywood Show panel and got to watch Mark S be the wandering savage again. He went from ignoring us and making Adam tell jokes to taking the piss out of fans and eating then to a really heartfelt speech about the SPN family at the end. A rollercoaster of emotions but just awesome from start to finish.

Watched Adam & David’s second panel and asked them a question this time - As there is a British Men of Letters, presumably there is a Canadian branch and an Irish one- would their policies be different and what would they be like? David said the Canadian side would be very polite and Adam said to get into the Irish side you’d have to be the last man standing on a boozy night out. I also mentioned how I’m moving to Vancouver (as I found David’s references funny) and they wished me luck which was sweet and something about ketchup chips? A fan brought the song that David used to have to dance to (Whip It by Devo?) he mentioned in Saturday’s panel and like a true sport he got up and danced for us all which was brilliant (and hilarious).

From there I went for my Misha and Mark S photo op. Walked in said “Thanks love” to the volunteer/crew member and said hello to them both, Misha grins and says “What would you like to do ‘love’?” the accent again hah and I said “I’m happy, do whatever you want with me.” realising the second after it left my mouth what I’d said, both guys grin and give me a look then Mark S says “We’ll take you home then” to which I said “Don’t tempt me” and Misha wrapped his arms around me as Mark put his arm around and it looks like he’s trying to steal me in our op. Thanked them both and got a squeeze from both then left.

Straight to Adam and David’s op which I shared which Jamie and we could not stop laughing. I had such an epic time with her this weekend and we’d never met before nor did we really know each other so I was really lucky to have someone so awesome to hang with for the weekend. We were almost crying with laughter in the queue and couldn’t work out what to do for our op. We then got told no poses which we were relieved about because we couldn’t think of anything despite having had three days to come up with it. We got our photo with the boys who were lovely and the photo is great! We all look like we’re siblings who’ve been shoved together for a family photo- I love it.

Made it back for Kim and Briana’s panel and they were a steward down so I ran mic again for that one and then Misha’s to finish the weekend. 

I will post quotes that I remember separately - I have very few photos but I’ll probably post my ops at some point too.

Thanks to everyone I saw over the weekend, especially Jamie and her friend Laura for being great company and to everyone for being so great when I was stewarding. My first Supernatural convention and I loved every second of it.

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Romanced companion react to sole want to have a baby?

Before I begin: I would like to thank all the people who wrote the amazing, kind things to me. You all really helped me a lot. I can feel myself healing emotionally and I actually feel good, rested and inspired and simmply willing and wanting to do things again. And to live. I haven’t spoken to the girl who used to be my friend since and I am actually glad. I suppose sometimes you have to lose something in order to get something better? Anyway, I hope I still got the ability to write like a human being :)

Also, let’s pretend synths potentionally can have babies.

Cait - She thinks they are joking at first. After all, after Shaun? She can understand them in a way, yet she is very anxious about becoming a mother after what she had been through as a child herself. It takes a while for her to change her mind, but one day, she realises that she will never be like her parents, for she loves Sole and she is definetely going to love the hell out of their little bundle of joy.

Curie - She is more than a little excited about the idea, but is worried whether it is even possible: Not only she would love to make some notes about pregnancy itself, but the very thought of something that has been entirely made by her and Sole, bound by blood and DNA, that has its own mind, heart, soul and life is making her glow with excitement and anticipation.

Danse - He swept them of their feet when they told him - Danse adored the Brotherhood, but he always felt that he was the kind of guy who would surely want a family at some point of his life and the thought of having this family with Sole made his heart sore the same way like when Sole kissed him for the first time. He was just hopeful that they could make it work somehow.

Deacon - He wasn’t exactly thrilled. Sure, he loved Sole to pieces, but he as a father? He was quite comfortable with being something like an uncle to little Shaun, but having an actual child of his own was rather a crazy thought for him. It reminded him of the situation with Barbara and he knew he could never bare losing someone so dear to him again. He keeps the option open, but doesn’t really want to act unless he knows Sole and the potential child are going to be absolutely safe.

Hancock - He doesn’t know what to say. Even if it was possible for him to have children, he has no idea how’d he raise them. He’s a junkie and a drinker and he knows that Sole accepts this, but a child? He would like to have a family, a healthy one, but he isn’t sure if he’s ready to do such thing yet. He knows that he definetely will be ready one day and when the day comes, he’ll be ready to get rid of his addictions as well.

MacCready - He’s rather excited, if he had to be honest. Duncan and Shaun had only proven to him how much he loves being a father and the more, the merrier. He is certain that things are going to be pretty tough, even the people living cushy in Diamond City usually have only one or two kids, but as long as Sole and himself are together, they can handle even the wildest group of youngsters, especially since the youngsters are theirs.

Nick Valentine - Nick isn’t really sure how to react at first, not only he thinks Sole’s request might be close to impossible, he also cannot quite imagine himself as a father. Not now, at least, in his current robotic form. Immortal form. As much as he’d like to give Sole what they want and maybe even have a real family with them, he isn’t sure he’s able to see them die and then live on for who knows how many more centuries.

Piper - She almost chokes on her Nuka Cola at first and tiny drops of it are soon coming out of her mouth and nose. When even this sight doesn’t make Sole take it back she goes silent. Piper never really thought of it - She was busy doing her papers and trying to care for Nat and was happy to squeeze her relationship with Sole into her otherwise very full schedule. Piper and Sole have decided to keep the option open, but not act on it just yet.

Preston - For a while, Preston just stared at them, his eyes huge and a wide smile appearing on his face - he looked like a child on Christmas. He asked Sole if they really meant it. Helping people, loving home, someone he loved and children were the four things he always secretly wished for and Sole already gave him three of them. When Sole nodded at his question, he almost struggled them in his embrace, already full of delight and anticipation.

X6-88 - It takes a lot of time for X6 to accept new things and Sole’s whole relationship with him is a lot of waiting and persuading. It took long for him to kiss, hug, or even touch Sole in public and he still isn’t absolutely comfortable doing it. So of course he said a clear ‘no’ to Sole’s request. Although Sole cannot be sure he will ever change his mind, all they gotta do is try and maybe, someday he will. He even held their hand in Diamond City the other day, so nothing’s impossible…

Hey, Tangerine here! Today I’m going to talk about the arm joke in volume 4.

Ok yeah this is a….heated debate to say the least, and it’s not hard to see why. Humor is subjective at the best of times, dark humor especially so. So it’s probably no surprise that you got people debating this subject in….very passionate ways. Now one massive ramble under the break!

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I never got the chance to do this but I now have time away from school so here it goes….

I get a lot of heat sometimes about me loving taylorswift so much, I get the typical jokes of she dates too many dudes or that all her songs sound the same, that she was so much better when she was country and sometimes I don’t even feel like arguing with people about this subject, not because I think they are true but because they don’t understand it all. Taylor has made such an impact on girls around the world it really is inspiring to see someone that is an actual role model that they can look up too. But what people don’t know is that she doesn’t cater to just girls. Yes I message her about my life, my day, my love life, what I think she should perform. This is where some more heat comes in… people saying she wont recognize you because you are a dude or that it is a waste of time because she has billions of those messages so what makes mine so special to Taylor but that’s not what matters. It is that fact that I can write to someone I do look up to someone who I see as a visionary and someone who can change and still be true to herself no matter what… It is the fact that I feel comfortable telling her the most personal stories and experiences or knowing there is a chance she read it an smiled to herself thinking how many people, male or female, lives that she touched. So when in Santa Clara on night two of the 1989 tour Taylor said, “I get messages from girls…. and sometimes boys…” it doesn’t matter if there were a million other guys in the world that messaged her or anything of that nature it was the fact that she said it in general that made me feel that I was important that I should be able to tell her anything and that she may read them. I felt it was a personal thing that Taylor and I shared even though I was further away then everyone in the pit ot B stage

So I guess all in all I just want to say to everyone that never let what others say get to you yes it will be irritating and sometimes it can be very frustrating but as long as you know that Taylor is listening, reading, watching whatever you post that is all that really matters… and to Taylor I just want to say you are doing an amazing job at what you do and you should never give up… always keep your head held high and your fans screaming louder and louder cause we love you every single one of us no matter what gender or anything else <3

thanks for hearing me out,


P.S sorry for my yelling it can be a little obnoxious but in all honesty it is Taylor so you kind of had to expect that :) 

@ all undertale kins

Hi I’m Pacifist!Frisk and I love you!!

Sans, you’re selfless and strong! You care so much and you kept me safe, I can’t thank you enough, and your jokes are super funny! Never lose hope, okay? You got this!

Papyrus, you’re giving and earnest! Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have determination, you have more than a lot of humans! You are an inspiration. You can do anything!

Toriel, you’re compassionate and good! You took such good care of me and everyone else, you are so wonderful. Don’t doubt your worth for a second. Anyone would be privileged to call you a friend!

Mettaton, you’re enthusiastic and endearing! The most fabulous robot to ever grace a universe, and you’re no less captivating this time around! You’re so clever and ambitious, you’re a shining star!

Undyne, you’re enduring and powerful! You have so much passion for everything you do, a spirit like yours can’t be broken. Don’t lose your fire, every goal is within your reach!

Alphys, you’re talented and clever! Don’t sell yourself short, my brilliant, creative friend. Find your niche and hang onto it, and you’ll blow this world away with your talent. Keep moving forward and remember that you are loved!

Asgore, you’re well-intentioned and courageous! The good and beloved king, everyone looked up to you for a reason. Keep your mind open, and keep trying. You’re just as admirable in this life!

Asriel, you’re genuine and loyal! Your heart was so good, don’t let a few mistakes get you down okay? This time around we’ve all got a shot for a happy ending, and that means you too so long as you keep going!

Flowey, you are intelligent and driven! All that strength of yours is still there to be harnessed, put it to use for good and you can do astounding things! New lives bring second chances, and your new beginning could be the beginning of something amazing!

No matter what you’re going through now, or how hard this life gets, there is still hope. Trust me, I’ve almost lost my soul a few times, but anything can be survived so long as we all stay determined! <3

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hey will, i need music recs (i need more musicals to listen to)

hello, sorry this took a hundred ages for me to answer you, tbqh I have not had anyone refer to me by that name at all so that was pretty Wild.


my favorite musical is [title of show], it’s a modern musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. it’s meta as hell and v inspiring if you’re a creative person, or just sometimes need a kick in the butt to remember to fight vampires and keep ~~following ur dreams~~

In Transit is an acapella musical that closed a couple of months ago. it’s got some inside jokes about being a New Yorker, but it’s still a lot of fun and sounds AH MAZING. like an acapella musical?? first of its kind?? omg!

I feel obligated to put Dear Evan Hansen; it’s not the best, the songs all sound the same after a while, but it’s got a good message. listen to it all one time really closely and have a good cry, and then just focus on Waving Through a Window thru If I Could Tell Her and skip to Words Fail, those are the best songs.

I also like the Matilda soundtrack, and Finding Neverland, and Something Rotten!, and Tarzan (it was a boss movie and a boss stage production fight me). as you can tell I prefer modern musicals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope those are enough!

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Not able to art because no inspiration, no energy, or just to much "meh"?

Not able to art because I can’t draw for shit

I can’t imagine drawing without guidelines and undersketches and lots of building up lines and nobody wants to see that

i posted a pic last night on my sin blog because it was nsfw (but not porn, it was a dick joke) and it got like 10 notes but i thought it was the funniest fucking thing and nobody else seems to share the sentiment so ????

idk i havent taken my nighttime meds yet tonight and i guess that’s part of why im feeling so bad about it but truth be told i’m just not good at art and it’s frustrating because i try so hard for nothing

i’m bad, i’m slow, and i’m not funny, and i regularly wonder if i should even keep trying

I’m gonna come out and say it: I don’t completely understand the whole cultural appropriation thing.

Like, I understand loving your culture and being kinda sad when people take things from it without understanding the history behind it, but if people literally never exchanged any part of their culture with other cultures, the world would be a lot different and potentially come to a cultural standstill. You could say the Japanese appropriated China’s writing system and made it their own? And like, when countries traded art pieces with each other and shit, they got inspired and incorporated aspects of that art into their own, was that cultural appropriation too? And then there’s the joke that the best British food is Indian food, is that appropriation? Maybe there’s some distinction I’m missing but I just don’t get it. Cultures mix and blend together, they always have and will continue to do so. It seems like a 100% natural thing for people to do, and saying it’s A Bad Thing To Do seems almost xenophobic to me.

Sprite edits of 2015

Now, I don’t have an exact timeline to follow, but I do know this:

  • I started making sprite edits this year in June.
  • I’m weeaboo trash.

Not in any order, let’s take a look. Just for my sake.

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We’re Just Friends, I Swear

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smutty smut

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: You and Jimin are friends but you didn’t realize that he had feelings for you until you got soaked by rain and your shirt became see through. 


Ooo is that Jimin?” My best friend prodded as I typed out a message onto my phone.

I rolled my eyes at her, “yes. It’s my totally platonic friend Jimin,” I made sure to add extra emphasis on the word “friend”.

Despite my pressing that jimin was nothing more than a friend, all of my other friends were stuck on this idea that Jimin and I were going to date. I mean, I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t thought what it would be like to date him. I know he’d be so sweet and caring and wonderful. He’d take such could care of me and make me feel comfortable all the time. And I’m not going to pretend that I don’t get butterflies in my stomach every time I see him smile or that my heart doesn’t ache when I go too long without seeing him…

But we’re just friends, I swear.

“Helloooo… stop spacing out and tell me what he said!” my friend jabbed impatiently.

I shook myself out of my Jimin filled daze and looked down at my phone again, “Oh, um, he asked if I was free to hang out later. I was just about to send a message saying that I couldn’t because I’m hanging out with you,” I told her.

  “What? Don’t tell him no!” she spoke in a shrill voice.

I looked at her confused, “why not? I can’t hang out today, I’m not free.”

“You go hang out with Jimin. I’ve been wanting to hang out with my boyfriend today anyway,” she flicked her hair off her shoulder.

“Really? Why didn’t you say something about that earlier?” I asked her.

All she did was shrug.

I sighed and looked at the message that I had already typed out but had yet to send, “so…should I tell him that I’m free to hang out right now?” I wanted her confirmation that our little girls day was coming to an early close.

“Yes!” she said a little too excitedly.

I shrugged and sighed again, “oookay.”

I deleted the message that I had previously written and told Jimin that I was free to hang out whenever he was.

He responded back almost immediately and told me to meet him at a park that I just happened to be really close to.

“Okay, um, I’m gonna go meet Jimin at the park,” I told my friend.

“Great! Have fun!” she beamed a smile at me and stood up from the table we were sitting at. She gave me a small wave then walked away quickly.

I sat in slight shock about how quickly she left but I decided not to dwell on it and start walking towards the park. It was in the middle of a pretty big shopping center that was filled with cute tiny restaurants and mom and pop shops. My friend and I had planned to have a shopping spree after a nice lunch but clearly those plans didn’t work out.

As I got closer to the park, I began to get a little pep in my step at the thought of seeing Jimin. Since he’s been so busy lately with work stuff, I haven’t gotten to see him for a couple weeks. I found myself walking even faster to the park.

Once I got there, I pulled out my phone to text him and ask where he was but I didn’t need to because there he was, sitting at a small round table outside of a smoothie shop. He was wearing a basic white t shirt with black skinny jeans and a dark blue beanie. He was wearing sunglasses but I could still see that his eyes were glued to the cell phone in his hand. I was astounded that someone could make such a simple outfit look so good.

“Jimin!” I shouted his name as I got closer to him.

His head snapped up and he looked around until he found me waving at him. A huge smile immediately took over his face as he got out of his chair and walked the rest of the short distance to me.

Without saying a word, he pulled me into an extremely tight hug.  

“Ack! You’re squishing me!” I squealed into his chest.

He chuckled happily and pulled away, still smiling hugely.

I giggled at the sight of him, “hi,” I said.

“Hi,” he echoed, “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in so long,” he began a simple conversation.

“I’ve been good. Life hasn’t been as exciting without you in it,” I lightheartedly confessed.

“Ah I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy lately with our comeback and our tour and all that but I’ve got some free time now. I can spice up your boring life again!” he told me happily.

I laughed at him and the conversation lulled.

“Hey do you wanna get smoothies? The longer I sat in front of that shop, the more I started craving one,” he pointed at the smoothie shop behind him.

I nodded, “A smoothie sounds really good right now.”

So we walked into the shop and got a couple smoothies then we went to the park and started casually walking down the path. We talked about various insignificant things and caught up on the things we had missed in each other’s lives in the last couple weeks. We talked and walked until our cups were empty and our feet were sore. Jimin grabbed my cup and walked over to a trash can where he tossed the empty smoothie cups. His eyes wandered up to the sky and widened in surprise, “look at how cloudy it’s gotten!” he observed.

My gaze followed his to see dark gray, mean looking clouds looming over us, “Aw man! It totally looks like it’s gonna rain!” I said disappointedly. As soon as the words left my mouth, I felt a single raindrop fall onto the center of my forehead.

Jimin watched the rain gently fall onto the sidewalk then he looked up at me and shrugged, “we can handle a little rain can’t we?”

I really didn’t want to have to cancel the rest of our day just because of the weather and seeing as it wasn’t raining that hard, I agreed, we could definitely handle a little rain.

We didn’t walk very far before the rain started to get harder. I could see families packing up their picnics and people moving under the over hangings of the stores. Thunder rumbled in the sky and the wind also started to pick up. I looked around me, aggravated at the weather.

Just then, Jimin tapped my shoulder and shouted, “Tag you’re it!” and started running away from me.

It took me a second to realize what he was doing, but once I caught on, I wasted no time running after him. I chased him through a maze of trees and slippery wet grass thinking there was no way I could possibly catch him. But then, as I started getting closer to him, he darted for a tree and attempted to circle around it but I caught him on the other side and roughly hit his chest with both of my hands. We both laughed and panted hard and I could see the playful competitiveness in his eyes. My mind wandered to my hands and how warm his chest was. I could also feel how nicely toned he was and how… oh wait, I’m supposed to be running right now!

I looked into his eyes one more time and spun away from him, running as fast as I could. I could hear him laughing as he chased me. I blame the fact that he’s got that dancer’s endurance but it did not take him long to catch up to me. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms round me tightly from the back. He lifted me up and spun me around which made me scream and laugh loudly. We sat still again with his arms around me. We were both breathing hard from the running and it was only just now that I realized how hard it was raining. My hair and clothes were completely soaked and the wind was howling.

“Hey, are you cold?” Jimin sounded concerned, “you’re shivering a little.”

Man, I was cold. When did it get so cold?

I nodded in response to his question.

He dropped his arms back to his sides so I could turn around and face him, “maybe we should go back to my place,” he suggested.

Thinking that I would be an intrusion, I shook my head, “no that’s okay. I’ll just walk home. It’s not that far from here,” I told him.

He scoffed, “Don’t be silly Y/N. I’ve been to your house and it is at least three miles from here. My place it just down the street. Plus, your lips are turning blue. Let’s just go.”

Before I could say anything else, Jimin had grabbed my hand and was pulling me away from the park. On the short walk to his apartment, it started raining even harder. It was raining so hard that I could hardly see in front of me. That was when Jimin and I started to run, desperate to get out of the downpour.

He pulled me into a massive apartment building. He greeted the man at the front desk in the lobby and lead me to the elevator. I sat in the elevator shivering and watching the numbers slowly go up. When the door finally dinged and opened, I followed Jimin out of the elevator and down a bright hallway to his front door. He unlocked in and went inside.

“You can put your shoes here,” he said as he slipped his shoes off and put them by the side of the door. He flicked on a light and muttered, “I’m gonna go grab some towels.”

I slipped off my shoes and put them next to Jimin’s and then waited a few moments for him to come back into the room.

“Here,” he handed me a towel, “that’ll help warm you up a little.”

He ruffled his hair with another towel. I noticed his eyes wander down to my chest. His movements slowed down and his eye widened, “um Y/N…your shirt became see through.”

My eyes followed his which were glued to my chest to see my cute lace bra peaking through the fabric. Of course I had to wear white on the rainiest day of the year. Still, I didn’t think much of it. I shrugged and started to wring my hair dry just as Jimin had done only a second ago.  

He cleared his throat, “Um… you’re not gonna use that to cover up?” his eyes were now glued to the towel.

I looked down at my partially covered chest again, “I mean, I wasn’t going to. Why? Does this bother you?”

Jimin looked away and clenched his jaw, his face was stone hard.

I scoffed, “Wait a second, does it really upset you that you can see my chest? What’s the big deal? They’re just boobs Jimin,” I teased him slightly.

He didn’t move a single inch.

I sighed and shrugged, “would you prefer if I took my shirt off? It’d probably dry a lot faster so you wouldn’t have to see the big bad boobs for so long,” I said, completely joking.

Jimin’s eyes suddenly bored into mine, “hey,” he said roughly, “ I am a man you know.”

I took a step back in shock at his reaction, “Jimin… I was just kidding…”

He came closer to me and walked me up against the door, “you shouldn’t joke like that. It makes things hard for me,” he spoke with heat in his voice.

I suddenly felt very tiny being stuck between the door and an angry Jimin, “h–how does it make things hard for you?” I asked obliviously.

His brow furrowed. His eyes scanned my face for any hints of sarcasm, “you really don’t know?”

I slowly shook my head and waited for him to say more.

He looked up as if to find the right words then brought his face incredibly close to mine, “you really don’t know the way you make me feel?”

My heart fluttered, again I shook my head.

He bit his lip, “Y/N, I want you so bad. I–I can’t stand it sometimes. The thought of how it would feel to… touch you and feel your body underneath mine… it drives me crazy sometimes,” he looked down at my chest again, “and you don’t even know. You don’t even know about the things you do to me.

“Jimin…” I spoke in a breathless daze.

He stood silently as he waited for me to say more but there wasn’t much that I wanted to say. His words made me feel hot all over. I was suddenly also wondering how it would feel to have him touch me. The thought of that excited me and gave me the confidence and motivation to do something I would never have normally done. I crashed my lips to his.

He stumbled back slightly at my jarring movement but he quickly recovered and cupped my face with his hands. He pushed me back against the doorframe and pulled my face as close to his as possible. His lips moved over mine roughly and eagerly as if he had been waiting forever for this moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up so that our faces were more level. I used my lips to spread his open and his tongue plunged into my mouth. His hands moved aggressively up and down my sides, lifting the fabric with his movements. As soon as his warm hand touched the bare skin of my hip he pulled back, “let’s go to my bedroom.”

I nodded and he pulled me down a dark hallway and into his bedroom. Despite the fact that no one else was home, Jimin slammed the door behind us. With just as much eagerness as in the entryway, Jimin pressed his lips to mine and walked me backwards until I fell onto his bed. He crawled over me which made me lay flat on the bed. Jimin kissed me sweetly now. He rubbed my stomach and sides with one hand and propped himself up with the other. My hand was on the back of his neck, playing with his hair.

I let my hand wander down his arm and over his chest. Between the kissing and his hands all over me, I could feel my core aching for him.

My hand went lower and lower until it was cupping his growing bulge through his jeans.

He hissed at my action and attached his mouth to my neck. He bit and sucked hard and I knew that there would be a definite mark there next time I looked in the mirror. He skimmed his hand up my torso and palmed my chest through my shirt.

I could feel my desire for him growing in between my legs. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up his body. We broke our kiss long enough for him to slip his head through it. He mimicked my actions with my own shirt. His lips were all over the exposed skin on my chest and neck. He gently nipped and sucked at my collarbone and reached his hands behind me to unclasp my bra.

His lips wrapped around one of my nipples and he sucked on the small nub. He did the same on my other breast and left kisses up and down the valley between my breasts. His hands skimmed over my thighs and occasionally cupped my butt. My center was almost sore because of how much I wanted him. I rocked my hips up to meet his. I could feel his fully hard member pressing against me. I whimpered and I grinded my hips onto his.

He groaned deeply, “fuck, Y/N, I can’t wait any longer,” He undid his belt pulled his pants and underwear off all in one go then frantically undid my pants and pulled them off of me, leaving us both totally naked.

He lined himself up at my entrance then looked up at me, “you ready?”

I was desperate to feel him in me. I was already moaning at the thought of it.

Taking that as a yes, Jimin pushed himself into me slowly.

“God Y/N you’re so wet,” he exhaled. His movements were slow to give me a second to adjust to him.

I whimpered at the feeling of him in me and my stomach filled with butterflies.

He continued to move his hips slowly and place kind kisses on my lips.

“Jimin go faster,” I moaned.

He grunted and started to move himself in and out of my at a faster pace. I felt the pleasure quickly start to build up and cried out loudly. My hand was tugging as his hair as I pulled his lips to mine. Jimin swallowed my moans and roughly pumped himself in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and felt him go even deeper into me. I practically screamed as he thrusted directly into my g spot.

He smiled sexily at my reaction and started thrusting into that spot repeatedly. His breathing was heavy, his moans were low, and his lips attacked my neck.

I could feel myself getting closer to the edge with every thrust. I knew Jimin must be getting close too because his moans were getting higher and more consistent.

“Jimin, I’m so close,” I whimpered.

He groaned, “oh god so am I.”

His thrusts got harder and lost their pace. One more thrust into my g spot sent me over the edge. My back arched off of the bed and the room was filled with the sound of my moans. Jimin continued to thrust roughly as he also hit his high. He moaned loudly and pumped himself through his orgasm.

Once we were both down from our highs, time seemed to stand still.

We were both sweaty and panting hard. Jimin flopped down onto the bed next to me and looked up at the ceiling.

“To be honest. This is not how I saw my day ending,” I confessed.

Jimin laughed breathlessly, “yeah me neither.”

I covered my face with my hands and groaned, “oh man my friends are going to flip when I tell them about this!”

He laughed again, “mine too,” he paused, “it was fun though right?”

I leaned closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder, “that was amazing.”

He laid there in silence for a long time. Jimin mindlessly playing with my fingers and I drew circles on his chest.

“Hey…” I said quietly.

“What?” he asked me.

“I wonder if my clothes are dry by now,” I pondered.

Jimin sat up and looked down at me, “that’s what you’re thinking about right now?!”

I giggled and shrugged at him.

Above me, he rolled his eyes, “well let’s check!”

We both got back into our still slightly damp clothes and shared an evening filled with lots of kissing and cuddling.  

Holy smokes it’s almost 4 am. Seeing as it is almost 4 am I did not proofread this at all! Sorry if there’s like a billion typos.. 

Regardless I hope you liked it and feel free to leave feedback and requests!

Thanks for reading! xx


SOOOO @llljjj, @yousoullessfuck and I got together for a yu yu nerds doodle day. Basically we ate food, laughed our way through amazing and terrible doujinshi, chatted about tumblr posts and fanfics, listened to lots of YYH music and drew each other random hilarious art lolol (it’s almost like a warmup for @yyhbb lmao)

Above are the fruits of our productive labour!!

Art by me: Treasure troll Hieis (credit to @yousoullessfuck for the inspiring inspiration), Kurama with a tiny grow op Kurama (this was a running joke during our doodles…), “photo taken by Kurama”, watercolour Kurama

Art by @llljjj: Yusuke’s ramen, Yusuke with Puu, angry tiny Hiei (it’s hard to see in my photo but there’s also a faint pencil drawing of a little plant-summoning Youko Kurama going “hehehe” in the bottom right)

Art by @yousoullessfuck: Yusuke NO OLD KINGS tattoo, Yusuke and Hokushin, Kurama and Yusuke meeting under a streetlight… lmao

Can’t wait to do it again~!

Omgcp characters as things I've done

(Inspired by @mrcrappyknight and others)

Bitty: baked lemon cakes with a friend, while blasting Beyonce’s LEMONADE

Jack: stole a joke from my dad to impress my crush

Shitty: wrote an essay debunking one of Socrates’ (whom I dislike a lot) theories for one of my most important philo class essay that year. ended it with a “In your face Socrates”

Ransom: had a existential crisis in the middle of a epistemology test and wrote it all down on the test. got a 97

Holster: had a sore throat on our yearly school camping trip. Insisted to sing anyway, and ended up completely hoarse for a week

Lardo: used my hand as a color palette when drawing on my wall cause I couldn’t bother with getting a real one

Dex: my friend told me I can’t mock Twilight since I haven’t read the book. suffered through the entire thing so I can do just that.

Nursey: over loaded a plate with food in a eat-all-you-can buffet. too focused in balancing the plate to notice the closed glass door. there was food everywhere

Chowder: proudly beamed as my friend excitedly (and drunkenly) explained in detail why I’m her favourite person to hug

Tango: almost had me and my friends miss our only bus home because I was completely engrossed in a conversation with a old artist lady, and had to run 2 blocks to get to the bus on time

Whiskey: walked into class to see a guy in my class twerk upside down. walked out without saying a word

Kent: accidentally come out to a friend only for them to say “I know”. twice

Breakfast would be better without terrible puns (inspired by my grandma telling me that Chai tea is better without sugar).

The New Doctor

Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Rating: PG
Length: Just about 2k. 
Author’s Notes: I actually finished writing something for the fytopkey challenge! lol I have a billion other things that are unfinished, but here have a fluffy little piece! 

Summary: There’s a new doctor at the hospital, and Jonghyun thinks he sounds too good to be true. 

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Can`t Say No

Tittle: Can`t Say No

Pairing: I can say cause it will give it away

Requested: yes

Rating: PG

Warning: It`s 5SOS and ATL so lots of sex jokes and swearing

Authors Note: This whole imagine was inspired by “Can`t Say No” by Dan + Shay you can find it here   I FREAKING LOVE THIS DAMN SONG LIKE I JUST NEED ONE OF THESE BOYS TO SING IT TO ME GOD DAMN

  Reader`s P.O.V

  Though being Alex Gaskgarth`s little sister came with more faults than it did perks, I couldn`t really complain. I got to meet my idols, Blink 182, Panic! at the Disco and so many more. I got the go on the tour and explore the world. My band was already taking it off because of my brothers fame. But most importantly I got to meet my three best friends, and love of my life.

 Two Years Ago

Y/n come here!” My brother yelled from the bottom of the stairs, his voice pulling me from the book I was reading. I let out a groan and rolled my eyes as I stood from my bed, walking across my room to my bedroom door. Once I pulled the large oak door open I walked out in the hallway, leaving over the railing to yell down at him. Only to have my response caught in my throat. Standing at the bottom of the stairs was not only my brother and his band mates but four boys I never met before. All of them were tall and lanky, the shortest being at least 6′1. The tallest of the group was a blonde. His hair was styled in a way that it was messy but still neat. A black shirt covered his shoulders and chest, a pair of ripped black skinny jeans covering his long legs.

  Beside the blonde stood a boy with vivid red hair, though most of it was hidden beneath a black and white trucker hat. A black tattoo was just visible under his red and black plaid shirt. He too wore black skinny jeans, making me think that it must be a band thing since all four wore a pair. Beside him, stood another blonde, though his hair was a mess of curls that were more a dirty blonde. He wore a black t-shirt with holes cut carefully out it. “Join Us” written across his broad chest, his muscles straining against the fabric. His black jeans were frayed just above the thigh and across his knee.

  The last of the four boys stood closest to my brother. Unlike the others he had a olive complexion, his darker tone making him all the more breathtaking. He to wore a black shirt with holes in it, though his was an old Blink 182 shirt. Unlike the rest of his band, his black skinny jeans had no rips in them, the material fully covering his long legs.

  “Y/n meet 5 seconds of Summer, 5sos meet my little sister Y/n.” Alex said happily, motioning me to come down the stairs. I gave them all a wide smile and ran down the stairs, giggling as Jack stood in my path, his arms opened wide. With a squeal I jumped the last step and slammed into his arms, his arms instantly wrapping tightly around me as he spun me around.

  “Long time no see kid.” He chuckled as put me down, ruffling my hair playfully as he stepped back. “I see you choose to go with the dark purple. I like it.”

  “Thank you!’ I gushed, fluffing my dark purple hair as I smiled at him. “I love it, I think I may keep it this color.”

  “You said the last 5 times you dyed your hair.” Rian laughed as he pushed Jack aside to pull me into a hug.

  “Yeah well maybe I mean it this time.” I giggled as I pulled back to give him a wide smile. He only chuckled and playfully pinched my cheek,

  “Whatever you say baby Gaskarth.” He chuckled, shaking his head at me.

  “I really do mean it this time!” I giggled, a surprised yelp mixing in with it. Behind me Zack only chuckled as he carefully spun me around, keeping me tight against his chest as he did.

  “If you say you mean it then you mean it.” Zack said with a laugh as he placed me on my feet in front of my amused looking brother. The moment Zack had set me down, Alex pulled against him, turning my attention away from his band mates to the four chuckling boys beside him.

  “You can play with Jack later, first I want you to meet these people. Y/n this is Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke.” As he spoke, each one waved at me, letting me know instantly who was who. Calum was the one in the Blink, Ashton the one in the Join Us, Michael had red hair, and Luke was the tall one.

  “Nice to meet you. I`m Y/n.” I said with a smile, waving at the four boys, a blush spread across my cheeks as Ashton sent me a wink. A wink that went unnoticed by my brother.  

  “Nice to meet you too!” The four boys said in unison, each of them sending a playful smile.

  “Great so now that we all know each other, lets go.” My brother said happily, wrapping his arm around my own as he dragged me to the door.

  “Where are we going?” I asked, rolling my eyes at how eager he was.

  “Out.” Was the only answer I got, but for once I didn’t care. Before I could object and demand more information, Michael was at my side, wrapping me up into a conversation.


   Present Day:

  It’s seven AM baby. Trying to catch up on a little sleep. Its way to early baby
For you to be crawling all over me


   “Wake up.” I giggled, running my fingers down his chest, drumming my fingers against his chest every now and then. When I got no response from that, I leaned in close, peppering kisses along his jaw line. That, at least, finally earned me a response from my sleeping boyfriend.

  “It`s 7 am baby girl, let me sleep.” He groaned, opening one eye just enough to look up at me. A small smile dancing across his face as he let his hands trail down my sides.

 “But you just got home, I haven`t seen you in months.”  I moaned, peppering him with even more kisses in an attempt to get my sleeping boyfriend out of bed.

  “Hmm well we can get caught up wrapped up in each others arms as we sleep.” He chuckled, pulling me against his chest, earning a huff from me as I fell across him.

 “But that`s no fun.” I giggled, wiggling from his grasp so I could crawl up his body again, letting my hands rest gently on his chest. I let out a hum as his hands gripped my waist, his fingers dancing across the skin exposed in between my pj shirt and shorts, his finger tips drumming against my skin.

  “I think it`s loads of fun. Besides, don`t you think it`s way to early to crawl over me?” He moaned.

  “Nope, the sun is up, so we need to be up.” I cried dramatically as I fell onto his chest, my chin nuzzling into his neck. He let out a sleepy chuckle as his hands wrapped around my waist, holding me against him.

  “No Anna, we need to sleep.” He mumbled, hiding his nose into my shoulder.

  “I`m not Anna.” I giggled, trying to move against him.

  “In this moment, yes you are my beautiful girl.” He mumbled, tightening his grip on my waist.

  “You are not getting out of bed are you?” I sighed, pressing a kiss to the base of his neck.

  “Nope, not right now.” He muttered, letting out a relieved sigh as I gave up, being happy to just lay against him.

  “Fine, I`ll wake up in an hour.” I giggled, letting out a small yawn into his neck.

 “Whatever you sleeping beauty.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to my shoulder.

  Two Years Ago

  “I`m going out.” I yelled as I ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time. As I jumped off the last step, I turned and ran into the living room, pressing a quick a kiss to my brothers cheek.

  “Let me guess. The 5sos guys?” He asked, holding tightly onto my hand to keep me from running away.

  “How did you guess?” I giggled, raising an eyebrow at my brother.

  “Gee I don`t know, maybe because they have been the only people you’ve been talking to for the past few months.”

  “What can I say, I need a break from you people.” I giggled, smiling as Rian, Zack and Jack all looked at me with a shock look on their face.

  “I am your best friend!” Jack yelled, fake pain covering his voice. I giggled at hi and blew him a kiss, laughing as he gave me the middle finger in return.

 “Now I have a new one.” I giggled. Letting out a yelp as he tackled me. He held me tight against his chest as he flipped us around mid fall, making it so I landed on top of him.

  “You are a Gaskarth so that means that you need to love me.” He sang, tightening his grip on me as I  struggled to free myself.

  “Let me go! I have people to meet.” I screamed, squealing as his fingers started to attack my sides.

  “Tell me you love me best.” He screamed.

  “Zack help me!” I screamed out in laughter, letting out a relieved sigh Jack was pulled off of me.

  “Thank you.” I screamed, jumping up as I ran out of the house, giggling at Jack`s cries about how I needed to love him echoing behind me.

  Once I was finally in my car, I  let out a breath before I started to head off towards where I was meeting the boys. I turned on the music and sang along, willing the music to make the long five minute long journey quickly.

  To my surprise it worked out well, and five minutes later I was pulling into the house that the 5sos guys were staying in. Once I had thrown the car into park, I turned off the car and jumped out, running up the drive way to the front door, knocking loudly as I came to a stop in front of the door.

 “Hey beautiful.” Luke said as he swung the door open, looking me up and down with his lip caught between his teeth.

  “Hey good looking.” I giggled, stepping forward to give him a hug. The moment my arms wrapped him, his slid across my waist pulling me closer against him. I let out a sigh and nuzzled in closer to his chest, humming as he pressed a kiss to my temple.

  “You ready for the movie.” He whispered as he pulled back to smile at me. He winked at me as he lead me into the house, his hands gently pulling my coat once I was inside.

  “Yeah, where are the other boys?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at the two quiet house. Usually when the boys were around there was nothing but screams and playful jokes bouncing around the house.

  “Oh they won`t be coming.” Luke said, his hands spreading out along the small of my back.

  “Hmm so it`s just us two?” I giggled.

  “Yeah. You okay with that?” Luke asked with a small smile. I giggled and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

  “Yes of course.” I said with a smile. “As much as I love hanging out with all four of you, I have to admit, it will be nice to spend time with just you.”

  “I`m glad you think so, because you and I are going to have lots of fun.” Luke muttered, pulling me against his side so he could press a kiss to my cheek.

 “Good to hear, so what movie are  you watching?” I giggled humming as he walked me into his living room. Like I always was, I loved the way  Luke had his living room set up. It was comfy, yet stylish. He had beautiful black leather couches pressed tightly the wall. One the wall across from the couch a flat screen TV was mounted onto the wall. A cherry oak shelf underneath it, every inch of it loaded with DVDs and Xbox games. The DVD player sat on top of the shelf, the Xbox sitting on the side. The walls were covered in plaques that they had gotten over the years. Shelves also sat scattered around the walls, holding the numbers of awards Luke and the band had won. His guitar sat propped up carefully in the corner of the room.

 “I had a few ideas, I know you like the Maze Runner and I thought, since I never saw it, it might be a good to watch it.” He said with a soft smile.

  “I think that sounds great Luke.” I answered smiling at him as I took a seat on the couch. I watched as he went about getting everything set up before he sat down beside me, his arm wrapping around my shoulder and bringing me into his side. I let out a soft content sigh and curled up against him, my head resting softly on his shoulder. As I snuggled in closer to him, he pulled a blanket from the back of the couch, working it so it wrapped snugly around the two of us. 

  “You know I`m glad you agreed to this.” Luke muttered, his fingers trailing up my arm, his other hand resting ever so gently against my stomach.

  “You know, so am I.” I hummed turning my head up to smile at him. The moment our eyes met, the tension between the two of us changed, and before I knew it my eyes were fluttering shut, as Luke moved slowly towards me.

  Present Day

Yeah baby that’s all about all I can say. Whatever you want baby, as long as you kiss me that way. My heart of stone melts in her hands, I’m getting used to changing plans. Ain’t another girl in the world that can do me like that

  “Hey so I was thinking.” She hummed as she leaned up, pressing a slow kiss to my lips. “Do you think you can come watch me and the girls play, give us some tips?”

  “Yeah baby.” I breathed out. She had me wrapped so tightly around her finger, that “yeah baby” was all I could  say. She knew it to, she knew that I would give her what ever she wanted so long as she kissed me that way.

  “Thank you. I could really use the help, and I know we had planned on going to the mall today.”

  “I`m getting use to changing plans.” I chuckled, pulling her up against my chest, brushing aside her dark purple hair as I cupped her face. “For you though, I will gladly change them again and again.”

  “That`s not very punk rock.” She giggled, knowing fully well that when it came to her I was anything but punk rock.

  “Yeah well, what can I say. It`s all because of you.” I whispered, leaning down to press as kiss to her lips once again.

  Two Years Ago: Calum

  “You are aware that she will never go for you right?” Ashton sighed, rolling his eyes at me as I smiled down at my phone, a picture of Y/n and smiling back at me.

  “Oh what makes you think she`ll choose you?”

  “We have more in common. We both like adventure.” He answered, giving me a smug smile. I groaned, trying to block out the fact that he had managed to talk her into a week long road trip, just the two of them.

  “You may have more in common, but she told me she like spending time with me more, I don`t need to rush around all the time.” I shot back, sending Ashton a smug smile of my own.

  “Bull shit.” He laughed, rolling his eyes at me.

  “Your both nuts, I mean it`s totally obvious Y/n likes me. May I remind you she almost kissed me.” Luke said as he sat down beside us. Mikey was soon to join him, making sure that his two cents were thrown in to the mix.

  “First off, that means shit all seeing as she never kissed you, and secondly you three are fucking blind. She likes me.” Michael  huffed, rolling his at us. “Anyone can fucking see it. I mean all I have to do to make her smile is walk into the damn room. And beside, we both like to dye our hair funky colors.”

  “Are you four seriously still arguing over my sister?” Alex groaned as he sat down on the chair across from me, Jack sitting on the chair beside him.

  “Please tell me your not because she is mine. I can’t have little Gaskarth Barakat babies with Alex, so back off.”

  “You aren’t having them with my sister either.” Alex sighed rolling his eyes. “The world does not need that.”

  “But I do.”

  “No, no you don`t.”

  “I do too Alex it will be perfect!”

  “What will be perfect?” Y/n asked, her sudden appearance causing all of us to look towards the door. She smiled as she leaned against it, her band mates right behind her.

  “Our future children.” Jack said proudly.

  “Well duh, of course they will be perfect. Half Gaskarth, half Barakat the perfect combination.”

  “Don’t encourage him!” Alex cried, throwing his hands in the air.

  “Too late big brother, Jack and I shall have small children. It`s written in the stars.”

  “I don`t like the stars, get new ones.”

  “I don`t want new ones.”

  “I`m older do what I say.”

  “Bite me Gaskarth.”

  “That’s your last name too you dumb ass.”

  “Someone want to tell me how this all got started?” Katie, Y/n drummer, asked from behind her.

  “I say we forget that and start planning on how we are going to stop Y/n/n and Jack from having children.” Abby, her bassist, yelled out from behind Katie.

  “I just want to know why Jack thinks he can get with my wife.” Jade yelled out, her voice shaking from the laughter she was trying to hold back. At her words Y/n laughed, and turned to face her.

  “I`m cheating on you, you don`t have right parts. I want kids.”

  “Fair enough, we’re still married though right?”

   “Duh.” Y/n laughed before she turned back to face us, a smile on dancing across her face. “Seriously though, what started Jack on our children again?”

  “You need to make a choice, these four have been fighting over you for the past 6 months. It`s getting beyond annoying.” Alex groaned, laughing as we all screamed at him.

  “Your kidding?”

  “No, we, that is Calum, Luke, Ash and I have been fighting over you. Honestly your the perfect girl. Your punk rock, you can play the guitar and the drums, your in a band, your hot, you have dark purple hair.” Michael explained, smiling as Y/n blushed at her words.

  “You should have told me, I could have ended that a long time ago.” She giggled, smiling at each of us as she pushed her hair behind her ear.

  “How is that?” I asked, scared to know the answer.

  “I`ve had my eye on one of you from the moment we met.”

    Present Day: Ashton

  Yeah I could be out there with the boys, but as soon as I hear that little voice
I’m gone


  “So what songs should we add to the set list this year?” I asked, yelling over the noise of my best friends. The three of them were play fighting, and though it annoyed me, it also made me feel good. The past year things between us all have been tensed. After Y/n made told us who she wanted to date, the other three didn’t take it well, and it resulted in us being off. Lately though, things were finally going back to normal. We were all once again getting along, and a big part of that was because the other three boys, finally moved on.

  “Catch 22 is a fan fave. I’ve been getting no stop requests to have that one played live.” Luke answered, jumping out from between Cal and Mikey. Once their punching bag was gone, the two jumped apart and decided to join us, each of them putting out a song they wanted to play.

  “Well I`m with Luke, I think Catch 22 should be added. You two?”

  “Yeah, that will get the crowd going nuts for sure.” Calum agreed giving me a smile before returned a text message, a smile on his face as he did.

  “Yeah that sounds good. I really like that one.” Michael answered, his eyes glued to his phone.

  “Alright now we just need to find two more and we are done.” I said happily. Just then my phone went off, a ring tone I knew all two well blaring across the room. With a smile I picked it up, telling them we can call it day it before I answered. As I put my phone to my ear, I watched as my three best friends ran from the room, all of them picking up their own phone.

  “Hey.” I said with a smile, knowing that she would never see it.

  “You coming home?”

   “Already on my way.”

  Reader`s P.O.V

  I waited by the front door with an anxious breath, my foot tapping against the hard wood floor in time with my clock.  As silly as it sounds I could barely wait to for the man I love to walk through that door. Despite the fact I saw him this morning, it felt like ages since I saw him last, and I was craving the warmth of his arms. I had just about decided to head back to the living room, when the door handle turned and then swung open.

  I smiled and ran forward, catching the chuckling boy off guard as I jumped into his arms.

  “God I missed you Calum.” I hummed, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck.

  “I missed you too Y/n.”