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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Opening Sequence

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I was really trying to work on a new project and this is kinda the end result of all my efforts from that day…

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Paget Brewster on Conan 2008 (Bat fishing Interview)

This one also seems to have been removed from the internet, boo! But I saved a copy, so, enjoy. Paget fans: y’all need to see this. Seriously. This freaking dork right here I swear to god… 

heartero  asked:

A lot of artists use reference pictures for their drawings and just wanted to know if you do that too, or if you just imagine everything (not that there's anything wrong with any of those options I'm just curious) Love your art btw 😊💕

i use a mix of both!!!!! i usually use a very rough reference unless i know a pose decently well (i’ve drawn phil looking directly down enough times to wing it, at this point, but sometimes it helps to have a general guide) and then mix a few references up because finding a good reference is Awful so i end up just slicing stuff together to get an idea for the pose i want to draw, and then freehand it next to my lil photoshop window.

but, before i continue my waffling, i’d like to set a very strict divide between using a reference and tracing? every artist – like, every single one of them – uses a reference of some kind, and that’s completely fine. especially with psuedo-realism or realism in general, going reference-less is really hard if you’ve never done a similar pose before, and the process is completely different than tracing; tracing is when you copy and paste an image in whatever program you use (or, for traditional people, put a piece of paper over an image and draw on a window. i see u traditional tracers. i see u.) and just trace over the lines. and, while the morals of that is debatable, i personally don’t suggest tracing for learning, and if you are going to trace, i think it’s important to disclaim that what you’re posting is traced artwork, if only to pay respect for those who spend ages drawing without that clutch, and maybe try not tracing once in awhile, if only to hone your own skills, since tracing over an image, in my opinion, isn’t much of a skill itself.


so, this is generally step one of one for me???? i slap down some silly circles and lines and try to get the ~feel~ of the pose i want to do, and you can see i wasn’t a huge fan of the legs on my first reference, and the foot position on the second, and an arm on the second, and you’ll later see i even change the head position on the second….. fun!!!!

but, you can see where i got the general idea of the pose, and so i can move them closer or farther away from each other (what will become) phil is on layer 1, and (what will become) dan is on layer 2! layer three is where i wrote all the silly commentary because i post all these to my twitter because i find it helps me see the development of my process, and keeps my motivated to finish things!!!

so now we got some face construction!!!! i don’t do specific line art, per se, but i do go over my silly guidelines and start refining the features i want!!! so, i ended up flipping the first photo because i realized i would have to draw dan and phil’s hair without their lil shaved sides and i love myself… so i just did a lil switchy do!!!! you can see i just use screenshots i find on tumblr (you guys are a blessing btw. is there a screenshot blog that just posts hq screenshots from videos??? i mean, ofc we got the babs and life savers @danandphilhq but like… dan and phil screenshots…. because… the entire art community would adore you) and just map the general reference of daniel’s face!!! sometimes i use more exact references for the face if it’s in a weird position, but profile is pretty easy, so i use really round-about guides and hope for the best????? ah??

on twitter i have a few in-between photos to show me drawing phil, but this is probably the best middle i can find???? so, im now going over those silly guidelines again, and i’ve combined a few of my layers because i’m pretty okay with where dan and phil are standing in proportion to each other, and i even turned my guidelines blue so i know what i need to erase and redraw still!!!! and you can see this when i put some clothes on the boys (sometimes…) and start really defining everything and making it into Not A Scribble

and then this is what the finished product looks like!!!! i’m not the fondest of phil’s face in this one, but i think it’s a good idea of what my references look like, and a lil updated way to show off ~my process!!! and, of course, i post enough wips on my twitter to combat a tutorial every time i draw literally anything… so…….. yikes….


i suggest having a reference folder? i have one for dan and phil specifically, but i also have a general pose folder, and just pull from ~all places of the web. i also know that clothing websites usually have really good poses for men, specifically!!!

sO YEAH!!!! i hoped that was helpful.. even if you just asked a simple question…. and i always have to be way Too Much …. oh nikki… when will u stop…..