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So I saw Pitch Perfect 3, I then came on Tumblr and I’ve got a few things to say. [Spoilers]

So I went to see Pitch Perfect 3 tonight and I, honestly, absolutely fucking loved it. I then got home, went onto tumblr and felt extra disappointed with what I found.

So obviously we didn’t get the Bechloe content we wanted in the cinema release of the movie. I totally understand that people are rightfully angry with Universal for what has been blatant queer baiting throughout promotions for this film. This doesn’t mean however, that we won’t get an alternate ending scene in the DVD extras. It’s not confirmed but it’s not ruled out yet so people are throwing in the towel way too early.

In regards to the men that were in the film, I’m so disappointed that people are vilifying two perfectly decent characters. As a franchise, Pitch Perfect have always done the male characters well in my personal opinion. Jesse and Benji were absolutely the most lovable men I’ve seen in movies for a really long time and I was really sad when I heard they wouldn’t star in this movie. I went into PP3 untrusting of Chicago and Theo but honestly couldn’t have been more wrong. Neither of them are big characters in any of the scenes really, Theo appearing far more than Chicago but still not enough to be classed as a main character. Chicago is shown backing Amy up in an altercation with her Dad but it’s portrayed that actually, Amy can handle it and Chicago is just there to check that she’s okay. He’s then shown at the end of the movie, cheering Beca on and then also the Bella’s without making a single moment of that about himself. 
Theo is shown to be immediately interested in Beca for her talent. He didn’t make any “dudebro” comments and was actually quite likable from the offset. He encourages her throughout the movie to strive for her success, he then takes her recording and gives it to Khaled which brings Beca the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s mentioned once where she finds out and then never mentioned again. He doesn’t use it to get her to like him, he just really wanted to see her succeed. He then makes his move right at the very end of the movie, being immediately denied and taking it without any argument.

These are literally the men we have been begging people to write. These are the men we ask for, these are the kind of men we want in movies and yet when we get them, we still hate them and say awful things about them because they’re there. In the movie, you never see Chicago and Chloe do anything more than flirt. Their kiss is in the extra scenes in the credits, if you stay for those. It’s perfectly easy to watch the movie and never even see them kiss, leaving the ending totally up to you. Beca makes it clear she isn’t into Theo, also in the credits. Never once in the movie do you see anything more than utterly hilarious attempts at flirting and Chicago is actually very sweet during those interactions. 

To boycott the movie, refuse to support the movie and even to go as far as abusing the cast is utterly abhorrent. They put their hearts and souls into this franchise from the get-go, they’ve given us so much content outside of the actual movies and you can tell that they all care so much about their fans. Anna Kendrick especially has really taken care of, raised and loved Beca Mitchell as her character and hasn’t once let us all down and let the producers do something out of character with her. She refused to pose sexy for a poster, she refused a love interest and made very valid points about why and she also pushed producers and directors to let herself and Brittany film a Bechloe kiss for the fans on the off chance that it might make it into the movie or onto the DVD. 
It’s clear how much they love working together and how much they love each other but also how much they love us, and to ruin all of their hard work by not seeing the movie and leaving awful reviews is honestly shameful. It makes us, as a fandom, look like spoilt brats who don’t deserve the last few years of hard work and dedication that they’ve given us.

This movie was about strong women, strong friendships and so much love. Every scene included a hug or a comforting touch or a look of care and concern. Every single moment of this movie and the two that came before it were about sisterhood and how powerful that is in the face of everything the world has to offer. It’s produced by women, it’s directed by women, it has an all female cast. The promotional posters are compiled entirely of women, the background male characters were always well written and never put into scenes to remove focus from the women. I honestly couldn’t love this franchise more if I tried and even if in the DVD we don’t get the Bechloe scenes we’d hoped for, I’m still going to buy it and love it anyway. 

I’ll forever be thankful to the wonderful people in this fandom for the stories they’ve written (Some of my favorites by the lovely @aliciameade - I had to write that plug incase any of you guys haven’t read their work. Amazing.) and the edits people made, the photoshop jobs, the music. Every part of this fandom held something wonderful. 

Go and see the movie if you haven’t yet. Support the incredible cast who have given us amazing movies time and time again, support the women who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Support a franchise that has inspired so much good content and be grateful that we were given another installment of amazing music and beautiful Bellas.

one of the greatest things about homeschooling is having quick and steady access to a kitchen full of snacks and i would just like to thank jesus for this blessing 

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To me, you are the queen of cuddle fic. Would you please write something that involves scully being mildly out of it enough to lower her inhibitions and want to snuggle platonically with mulder? Not blackout drunk but maybe groggy from pain meds or something? All fluff and no cancer arc? <3

Anon, no one has ever called queen of cuddle fic! I feel so honored. I mean QUEEN of anything. ME! I tried to make it fluffy, but it got a bit more angsty? I’m sorry, anon. This is the New Year’s Eve after “Emily”. So kind of a post-ep for that. Tagging @today-in-fic

Scully goes home early on New Year’s Eve and reminds Mulder not to work too long; he grins at her, wishes her a Happy New Year. He doesn’t expect to hear from her again until January. He remains at the office, because there is nothing waiting for him outside of the basement. For a while he’d been toying with the idea of asking Scully to spend the day together. Then Christmas happened and all his plans died right alongside a little girl with Scully’s soulful eyes and no future. Days passed and they didn’t talk about it; lived between sorrow and the need to move on, the inscrutable time between two years. Scully pretends to be fine; has been pretending ever since they came back and she showed up for work with an attitude of steel and the stench of loss clinging to her black suits. Every time Mulder opens his mouth, unwilling and incapable of seeing her suffer, he loses his nerve. There is nothing he can say; none of his words are enough.

Balancing his take-out food and evening entertainment in the form of files, Mulder steps into his apartment shortly after 9 pm. He puts the food on the table, the files on the couch. Before he has time to switch on the lights, he sees his answering machine blink at him. He presses the button and listens as he takes off his coat. The first of two messages starts with silence, then a breath and a muffled ‘shit’. It sounds like Scully. There is a click and the second message confirms it:

“I’m sorry, Mulder. I didn’t mean to-” Scully’s voice is dull, is teary, is too much. Mulder listens with his ear close to the answering machine. Another click – the message is over. He rewinds the message again and again. Something is wrong. The lights still off, Mulder grabs his coat again. The food on the table is forgotten, as are the files. His only thought is Scully.

She doesn’t open the door. He might be impatient, he realizes that. So he knocks again and tries not to make it too frantic. He rummages through his pocket in search of his key, ready to barge in. There is noise from behind the door and a moment later, Scully opens it.

“Mulder?” She is genuinely surprised to see him. She is wearing a robe, her face blotched and red. Her hair is messy as if she’s just woken up. But Mulder finds himself smiling; she is fine. She is standing here in front of him, not abducted, not hurt.  

“You called me.” He says.

“I did?” She runs a hand through her hair, but it’s no use. She glances at him and looks unbearably small and lost. Mulder nods slowly. “Oh.” The word is not more than a whisper.

“Can I come inside?”

“I’m not- Mulder, I’m fine. I- if I called you, I’m sure I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year,” her eyes grow wide for a moment as if she’s no longer sure what day it is, where she is at all, “That’s all.” She smiles at him, or attempts to anyway. There is something about her face, he thinks. He isn’t sure, the sensation new and strange. He has a hunch, decides to just blurt it out.

“Are you drunk, Scully?” The blush breaking out on her cheeks is answer enough for him.

“I may have had a glass of wine.” Scully says and stumbles when she tries to shift her weight from one foot to the other. Mulder’s hand shoots out to grab her elbow. “I’m fine.” She hisses at him with small eyes. Closer to her face now he sees she’s been crying.

“You called me, Scully.”

“Mistake.” He shakes his head.

“Let me in, Scully. Please.” They stare at each other. He knows what he’s asking and she knows it, too. She knows she called him, but she didn’t think he’d come. Her face tells him so. She relents, then; she opens the door further and stumbles away from him. She sits down on the couch and gulps down half a glass of wine.

“If you want any… you know where the glasses are.”

“No, I don’t want any.” He kneels in front of her so that she has to look down at him slightly. He puts his hands on her knees. She feels cold. Way too cold. “I’m not sure you should have any more either.”

“Don’t patronize me, Mulder. I’m celebrating.” Scully’s smile is a sad grimace with the angles all wrong.

“What are you celebrating?” He swallows hard thinking of her little daughter. The few days she spent in her, in their, lives. How different it all could be today. He feels a longing deep inside of him, a tingling. He’s never thought of having children. But now…

“I beat cancer, Mulder,” Scully tells him jolting him back to reality; her voice is soft, full of red, rich wine, “I’m still here. I’m no longer sick. I was pronounced dead and I am still here. That’s a reason to celebrate, isn’t it?” He nods and sees her lips tremble. “If I hadn’t – if you hadn't… I never would have known about her, Mulder. If I had died like I was supposed to, I never would have known about Emily.” His own broken heart joins hers, but even together they can’t make a whole one. Mulder still doesn’t have words; fears that he’ll never have them. He can only offer himself. It’s not much, he thinks, as he opens his arms and she falls into them. She’s shaking in his arms, sobbing.

“Thank you.” She mumbles against his neck. Her hands wander under his coat; he’s forgotten to take it off. “You’re so soft,” she sighs, “and so warm.” Her tears ebb away and she breathes against him heavily, hiccups twice. Mulder rubs her back in slow circles. His knees are starting to hurt, but he’s not going to let go off her. “You’re perfect for cuddling, Mulder.” He can’t help it and chuckles.

“You can cuddle with me any time you want to, Scully. Just say the word.” She pushes against his chest and Mulder’s first instinct is to wipe a few stray tears from her face. Scully lets him.

“You mean it?” She looks impossibly young right now, here in his arms. The only thing he can do is nod. “Could you… I’ll be fine tomorrow, but-” Mulder raises an eyebrow, borrowing her own skepticism, “I will be, Mulder. I just don’t want to be alone for the last few hours of this year. That’s why I called you. I just didn’t know how to ask you… would it be all right if you…,” she takes a deep breath, “Will you please hold me tonight, Mulder?” He doesn’t let his surprise show, nods and gives her a small smile.

“Let me take off my coat.” He whispers against her cheek as he untangles himself from her. He puts it over the back of her couch and Scully, her inhibitions lost in a bottle of wine, takes his hand into her and leads him into the bedroom. Mulder thinks he hears fireworks go off in the distance. Or maybe that’s just in his head. Scully takes off her robe to reveal one of her satin pajamas. She crawls into her bed and waits for him. Mulder doesn’t trust himself enough so he keeps his clothes on; he’ll get up again as soon as Scully is fast asleep. That’s what he tells himself. As soon as he’s next to her, she puts her arm over his chest, cuddles close. She sighs into his side making his heart flutter.

“Comfortable?” He asks, his voice deep and brittle. Scully hums; a yes, he figures. His hand wanders to her back and he marvels at how warm she feels, how right. Mulder doesn’t want to sleep; this is for Scully. But he closes his eyes anyway, takes in the feeling of having her this close to him. A few minutes later Scully’s breathing falls out of sync with his and he knows she’s asleep. All his plans to leave the bed, settle on her couch to give her space, fall through. Her leg is entwined with his, her hand clutches his shirt and her head is pillowed on his shoulder. She doesn’t want to let him go, even in her sleep. So Mulder holds her, watches her. He knows the exact moment the clock strikes midnight. He glances at Scully, who sleeps on peacefully as a few fireworks pop up in the sky, sizzle away in the nighttime. It’s a new day, a new year. Time to move on; together.

“Happy New Year, Scully.” He whispers and kisses her temple. He hopes it’ll be a good one.

Right or Wrong? (Chapter Seven)

Summary: Your mother has you fly home early to help plan a party. When Misha arrives… you can’t keep your hands off of each other.
A/N: I’m so so sorry this chapter took so long to get done!!! There was the holidays and then my son got sick and then I got SUPER sick, and yeah. I feel awful about it. But here it is now!!! <333
Pairing: Misha x Reader
Warnings: language (dirty talk), smutty stuff, light drinking… I think that’s it
Word Count: 2,440


-Feedback is encouraged! It’s what keeps me going! <3


Carol had ended up getting back from New York early, so home from Vancouver you flew. It wasn’t that she made you come home. But when she called you, she told you that the renovating had been done and she would like your assistance in planning a party.

So much for getting to use that lingerie you’d packed.

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Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 11

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9] [Pt 10] [Pt 11] [Pt 12]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 3,286

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: Wow, I actually wrote a chapter kinda fast :o amazing. ANYWAY–enjoy!! :D and feedback is always appreciated~ <3

Namjoon’s heart grinds to a stop the minute the door to the shop bursts open—gunshots sounding and ricocheting through the room. Each pull of the trigger is accompanied by a blood-curdling scream and the terrifying gurgle of blood filling lungs. And Namjoon can do nothing but watch it happen—young and scrawny and terrified.

Get the fuck down—are you retarded?!” one of the men shouts, the barrel of a revolver suddenly thrust into Namjoon’s face, and without another second of hesitation Namjoon places his hands behind his head and drops to his knees. The man laughs at his apparent fear, and despite the fact that Namjoon is completely defenseless—hits the butt of his gun on Namjoon’s head.

Namjoon goes down immediately, sprawled on the cold tile and wincing in pain as blood drips down his face and stains the floor. In the back of the shop he can hear more screaming—more gunshots.

Why is this all happening?

Laughing again, a polished shoe makes contact with his ribs, and Namjoon coughs up blood. Another blow—


More screaming.


Please stop!


Eyes flying open, Namjoon jumps into action and rolls over—grabbing the person shaking him and pinning them to the mattress, his hand tight around their airway. In the darkness of the room it takes a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, and when he sees your concerned, terrified face staring back at him—he releases you immediately and rears back as if he has touched fire—shameful at his actions.

“I…are you ok??” you ask, getting over his sudden defensive actions and sitting up to grab at him. You rub your hand lightly over his cheek, and he flinches but doesn’t pull away—his eyes cast to the wall.

“You were having a nightmare…,” you explain gently, your shirtless body your last concern as the cold air of the room causes goosebumps to rise on your skin. Namjoon’s rapid breathing had been what had woken you, and after seeing the sweat on his forehead and the pained look on his face, you’d decided to wake him up. And clearly you were right in thinking that he’d been having a nightmare judging by how he’d instinctively grabbed you.

“I…I’m sorry,” he breathes, still clearly on edge as he runs a hand through his hair. He scoots off the bed and traces a hand over his chest, checking for any cuts or bruises just to make sure. He hates when those dreams feel so damn real…

“No—no, you don’t need to be sorry,” you assure him, scooting to the edge of the bed and watching him as he paces around, body wide awake and his eyes locked on the floor. “I’m just worried…”

“I’m ok,” he assures you, sighing. “I just have a reoccurring dream that needs to fuck off…”

“Do you wanna talk about it…?”

“I…shit…first I need a shower,” Namjoon responds unhappily at noticing just how much sweat is on his face and body. It’s embarrassing that this had happened in front of you.

“Alright, you do what you have to do,” you respond, sending him a small, reassuring smile when he glances at you. “I’ll be here when you’re done.”

Staring at you, Namjoon feels his heart finally start to calm down.

“Thank you.”

Namjoon returns to his bedroom half an hour later, a damp towel thrown around his neck and his hair messy atop his head. The room is lighter than when he left—illuminated by a small bedside lamp which you had turned on in his absence. You’re lying under the covers still, back facing towards him, but judging by the rate at which your chest is rising and falling, you’re awake.

Sighing, Namjoon rubs his hair a few more times with the towel around his neck before tossing it into the nearby clothes bin and making his way to you. He slips under the covers and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him until his head is nuzzled between your shoulder blades.

“I wasn’t born into the mafia life,” he begins quietly, his warm breath fanning against your skin and his thumb stroking soothingly over your stomach. “I was a normal kid. Went to school, got good grades, had a pretty normal family.

“After high school was over I decided that I’d go to a university, because I had nothing better to do. I got a part time job as an assistant at a small business firm, and basically just filed papers for them for 20 hours a week,” he laughs at the memory. “I hated that job a lot.”

Smiling smally at hearing his laughter, you reach your hand up and place it a top his, attempting to comfort him—because while he may be laughing at the moment, you have a bad feeling that this story isn’t being told just to make you smile.

“A few weeks into working there, I heard some shit from the other works. People were kinda freaked, and from all the whispering I heard I picked up on the fact that that business owner made deals with some guys connected to the mafia—and had fucked up those deals. Everyone was scared that someone would come and attack the business, but the managers assured us that everything we were hearing was rumors—that the mafia was small, and something of the movies.”

Namjoon laughs again, but this time it’s bitter.

“Too bad the ‘mafia’ is basically anyone who does illegal shit and works underground—and when you live in the daylight, you don’t concern yourself with what goes on when you’re tucked in bed at night. That’s why none of us knew how serious crossing the mafia actually was—not until they barged in the front doors one evening and started killing everyone.”

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To: @nimfetki

From: @lavenyr

Hello and Merry Christmas! I had so much fun making your gift and I really hope that you like it!! I wish you happy holidays and I hope next year treats you well!

Fic: Operation: Socialise

At Ao3

“Jus’ a couple more minutes please,” Clover said as she buried her face further into the pillow. Although Clover was sure that whatever Alice needed her to do was important, the position she had managed to shift herself into was far to comfortable to leave.

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I got into London around 5 and wandered around Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland for a bit and then got home and got in bed and thought hey, what’s Tinder like in London, which led to thinking hey, maybe I’ll go have one drink with a guy and then make an excuse to leave early so I can get up and do my planned tourist-y wanderings tomorrow.

Long story short, I spent hours drinking tequila and wandering in the rain with a sweet and charming stranger and now it’s 3 AM and there’s a gorgeous Oxford-educated particle physicist in the bed of my Air BnB.

I’m so happy for the most boring adult reason ever. My sister gave me her Christmas gift early this year. She said she would be project manager for 3 home projects for me. I have a lot of anxiety when dealing with contractors and dudes who work on homes because they treat me like I know nothing and I always feel like I’m getting screwed. My sister is an architect who has worked in residential, low income housing, commercial, and green building and she is used to talking to  contractors and knows what she’s talking about.

So, she got started on my first project and the quotes came back WAY lower than expected! Like, ridiculously lower than I anticipated. This is great. Now I can save for the next big thing that will probably be a new roof! You have no idea what a wonderful gift this is. My sister knows exactly the kind of thing I need and that would helpful. I love my sister.


1. Xmas party was small and cute and lots of fun. Super laid back and chill

2. I left early because I wanted to come home and snuggle with my guy

3. I’ve been super nauseous lately so I took a pregnancy test when I got home. I knew it would come out negative but I needed to be sure. Remember, I haven’t been able to get a period in a while so it makes things a little scary

4. I feel like a fat ugly troll

Ok so Miwa Sensei was at Jump Festa today and I’m only freaking out a fuckton

I’d put the ranting under the cut but in on mobile sorry I’ll fix it at home…

So there were about 100-150 people in the crowd total (very small for an anime event like this) with most being in their late 20s and 30s. Black seemed the be the colour of choice for like all the Miwa fans lol. As expected I’m the only Gaijin and I’m really wishing my hair wasn’t fucking bright red. I got there 20 minutes early and I’m about 3 people deep from the front. Everyone here seems to be on their own, no pairs or friends (so like me). The vibe was heaps serine too, not the crazy blood thirst excitement I’m getting with shounen jumps fans, more like deeply internalised appreciation and an almost nervousness filled the air.

I was so keen to get a Miwa snap, but alas he requested no photos, videos or recordings. While I was very tempted, he is my sensei and I need to obey his instructions. That’s why my entire online account isn’t covered with pictures of his face.

Ironically the press were going fucking wild lol. I wonder if any of their pictures will make it online or if is just for Shueisha’s private stash.

When Miwa walked on stage a few of the people around me gasped - I didn’t pick it up till like 20 seconds later since I was expecting daftpunk!Miwa or some other mask… But alas - no mask!!

Miwa sensei is absolutely not a traditionally handsome guy. He’s got a fine double chin going on (perfectly squishy cheeks), a bit of a squishy belly, kinda floofy hair - the I’ve just woken up kinda look, a 5'oclock stubble, he’s average height for a Japanese man, small hands for a guy (mine are definitely bigger) and wore black glasses. No peircings that I noticed. 11/10 huggable tbh I love him he’s perfectly imperfect and so very human.

He wore a black tight cardigan with a hoodie, the kind that’s long and covers the butt (lol). He also wore a black button up and black fitted pants.

He was scheduled a slot for 80 minutes. The first 10 was just general chatting a greeting with the hosts. From here he sat down, pulled out his iPad and started sketching the main Dogs four members. Ok this man works so fucking fast it’s nuts. He just layers and layers too. By 10 minutes he’s working on the third layer of lines (one just before he does the really sharp black lines). I want to describe the way he draws but it’s hard to without doing the hand movements xD his strokes are quick jerks to get that kind of almost geometric-vibe but he does it so damn fast his hand and wrist don’t appear to be jerking at all it’s nuts. Also his posture is really good which surprised me.

My Japanese is pretty shit so I don’t pick up much about what was going on. But I did pick up a few things. Miwa uses “ore” (ガコいいね), and during school he said he didn’t study xD as a child he wanted to work with something to do with movies (unfortunately I couldn’t work out what it was specifically), and as a kid he loved Doraemon.

Unfortunately since I have a mandatory class feat. 2 tests, I wasn’t able to stick around long and had to fucking bolt back to Tokyo ;____; but for the short 30 minutes I was there it was like a dream 💕


I don’t hate you. I don’t wish you never happened to me. I don’t regret a single moment spent loving you. I understand you. I want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me something that I’ve never experienced. Thank you for showing me how to love a person and allowing me the true privilege of being yours. Thank you for loving me, and doing it right. Thank you for always listening. I’m sorry we are so young and circumstance intervened. I believe I met you too early in life. I was hoping to go through a few heartbreaks before I got to you. I wish you happiness with everything you do. One day we’ll each find our home, and maybe I’ll even get to help you unpack.
—  An Open Letter To My Love
December 9th, 2015 // 3:18am
Winter Wonderland

Summary: Get ready to spend Christmas with your best friends – the Mystic Falls’ gang!

Words: 1,179

A/N: Today I not only wish you a happy fourth Sunday in Advent – I also wish you a very merry Christmas! My gift to you is the fourth and final oneshot of this Christmas series. I really hope that you enjoy it and I hope that you’ll have a wonderful Christmas. Please, tell me your thoughts on this little Christmas series, it would mean a lot to me. Love you! <3

Slowly the Boarding House got filled with familiar faces. Remains from last night’s sleep were still sitting in the corners of their eyes on this early morning. But it was not just any morning. No, this was the morning of Christmas Eve’s Day. And they kept asking each other why on earth you had told them to come to the Salvatores’ home so early on this specific day.

The answer became clear when you came down the stairs in a lovely red dress with a huge beige sack over your shoulder – and an enormous grin on your face.

Y/N: Merry Christmas everyone.

You walked down the last few steps.

Y/N: I’m so happy to see you all – I had feared that some of you would choose to sleep instead of coming.

You glanced towards Jeremy.

Jeremy: Hey!

Elena: Jer, I had to drag you out of your bed this morning – I think Y/N had the right to be concerned.

He sent her a glare but it quickly softened.

Y/N: Anyway, I guess that you’d like to know why I asked you to come today. You see, Santa is really busy this year and had trouble finding time to visit Mystic Falls. So he kindly asked me if I could take care of the gift giving to you guys.

Bonnie: Oh Y/N, you shouldn’t.

Y/N: Well, you don’t say no to Santa.

You blinked.

Then you opened the sack and took out the first gift. It was for Stefan. He opened it carefully and when he saw what was inside of it, he could not help but smile.

Stefan: Dracula by Bram Stoker. Clever.

Y/N: It’s a classic. And I even managed to find one of the first copies of it. Plus, he was the one who made vampires interesting so you should really honor him. 

You pulled out the next present and handed it to Matt. It was a travel guide.

Y/N: I know that Mystic Falls will always be your home but you need to get away once in a while. Maybe this could inspire you to some new wonderful adventures.

The next one was for Caroline. She squeaked when she saw what was inside the box.

Caroline: Oh, I’ve wanted to get a blouse like this in like forever! Thank you so much, I love it!

She pulled you into a tight hug before she put on her new piece of clothing right away, posing in it like a true model.

Y/N: These gifts are for you guys.

Jeremy and Tyler opened the red boxes and their smiles only grew and grew – inside them was a bunch of new training gear, footballs, and more. They said their thanks in choir.

The next present was handed to Bonnie. Happiness and humility shone in her eyes when she opened it.

Y/N: If anyone needs a spa day and a bit of relaxing me time, it’s you Bonnie.

When she thanked you, her voice showed how moved she was.

You dug further down into your sack and pulled out the gift to Alaric.

It was a dating guide.

Alaric: Is that an insinuation?

Y/N: I just think that you shouldn’t give up on finding the right one. At least not yet.

Then he noticed the note on the back.

Alaric: What happens at the Grill Friday night at eight o’clock?

You smiled secretively – you had set up a blind date for him with the perfect woman.

Y/N: I guess you’ll have to show up to figure it out.

The next gift was for Elena.

Elena: A diary! That’s perfect.

Y/N: And have you seen the front?

Elena: ‘Happy thoughts only’. You really think that’s possible when living here?

Y/N: I think that with the right mindset, your days of sorrow will be over. And if you need help finding it, I’ll be happy to.

She smiled gratefully.

Y/N: And last but definitely not least; here is your gift Damon.  

You emptied your sack and handed him the rectangular present. When he opened it, his face dropped.

Damon: A pancake recipe book? Really?

You laughed.

Y/N: If you love to make pancakes, you’re gonna have to improve Damon. I thought that this book could help you.

You paused, enjoying the look on his face.

Y/N: Don’t look so disappointed Damon. I’ve placed another gift in your room. And it’s liquid.

His face instantly lit up again.

Damon: See, that’s the perfect gift.

The room turned silent and they all began to look a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed. Caroline was the first one who dared to speak.

Caroline: Ehm… It’s just that… I don’t think that any of us have any gifts for you.

You would lie if you said that you did not feel just slightly hurt. But you quickly stroke it away.

Y/N: That’s alright. Christmas is about giving and not getting, right. Plus, I’m just glad that you liked your gifts. That’s a great gift for me.

Your words did not seem to make them feel that much better – though your sincere smile did help a bit.

The rest of the day was spent with your family. At least until you got a message from Damon telling you to go to the forest for an emergency meeting. Why did the bad guys never celebrate any holidays?

When you finally reached the forest, the day had turned to evening and light had turned to darkness. Expect for one giant light coming from the place where you were to meet the others.

When you reached it, you froze. You were pretty sure that even your heart froze for a second or two.  

Everyone: Surprise!

In front of you stood a giant decorated Christmas tree. Snowflakes were falling from the sky, covering the ground completely. The fresh smell of the forest was mixed with the smells of hot chocolate and freshly baked gingerbread cookies. And your favorite Christmas songs filled the air.

Each of them walked towards you and hugged you but you kept standing still; you were in complete awe. Bonnie handed you a neatly wrapped present.

Bonnie: Your gifts are pretty difficult to beat but hopefully this will do it.

Inside of it was a newly taken photo of all of you, smiling and laughing and forgetting everything about the harsh realities of life. It was happiness in a frozen picture. On the back of it a small text had been written: Friendship is the closest thing we have to magic.

You looked at all of them, water beginning to fill your eyes.

Y/N: I can’t believe you guys did all of this for me. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better gift. Thank you.

Elena: Now come on, let’s get this Christmas party started!

For hours and hours, you ate and drank, talked and laughed, danced and sang. It was a perfect night with your favorite people. And it made you realize that none of you really needed any gifts at all. You had each other – and you would not wish for anything more!


Pardon my language, but holy shit! Hello sims world! How is everyone? I know, I know its been a damn long while. Work just got so crazy on my end, that by the time I get my butt home I pass out dead to the world.

But today, for the first time in months, I was able to leave work early and tapped into this part of the world. I miss building, and so damn happy that the wonderful cc creators are still releasing so many amazing things! Thank you for making it such a joy to build and decorate!

P.s. this one is a record for me, build and decorate time: 3 hours


After solving my first case, I felt ready for anything. Well, almost…

It was early morning when I got the phone call from Yazhai. Recalling it, I’m pretty sure he called me “fake sis”. anyway, he called in to say he needs a favor; one of his “artistic” friends, or so he said, is on the run. 

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Birthday Proposal

Enzo Amore/OC: It’s your birthday so Enzo takes you out and has a little surprise for you; a shiny diamond ring. Fluffy af. Requested by @wwe–imagines

I told y’all this one wouldn’t be angsty. I can make no promises for the next couple, tho. Especially bc I’ve been thinking about those quote ones ever since I got you guys to send some in so I might sprinkle a couple in here and there bc I need to write them. I can feel it.

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Shawn Mendes (Respect)

angelicalaidlaw request. …cute moments with Shawn… the others are being jerks out of jealousy and he flips… Make your own requests here

Not exactly what you asked for but stories have their own way of unfolding, hope you like it :3 Ah, I so wanted to write him going bat shit crazy. Too early today for that tho, may be next time. >:)


School was over, but the boys were still nowhere to be seen. Shawn had texted that he was coming to get you with Cameron or Nash, so you skipped the  crammed school buss.  As caring as he was, the boys always got distracted by something and forgot about time and space. Kicking on on the curve you cursed yourself, bet they’d already forgotten all about you.

”Fuck this” you muttered to yourself and started to slowly walk home. Searching for your earplugs you didn’t even notice a car stopped next to you and the drivers window was rolled down. 

”Hey, beautiful, want a ride” Turning your head around to look a the car you saw a annoyed Shawn looking at the the grinning driver. 

”Oh Cam, you won’t get thru to me with your cheesy lines.” Opening the door you got in to the backseat. ”Besides you guys are late.”  

”I’m sorry Y/N, we went by Starbucks” Shawn looked back at you, trying to give you one of his smiles ”I got you your favorite drink.” 

He handed over your cup and you rewarded him with a peck ”Forgiven”. Cam drove back to his and Nash house.  Matt, Nate, Sammy and the Jacks where supposed to join you guys later for movie night.

Jaxx greeted you happily, begging for some scratching and attention. Shawn had taken his guitar with him so he sat down on the sofa, while the house owners were still setting up snacks and beverages. Jaxx followed your steps to sit down next to Shawn and put his head in your lap.

 ”Ain’t he just the cutest?” You asked Shawn, he chuckled a bit.  ”Should I be jealous about Jaxx too?” Without noticing he had started to play the song you guys had been singing on the last time you stayed at his house. 

”Oh hey Y/N! You’re here too.” Nate walked in, Sam following up a step behind ”Hey Y/N” He blinked his eye at you, but you awkwardly ignored it by saying hi and looking at Jaxx while scratching behind his ears. 

”Y/N? She’s here?” Matt ran to hug you the second he came in. ”Where have you been?! I’ve missed you” he pouted and without leaving any seconds for you to answer, he turned around to Shawn ”You should stop hogging her for yourself,  She’s as much our property as yours.” 

”Hey, I’m not anyones property!” You stood up to get a soda. 

You couldn’t help but to notice Sammy’s eyes were following you ”With those clothes your open bate”.  Nate wolf whistled after you. 

You could hear Shawn putting down his guitar and standing up ”Nate, shut up and Sam eyes on the fucking dog, I mean it or I’ll go bat shit crazy. You guys know Y/n and I are dating these days, so respect it.” 

You couldn’t help but to peek back at him standing up to defend your honor, how someone so sweet could sometimes turn so hard and stern when protecting you was kinda hot.

Jack Gilinsky - Big bed

Imagine by Fire-red-hair


(I got the idea for this from the TITLE of one of @natesslut s imagines. Not any of the content!) 

I lay in my large king bed in the grand suite in the mansion Jack and I inherited from my family after we got married. I shiver, pulling the golden comforter up over my body. Jack is supposed to be back from 3 months of tour in the next few days. He never tells me the exact date because he likes to surprise me. I know it should be in the next few days so I have spent time at home. 

I see it is 9:50 pm which is early for when I have nights with Jack, but average bed time for nights alone. I decide to read a book, because a feeling in my stomach tells me Jack may come home tonight. I feel myself dozing off to sleep, I’ve had long days working around the house and managing my online business. 

I put the bookmark in my book, and turn my bedside lamp off. I check my phone for any texts from Jack. None. I decide to text him. As soon as I begin typing, he does too, as if he was waiting for me to type. His message sends first. 

“Hi, Babygirl. How was your day?" 

I smile at his favorite nickname for me. 

"Fine. I miss you, Jack. I miss you so so much." 

"I’ll be home before you know it baby. ” he responds. I smile at the text. 

Soon I will be able to hug and kiss and cuddle him again. I lock my phone and put it on vibrate, then plug it in and set it on my nightstand. I close my eyes. Drifting off to sleep. 

Midnight I awake at the feeling of the covers being pulled across, and almost off me. I gently tug at the covers so I can cover myself back up. I am not fully conscious as I was just woken from a deep sleep. I don’t realize that a person pulled the covers, Jack. I fall back asleep.


 The next morning I wake up, facing Jack but still a foot or two of space between our bodies. I see Jack looking at me, one eye opened and the other still closed. He smiles at me. 

“My Babygirl.” He sighs in his morning voice. We scoot towards eachother and his arms around my frame is the best feeling in the whole world. I burry my head in his neck and we lay there for a bit. 

“I missed you so much Jack.” I whimper into his shoulder. Low key trying to send him a message. He repositions me so he is resting on the headboard and I am sitting on his lap facing him. We hold a long gaze before he grips my waist and pulls me to him. He nibbles at my neck, making his way to my lips. This is our first kiss in 3 months. I feel him start to rub my waist and thighs with his big, warm hands. He starts inching his way closer to my heat, and I gasp. He smiles. 

“I’ve missed you baby girl, and I’m ready to use this big bed." 

got out of school 30 minutes early today. they’ve never done that, it was so weird. Usually it’s a half day, all, or nothing. It was probably for the elementary kids, they’re let out usually at 3, and they wanted to get them home before the ice came.

I hope we don’t have school tomorrow.