i got hit by random feels about this

Summer with Dan includes:

A/N: I decided to make one of those again cause I really like them! 

Also my summer break started and I am totally free! I hope I end up doing some of those things on the list! btw feel free to hit me up and tell me your plans for this summer!


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lots of random travelling and new places to explore

being cliché tourists and eventually getting lost

going to vidcon together

staying up late

and getting up late

aka messed up sleep schedules

complaining about the heat all the time

“i’m gonna die!”

“stop wearing black then”

“no, I’d rather accept death”

still cuddling at night even though it’s hot

summer rain

“omg Dan you’ve got freckles!”

“i don’t- oh my god I do!”

v soft freckle boy

drinking cocktails

dan wearing shorts and showing off his thighs 

open air concerts

“can we please just get a pool?”

“dan, we live in a flat in the middle of London”

cute picnics at the local park + staring at passing dogs

“can we please just get a dog?”

“Y/N, we live in a flat in the middle of London”

making self-made ice cream

completely messing up the ice cream, ending up with runny goo

hickeys, hickeys everywhere

going to museums on rainy days

watching the sun rise together from a tall building while holding hands

waking up next to each other every day

lots of late night movie watching

building a blanket fort

“i am too tall for this!”

“nO, Dan you knocked it over!”

“i told you I am too tall for this”

lots of sex bc it’s too hot for clothes anyway

whole nights dedicated to playing Mario Kart

“omg I won! Hooray in your face, Howell”

“i bet you cheated”

“you’re just a sore loser, Dan. now stop pouting and kiss me”

Get that bitch a playlist!

Bitches Love Playlists

A collection of music used in every episode of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged so far. This isn’t all of them (of course), but they’re some of the most prevalent tracks throughout the seven episodes.

1. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi

“Okay, Christ, fine, I’ll help you…but only because you’ve got nice tits.”

2. Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie

“Ugh, fine! I’ll shoot some of the rotten bastards! Can’t be too much fun…”

3. Written In My Face - Jim Johnston & Sean Jennette

“You know what? Fuck it. Knife.”

4. Dragula - Rob Zombie

“Don’t worry. Your ghouls are being dealt with accordingly.”

5. I know You Want Me - Pitbull

“Jesus wants a hug!”

6. B.I.T.C.H. - Meredith Brooks

“Look, just bring it up and hit random! Just hit random! Okay?”

7. Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

“At least she is not singing ze song about ze ponies and ze purple.”

8. Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC

“So…nice ship you got here.”

9. In the Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg

“My boss is a woman, I was a chick in the 40′s, I hate everyone equally, and there isn’t a person alive who can comprehend my sexual preference!”

10. War - Edwin Starr

“Tonight’s song vas picked for ironic reasons. Ze best reasons.”

11. Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys

“Now it’s time for us to do your jobs again!”

12. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

“Go for its fucking throat! Like a real fucking vampire!”

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could u hit hmu with some laurette (john/laf)

got you fam


Music was soft, playing one random quietly in the background. John sighed, stretching his arms behind his head, the dim lights feeling comforting as he continued to dance about the kitchen, stirring the noodles slightly.

“Mmm,” Laf came in, led by their nose as they wrapped their arms around John’s waist, “It smells good mon tout, what are you making?”

John smiled at the pet name, leaning back into Laf’s arms. “New recipe, beef and broccoli ramen stir fry. Herc says Peggy loves it so I thought I’d give it a go.”

“Well, it certainly does smell good.” Laf stole a piece of broccoli off of the cutting board, and John swatted their hand away.

Laf smiled innocently, eyes lit up with mischief though. “Alex and Thomas got into another fight at work today.”

John rolled his eyes, mixing some seasoning in, “What else is new?”

“Well, I did believe with them finally together they would, how you say - “

John interrupted, turning with the hot spoon in his hands, pointing it threateningly at Laf. “Listen you french accented penguin, you speak English better than half of us, stop with the how you say!” Though his voice held no real malice.

Laf raised their hands in surrender. “Okay okay!” They laughed. “Either way, I did believe once they began dating they wouldn’t argue so much.”

John turned back, snorting to himself, “Please, it’s going to take more than even being in love to keep the two from arguing,” He reached over the stove to get a spice higher up in the cabinet, “Besides they - shit!” 

John jumped back, instinctively holding a hand to his chest where it had been pressed against the hot skillet. “Mother fucking shit heads!”

“Merde!” Laf rushed forward, pulling John away from the stove, lifting his shirt up.

The skin was already red, small blisters popping up, white and swollen. “On baby,” Laf turned John, moving him towards the skin and running the cold water on low.

They wet a rag that was laid near by, letting it become cool before gently applying it to the burnt area. John hissed, body instinctively moving backwards, but Laf shushed him, gently laying it on the wound.

“I should have pain medicine in the bathroom, hold this softly to the wound.” Laf rushed up the stairs, opening the sink cabinet and grabbing the bottle of pills, checking to make sure they were the correct ones, before coming back down, skipping steps on the way.

Unscrewing the cap, they handed John two pills, already holding a bottle of water. In Laf’s other hand was some gauze they’d grabbed on the way out. They waited till John took the pills, wincing as he swallowed without water, before removing the wash clothe. 

“Now, we must put some of that burn stuff on it. We don’t have any, but for now just keeping it clean and away from stuff touching it should be okay.” They held the gauze, “Do I put this on it?”

John smiled softly at Laf’s concern, kissing them softly on the cheek. “Yes babe, you do. But gently.”

Laf nodded, and together they wrapped the gauze around, covering John’s burn. When their work was done, Laf nodded to themself. “Now, you go watch netflix, I will finish this…stir fry, did you say?”

John rolled his eyes. “Laf, it’s a little burn I can - “

“No no no! I will finish the food! You,” They pecked John on his lips, “Go rest mon ange.” 

John playfully glared. “What did I say about speaking French?”

“Not even pet names?” Laf had already moved to the stove, pouring the broccoli in, “Go sit down pet, dinner should be ready shortly.”

With a pout firmly placed on his lips John headed into the living room, sitting down carefully, Laf humming along with the new Imagine Dragons song as they finished up dinner. 


FYI guys I’ve got Gishwhes blacklisted because I find the influx kind of overwhelming but if you’re playing and think I might be helpful feel free to hit me up.

I have participated in GISHWHES three times before (the second, third and fourth hunts), and here are some things about myself that have been helpful in the past:

-live near Albany, New York

-have a 17 month old son

-am pregnant

-am in a same sex marriage

-don’t have much shame and am willing to make an ass of myself in public

-own various random costume items including a full Civil War Union officers uniform

-can play the flute decently and the piano, recorder, dulcimer, and drums shittily

-draw, sew, knit, crochet, weave, spin, and various other crafts, as well as baking and other home makery stuff

-I mean it’s GISHWHES who can guess what’ll be relevant?

I’m not interested in doing a lot but if you’ve got an item and no one on your team can do it and you think I might be of service, feel free to hit me up.

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Owowow. It physically hurt me to read this chapter of starved. I had trouble passing the part where Roman found the doll. Haha. It really takes an incredible writer to make readers feel like this. Well done and I can't wait for the next part!

Oh wow, thank you!!! This comment really hit me, I am so touched you’d say this! <3 And if it makes you feel any better, I literally stalled out writing for about 3 days when I got to that part because it was ouch. >< 

Poor Roman. I hope people aren’t too mad at him. He jumped to the wrong conclusion, that’s all. Once he knows what the doll was for he will definitely be changing his tune. 

Announcement [Joe Sugg Imagine]

You are currently standing in the first row at vidcon and wait for Caspar and Joe to come on stage.

As soon as their names fall the crowd goes crazy and everyone is cheering.
The boys start to talk about random stuff and Caspar and Joe Hit The Road.

“So yeah,we’re off today actually.”,Joe says into the microphone.

“Aw Joe,you’re gonna miss someone special aren’t you?”,Caspar jokes Joe only laughes it off, and your eyes meet. It feels like he’s staring right into your soul for legit 5 minutes until he puts the microphone up to his mouth again. “Actually yeah”,he says and gets serious. “I am.” Caspar must got the hint “Well it’s definitely not me,right?” The crowd laughs and Joe glances at you,as if he’s asking for your approval. You slowly nod,and listen to his words “You know,some of you may have seen us together but I-I just kinda want you guys to know that there is someone in my life”,he takes a short break and the crowd “Aws” but is also searching for the ‘someone’ in his life. “She hasn’t been around for long but yeah,Y/N…”,he looks at you and comes your way. This is not happening. You take his hand,and he pulls you up on stage. For a moment the crowd is quiet. It’s the first row who starts to clapp and say stuff like “Aw”. Even Caspar does it and mumbles “now you can even make out in public” which makes even Joe blush,and you even more.

random story time because why not: someone turned on this movie today and i literally cried almost every ten minutes of the film because i dont even know?? the movie just hit me in the feels even in every moment without feels? like cute family fluff was making me sob over here. and everyone kept calling me out on it and i got really defensive about the whole thing.

When They’re Jealous (BTS)

“Heey! Can you do a reaction about BTS get jealous from some randon guy that he likes you?”

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
I think he’d try to not be bitter but I think he would become a bit intense. But, would also remain rather awkward. He wouldn’t come up barging into the situation confessing his love. He’d probably be angry from a distance. His stare would have darkened as it lingered on you. Once you parted from the guy, he’d pull you aside quite forcefully. He’d inquire in that growly voice of his, before saltily confessing to you.

“I like you, alright?”

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(my baby)

I know it’s very hard to imagine this sweetie jealous. This is because he hides it very well, consciously or not. He’ll smile through it all and try to ignore it as best as he can. It would bother him underneath. It would, however, entirely motivate him to confess his feelings to you. Unlike our leader, he would be straight up and be the sweetest as he possibly could. He was prepared to be totally respectful if the guy you were speaking to was your boyfriend.

“I can’t hide it any longer. (Y/N), I really like you.”

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(this boy WOw)

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Plot Twist

Based on Anon Prompt: “Ok.. so.. random thought/plot twist! What if Owen gets a new intern. And.. she’s hoskins’ baby sister! But he doesn’t make the connection until Vic surprises her with balloons for her bday! Whaaaaaaat?!”

A/n: I fell in love with this idea the second it hit my inbox. However, I feel like It was rushed and could go on longer. Because of that, there will most likely be a part 2 to this!! I hope you enjoy it!

You often listen to Owen and the guys ranting about “Hoskins” as they call him.

When your mom got remarried, you changed your name, but Victor was in his stubborn college years and kept your birth dad’s name. It never bothered you, as you weren’t really old enough to remember your father before he left, but Vic was close to him and he hated your step-dad Anthony. Because of this, no one had yet to discover that you are his little sister and you’re hoping to keep it that way. However, you have to put up with all of the trash talk. It’s not that it isn’t all true, though. You know your brother can be a douche bag and he has this idea that he won’t let go of about using dinosaurs in combat; while you agree that it’s an insane idea, he’s still your big brother and you love him.

You’re glad no one knows about it, though. Mainly because you don’t want people to think you got this job because of nepotism. You studied hard and worked hard to get this internship and you want to be judged on your work, not get special treatment because of who your family is. However, you’re beginning to think that if Owen found out, you would probably get the opposite of special treatment simply for not telling him. After all, you’ve been sleeping with him for a few weeks now and you’ve never even hinted at having a secret this big.

You give Owen a smile as you walk up the catwalk to watch him begin his training and he returns it. Leaning against the railing, you pay close attention to the girls and take notes in your chart abut their behavior and attitudes today. However, when Owen finishes, he looks up towards you smiling, before quickly getting an angry look on his face. You turn around to see Vic walking up the catwalk and your heart stops. He’s holding a bunch of balloons by their strings and has a bouquet of flowers in his other hand. Owen comes to stand in front of you defensively, but Vic grunts.

“What’s the problem here Grady? She can’t have balloons on her birthday?” Everything about their stances and facial expressions say that they despise each other. You get a fleeting thought of jumping over the railing into the cage simply to avoid this situation, but Owen turns to you.

“It’s your birthday?” You can’t quite figure out the emotions on his face, it’s almost like disappointment mixed with surprise. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You open your mouth to speak, but Vic cuts you off. “Why would she tell her boss about her birthday? That’s really none of your business, Grady.” Owen’s attention returns to him and he snaps back.

“Actually, it’s none of your business, Hoskins. My relationship with her doesn’t concern you.”

“Relationship?” Vic’s eyes look like they’re about to pop out of his head when he looks between he two of you. “What do you mean relationship?” He stares down at you sternly and you feel five foot tall. You should have made a run for it when they were fighting.

“Ummmm…” You look up sheepishly between them, Owen catching on that you’re not telling them something and you close your eyes. You take a deep breath and speak quickly.

“Owen is my boyfriend. Vic is my big brother.” You spit it out before backing up towards the stairs, reaching behind you to find the handrail. “I need to go turn in this paperwork. Gotta go.” You turn and run down the stairs, not ready to face them once the shock wears off. You jog past Barry who reaches a hand out for your arm.

“Hey, where’s the fire? Is everything okay?” Barry looks at you with concern and your wide eyes probably aren’t reassuring. “Well, Owen just found out that Hoskins is my big brother,” Barry looks a little shocked, but remains silent for you to finish, “And Vic just found out that I’m sleeping with Owen.” You imagine you look like a scared puppy right now because Barry lets out a loud laugh and pats you on the back.

“I was going to take the work truck to Repairs to get the oil changed.” He says humorously, holding out the keys for you to take. “You look like you need to get away for a while.” He gives you a wink before turning around. Barry, aside from Owen, is your favorite coworker because of things like this. He’s always looking out for you and doesn’t judge when you make stupid decisions, like running away from your problems.

You’re going to face them both eventually, but separately… and after they cool down. As you drive away, in spite of it all, you let out a small, exasperated laugh when you look towards the sky and see the few balloons that Vic brought you floating through the air. You can’t help but thinking to yourself, What have I gotten myself into.

Not Me

Characters: Dean x reader

Words: 1,188

Request: Hi! Could you do one with DeanxReader where they have feelings for each other, but Dean won’t admit it because he thinks he is not good enough for her. But then he gets jealous when someone else hits on her and fluff (possibly smut?) ?? Sorry, this was way to specific… 

Warnings: none,

A/N: Hey so I got an ask the other day about if I had a watt pad account. I do, and I kinda think I figured it out. Anyways do you think you would you read my random stories IF I decided to post any? (No promises) 

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You and sat in the Impala driving to the nearest bar you could find. It’d been a long hunt that didn’t end well. So the best option you two could think of was to drown yourself in alcohol.  The window’s had been rolled down so the wind whipped in your hair.

Your eyes traveled over to Dean and the way he drove his car. He had a firm but soft grip on the steering wheel, and his green eyes were set straight on the road. Dean’s hair ruffled in the wind, and more than anything you wanted to run your hands through it.  Dammit just think of something else you cursed yourself.  Dean looked over to you and smiled, and a similar grin spread across your face. His eyes roamed your body, but as if someone told him bad news he looked away and clenched his jaw. You brushed it off considering it was only Dean being his normal moody self.

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How Taurus Sees the Signs
  • (( Good // Bad ))
  • Aries: You guys are quiet the hype // You guys are to shy to show your true feeling sometimes, because you think the other person won't like it.
  • Taurus: We get each other // but at the same time we are both Bulls and hit each other heads a lot.
  • Gemini: Very cute and intelligent // ignorant when it comes to someone's feelings.
  • Cancer: I can just relax next to you // though you guys can get on my nerves sometimes so some strange reason.
  • Leo: I always have a good laugh with you guys // You want to much attention sometimes.
  • Virgo: So fun to be around with // can be careless about yourself and people around you.
  • Libra: we connect pretty well // you guys can get jealous on the most random things.
  • Scorpio: We are there for each other // though you can sometimes be so ignorant about my own feelings.
  • Sagittarius: We got each other's back // but you are brutally honest.
  • Capricorn: you guys seem so fun to be around // sadly I don't know many to hang out with.
  • Aquarius: Intelligent and classy // can be very out of dreamworld when I am talking to you.
  • Pisces: chill as f*ck and strong // though I can hit your nerves sometimes and you hit mine.
  • (( All based on people I know and some are celebrities since I don't know every sign or I don't have their birthdays in my calendar. ))
Klaine Road Trip 2015 - Port Huron, MI

“Thumbs Up”

Written by whatstheproblembaby

Read on AO3

2700 words, PG-13

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #5

“Tell me again why we aren’t crossing here?” Kurt asked, watching as the Detroit exit labeled “Bridge to Canada” flew past them.

“It’s a shorter drive from the other bridge!” Blaine said cheerfully, more focus on the road than on Kurt. “We’ll shave about half an hour from our travel time if we cross from Port Huron instead of Detroit.”

“Even when you factor in the hour of drive time between Detroit and Port Huron?”

The silence from the driver’s seat made Kurt turn and look at Blaine’s comically dismayed expression.

“Apparently not,” Kurt sighed. “Oh well. It’s probably better to stop in some podunk town than in the middle of Detroit for the night anyways.”

“For sure!” Blaine agreed, much peppier than Kurt expected. “I mean, God only knows what goes on here, right?”

“I was just looking for the bright side of this, B, not seriously opposed to staying in Detroit,” Kurt said, bemused. “Are you afraid of the city or something? Because we live in one of the biggest urban centers in the world.”

“No, it’s not - I thought you were - I may have had more than just travel time in mind when I was Googling routes to Canada on my phone the other day,” Blaine said, thunking his hand against the steering wheel from where he’d been gesturing vaguely.

“Go on….”

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Imagine hearing Dean confess his love for you to Sam

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You were sitting on the bed, your headphones were plugged in to your phone and in your ears, but the music wasn’t on, your noise was buried in a book but you weren’t reading it. Instead you chose to listen to the conversation happening behind the cut out divider that the hotel paid for, listening to a conversation that the brothers were never going to have if the knew you were listening. 

 "So do you think it is true, I mean…“ 

"What you don’t believe that she is telling the truth?" 

"How can I Sammy? Amara is nothing like…" 

"So you think that the sister of God is lying about taking the appearance of your deepest, darkest desire." 

It was more of a statement when Sam said it, this must have been the information that Dean never wanted to tell you about the day they came face to face, you would ask and he would just answer in a voice that sounded like a wounded animal, "she didn’t say anything, just some nonsense that didn’t matter." 

"No I just…" 

"Listen Dean none of us will blame you if you want to sit out, or if this is really what you want but you have to let me and [Y/N]…" 

"She is getting nowhere near that Bitch!” Dean erupted, before turning around making sure you didn’t get disturbed from your book, which you were still looking at. 

“Why? With you down she is the second best hunter in the group…" 

"Because… She doesn’t know." 

"Know what?" 

"That she took the form of my deepest desire. Or what really was said in those woods that day, she can’t go." 

"What did she say?” Sam’s voice got quiet, and you could hear the heartbreak in Dean’s voice as he went on. 

“She said that she was my one true desire and she would stop at nothing to have me, and punish whoever it was that had my heart right bow, because she could sense that my love didn’t truly lie with her. She told me whoever it was would feel her wrath, as she killed them in front of me, so that I would get the message that I belong to her, and only her." 

"Why didn’t you tell her about her choosing your greatest desire?" 

"Because Sam, she looks nothing like [Y/N]! I have loved her since the moment I saw her 6 years ago at Bobby’s, she was the one I always desired when I was lonely, when I was hitting on a random fling in a bar, she was the one I wished was fixing me up when I got hurt and you were the one stitching me up and when she did, I never wanted her to stop touching me. She is the only member of this group that remembers the pie, and always gets my favorite for me when I am having a shitty day, or it was a tough hunt. When we were forced to share the bed, I could picture doing it for the rest of my life and when she had to share with you, I wanted to gut you. She is the only girl I have ever loved more then Lisa, she is sweet, and caring and far to gentle to be in this line of work, however you put a knife or gun in her hand and you have one bad ass bitch. She is better then either of us at times, and I will probably never tell her that. She is the woman I desire, the only one I desire, so the fact that that Amara looks nothing like her, scares me." 

"Have you ever told her this?” Sam asked, tears welling in your eyes as you listened to Dean pour his heart out about you. 

 "I want to, everyday it almost slips, and everyday I have stopped myself. And now I can never tell her, because my love will get her killed.“ 

You heard the flutter of wings then, Cas must have stopped by, "Dean, Sam, [Y/N]…."you heard him turn to you, for his shoes made an odd sound against the tile floor as he did, he was silent for a moment and then in a normal voice, ”[Y/N], why are you crying?“ 

you held your breathe and listened to the next words, "Cas she can’t hear ya with her music on.” Sam said 

“No, the music is turned off, she can hear me.”

The gig was up, you lifted your head, and met the heartbroken eyes of Dean Winchester, “Nothing Cas, I’m fine.” You mumbled as you wiped your eyes and then left for the bathroom. 

As the door locked Dean let a tear slip of his own, as he wondered how long you were listening.

// It All Depends, Are We Just Friends? //

can you write a lil thing where you accidentally got too drunk and george has to help you out like getting home and going to bed? (your lil story things are really cute and good) xx


I felt my head spin as I laughed, taking another shot of gin. Everyone was at my friend’s house, getting wasted and celebrating the guys being back home from tour. We all missed them so much, and I hope they missed us. Ever since school, we were always together. I spent countless nights sitting in the shed with them as they practiced, giving slight constructive criticism that really only George would listen to. I would pester him to go out, take a break from producing. And he would want to, but he was determined. He would brush me off and turn back to his laptop. We were always the closest, at least of the guys and girls- I mean no one could ever come before the band. I liked that a lot. They were so young when they got serious about it all, just 17, 18, 19 years old. I was always the youngest in our group, so they babied me and I looked up to them. 

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paleasamoon  asked:

Okay but like. Grocery store AU. Jack probs works bakery, Geoff as store manager, Lil J is a cashier with a stool, Ray is a legendary old employee ("I swear, he did a backflip into a moving shopping cart!"), and you can decide the rest.

Ooh, I like this idea.

I like what’s there so far. And I imagine you mean Li’l J as a cashier who’s allowed to sit up on a stool, but all I initially pictured was him standing on a stool and it made me laugh. Though I think he’d probably do that now and again just to get someone’s attention if he wants them to come over. Cause he can’t just leave, Geoff, and no one will see him if he doesn’t make himself tall!

So there’s still the last three guys… Gavin, I think, is that one person who’s bounced around between different positions, because he’s good with people and eager to work and there aren’t any problems with him necessarily, but he also generally manages to find a way to mess something up at some point wherever he is. He doesn’t mean to, but sometimes displays get knocked over or items get broken or he gets in trouble for riding a shopping cart through the parking lot and hitting a customer’s car.

Ryan I imagine working in the deli. You got Team Same Voice hanging out in that area of the store, both of them well-liked and sweet. But then you have the weird feeling around Ryan when he goes off about cuts of meat and the actual process of obtaining it in more detail than you’d expect, along with random facts that just kind of come up on a whim. And sometimes Jack can be caught when he’s grumpy and pissed off, cause someone moved all his shit around and messed it up, and after he made everyone cupcakes, c’mon guys!

Then Michael would be asset protection/security, to prevent theft. He ends up getting Ryan or Gavin to look at video recording stuff when that has to be done, cause he prefers to go around and actually catch people. Michael has been told a few times that yelling at people and bull rushing potential shoplifters is not acceptable, and they do not need to fend off another attempted lawsuit because of it.

And I love that Ray is this legendary employee, and stories of him continue to grow bigger and grander and more spectacular with each retelling. But then he comes into the store to visit, and any of the newer employees who only heard the stories (like Jeremy) are kind of surprised when Ray’s one of the most laid back people, complete with shitty jokes, video game facts, and the worst parkour ability imaginable.

Key - Sam Imagine for @nineboyz

Author’s Note: This is for one of my friends that I used to be so scared of to talk to. Love you Brandi :-) nineboyz

Sam’s POV:

I walked out the bathroom. Feeling relaxed. I turned to look at her, to see her fast asleep on the bed.

Her body raising up and down slowly. I smiled to myself. I turned off the lights, and made my way to my side of the bed.

For awhile, I just admired her back. How her hair was so short, but she made the look so hot. And how she just sounded so calm.

I wrapped my arms around her. Feeling her warmth touching my skin.

I don’t know why, but the words slipped out.

“I love you.” I whispered as I closed my eyes.

Your POV:

I woke up and stretched. Expecting to feel his touch expect I didn’t. I sighed as I faced the ceiling.

And than it hit me.

“Holy shit. He told me he loved me.” I huffed out.

I didn’t know what to think about it. I mean I was half asleep.

“Maybe he was saying random shit.” I murmured.

I got up to brush your teeth, and made your way to the coffee machine.

Grabbing a mug. I heard something rattle in side.

I pulled out something shiny.

“Holy crap. It’s a key.” I sighed.

I got ready to go to work.

“How am I going to face him?” I groaned.

I made my way to work. Trying to avoid him as I entered.

My friend caught me by the arm.

“Why are you acting so sneaky?” she laughed.

I took out the key, and showed her.

“It’s just a key…” she giggled.


“What’s so bad about moving in..?” she titled her head in confusion.

I stalked away and sighed. Bumping into someone.

“Hey I’m sorry-” I got cut off as I saw his smirk. His dark brown hair.

“What the hell is this Sam?” I snapped as I pulled out a key.

“It’s a key. To my apartment.” Sam laughed.

“Obviously but why give it to me?” I rolled my eyes.

“So you can move in.” Sam said seriously.

“What do I do. What about my old apartment?” I asked annoyed.

“Pack up and move in. Duh.” Sam grinned and pecked my cheek.

I looked at him blankly and walked away.

“Do you have a problem with moving in?” Sam ran up to me.


I went to my shift, and put myself to work. Ignoring Sam the whole day.

Sam’s POV:

I sighed as I drove home from work. Was it bad if I gave her the key? Why is she overreacting?

I went home and took a shower. As I exited I laid in bed. Just scrolling down a few posts. Eventually tossing my phone aside because it didn’t feel right without her.

I suddenly heard something jiggle. I sat up.

The door flung open. She entered slowly, nervous. She closed the door, and made her way towards me.

Sitting on my lap. Attaching my lips to hers. I felt her smile. I couldn’t help but lay her down, as my hands pushed her hair away, letting my lips connect back to hers.

She pulled back.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“What?” I stammered.

“I wasn’t asleep when you told me.” She smirked.

I laughed, and reattached my lips back to hers. Grinning.

Funny how a key, 3 words, and one person, can make you the happiest person at that moment.

Imagine Harry

You’re awoken by the buzzing of the alarm by your bed. You ignore it, trying to fall back asleep, too lazy to turn it off. “Y/N” Harry nudges you, “turn it off.” He groans, only for you to huff and press your hand down trying to find the clock, ending up just hitting the alarm clock until you hit the off button. Usual it’s the other way around, usually you’re elbowing harry to turn his alarm off as he attempts to sleep through it, disregarding all things he has to do. “You have to get up.” He sleepily reminds you, stopping you from falling back asleep. “Mmm” you sound, comfortable and warm in bed, not wanting to get out. You feel the sheets move as Harry wiggles around. His arms wrap around you, “Don’t be late sleepy.” His hot breath hits your skin. “But I’m tired.” You mumble, feeling sleep deprived. “I know, but you need to get up.” He yawns. Probably wanting to go back to sleep himself. “Will you come with me?” You roll onto your back, and Harry sighs. “Y/N, I just got off a flight six hours ago. I’m just as tired as you.” He comments and you sigh. “I understand.” You sit up, pushing the soft covers off your body, before getting up. You shiver as your feet hit the cold floorboards, sending chills all over your body. You tiredly pull out some leggings and a random sweater, not caring about what you’re wearing. You step into the bathroom and wash your face, combing your hair out and then throwing it into a messy bun. You’re an actress, and currently working on filming a television show that you have been asked to be in for a few episodes; also starring in a romance movie as a hostess who can’t find the right guy. With both rolls needing to be done as soon as possible, the damn for you is very high, and it’s tiring for you. Running from studio to studio, being two different characters, working night and day to get things right. Harry walks into the bathroom and kisses your cheek, “don’t forget to get breakfast on your way, and be careful on the roads.” He instructs tiredly, “I will, get back in bed and get some sleep.” You instruct, walking out of the bathroom, slipping in some boots. Harry gets back in bed, getting comfortable within the covers. “I’ll see you later?” You ask, unsure if he has studio plans or not. “Yes.”
“Dinner? I’ll try make it back by seven?” You ask, and again he nods. You lean down an press your lips on his, giving him a tired smile. He smiles back at you, watching as you walk away and trail down the hall. You pick up your bag, and items, rushing around to find your keys as you keep and eye on the time.

You stand on set, waiting for your partner to take a breath, everything becoming too much for him as he messes up his lines on the previous retake of the scene. He controls himself, and the producers frustratedly yell “action” the camera men starting to tape.
The scene ends and you sigh in relief, glad that it is finally done. “Okay, Y/N you have an outfit change and makeup change.” The stylist grabs you, pulling you away from the set. You sit down in a chair and take a few deep breaths, needing the moment to just relax a bit. “Y/N do you want to get changed and then we will do your hair and makeup?” The stylist who happens to be your best-friend, asks. “I want to sleep” you sigh, “I know, but you have a few more scenes.” She encourages you, making you huff. “I need more coffee.” You mumble, standing up and turning to face your stylist and best friend. “Do you want me to go get you some?” The stylists’ assistant questions as she puts the makeup she had in her hand down. “No, it’s okay, I think she will be okay.” Your friend shakes her head with a smirk. “I need coffee.” You whine like a child, only for your friend to laugh. You huff before turning back around to see Harry walking closer, balancing four cups of coffee on one of those cup holder trays, along with a box of donuts. Your eyes widen with happiness, both at seeing him here and the fact he has coffee and donuts, the two perfect things combined. “Mormin’ love.” He kisses your lips, your friend taking the donut box from him, so he isn’t so congested with things. “Good morning.” You smile,
“Okay, two sugars, skim milk.” He hands a coffee to the assistant, “one sugar, extra shot, cream and chocolate on top.” Harry recites, handing your best friend her desired coffee. “And, double shot, two sugars, and donuts.” Harry smiles, handing you a cup of coffee cutely. “Aw you’re sweet.” You coo, pecking his lips. “Mhm.” He sounds, taking his own cup and taking a sip. “I thought the donuts were for all of us. You can’t go playing favorites now Harry.” Your friend playfully scoffs. “But she is my favourite.”
“Ohh, so only she gets donuts? Humph I will remember the next time you get home drunk and I stop her from turning the sprinklers on while you’re passed out.” Your friend laughs,
“That happened once.” Harry mumbles,
“Ah and it will happen again but with a soaking if I don’t get a donut.” Your friend smirks, “this is blackmail.”
“Aw poor you.” You playfully smile, and he rolls his eyes. “Thanks love, thanks for standing up for me.”
“Welcome, I need to go make a quick change.” You press a big kiss to his lips. “Careful there, you’ll make him drop his coffee.” Your friend rolls her eyes, maybe slightly jealous of you and Harry. “Jealous?” You wink,
“No, just merely annoyed that you play a character that can’t find the right man, yet here you are with the perfect boyfriend, and I’m here with donuts and my nonexistent cat.” Your friend comments and you laugh. “Harry will keep you company from your imaginary cat.” You smirks, kissing him one last time before changing your clothes.

You sit in the chair getting your makeup and hair done, Harry sitting beside you. “Ouh stop pulling my hair.” You whine,
“No pain no gain.” Your friend smacks your hand away playfully. “Y/N, we need you in ten.” The producer calls as one of the other actresses runs off crying. “Is she okay?” I ask the producer, he nods his head, “the scene touched her emotional sides.” He replies, walking around with his clipboard. “There aren’t any kissing scenes are there?” Harry questions as he gapes around. “Uh. There is.”
“Are they proper?”
“A few are but most of them are just made to look like kisses.” You assure him, knowing he’s a bit edgy when it comes to kissing scenes. “It’s just for show, it isn’t real.” You remind him and he nods just as your lips are coated with bright red lipstick and your hair perfected. “Hopefully this gets done and we can go.” You smile, standing up and wiggling your toes on the 6inch heels you have on. Harry stands up and smirks, looking you up and down trying to be subtle. “You need to work on being subtle.” You comment, and he chuckles. “Sorry, I don’t like how you’re on a date wearing this.” He comments, looking at the black fitted dress. “It’s a fake date, just for a movie.” You assure him yet again, placing a kiss to his lips, leaving a red mark on them. You giggle before he shakes his head. “I have lipstick on me, don’t I?” He asks and you nod, rubbing your thumb over his plump, and now red lips. “Sorry babe.” You smile, unable to diminish the red pigmented colour on his lips. “Don’t worry, I’ve had worse, go shoot your scene.” He kisses your cheek, sending you off to shoot your next scene.

As soon as the director calls cut you walk off the scene, sitting down in the chair and taking off your heels, “that was a good kiss, but I can do better.” Harry comments, and you laugh. “You can my darling you can.” You nod as your friend starts to undo your hair, “Anyone up for drinks?” The director asks, you instantly shaking your head. “Not tonight for me.” You yawn, forcing yourself to stay awake as your friend continues to fix your hair to a more normal look. “Alright, you get some well earned and deserved sleep.” He smiles, walking away. “Y/N you make the scene seem so real. I actually thought I was arguing with you within the scene.” The male actor who dates your character comments.
“I agree, then it got weird when we made up.” You comment, motioning towards the kiss that happened after. “I feel you there, that’s one thing I find weird, the make up kissing scenes. It felt so real and then bam, it’s gone.” The male main actor explains and you agree. As soon as your hair is finished being played with, you’re left alone to wait until the prying media clears off from the studio, so they don’t get even the slightest sneak peak of anything, not even set props. As you sit in the chair, slumped down and looking at Harry, you slowly, but surely, fall asleep.

Barely Merry…

So…I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled joy filled program because I like to be honest and well, it just hasn’t been a great week. I realize I’m treading upon the lines of poor pitiful me territory but ya know what? It was our first Christmas without mom…I’m allowed. 

All that to say that this was not a very Merry Christmas.

Other than Mom’s absence, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’m in FL and it doesn’t feel like the holiday season or maybe it’s because I’m feeling under the weather. I’m certain it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been suppressing my emotions lately and I’ve been reaching for the refrigerator door far more often than lacing up my sneaks to hit the pavement (#owning it). There’s been a numbness that I can’t shake and the extra holiday treats aren’t filling the void.

I’ve been a hot mess of tears but they bring instantaneous relief…a sweet release. It’s never really when you’d expect, though. It’s in random moments that are seemingly insignificant…until they’re not. Sometimes it feels like I’m living in a dream and none of it was real. Nope. My mom got cancer and she died. It’s a nightmare.

So, the good stuff from the week: I got a few good runs in with my Dad, complete with solid conversation about a variety of topics. My new headphones, paired with the (late to the game) Serial podcast series, are pretty great. Xander has been my everything this week and i’m convinced that he knows exactly what’s going on. Animals are amazing. Also amazing? My nieces, who are equal parts adorable sweethearts and absolute terrors.

Looking back, it’s insane to see how different my life currently looks in comparison to how it did just 12 short months ago. I’m ready to wrap this year up and place it gently on the shelf.  I’ll be kicking it off from the powdery sand beaches of Turks & Caicos with the person I love the most. I need this and I can’t wait.


The Wars That We Wage || Oneshot

Title: The Wars That We Wage
Rating: K+
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, human au
Summary: Sending John off to the war was the hardest thing Rose had ever done. Or she thought it was, at least.

Note: Based on this ask from perfectlyrose and the sequel sent by rachaelmhill

Dedication: So this is going to be weird, but bear with me. I’m dedicating this story to my cousin Domonic. He’s turning twenty-one in a couple of weeks, and he’s dreamed for so long of joining the Air Force and becoming a firefighter. He just finished basic training, and he was getting ready for tech school when they found a hole in his heart. He’s been discharged and they’re getting ready to do surgery soon to fix his heart. So…yeah. This story is dedicated to Dom, and if you guys could keep him in your thoughts (and prayers if that’s your thing) I would truly appreciate it. He’s an amazing, loving young man and I am so, so proud of him.

Knowing it was coming didn’t make it easier.

Rose had thought it would — she thought she was prepared to handle it when John came home and told her he was being deployed. She thought she’d be able to put a on a brave face and act like everything would be okay.

That lasted about five minutes before she snapped and broke down crying in his arms.

It had only been a matter of time. Units all around John were being deployed and it didn’t matter that he was young, it didn’t matter he had only just graduated medical school. They needed bodies, and they needed doctors for when those bodies got hurt.

Even young, inexperienced doctors like John.

The day John and his unit left dawned bright and early. Rose drove him to the airport, holding his hand tight the entire way, and she walked him as far as she could. The rest of the unit was there and ready to board. They didn’t have much time.

“I’ll write you,” Rose said quietly, still clutching John’s hand. Her lifeline. “Every single week. At least once. I promise.”

“I look forward to it,” John said with a smile, leaning in to kiss Rose. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she murmured against his lips. “So much.”

She wished she could’ve kept him there with him forever. But time was up. One last kiss and he disappeared, heading for his plane.

If Rose concentrated really hard she could still feel his fingers between hers.

She went right home and started writing her first letter.

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