i got goosebumps and even teared up making this

Luke One Shot

‘If I ever get married, I want to build a box with our wedding date on the outside. In it, it’ll have a bottle of wine and two sealed love letters about why we love each other. If things ever get hard or our love fades, we will open the box, drink the wine, and read the letter we wrote to each other- showing that we can get through anything.’

It wasn’t meant to turn out like this. You had never thought it would but when you saw the tab open on his laptop with apartments for sale you knew that things weren’t good anymore. Of course you had noticed the friction in your marriage, the silent moments when you were alone, the barely even there hand holding and the forced kisses but you never thought it would get this far. You even missed him when he didn’t sleep in the bed, which was often. He preferred to sleep on the couch now. You thought you could talk and everything would be fine but clearly it wouldn’t be. You got up from the table after dinner, it was Luke’s night to clean up and went to the backyard. You had done this because you saw it online and you thought it seemed sweet at the time but you never thought you would actually have to open the box buried beneath your garden. You could remember the moment like it was yesterday.

You had written the letter when you were writing your vows, both of you agreed to do that and even to include your vows in the letter and on your wedding day you stopped off at your house on the way to the reception. You had both put your letters in the box along with a bottle of wine and put it away. You had both honestly thought that you would never see the box again when you put it away because you had never had any hard times really.

You sat down on the ground beside the place in the ground and started to push back the dirt. Your teenage daughter sat in her room, her earphones on listening to Blink-182. She really had taken after her dad, sometimes it scared you how much she was like Luke. She looked out her window and saw you sitting on the ground. She knew exactly what you were doing. You had told her about the box and it had made her heart melt but she never thought it would actually be needed and it was then that she realised that her parents may not be in love again. Your ten year old son sat in the living room playing a video game while his dad cleaned up and he wasn’t paying attention to anything but the TV screen. But Luke was looking out the window and he saw you lift out the box. How could it have ended up like this? He asked himself, he didn’t know but he went outside and sat down beside you.

“Is this really what it’s come too?” Luke asked when he sat down.

“I guess it is. Never thought I’d see this thing again.” You mumbled.

“Neither did I.” He replied.

“We should read them.” You said and handed him your letter.

Luke smiled slightly and lifted the bottle of wine out of the box. He opened it and put down the letter, quickly going to the kitchen to get some glasses. When he came out he poured wine into the glasses and handed you one. You tore open his letter and started to read.

“I love you, more than I love Calum and you know I love him a lot. I love how you look good no matter what you wear or what time of the day it is, with or without makeup. I love how you love to steal my clothes when I’m gone and I love that you’ve stuck by me through all of this. I’m so happy with you and I love that you love me. One of my favourite things is getting into bed beside you after a long day and just having you beside me. Knowing that you are there makes everything so much easier and I love the fact that I get to call you mine forever. I love you babe.”

You both smiled as you sat down the letter and you waited patiently for Luke to read yours.

“I love you more than anything in this world. I love travelling the world with you, I love everything about you. I love the feeling of your lip ring when you kiss me and I love when you cuddle me unexpectedly. I love how you make my heart skip a beat whenever I see you even though we’ve been together for four years.” Luke read aloud as you took another sip of your wine.

“I love when you sing me to sleep because you have the most beautiful voice, even when it’s just through the phone it still sounds amazing. I love that I get goosebumps when you hold me close and that I love you even more every single day. I love that you can still make me blush when you are being cute and that you can be sexy too.” Luke read and looked up at you making you blush and him smile.

“You still can Luke. I can feel my heart fluttering right now and my face going red.” You mumbled.

Luke’s eyes glowed with tears as he slowly got up and sat right beside you, pulling you against him.

“Then you should know that my heart skips a beat every time I say or hear your name. Whether it’s good or bad.” He replied.

You smiled and leaned your head on his chest. There was silence for a few minutes but it wasn’t a strained silence like before it was nice.

“Are you going to move off the couch then?” You asked.

“Of course I am. It isn’t comfortable at all and besides, I miss sleeping beside such a beautiful woman.” He replied and kissed your forehead.

“Good. The bed has been cold without you.” You said and leaned up to press your lips to his.

“I love you so much.” Luke mumbled against your lips.

You smiled even more because he hadn’t said that to you in so long.

“I love you too.” You replied and kissed him again.

Your daughter sat and looked out the window at you both. She now knew that when she was older that she was going to do this because she had seen that it worked. She had been almost sure before that you were going to separate but remembering why you had married each other in the first place had made you both realise how much you loved each other and love really is all that matters.

Dear taylorswift,
I’ve always wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. Your smile is so beautiful. When you smile I begin to smile too what feels so good. I just have to look at your pictures, then I’m already feeling better. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a good mood or if I have a bad day. I just need to listen to your music. It helps me in so many situations, currently very much. Apparently, I need your music to relax. Then I fall on my bed, close my eyes and listen spellbound. All I see is you. Every time I imagine standing in front of you, you smiling at me and me hugging you. I immediately feel the heat flowing through my body and I get goosebumps and at the same time realise how tears roll down my cheeks. My biggest dream is to meet you and tell you what a wonderful person you are and how thankful I am for what you have done for me.
Because I’m a Swiftie for a very very long time. It all started with your music video Love Story, which I saw on VIVA. I can remember it exactly. When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were so impressive and your charisma fascinated me so much that I heard this song over and over again. Over the time my parents got to know and like you because I talked about you a lot. Even my little sister liked and still likes your music very much. Every time Love Story was shown on VIVA, I immediately put the TV louder and sang along. Also the cousin of my friend told me a lot about you. She even borrowed me her CD, which I listened to, when I came home from school.
Now there are so many memories I’ve experienced because of Love Story. There’s one day I can remember so well as it was only yesterday. Our school had its 80th birthday and we had to prepare a lot in class. And we started to sing your songs to not get bored and we had lots of fun. And four years ago when I got my room renovated I listened to “Back to December” and “Today was a fairytale” on loop while I was decorating my room. I listened to Back to December for the first time back then and some tears ran down my cheeks because the song touched me so much.
I miss those days in December a lot because December for me personally is always the best time of the year and that year I laughed, played and baked a lot with my grandma. But unfortunately she’s not with us anymore. Maybe she’s just looking down on me now and is smiling at me while I’m writing this letter. She now knows how much music really means to me. Since my grandma doesn’t live anymore, music got even more important to me.
The best feeling is when a song exactly expresses your feelings and you just don’t feel like you’re alone anymore because the music just really gets to you and makes you stronger. Your songs fulfill all this. At the moment I only listen to The Moment I Knew. I love this song so much. I don’t know why. Your voice gives me goosebumps every single time and I always tear up listening to your voice. You can see how much your lyrics get to me and how much it means to me.
What I want to tell you is that last christmas I have fullfilled my sister’s dream. And also mine. We’re seeing you at your concerts on June 20 in Cologne, oh my god. I’m so happy and proud that there were still tickets left. My sister was so happy and surprised and she was full of joy and hugged me and I had to cry because it was a wonderful feeling to see my sister like that. But these are things you just do for your almost 15 year old sister. In fact Fifteen is also one of her favorite songs. There are only 123 day left until I’m finally gonna see you. I’m so excited for the tour and that I’m gonna be able to get to know new people.
Thank you so much for existing. Thank you for making music. Thank you for all these wonderful moments I’ve experienced because of you. I hope that there will be even more of them. I love you so much, Taylor. Thank you for everything. See you in June.
Yours sincerely, Lexi.