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Got7 when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


At first, when you climbed on his lap, he would all giggly, making fun of you a little. He just loved to make you blush. But in the end he wouldn’t let you get off so easily, since he actually thought you were to cute for this world.

“Wait, stay, stay! I didn’t want to make fun of you.”

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He would be wondering what the hell you were trying to do, but as soon as he realized you were sitting on his lap, snuggling up to him, he would smile widely. He would hug you back, just being very happy to have you in his life. As soon as he got bored tho, he would try to start a make out session.

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That little sunshine

He would absolutly love it, holding you tighter and burying his face in the crook of your neck, telling you how cute you were. Moments like that would be his favorite about your relationship.

“Yah (Y/N), how can you be so adorable?”

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When you suddenly tried to climb on his lap, he would be like ‘Wtf is she doing’. But he would melt quite fast when you snuggled up to him, telling him you wanted to cuddle. He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile, thinking how lucky he was. However, when dance training starts, be prepared to get pushed of.

that savage

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I don’t know why, but he doesn’t seem like the type of boyfriend who would love to have you on his lap. He would start laughing when you sat down on his lap, thinking it was somehow cute. But he would get enough very soon, asking you to cuddle in another position.

“I mean, this is quite cute, but my legs are gone dead… Let’s move to the couch?”

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Mark would also love it. He might seem like a 'Bad Boy’ with his tattoos and stuff, but he would just love you being all cute and adorable. He would most probably be used to it, helping you to get on his lap and pulling you closer. The two of you would understand each other without words.

“Come here, jagi~~”

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Bam Bam:


Proud af. First thing he would do is a selfie with you on his lap, wanting everybody to see that you were his and only his. He wouldn’t even mind someone coming in. If he was in a cuddly mood that day, he would also snuggle up to you. If he wasn’t, he might get bored after some time.

“You know, I love cuddling and stuff, but we could go shopping!”

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Should I make BTS or Monsta X Version?

EXO Reaction to Their Crush Checking Their Pulse


Minseok’s face grew even more red as you took his hand in yours, pressing two fingers down on his wrist. He could see the conern on your face at the fast paced heartbeat and would try and reassure you that he’s absolutely fine. He’d get toung tied though when you start to ask the reason behind his red face and fast heartbeat. 

“It’s nothing. I’m completely fine, see?”

“Then why is your face all red?”

“I… uh… just got back from practice?”

“You said you had no schedule today.”

“Oh, will you look at the time. I’ve got places to be. Bye (y/n).”


Lu gets all giggly and shy when he blushes so the moment you start checking his pulse, the giggles intensify and he tris to pull away from you to get his heart rate down. You end up having to hold him in place which just makes him squirm and giggle even more, giving you a hard time on finding his pulse.

“Lu, you need to stop moving.”

“I can’t help it when you’re this close to me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I.. uh… nothing?”


Kris would be lowkey surpised that you even caught him blushing because he’s really good at hiding it. That cool extrior disappears as you place your fingers against his jugular to check his pulse, heart rate skyrocketing as he tries to pull your hand away from his neck. He’ll let out this nervous laugh and ask you what you’re doing while he slowly scoots away from you.

“Uh.. heh… (y/n), what are you doing?”

“I’m checking your pulse. You’re face was all red so I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Well, I’m fine so no need to get that close okay?”

“But you’re face is even redder now. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“As long as you don’t get that close anymore, I’ll be perfectly free of a heart attack thank you.”


Junmyeon would not be able to stop smiling as his face goes all red from the close contact. He’ll gently grab your wrist and pulled your hand off of his own wrist, telling you that he’s fine. When you keep insisting, he’ll just wrap both his hands around yours and look you in the eye as he reassures you that he’s okay and not in any medical danger.

“But Jun, your face is all red and warm. I just need to check if you’re okay.”

“(y/n). I’m perfectly fine, okay? You don’t need to worry.”


“As long as I have you to check up on me, I’ll always be fine.”

Now you’re the one all red faced and flustered.


Yixing wouldn’t deny that he was blushing, he would be covering his face at how hot it was and wouldn’t let you get a hold of his hand to check his pulse. When you start to reach for the pulse in his neck, he’ll squirm even more and covers his face even more and curles up as a smile breaks out on his face.

“Yixing, get over here so I can make sure you’re okay.”

“Yah! It’s your fault I’m like this in the first place.”




Baek would cover his neck and hide his wrists as you reach for him, getting all flustered and shy. When you ask him why he’s not letting you check his pulse, he just smiles cutely and tells you that he’s shy with a small, nervous laugh and covers up again when you roll your eyes and reach to check his pulse again. 

“Baek. Why aren’t you letting me touch you?”

“I’m shy…”

“Okay, we both know that’s a lie. Just let me check your pulse.”


“Baekhyun, stop being a baby.”


He’d deny it with a laugh, even as you feel his heartbeat going a million miles per second and his face is as red as a cherry. He’ll still just brush it off and say that you’re just seeing things. He’d then be all smilely and cute with you for the rest of the time you’re with him.

“Jongdae, you’re face is clearly red and you’re pulse is really fast.”

“You’re crazy (y/n). I’m just fine and normal.”

“Your face is really warm too, are you sure you’re okay?”

“As long as I get to see your pretty face I am.”


Chanyeol will hide his face a bit and tries to get you to not get so close but he’s so blushy and giggly that he doesn’t have much strength to push you away. You’d get even more concerned and end up holding his face in your hands, panicing a bit at how warm it is and thinking he has a fever. He just stares down at you cutely and placing his larger hands over your smaller ones to keep them on his cheeks.

“Oh my god. Yeol, you’re burning up.”

“I’m fine, really (y/n).”

“Uh… I can’t move my hands Chanyeol.”

“I know. I like having them there, is that so bad?”


Kyungsoo would be lowkey shook as you got close to him, touching him to try and find his racing pulse. He’d give you a really nervous smile and slowly scoot away, trying to make distance between you two so he could calm his heartbeat. He won’t openly freak like the other boys but he will lowkey fangirl to himsef after you leave.

“You’re heart’s racing and you’re face is all red. You’re not sick are you?”

“It’s normal, no need to worry.”


“Let’s just finish the drama (y/n). I’m okay, promise.”


Tao is a lot like Jongdae. You’d point out that his face was red and his heart was beating fast, he’d quickly cover his face with a laugh and is all “What are you talking about?” and gently pulls your hands off of him and moving away from you. Anytime you get close after that, he’ll immediately move back to get away and save his heart.

“I’m fine. I don’t know what the big deal is.”

“You’re face is all red, I want to make sure you’re alright.”

“What? Pfft, it’s not red, what are you talking about?”

“Tao, you’re a terrible lair.”

“Shut up.”


Jongin wouldn’t deny it but get lowkey shy about it. Like, he’ll let you check his pulse as it starts to race faster and his face gets more red. As you’re fussing and worrying about him, he makes some cute comment about you and now you’re both blushing and Jongin just gives you this cute ass grin.

“Jongin, you’re heart rate is skyrocketing.”

“It’s becuase I’m looking at an angel.”

“I… uhh…. what?”

“What? It’s true, you’re just really breath-taking. Why wouldn’t my heart race?”


Sehun would not be able to look you in the eye and would pull his hand away from you, trying not to smile or get all giggly. He wouldn’t deny that you were the one causing him to be like this either. He’d just openly say it and then not look in your direction unless you make him.

“Sehun, your face is all red and warm. Are you sick?”

“No. I always get like this when you’re close to me, I can’t help it.”


“I’m not taking it back (y/n).”

college au! where the kids handle their alcohol…

Deku- He doesn’t drink. Usually the DD. When he does drink, however, he is emotional and a lightweight. “You’re too nice to me, Uraraka-san. I don’t deserve you!” Kinda reckless, he ran into a wall once and busted his nose.

Uraraka- She’s the one who gets really honest and brutal. “BAKUGOU, YOU CAN EAT MY ASS.” She turns into the “dumb baby” of the group. “Who wants to see me, jump down this flight of stairs?” She ends up floating away half the time and no one ever knows where she is.

Iida- Typically doesn’t drink either. The other DD. When he does drink he doesn’t change that much, just kinda loosens up a bit. “HAS EVERYONE DRANK WATER. MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER BETWEEN ALCOHOL. IT PREVENTS HANGOVERS AND WILL-” A chatter box.

Bakugou- Shirtless. He’s the one who gets drunk and immediately loses his shirt. Becomes more friendly(ish), but the nicknames stick. “Deku isn’t actually half bad for being a complete fucking idiot.” Lost his shoes and made a pair out of Hantas tape. “IT’S CALLED INOVATION, ASSBITCH.”

Kirishima- The karaoke master. Literally knows every single song. Toxic by Britney Spears? Knows it. Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts? Got it. The hype man. He ends up on top of a table at some point. He goes up to people asks, “Wanna know how I got these scars?” “You only have one and it was when you were a BABY.”

Momo- She usually provides the alcohol for the party. “JUST MAKE IT FOR US!” “We gotta be responsible if we DO drink.” Makes sure no one’s stuff gets messed with. Gets really giggly when drunk and everyone falls in love.

Todoroki- Spicy boy™. Beyonce once said, “I get filthy when that liquor gets into me.” Speaking of Beyonce, Partition is his jam and will not hesitate to dance his ass off. Half lidded eyes are his his look when he’s drunk.

Tsuyu- Can handle her alcohol. The one who tends to the emotional drunks. Makes sure to drink plenty of water. She takes “drinking like a fish” to another level. Gets existential. “You ever wondered why were here?”

Kaminari- The DJ. Will play everyone’s favorite song then follow it up with cotton eyed joe and he thinks it’s hilarious. The one guy who has rhythm but can’t dance for shit… so it kinda looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Jirou- Comes out her shell more. Is actually a big dork and makes sure everyone has a good time. Mentions memes or vines to everything everyone says. “It’s hot in here.” “It’s the heat.” “Can you read this for me?” “No I cannot. What up. I’m Jared, I’m 19 and I never fuckin’ learned how to read.”

Mina- “Typical” drunk girl. Here to have a good time and  Does 10 shots off the bat. She laughs really loud and compliments everyone. “WHO WANTS TO DO JELLO SHOTS?” Is always down for beer pong and she always wins. The Champ™

dating hansol

alrighty im probably gonna add more to this later because im Soft™ and this might have a lot of typos, but here we go.

-first off, he is someone who would want to date his best friend. like, there has to be that level of trust snd respect that only best friends have that he wants in a relationship. he also doesn’t want to feel bad if he is a total goof (which he is) because he knows his best friend would never judge him.

-loves loves loveS holding your hand. it is one of his favorite things because he likes having you close to him and isnt a huge fan of pda (only in public, ill get to that later). he just loves lacing his fingers through yours and rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. and he loves it even more when you do it to him.

-not a pda person in public, but when its just you two (or you two and one other person (aka seungkwan)) he is ALL OVER YOU (not like that get ya mind out of the gutter). he’ll pull you into his lap or into his chest and will kiss your forehead or your cheek or like bury his face into you neck or vice versa.

-i briefly mentioned it before but vern is just a huuuge goofball. he absolutely loves it when you play along with his antics, so you would find both of you making up stupid dances and dumb songs and stuff likes that. he knows when to get real and when to get serious and when to chill, but until then, he is a goober.

-fav type of dates are the ones (idek if they count as dates??? cute tho) where yall just stay in, you have the vague area to yourselves, and youre just watching a movie or playing video games. these dates have two moods 1) its been a long day so we’re just chillin (in cedar rapids) and everything is quiet. occasional chatting but with low voices. very sleepy. usually watching a movie or tv show. its dark or there are only fairy lights. sometimes you get deep and cry a lil but everything is well. or 2) ENERGY. playing games ir doing stupid commentary on whatever youre watching. there is no chill. you are loud and despite frantic texts from the members telling you to shuhshshshshshh the two of you are just too excited to be together and have all of this energy!!! you need to get it out!!!!!! memes. there are lots of memes. memes of each other, but also just.,,.., memes. dates usually go something like that.

-loves it when his s/o is super passionate about something. it doesn’t completely matter what it is, as long as it is safe and all that, he just loves it when you have something that you really really love.

-would rap for you a lot. both really good, impressive ones that you can tell he worked really hard on, a d ones that the two of you just made up randomly to make each other laugh. however , he would love it even more if you rapped for him (or tried). he doesn’t care if your good or not, just the fact the you want to become a part of and appreciate something he loves so much makes him glow with happiness.

-listening to music. alllllll the time. he seems to be an open minded peson in general, so my guess is that that carries over to his interest in music too. he would listen to anything, kpop, rap, hip hop, classical, techno, lyrical, ballads, soundtracks, you name it. if there is a genre of music you really like, he would want to become interested in it too, so he could appreciate it with you.

-doesnt really go all out with the couple pet names (doesnt do sweetie or princess and stuff) but sticks to the classics like baby and babe. it makes your heart melt.

-one of his favorite activities to do with you is to play video games!! this is just me but i feel like he would prefer coop or single player games rather then online games. he thinks it adorable when you play a game like skyrim, or something of the sort and you die a lot and get frustrated. you pretend to think he is being a bully when he teases you, but he still thinks your the cutest thing in the universe right there and then.

-gets realllllly soft at night. if the two of you are spending the night or something, he wont let you go to sleep until he gushes and tells you how much he loves you at least 1,000 times. times like these just make your heart soar, and they make you soft and then you get all soft and giggly and tell him you love him 5,000 times and it makes him love you even more.

-would literally cry tears of joy if you and his sister got along. and his mom. and his dad. and his cat. he just wants everyone important to him to get along.

-he has said before that the most important thing in a human is respect, but i also feel like honesty is important to him. he would really want you and maybe even expect you to be as honest as possible, both with you to him and him to you. nothing makes him more upset then you keeping something from him, it makes it feel like you dont trust him, which breaks his heart. this is only of the only things i can imagine him ever “fighting” out about (it barely even counts as fighting. it is an argument usually that would very rarely escalate, and when it did, you would both just take some time to yourself and come back together even stronger and more trusting then you were before).

-usually, vernon is all smiles when he is with you, but like everyone else, he has bad days. maybe it was a long day at practice, maybe he didnt get to talk to his mom that day, or maybe he is just sad. we all have those days. in times like these, he just wants to lay there with you, almost always with soft music. more then anything he just wants a hug. a long, really satisfying and comforting hug. he wants to feel protected and loved, which are all things you are capable of. when you are upset he is always there for you, so please be there for him. idol life is hard, and he will need support.

-honestly, i feel like vern is just a total fluff ball. when its just you two, he gets sooooo corny and goofy and it makes you love him even more. when youre with people you know, he goofs off with everyone and helps you feel included, all while holding your hand or wrapping his arm around your waist. when with people you dont know (or like), his arm is wrapped around you still but tighter, his hand never leaves yours, and he is always checking to make sure youre okay.

-SPEAKING OF, this sweetheart is always worried about you being anxious, or uncomfortable, or unhappy. he is always checking on you, and squeezing your hand, and worrying about you. he just wants you to feel safe and happy.

Birthday Presents (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, fluff
Summary: You spend your birthday with your boyfriend Jimin and he gets you some gifts. (Dirty talk, bondage (I guess, but nothing too kinky), profanity as always)

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You woke up in the middle of the afternoon looking like a troll from under a bridge. Turning to glance at the clock, you saw that it was well past noon, but you had no regrets. Laying back against your pillows you try to think clearly and come back into reality. What day is it? Then it hit you when you looked at the calendar hanging on your wall. Today was your yearly reminder of how quickly your youth was slipping away from you and how old you were getting. A groan slipped past your lips as you rolled out of the comfort of your bed to grab your phone from the nightstand.

When you looked at the screen you were only half surprised to see the many text messages and snapchats from your friends and family wishing you a happy birthday. You half heartedly replied to all of them, copying and pasting your thank you to everyone. You really couldn’t care less. When you opened Snapchat, you clicked on your boyfriend’s name and looked at all of the messages and pictures he had sent you. Most of them were of his face with a cute caption saying happy birthday or how much he loved you and how he couldn’t wait to see you later today. His messages made you smile and you happily replied to him.

Since you hated birthday parties, you asked Jimin not to throw you one this year. You couldn’t understand why people made such a big deal over birthdays when it’s literally just another day of the year. But Jimin insisted on doing something to “celebrate” so you agreed on just spending time together. He was the only person you truly cared about anyway, aside from your best friend and yourself.

You put your phone down and continued with your normal routine. It was the weekend and you didn’t have anything to do, so you took the time to lounge on the couch to scroll through social media. You got a text from Jimin saying that he would be at your house by 5 and you sighed. Looking up at the clock, you saw that it was already 4:15 and a groan slipped past your lips. You didn’t feel like moving so you sat there until 4:45, hopping off of the sofa quickly when you realized that you only had 15 minutes to get ready. Quickly rushing to the bathroom, you attempted to clean yourself up. Your hair was a tangled mess, you hadn’t brushed your teeth yet, and you didn’t have on any makeup. Let alone, you didn’t even know what you were going to wear. You cursed silently for always putting yourself in this situation.

Fifteen minutes passed faster than you expected and at exactly 5pm on the dot, your doorbell rang. You put down the flat iron and practically skipped to the door, excitement bubbling in your chest at the thought of seeing your lover. When you pulled the door open, you were met with a smiling Jimin who stepped inside with the breeze. He was holding something in his hand and you glanced at it before being swept up into a tight hug. Your feet lost contact with the ground as your boyfriend’s strong arms constricted around you, cutting off most of the air flow to your lungs. You patted his back for mercy.

“J-Jimin I can’t breathe.” You struggled and he gently placed you back on the floor, peppering your face in butterfly kisses, ending with the tip of your nose.

“Happy birthday, jagiya!” He smiled so brightly that you thought you were looking at the sun. “How’s the birthday girl? Do you feel any different?”

“No, I feel the same as yesterday, old and decrepit.” You deadpan and he frowns.

“Come on, be a little more optimistic than that.” You let out a heavy sigh and try again.

“I feel great, I’m one more year closer to my end goal: the grave.” A forced fake smile pushes itself onto your lips and you give Jimin a thumbs up. He rolls his eyes at you.

“Well at least you’re making progress.”

Jimin could always be positive and see the good side in everything. That’s why your relationship was so appalling at first. Few people understood how someone so positive could end up with, and fall in love with, someone as pessimistic and impassive as you. It’s not like you didn’t have emotions, you just didn’t express them as openly as others and your resting bitch face made it seem like you were cold and constantly judging people. But Jimin saw through that. You were actually an empathetic and passionate person who put all of her energy into a few select things, this included only a small group of people. You opened up to people easily, you thought of yourself as an open book because you honestly had nothing to hide, but people just needed to get past your exterior roughness and approach you to figure that out. If someone wanted to know something, all they had to do was ask.

Jimin was first drawn to the fact that you had many good acquaintances but so few real friends. He wondered if you were just a quiet person, but the more he observed you, the more he saw that you had a great personality and were quite friendly and funny when you wanted to be.

But none of this compared to the fact that you were absolutely stunning. He thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world from the moment he first saw you and his attraction only grew from there. Because he put so much energy into paying attention to you, you put that same amount of energy into him and opened your arms to let him into your inner circle. Give what you get, as you always say. Jimin’s attraction to you was obvious and he had no desire to hide it as he flirted with you every chance he got, but he was so sweet and caring that you couldn’t stop your heart from growing fond of him. You shocked everyone when you first told them that you and Jimin were dating, but that was fine by you. You had little regard for what others thought of you and your personal life and you didn’t expect them to understand the dynamics of your relationship. What you and Jimin had was mutual respect for each other, among other things, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. He never tried to change you and you loved that about him.

“Can you wait here? As you can see I’m not 100% ready to go yet.” You motioned to your half straightened hair and bare face and his eyes disappeared into the crescent moons you loved so much.

“I don’t know… I kinda like that look on you. Especially the pajamas.” He reached over to pinch your bare thigh just below the end of your pajama shorts and you smacked his hand away with a laugh.

“I promise I won’t take too long.”

Hurrying to the bathroom, you stopped in front of the mirror to continue what you were doing before he got here. You noticed how the grin still hadn’t left your lips yet and you paused. How did Jimin have the ability to brighten your mood with just his face? Just his presence could make you smile and you hardly recognized the person staring at you in the mirror. When did you become a giggly teenager who smiled like a fool because of a boy? You were a grown adult and you figured you should start acting like one. Composing yourself, you grabbed the flat iron again and resumed your work.

When you finally finished getting dressed and doing your makeup, you walked out into your living room to show your boyfriend, who was doing something on his phone. He looked up when he heard you walk in and immediately his eyes widened at the sight of you. You had on a short floral sundress with a simple pair of wedges. A pearl dotted each of your ears and silver charms dangled from the chain hugging your wrist. You went for a natural look with your makeup, since you weren’t going anywhere fancy you didn’t feel the need to do anything fancy. Even though you were going for a more casual look, Jimin thought you were breathtaking. His eyes raked up and down your figure, lingering on your curves and smooth legs before hopping up to inspect your face.

“You look gorgeous, jagi.” He gave you a genuine smile and you felt your heart flutter in the confines of your chest.

“Thanks.” You returned his smile and tried to fight the blush that crept up to the surface of your cheeks when you noticed him biting the corner of his lip. Walking over to where he was seated, you stood between his legs and took his hands.

“You know Hobi’s mad at you right?” You cocked your head to the side questioningly as Jimin craned his neck to look up at you. “He’s upset that you didn’t want to have a party because he really wanted to see you today. He also told me to tell you that he’s offended that you wanted to spend the day with me instead of him.”

“Gosh he’s such a child,” You huffed, shaking your head playfully. “He acts like I didn’t spend everyday of my life with him for four years straight. I think my boyfriend is a little bit more important than my bestie so tell him he can see me tomorrow. And it’s not like he couldn’t have stopped by, I wasn’t doing anything.” You laugh.

“I think he just wanted another excuse to party. Not to mention your other cute friend would have been there and you know how he feels about her.” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows and you stuck out your tongue in disgust.

“I still don’t know how I would feel about them hooking up. Also, I don’t think I ever want to have another birthday party after how bad it was last year.” You both cringed at the memory.

Last year’s party was more than a flop, it was a disaster. A fight broke out in the middle of the dance floor and several people vomited because they thought it was a good idea to take homemade Jell-O shots in a corner. Aside from that chaos, your family would not leave your side and they kept asking you questions about your life, obviously failing to realize why they were ignorant of that information in the first place. You barely had any time to dance with Jimin or talk to your friends because you were too busy doing everything at once and by the end of the night you were exhausted, leaving the party with disgustingly sticky shoes, sweated out hair, a hole in your dress, and an injured boyfriend who so bravely decided to help break up the fight.

“Yeah let’s not talk about last year ever again.” Jimin suggested and you agreed.

“What’s in the box?” You asked curiously, nodding your head in the direction of the gift propped up against his leg.

“I got you something.” Jimin tightened his fingers around yours before pulling them away to hand you the present.

“I told you not to get me anything.” You whined with a pout that made Jimin want to pinch your cheeks.

“Just open it.”

“Aish, Jimin why didn’t you listen? I said I didn’t want anything..” You complained even though you were very grateful for his thoughtfulness.

“Open it!” He forced the object into your hands gently and you took it with a sigh. He grinned to himself as you untied the ribbon and lifted the lid slowly, eyes lighting up at the sight of the contents.

You stared at the matching set of silver jewelry shining inside the box. There was a pair of crescent moon earrings sitting next to a matching bracelet and necklace. The bracelet had charms on it; aside from the crescent moon there were stars and a planet with rings. You looked up at Jimin to see him holding up his hand to read some words from it.

“You are my world, you are the stars in my sky, the light of my life.” He looked back down at his palm for comedic effect. “And unlike the phases of the moon, my love for you will never wane.” He gave you a cheesy smile and you couldn’t help but chuckle at him.

“Jimin these are beautiful,” You looked back at his gift and pulled them out of the box.

“Not as beautiful as you, but I guess they’ll have to do.” He shrugged. “Do you like them?”

“I love them.”

“And did you like my poem? I wrote it myself.” He seemed proud so you praised him until he confessed that he found it somewhere on the internet, to which you laughed. You hated his cheesiness so much that it was charming. He knew how you felt about corny lines so he used them often just to get a kick out of you.

Jimin helped put on your new accessories instead of the jewelry you had on before and smiled at you.

“The crescent moons remind me of your eyes.” You tell him in a loving tone when you observe how his eyes disappeared behind the tops of his cheeks and eyelids.

“I know, that’s why I got them.”

“How thoughtful.” There was sarcasm in your voice but you were being completely genuine.

“Are you ready to go?” Jimin stood up and took your hand in his. You nodded and followed him out of the door.

You told Jimin previously that you didn’t want to go to a fancy restaurant or anything like that so he settled on taking you to a movie and then to an ice cream restaurant. You ate dinner there and had your favorite ice cream. You expressed to Jimin how happy you were that he decided to take you there because it used to be your favorite place to go as a child. He reminded you of all the times you told him that same thing whenever you passed it and you admitted that you didn’t think he was ever listening. A warm and fuzzy feeling surrounded you when you realized that Jimin listened and cared about you more than you thought.

Once you arrived at your home, you thanked Jimin for your night.

“Oh it’s not over yet.” He smirked at you before grabbing a gift bag from the back seat of his car.

“Another gift?” You were surprised but also curious to see what it was.

“Mhm, and I hope you’ll like this one more than the first.” There was a glint of something in his eyes but you couldn’t decipher what it was. He walked ahead of you to your doorstep and allowed you to unlock the door.

Instead of heading to your living room like you expected, Jimin walked straight toward your bedroom without saying a word. Locking the door behind yourself, you quickly followed to see what he was up to. When you walked into the room, you found that he was already sitting on the bed waiting patiently for you. He wordlessly handed you the bag and you took it, a thin layer of sweat slicking your palms as you became eager to find out what your gift was.

“Lingerie?” You cocked an eyebrow up at him and he licked his lips in response.

“Try it on.” He encouraged and you didn’t hesitate. You pulled the garments out of the bag, eyeing the scant fabric and trying to figure out how much of your body it would, or should you say wouldn’t, cover. Slipping your panties down from under your dress, you turn your back to your boyfriend and bend over to pick them up from the ground, giving him a glimpse of your ass and heat. You grab the lingerie and slide it slowly up your legs to tease him before pulling your dress over your head and unclasping your bra. You know Jimin can’t see you and is probably holding his breath in anticipation of you turning around, but you give him no such pleasure. You calmly put on the bra and leave the straps loose intentionally as you finally whirl around to reveal yourself to him. He gasps at your beauty.

“Do you like it?” You ask innocently as you watch the flesh of his plump bottom lip get assaulted by his teeth.

“You’re so hot, (Y/n).” His eyes follow as the strap on your shoulder glides down the skin slowly and he swallows loudly.

“I’m starting to think this present is more for you than it is for me.” You giggle and the corners of his lips rise slightly at your remark. You stride up to where he’s sitting and you place yourself across his lap, legs dangling to one side. Your hands crawl up his chest and shoulders to lock behind his neck as you look him in the eyes.

“Those look so much better on you than they did on the mannequin.” He states, clearly in awe of your appearance.

He leans in and connects his lips with yours, his fingertips whispering along your exposed side leaving a ticklish trail in their wake. The seal of your lips are parted by his tongue and you easily comply, letting his wet muscle wrestle yours. It feels like someone has just turned on the heater in your bedroom because suddenly you feel a wave of warmth go through you, contrasting the goosebumps that erupt from your skin everywhere Jimin’s hands touch. Soon you’re moaning into his mouth quietly, but he pulls away.

“You know, there’s something else in the bag.” He reaches beside him to retrieve the discarded bag you placed on the sheets and hands it back to you. You briefly look up at him again before reaching into the bag. A silky material grazes your fingers and you pull it out to inspect the fabric. Long black ribbons appear from the bag and you wonder how you missed them before.

“Are these..?”

“They’re exactly what you think they are.” Jimin nods and you feel another wave of heat course through your veins as you think about what you could do with them.

“This is kinda kinky,” You comment with a smirk, but Jimin can tell you love it too. If you didn’t you would have expressed your distaste by now. “I like it.”

“I know you do. I just thought we should try something different tonight.” He places a peck on your now swollen lips before allowing you to stand up. There are four ribbons in the bag and you assume that they could be used for various things in this situation.

“Are these for me or you?” You look up to lock eyes with Jimin and you see his relaxed form resting back on his arms as he drinks up your appearance.

“It’s your birthday so you get to decide.” A comforting smile crosses his lips and calms your heart. You hadn’t even noticed it was beating that fast until then. The laziness in his demeanor puts you at ease and you can tell that he’s drunk off of you. You’ve been told that your kisses can do that to him, but little did he know you felt the same way. Thinking about what you wanted to do tonight, you looked at his body in his tight clothing, debating with yourself if you wanted to have fun wrecking him or if you wanted him to control you. No matter what you choose it would be a win-win for both of you.

“Umm,” You bit your lip and thought hard. Ultimately, you decided that you could have your fun with him another time. It was your birthday so you were allowed to be a little selfish and want things for yourself. “Use them on me.”

He smirked a wicked and lazy smirk as he pushed himself off of the bed to stand in front of you.

“Are you sure?” His eyes bore into your own and you saw the arousal swimming in them. The intensity alone made you feel wet and you were only partially sorry that you were ruining the nice panties he had just bought you.

Yes.” Your voice came out as a breath and you were amazed by how the change in his body language could make you become so submissive so easily.

“Whatever you want, princess.” Once the name dripped off of his lips, you felt your core throb. He has never called you that before but you found it to be more arousing than you expected. Jimin could tell that you liked it and mentally noted that that would be your pet name for the night. “Get on the bed.” He’s voice was still gentle and sweet but you followed his instructions anyway.

You laid on your back as you watched Jimin circle the bed, staring at your body like a hungry vulture. The mattress dipped when he climbed onto it, the ribbons held tightly in his soft hands as he made his way up your body. He reached behind you to unhook your bra and slide the straps down your arms, feather light touches of his fingers against your bare skin causing goosebumps to appear.

“Arms up.” You obliged instantly by putting your hands above your head, resting your arms on the pillows so that you were comfortable enough to stay like that. Your usually sweet and squishy boyfriend hovered over you but you could hardly recognize him. His features seemed chiseled and hard as he leaned over you to tie a ribbon around both of your wrists and you couldn’t tell if it was just the angle or not. It was rare for you to see this dominant side of Jimin. In bed you have only experienced it twice, once when you asked him specifically to dominate you and another time when he was upset about something and you let him take his frustrations out on you. He wasn’t a rough lover and you knew he wouldn’t be unless you asked him to, but the look he had on his face was intimidating to say the least. You were nervous in the best way possible and you didn’t know what to expect.

After tying another ribbon in the middle of the makeshift handcuffs on your wrists, Jimin fastened it to the bedpost. You tested the give of the ribbon and his knots and were surprised to see that his knots were really strong. Looking up at him, you silently asked him what he was going to do next. He pulled off his shirt and pants quickly before coming back down to you, lips just inches from yours as he observed your face. Moving a strand of hair from your face, he spoke in a low voice.

“Okay princess, I’m going to set some rules.” His fingertips traced your jawline and it made you want to squirm from ticklishness. You nodded, unsure if that was what he was looking for, and he continued. “Today’s about you, so I’m going to focus on making you feel good. That means you have to tell me when you like something. Don’t try to hide your moans either, I want to know how good you feel.”

Even though he wasn’t saying or doing anything too dirty, the thought of what was to come was enough for you to soak the lace between your legs. You nodded again.

“But that also means you have to tell me if you don’t like something.” His eyes softened slightly and told you that he was serious. “Tell me if anything hurts or if you don’t like something I do and I’ll stop immediately and fix it.”

“Okay.” You breathe after swallowing to remedy the dryness in your throat. You doubted very seriously that Jimin would do anything you didn’t like.

Your confirmation prompted him to slide a firm hand up your torso, starting from your hip and ending at one of your breasts. He took the soft flesh into his hand and kneaded it lightly while he leaned in to capture your lips. Your skin felt hot in his hand already and he hadn’t even done anything to you yet. Quiet kisses moved down your jawline and neck, stopping to whisper purple flowers onto your collarbone and the tops of your breasts. You gasped when you felt a sudden wetness against your nipple, followed by the warmth of your boyfriend’s mouth. A moan of surprise escaped you when his teeth sunk into the bud lightly, his tongue licking at it again to soothe the dull pain. The same treatment was given to the other nipple and you began to arch into his touch.

Jimin smirked at your increasing neediness, continuing his slow path down your body while leaving marks every few centimeters. When he reached your hips and spread your legs, you thought he was finally going to take care of the throbbing between your thighs, but he completely skipped over your core to lick along your legs. He kissed your inner thighs and bit the sensitive skin closest to your panties. You whimpered in response and he could hear how heavy you were breathing in the quiet room. Jimin took his time kissing down your leg all the way to your ankle, only to repeat his trail on your other leg. Whines left your mouth when he stopped to suck a dark hickey next to your panty line, so close to where you wanted him yet so far.

“Jimin,” Your voice came out weak again, but that was only because Jimin decided to lick at your core through the thin lace of your panties, his nose nudging your clit pleasantly. “Please don’t tease me, it’s my birthday.” You batted your eyelashes at him and tried to coax him with your cuteness.

“I thought you said you didn’t care about your birthday?” His hot breath could be felt over the fabric and it made you buck your hips up toward him.

“I thought you said you were going to please me tonight?” Your smart remark earns you a bite on the hip and your breath hitches.

“I am.” He replies simply, playfulness dancing in his pupils.

“You said to tell you if I don’t like something and I don’t like your teasing. Do something please.” You figured that begging would be the most effective way to get what you wanted so you dropped your pride for him.

“We have all night princess, there’s no rush.” Despite his words, Jimin complied to your plea and slid down your underwear to throw them somewhere in the room for you to find later. “Obviously you did like the teasing, you soaked straight through your brand new panties.”

He ran a finger up your slit, your juices slicking his finger as he moved it up and down, his eyes locking with yours briefly before he slid the digit into you. You moan loudly when your body gets some sort of relief, but you crave more. Jimin curls his finger before moving it in and out at a moderate pace, soon adding in a second next to it.

“Look at how wet you are.” He cooed, leaning up to speak into your ear. “Did you see how easy my fingers went in? Maybe I should tease you more often.” He chuckles and you bite your lip. Jimin adjusts so he can kiss you properly, pumping his fingers faster in time with the movement of his plump lips against yours.

Your hips lift off of the bed slightly to meet his hand and he smirks against your lips at your eagerness for more contact. Breaking away from you, he moves back down to lick at your core, spreading the liquid seeping out alongside his fingers up to your clit. A simple flick of the tip of his tongue has you throwing your head back and spreading your legs wider. Instinct and habit tells you to intertwine your fingers in his hair, but a creak of the headboard and pressure on your wrists reminds you of your current situation. You settle for balling your hands into fists.

Jimin sucks at your bud with fervor and you can’t help but arch into him at the feeling. He slips in another finger and curses tumble from your lips alongside his name.

“Do you like this, princess?” He lifts his mouth from you only enough to mumble the words before dipping back down to continue his work. You had almost forgotten about his rules.

“Fuck, Jimin that feels so good, keep going.” You manage to pant out and you can feel his face scrunching at your praise. His tongue flicks faster at your clit and you let out a long groan, your hips bucking wildly against his face. Jimin uses his free hand to hold down your hips but he allows enough mobility for you to rock into him.

The pace of his fingers and tongue increases exponentially when he brushes a spot inside of you that makes you gasp. You stare down at him to watch his ministrations and the sight propels you into higher pleasure. His name falls from your lips like a prayer and your eyes squeeze shut as you near the edge.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.” You warn Jimin of your oncoming orgasm but the tightness of your walls around him has already given you away. He hums and the vibrations send you over the edge. Your legs clamp around his head as waves of pleasure crash through you, causing your body to jerk and thrust on its own. Moans and whimpers that almost sound like Jimin’s name clumsily tumble out of your mouth with your staggered breaths. Jimin looks up from between your legs and observes the pleasure and delight on your features, eyebrows knitted tightly together, mouth open in an “o” shape, hands pulling helplessly on their restraints, breasts rising and falling with every ridged breath you take. He can feel himself twitching in his boxers at the sight of you and he palms himself with his free hand to ease the tension.

He keeps pumping his fingers and kissing along your lower body until your hips stop completely and you jerk from sensitivity. When he removes his fingers with a lewd wet noise, you open your eyes to look at his now shiny face. Looking you dead in the eye, Jimin brings his cum covered fingers up to his mouth and sucks on each one, humming around the digits as if you were the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. When he’s done cleaning them, he runs his hands back up your body only to place them beside your head to support his weight as he leans down to kiss you sweetly.

“Mmmm, you taste so good princess.” He utters against your lips before pushing his tongue into your mouth to allow you to taste yourself.

He grinds his hips into you and you can feel his erection pressing against your leg. It’s so hard that it must be painful for him and you want nothing more than to touch it. But you can’t. Your make out session lasts until Jimin has to pull away for air and you gaze up at his beautiful features. He rests his forehead against yours for a moment before pushing himself away to kneel in front of your body.

“You make me so hard (Y/n), you have no idea.” Jimin says as he pulls his boxers down his thick thighs. His cock springs up against his toned stomach and you can’t tear your eyes away from it. A bead of precum sits at the tip of it, threatening to drip down, and a long throbbing vein runs up the underside of it. His balls look tight and you wish your hands were free so you could relieve some of the tension.

“I wish I could touch you.” You say quietly, eyes flicking up to his.

“Yeah, but I’d much rather fuck you instead.” He moves closer after kicking his boxers off the side of the bed and you spread your legs in anticipation for his body. Reaching down to grip your legs, he brings each of them over each one of his shoulders respectively and plants a kiss just below your knee. “Are you ready?” He asks as he wraps one hand around your thigh and uses the other to line himself up with your entrance.

You nod and move your hips toward him in reply. Jimin skims his tip up and down your slit to lubricate himself. He then slides himself through your folds without entering you. The head of his cock rubs against your clit and you squirm beneath him with every movement he makes. You clamp down on your bottom lip to contain the moans in your throat as you watch Jimin tease you, hoping silently that he would take mercy on you and cave into his desires.

“Please Jimin,” You whisper when his eyes meet yours, already feeling out of breath. He can clearly see the desperation in your eyes and he decides to take pity on you. As he slides into you, he bites down on the skin of your thigh as a way to control himself from pounding into you immediately. It doesn’t hurt when his teeth sink into your skin, but you know there will be a mark in the morning. You stretch around him as he pushes himself deeper into you inch by inch, allowing you to feel all of him as he goes. Jimin makes a conscious effort to make sure he doesn’t hurt you, so he peers at your face the entire time to watch your reactions.

The pleasurable sting of his thickness inside you causes your face to contort, but your moans let Jimin know that you are enjoying this. He leans forward over your body and it makes his entry smoother. When he bottoms out, he groans and waits for you to give him the ‘ok’ to move. His thumb caresses your side as he places kisses on your legs. You relax as much as possible under him and tell him quietly that he can move. Jimin pulls out of you slowly until just his head sits inside of you and pushes back in delicately. This time his entry is pain-free and your wetness allows him to slip in faster. The next thrust is rougher and he quickly picks up speed.

“Ahh~ you’re so fucking wet princess. Do you like the sound of me fucking your tight little pussy?” Jimin grunts, leaning back to exaggerate his motions so you can hear the wet noises better.

“Yes, it’s so hot.” You can’t tell if you’re pulling on your restraints anymore because your hands have fallen asleep. Your body feels like it’s on fire and moans of Jimin’s name are falling from your lips faster than you can catch them. But he doesn’t want you to stop them. Each noise that is released from your throat pushes him to go harder, and in turn, causes you to be louder.

He leans over you and places his hands on either side of your head, staring directly at your face as he fucks the soul out of you. You’re thankful that you are flexible because right now Jimin has you folded in two. The change in position let’s him thrust deeper and it steals your breath away. He’s in so deep that it feels like your organs are being pushed around, and you love it. You try to crane your neck up to kiss him.

“Jimin, your cock feels so good, I love how you fill me up!” Knowing that your dirty talk fuels him, you let your vulgarities fly freely. When you crane your neck again, he takes the hint and bends down to connect your lips. This forces his weight onto you and you whimper at the new angle he’s hitting. The sheets beneath you are probably soaking wet because of how much you’re sweating from the exercise and both of your body heat, but you couldn’t care less. All you could focus on was how good he felt.

Suddenly, Jimin pulls away and pulls out of you, taking your legs from his shoulders and grabbing ahold of your hips tightly. Before you can ask any questions, he flips you over with a swift motion and you land on your stomach with your face in the pillows. He smacks your right butt cheek and you gasp, feeling your arousal drip out of you.

“Ass up, princess.”

It’s hard for you to get on your knees in this position with your hands still tied above your head, but Jimin helps you by lifting you by your waist so you can get your legs under you. Bending your elbows, you inch your way up the bed slightly so there is more slack on the now twisted ties. You dare to peek behind you and are met with another hard smack on the ass.

“You have such a nice, round butt. I could play with it all day.” Jimin’s hands knead the flesh and reduce the dull stinging from the hits they just took. He spreads your lower lips and ass cheeks and you could hear him hissing behind you. “Princess, you look so sexy like this.”

Your cheeks turn hot at his words and you feel foolish for blushing. You’ve exposed yourself to him many times before so you shouldn’t feel shy. No longer able to contain himself, he unexpectedly thrusts into you and you cry out at the feeling. He looks at you with concern when the sound escapes you, but continues to push in and out. When he notices that it was just out of surprise, he increases the power of his thrusts dramatically and it propels you forward. He grabs your hips to keep you in place. You are helpless against his stimulation and all you can do is moan into the pillow. Your throat starts to feel raw from your constant sounds of pleasure, but it doesn’t stop you from practically screaming out his name as he pounds into you from behind.

Jimin’s fingers dig into your waist, creating small crescents in your skin. His jaw is clenched tightly as he watches himself glide in and out of your warm cavern. The moans and groans that erupt from him are husky at first, but get higher the closer he get to his peak. He’s moving at a quick and even pace and his balls slap against your clit with every powerful thrust. You begin to tighten around him.

“Mm I like it, Jimin. Please don’t stop.” You pant, rambling aimlessly as your body tenses with the pressure of your oncoming orgasm. You hold your own hand and squeeze as the pressure builds.

“You like how I fuck you? How I stretch your tiny hole out with my hard cock?” You can hear how strained his voice is coming out and know that he’s holding back.

“I fucking love it!” At this point you’re almost yelling at the top of your lungs. Your legs tremble beneath you and you fight with your body to stay upright.

“Are you going to cum, princess? Let it go for me.” Jimin increases his pace and the force of his hips hitting your ass causes you to jerk forward again. He grabs your hips and pulls you back so he can slam into you and you both let out a string of moans. You won’t move back any further because of the ties around your wrists, but Jimin seems to be unaware of that fact as he keeps moving you back and forth. You have to straighten your arms to relieve the pulling on your wrists, but you can’t feel any of that. The only thing that is processing in your brain is the pulsing of your core and Jimin’s name.

He brings a hand around your underside and presses his fingers to your clit. Electricity courses through your veins as you clench and release over his length. He groans at the feeling and rubs you faster, desperately wanting you to reach your high before him.

“Ah~ Jimin!!” A high pitched cry tears from your throat but is muffled by your pillow when you bury your head in it.

“I wanna hear you. Let me hear you princess.” Jimin pleads and you can tell he’s close. A final slap on the ass throws you over the edge and you lift your head just in time for Jimin to hear you scream his name. He’s sure the neighbors can hear you in the next house over and he finds it extremely hot. Your walls tighten intensely as your back arches and your toes curl, vibrating waves flowing throughout your body making you quake and shiver. You can’t hear anything and you aren’t sure if you’ve gone blind or if you were just squeezing your eyes shut, and if it wasn’t for the strong arms holding you up, you would have collapsed onto the bed completely by now. Your boyfriend’s name is all that you can comprehend and it rolls off your tongue continuously with your breathless moans and whimpers.

You can hear his curses behind you as his thrusts get sloppier. The white noise ringing in your ears goes away as you begin to calm down and suddenly you can hear everything. It sounds like you’re dripping puddles as he drives into you and you can feel the liquid streaming down the backs of your thighs. Jimin’s voice is louder now as he shamelessly lets out high-pitched moans of your name beside his ragged breaths. The headboard is creaking because of how fierce his movements are and it reminds you of the black ribbons still tied to your wrists. You can feel Jimin twitching inside of you and you tighten around him to help bring him to his peak.

“Fuck, Jimin your dick is so perfect, you made me cum so hard. Please cum in me, I want to feel it.” You knew he loved your dirty talk because of the way his hips stuttered and picked up even faster than before. His tip began to swell and you both moan. You were sensitive because of your recent orgasm but you held out for him. Soon Jimin was gripping your hips with bruising force and calling your name as he came undone behind you. He shallowly pumps himself into you and you could feel his member throbbing as he shot his seed onto your walls. His eyes were closed and his jaw was hanging slack, hair stuck to his forehead caked on by sweat. If you had been able to see him fully you were sure it would have been the hottest he’s ever looked, but you could only see him out of the corner of your eye because of your position.

Jimin lets go of your hips and pulls out slowly, causing your body to drop to the bed. When he hears you pulling on them, he crawls up beside you and unties the knots of ribbons still attached to your wrists. Once you’re able to relax your arms again, you drop them to your sides and shake out your hands, trying to get rid of the tingling sensation pricking them.

“It didn’t hurt did it?” You understand what he means immediately and you shake your head.

“It was fine,” You spoke softly because your throat was a little sore from screaming. Rolling over onto dry sheets, you spot a dark patch where your legs had been. “Damn was I that wet?”

Jimin chuckles at you and you turn to look at him. “You squirted on me.” He chirps, amusement ringing in the chimes of his voice. He carefully rolls over to you and wraps his arms around your sweaty body. Your face was a brilliant stop sign red and there was no way for you to hide it. “It was fucking hot. I’ll have to make you do that again next time.”

You smirk in his direction and turn your head to kiss him. It’s a slow and lazy kiss that makes your heart flutter and you find yourself grinning.

“Happy birthday, jagiya. I hope you liked your presents.” He mumbles against your lips and you smile before pulling away.

“Thanks baby. Next time I want to use them on you.” Jimin bites his lip and agrees before scooping you up and carrying you to the bathroom to run a bath. “I’m starting to like birthdays.”

A/N: I’m currently in the midst of writing another scenario and I’ll try to finish that one soon (fingers crossed). Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!!

You Get Drunk Around Them For the First Time

S.Coups: Seungcheol would be surprised, but nonetheless let you continue to drink and have fun. He would keep an eye on you though, just in case you were to do something that might get you in trouble.

“You can have fun, but if you start to get on a table and dance or something I’m going to carry you out over my shoulder.”

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be right there with you, he would match the amount of alcohol you consume and enjoy seeing this new side of you. He would try and tease you about it in the morning, but fail because he was just as embarrassing.

“Remember when you called your mom last night, I mean, I called mine too…”

Joshua: Joshua would let you drink as long as you were doing it responsibly, but as soon as it got to be too much he would bring you home. He’s the type to wash of your makeup, plug your phone in, and make sure you had a bottle of water for when you woke up.

“Make sure to drink a lot of water. I made some toast too, I heard it’s good for hangovers.”

Jun: Jun would let you drink and keep an eye on you, but unlike S.Coups he wouldn’t stop you from doing something embarrassing. He would bring it up with a huge smirk on his face the next day when you asked what you did the morning after.

“You’re not going to believe me! You ate a habanero pepper like it was nothing even though your entire face turned red! It was amazing!”

Hoshi: Soonyoung would be so happy to see you getting drunk, he’d encourage it and buy you more shots just to see how happy and giggly you would get. He would also make you dance with him and laugh over how funny whatever dance move you were doing was.

“You literally did the running man for five straight minutes last night to a slow song. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate.”

Wonwoo: It would be borderline impossible to get drunk with Wonwoo around, sure he would let you have a drink or two, but once you got drunk he would turn into a babysitter. He’d make you sit down and not move like a timeout and refuse to do anything you wanted to do.

“I don’t care how much you want to dance with me we’re not going to. Now sit still, I’m calling a taxi.”

Woozi: Jihoon would let you drink as much as you wanted, he just wants you to be able to let off some steam. As soon as you want to start doing something dumb he would let you do it as long as it doesn’t involve him, he would probably roll his eyes whenever you got an idea though.

“I can’t believe I’m dating someone who actually spent four hours last night trying to catch a goose at the park.”

DK: Seokmin is the literal definition of enabler. He would share all of his drinks with you until the two of you were completely wasted. He’d offer to do the dumbest things: getting tattoos, going on a random flight to wherever, dying your hair, etc. Thank god the two of you make sure you don’t have enough money to go through with these ideas before hand.

“I’m not sure what we did last night, but I just got a text from an unknown number asking if my divorce was going okay.”

Mingyu: Mingyu would find it adorable that you were drinking. He would take it to his advantage and show a little more PDA than you would ever allow if you were sober, giving you long hugs out of nowhere or smothering you with kisses in the middle of the dance floor.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about of course I didn’t tell everyone at the bar last night that we were just engaged and let them all sing to us.”

The8: Minghao would try to stop you from drinking at first, but once you passed the point of no return he would let you do whatever you wanted. He would follow you to make sure you didn’t do anything illegal, but he would make sure to add as much of the night as he could to his snapchat story.

“I’m not deleting that video of you singing Ring Ding Dong to a stranger off my story, it’s too funny.”

Seungkwan: Despite what people may think, Seungkwan would actually be very tentative in making sure you weren’t doing anything you would regret (he does protect the other members a lot). However, you wouldn’t realize that he wasn’t letting you do the dumb things you wanted to do because he’d so easily make you forget that you wanted to do them in the first place.

“Yeah, I don’t know how I convinced you to try to learn how to knit instead of letting the bartender shave your head either.”

Vernon: Vernon would react the most awkwardly out of everyone in the group. He would tell you not to drink or do whatever stupid thing you were about to do, but it would be pretty passive and you would continue doing what you were doing anyways until he could manage to get you home.

“I know I’m supposed to be the responsible boyfriend, but at the time you really wanted to throw your shoes in the lake.”

Dino: Chan wouldn’t understand what was going on while it was happening, of course he would know you were drunk, but he wouldn’t understand why you were acting the way you were. He would ask you why you were doing something making even your drunk self question why you were.

“I don’t understand, why do you want to flash that cop? Don’t you realize you’ll get in trouble if you do?”


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Hi ^^ BTS reaction to you meeting them for the first time at a fansign

Taehyung: He he would find you one of the cutest things he had seen all day. He would want to leave a good impression on you, something that you would go home and replay in your head for the next few hours if not days. He would move the loose hair out of your face or tuck a few strands behind your ear if you let him.

You’re too sweet- How am I supposed to be cool around you?”

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Yoongi: I think he would like Taehyung and try to make an impression on the person so that he would stand out from the rest of the boys. He would compliment the person and listen carefully to what they had to say to him, holding your hand in the process.He would nod along and reply softly to what you said.

I’’m listening, please keep talking.” “What a brat.” “I’m really glad that’s working out for you-”

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Jeongguk: Boi the fan service in this one is strong as it is, so if he saw someone who caught his attention, this would multiply by three. He would hold your hand the whole time if you let him, laughing at the things you said and just overall enjoying your company. Taehyung would tease him and try to steal your attention, causing Jeongguk to playfully shove the other boy

Wait your turn! Can’t you see we’re having a very important conversation?”

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Hoseok: He would instantly melt when he saw you, especially since you were so nervous. Whenever you got over to him, he would do his best to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you spoke with him. He would ask if you were going to one of their concerts, pouting slightly when you said you couldn’t because of a test.

Ahhh, you’re not?- That’s too bad, I really wanted to see you again, I’m really enjoying our conversation! Wishing you luck on your test, you’ll do great, I’m sure of it!” 

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Jin: He would get lost in your conversation, not listening to the things around him, just you and your voice. He would nod here and there and smile softly at certain things you said. Your voice was just so soothing to him. Whenever you asked him if he was okay, he would take your hand in his and smile. 

Of course, I guess I just got lost in your voice. Please, continue.” 

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Namjoon: He would be very into your conversation, listening very carefully in the loud, crowded area just to make sure he heard everything you had to say. He would be quite giggly, showing off his precious dimples. When you gently poked one of them he would become a little shy before grabbing on of your hands and making you poke yourself in the cheek. 

You’re too cute-” *poke* “So that’s how it’s gonna be?” *poke*

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Jimin: He would be the one to get flustered the most when you compliment and tell him that you’re extremely proud of him and the other boys. Overall, you supporting him and telling him how them and their music makes you feel would make him gush, reaching for your hand when you looked as if you were going to cry. Using his other hand to lift your chin so you were looking into his eyes, he would give you a warm smile. 

Don’t cry. If you cry then I’ll cry, and trust me. I’m nowhere near as pretty as you when I cry.” “If you ever feel bad, just listen to me sing, listen to my voice. If that doesn’t work, cheesecake makes everything better.”

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Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy!

Dreams & Fantasies

A/N: Dear anon thanks for the prompt, this will be my 2nd Klance fic, I think they’re very cute and I actually enjoyed writing this!<3^^

Summary: One does not simply forget what it looks and sounds like when Keithyboy is getting tickled. One does not simply resist doing anything to experience such heavenly laughter again. #LancefallingdeeplyinlovewithticklishKeith. #nothinghecandoaboutit.

Word Count: 2476

Dinner time at the Castle of Lions! Feast! Or… not. Not yet. 

“Lance. Please go get the guys for dinner,” Allura said, making the latter scowl in annoyance.

“Why me?” Lance was already sitting at the table, so ready to just dig in. Life at the castle had definitely gotten better since Hunk got in charge of their meals, and he was starving

“Yeah go on!” Pidge shot him that lazy ass smirk, and Lance glared angrily.

“Alright,” he sighed, and he slid off his chair and began to drag his feet towards the training deck where Mr. Enthusiam & co. were sparring like always. It had kind of become a habit of the two to train until dinner, but this time they were really dragging it. 

Most of the time Keith was coming back with this bright red face, and they’d all laugh at him while Shiro would mock about not having gone easy on the guy. And that while he looked so cool during their usual fights and whenever Lance would be the one to train with him. Was Shiro that ruthless with him? 

“Guuuys,” he called out as he reached the training deck. Noises were reaching his ears, and he cocked his head. Was that… Keith screaming? No, laughing? No, what was that sound? Kneeling by the door, Lance popped his head around the corner and peeked inside.

“AAHhh nonono I said stop! Fucking stohohop!” It was laughter after all. Lance’s eyes widened as he saw his buddy in his current predicament: Shiro was pinning Keith down on the floor, one hand holding one arm above his head while the other tickled Keith’s underarm without mercy. Gulp. Shiro was ruthless for real. 

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made my night

same person who submitted about being kept working bc my employers don’t have a replacement for me, even tho they’ve had two months to look; but this is a good story!!

so where i work, we’re open for lunch monday through saturday, and then for dinner wednesday through friday. because wednesday and thursday nights are so slow, only one of us works at a time while the other’s on call if it gets busy. i usually work wednesday night but traded with the manager for thursday (tonight’s thursday the 16th) so i could spend more time with my girlfriend while she was in town. 

it’s generally even slower when i work by myself, no matter what day it is, because i don’t have a car, and customers are used to seeing the boss and manager’s cars parked outside when we’re open, so if there’s no cars outside they assume we’re closed??? even if all FOUR signs say open and all the lights are on and i’m by the window rolling silverware and i literally meet their eyes as they drive by??? and then they’ll come in for lunch the next day asking why we weren’t open?????? which that’s another thing i could rant all night about but anyway. because customers are either too stupid to read the open signs or all the customers hate me and try to avoid the nights i work, sometimes i’ll literally have no one come in for dinner. if i don’t have anyone i’m supposed to let the manager know that no one’s been in and i’ll close early. tonight was one of those nights, where it reached 7pm and no one had come in. i started cleaning up and i was almost done when someone called. UURGH. he wanted to know if we were open. i’m like “yup, we’re open until 8 :)))” like really stressing that so if he wanted to come in and eat he’d come in before closing time.

he turns up about 10 minutes later with a friend and his son. i go through the motions, take their order, etc. i’m kind of zoning out (for lack of a better word) because i was tired, and kind of miffed that i wouldn’t get to go home early, and really miffed that i had to re-dirty the cleaning utensils i’d just washed… i was expecting these guys to keep me there all night like our regulars do, so i was getting to be in a bad mood, but i was still polite. but all while i’m making their food, i can hear the little boy (maybe 2? i’m really bad with guessing child ages, but he knew how to say a few works and could feed himself for the most part) laughing and gurgling which is adorable. i’m not maternal or anything but i love the happy giggly sounds kids make. when i got their food out, each time i set something down the little guy would go “oooooh!” like he was so freaking impressed with the salads and the chopped up hamburger patty i made for him. just…precious boy

the two adults ate really quickly and got a doggy bag for the rest of the kid’s burger. all together they probably spent 20 minutes in the restaurant. while the two guys were finishing their beer they gave the little boy a few fries to munch on, and he ended up dropping one. i swear i heard angels sing when the friend picked it up. i’m sure my other food service workers know just how bad parents are at picking up their children’s messes, but this guy picked up everything the kid dropped.

the dad had a salad and gave the packet of crackers to the son. while he was up paying the little boy was pointing at all of us with the crackers, trying to say “crackers” (it came out sounding like “gecko” aaah!!!!!!) and then suddenly stopped saying it. then he pointed at the friend, the friend said “crackers” and the little boy smiled. then he pointed at me with the crackers, i said “crackers” and he started laughing. he did that a few times and he acted like it was the best thing ever, and it was the cutest thing i’ve seen a kid do since i started working food service. omg and then once when he pointed at me i mimicked the way he was saying crackers (like “gecko”) and he looked so confused like i’m sorry little man i meant crackers

oh, and the dad tipped me 25%!!!! that NEVER happens!! we’re lucky if people tip 10%. most leave 5%

when harry and louis slow dance louis steps on harry’s feet and even then harry is a little taller than him and he glides them around their ballroom (because you just know they have one, they love the dramatics) as louis wraps his arms around his neck and occasionally harry tips him like they do in the movies and kisses him and they may or may not get a little tipsy on champagne which makes them all giggly and harry breaks away from louis to start doing pirouettes then louis joins him and they try to one-up each other with their ballet skills until clifford barrages into the room and shoots through their legs and makes harry lose his balance sending him toppling to the floor so louis collapses on top of him and then they just lie there silly and in love

Guys idk what it is but with Daehyuns most recent vlive he seems so happy and radiant and it’s really nice? He just dropped another solo and got amazing feedback and he’s going to be in a musical and he’s so excited about it, and man I can’t understand Korean well enough but he’s just so ecstatic and happy and giggly and even his speech is really flow-y and light and perky and it makes me really happy!?

Making out with… Johnny

Jaehyun | Ten

  • man… johnny
  • before we get into this I gotta talk about a few things
  • for one thing. his hair is probably rlly soft n consequently when ur making out your hands are always in his hair 
  • (which he very much enjoys)
  • his lips are also. probably really soft
  • u could kiss him all day
  • I also see him as being really good kisser like. u pull away and ur dizzy kind of kisses
  • ok before we move on I gotta just say this: there are two types of johnny
  • you got soft cute sweet johnny
  • and then you have sexy, intense johnny
  • soft johnny is MUCH more common
  • makeouts w/ soft johnny are cute n giggly
  • kisses all over ur face n neck
  • overall very fun. you’re definitely cuddling.
  • but intense johnny is an entirely different story
  • rlly heated kisses
  • grinding is a thing
  • hickeys are also a thing but usually it’s you giving them to him bc you can’t help it his neck is just. so pretty n there’s a lot of prime™️ real estate there
  • …moving on
  • not really the type to initiate makeouts in front of others
  • like. don’t get me wrong he’s still grossly affectionate w/ u but he sees making out as a more intimate thing
  • so he mostly sticks to hand holding or maybe cheek kisses. maybe a soft peck or two
  • overall though he’s just really sweet and probably great to make out with
NCT 127 + TenKunSol Reaction to their s/o jamming and lip syncing to their songs

Can you guys imagine jamming to NCT with NCT???? I imagined it and it was great let me tell you 😌 


Originally posted by moonlighting94

Taeil could go two ways i think:

1) He’d be super shy and awkward about it - he’d just smile and laugh awkwardly when he first saw you, and he wouldn’t really know what to do. If you pulled him to join you, he’d probably just hide his face in the crook of your neck and giggle into your shoulder bc he’s really embarrassed.

2) He’d still be super shy and awkward when he first sees you, BUT if you pull him to join you and encourage him a lil bit he’d let loose and join in on the dancing and lip syncing. You know in the heartbreaker video how he does those extremely rude body rolls? He’d probably throw in a few here too


Originally posted by jihansoul94

I feel like Hansol would be kinda shocked and awkward (like Taeil) bc he doesn’t really know what to do in that situation. He’d just smile awkwardly until you noticed him, after which he’d allow himself to be dragged by you and he’d kinda join in, but he’d be super shy and embarrassed. He’d go all out but then stop and blush and cover his mouth in embarrassment. He’d enjoy himself though, all he needs is a little encouragement from you. The two of you would eventually end up dancing together and giggling and just having a lot of fun!


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Taeyong is the softest lil boy in the whole world he has to be protected at all costs.

He’d probably giggle bc he thought you were rlly cute, and then he’d join in with you and he’d hold your hands as he tried to teach you the proper choreography.  If you did the steps correctly he would be the world’s proudest boyfriend, and he’d probably be that bf that records you bc he’s so proud and wants to keep it in his album dedicated to you. 


Originally posted by nakamot0

THIS CUTIE OMG I miss him so much sm is gonna have to catch these hands if he doesn’t debut this year

He’d just smile at you and look at you with all the love and adoration in his eyes bc you’re so cute to him and he just finds it so adorable that you’re lip syncing to their songs. This cutie is NCT’s biggest fan his phone lock screen is NCT how cute , so I don’t think he’d be jealous or anything, but he would be extra happy if you were lip syncing or actually singing to his parts in Without You. That would actually make him so happy and he’d just be a blushing smiling lil bub and it would be so cute


Originally posted by sour-satang

This is his exact reaction to seeing you ^^^^^^

He’d be kinda cocky bc those are his groups songs, but he’d be lowkey salty if you didn’t know the lyrics to his parts you feel? He’d just laugh at you as he watched you dance around - I don’t think he’d join in with you though, I think he’d just watch. Idk, to me Yuta is kinda a “tough guy”™ when it comes to this kind of stuff, like he won’t do things that would seem like he’d embarrass himself? Not even in front of you. He would, however, sing along to his parts, and his parts ONLY lmao


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

This boy is a living, breathing meme. He would immediately pull out the derpiest moves he’s got and go all out. You’d end up dying of laughter and he’d continue dancing just to make you laugh bc he loves when you laugh and seeing you happy makes him happy! Once he does stop, he’ll flash you the most genuine smile (the one where his eyes crinkle up and he’s super cute) and he’d wink (this boi istg) - It would probably turn into a dance battle where you both just do dumb shit to make the other laugh, and you can be sure to expect Johnny singing at the top of his lungs and it’s just gonna be a good time 


Originally posted by y-ta

(this was iconic)

Ngl I see doyoung as highkey judging you when he sees you. He’d probably be judging you so hard to hide his embarrassment though, like I think he’d kinda be cringing inside bc those are his songs and he’s embarrassed that you’re going all out. Lowkey he’d be super happy though - he loves music, and seeing that you love his singing and his group’s music makes him SO HAPPY. He’d just laugh at you and call you stupid but he’d come up to you and he’d hug you, and I feel like it would end up in cuddles with him just calling you dumb but kissing you bc he’s happy


Originally posted by yumnctgums

He would join in immediately and he would start belting out the lyrics (maybe getting them wrong like he did in the mv commentary y’all remember that) and it would kinda turn into a full on dance party, not just to NCT but to all kinds of feel good songs! Like with Johnny, you guys would do your worst dance moves and would end up crying from laughing too much but after it would be super sweet bc I see y’all ending up on the couch all exhausted and just cuddling while some soft tunes play in the background and you’re both just giggling 


Originally posted by yoonohthings

(This may or may not be one of my favourite gifs of jjh)

You guys know that embarrassed smile he does that’s also got all the love in his eyes and his dimples come out and he’s just rlly happy??? That would be him when he sees you - he’d think you were the cutest thing in the entire world and he’d be like this person is mine and i love them and they love me! Wow!!!! He’d just giggle at you and he’d kinda hug and kiss you a lil bit and the two of you would be super giggly and cute and then he’d make you laugh more by doing some silly dances 

JJH is going to ruin my life i can feel it


Originally posted by rockoutsistar

This cutie would just giggle when he saw you bc he thought you were super cute. Seeing your flustered reaction he’d hug you and be like “you’re so cute” and would lowkey want to see you get all flustered. With WinWin I don’t think he’d join in with you and go all out (unlike Haechan), but I do see him holding your hands and just swaying to the music, looking at you with a loving look and aw now i want him to look at me like that 


Originally posted by dovounq

Mark would be a blushing mess when he saw how into his music you were. He works super hard and seeing that the person he loved truly appreciated his music and efforts would just make him a proud happy lil bean and aw mork 🙈 I don’t think he’d join in with you though, not unless you initiated it and pulled him along with you, bc we all know Mark is a shy bby


Originally posted by exoticnctlife

Let’s be real we all know that if Donghyuck saw you jamming to NCT he’d have that lil smirk on his face as he made a comment like “I knew you liked me but I didn’t know you liked me this much” 😏😏 He’d then proceed to joining you and you guys would be jumping round the room jamming not only to NCT, but various other artists too (gotta include the King of Pop in there for my son) and y’all would just be having the time of your lives

Reaction to: To their s/o surprising them at a fansigning, but their relationship is secret

Requested by: Zuho chipmunk anon

ok first i’d like to say these boys have only been debuted for about a years and idols have to wait at least two years afterr debut to date. but still here ya go

Rowoon: Does what he would do to any other fan except he is much, much more smiley and puts like 10 (Chittaphon, that you?) hearts on the thing he signed for you

Originally posted by ohjuho

Dawon: A very loud “hEy”, but other than that he acts like you are any other fan

Originally posted by fromthestothey

Youngbin: (took a lot of tries to realize i wrote Youngmin) He quietly greets you “Hi Jagiya”, and signs your CD or whatever you brought

Originally posted by kimyumbin

  Hwiyoung: Greets you like a normal fan, signs your stuff like a normal fan but before you move on he discreetly blows you a kiss

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Inseong: He basically does the same thing. Treats you like any other fan but puts a little note on your stuff

Originally posted by my-sensationalfeeling9

Taeyang: If people aren’t looking closely or near enough to hear, they would think you are just another fan talking to your idol. But if they were to get close they would realize he is actually flirting with his s/o

Originally posted by yootaeyaang

Jaeyoon: Does pretty much the same as Inseong but instead of like a cute little note it’s a bunch of pick up lines he found on the internet

Originally posted by neweraidols

(oh my angel)

Chani: He does his best to make it appear like he is just talking to a normal fan, (which to be honest is very good, like come on this is CHani we are talking about he is an actor! Did yall know, he was in “To the beautiful you” that drama Minho and Sulli were in? Okay i got side tracked sorry), but he is WAY more giggly? But, like, in a manly way. He also writes  사랑해요* on your stuff

Originally posted by princechani

Zuho: He doesn’t even try. He just has a full blown conversation with you. He doesn’t write anything but  사랑해요 on your stuff

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-Ye Jin

anonymous asked:

can you do a hc for a 'morning after' with matthew murdock

ok lmao coming from someone with no sexual experience and kinda had to search up ‘morning after’ to make sure i was writing about the right thing, i hope this was alright. i didn’t know if this was supposed to be a bad thing or not but i wrote about it as a good thing-ish?? ok ive got to stop overthinking

Your ‘morning after’ with Matthew Murdock:

  • He’s awake well before you are
  • Him just listening to your heartbeat and your breathing while he’s propped up on his elbow
  • Tracing your arm with his fingers
  • The both of you getting kinda awkward and giggly when you finally wake up
  • Him offering to make you breakfast and telling you that you can stay for as long as you want
  • Him kinda clumsily getting up and you laughing as you watch him try to go to the kitchen.
  • Borrowing his shirts
  • Noticing the scars on his chest and asking him about them.
  • “Ah… just… me being clumsy.” “Well, you must’ve been pretty clumsy to get cuts like that.”
  • Bringing up embarrassing details from the night before and Matt just laughing it off.
  • “Why don’t we just not talk about it and pretend it was all good?” “Agreed.”
  • Him asking questions to get to know you more
  • It being kinda weird at first but soon the both of you get more comfortable together and just have a normal conversation
  • “You know, for a blind guy, you actually move pretty well…” “Oh, uh-” “Around your apartment, without your cane.”
  • Goofing around in the kitchen and the both of you blushing when you realise you actually kind of like each other and spending time together.



“Dan! Seriously! S-Stop it!”

 We were in bed, up way past the suitable hour for sleeping. Both laptops had been abandoned, mine died and I had whined until Dan put his aside to pay attention to me. The conversation between of consisted of random things, animals and video games, fun memories we shared. Eventually Dan decided he’d tease me, like he always did. Now I was stuck underneath him while he tickled my sides mercilessly, making tears come out of my eyes from laughter. He ignored my cries to stop and kept prodding my sides with long fingers, making me kick at him a couple times, though I doubt he minded.

 Sometimes I wish he hadn’t centered his internet personality around being a cool, all-black ball of despair, the Phans never got to see how giggly and playful he could be. It even rivaled Phil sometimes. I looked up at him through the tears in my eyes, a smile spread across his face and his eyes full of that thing that made made melt. Then again, maybe I wasn’t keen on sharing this part of him with the world just yet. Dan finally withdrew his offending hands from my body, and I gasped for breath. He reached up and wiped the tears from my face and then we were just staring at each other. We both seemed to realize the position we got ourselves in, Dan over top of me beneath blankets. I reached my hands up and held his face. My thumb easily slotted into that dimple, like it was made to be placed there. I pulled Dan down and kissed his him softly, lots of little pecks against his soft lips. Once I was satisfied I let him pull back a bit, a dazed look on his face.

 “You know, I really love your dimple.” Dan rolled his eyes but grinned in spite of his growing annoyance. “Shut up, everyone says that and it’s really not even that special.” Dan moved from over top of me and laid on his side, we faced each other in the low light of our bedroom. “Okay well maybe it’s not, but I love how when I go to kiss you my thumb just kinda…slides in there perfectly.” I demonstrated, poking his nose so he smiled and then holding the side of his face. “See?” Dan reached his hand up and covered mine, feeling where my thumb was pressed into his face. “That’s actually kinda cool. Though for future reference don’t touch Derek without his consent–hey!” I started kicking his shins under the covers. “Stop that! Dammit, that hurts!” He tangled his legs with my own and forced them to stop. We stared at each other once again in silence, until I broke it by randomly giggling. Dan couldn’t help it, he started laughing softly as well.

 It was plenty late, and our sudden giggly moods were letting us know we were finally tired enough to go to sleep. I reached behind me and turned off the bedside lamp, bathing the room in darkness. Dan pulled me to him, and together we fell asleep.

A/N: Just a simple dimple drabble to warm up for some future writing. Hope you enjoyed!~

Cloud 9 // Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff (College AU)

Word Count: 2k+

Anon says:  can u write a namjoon college au ? fluff/smut either one :-)

Author’s Note: I love Kim Namjoon with my heart and soul and he deserves the entire world. Oh, and he’s my ultimate bias. S/O to @kwangie and @1wice for helping with editing and learning how to tumblr. Enjoy~

You finally got through midterms and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself. Not only did you pass every class, but you ACED them. As a self-celebratory occasion you and your best friend decided to go ice skating. You’ve never tried it, but you’ve always wanted to. You think to yourself, “Ah, what the hell, why not?”

When you got to the rink, you looked around and saw that it wasn’t too busy which made you happy. This way you wouldn’t be as embarrassed when you fall on your ass later (which will happen - multiple times).

You and your best friend sat down and were tying your skates on when she turned to you.

“So you know that guy Jimin I’ve been talking to? Well, uh, he asked if he could come hang out with us too. I said it was okay, you’re not mad, right?”

You rolled your eyes but gave her a small smile. You couldn’t be mad when she had been pining after the guy for weeks now.

“I guess I’m third-wheeling again, huh?”


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anonymous asked:

Imagine a dunk MC making a phone call to zen at like 2 in the morning. She's a giggly & flirty drunk. And imagine her calling him something dumb like zanky. 😂 "hellloooooo zanky, hyun, my prince, love of life- What nooooo I'm drunk."

Lol. Sometimes I wish we had more random drunk style options in MM, just to see their reactions. Sometimes I wish we could get drunk Seven and Zen someday because all the others already got drunk at least once.
Also I’d be understanding to that MC because I happen to have misspelled (okay, mistyped, it’s not like I get a lot of chances to SAY the name) Zen in the most atrocious ways:
Denny (autocorrect fail tbh)
… and once while jotting down notes for a fanfic I’ll never write I fucking wrote SANJI. I’m still facepalming to this day.