i got frustrated with my colorings

Some Haircut tips for trans men and/or transmasculine people!

Hello everyone, it’s mod Jay! I thought I’d share some helpful tips I’ve collected for those looking to get a more masculine-styled haircut! I’ve done plenty of trial and error myself, so these are based both on my own experiences and from anecdotes of other trans men and transmasculine people. These apply mostly for short hair. If anyone would like help finding tips for other hairstyles, don’t be afraid to reach out, I’d be glad to help!

  1. Buzzed or very very short (Furiosa-esque) hair can often have the opposite effect that people are looking for—While the cut itself is seen as masculine, it can make a more rounded, feminine face seem even more rounded and feminine. It brings more attention to the shape of your head. Of course the results will vary from person to person (I was gendered correctly (he/him) several times with this cut), but I advise to be prepared for whatever the results may be. Don’t fret, though—It will always grow back!
  2. The most common haircuts tend to be undercuts (short/buzzed on the sides and longer on the top). I find this cut to be very good for framing and squaring out the face. To really discern this style as masculine, here are some things to ask your stylist for:
    • The bottom hairline at the nape of your neck should be squared or faded, not rounded. Rounded hair tends to be more feminine, while a squared or faded hairline tends to be masculine.
    • If you wish to part your hair, ask for a permanent part. This means the stylist will edge in a line with a razor where the part in your hair should be. This part will usually separate the longer top section of your hair from the shorter side section. After I got this myself, I noticed it immediately seemed more masculine than any other hairstyle I had before.
    • Ask to have your sideburns squared off. Tapered sideburns tend to lean more feminine, where as a squared off sideburn gives more of an illusion of the separation between your hair and a beard line like many men have.
  3. As frustrating as it is, unnaturally colored hair (blue, green, purple, etc) tends to be a divisive factor between passing and not passing. Of course, go for colored hair if you so wish, I’ve personally had my fair share of the rainbow, but if passing as a guy is a major priority for you it may not be within your best interest.
These are the few tips I’ve managed to amass! I’ll certainly be looking around for more, and if anyone else has more suggestions don’t hesitate to send them in! I as well as many others would love to hear! ~Mod Jay ✌🏽

Hey guys thank you all so much for all of the supportive messages you’ve been leaving in my inbox! There are more than I can really individually respond to but I want you to know I read every single one and it really meant a lot to me, whether you were writing to tell me to not to let the anons get me down, or to express your own frustrations about people hating on PoC representations, or just to tell me you liked my art. This drawing is for you guys because I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to send me a message of support or encouragement.

I also got some messages about what PoC Harry and Hermione have personally meant to people, and I want to share a couple of those messages so other people can see exactly why this is something I think is worth fighting for!

For all of you who see any HP characters as people of color and have encountered other people telling you you’re wrong, please don’t let anyone take that away from you. I hope you continue to find meaning, validation, and empowerment through seeing yourself in these characters.


only for today.

My dash is now so empty with all those blacklisted fe14 post, so I thought it’s time to draw a quick fe13 character. Here is a Olivia sketch~

Internet Pragmatics™ and Racial Stereotypes

White people in the English-speaking world have been given free license to break colonialist faux-Classical grammar rules 5eva (i can haz, lolspeak, l33tspeak, My Immortal, cattes, such soft so doge, u wot m8, sh*tgibbons, boaty mcboatface, lyking the bred, etc).

While white people are assumed to know the rules and consciously flout them for humorous effect, people of color doing the same things online often have to add footnotes proving they know what they did “wrong,” as the online audience will unfairly assume they are uneducated and “didn’t know any better.” This author probably got dozens of “corrections,” whether gentle or angry, for an obviously intentional nonstandard pattern, prompting their valid frustration at the sentient fedoras.

And it’s a safe bet that most of those pedants also follow gimmick accounts that twist language all the dang time, but they only complain about one person’s indefinite determiners.

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vel im so sorry to be asking this but i just dont know what to do you are so good at drawing and youre only 17 and im 16 and yet i feel stuck drawing the same shittty sketch over and over and i just want to know how you got so good at drawing people environments clothing anatomy e ver y th in g again im so sorry to ask this and i really dont mean any harm but its frustrating to see someone who is basically your age draw so much better

Hmmm, well you’re only 16, you know? I know people say this a lot- but you’re still very young, and it’s never too late to improve! People can still do amazing things as they get older. I also say this over and over- even if others seem to have “natural talent” practice as much as you can and you can put yourselves at their level, too. If you feel like your sketches are shitty, that means you are seeing the problems in your art and you are beginning to improve!

The way I got good at drawing environments and anatomy was observing things closely in real life, artbooks, and my favorite artists. This is VERY important. You can even try emulating other artstyles and reference as practice. One thing I would constantly do it color pick or eyedrop pictures I take to figure out how colors work with the atmosphere around them in different setting. REFERENCING IS KEY to success. It’s very easy to get frustrated, but please remember that age is not the determinant factor in success, and you can definitely get to where you want to be if you push yourself REASONABLY. The artist world is very competitive among people our age online (and I also know this from being in an art school) but let it be ONLY a factor in making you try harder. Best of luck to you, and any of you guys are free to message me for tips that I use to help myself improve! 

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Y'KNOW WHO DOESN'T GET ENOUGH LOVE? Takeda-sensei. He loves those boys and always does his best for the team i mean come on he pestered ukai for weeks to get him to be their coach because he believes in their potential so much and he doesn't even know a lot about volleyball but he's always trying to learn and I JUST LOVE HIM GOODBYE

He got them a coach 

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He got them practice matches (at the cost of his own life)

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He always speaks the truth

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He gets frustrated™

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He’s the leader of the cheering squad 

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He delivered iconic quotes like:

  • “Isn’t losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak.” - my personal fave
  • “You guys being weak means you have room to grow. And there’s no greater joy than that.”
  • “When ‘colors’ mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together, the final result is the color that wins against all others: black. Become a team of black, like the crows you represent.”
  • “I’m good at getting on my knees and begging.”  -> HONESTLY 


Developing the Godphone

Many people have asked me publicly and privately about how to develop a relationship with the gods. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can certainly give you tips that worked for me. 

1. Learn how the gods communicate. There are many ways the gods can communicate with us, and developing the “ear” to hear them is both difficult and important. Some examples are:

  • Divination - runes, Tarot cards, etc.
  • Animals - if the gods are associated with an animal (like Anansi with spiders or Ishtar with lions), you might start to see them (or images of them). Pay attention to what they’re doing, but don’t be convinced that every bird or everystray cat is trying to tell you something. Use your discernment.
  • Weather - like animals, if the gods are associated with a particular kind of weather (Thor with thunderstorms, for example), those might be a good time to reach out to them.
  • New cravings/interests - you’ve never liked cinnamon before, but now you really want it… but you don’t want to eat it either. What gives? Put it on an altar and see who responds.
  • Other people - Sometimes the gods use us as mouthpieces, so listen up for when someone says something profound that you don’t expect. Maybe they aren’t the one holding the strings just then.

2. Listen. Once you start paying attention to these things, the gods will communicate more. But you can’t just hear what you want to hear; just because you really want a relationship with Freyja doesn’t mean that she’s going to talk to you just yet. This is okay. Don’t judge what you hear, just hear it.

3. Show that you’re listening. When you realize you suddenly love Mr. Ibis from American Gods and can’t figure out why, reread that part of the story. Or look him up, do some research. Show them that you hear them. In the “godphone” metaphor, it’s you picking up the phone when they call so you can start a dialogue.

4. Ask for help if you need it. So some of this stuff isn’t working for you and you’re frustrated–ask for help. It’s okay to say you don’t have an intuition for this stuff right away. I spent the first three years of my practice praying specifically for the ears to hear their messages, even when I got pretty good at it. 

5. Give them gifts. There are so many ways to thank a god for their attention, or ask for it, and just like any human, they really love it! You can:

  • Offer them food they like
  • Light incense with a scent they like
  • Light a candle with their colors
  • Wear a piece of jewelry to honor them
  • Write to them (especially true for wordy gods and tricksters)
  • Do divination
  • Make projects for them (I’ve made key rings, calligraphy, and illumination projects, while my friends have done devotional embroidery or even research papers for their gods).
  • Collect jokes (if they enjoy jokes of course)
  • Wear their colors
  • Talk about them to others 
  • Share tea/alcohol/water with them
  • Research them and talk about the results of that research

6. Go back to step 1. Go back to listening. Did they like the jewelry you wore today? It’s okay if they didn’t, just ask them what they’d prefer instead. You develop these relationships like any other.

Trust that they’ll tell you what they want.

Trust that you’ll be able to hear them.

Trust yourself.

Signs as bullshit 2-D said:

Aries: “Come on make some noise please! Please I’m in the toilet right now but we need to do some Man Research underneath this (inaudible) a funny color!”

Taurus: “I got my nob caught in the clapperboard. When the director yelled ‘Action!’ he got a lot more than he bargained for.”

Gemini: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I DON’T KNOW. I’m very frustrated this morning.”

Cancer: I mean, look at the way he’s thrusting his giblets!”

Leo: “2-D or not 2-D!”

Virgo: “Poo knows his shit!”

Libra: “So me reckons that you stole the chorus of Song 2 from that Elton John and Kiki Dee classic ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!’ you know ‘WOO HOO’.”

Scorpio: “It’s a beach, a horrible plastic beach. You can’t even order pizza here.”

Sagittarius: “I bought the complete set of the Seven Samurai action figures when we played in New York. I’ve also got a jar full of my old toenails, it really stinks.”

Capricorn: “Am, am I boverred? Am I bovverred though? Does my face look bovvered?”


Pisces:  “For the unofficial site, if you tell me where the toilet is, you win a slice of quiche!”

Imagine: complaining about Loki's yellow cape to Tom

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You glared down at your phone screen, eyes locked onto the offensive yellow of Loki’s cape in the early looks at Thor: Ragnarok.  Most people thought you would have known all about it, as you were Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend and a rising actress, but you had no such luck.  You were discussing a contract with Marvel, and while you tried to get information about the third Thor movie, Tom made sure you heard nothing.  He wanted the movie to be a surprise for you, as he knew you had a weakness for Loki.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you regularly glanced down at the photo.  Tom looked fantastic as Loki, but you dearly hoped that the other side of the cape was green, or else there was going to be a mountain of angry letters for the costume designer.  You made a mental note to stay involved in the designing of your character, if you and Marvel came to a contract agreement.  You could hear the occasional murmur or camera click as you walked through the light crowd, which drew your attention away from your phone.  The odd feeling of being recognized in the street momentarily distracted you, until your eyes landed on your destination: a lovely little teahouse.

You tried not to storm in, but as you were gracefully seated in the back room, your anger was apparent on your face.  Tom had arrived before you, and when he looked up to your not-so-smiling expression, he knew that you were one of many who had seen the recently revealed Loki first-look.  He chuckled nervously when you sat across from him, huffing lowly when your phone buzzed.  You turned it off, before glaring at Tom, who offered you an apologetic smile.

“My dear, whatever is the matter?”  He asked, ever the gentleman.  He knew exactly what was wrong- you could tell- but he had always been gracious towards you.  The sentiment melted away some of your anger, reminding you why you loved this dorky, glorious man… but you weren’t about to let him get away so easily.

“What’s the matter?”  You began, giving Tom a moment to steel himself for the flood.  “Loki’s cape, that’s the matter!  I love you, but did you say nothing about it?  Did anyone try to stop the fiend who calls themself a costume designer?  It’s… yellow!”  You stated, your hands swirling in elaborate gestures to aid your argument.  “Loki’s signature color is green, and his palette is green, black, and gold.  Yellow is not a part of that combination, and his green cape held so much… meaning!  As the complimentary color to red, his cape represented his separation from Thor as a person… Two brothers, who were very much so opposites.  Is yellow the complimentary color to red?  No!”  You ranted, not even looking at Tom at this point.  If you had looked at his face, instead of focusing on your hands and memories from the MCU Loki scenes, you would have seen his struggle at holding back a massive grin.

“Darling, [Y/N], I am simply an actor.  I don’t make the final decisions for Loki-” He began, but bit his tongue when you sent him a steely glare.  Your nose was scrunched up in frustration, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He let out his signature chuckle, closing his eyes and dipping his head.  His contagious laughter got under your skin, soothing your glare and pulling soft chuckles from your throat.  A soft smile grew on your lips, and you shook your head lightly at Thomas.  “Love, you are a treasure!  I’m sorry you’re upset about his, or rather, my cape, but I must say… your reaction was adorable, and absolutely worth it.”  He noted with a cheery grin.

You pursed your lips, and despite still holding resentment towards the color choice, you melted under that smile.  Thomas could drive you a little crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t have been the man you fell in love with if he had been any different.

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Sole being pretty insecure about their body and the companions reactions + comfort. (love your blog btw the writing is spot on 💜)

Cait: “You?” She stares at them. “You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met,” she states, blunt as ever. It doesn’t even seem like she’s giving a compliment. It’s more like she’s stating a fact. “You picked me up out of the gutter and saw somethin’ in me I’d never seen in myself. If that doesn’t make you gorgeous, heart and soul, I don’t fuckin’ know what will.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole,” he assures them, with a delicate pat of his claw on their shoulder. “You are the most lovely person I have had the pleasure of meeting. And I mean that. That’s not just my programming.” He chuckles heartily. “You are kind, and lovely, and have done so much for me. I’d hate to see you fuss over something already wonderful.”

Curie: She claps her hands to her cheeks, looking distraught. “Sole!” she exclaims, and reaches for them. “Do not say such things! You are- you are so good, inside and out. Healthy, and strong, and beautiful in my eyes. Perhaps my opinion means little, for I am not human. But you are my greatest friend, and my heart sings for you.”

Danse: “You-” He sets his jaw, stifling some kind of emotion that tints his cheeks pink. “… You look lovely,” he says at last. He ruffles a hand through his hair, looking embarrassed, but presses on. “It is unfair and unkind to say otherwise, regardless of what anyone else thinks. There is no reason to be insecure about who you are. You are you, and that is enough.”

Deacon: “Aw, no, Sole, look.” He takes their hands and brings them to a mirror. “Don’t be like that, come on. Look here.” He takes Sole’s hands and makes them touch each embarrassing imperfection. “See that? Beautiful. And that? Beautiful. And that? Well, that’s just frickin’ fantastic. Trust me, pal, you got nothing to worry about in the looks department.”

Dogmeat: What kind of pupper would he be if he didn’t love Sole with all his little doggy heart? There is no inch of Sole not worth licking and snuggling and smiling at. Sole is flawless in his eyes. No question.

Hancock: “Sole, look at me.” He points to his dry, peeling skin, his all-black eyes, and wiry form. “If I can be a wasteland sex symbol, you have gotta be at least second place.” He grins. “You got nothin’ to worry about, doll. Whatever shit they told you Pre-War, it’s all lies. Here.” His grin widens. “Let me kiss it better, to prove it.”

Nick Valentine: “I’m not sure what it is you think you’ve gotta be insecure about,” he says, very solemnly, “but look at me. I’m a sentient mannequin. How could you think you’re less beautiful than I am?” He takes one of Sole’s hands in his. “If you can live with being around my ugly mug, then you’ve got no reason not to smile at the mirror every morning.”

MacCready: His eyes nearly bug out of his skull. “You think you’re…?” He shakes his head. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean- uh- sorry. But, just-” He gestures to Sole in frustration, cheeks coloring. “Look at you! You’re like- I don’t even know. I grew up in a cave living on wall fungus, for crap’s sake. Compared to me, you’re…”

Piper: “Oh my god.” She takes it as a personal offense. Her idea of helping is to have a ‘fashion show,’ and forces Sole into all kinds of outfits. “Beautiful,” she says, no matter how silly the clothes are. “All of it. Gorgeous. Can’t find fault. You’re a supermodel, Sole, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” She doesn’t stop until Sole is blushing and smiling and finally admits they look nice.

Preston: “Oh, Sole. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” The first thing he does is hug them, gently stroking their hair and offering comfort. “You’re one of the strongest, bravest people I’ve ever met. Maybe you don’t look perfect - though I’d definitely argue otherwise - but you deserve all the happiness in the world. Don’t let your worries to get to you.” 

Strong: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BODY?” He glowers fiercely. “CAN FIGHT. WHY SAD?” He lifts up his arms, flexing, making Sole mimic him. “HUMAN STRONG. HUMAN IS BEST FIGHTER. STRONG KILL OTHER HUMANS WHO SAY HUMAN WEAK.”

X6-88: He gives them a once-over that seems cold at first. Then, it’s almost like he’s seeing Sole for the first time. “You are fine,” he says, as if that’s enough. But it isn’t, not quite, so reluctantly he takes a breath and mumbles under his breath. “You’re… physically capable, and… not, physically, ah. Not physically unattractive. I suppose. In my opinion.”

A real beauty

[[I saw a crap ton of ppl doing a “mer-May” thing where u draw a character as a mermaid/merman, so I thought I’d join in! I feel like an ass bc I doodled this instead of answering asks ripp. Sorry it’s not colored, you know me, I don’t really color in my art haha, I should work on that lol. Also thank you so much for 700+ followers I’m screaming!!!!]]

Cosmere Cross-stitch update #16: April 2017

I managed to do it! At the beginning of the month I wasn’t so sure I would be able to reach my goal of finishing my current pattern piece of my cross stitch of @rynezion‘s beautiful Vin poster. A lot of late nights were involved in the completion of the above section. Below you can see all that I’ve done so far. 

My greatest frustration is always at the end of the pattern piece when I’ve got about 25 different colors left to do and they each need between 5 and 15 stitches scattered all over; it’s beyond annoying and makes the back of the piece look an absolute mess. But when I hold it up and look at it from a distance, it makes all the difference having all the various shades in there. I WAS very close to not using the two different whites in Vin’s face, but as you can obviously tell, I stuck with the pattern and did white AND snow white. :P

Well, on to the next pattern piece! 

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So, Dex started to panic and out comes his speach impediment and Nursey tries to help.

“Dex?” Nursey asks, eyes trained on the way Dex’s hands are shaking.

“I c-can’t, uh, can’t t-talk right now,” Dex says, still staring down at his notes.

Nursey doesn’t want to press anything, but he’s worried. Dex has been tense over finals this whole week, but Nursey’s never seen him like this.

“Are you okay?” Nursey whispers. He thinks about reaching out, taking Dex’s hand. He thinks about crossing the table and hugging Dex. He thinks about taking Dex back to their room and bundling him up in blankets and letting him sleep. He thinks about all the ways he could take care of Dex, if Dex would let him.

“Pan-nicking,” Dex gasps, “Just, um, I - just. I should - just,” he breaks himself off, shaking his head and looking overwhelmingly frustrated.

“Hey, Dex, it’s okay,” Nursey says, reaching out to pat Dex’s hand. “Breathe with me, okay? Just match my breaths. In and out, there you go. Just like that.”

It’s a few minutes of them sitting there, just breathing together, before Dex’s hands stop shaking and the color comes back to his face.

“How about a study break?” Nursey asks. “Bitty’s probably got some mini-pies at the house.”

“S-sounds good,” Dex nods, cheeks going pink. Nursey thinks he might be a little embarrassed about his stutter, which is bullshit, because it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. He wants to tell Dex that, but he can’t really think of a way to say it without sounding terribly cheesy or insincere.

He nudges Dex’s shoulder as they’re walking out of the library and says, “Let’s take the long way home, okay?”

“I say we make purple”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 1k+

“Baby girl?” Joe yelled walking in the door of our flat. “I’m in the studio!” I yelled. No, not a music studio I’m not some kind of upcoming new singer. I’m an artist. I was in the middle of a painting when Joe walked in. “Hey baby,” Joe said smiling at me. I smiled at him, wiping the paint off my hands into my pants. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek.

 "Have you been here all day?“ He asked. “Do you even have to ask that question anymore?” I chuckled. “True,” he said laughing. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go grab something to eat,” he said. I nodded pecking his lips. I grabbed my paint brush and continued painting. I grabbed a new color of paint and got frustrated. I blew the baby hair out of my face and dipped my fingers in paint. I then started finger painting the canvas. Joe came back in with an apple.

  "So am I allowed to see what you’re working on?“ Joe asked, knowing I was protective of my work. "Yeah if you give me a bite of that,” I said knowing he was protective of his food. He held it for me due to the mess on my fingers and gave me a bite. “Thank you,” I said after swallowing. He looked at my art sitting in the rolling chair I had in the studio. “I like it a lot,” Joe said. I smiled. “I’m not really sure where I’m going with it but yeah,” I shrugged. “It reminds me of you, absolutely beautiful,” he said. Heat rose to my cheek. “Stop being so cute Suggy,” I said. 

He smiled at me. I turned back to the canvas and continued to work. “How has your day been so far?” I asked him. “It was good. Hanging out with the boys is always interesting,” He said. I laughed lightly. “Are Zoe and Alfie still coming over tonight?” I asked. “I believe so,” he said standing up and hugging me from behind. “What time?” I asked. He looked at his watch, “any time now, she has a key so we don’t have to open the door or anything.” I nodded, focusing. “I love you,” he said kissing my neck gently. 

I turned around and faced him. I kissed his lips and smiled. “I love you too.” I looked down at my fingers slightly and then at Joe. I took my blue paint covered hands and rubbed them down Joe’s cheeks. His jaw dropped. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. I smiled innocently. “If you want it that way, that’s the way it will be,” Joe said. He grabbed a handful of the paint I was working with and smeared it all over my face. “Joseph,” I screeched but laughed. I took a bottle of paint and poured it all over his hair.

 "Oh that’s it,“ he said grabbing a bottle of red paint. He unscrewed the lid and I backed up. "Joe no,” I warned. He didn’t listen to me and poured the paint all over my head. I grabbed the bottle of the blue paint from the table and poured the rest of the bottle on the front of him. “I’m covered in blue paint, you’re covered in red, I say we make purple,” Joe smirked. I hit his arm and laughed before smearing more paint on him. The room was filled with the sound of our laughter as we threw paint all over each other. 

There was paint all over us and the floor. I ran trying to get away from him and he followed me. He slid in the paint almost falling but caught up to me. He grabbed me making me laugh harder. He hugged me, getting the paint that was on him all over me. “Oh my god,” we heard Zoe say at the door. We both froze but then laughed more. My cheeks turned red, but you couldn’t see it from under the paint. Joe’s arms released me and he smiled wide and walked over to Zoe. “Joseph Graham Sugg do not,” She warned. I laughed. 

I grabbed a paper towel and wiped my face. He laughed and decided not too. “I guess we have to go shower,” Joe smirked. “Joe!” Zoe and I screamed at the same time. Joe laughed. “You can shower in our room love and I’ll shower in the guest,” he said. “Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. I took a paper towel and wiped his lips and pecked his lips quickly. Zoe and Alfie stayed in the living room while Joe and I showered. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and my body cleaning the paint off of it. I washed everything and got out. I dried off and wrapped my hair in a towel. I got dressed in a pair of Fabric shorts and a loose shirt. I pulled the towel out of my hair and brushed it. 

I grabbed pillows and blankets and walked toward the living room. “Do you love her?” I heard Zoe say. “I love her very much,” Joe said. “I’m so happy for you,” she said. I walked into the living room to see Joe in sweats with no shirt on (aka my actual weakness). I hugged Alfie and Zoe, giving them a proper hello. I then sat next to Joe trying not to stare at his abs. I handed Zalfie a blanket and put on over myself and Joe. We turned on a movie and I cuddled into Joe putting my hand on his abs. He put his arm around me, pulling me closer and I tried to watch the movie but I got super tired so soon I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up in Joe’s arms as usual. But this time we were on the couch. Sunlight shined through the window. I saw a flash go off and I smiled. “Sorry did I wake you?” Zoe asked. “No you’re okay,” I said lightly. I wiggled out of Joe’s grasp and stood up. “Can I see it?” I asked. She nodded and showed me. She then scrolled over to show me the ones she took last night. “Thank you,” she said. “For what?” I asked confused. “Making my brother happy.”

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Hiiiii! Your imagines are rlly cute! Can I have an RFA + Saeran where they accidentally find out MC has a crush on them? Like they overhear it or something. How would they react?

Thank you so much! That’s so cuuuute, here we go… (sorry it took so long, it’s been a crazy week for me…)

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding out MC has a crush on them


  • When he flirted with you, you would giggle and get really blushed.
  • But he thought you were just shy or get flustered easily, he would never think you were falling for him, you were always so nice to everybody, how could he tell?
  • He appreciated your friendship and how you were always willing to help him with rehearsals, you were not a good actress at all, but you read the lines to help him memorizing his
  • You really tried, but bless your heart, you were so stiff and sounded so uncomfortable. He didn’t mind, it was cute to watch you do your best to help him. And you would do anything to him, anyways
  • One day, you were  watching him on stage during a rehearsal. The musical would still take a few weeks to debut, but the director insisted on rehearsing like it already was the real deal
  • His co-star was a little late to this particular rehearsal, so Zen suggested you filled for her
  • You got desperate, you read the lines with him, but of course you didn’t memorize it, you were just helping him remember his
  • The director didn’t mind, it was more about adjusting the lightning and the markings, you could even improv if you wanted to
  • You went up on stage, you felt butterflies on your stomach, he looked so fucking handsome under this light, with that costume… it was too much for you to handle
  •  The director explained that was the scene on which the girl confesses her feelings for the guy before he gets on a plane for a trip who knows how long it could last (lololol so cliché, I’m sorry)
  • “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore” he said, acting as he was shocked
  •  You gulped as your eyes locked “I… I couldn’t let you go without you knowing how… how I truly feel.”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • You took a deep breath, here it goes: “ It’s just…  there wasn’t a single day ever since we met that I don’t think about you. I wake up thinking if you slept well, if you had good dreams, dreams about me. I go to sleep thinking how was your day, hoping we can meet in my dreams, and… I… dream about the day you’ll accept me and will rush to my house, take me in your arms, make me hop on your bike and we’re gonna go to a very beautiful place, as beautiful as you and… we’re gonna dream together, and make those dreams come true, Zen.” Then you remembered the plot “ So… so… don’t go into that plane, or… take me with you.”
  • Wow, he was impressed, could it be that helping him practice make you act like a pro too? And how did you manage to blush like that?
  • He hugged you, your heart was ready to come out of your mouth, and he leaned for a kiss… closer and closer… until you heard a “Cut!”
  • “That was good, although his character doesn’t have a bike. And you shouldn’t have called him Zen, but overall that was… interesting.” Said the director, you weren’t paying attention because you just wanted to kill him for interrupting!
  • “Wow, MC! That was so cool! Where did you get that dream thing from?” he was holding you by your shoulders
  • “Well, you always say things like that to me, about meeting in my dreams, I just… never really forgot about that…”
  • “Oh… really?” “Yeah…” and then there’s that awkward silence. “Oh, your co-worker is here, I should get going now” you gave him a soft smile and got off the stage, your heart was racing so much, you headed to the bathroom, trying to compose yourself
  • “Good, you’re finally here. If you have a crush on him too, this scene would be amazingly believable” the director said to the actress
  • And Zen was like… “Say what now?”
  • “Oh for God’s sake, Zen, that girl clearly can’t act! She wasn’t acting!”
  • “I just got here and I noticed too, how couldn’t you, dude?” said the actress
  • HOLY SHIT… you had so much to discus once this rehearsal is done


  • You weren’t even trying to hide, he was just too oblivious
  • You two were always hanging out at your place or his. You would help him study or try cooking new dishes , and sometimes play LOLOL
  • That night, you were at his house, you helped him study and now you were off to play LOLOL, but the doorbell rang
  • It was his mom, saying that he should watch his sister because she was busy (I know he cannonly has a sister, but I don’t know her age, let’s say she’s 9)
  • He whined a little, saying he already had plans with you, you said you would love to help, his mother smiled and said this could be a good training for both of you
  • You gasped in embarrassment, Yoosung didn’t get it oh my God…
  • She was soooo cute, like a girly brunette younger version of him, the same violet eyes you admired so much…
  • And she was adorable too, you took care of her while Yoosung just cooked . You helped her with homework and let her braid your hair.
  • Yoosung looked at you and said how good you looked with your hair like that, you should show off your ears more, they were really cute. And now you were a blushing mess.
  • His sister noticed and giggled a little. “Yoosung got a girlfriend~~~~” she sang
  • “Stop blabbering nonsense and get ready to bed!” he nagged. You couldn’t hold back your frustration, you knew it was just a joke, but hearing the possibility of you being his girlfriend was just blabbering really got to you.
  • She got ready to bed, but who slept was him, he was just so tired from all the studying and taking care of such an energetic child.
  • He dozed off on the couch, you and his sister made him company in the living room coloring some drawings
  • “Can I tell you a secret?” she said, you said yes
  •  “I have a crush on a boy in my class. He has black hair, blue eyes and he has a Ben 10 backpack!  But he doesn’t like me back…”
  • “How do you know, did you ask him?”
  • “No! I could never!” “Well, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…” you were giving relationship advice to a 9 years old kid, what were you doing with your life?
  • “Did you ask my brother if he likes you?” you gasped and coughed “W-What? Why… why would I ask him that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! You like my brother, don’t you? You like him! You like him! You like him!” oh god, she was being so loud, he was going to wake up!
  • “Yes, yes! I like him! Ok? I like him very much! Please keep it down!”
  •  “So why are you not being a couple?”
  • You sighed “Because adults are complicated and weird. And your brother is the weirdest of them all…”
  •  “And you still like him?”
  • “I’m complicated and weird too… Oh! Look at the time! You should go to bed, young lady! And I… should go home…” you were so embarrassed you just had to get out of there
  • You tucked her in and before you left, you planted a soft kiss on Yoosung’s forehead
  • After you left, she went back to the living room: “You are so dumb, you know that?”
  •  “Yes… yes… I know.” He said, running his fingers through his forehead


  • You two were always so busy because of the cafe, you didn’t actually expect her to notice your feelings with so much happening on the business right now
  • But your clients noticed, and boy, did they shipp you
  •  There was this elderly lady who would always come every morning and she was trying so hard to be your wingman (woman?)
  • “You and your friend are so adorable, young lady. Don’t you think she’s a doll?”
  • “Yes… she is very hard working too.” Wow… thanks Jaehee
  • “Is she taken? My son would be a perfect match for her.”
  • “Oh, I don’t really know, you should ask her that, although I don’t think it’s very appropriate” Well… she didn’t want you to meet the guy, that was already something… right?
  •  This lady would just give you that look, you were so embarrassed and frustrated
  • One day, she actually brought his son to meet you, he was really polite and cute, but yeah… you were not feeling it
  • She watched as you serviced him and got curious, he didn’t seem your type of guy, I mean, if you have one type, would it be like him? You never really talked about that stuff, actually, she would much rather avoid these topics, and you were so understanding you didn’t insist on,  she really appreciated that, she really appreciated how you were doing your best to make her feel comfortable with whatever
  • Your shift ended and you were about to close, you were cleaning the balcony and she was going to the stock room, but she freezed when she saw that guy coming in, she hid herself behind the door.
  • “Oh… we’re already closed, sir.”
  • “Yes, I know. I just wanted to talk to you, I won’t take much of your time, I swear. You see, my… mom kept talking about you, and… she was right, you must be the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Oh… that’s really sweet, thanks.”
  • “Yes, so… I was wondering if I could take you on a date someday, you know…”
  • “Oh, I’m really flattered, but I… kinda already like someone?”
  • “You do?” he said and Jaehee thought the same. “Well… he is a lucky guy.”
  • “Girl, to be honest”. HOLY SHIT! “And I’d be the lucky one if she actually… noticed me, but I think her biggest love is coffee, as she always says.” Were you really opening up with this random fella? Girl, these feelings were really getting to you, huh?
  • “Well, good luck to both of you.” And he left.
  • “Her biggest love is coffee, as she always says”? Were you really talking about her? She really did say that a lot, so… no, it can be, can it?
  • You two were gonna have a long talk after you closed, and not even coffee could make her feel the excitement she was feeling right now


  • He invited you to some business party, these events were incredibly boring, but he said you had the ability to make things interesting somehow, so inviting you was just a logical conclusion. Okay…
  •  And he was right, it was really boring. You almost felt resting your head in his shoulder and just taking a nap right there, he was so warm, his suit was so soft, and he smelled so good… focus, MC!
  • He introduced you to a lot of people, and his father asked him where did he find such a treasure for a girlfriend. “She’s my friend, don’t make her uncomfortable, please.”
  • “Oh… I’m not uncomfortable, don’t worry.” Take the hint, Jumin
  • Mr. Chairman just giggled, his son was such a smart man, he couldn’t even noticed this big crush right there?
  • You were really tired and couldn’t hold back a yawn, Jumin smiled softly, his smile was going to be the death of you someday
  •  “I’m sorry I kept you for so long, I’ll just say goodbye to an acquaintance, but you can wait for me in the car, I’ll be there in a second. And… here, you look cold” he put his jacket on you and patted your shoulders before nodding and making his way back to the party, you let out a deep sigh and went to the car
  • Driver Kim was waiting for you with the door open, you said you were gonna wait outside
  • You started talking about whatever with Driver Kim, you were just trying to distract yourself from the alluring smell in the coat on your shoulders
  • “Mr. Han will not be happy to see you standing  here in the cold, miss MC, you should wait inside the car.”
  • “Don’ worry, I’ll tell him you tried to make me go inside, but I’m too stubborn.”
  • “Just like him, huh?”
  • You giggled, a little surprised: “Yes, like him. But that’s the only thing we have in common, I guess…” you closed your eyes and leaned your head on the car’s  window “I mean, he’s so elegant, so calm, I’m so sloppy and desperate… desperate for him to notice how crazy I am for him…” you were very sleepy and kept on mumbling about your feelings
  • “MC?” you heard that deep  low voice and raised your head, you didn’t want to open your eyes, but you did, just to find him looking at you curiously… oh fuck!
  • “Let’s go inside, it’s cold and we can talk more comfortably. Driver Kim is already set.” Were you that sleepy that you didn’t even notice Driver Kim gooing to the car or was this man a fucking ninja?
  • You two got into the car, you had no idea what was this cold he was talking about, you were sooooo hot, your face was burning
  • Driver Kim warned: “Buckle up, it’s going to be a very long ride” Yeah, no shit…


  • You knew you should back away since now he was dealing with all his brother’s problems, yet you kept catching yourself going to see him in the hospital
  • He didn’t mind, seeing you always made him feel sitting under the sun, anyways… and now he really needed some light to help him
  • The nurses loved seeing your interactions,  you looked so cute together, but you always had to tell them you were just a good friend…
  • Sometimes you would come and watch Saeran while he would go home and take a shower
  • But he couldn’t stop worrying. Saeran wasn’t stable, what if he hurt you? So he managed to install a camera and a wire on the hospital’s bedroom
  • Saeran was always loud and would never stop tossing and turning on the bed, but when you were there, he would just be quiet, like he was in some catatonic state
  • But one day he spoke to you: “Why you keep coming here?”
  • “I’m worried… about you and your brother.”
  • “Yeah, right… you just care about him, don’t need to lie to me.”
  • “Why would I lie to you? You are a big part in Saeyoung’s life, everything and everyone who are important to him are important to me too.”
  • Saeyoung was watching this, did you really mean that? That  was so considerate…
  •  “Oh… so cute… you have a little crush on him or something stupid like that?” he said sarcastically
  • “Definitely something stupid like that.” Saeran scoffed, but that almost sound like he was genuinely laughing. With just one sentence, you were able to amuse both the twins, you were really something…
  • He came back to the hospital and could not look you in the eye without blushing, you just smiled and waved a goodbye to Saeran. Then you lightly squeezed Saeyoung’s arm and messed his hair a little. “Take care, Choi boy.” The nurses were shrieking so much awwww
  • Saeyoung followed you with his gaze until you reached the elevator.
  • “I have no fucking clue which one of you it’s the biggest idiot here”  Saeran glared at him


  • He was trying different kinds of therapy  since he was released from the hospital
  • You found out he was really good at painting and drawing. Watching him so concentrated trying to find the right color was just… hypnotizing.
  • So once in a week, you would take him to a painting class and then to the park so he could practice with more freedom
  • One day, a big dog ran to you, he had a leash, but you couldn’t see the owner, so you let Saeran drawing and went to look for the dog’s owner
  • You walked a lot and got really tired, so you sat on a bench, sighed heavily, and looked to the dog and laughed
  • “You remind me of someone, you know?” the dog had these beautiful acqua eyes, they looked mysterious and a little intimidating, but yet… so mesmerizing, exactly like Saeran’s.
  • “Why can’t it be easy for humans like it is for you, mr. dog? You see the dog, sniff her butt and that’s it! But with us humans, is so… tough. I like this guy, I like him so much I can just watch him paint clouds and trees and flowers all day, I like him so much I don’t even care talking about him to a dog, because every human I know tells me to get away from him. What do I do, mr. dog?”
  • The dog start shaking his tail and licking your hand, you laugh. “Yeah, if I do that, he’ll probably think I’m crazy.”
  • “MC?” Saeran appears behind you, a guy is with him. “This is… mr. dog’s owner.”
  • “Her name is actually Priscilla” and he takes the dog away from you, you freaking weirdo
  • As Saeran referred to Pricilla as “mr. dog”, you could only assume he heard good part of your “conversation”, but you weren’t sure, so you just avoided any visual contact.
  • “Come on, I’ll buy you ice cream” he said and started walking, you ran after him. “And in exchange, I’ll let you sniff my butt.” God, just kill me now