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Grocery store! AU
  • Sebastian: The manager who thinks he's the actual boss. Likes to intimidate the fuck out of the newbies. Sometimes helps bag, but never gives the customers what bag they want. If they want paper, he casually 'forgets' and gives them plastic and vice versa. Useless bagger, would not hire again, but he's a better manager.
  • Ciel: Doesn't actually give a shit about his job, is a cashier and doesn't ask any of the mandatory questions like "How are you?" and "Did you find everything okay?". Occasionally he'll tell a customer he can't help them cause he's new, even though he's been there for years. Sebastian lets him get away with it because he's bad at his job too.
  • Bardroy: Front end manager who surprisingly does his job accurate. He keeps the baggers/cashiers in line and helps customers whenever he's needed. He's the customer favorite.People think Sebastian is too intimidating while Bard is slightly more approachable.
  • Meyrin: Is a cashier and constantly gets into trouble for forgetting to turn her light on. She cries whenever a customer is mean to her, but somehow gets all the managers to defend her. She's very friendly otherwise and makes friends with a lot of the older customers.
  • Finny: A bagger, he is constantly shurking his bagging job in favor of getting carts however. Only because he doesn't really know how to bag and he was never taught properly [because unfortunately he was taught by Sebastian] Bard tries to keep him in line, but he just doesn't get it.
  • Lizzy: She works in the bakery! She's wonderful at making sweets and often brings up the front end workers cupcakes and rolls [with meat from the meat department] for lunch. She sometimes sneaks Ciel back for a few kisses, but they quickly get caught by the Bakery Manager and Ciel's banned from the bakery altogether.
  • Ronald: A meat butcher who shurks his job in order to flirt with all the women in the place. Gets yelled at quite a lot, but when he actually works he's decent at his job. Is still a bit of a newbie however.
  • Grelle: Works in the Deli/Snack Bar. Is famous for her scones and hamburgers, and everyone makes sure they're there when she's on the clock because they know they will have a great meal.
  • William: Store owner and the boss. Wants to find a legit reason to fire Sebastian [and Ciel]. Sort of likes Bard and trusts him to run the store while he's away, and he wants to promote Lizzy to Bakery Manager cause he doesn't like their manager either. He's the stoic boss, who occasionally pokes fun at his workers [except Sebastian, he hates him].
  • Undertaker: Head Butcher who doesn't show up a lot of the time for his job.
  • Snake: Produce manager who spends more time feeding his snakes than tending the produce section. He usually leaves it for Finny, who also is trained as a produce clerk. He also likes to spend his break upfront and talking to the others, though Bard sends him back into the produce room to get back to work.
  • Tanaka: Customer Service Manager who because of his age doesn't really have to lift a finger. Customers don't like him as much, but the bosses don't have a heart to fire him. They let him do what he wants because he's Tanaka.
  • Claude: The guy who somehow gets his job and gets fired constantly. Only brought back to bug Sebastian.

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@gardening-darling​ , I hope you enjoy it,my dear! I’m sorry if it’s a little short and maybe rushed, but I won’t have as much time come the next few days, so I just went with it.

prompt: Ciel is invited over to the Midford manor for Christmas, but he insists that bringing Sebastian to such a family based event would be suspicious. Sebastian has to wait a full week all alone in the manor waiting for his precious young lord to return, in that time though, he begins to analyze his true feelings for his young Earl.

“Sebastian, I’ve just been informed I’ll have to go over to the Midfords for Christmas.” He proclaimed, eyeing me from across his desk.

“I see. When should I prepare for our carriage,my Lord?”

“Sebastian.. I think it will be better if I went by myself.”

“Young master, if I may be as bold, what if you get sick or worse, what if you have an asthma attack? I have to insist that I come with you as well!”

“Sebastian! You are to stay at home.It would be suspicious to bring you along. They have an extremely large staff, they assured me that they would find somebody suitable through all of my stay. Lizzy has been eyeing you for some time now, she must of thought it odd that you were around as much during her visits. We cannot have this, we talked about it ever since the begging. No one must know of our affairs.” He decided.

“I see. So how long will it be? Three days?” I asked.

“One week,I’m afraid. The insisted I’d stay for that long.Come tomorrow morning I’ll have to be on my way there. So prepare for my carriage, at first light.”He said as he stood up, his slim legs taking him closer to me.

“Understood.” I replayed, my face probably showing much more emotion than I am comfortable with.

“It’ll be alright, don’t worry. I’ll be back before you know it.” He said, as he closed the distance between us fast and stood on his tip toes to kiss me softly on the lips, his hands hooked around my neck.

We spent that night together, the passions between us, I swear could of burned down an entire town. Came the morning, I escorted him to his carriage. I gave him my hand, as to help him get inside, my grip on it way too tight.He eyed me only for a second, his expression softening under my eyes as he squeezed my hand in what appeared to be understatement.

“Make sure those incompetent servants won’t burn my manor down before my return, understood?”

“Of course, my young Lord. May you have a delightful time.”

He chuckled.”I’m sure it’ll be far from that. I will be lacking my favorite pawn.”

I helped him in the carriage after that statement, watching the carriage as it disappeared down the road, my chest feeling suddenly tight.

I’ve lived for thousands of years. Time means nothing to me compared to humans. But I swear the week he was away from me, was the longest week of my entire life. It felt like eternity. As I was doing my daily choirs around the manor I would find myself space out, my thoughts somehow always circling back to him.His big, round eyes, one cerulean blue, the other proudly bearing my mark, reassuring me at all times that he indeed, belonged to me entirely.Cute button nose, rosy lips, perfect jaw. Delicate hands, creamy thighs, flawless skin, so delightfully responsive to touches.Oh how I wanted to shelter myself inside his heat. I never stopped to think just how much I came to care for this mortal up until then. And as the week progressed I came to accept my feelings to the fullest, waiting with my heart on my sleeve for his return.

To my delight, he was back one day earlier. I knew he’d make up some excuse for it. But in reality, I was certain he missed me just as much, as to insist he’d come back one day earlier. I was in town, buying supplies that morning. When I got back Finnian informed me of the young master’s return.I went to his chambers, my feet barely touching the ground as I sprinted down there.

“Young master, you’re back!” I exclaimed, closing the space between us in an instant.

“Yes..Can I assume that you felt my absence?” He smirked ,as he took one step in my direction as well.

I extended one arm towards him and he took it gingerly,allowing myself to pull him in a tight hug. I did indeed miss him. One week it’s a long time when you need somebody so badly. He put his head on my chest and I could not help but kiss the crown of it, letting his smell intoxicate me once more. I felt at ease again when I knew I’d be around should he need anything.

“I have to admit that it was a little dull without you here.” I said, as I lifted his chin to kiss him gently.

He kissed me back and I could feel a hint of a smile on his plumb lips. He wrapped his arms around my neck as he chuckled.

“It was dull without you as well. It’s nice to be home.” He murmured, rubbing his nose against my own, the movement reminding me of a spoiled little kitten.

 I could hardly contain my emotions ,seeing him so affectionate always made me feel weak in the knees.His alluring scent, cute little lips, oh how I am in shambles!

Come the night I’ll claim him as mine all over again…But for now,it’s enough to just let myself entrapped in his beauty.