i got feels all over the place man

Yongguk’s presence haunts them.

Despite the man’s habit of taking up absolute no space at all, and can go days without speaking, his absence still burns a big hole right through them.

They play around in the practice room, going over the steps, and Jongup searches for his leader’s encouraging smile.

They go to Japan, and Himchan watches his dongsaengs pair up back at the hotel, while he gets a room all to himself.

They perform Young Wild & Free, the four members supporting his weight, and Daehyun expects to fall every time.

They sing With You, holding out the mics to let BABYz sing Yongguk’s part, and Youngjae’s voice is off balance.

And when the leader walks into the dorm for the first time in months, Junhong is the first one to step into his open arms.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Scamander (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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You were just pulling your last batch of cookies out of the oven when you felt a pair of strong yet gentle arms wrap around your waist. You smiled as you set the tray down, and glowed in the warmth you felt throughout your body upon feeling your love’s lips on your cheek. You turned around to face Newt, and let out a happy sigh. You couldn’t believe that you got to date the most kind, adorable, brilliant man you had ever met in your life. You placed a small kiss on the tip of his nose, and you watched his cheeks begin to blush. You would never get over how you could still make each other turn red after a year of dating.

“It smells incredible, love,” Newt told you.

“Thank you, Newt. But I shall forever think that you smell best of all.”

“I believe that is you, my dear,” Newt said before pulling you in closer. Next thing you knew, your boyfriend was holding a small bundle of mistletoe above your head. You smiled before kissing your boyfriend sweetly, relishing in spending another Christmas together. You continued kissing for a few minutes before you pulled away suddenly, “Our guests will be here soon, love! We have to finish getting ready!”

Newt pouted a bit, pulling you in for another quick kiss before leading you both into your bedroom to change. After pulling on a new red dress complete with silver embroidery, you grabbed your wand, waving it around your body as your hair fell into loose curls around your face and red lipstick donned your lips. You felt Newt gently grab your hand, turning you to face him, “You look absolutely stunning.”

You blushed, “You look rather dashing yourself, Mr. Scamander.” And he did, from his crisp white button down to a new burgundy vest, his ensemble completed with a black bow tie. You kissed him again just as you heard a knock.

The two of you ran out to the front door, laughing the entire way and slightly out of breath as you opened it, smiles widening as you saw the faces of the people you loved. Tina, Queenie, and Jacob came all the way to London to celebrate the holidays with you and Newt, and you wanted everything to be perfect for them. You had been cooking and decorating and preparing for days, and the day had finally arrived.

You opened the door as wide as possible, pulling your three best American friends inside, hugging each one, “Merry Christmas, darlings!”

“Merry Christmas to you and Newt as well!”

Jacob looked around in awe at the ceiling you and Newt had enchanted to look like stars and gentle falling snow that never felt cold. Queenie admired your sparkling Christmas tree while Tina took note of all of the small, homemade touches.

You heard Queenie’s soft musical voice, “I can’t believe how much time you both put into this. It looks absolutely incredible. And don’t worry, honey, of course today is going to be perfect.”

You blushed but were grateful for her reassurance. Jacob chimed in, “At the very least, something smells amazing. What’s cooking?”

“Well, I made a little bit of everything. I wasn’t sure what everyone was used to during the holidays, so there are some traditional dishes, I tried to make some latkes and matzah balls as well, and there are plenty of desserts! There is also hot chocolate, cider, and tea as well.”

Newt held your hand as he gestured to the kitchen, “Shall we go ahead and sit down then?”

Everyone nodded enthusiastically, and you all enjoyed a wonderful meal together. Each person raved about the plates you set in front of them, and you had much less leftovers than you anticipated. Then you made your way into the living room to exchange gifts.

You spent weeks finding the perfect presents for each person, and you hoped they enjoyed them. You had found an enchanted whisk for Jacob that would mix his batters on its own, a glittering scarf for Queenie that would change colors based on her mood, and a hat for Tina that would play music that only she could hear, perfect for when she needed to focus on paperwork or during her walks to MACUSA. 

They each thanked you profusely for their gifts, and you were filled with warmth, glad that you were able to find something perfect for each one. As the night wound down, Newt took your hand and the two of you began to dance to the soft Christmas music playing in the background.

You teased him slightly, “So where is my present, love?”

“You will get your gift when I receive mine,” he joked back. He looked at you for a while before speaking again, “You are more incredible than any gift I could ever imagine.”

“And you are most wonderful man and boyfriend in the world.” You pulled away before grabbing the last wrapped gift under the tree, handing it to him. He opened it slowly to find a new leather bound journal along with a bottle of ink that resisted water, ensuring his notes would last throughout all of his explorations. He opened the first page of the journal to find a personalized inscription:

For my dearest Newt,

I have enjoyed and loved every second I have spent with you and all of our adventures together. May this last and be useful for every adventure to come. I vow to be by your side as long as you will let me, and I promise to love you forever.

Yours always,


Newt had tears in his eyes as he hugged you tight, “Thank you, darling. I love it, and I love you with all my heart.”

He pulled away before reaching into his pocket and removing a small box. He got down on one knee, and tears began to form in your eyes.

“I didn’t know that there was someone out there who would love my creatures as I did until I met you. From the first time I saw you, I thought you were beautiful, and I fell in love with you as soon as I heard you speaking to Pickett like an old friend. I have loved you everyday since, and I will love you everyday until forever. You are my best friend, and the love of my life. There is no one I would rather have correct me when I’m wrong, tease me about my atrocious cooking, and bandage me when I inevitably end up injured. I love you, Y/N. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

You knelt down as well and threw your arms around him, “Yes! Yes! I love you! Yes!” You kissed him fiercely, knocking him to the ground as you fell on top of him. You almost forgot about your guests until they began clapping and rushed over to the two of you, tears in all of their eyes as well. Newt helped the both of you up before putting the ring on your finger. A small diamond was surrounded by detailed vine patterns, and it was perfect.

As the other three went to fetch champagne and glasses, you turned to your future husband, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Scamander.”

He kissed you sweetly, “Merry Christmas, future-Mrs. Scamander.”

Zen on Seven’s route.

This call made me laugh so hard at first because of drunk Yoosung but then Zen says this out if nowhere and it totally ripped me apart T_T. Zen was my first route and I fell in love with him then.

While a lot of people say that it’s Seven that has feelings for you in all the routes, my argument is that it’s Zen. In addition to this call, he says in Yoosung’s route that he wishes he realized his feelings sooner, and in Jumin’s route, he is freaked out the entire time and is ready to fight bodyguards and get you out of Jumin’s place whenever you call.

P.S. to get this call, it’s Day 10 of Seven’s route, after the chat room where Yoosung asks Zen if he can come over to his place. Pick the option ‘It’s (or I’m) fine, I got my man with me’. Even if you’re not a Zen fan, a very drunk Yoosung makes this call worth it.

I feel like “We Will Rock You” is Ram’s theme song. For example,

“Buddy you’re a young man hard man
Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on your face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your banner all over the place”

What would be for the other characters? “My Heart Will Go On” for April, perhaps?


Nash was nervous and all around excited for their next step in their relationship. He was pretty much always at Matty’s place and now he was moving in once he had finished his lease. Having sold a lot of his stuff, he only took things he needed and a lot stuffed into storage. This was a huge step as he never had a true serious relationship, but when he met this man, it all clicked right into place. Never been a believer of soul mates and here was the man of his dreams.

Unpacking the last box before he walked over to his boyfriend, he leaned in and kissed his cheek. “I promise – That was the last of it. I’m not a hoarder.” Nash laughed, storing some items he had where he could place them. “Bet it doesn’t feel like home now with all my shit around here, huh? You got a nerd as a boyfriend - you should have known to not date a fucking nerd and tell him to move in. Collectibles all over now, babe, you better get use to it.” 

Just got back from Pitch Perfect 2!

I AM DROWNING IN BECHLOE FEELS!  Beca and Chloe were so married in this one.

I do wish it had a more defined plot line instead of all over the place, but I really didn’t care that much because it was more focused on the Bellas and not the Trebles and Jesse.

The scene with Beca and Chloe in the tent! Their faces were so close, I was waiting for the spider-man kiss.

My bby Chloe turned me into goo every time she was on screen. And after actually seeing the movie Brittany Snow does have more solos than I thought. She’s the one who came in on the riff-off with “Never Getting Back Together”.

Hailee Steinfeld was wonderful and so freakin’ adorable and she has an amazing voice. I’m very upset that her version of “Flashlight” isn’t on the soundtrack. 

Something Small

Summary: You question whether or not you wish to get a tattoo, asking Calum for any advice. He suggests something that helps ease you into your decision, excited to know that you were inking something meaningful onto your beautiful skin. It was going to be something small, a suggestion Calum made so you wouldn’t go through too much pain.

My hands ran over the muscles on his arms, feeling him flex beneath the palms of my hands. My right hand stopped at his bicep, tracing over his tattoo of “Chiefy”, the name that the boys gave of it. “Did it hurt?” I asked, my index finger tracing the outline of the man’s features. “When I fell from heaven?” Calum asked with a grin. “No, you boob. When you got this tattoo. Actually, when you got all of them,” I said. He smiled and grabbed my hand in his. He placed kisses on my knuckles and ran his thumb over them. “My first one did. Got used to it after a while,” he answered, kissing the back of my hand. “Mmm,” I hummed in response. I had thoughts about getting one, but I was always afraid of the pain. When I asked some close friends about their experiences of getting a tattoo, people said that some blood was drawn and others said they didn’t feel a pinch. But those are only opinions and experiences from others. “Are you thinking of getting one?” Calum asked gently. I turned to look at him, blinking a few times before I answered. “Dunno.” Calum smiled and pulled my hips closer towards him. I adjusted myself on top of him, bending my knees near his hips as I sat just below his crotch. “I think you’d look hot with a tattoo,” he smirked, his hands moving up and down my thighs. “Okay, the thought of getting a tattoo is great, but I’m not gonna get it for your sexual fantasies and shit,” I said, poking his chest. Calum laughed and squeezed my thighs. “If you’re actually thinking of getting one, I suggest you get something small so you can get used to the pain. And maybe get something with meaning. It’s permanent,” Calum advised. I nodded, taking in his advice. “So I should get something tiny like the size of the initials of your parents on your hands?” I asked, tracing my thumbs over the permanent ink that read “DSH” and “JKH”. “Yeah. If you want. I mean, if you think you can handle the pain, then get something bigger,” Calum smiled. I nodded, admiring another tattoo; a little bird with “Mali-Koa” inked underneath it in beautiful lettering. “Mali, huh?” I said, tracing over her name. Calum nodded, looking down on the tattoo. “She means a lot to me. One of the most important women in my life. Besides you, pretty.” I blushed, feeling the heat run through my cheeks. Calum could be such a cheese ball, I swear. “You think I should get one?” I asked, placing my hands on his shoulder. “Up to you, baby girl.” I stared at him, debating if I should get permanently inked. There’s definitely pros and cons to getting one, but my mind keeps jumping from one conclusion to the next. “I don’t know,” I exasperated, “I want to, but I don’t.” I said getting annoyed with myself. I wish I had the balls to get one, but I’m worried what others would think. “What’s stopping you?” He asked, his hand cupping my left cheek. “First off, I’m scared as balls cause it’s gonna hurt. Second, if I do go through with the idea, I’m scared of what people might say. I don’t want something pointless. I want it to have meaning.” “There’s nothing to be scared about. You have me,” Calum boasted, pretending to flip invisible hair off his shoulders. What a lil diva. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Wow. Thanks babe. You helped a whole lot.” Calum chuckled and kissed my cheek. “I’m here for you.” I thoroughly processed the idea of getting permanently inked in my head. I want it so badly, but what would people say? “Omg, (Y/N), you ruined your skin!” “Now you’re never gonna get a job!” “Ew, it looks ugly. You can’t pull that off.” Negativity flushed through my head and Calum seemed to sense that vibe coming from me. “Don’t make that face. You make it look like getting a tattoo is the worst thing ever. It’s not that bad, as long as it means a whole lot to you. Who cares what others say? If they can’t understand the story your trying to display permanently on your body, then they can’t handle the truth you hold on the inside. It’s your body. Do what you will.” I stared at him, his deep words sticking to my brain. It definitely sparked something in me. I thought for a moment and gave him a small smile. “I’ll get one.” Calum’s eyebrows rose and he smirked at me. “Seriously?” I nodded, biting my lip. This is my body. I can do what I want. What I please. Calum smiled the happiest smile and kissed my nose. “I’m excited for you, pretty.” His gaze caught mine and he attached his lips on mine. We kissed for a good minute, until Michael and Luke came in, making gagging noises. “I’m gonna barf,” Luke gagged. “You done eating each other’s faces?” Michael asked. I blushed, nuzzling my head in the crook of Calum’s neck. “(Y/N) wants a tattoo,” Calum announced. “Sweet, you can be part of our club,” Michael stated. I smiled and nodded. “True.” “Aw, what happened to the ‘No tattoo’ club?” Luke pouted. I laughed, shrugging my shoulders. “Calum just rubbed off on me, I guess.” “FUCK YOU CALUM!” Luke shouted, throwing a SnapBack at him. “Ow! Luke!” Calum cried. “You know what,” Michael said as he scrolled through his phone, “you should get a tattoo of Calum’s dick.” I covered my mouth in shock, laughing at his suggestion. Calum threw the SnapBack at Michael this time, but missed terribly. “Hah! You suck!” Michael pointed at Calum. “My girlfriend will not get a tattoo of my dick, okay.” Calum rolled his eyes. “I over heard you two talking. You told her to get a small tattoo or something. So I thought your dick would be the perfect size,” Michael joked, squeezing one eye and looking at his index and thumb as it pinched close together, leaving a small space between them. “Mate, it’s like this tiny,” Michael laughed. Calum released me from his grasp and got off the bed. “I’ll show you what a big dick looks like.” He pulled down his pants and boxers, his bare butt facing me. Michael quickly got up from where he was sitting and ran towards the door. “Come back here Michael!” “No! Put that thing away!”


Prompt-basically the joker is confused about his feelings towards you and you help him.
The joker (Jared Leto)
Lol man I didn’t read this over and it’s kinda all over the place and I’m sorry andbksjsbs I still hope you like it

His shaky hands and hot breath covered every inch of your body. He was so skilled but at the same time he had no clue what he was doing. You came into his world without a warning and fucking wrecked it. You were wild and carefree but what got him the most, is that you loved him.

You handled him with care. With everything bad he did, you still loved him and made sure he was somewhat okay. You had him wrapped around your finger and he was totally okay with it in fact, he loved it.

This wasn’t the was The Joker was supposed to act. He was supposed to be ruthless, crazy, unable to feel emotions but when you came around everything changed. He handled you with care, he started to take care of himself and he started to love you back. He was confused, he didn’t know what he was feeling but, you made all the confusion easier.

Your cold finger danced across his back as he littered your throat with kisses and small hickeys. His movements were natural but delayed, he was scared. You knew what you felt, you loved the crazy man for everything he stood for. He didn’t know what he felt, he liked you and everything about you but, all these emotions scared him.

“What’s wrong?” You asked the man with a soft voice.

“I don’t know, it just feels weird.” He wouldn’t look at you.

“What feels weird?”


You took him in your arms and held him, you knew this would be difficult, you knew this would be hard. You knew what you wanted and felt but he did not and that freaked both of you out. You worked your hardest to help him with his feeling but it was hard for him to open up and accept your offerings.

“I’ll help you.” Your voice was soft and sincere.

“Thank you.”

You both held each other and talked a little but. About what he was feeling and how you could help him. He needed you to help him understand his feelings and you would do anything to make this man happy.