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You’re Mine (M)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reaader

Genre: CEO!Yoongi, smutty smut smut with a hint of angst and fluff

Warnings: Spanking, rough sex(?), dirty talk (a lot of it), slight cum play

Summary: “The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

Word Count: 2,946 words

A/N: I feel like this is all over the place. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted anon :((( feedback is always appreciated though!

“Don’t forget we’ve got that banquet with the CEO’s tonight,” you glanced down at the iPad in your hands, looking at the schedule for your boss, boyfriend and CEO, Min Yoongi.

“Six hours of being stuck with selfless assholes does sound like fun, doesn’t it?” He questioned, picking up his coat from the back of his chair, getting ready to head home.

“I’m going to be coming with you too Yoongi, besides, it can’t be that bad.”

“The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

“Yoongi,” you spoke up, walking towards him and placing your hands around his neck, giving his nose a small kiss, “Calm down babe.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just-”

“I know you’re stressed, but it’s going to be fine. You haven’t had any problems with CEO’s like Mr Jeon before and I know that it’ll go smoothly this time. You’ve sweet talked your way through agreements before and I know it’s going to be fine.”

“How do you know that princess?”

“Mm, maybe because you’re Min Yoongi, and my extremely talented and good looking boyfriend.”

“Great answer baby,” Yoongi let out a small laugh before giving you a kiss. “Let’s go home and get ready for the next few hours of torture coming our way.”

You know Yoongi was holding back. It had been ages since the last time you two had…for more of a crude term, fucked because of how busy the company was with the changes it was going through with. He’d had to stay late nights and have early mornings for the past few weeks and he was clearly stressed. You had bought him food of course, and reminded him how to sleep but the company was thinking about merging with the Park’s and it created a whole lot of stress.

“Tell again why you think it’s a good idea to wear that dress to this? You know rich bastards will be looking at you.” Yoongi didn’t understand what was going through your mind at that time.

“Well, for one, I know you like it, a lot,” You glanced up, sending a flirty wink to Yoongi, “And also,because it is formal and suited for this occasion.”

The idea of wearing one of the tightest dressed that fitted you but still made you look formal and presentable and tease Yoongi for the night, was one that made you smile to yourself that night. Throughout the entire drive to the the event, Yoongi’s eyes couldn’t be averted from you, but mostly he kept on staring at your curves.

As you two walked into the elegantly decorated mansion, he kept an arm draped around your waist at all times, clouded eyes looking down into yours at some times. You could tell he was turned on and a little mad due to what you were wearing, but that didn’t keep you from pressing yourself up against him at times.

“Ah, Yoongi! How lovely to see you,” Mr Jeon came up to the both of you with a glass of champagne in his hand, a wide smile overtaking his face but both you and Yoongi knew it was all for show. Everyone who was anyone knew The Min’s and the Jeon’s were enemies, more so because of the Jeon’s always wanting to outdo the Min’s in everything.

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Partners with Benefits

Pairing: FBI Agent!Stiles x FBI Agent!Reader

Warning: NSFW 18+Only, Alcohol, Cursing, Rough Sex, Biting, Scratching, Hair Pulling and so on and so on. Cocky-Stiles.

A/n: This was a request, enjoy and let me know what you think of it.


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Rubbing the fatigue off your face, you crash down on the bed, arms flailing by your side. You watch your partner start to undo his shirt and you sigh with annoyance. “Go to the bathroom before getting naked, please.” You moan out, not in the mood to deal with him.

Stiles laughs mockingly at you, slowly still undoing his buttons, his bottom lip tucked in between his teeth. He was teasing you, and the only thing you could do other than roll your eyes was drool over his body; he wasn’t the most muscular in the FBI unit but he was definitely a sight for sore eyes.

“How can you be so happy? We messed up!” You exclaim, sitting up at the end of the single bed in the motel room.

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Hey there! Can we get some Matt Holt headcanons? This guy deserves some attention. If you want you can write some nsfw headcanons too ~ Thanks!

i love matt holt with all of my heart like wow i now have two meme boys i love (this includes lance like pls ofc)


  • totally a babbler when he likes someone
  • I hc him as a person who trips over their words in an effort to talk to his crush
    • Matt having a crush is the most amusing thing to watch, especially when he tries to flirt with them and ends up talking about his bad eyesight for the next ten minutes
      • “don’t worry, the Garrison will fix it so we can go and watch a movie together and I wouldn’t have to wear my glasses!”
      • like
      • ……..ok, Matt
  • makes it so painfully obvious when he has a thing for someone
  • gets ten times more blush-y around the person he likes and would most likely try to overcompensate by showing off
    • Shiro: Hey, why’re you limping?
    • Matt, having done five set of squats without warming up: Oh, Y/N was in the gym and I had to show her my mad glute skills.
  • lives for the idea of innovative dates!
    • he would totally bring you to unexplored places like a planet filled with diamonds, or a cluster of stars with beautiful views for your first date
    • Matt: *tips his fedora* M’lady
    • since he’s good bros with Hunk, expect him to give you a whole banquet prepared picnic-style
    • he’s just a sweet romantic like that
  • off loads a lot of his emotions to Pidge, even if they explicitly say they don’t wanna hear anything about it
    • “For the last time, Matt, why don’t you ask her out?!”
    • “I can’t! What if she says ‘no’?”
    • “What if she says ‘yes’?”
    • “A ‘no’ has the higher chance of being the probability.”
    • “God, you’re so…..difficult.”
  • super picky with his food. like, you thought Pidge was bad bc they can’t take peanut butter, but Matt’s allergic to gluten and shell fish
    • eating with him is a riot bc you both don’t know what alien food contains
    • you would have to be super careful in offering him anything to eat
    • i like to see the placing of his transporter signal at the graveyard as a joke with the other rebels in this context, bc he couldn’t keep any food down without exploding in hives
  • Pidge makes it their mission in life to cockblock you two, just to get Matt riled up
    • but they will concede and be Matt’s best wingman which then gets you interested in him, so that’s a plus :))
  • even as friends, Matt is hella protective of you (bc he has lost a lot in his life) and he will always have your back in a battle or be there if you need a person to talk to
  • a good listener, like, he can take your ramblings and venting no problemo
  • your local meme dealer who likes to think he’s shady asf but is secretly a goof
    • “you got the good kush?”
    • “yeah, I do.” 
    • *Matt wraps you a hug* “you know I always got the bestest kush”


  • he definitely has an authority kink that he’s mortified to explain to his s/o
    • didn’t expect to be turned on by you calling him ‘commander’ in bed, but oh well, accidents happen and sometimes they yield amazing results ;))
  • Matt’s probably had a few experiences back at the Garrison, but they all happened to be one night stands
  • he couldn’t let anyone know about his….deviations, bc his Dad’s part of the Board of Instructors so everything was hush hush
    • incredibly good at having sex in semi-public places bc of this
    • loves to just place his palm over your mouth and ride you from the back as his harsh breathing washes over your neck and shoulders
  • loveloveloves giving oral
    • he’s not much for receiving it, as he’s an awkward bean and doesn’t like holding eye contact during blow-jobs  
    • but for you – oh man, he loves the way how you fall apart under his talented tongue
  • speaking of tongue, this boy’s got a mouth on him
  • but he’s p vanilla, so it’s all just variations of phrases like
    • “are you close?”
    • “you feel so good.”
    • “I can feel you pulsing around me.”
  • he’s a hella subby boy and wouldn’t mind you taking the lead
    • his fave position is girl on top bc he likes watching your body move on his and will tease you by gently nipping your neck or playing with your nipples
    • also, he likes watching you sink up and down his cock bc he’s a little bit voyeuristic in that sense
  • protective as fuck
  • he’s usually a pretty chill guy, but whenever some alien (or Lance) flirts with you, it sends him into a jealousy hyper-drive
  • would literally walk over to you and wrap his arm around you as he gives whoever dared flirt with you a smug grin
    • then he takes you to the closest unoccupied room and gives you the ride of your life 
    • he secretly loves the idea that he leaves you a little sore so you will be thinking of him throughout the day 
    • jealousy does crazy things to a man 
  • loves leaving you begging and making you beg for him
    • there’s just something about your hoarse voice and pleading eyes that gets him incredibly hard whenever he thinks about it
  • says the most filthiest things in the middle of innocent situations
  • once when you were both lounging in the common room, he nonchalantly mentioned the night before, while tracing the marks he left on your inner thighs
    • “i should leave them a little higher next time.”
  • that little shit knows exactly what he’s doing, don’t trust his cute smirk
Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets/The Most Sacred Oath

I’m guessing you can’t hear me squeal over your own squeals, but I’ll just keep at it a little longer, okay? Okay. 

Man, this episode read like very good fanfiction, and while I’m disappointed Dean never found out Cas used to be a woman (although, they did have a conversation about that, so Steve gets points anyway), everything else was plain amazing. I’m actually tempted to do a recap that’s just shouting words into the void, because, seriously, that would be enough, but - okay, let me watch that thing again and then I’ll write a proper meta.


(Deep breath.)

So, let’s get one thing out of the way: we already know why this story works so damn well, but it’s worth saying it one more time, because this is what the whole episode was about.

A human and an angel: not meant to be.

Ishim said humans are dangerous to angels, and I agree with him: if angels want to understand humans, to truly become friends with them, to live among them - well - look at what’s that done to Cas. Caring about humans is, apparently, different than caring about another angel; it forces you to give up something deep inside yourself. You become - weaker, unhappy. Doubt-ridden. Trapped between two worlds, and fit for neither. And as for humans - if they truly wish to get closer to angels - to speak their language, to know enough about their magic and weapons to be able help them when they’re in trouble or hurt - that literally costs them their souls.

It’s a tragedy. It’s doomed.

But, of course, it’s not completely hopeless. What would be the point of writing a love story if you know from the start nothing can never happen at all? No - love can conquer all, and this episode dangled it in front of us - the angel who chose humanity, who tried to defend the person he loved from his own brothers, and the human who was fascinated with angels and knew enough about them to make it work.

(They had a daughter, sort of, and let’s cry about that for the rest of eternity, because can you see it? Dean loves kids, and -)

Anyway. We’ve known for a while that angels - I mean, the price Cas paid for his loyalty to the Winchesters (his love for Dean) - that’s harrowing. But this idea that humans need to sacrifice their soul to become closer to angels - thanks for that, Steve. I’m fine.

And surely, at this point, there is no other way this could end? Because what Sam and Cas share - yeah, that’s what friendship looks like, but Dean and Cas - right. And so Cas went and said it (“You mean too much to me.”) and Dean just holed up in his room for the rest of the week? He never said a word to Cas? And, Jesus, Cas thinks Dean’s angry? At him? I’m glad this, at least, was spelled out clearly, because apparently some people still don’t get it and read Dean’s emotions at face value and no, Dean was not angry - he was worried out of his damn mind, and he’s got reason to be, because Cas still doesn’t fucking get it: “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”.

The idiot - the useless, fucking idiot.

(“Smelly. Dirty. Twice the worry about getting ganked.”)

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Another Side

Prompt: You want to ask Peter out to homecoming but what if he asks someone else?

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“You know this is the 4th time this week you’ve been staying late.” Mr. Delmar states, “What for?”

I blush slightly at the thought of Peter saying yes, “Homecoming.”

You’re asking that boy, Peter, yea?”

The cat meows and starts rubbing against my arms, he’s hungry. I bet being a cat is way better than being human. Cats can eat whatever they want and don’t have to care about the consequences, plus they are lazy. I shrug, “Maybe?”

Well, don’t let me stand in your way. Take all the overtime you need, your secret is safe with me.” Mr. Delmar pats me on the back and starts to pack up. I guess that’s my que to get going. It’s already 11:00pm. Yawning I follow Mr. Delmar out locking up, “Night kid.”

Soon enough I get home about to face plant into my bed when I hear light tapping on my window. A man crouches, leaning against it. I cautiously open it to reveal the one and only Spider-Man, “Oh, shit.”

“A little help here?”

Oh, sorry.“ I help him from the window on to my bed. Bruises and blood cover his body, "What the hell happened?”

Someone had a knife.”

That’s all he told me as I started to patch him up. Why? Why am I helping this guy? I don’t even know him. I know about what I read in the papers but that’s it. I stare at him, something seems oddly familiar but shake my head and get back to work.

Your cute.”

A mad blush crawls across my face until I shake it off, “And you’re hurt. We are both very observant people. Why’d you come here?”

Your parents home?”

I scoff. “Maybe. Besides the point, why’d you stop here? Figure that you get lucky on the first try?”

W-well, I went to other apartments, t-they didn’t have their lights on.”

Strapping the last of the bandages around his torso and I nod at my work, “Should take some pain med.’s and rest.” I smile to who ever it was behind the mask. I guess helping Spider-Man wasn’t so bad after all.

Today’s the day I thought to myself, today’s the day I get to finally ask Peter to Homecoming. Homecoming should be a blast right? I mean, admitting my feelings to him will be a leap but it shouldn’t be that bad, right? Ugh. Straightening my hair I take a look at the clock, 6:53, gotta blast.

At the end of the day, opening my locker with a sigh I realize that everything is in place. I worked over time at the sandwich shop which got me a lot of extra cash, just enough to get a poster and food to ask him to homecoming.

“Are you excited?” Ned asks leaning up against the locker next to mine.

“More like terrified, what if he doesn’t feel the same?” Bitting my nails taking a quick look down the hall, he should be here any minute.

“He does.” Ned reassures. I reach for the poster smiling but I get stopped in my tracks.

“Oh my god! Yes, of course I’ll go with you, Peter!” A girl down the hall shouts. My heart plummets into my stomach making me freeze. All butterflies in my stomach have disappeared and a horrible drop dead feeling fills it. He smiles awkwardly and hugs her. I bite my lip, I knew it would be to good to be true. I was living in a fairy tale and now it’s turning grey.

“He does, huh?” I mumble.

“(Y/n)-” Ned tries to explain but I cut him off, “See you Monday.” Throwing my backpack over my shoulder I walk out.

The moment my apartment door closes tears fall down, they don’t stop and I start sobbing. I waited to long, I should have done something. About a half and hour rolls around and I’m still in the same spot. A knock at the door makes me jump. I wipe the tears but it’s still obvious I’ve been crying will my puffy face. I open the door to a smiling Peter, “Hey. Are you alright?”

“U-uh yeah, I-I just failed a test I was studying for is all. What are you doing here? Should you be getting ready for homecoming?”

“Aren’t you?” Peter asks walking into the apartment.

“No, the person I wanted to ask, asked someone else. Now, I don’t plan on going. So, if you don’t mind.” I start pushing Peter back into the hall way, “I have to do homework.”

“But it’s the weekend.” Before Peter could say anymore I shut the door and watched him leave, only he hesitated for a minute. He considered coming back in, but why? Doesn’t matter, maybe needed help in a class or something. I walk into my room and see the dress hanging on the door, a long white faded red dress that cost me a fortune, didn’t matter at the time though because I thought I would dance in it with Peter. I bite my cheek and plop onto my bed, I’ll only close my eyes for a few……


The window. Groaning, I get up to see Spider-Man leaning against it, “What’s up?”

I let him in, “Sleeping. Are you hurt? I really don’t feel like chatting.”

“I, uh, wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I’m fine.”

“No, your not.”

“Then why’d you ask? Love kills.” I sit down on my bed and stare at the dress, “It was for Homecoming, spent weeks working on it. I was gonna ask someone I love but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel the same.”

“Who says that?” Spider man quickly asks. I raise and eyebrow. “I’m just helping out the neighborhood.”

I chuckle at the name, “Peter Parker. Great guy. You should meet him. I’m sure he’ll patch you up. I guess it’s my fault, for waiting to long. Or maybe finding out this way is better because maybe he doesn’t love me-”

“He loves you.” Spidey blurts out, “I mean, he looks like he does.” He points to a picture on the desk with Peter and I together, him kissing my cheek because I won my game, sweaty, smelly, and all. Smiling at the picture I take it in my hands tears swell up, “Yeah, that’s what I thought too.”

“Then you’re right, because I love you (y/n).” Peter states. I turn around slowly to see him standing there, “What?” Soon his lips are on mine, sparks fly, fireworks in the background, everything gets brighter and everything stands still.

Peter pulls apart stuttering, a nervous mess, “I asked the wrong girl. I-I was going to go up to you with the poster but someone g-got pushed in from of me, y-you have to believe me.”

I smile with one of his hands on my waist and another on my cheek, “I do.” My arms wrap around his neck, “I love you, Peter.”

“I love you too, (y/n).”

“Wait, your Spider man?”

“Shut your face and kiss me.”

BTS Reaction 2 Calling Out Your Insecurities In A Heated Argument

Requested by anon: “Can you do that argument isecurety thing you did for monstax but for bangtan boys??? Thank you!! Love the reactions you’ve done so far!!”            

You sure can and I’m glad you like my reactions and so sorry this was like reeeeeeeaaaaallllly late…

*gifs are not mine*

Jin: Lately Jin would just snap at the littlest things. Currently you were arguing about the dishes not being cleaned since he left the house earlier. “Okay I forgot. Sorry.” He glared. “Sorry? You’ve been sitting here like some fat man all day. If you actually lost some weight have some energy!” You gasped. “Wow…” He instantly apologized but at the moment you just wanted to be left alone.

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Yoongi: You were feeling down about your decision to switch careers Yoongi knew how insecure you felt about not being able to succeed. When he called it out in an argument you had, you ended up leaving your little place you two got together. He called you over and over and left messages apologizing for what he said. He felt super bad because he was the one to build up your confidence, not bring it down.

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Hoseok: In a past relationship, your s/o often commented on your weight and how you needed to lose weight. You’ve told Hobi all of this and he’s been nothing but good to you. You still felt some doubt, but you tried to push it aside. Hobi and you were arguing over something stupid. It got too heated, and words were exchanged. He yelled, “If you would just mind your own business and focus on your weight then we wouldn’t be arguing!” Instant regret flashed across his face. “Y/N I’m so sorry. I-I,” he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

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Namjoon: You had a problem with one of your arms. One arm was longer than the other and that really bugged you. When you both argue, it never got too far. One day the argument got too heated and Namjoon made a hurtful comment about your arms. Complete silence. You were more hurt than anything. He just stood there. not knowing what to say. His heart sank when he saw your hurt face. He knew he messed up big time.

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Jimin: When you two argue, you both say things that are mean but it’s never about how you physically look. You two got into an argument and for some reason Jimin wanted to make you really angry. He bashed on your age, because you were older than him (and if you’re younger, he bashed on you being younger than him). “Oh my gosh! I’m-” “Save it!” You stormed out, not really letting him say anything to you. Tears began falling down his face. He was shocked that he even said what he did.

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Taehyung: His hand covered his mouth and his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what just came out his mouth. How could he hurt you. He hurried and took your face into his hands. He began kissing your eyelids, trying to stop your tears from falling. He just kept saying sorry, I’m so sorry over and over and over again.

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Jungkook: He backed away as soon as he hurt you with what he said. He couldn’t get the way you looked out of his mind. The pure hurt he saw in your eyes hurt him deeply. He’d beat himself up over it. He just hurt the person he loved the most. He would keep to himself for awhile, not knowing how to approach you.

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To Forsake All Love

Pairing: Sigurd X Reader

Word Count: 3200

Warnings: Mild descriptions of gore (You start out picking up King Aelle post-blood eagle sooooo)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-

Daughter to the now dead King Aelle, a Queen mother overcome with grief and terror, a sister far from you and the other with no aspirations of responsibility, it falls to you to save Northumbria. Even if that means your people will hate you for it. 

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The King Is Back

Title: The King Is Back

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, and a few others

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warning: We got some angst and we got some smut

A/N: This is my submission for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps #Stephs 500+ Followers and Birthday Challenge. My song was Devil In Disguise by Elvis Presley, lyrics are italic and bold. Enjoy!!!

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Slamming another shot, she looked around the bar, her eyes landing on a man staggering between pool tables. Signaling the bartender, she ordered another round before walking over to him.

“Hey handsome, need a partner?”

Dean spun, staggering back a little into the pool table behind him, dragging his eyes up and down her body. “Mmm, I bet you’d make one hell of a partner sweetheart.”

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In the Bedroom

You can call it ‘charm’, when I found myself seated on the man’s bed, without any clothes, and legs spread as wide as I could. The only thing I knew about him, was the fact that he was almost twenty years older than me. But it was something else, that made me so comfortable to bare my body for him.

Even though he was shrouded in darkness, I could make out where his eyes were looking at. They were, on my naked body, at the area below my neck. My fingers mysteriously went to work, on my clit I never showed anyone how it was done. Little circles would cloud my mind, and taps would send tiny jolts up my back. There was no fear, of him doing anything but watch from his seat, a chair beyond the end of the bed.

The fiery tip of his cigarette would glow, as he took a puff of it, all in an unhurried, calm manner that helped more than he knew. I was slowly, touching myself to an orgasm. It would never occur to me, that I will come in front of a stranger, and even more so, at my usual loudness and intensity.

His smile that came when I climaxed, put my mind in even more ease. From where I sat, with the darkness he was in, I could tell that he was doing something to his pants. The unmistakable sound of zippers, messy ruffling of linen, he stopped moving once something tall, hard, poked out into the air.

'Come’, his deep voice summoned my helpless body over, and I did. As I crawled closer, I could see how thick he was. It resembled his stature. A firm, grounded pillar, wrapped in flesh as thin as my labia. I went on my knees in front of his chair, and peered up at his overshadowed face.

Seconds passed without a word from him, and I knew better than to let him speak, for I cannot imagine what he might say. I put my hand around his penis, bent it towards me and brought my face closer. It was pink, I think. It was hard to tell from the yellow, tungsten light, but I could sense its power.

A power I craved to overpower.

My mouth went right up to it and my lips went around it carefully, without tasting anything yet. I held it there as I stuck my tongue towards it, pressing hard to know how much pre-cum, if any, was there. Salty, sweet, clean. That was all I needed to know of his hygiene. My head moved back and forth on its own, using saliva that gathered in my jaw to help him slide easier, in and out of my face.

I didn’t hear him groan, nor felt any twitches. He just sat there, smoking and enjoying it with his eyes closed. I almost liked how calm he was, but the competitiveness in me wasn’t gone. Like a natural, I went faster, taking him a little deeper but not enough to gag. Then, he flinched. I saw him tilt his head back, and he didn’t suck on his cigarette anymore. Ashes dropped as his toes clenched, until I suddenly felt his hand on the top of my head.

'That’s enough’, he said in a suppressed-agitated tone. Had I won? Apparently, not. He helped me up and brought me into the bathroom, to the sinks where a wall of mirror laid behind them. All I noticed, was how my make up was still on, even my lipstick, that should be gone from the saliva and vigorous motion over it.

He put me over the sink and took a while to find my entrance, but it didn’t take any longer than that. He fucked my wet pussy so easily, as if I was made for him. My mind was all over the place. Especially so when his cock stretched my vagina walls so thinly, like a condom. I think I lost my wetness, when it got more and more intense. I could feel the bumps on his erection cleaning my insides out. He was reaching a spot no man had been, in a way no toys could match.

I was about to come again, and he could feel it too. He kept going faster and faster, hurting me at my hips where the sink was. Out of nowhere, a jet of hot cum sprayed inside me, and did not stop until I heard the loud, dripping noises of thick fluids hitting the floor. He gradually slowed his thrusts, but did not stop. He just went slow and steady until I felt my walls getting spread again.

He had already began picking up speed, shoving his meat inside my full vagina. As a first for me, to use cum as lubricant, I couldn’t help but get wetter. The thought of having cum pushed so far up me, while some of it was going to make another load. It turned me on so much.

Halfway, he grabbed a handful of my hair, and without yanking on them, brought me outside to the balcony where the cold wind blew. Somehow, he managed to bring his pack of cigarettes and lighter along, to light one up for each of us. While he made himself comfortable on the solid, steel chair, I bounced myself on his cock, feet tucked between his. It was an experience to be smoking at the same time fucking a man. I made sure to see where the lit end of the cigarette went when I put my hands on his thighs, so I could ride him better.

The second, consequetive round lasted longer, longer than the stick he handed me. Once I was done smoking, I could ride him better, and faster. I loved the huge electrifying shocks to my brain whenever I slammed my ass down on him. It would never fail to stop him from taking another puff. It was like a game, a child would play.

When my desire for another orgasm overwhelmed me, I stopped caring about his smoke. I rocked atop him so hard that when I was about to come, I made sure to use that tight, pretty pussy to milk him until his face crashed into my back. I felt the second squirt into my pussy coming so hard, and I went to rub my clit so I would still be throbbing on the inside.

He just came and came until he fell back, arms hanging over the armrest like a dead body. I only knew I felt full when I lifted myself up, but not how much until blobs of cum drenched his stubby cock. Not wanting to leave any stains on the floor, I turned to him and ate those excess cum up. I swallowed it like medicine, which taste didn’t get to me until they were in my belly.

We went back into the bathroom for a quick shower, and then to sleep. I remembered how I kept playing with his cock, wanting to see if a man could sleep with a hard on. The third round he so angrily forced it into me from behind, told me otherwise. The little anger made me wet quickly, and made him cum as quickly. There was almost nothing when he collapsed over my back.

Luckily, he still had strength to roll over before falling asleep. I couldn’t complain about the rage-sex that happened in the middle of the night when I sucked him because I couldn’t sleep.

I will miss his cock.

Take a Little Time

So this a request that I’ve been meaning to fulfill for too long and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. @ambrosegirlforever messaged me a few months ago asking for this fic to be written and I started it, then walked away from it, then edited it, then started it again. Now here it is, and I really hope you enjoy it, love.

Summary: Reader gets wasted one night in a bar dealing with all the frustrating emotions that come from dating Finn Balor. Her loving boyfriend comes to her aid, then fluff and smut ensues.
Warnings: Fluff, smut, 
Word Count:3191

Tag List
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Savage is going DOWN!

Hi! How are you, my darling little wings? We’ve reached the 70+ little wings!!! I’m sooo happy!!!

Thank you @talesfromthecreed​  for requesting again! I happy you liked the other one and I’m sorry for the waiting, and I hope you like this one too!!!

Serie: Part1  Part2 (here you are!) Part3 

Promp: Yasss I love it!! OOO JUST GOT ANOTHER IDEA! this same reader, who everyone is so protective of, gets kidnapped by Vandal Savage. Ooo rip savage

After the last stunt you pulled, let’s say the team wasn’t very happy with you.

They won’t let you go on missions, or go with Len and Mick to “investigate” the bars on the time you were.

“Please! I want to go with you please, Captain.”

“No, (y/n).” Rip said. You pouted.

“pwease” You pulled your secret weapon.


Rip stern face melted slowly….

“Argh, alright-“


“BUT! If you do something than threatens the mission, or your health. You will be going straight home, you understand missy?”

“Aye aye captain!” You saluted him and then ran towards your room to gather your weapon.

As he saw you ran toward your room he sighed.

“I got a bad feeling about this”


The mission was “easy”.

As easy as trying to stop an immortal man who wants to kill you.


You got separated from your time for a moment.

A moment that Vandal Savage took advantage of.

“What the Fumdfj-“suddenly your world went black

“You will have to do.”


“(y/n)? (y/n) where are you? “ Rip yelled.

“She was behind me a minute ago!” Sara said. “She can’t be very far”

Rip looked all over the place, when he saw a piece of paper on the grown that said:

“You did it again, Rip Hunter.”

The scream Rip let escape was so agonic and broken that broke all the hearts of the people reading this.

Yes, even yours.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT SAVAGE “THE COLD HEARTER KILLER” HAS HER?” Len screamed at Rip, Sara and Kendra had to leave the room as the news brought an anxiety attack. Fear clutched the heart of your fellow legends.

“I won’t stay here meanwhile my little sister is in danger because YOU “captain” weren’t able of looking after her.” Leonard said.

“I won’t stay here, too.  I suggest we attack him now and then we set everything on fire with him in there”

“If he as much as touches her-“Carter said.

“I’m going to kill him. But this time, permanently” Kendra entered the room, Sara not far behind and both with their suits on.

“It’s better if you stay here, Captain. As it seems you really only care for you mission” Len said being as hurtful as he could. Everyone followed Kendra and Len toward the exit, mind set on killing Vandal Savage.

Letting their captain alone, blaming himself.

He had lost his son once, and now

He lost you.

His dear daughter.

(Even though he didn’t tell you he felt that way)







You waked up, being tied up in a chair in a dark room. Your mouth was gagged.

Where the hell were you?!


Ohhhhohoh when you get your hands on that asshole….

“Sleep well, princess?”


“Oh, it’s true. You can’t talk.”

You glared at him, your insults muffled by the gag.

“And when you aren’t of use for me, you won’t be able to breath.” He smirked.

Your eyes widened in fear, hot tears contrasting with the cold feeling traveled all over your body.


Please, Len, Mick, Sara, Kendra, Carter, Jax, Martin, Ray, Rip, anyone!



The team was hidden in the bushes outside the building were he got you held.

“Let’s get inside! Right now!” Said Jax, getting up from his position.

“NO,” Said Len. “We have to have a plan.”

Mick grabbed Jax by his shirt and pulled him to the ground again.

“Snart is right, we need a plan. We can’t fail.” Sara said.

“This is what we are going to do…”


Vandal was sitting in front of you, amused.

Your glaring was so …


“I got to say, I see what Hunter sees in you. You and his son have the same defiance in your eyes. I tried to save the kid, you know. I gave him the option but he chose to spit me in my face. That was the last thing he did.” His smirk widened.

A loud noise halted Savage on his next words. Your eyes beamed with hopefulness.

“mgh teanmgh iz goingf tu krul yu.” You said Snartilly.

“What did you said?!” Said the man, removing your gag.

“My team is going to kill you” You smirked like a Snart.

Like brother like sister, eh (y/n)??

Savage angrily shoved the gag in your mouth and leaved you there, he grabbed his gun and went in search for your team.


Meanwhile Rip had his own plan. His team mates were going to be the bait and he was going to enter by a secret back door.

And if there is no secret back door

He will make that secret back door with his bare hands.

Nobody steals his baby from him twice.










The team separated in two different teams, Len, Mick, Ray and Kendra, Carter, Sara, Martin and Jax.

Kendra and Carter went the first with Sara and Firestorm close behind. They separated from Len’s team so they would be able to find you sooner.

They turned a corner when Kendra made them stop.

“What’s wrong, Ken-“Sara started until she was shushed by Kendra.

“Somebody is following us.”

“What the h-“  Firestorm turned toward the noise.

“GET DOWN!” Sara screamed


You heard the guns and the scrams of rage of your teammates and tried to get free of your bounds. Your scrams were muffled by your gag.

Suddenly a faint voiced greeted your ears.


“Ripuh” Your eyes beamed at him. “Ripu halp mu.”

“Shush now, darling. We don’t want attention draw toward us.” Rip smiled at you. He untied you and removed the gag. You bolted out of the chair and hugged Rip tight, he smiled in the embrace and hugged you back. His face hided in your hair, smelling your sweet perfume. A few tears picked at his eyes. Your eyes flooded with tears as you sobbed in Rip’s neck meanwhile Rip hand softly caressed your hair.

“Shush, darling. You’re safe, now. We’re going home.”


In your way out you found Kendra, Sara, Carter and Firestorm who upon seeing you ran towards you and tackled you like football players. Crying their eyes out as they hugged you tightly.

So tightly, that your face turned blue.

“Guys you’re choking her!” Rip said and the other stopped and separated from you and you could breathe again.

“You had us worried sick! Don’t you dare do that again!” Firestorm said.

“ Wow, Jax, Dr Martin, you were right, you look awesome as Firestorm!”

That made them soften their glaring at you.

Your charm still worked.




“We should go search for the others” Sara said.

“Yes, let’s go. (y/n) stay behind me, I will protect you.” Rip said, caressing your cheek lovingly.

The team looked at their captain with a half touched half jealous.

“C’mon, let’s go.” Said Carter.

Your team made their way, until you fond the other part of your family having a gun fight/ laser tag with Vandal Savage. Upon seeing him, a snarl made its way to Kendra’s face who tacked Savage and beating him to a pulp. Carter soon joined her in her fight.

Len and Mick tock of their glasses off and looked at you in the eye. You smiled sweetly.

“uhh Hi!” You waved.

Mick ran towards you and scoped you in his arms, hugging you hard meanwhile twirling you around.

“(y/n), (y/n), (y/n)! you’re safe! Don’t you dare get kidnaped again, comprende?”

“Alright” you hugged him back.

Len snatched you from Mick’s arms and kissed your face several times while hugging you.

“You had me so worried, (y/n). You should have stayed in Central with Lisa.”

You kissed his cheek and smiled at him. “I’m sorry, big brother.”

All your team returned towards the ship

Having to tear Kendra and Carter from Vandal Savage’s unconscious bleeding body.


The team drowned you in hugs and kisses. When you got to the Waverider:

Jax and Martin hugged you and forced you to see Gideon in the med bay.

Sara waited for you in your room and keep you company (Aka tell you how the team acted when they saw you weren’t there) and Ray came with your weapon that he had improved.

Then in came Kendra and Carter, who kissed your forehead and brought you dinner.

After them Len and Mick came and stayed caressing your hair and telling how much you mean to them and how they love you until you fell asleep.

Lastly Rip entered and sat next to you in the bed, caressing your hair and kissing your eyelids.

“You mean so much to me, (y/n). I don’t know how, but you broke the ice in my heart. You are my baby girl”

“I love you, Darling.”

“I love you to, daddy Rip” You smiled at him sleepily. He smiled as tears leaked from his eyes.

You made a spot in the bed for Rip and he lied down next to you and you hugged him, your head leaning on his chest, falling sleep immediately. Rip smiled and kissed your head.

“Sleep well, my darling princess”

The end.

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“Unplanned Picnic”

This fic is a first attempt at writing with someone else’s character within this universe. A quick story of @teensiest‘s Penny taunting some prey and getting a late night snack. Just a quick cw of some mild sexual descriptions and obviously blood/death that sort of thing. Hope you guys like it and remember to check out their page for more info on their version of the character. Enjoy!

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Punctured Love

A/N: Drabble request for anon​. Imagine in which the reader is terrified of needles, and Jax knows it, so tells her it’s okay that she not get his crow tattooed on her. Enjoy, anony!

You sat in the waiting room, bouncing your leg as you waited for the nurse to call you in.
“It’s alright, I’ll be there the whole time.” Jax reassured you, his hand sliding down your thigh, squeezing it.
You didn’t reply, forcing yourself to stop bouncing your leg for all of a minute before starting up again.
It was only a blood test, but as much as you psyched yourself up, telling yourself it would be fine, just like every other time, you still sat in that chair as though you were waiting for the electric chair.
“Y/N?” The nurse called.
Your head snapped up, but you were frozen in your chair.
“Come on, babe, it’s okay.” Jax said, helping you up.
Walking into the nurse’s office, you sat on the bed, Jax next to you.
The nurse began the process, placing the band around your arm and tightening it. She began to feel around for the vein and you began to shake.
“You okay, sweetheart? If you feel like you’re gonna pass out, you tell me.”
You nodded and Jax squeezed your hand.
“Breathe, baby, in through the nose, out through the mouth, that’s it.”
“I promise, I won’t put the needle in until I’ve found a vein. Just relax and it’ll be over in a minute.” The nurse added.
You felt the tears welling up in your eyes, but you kept your gaze locked on Jax’s, following him along in his breathing technique. Sweat formed on your brow, and your cheeks flushed red as you felt the slight pinch of the needle.
“You’re doing great, Y/N, nurse is nearly done.”
You nodded, still breathing heavily, wincing slightly as you felt the needle being pulled out.
“All finished. Now sit there a moment, drink this cup of water, you’re a bit pale and I don’t want you getting up straight away.” The nurse said, handing her a paper cup.
You sipped at it while the nurse placed a cotton ball and tape over the area she’d drawn blood from. The nurse let you leave once she was happy with your breathing and colouring of your face.
Jax lead you out to the car, and the minute you were buckled in, you relaxed completely.
“Feeling better?”
“Yeah, thanks for that. Sorry I got freaked out.”
“All good darlin’.” He smiled at you. 
“How about we get burgers and ice cream, spend the night watching your favourite movies?”
You agreed, looking forward to a quiet evening in with your man.


Settling into bed for the evening, you lay with your head on Jax’s head, listening to the rain pouring outside. You felt so lucky to have him. Jax was so kind and caring, protective, and he loved you so deeply. 
He shifted underneath you, rolling towards you. He lay there, stroking your hair and smiling at you for a short while.
“I’m so glad I found you.” He said.
Blush rose in your cheeks. “I’m glad I found you, too.”
“I’ve been thinkin’. I really love you, and there’s no one else I want to do life with. Will you marry me? Be my Old Lady?”
It took a moment for the idea to register in. Jax wanted to marry you. You’d be his Old Lady, his wife. Pure joy was quickly replaced with a nauseating squeeze in your stomach.
Being an Old Lady meant getting your Old Man’s crow. Which meant a whole lot of needles. Which you hated.
“I haven’t even got pierced ears!” You exclaimed, sitting up.
“Huh?” Jax asked.
“I can’t get a crow tattoo! I can’t get any tattoos! Sooooo many needles!”
You felt the panic rising within you. You felt awful. Jax wanted to spend his life with you, and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. But even the idea of being the wife of an outlaw biker club was less terrifying that a bunch of needles pricking your skin at once.
You heard Jax chuckle and turned to look at him laying on his back, staring up at you.
What caught your sight next was the diamond ring he was holding out to you.
“You don’t have to get my crow, babe. I’m not gonna force you to get a tattoo. I already know you’re mine, and that ring will tell anyone who doesn’t know. Or anyone who needs reminding.”
Your hand covered your mouth, the other reaching out, holding the delicate piece of jewellery between your fingers.
Jax sat up, cupping your cheek in his hand, wiping a stray tear you hadn’t noticed had fallen.
“So, is that a yes?”
“Yeah!” You said, and Jax pulled you in for a deep, slow kiss.
He slid the ring on your finger and you studied it, loving the feel of it.
“Now, I still would like you to have my crow.” Jax said, shuffling over on the bed towards the edge.
“You what?” You asked, wondering how on Earth you were going to pull that off.
Jax leant over the side of the bed, pulling up a long, flat box, handing it to you.
You opened it, pulling out what was inside.
A black t-shirt, “Jax’s Old Lady” printed on it in white, looking like a kutte patch.
You grinned, clutching the fabric like it was precious.
“Turn it over.”
Doing as you were told, you were met with an intricate crow design covering much of the back of the shirt. It was beautifully detailed, in the same white ink as the writing on the front.
“Wow, Jax.” You breathed out, rendered speechless. It was such a kind gesture, and you didn’t think you could love Jax anymore than you did until that moment.
“I got Happy to design it for me and got it printed on the shirt. I still have the design, so if anything happens to the shirt, we’ll go get another printed.”
You giggled, shaking your head.
“I love it so much. And I love you, Jax Teller.
“I love you too, future Mrs Teller.”

In your hands

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: Swearing, masturbation, no actual penetration, dirty talk, bit of hair pulling, not a lot is going on right now

Word Count: 1630

i’m a sucker for the thought of bucky beating his meat. also i’m kinda down for anything that doesn’t contain *actual* penetration?? so enjoy if you’re one and the same (plus if you have any smut about bucky jerking it, send it to me thanks)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

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The Joker x Reader - “Forgive and Forget”

You are 8 months pregnant. The Joker didn’t want the baby at all and you had a terrible fight. Again. In the heat of the moment, he pushed you down the stairs, wanting to get rid of both of you once and for all. This is something you can never forgive…or forget.

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153980061476/the-joker-x-reader-best-friends




You scream in pain while the doctor is cutting and snipping at your body under the bloody sheets. After that terrible fall you started feeling worse and worse and by the end of the day your bleeding won’t stop. The Joker brought you the doctor you usually use at your hideout and he is trying the best to help, but the situation doesn’t look too good.

“Would you give her something for the pain so she will shut up?” the Joker sighs, annoyed, watching you squirm from his chair.

“You…you son a bitch, you pushed me…” you utter through your clenched teeth, panting, feeling dizzy from the pain.

“I didn’t mean to,” he bitterly replies.

“Yes, yes you did, you never do anything you don’t mean…” you whisper, wanting him dead for what happened.

“Busted,” he smirks. “I don’t want you or your stupid kid, why didn’t you just die, hmmm? It would have been easier on everybody.”
Normally words like this wouldn’t hurt you, but now the circumstances are different.

“Shut up, don’t say that!” you beg him, holding tight to your sheets while the doctor injects you with a mild pain killer. He can’t give you something stronger because you’re pregnant. It doesn’t help too much but it’s better than nothing.

“I say whatever the hell I wanna say. And stop whining, you’re a hit woman, one of the best, so just tough it out, God dammit!” he scoffs, his eyes burning holes through you.

“I’m going to kill you for trying to get rid of my baby, I swear!” you scream, taking deep breaths, trying not to push. The doctor told you it’s not a good idea so you are trying to do just that.

“Well, fuck, just do it then,” he mutters, getting up from his chair. He takes the gun from his holster and comes to your bed, places it in your hand, then points it at his forehead. “Do it! Free shot! Come on! Do it!” J snickers, looking you in the eyes. Your hand is shaky from the agony you’re going through but you really want to pull the trigger. After a few seconds you just lower your hand, then you press it on the Joker’s chest, giving the gun back to him.

“Get out! I never want to see you again, you monster,” you whisper, feeling another wave of contractions will hit you soon. “Get out, NOW!!!” you shout as loud as you can.
“Gladly,” he smiles, placing his gun back in his holster. “I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody.”

You watch him getting out of the room and you hate yourself for that little part inside of you wanting him to stay.

“Come on, Frost, let’s go!” the Joker urges his henchman that was waiting at the door for him.

“Sir, how is she doing?” Jonny asks, starting to walk besides his boss.

Frost suddenly hears you scream and stops in his tracks. J continues to walk.

“Move it, I don’t have all night!” J growls at his henchman.

“Why…why are you leaving, sir?”

“Because I don’t want to be here, I don’t care,” he shakes his head, amazed Jonny didn’t get it yet.

“With all due respect, boss, I am going in there and I am going to stay with her, she shouldn’t be alone right now.”

“Wh-what?! I told you to come with me,” he licks his silver teeth, getting mad.

“She’s my best friend, sir, and you know it. I am going to stay with her.”

Frost turns his back on the Joker and starts walking to the room where you are kept.

Suddenly, J pushes him against the wall, getting in his face, irritated as hell.

“You dare defying me???!!!”

They stare at each other for a while until Frost slowly unclenches the Joker’s fists from his shirt.

“Sir, she shouldn’t be alone, both of them could die, do you realize that?…”
The Joker takes a deep breath, releasing his hold.

“I fucked up,” he slowly says, stepping back. “But then again I always do so it doesn’t matter.”

He passes his fingers through his hair and begins to walk towards the exit. In a moment of weakness, you scream his name when your pain reaches unbearable heights again.

J stops for a few moments, biting his lips, then covers his ears and runs out.

Frost pulls himself together and steps inside, trying to hide his grimace when he sees so much blood.

Jesus Christ, he thinks, scared for your life. In the meantime the doctor hooked you up to an IV and he’s trying to keep you conscious for as long as possible.

“Jonny, come here,” you faintly smile, exhausted, signaling him to come by you.

“How are you holding up, Y/N?” he frowns, taking your hand and kissing it.

“Not too good…He left?” you ask, feeling tears building up in your eyes.

Frost nods a yes and he squeezes your hand tighter, trying to comfort you.

“Promise me something, Jonny,” you plead with shaky voice.

“Anything, you know that…”

“If I die and my daughter survives, please don’t let him kill her. Please! Please take care of her and don’t give her away ! Would you do that for me?”

“He’s not going to kill her and you are not going to die, ok? Everything will be fine.”

“Oh, Jonny, you are such a bad liar,” you try to joke, bringing his fingers to your red, sweaty face. He caresses your cheek, not liking the fact that it’s so hot. You close your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N, do you remember when we were 14 and I asked you to marry me?”

You open your eyes again and look at him. You giggle a little bit.

“How could I forget?” you place your right palm against his, looking at your tattooed wedding rings. “We were so stupid we got these tattooed on the wrong hand.”

“My old man kicked my ass for this ink,” he laughs, trying to cheer you up.

“Mine too, I was grounded for 3 months,” you wink, but the discomfort you feel building up again all over your body makes you wince.

“I never told anybody what this means, do you know that?” he confesses, kissing your hand again.

“Me neither. I’ll never tell, it’s our little secret, right?”


“I should have married you at one point…” it’s the last thing you manage to tell him before letting out a loud scream.

“You should have,” Frost mumbles while the doctor starts moving around the bed frantically.

“She’s bleeding too much; I really have to stop the bleeding. Y/N, don’t push, please!”
“I…I…can’t…I’m trying…” you answer, loudly breathing. You let your head slip back on the pillow, all of the sudden feeling very tired.

“Y/N, don’t fall asleep,” Jonny sighs, struggling to keep you awake.

You didn’t fall asleep; you actually fainted from the blood loss.

As soon as your eyes closed, The Joker rushed inside the room, screaming at the doctor with the gun in his hand:

“If she dies, you die and everybody that you ever loved and cared for will die too, got it???!!!!”

There’s no way for you to know, but he came back after Frost got inside and waited at the door, listening. J actually almost made it to his car when something weird took place: he suddenly felt a strange pain in his chest and he thought his heart stopped for a few seconds. He stood there, trying to breathe, not understanding what is happening to him. He took another step and then all he was able to do was not to move, stunned, realizing that what he was feeling was probably remorse and regret. But he wasn’t too sure since he always told himself he really has no feelings.

The doctor was able to save you and the baby and when you woke up the only one still with you was Frost. The Joker didn’t want you to know he came back but Frost told you anyway. You didn’t care; all you cared about was to run away into safety, as far away from Gotham and HIM as possible.


You covered your tracks very well, jumping from one identity to another in the following year, moving from LA to Boston, New Jersey to Washington, and now New York for the next month or so. You barely keep in touch with Jonny too, afraid the Joker might sniff you out.

You are heading back to the house on the lonely alley that leads to your fence, holding your daughter in your arms. She keeps on talking gibberish, pulling your earring with her tiny hand.

“Auchie, Evie, that hurts, baby girl. Stop doing this to mommy, will you?” you bounce her into your other hand, starting to look for the keys in your purse.

“Need help with that, Baby Doll?”

Your hand freezes on your handbag and you slowly lift your eyes to see J right in front of you. You gulp, panicked, holding your daughter tighter and turning sideways so you can protect her better in case he tries something.

“How…how did you find me?” you wince, wishing you had at least a knife on you.

“I…ummm, persuaded good ol’ Jonny to tell me. You know I can be very convincing,” he tries to joke but it freaks you out. “Don’t look so scared…Mrs. Frost. I took the liberty of looking through your mail box. Now, that was a shock!” he dramatically gestures with his shoulders. “I didn’t know that was one of your identities, Princess. Now, are you coming back and work for me again? I have a huggeee black list for you to take care of.”

“Go to hell!” You gather your courage and start walking, passing him by as fast as you can. His grin freezes on his lips when he notices how upset you are. You lift Evie higher on your hip and she keeps on waving at her dad, happily smiling for some reason, probably liking his green hair. As the distance between you two grows, you hear him say:

“She looks just like you.”

You keep walking, trying to get to the door when you realize the porch is full of flowers so you can’t even get there. You start kicking the flowers, annoyed and the frustration building up inside you makes the tears rolls on your face without you even noticing. Why did he have to find you? Now you have to move again, and fast.

“Can I see her?” The Joker’s voice is right behind you and you turn towards him, holding Evie so tight she starts whimpering, uncomfortable. You fastly wipe your tears with one hand, backing out.

“If you touch my daughter I WILL kill you, mark my words! Why are you here? Leave us alone, you didn’t want us!” you yell so loud it makes you tremble.

Evie starts crying, scared; she doesn’t know what’s going on. You try to soothe her, rocking her in your arms while staring at the Joker’s blue eyes, completely ready to do something crazy if you have to.

“I’m dying…” he whispers, looking away, hoping you will feel sorry for him.

“We all die!” you shout, kissing Evie’s head and stepping back again when he comes towards you.

“I don’t have much left so I guess you could say karma is a bitch, hmmm? Cancer is going to kill me soon so I just wanted to see you one more time.”

“Please go away,” you whisper. You are so distracted and tense you barely hear what he’s saying.

“Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“No, I know you’re lying, you bastard, I can always tell when you lie!” you huff, trying to find your keys again.

“Yeah, you could always tell when I bluff, one of your special talents…” the Joker sadly smiles, taking another step towards you.

“Stay right there, I mean it!” you threaten him, aggravated, wiping more tears from your face. Evie buries her little head with ponytails in your chest, cooing.

“Can I hold her?”
“You must be shitting me! Try to touch her and you’ll see what happens to you!!!” you start bowling, finally getting the keys out of your purse and trying to open the door.

“Here, let me help you,” he tries to reach around you and you push him away, crying so hard you can’t even see the lock.

“I said go away!!”

His hands grab you from behind, stretching to reach Evie too.

You struggle to escape and he presses himself against you, making you unable to move since you are holding your daughter too.

“Don’t touch my kid,” you beg him through tears, afraid he will hurt her. “Don’t you dare…”

“I am not doing anything, Princess, I just wanted to hug you both,” the Joker mutters in your ear before letting go, lifting his hands in surrender when you turn towards him. “Can I please hold her?” That’s a word he’s not too familiar with.

“No, never…” you shake your head in denial, forgetting to cry.

“Can you forgive me?”
You give him such a look he feels that weird pain in his chest again.

“N-never,” you cut him off. “I will never forgive or forget what you did.”

“And I don’t want you too,” he is fast in agreeing. “…Can I see her at least?”

“No, she’s upset,” you caress her back, leaning against the door, sniffling.

“Can I just sit here and look at you two?”

You close your eyes and slowly turn Evie towards him even if she fights it.

“Here she is, now leave,” you command, moving her back in the safety of your embrace after a few seconds.

“She really looks like you, baby Doll. And I like the name; but you could have asked me too when you chose it… Sorry, bad joke,” J sighs, seeing the sour expression on your face.

“Go away, J, I don’t want you here.”

“You know, it’s not a good feeling…not being wanted I mean.  Must have been worse for you, after what I did.”

“Don’t you dare playing your mind games with me!” you frown, rocking Evie again because she’s getting impatient.

“I’m not, I swear,” he reassures you, watching you unlock the door and getting inside your house. “Can I come in?”

“NO!” you slam the door in his face, locking it behind you.


You keep on watching him patrolling up and down your porch all night until you fall asleep with Evie on the couch.

When you open your eyes in the morning, it takes you a few seconds to realize she’s not there. Did she crawl down the couch? Sometimes she does that.

“Sweetie, where are you?” you ask, worried, starting to look around the living room, then head towards the kitchen when your heart stops: the Joker has Evie on the kitchen table, holding her waist while sitting on a chair in front of her.

“You are cute, you know that? You look like me too,” he smiles and her eyes get big, no doubt mesmerized by his silver teeth. “I can’t believe I almost killed you,” he talks in a low voice, stroking her cheek and she giggles. “Your dad is a jerk, did you know that?”

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing? How’d you get in here?” you shriek, darting to get her.

“Back door,” J points towards it, and you snitch Evie away. “It was opened.”

Dammit, with everything going on you forgot about the stupid back door.

“Out of my house, now!” you snarl, unhappy J touched Evie.

“I didn’t do anything to her, we just…caught up,” he cracks his fingers, yawning. “I’m so tired, didn’t sleep all night. Can I crush here?”
“No, get out!!!”
Evie is starting to reach her little hands for the Joker when he waves at her.

“See? She knows I’m her dad, lemme hold her, I think she likes my hair,” he snickers, happy at his little victory.

Evie keeps on reaching for him while you struggle to keep her calm.

“No, baby, he’s a bad man,” you tell her and she starts whimpering because she can’t get to him.

The Joker rises up and walks towards you with his arms reaching for his daughter.

“Come on, I want to hold her!”
She squirms really badly and whines until you finally let him have her.

“See? I’m not doing anything,” he emphasis, reaching for the back of his jacket with one hand. He takes out his gun and gives it to you:

“Here, it’s loaded; you can shoot me at any time. But I’m not going to hurt her.”

He then starts walking around the kitchen, lifting her up while she laughs and screams, delighted. It makes your skin crawl.

“I’ll never forgive you,” you remind him, aggravated.

“I don’t want you to,” he stops for a moment, looking your way, wanting to hug you but you will probably pull the trigger so he gives up on the idea. He starts playing with Evie again. “Can you please change your identity? Mrs. Frost sends shivers down my spine.”

“Don’t care,” you grouchily reply.

“Fair enough, hmm?” he addresses Evie while she bounces in his arms, excited. “Mom can keep it for a while.”



Valentine Kinda Gal (Valentine’s Day)

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A/N: Part Three to my Matthew Gray Gubler Holiday Series! Valentine’s Day has arrived looking so sweet and fluffy! I don’t know what holiday to do next so PLEASE leave suggestions or comments!


The Holiday Series:

Spooky October (Halloween)

Frosty Night (Christmas)

Valentine Kinda Gal (Valentine’s Holdiay):

February 1st:

You and Matthew had been sitting around your home trying to get inspiration for you Valentine’s Day decorations, but somehow you both ended up laying upside down on your couch look at the black screen “What am I going to do? I’m hosting this party and have no inspiration for put anything anywhere!” You sighed out in frustration as you climbed back up into a regular sitting position. Matthew following shortly behind you as he pulled you in his lap softly as he began to stroke your hair “How about we go to Target? That always inspires you.” He said as you looked up at him to see him looking back down at you with soft eyes “Yeah, you’re driving though.” You said as you heard him let out a soft “sure.”

You both made your way down to his car, as you hopped into the car looking outside the window the realization hit you, you were throwing a Valentine’s Day party and you didn’t even ask Matthew to be your date, for all you knew he had a date. Ever since Christmas, you guys didn’t talk about the kiss but you shared a couple more romantic moments but you both never said anything about them you just let them happen to the fullest. As you sat in this chair, radio blasting random love songs, you looked over to see Matthew singing along, you laughed softly as you smiled at him, this man had captivated your thought, your feelings all with his sweet smile and caring nature.

“I look funny don’t I? You’re just realizing I look like a weirdo.” He said covering his face as you laughed and shook your head “Good cause we’re here.” He said placing the car in park, the Target was only five minutes by drive but those five minutes were consumed with the idea of Matthew. You got out of the car and darted for Target leaving Matthew behind causing him to run after you, once he caught up to you he wrapped his arms around your waist to prevent you from running away “Don’t go breaking my heart.” He whispered softly and your heart nearly jumped out of your chest at his words and before you could reply you heard several gasp from in front of you as you saw a flash.

“Oh my god! You’re Matthew Gray Gubler! Is this your girlfriend?” The young fan asked as Matthew smiled giving her a hug, whispering something to her in secret as she covered her mouth nodding. “Can I have a picture with you?” She asked as she held the phone up to show him, he nodded and you took the phone from the girl taking the picture for them, seeing his smiling face was worth all the pictures in the world. He was genuinely the man you had started to fall for, kind and caring, always putting others before himself, and making sure to always exercise his potential to the fullest. “Thank you so much!” The girl said excitedly as she tackled Matthew in one last hug before taking her phone, hugging you as well which caught you off guard.

“A hug? It seems like you’re starting to become famous, as well.” He said smiling as he took your hand tugging you towards the Valentine’s Day decorations, but as you looked at the back of Matthews head, as you thought of his smile you knew exactly what you wanted to buy and where you wanted them to go. About forty-five minutes after your search for Valentine’s Day things, you were finally back in your house exhausted at the day’s adventure. “Time to call it a night?” Matthew asked sitting on your couch with his arm extend on the back of the couch, you cuddle up next to him “Yeah, definitely.” You said as you wrapped an arm around him.

This wasn’t strange for him or yourself considering he was staying over until they could fix the plumbing in his house, so you both usually cuddle up on your couch until you both fell asleep and then sometime in the middle of the night he would carry you off to bed and tuck you in. Then you would wake up to use the bathroom only to see that the blanket was off of Matthew’s body and he was silently shivering until you would walk over and wrap him with the blanket and return back to your slumber. Yet regardless of this routine he always ended up tangled in your bed for you both to wake up to each other that morning.

February 13th:

Matthew was hanging up a tapestry that was covered with hearts in all colors, allowing for a little area for everyone to take photos with a cute background, while you set up some other decorations throughout the house and you were nearly complete all you had to do was hang the heart lights around the living room area and just as you were nearly finished your foot had slipped causing you to fall off the ladder which led you to close your eyes in the brace for impact.

“I told you, I would do that.” You heard Matthew say, feeling his minty breath hit your face as you opened your eyes noticing he had caught you in his arms. “I knew something was going to happen.” He said laughing softly “Ohhh you’re Matthew senses were tingling.” You said laughing at your joke as he rolled his eyes not being able to find his smile. He set you on the ground gently “Now let me finish this up.” He said getting on the ladder to apply the last few lights on the ledge.

“So are you bringing anyone to the party?” You asked as you innocently fixed up some decorations that were perfectly placed “I thought you were my date, so I didn’t get one.” He said calmly as he unraveled the streamers to place them through the lights “Oh, I was just asking, didn’t want you to feel like you had to go with me.” You said softly looking at your feet “(Y/N). I would rather go with you than anyone else.” He said strongly as he grabbed your hand spinning you around dipping you slightly placing a soft kiss on your lips causing you to blush. “You’re horrible.” You said laughing as he brought you back up winking at you playfully.

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Assist Me Part 9 (Epilogue)

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger

Word Count:2054

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Last part! Thank you for reading this series!

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

Aladdin was Bucky’s favorite movie. The colors, the plot, the characters – he loved it all. And deep down, he even though wouldn’t admit it, Aladdin reminded him a lot of himself, because he too had lied to impress a girl he liked. But you loved the movie as well, and after several movie nights with you in which he insisted on seeing the movie, he could easily quote some of the scenes and sing some of the songs.

For security reasons, most of your dates with Bucky were spent in the tower, and if not, at your place. Most of your dates were movie nights, and Tony would occasionally help you two illegally watch a movie that was out in the theaters at the time. While movie nights were fun, you despised being constrained to only spending time together indoors. Your adventurous nature made you desire to go places, not solely talk and watch movies in a room.

Today though, Bucky had other plans. When you arrived at the tower, F.R.I.D.A.Y. alerted Bucky you were there. He checked himself in the mirror, sprayed himself with cologne he stole from Sam, and rushed out of his room. Tonight’s date night wasn’t going to be a movie night or game night, he had something bigger and better in mind, and he prayed it would all go well.

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Heartlines - Part 5A

aka what happened to bucky at the end of part 5! this was so fun to write, hopefully you guys like it :) no reader, but a lot of bucky and tony antics featuring a special guest

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6Part 7, and  Part 8

Stark’s grand idea is to blast open the front door and start shooting shit up until Bucky explains that might loose them the element of surprise. So instead they knock twice, rather politely, and wait out in the hall of a five-story walk up in Queens for the door to open. Iron Man and the Winter Soldier. There’s probably a joke somewhere in here, but he’s too worked up to think about it.

“Great plan, Bucknasty,” Stark snaps, and Bucky rolls his eyes to the ceiling. “Now we’re just a couple of idiots hanging out on the doorstep, like Jehovah’s Witnesses or something.”

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