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The longest video of Michael drinking water ever featuring me yelling things like “make him stop” and “why is he doing this to me” to Olivia plus bonus cuteness at the end and also Calum talking and being cute throughout.

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The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)


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My universe is you,  my entire world is you. All I wanted was to keep you by my side and spend the rest of my life knowing that you’ll be here…with me. But the world was cruel. Now I’m gonna go and take you back. No matter what happens  — I’m going to take you back.

Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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I get that people love that miracles quote from The Pandorica Opens, but in context the whole point of that line is that the Doctor has never seen such a miracle and still hasn’t because Rory’s return is actually a trap. They’re beautiful words, sure, but also fairly empty.

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Pls talk about star trek beyond 😭😭😭

idk if u have seen it yet so i’m gonna try to keep it spoiler free

  • the whole set up i just love it, how it’s basically an away mission gone wrong and really it was done really well.
  • personally i loved the look of the new starbase bc it was so freaking cool and, how should i put it, fascinating
  • spock and mccoy bonding oh my god
  • the first scene with jim was just perfection lol
  • HIKARU SULU. we get to see more of him and i’m just so happy.
  • and his family aww
  • seriously tho spock and mccoy’s conversations were just the best. there was one after which i went like did this really happen oMG

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How do you perceive Kisa and Fushimi's relationship in the past to be like now that you've read the short story?

Well first, can I say I actually really liked that the All Characters story was from Kisa’s POV, like we see so little of her even in LSW that I feel like it’s hard to get a read on her (which works on its own though, when you think about it, because Kisa thinks of Fushimi as ‘Niki’s son’ and so does Fushimi, he doesn’t even consider how much of his mother he might have in him because she treats him as if they’re not even really related). I think the description of her own type of ‘genius’ is interesting – where Niki is a born genius Kisa achieves hers through hard work, constantly making use of her own strengths in order to elevate herself. I think that puts Fushimi squarely in the middle as far as what he’s received from each of his parents, he definitely has some of Niki’s natural genius but he works hard too, even though he tends to act lazy and unmotivated Fushimi’s also the guy who’s still awake long after everyone else at Scepter 4 has gone to bed, working on things that technically aren’t even part of his job. I don’t think he even realizes that part of him comes from Kisa too, I feel like Fushimi’s a bit more focused on the 'natural genius’ of Niki that he feels like he can’t even hope to duplicate and considers himself a failure due to that – even post-ROK in the LSW manga epilogue, when Yata tells him he’s not like his dad Fushimi’s first reaction is still to assume that Yata means “not a genius” (rather than what Yata actually means, which is “not a piece of unburnable trash’).

Then there’s that whole discussion between Niki and Kisa and that does make me even more curious about how Fushimi and Kisa’s relationship ended up being the way it is. On the bad side, the fact that she and Niki spend half this conversation talking about their son while never once actually calling him by name is just so painful and such a perfect illustration of how much they fail as parents, Niki only calling Fushimi by his mocking little 'monkey’ nickname and Kisa calling him 'that boy’ as though he’s someone else’s child, or a stranger. But then there’s that little weird moment when Niki mocks Kisa for not knowing how Saruhiko’s doing: “How cold. Even though you’re his mama.” The thing I find interesting here is, from everything we know about Niki he doesn’t make shots that he doesn’t intend to hit – that is, he wouldn’t be taunting Kisa with such words if he didn’t think they were going to faze her. And she does pull an uncomfortable face in return, which makes me wonder if Kisa did, at some point in time, really think of herself as Saruhiko’s mother and was happy about it. The later description about how Niki always tries to drag her into his world makes me wonder if maybe right after she had the child Kisa was actually interested in him and wanted to be his mother, but then as time went on she felt like by allowing herself to love her son she would somehow end up being dragged back into Niki’s world, her own chosen path becoming tangled by his and the only way to really cut herself off from him entirely was to throw the child away too. So she tells herself that Fushimi is only 'Niki’s son’ and acts cold to him, but there’s still a part of her that did at one point think of herself as his mother and the reminder that she chose to throw that away is uncomfortable for her.

The comment she makes about Fushimi being more like her is interesting too, like look at how quickly Kisa refutes Niki’s words about Saruhiko being more like him. For a woman who doesn’t seem to give a crap about her kid and who probably hasn’t spent much time with him she’s very quick and certain in her reply that Saruhiko resembles her more than Niki. At the beginning of the story it’s noted that Kisa has “superior knowledge of humans,” presumably suggesting that she’s good at reading people (something Fushimi seems to have somewhat picked up as well, while he’s terrible at reading situations involving himself he tends to be good at analyzing other situations and other people’s motivations) so even with her limited contact with Fushimi she at least grasped enough to realize that he’s not Niki. Which actually makes it a little more frustrating that she still treats her son the way she does, like she’s clearly not afraid of him becoming another Niki but she still chooses to treat him like a stranger rather than her son. Actually if we want to take a particularly dim view of Kisa’s intentions, one could argue that the reason she ignores Fushimi is because since he’s more like her than Niki she would rather leave him to Niki in her place. Like if she stayed with Niki she would be pulled off her chosen path by his attitude, dragged into his world with him, so in order to avoid that she leaves her child there instead knowing that he’d be affected by Niki the same way but choosing to sacrifice her innocent kid for the sake of her own ambitions. That she doesn’t try to reach out to Fushimi after Niki’s death despite her words here makes me think that even though she feels like he really is more her child than Niki’s she’s also already given up on being Fushimi’s mother and doesn’t intend to start now, she may defend him from Niki’s words but she has no desire to give him any of the affection or love he’s clearly been starved for.

Thank you again!!!

I paid all 3 of my hospital bills and I need to say thank you once again to everyone. 

Thank you so much to those who reblogged, messaged me encouraging things, commissioned me, gave my art a like, and overwhelmed me with positive things. 

I cannot begin to explain how horrible of a financial situation i was in, and because of everyone’s help im no longer in any negatives. Things are manageable and I can breath. It means so much to me honestly because becoming a fanart commissioner(sp?) has changed my life for the better??? I know that sentence is weird but the people ive met here are friends im going to keep forever. You all have given me good things to look forward to. 

Commissions will stay the same price for the remainder of the month! 

As always please look forward to more works and ill get around to posting them on this blog soon! Life has kept me really busy! 


(I have exactly 8 dollars left over and im going to get a pizza pie with my cousins tomorrow. Im so excited. For once I get to treat them!!

(Also I have news to announce on the 6th of August AH) 

( I love you all!!!) 

a friendly reminder that i love all my mutuals and i hope u are all having a great day



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but seriously who would’ve thought that a few posts and loving your amazing writing (*cough* Emma *cough* purgatory *cough* THAT BEAUTIFUL SAM POV THAT MADE ME REALLY TALK TO YOU AND IS STILL A FAV *cough cough cough*) and a gif war would lead us here? i mean…just like dean and cas we’ve grown super close and i barely remember not having you in my life now :D and it’s only been a year woah!

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okay i’m going a little crazy (wink wink ^) on the gifs here, but being serious now.  When we first met I had just started living alone and working a customer service job I HATED, and I didn’t really have any friends, let alone ones who talked to me often.  Going to break and seeing a new gif from you in response made me laugh when I was frustrated, and I was much more relaxed plotting what exactly would be my response when I finally made it home.

Then later when we started actually messaging each other and it felt less like “look here’s someone to play flirt with and live out some (PG) destiel wishes” and more “look, you have a friend now!”  Talking back and forth and me teasing you that because you were studying law you should’ve been Sam and your very emphatic response and proof why you were Dean ;) Truth was I just wanted to be Dean because I was always Dean in rp but now I’m so glad to be Cas with you :* And then! Especially when we bonded over Sarah, because THAT was the catalyst for a number of jokes and opinions with the two of us :)

I seriously go back and read these all the time!  And then we started emailing and literally talking about whatever….remember when I sent you my OCD planning of the storage unit I was moving everything into?  I executed it perfectly btw ;)

And then!  Getting the opportunity to find a way to let you watch the season finale for the first time ever as it premiers?  Honestly I was so happy just to see your excitement, I would’ve still been happy if the ending we feared had happened after all.

And now we have some more wonderful friends and a skype group where we talk almost every day and play cards against humanity and have movie nights and have even written real life letters to each other (still can’t believe you love letters as much as i do!)…and I could not be happier to have you as my Dean…and as my best friend.  Love you girly <3

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