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I finished Life is Strange chapter 4 a few hours ago.. & my god.. I thought everyone was kidding but no they were right.. It was literally taking a ride through hell! I’m not OKAY! I just want my babies to be happy & ALRIGHT! ;~;

seventeen: *produces all their songs, choreographs all their songs, cooks their own food, styles their own hair, cleans their dorm, designs stickers for their shows, practices for 18 hours everyday, puts make-up on their faces by themselves, dOES EVERYTHING BY THEMSELVES TBH*

pledis: oh u out of toothpaste? sorry but we only got a few dollars bye

                            THEME BACKGROUND REQUESTS:

        so basically i’ve noticed a lot of people have basic html skills ( or are using a contained theme made by someone else ) but photoshop… is the enemy. i’ve also recently discovered how much i fucking love making theme backgrounds ! above are just a few examples of themes that i’ve made over the last couple days ( all of which didn’t take over an hour to make minus the last one which took an hour. ). seeing as i don’t need cash or anything commissions aren’t what i want to do, i want to do it for free ! please just send in THIS form to my SUBMIT BOX & i’ll get back to you with the theme or if i’m able to do it for you asap. know that i can do designs other than the above, those are just how the themes were requested !

                             if you could either submit a request ( if u want one ) or reblog
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                                                 i would honestly appreciate it so much !

                                           – yours truly, tash. ( trash. )

I just finished watching The Legend of Korra.
I have a few bones to pick but the biggest one is that Korra never regained her ability to contact her past lives.
I think that I wouldn’t be as angry about it if it had been written better. Season two’s ending did not sit well with me at all.
For me, the mythology of the spirit world was kind of ruined. I loved it in Avatar. But they changed it so much in Korra. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing Uncle Iroh and visiting the spirit library but it wasn’t the same.
With Korra’s disconnection from her past lives, I felt a disconnection from this show and Avatar. Part of the allure and beauty of the spirit world was the current avatar learning from their predecessor in the spirit world. We had two scenes with Aang and Korra. We had the ending to season one and when Korra learned about Wan. I feel robbed because I was hoping we would have an Aang/Roku kind of relationship between Korra and Aang. I was waiting and hoping that Aang would come on a spirit Appa and show Korra the wonders of the spirit world. I am not saying it should have been the same. The Legend of Korra definitely has its own feel but I just wish that we could have seen Aang give guidance to Korra. I didn’t get to see Korra tell Aang that the air benders were back. There is so much that could have been done with the two of them.
I found myself crying at the end of Korra. Not because of what happened, but because of what didn’t happen. I heard that there are going to be books continuing the story. I don’t know if that’s true, but for the mean time I feel that Legend of Korra’s last season could have been much more satisfying…

1D fans having meltdowns over the impending hiatus their boys will be taking.. and kpop fans are just like…yes tell me more about this thing called hiatus..

welcome to our world cuz we are ALWAYS waiting on our faves to comeback..


Hobrien Week - Day 1:  Hobrien Headcanons

1.   Dylan says random things just to see how hard he can get Hoech to laugh. He will not stop until Hoech falls to the ground cackling like a hyena, gasping for air. Even then Dylan will never stop trying to make him laugh because it’s music to not only his ears, but his heart and soul.

2.  No matter who is talking,when Dylan & Hoech are around each other, their eyes will automatically find the other; like eyes locking onto a source of light at the end of a tunnel.  If you look closely, you could almost see the inside jokes/thoughts/feelings/untold stories of the past and hope for the future floating between their locked gazes.

3.   Touching. They subconsciously seek out each other’s touches during interviews and in general (people between them be damned) grounding each other in the moment, to reality; anchoring one another. A silent, ‘I got you, everything’s alright.’

potentialheartofdarkness asked:

Could you write me CS + Baking idk something at a ridiculous time like 3am? PLEASE YOU PRECIOUS CUTIE YOU <33

you know i can’t say no to sexy cs baking times.

She’s been lying wide awake for the better part of an hour now, tossing and turning, hoping the the hunger will subside. She even curls up into his side, her head resting on his chest, feeling the downy hair tickle the side of her nose. But no. Nothing can change the fact that it’s almost three o’clock in the fucking morning and she’s starving and craving something ridiculously sweet. 

What the baby wants, the baby gets.

Groaning as she pushes herself up on her palms, she feels Killian stir beside her. She feels the tips of his fingers start to play with her hair, tracing the curls at the ends, “What is it love? Everything okay?” 

“Hmm, yeah. Just hungry. Seriously, these cravings need to stop already,” she sighs exasperatedly. Standing up and rapidly pulling on one of his long sleeve shirts and small shorts, she starts to head down the stairs. Thankfully her parents got their own place in the past year, allowing her to actually have past midnight excursions to the bathroom without worrying about waking her parents. Well, that and…other things. And with Henry staying at Regina’s tonight, hurrah for not having to keep quiet anymore, she things slyly to herself. 

“Swan, hang on a moment,” she turns around at the bottom of the loft stairs to see him wearing nothing but sweats swung low on his hips, the oh so sexy trail of hair that got her into this little predicament to begin with disappearing beneath the hem, making her think about denying herself of sweets for something more…substantial. 

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//welcome to the life of electra heart// ✨🍬💋

Imagine Arthur Weasley coming home from work and giving twelve-year-old Ginny a normal muggle notebook and some gel pens, because he knows what Riddle’s Diary has done to her and knows she needs some sort of emotional outlet. And the gel pens smell like fruit and he can’t believe muggles invented them without magic.

Imagine Ginny being afraid to use the diary at first because she thinks the ink will fade into the page and it’ll talk back to her, just like Riddle’s Diary did. It takes her a long time to finally write, “Hello, my name is Ginny Weasley,” on the first page, in purple ink that smells like grapes. She waits for it to fade, but it never does. All she sees is her handwriting. Her words. Hers.

Imagine Ginny slowly recovering that summer and smiling for the first time in a long time - a real smile that makes her face light up. Imagine her asking her parents if they can take her to a muggle stationary shop so she can buy a new notebook, because she’s already filled up the first one. 

Imagine Arthur doing everything he can to protect his little girl by providing her with safe, muggle things, like notebooks and pens, because he feels so guilty he wasn’t able to protect her before. 

Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 ( in a nutshell)

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I"m having a really weird emotional moment, and i can feel an anxiety attack approaching. Can i get some thing really fluffy?

It was 1:30 in the morning and Gabriel was having a very bad day.

He squinted again at the can of tomatoes in his hand.  Surely if he just tried hard enough, he’d be able to read it.

His vision fuzzed and blurred and Gabriel hissed a vile curse and slammed the can back on the shelf so hard that the force knocked several other cans off.  Grace whined, pawing at Gabriel’s leg as the cans bounced and rolled and Gabriel tilted his head to the ceiling, closed his eyes, and prayed for a swift death.

Death didn’t come, but a store employee did.


It was a nice voice, Gabriel thought absently—deep and kind, full of concern.

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I looked pretty cute going to the music festival tonight. Probably should have taken a pic before riding those roller coasters but here we are.


We are the cutest. You all deserve flower crowns. :) Thanks for the great meet up, bloodedbattler

Why The Should Have Kept the Deleted Scene in 6x24

I’m going to weigh in on this.  I liked the scene, Iwish they had left it in. I get that it’s way past time for Kensi to be taking back I Love You, but we know she isn’t good with words.  Besides this is the couple who was told by the Ghurka they were moving to fast in their relationship, to slow down.  Yes, the scene would have been better if it had just ended with her saying I Love You. But for me, having this scene is a million times better than what we got, which was nothing, or even worse, her being pissed at him.

What I like most about this scene is it is a Densi scene, and a very nice Densi scene at that.  This episode was devoid of all things Densi, and all things Deeks, and most things Kensi. I much prefer this scene over the one where she is acting like she doesn’t even like him because he shot the suspect that was about to shoot her.  The rest of the episode, they are just there to move the plot along and it doesn’t matter who they are really. As I’ve said before, that is fine during the season, but for a finale, I need something between my two favorite characters.

And for anyone who thinks that the scene was cut because of the way she changed Love to Like and it is too late in the relationship for that, I say dream on.  The scene was cut because JPK thought we needed more time with Callen by the grave, or watching the coin spin, or meeting Arkady’s daughter.  I’m pretty sure that JPK thinks that is a perfect response for Kensi, regardless that they had been together for 5 months after working together for 5 years and really being in a monogamous relationship for at least a year prior to actually getting together.

Regardless of what you think about this scene and her admission, I personally would have enjoyed my NCIS LA Summer Hiatus much more if this scene had been in.