i got exercise today


After returning from vacation last week, this was a short, 5 day “week” where my primary goal was to get back into my routine. For the most part, I think I accomplished that. 


I was down 2 lbs this week for a total 122 since surgery and 153 off my highest weight. I am currently 3 lbs ahead of the pace my Dr. set for me. While I am very pleased with the progress, I am a little concerned with the rate dropping and how that will impact my ability to get to my May goal. 


I slipped a little this week, frequently forgetting my last supplement of the day. I will get that back on track starting today.


I got back into running this week. I decided to go back to week 4 of 10k training and when that went well, I moved on to and finished week 5. I am going to start week 6 tomorow. I have my first 10k of the season in 4 weeks and I am doing my best to get ready. 

Food / Hydration

I did OK with hydration, though only hit my goal 3 out of 5 days. 

My eating choices were better. I snacked a little too much but otherwise I am pretty happy with my progress this week. I plan in limiting snacks this week but upping my calories and carbs eaten during meals. 


I hit my sleep goals all days this week. 

Next week

My focus of next week is to complete week 6 of 10k training and to stay on track with my food, hydration, sleep and supplements. If I can do this, I expect positive results to follow. 


Gradblr Challenge, Day 18

My boyfriend has been going to bed incredibly early lately, which has helped me wind down a lot better at night. Today I had very limited calories, which I’m proud of, and I’m especially proud of the chicken chili I made (pictured) because it’s healthy AND low cal! And, on top of that, I did my 30 minute exercise today!! Yay!

I also got my exam back, which was a solid 45.5/100. Yeah, can’t say I didn’t see that coming. But! I have a plan to study for the final which can allow me to essentially have a “second chance”. If I do better on the material from this exam that will be on the final, that grade replaces my exam grade. I’m pretty sure I can do it, I have months to study after all!

I helped out a fellow lab mate with some spreadsheet tricks, and also had my brother do some traces for the developmental project. Just need to get all the animals for it, and then it can really take off! I guess I’m technically on two projects in my home lab now? I have to do stats for the adult project, and I’m helping out with the developmental one!

Finally, I did some electrophysiology recording with mixed success. I didn’t find any good population spikes, but I gained a better understanding of what they are and how to find them. Practice makes perfect right?

If you can’t already tell I’m feeling pretty productive and optimistic. Must be the chili 😋 Hope everyone’s Thursday went well!

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I’ve been a little sick since the beginning of the weekend and a little depressed. I’ve been sorely lacking the energy to motivate myself to do certain things lately and it’s made me depressed. Every morning, i just want to lay and bed and not get up. Everytime I try to get below 270 lbs, something comes up and I end up eating junk food or unhealthy food and I gain like 5 lbs and I hate myself for it.

Today I’m trying to break free from it and I’m going to the gym to try and get in 45 mins of exercise before work. I got training to be at today, so it’s gonna be a boring day I think. Hopefully the exercise will help me feel better.

anonymous asked:

I'm so disappointed in myself and I know I shouldn't be but today is my sisters b-day party and I ate alot of food (still am) and I was on a exercising routine and now I feel fat I was trying so hard to get s flst stomach but now I'm going to have to wait longer

don’t beat yourself up. it’s okay to have a cheat day. you can always get back on track. be careful about being so hard on yourself, that’s not healthy. there’s gonna be occasions when you do eat junk. i had a party yesterday and ate a lot of unhealthy stuff but i got back on track today. don’t get discouraged, just keep exercising and taking care of yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself when you do eat junk

in a few mins. I gotta start some homework then get ready for class. Don’t wanna miss it AGAIN today much as I’m tempted to since I can just send my poetry critique comments in to the authors and not have to be there to do it and such and…yes. Seems like such a waste of time making an appearance. But I need to be around people. Then after that: writing, art and printing some important documents so I can got to the ssi office tomorrow before I got to the doctor’s. I’ll exercise later today too. So I made today a day of action which I plan to take. That said, please continue to send Asks on all my blogs. I love that, I do I do I do. Will answer as soon as I can.


BOOYAH TODAY 😁 TODAY I GOT TRIPLE CLAP PUSH-UPS!! been trying to get them for the Longest so it’s cool to see I can do something o couldn’t do a month ago. shoulder feels slightly better day after day so I won’t rush anything. Also threw in some jumping Aztec push-ups and straight leg one arm push-ups just for fun. It’s a good Sunday morning so far 💪😂 #fitness #fitlife #video #me #training #health #push #plyometrics #calisthenics #exercise #fitspo #fitgram #plyo #crazy

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that’s how you show you really believe in your side of the debate. smash it into your own face.

today i got up at 8, cleaned my room, exercised, went out for a v pleasant breakfast by myself, went for a walk, washed my hair, booked flights to sydney w my mum, and got my paints out for the first time in ages to make gifts for friends. it was just super nice.