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2017/07/13 Blog post by Keiko 『シンクロ』


Hello! This is Keiko.

This morning I wasn’t able to sleep well and I kept waking up several times, eventually I decided to just look at the sky in a dreamlike state. I was watching the sky as it gradually changed colours and the beginning of a new day became apparent… (all the while leaning against my couch and grasping my knees *laughs*).

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that’s how you show you really believe in your side of the debate. smash it into your own face.

Two miles on the mill while watching Riverdale.

The kids and I got invited to a movie with friends this afternoon so I wanted to make sure I got some exercise in.

Today I even ran a bit! I will loosely call them “intervals”, but it really was more of a free for all as far as timing, etc.


I know I say this every time I restart, but man - how easy it is to forget the complete satisfaction I feel when sweat appears and I know I’m pushing my body out of its comfort zone.

Moving the treadmill into the living room was the best move I could have made this past week.

Man, Eddy with the spadone material is top-notch. He showed me footwork drills to keep my core engaged and use that to really manipulate the spadone in a structurally sound way. During sparring he kept pulling off beautiful little hand and wrist cuts that come right out of his able to throw hip into little flicks at will, all from the core. So I’m going to keep working on that and use the spadone as a focal point along with a morning abdominal routine he sent me. He’ll be making footwork drill videos for his channel soon (they’ll definitely be posted here, really great content), but I got all the basic exercises for Saviolo filmed today with him. We’ll cover essential defenses after, do a video each on with dagger, with rotella, as a stick method, as a knife method, and as a pugilism method, and then some of the discrete flow drills from the work, and by that point, I’d hope we can free play. I kind of really want to do his spadone against me with spada e rotella, but I think I need a heavier jacket first. I’ll start building the Saviolo playlist on my channel this week!


I did okay this week but pretty bad today. I got my exercise in, but went way over in calories. I’ve also eaten way too much instant ramen this week, had too much soda, and eaten too little ice cream!

I have until Friday to kickass at my diet and exercise goals before taking Saturday to next Sunday off while I’m at summer camp. I anticipate losing 5lbs while at camp because I’ll be doing so much and having such a structured (and, unfortunately, limited) diet.

I’ll do my best this week, but it’s gonna be a toughie. It’s my last week at my current job and on Wednesday I’ll be having my going away party and getting drinks afterwards. That will definitely be a day I just don’t log. I’m also going to go to the movies one day this week with my boyfriend, so that’s my two days right there.

On the bright side, I weighed in this morning with a loss! 177.lbs, 12.9 to go until I’ve hit my 50lbs lost goal, my original goal for this year!

My HR monitor wasn’t connecting right at the beginning of the workout and seemed to have trouble throughout the rest of the workout. Lame.

But anyways, today was an endurance, strength, and power (or ESP) day. I started off on the floor, where we worked on a lot of shoulder exercises, squats, step ups, and core. The second half was a run-row interval workout. Lots of switching around between different exercises today, and I never felt like I got a good groove going. That, plus the connectivity issues with my HR monitor had me distracted and I probably didn’t get as much from this workout as I could’ve. Hoping Monday’s a better workout!

today i got up at 8, cleaned my room, exercised, went out for a v pleasant breakfast by myself, went for a walk, washed my hair, booked flights to sydney w my mum, and got my paints out for the first time in ages to make gifts for friends. it was just super nice. 

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Im starting yoga tomorrow But I just got my period today :-(

Yoga is a perfect exercise for period cramps, so don’t  worry! You will be fine 8)