i got excited to see this bit in the behind the magic video

camping w/ the parkers!

me: the queen of ignoring requests and bringing out headcanons no one requested– yet again! (other than my babe del, @sunrisehunny


  • you can’t actually remember who came up with the idea to go camping
  • it must’ve just slipped into casual conversation 
  • and then you and peter were staring wide eyed at each other 
  • like are you think what i’m thinking 
  • and then you’re both scrambling out the door together, peter already calling out like 
  • it took a lot of pleading from the both of you 
  • at first may was straight out like nope 
  • i mean, money was tight, it meant having to find days up to drive up, pay and everything just = stress
  • but eventually you both swayed her
    • c’mon! i have great grades and i’ve been doing all my chores- please may
    • i’ll pay for the camping site! and we can use our old camping gear! it like already planned!
  • when she was still not completely convinced
  • out comes puppy eyed peter 
  • because he knows that never fails to persuade may 
  • when she sighed, you both silently celebrated because you knew it meant she was on board 
  • she was a bit questioning, raising her eyebrows at you 
    • you realize you’ll have to sleep in different tents? i don’t want no funny business 
    • w-whAT m-may no! it’s not like that!” 
  • /nervous laughter from both of you/ 
  • because nothing is official but it’s lingering but it doesn’t mean you aren’t awkward when anyone acknowledges it 
  • you both retreat back to peter’s room, cheering and excited because yes!!!!
  • what was supposed to be studying for school 
  • turned into studying to make this the best camping trip ever
  • peter literally has so many articles on camping ideas saved in his phone
  • whereas you were making sure you had enough smore ingredients for all the days you were staying there
    • i don’t think we need that many marshmallows y/n
    • pfft, you can never have too many marshmallows parker
  • (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, peter hunts for ages in the supermarket to find an alternative for you)
  • the roadtrip up was a wild ride 
  • it’s was just a giant food fest in the car 
  • peter hogged the gummy bear packet like a lil asshole
  • & the tunes made the entire ride a fuckin jam 
  • yes you definitely had a lip sync battle 
  • though your spice girl’s “wannabe” was a valid song choice
  • it couldn’t beat peter’s rendition of britney’s “baby, one more time” 
  • i mean he was dramatic 
  • it was such a magical and beautiful performance
  • you couldn’t stop laughing the whole time 
  • and may found the whole thing very amusing 
    • what can i say? britney calls to me 
  • during the gas stops, you have to go buy more marshmallows because peter got hungry and starting eating them 
  • and then like not even 3 minutes up the road, you spot a real fruit ice-cream store 
    • oh please may! can we get one!!
  • so, again, you manage to persuade to her to pull over and buy you all ice-creams because she love spoiling you guys
  • adorable peter parker getting ice-cream all over his face because he’s having the time of his life, devouring this ice-cream 
  • somehow, you guys manage to make it to the campground before midday 
  • who knows how 
  • may wanders off after parking the car, saying she was going to find out where to pay, a faint call of “set up the tents! 
  • she ends up finding the cutest park ranger and flirts with them 
  • hint: you both suck at setting up tents
  • it takes forever for you to figure this shit out 
  • y/n try not holding the instructions upside down 
  • right extreme blushing
  • you eventually get one of the tents about half set up 
  • but then peter
  • a clusmy lil dork 
  • trips over the tangle of guy ropes (you know those things that keep the cover of the tent tight)
  • and ends up taking down the tent with him as he desperately tries not to fall 
  • failing miserably
  • you can’t even be mad at him for ruining your progress 
  • because you’re laughing so hard
  • like this is side splitting laughter
  • he’s just glaring at you as he struggles to escape the twists of ropes
    • stop laughing! and- help- me- out! 
  • but honestly 
  • it just makes you laugh harder 
  • because the mighty, amazing spider-man is contained by some guy ropes
  • you whip out that phone and peter’s eyes widen as he struggles faster
  • ultimately making it worse for him 
  • the video you get of him is him struggling, very frustrated before he spots the camera and pouts angrily 
    • y/n! stop recording and help! me! 
  • you just zoom in with your camera on peters frowning face
    • i swear, if you weren’t cute” 
    • oh shh, parke– wait, c-cute?
  • an awkward silence as peter’s cheeks glow are he realizes what he said
  • “i-i mean, i’m not gonna say y-you’re not because a-are but–” 
  • and you couldn’t leave this cutie tied up after that adorable comment 
    • alright, i’ll help you out, now hold still ” 
  • it’s awkward grins and blushing cheeks as you silently detangle him 
  • but you just turn on some jams on your speaker
  • and goofily dance & sing as you set up the tents 
  • it’s quite a workout tbh 
  • so when you’re finally done, you’re slightly puffed as you sit at your camps spots picnic table 
  • peter then get’s this boyish grin 
  • which means he’s got an idea
    • you wanna go for a swim? 
  • changing supa quickly, you leave the tents behind 
  • may’s still living it up with the hot park ranger
  • you reach the river bank 
  • and the river looks magical 
  • i mean the sun is still high in the sky & you can definitely feel the heat
  • you can’t wait till you get into the water
  • so you don’t wait
  • with a running start, you jump off the rock like ledge and cannonball into the rushing water
  • peters watching you with that look of awe he always has when you make his heart go !!!
  • it’s refreshing as fuck
  • you come up grinning, shaking out the water in your hair briefly 
  • but peter’s still standing nervously at the end of the ledge
  • he’s fiddling with the edge of his tee-shirt 
  • because thIS GODDAMN CUTIE
  • is still shy and nervous about being shirtless
  • not that he needs to be 
  • because he doesn’t radiate confidence
  • and he’s never really had someone to tell him that’s he good looking or attractive 
  • and the lack of relationships in the past means he’s forever had this budding self doubt 
  • but you’re just floating up on your back, staring at the canopy of tree leaves above and sighing at how beautiful the moment is 
    • c’mon peter! it’s sooooo nice in here
  • when he doesn’t reply, you roll onto your front to see what the problem is 
  • he’s still looking nervous, with his eyes screwed shut, gripping his tshirt tightly
  • he’s just thinking come on peter it’s just a tshirt and it’s just y/n why are you making such a deal 
  • but you know peter so 
    • peter, you know you don’t have to take it off, right?” 
  • the change is instant
  • after your assurance as he relaxes and un-tenses, drops his shoulder and gives a small relieved smile
    • just get in!
  • and you make sure to send a splash in his direction with your words
  • he gasps dramatically when you get his shirt wet
    • oh it’s on!” 
  • grinning, he takes a running start and cannonballs in, creating a wave of water
  • you get soaked in water
  • again
  • he pop’s up, beaming at you 
  • and does that weirdly hot things were he shakes out his hair like a dog 
  • but it’s adorable and hot???
  • why is that so hot
  • and oh my god the grey shirt he is wearing is clinging to his skin 
  • leaving very little to imagination 
  • if fact it’s so distracting
  • that you’re only knocked out of your thoughts when peter swipes his legs and yours buckle, plunging you under water
  • when you surface, he’s already swimming in the other direction 
  • because he knows you’ll want revenge
    • i swear to god, parker! get back here! 
  • luckily, you’re slightly speedier than him 
  • not really
  • but peter goes slow for your sake
  • so you launch yourself at him, gripping onto his shoulders 
  • but suddenly his hands have come up under your thighs so it’s a piggyback 
  • and instead of getting your revenge, you’re desperately clutching at his chest fro dear life as he spins around trying to throw you off
  • he’s not really trying throw you off 
  • he just loves how you laugh so loudly & hug yourself closer to him 
  • he stops spinning, looking over his shoulder & falling so so so much more in love 
  • because you’re still laughing, a crazy grin on your face with a flushed face but you look so happy
  • you two spend so long in the river 
  • you try not to show it but you definitely check peter out when he finally gets the confidence to take off his shirt
  • the cutie immediately sinks under the water after he pulls it off, hiding his red cheeks because he’s still embarrassed 
  • but eventually you just float on the top of the water together 
  • your hands are both outstretched, barely touching 
  • but it’s enough for now 
  • you guys only get out when peter notices you’ve starting shivering ever so slightly 
    • c’mon, you’re shivering. we should get back now anyways, so may’s not worried 
  • except at one point your towel somehow got soaked 
  • peter offers you his towel straight away 
  • despite how shy he is about being shirtless & out of the water
  • he can’t have you being cold 
    • just take it, y/n, you’re shivering
  • so reluctantly you take it & wrap it around your shoulders
  • & then immediately, open you arm to invite him into the towel 
  • he grins sheepishly before ducking under it with you 
  • you two walk back together
  • huddling together under the same towel 
  • which is good because somehow peter is still very warm
  • so you stop shivering pretty quick 
  • may still isn’t back 
  • i mean she’s really hit it off with the hot park ranger 
  • (his name’s brandon and may still hasn’t paid for the camp ground yet) 
  • but by the time you & peter get dressed and dry she’s back
  • but it took awhile bc tents are very confined 
  • and peter insisted on squeezing into skinny jeans 
  • well, until he got them half on and realized they weren’t going any further 
    • y/n… 
    • yes? 
    • i need help 
    • with what? 
    • my, er, uh, my skinny jeans are stuck 
    • oh dear god. why didn’t you just put on sweatpants like a normal person! 
    • shut up and help me please
  • a lot of your time spent with peter is helping him out of weird situations
  • it was a little awkward ofc 
  • you laughed at his batman boxers & he blushed furiously 
    • he’s cool! 
  • and with lots of tugging
  • lots of tugging
  • you finally you managed to free his legs
    • okay, skinny jeans were definitely not a good idea, peter 
    • i know that now
  • so finally, you’re both dressed n dry 
  • you definitely stole one of peter sweaters btw 
  • but boi 
  • peter’s hair is still slightly wet which means its curly 
  • you seriously can’t stop looking at it??? 
  • peter get’s supa shy about it 
    • is–d-does it look weird? i know usually don– 
    • no! it looks nice, i-i like it. 
  • he smiles extra fuckin wide at that & his heart does another little !!!
  • added to peter mental notes: curly hair more often
  • dinner is a fun time because you all just ramble about how great your time has been here already 
  • may definitely gets carried away talking about dreamy brandon
  • but then she assigns you and peter to the task of starting the fire 
  • you’re the one who eventually gets the flame to catch 
  • sticking your tongue out at peter 
  • who just grins in return 
  • his hair is completely dried now and it’s so curly you’re speechless because he’s so fucking adorable
  • and now you have a decent fire
  • you bust out the smore ingredients 
  • however, peter sucks cooking marshmallows  
  • seriously he manages to set them on fire 
  • every
  • single 
  • time
  • but luckily for him, you’re a master at the art of roasting marshmallows
  • so he just begs you to do his after burning his 4th one (in a row)
  • may looks like she wants to leave but you suspect it’s because of mcdreamy brandon invited her for tea at his campfire
    • may, you don’t have to babysit us– go & visit you’re hot park ranger, we’re not doing anything here, just gonna eat smore & set random stuff on fire” 
  • intense glaring from may 
  • she does go (it doesn’t take much persuading)
  • and you’d think sitting around the fire would eventually get boring but the conversation never dies
  • peter wastes marshmallows by throwing them at you 
  • but it turns into “how shitty at throwing is peter because he hasn’t landed a single one in my mouth” 
    • how are you– a fucking superhero –still so incompetent at aiming a marshmallow?
  • blushing & mumbling because there’s really no excuse c’mon peter
  • so he changes the subject like, “hOT CHOCOLATE??” 
  • so the conversation stills as you and peter both sip at your hot drinks, which you thankfully have marshmallows left over for 
  • it, again, took awhile to figure out & get the water boiling 
  • but eventually you did 
  • & now the stars are out 
  • it’s this beautiful still moment 
  • you can feel the heat of the mug in your hands & the blaze on your cheeks from the firelight
  • you hear the crackle of the bright fire & the rush of the river that’s hidden behind the dark forest
  • and gazing up at the stars overhead 
  • it’s the most serene & peaceful moment 
  • so you can’t help but curl your lips into a grin 
  • like the most cliche thing, you’re pretty sure you see a shooting star
    • peter! did you see the shooting star? 
  • but when you turn, peters just looking at you 
  • he couldn’t help it 
  • you’ve got red cheeks from the fire and an adorable red nose
  • huddled in his sweater that’s a lil too long on the sleeves
  • you’re hair has turned unruly & curly and he loves it 
  • and the way you hold you mug in the most childlike way
  • and your eyes
  • so full of wonder, staring up at the inky sky 
  • he can’t but gaze, his lips parted in awe at this beautiful person before him 
  • lucky for him, you can’t see his blush when you can’t him gazing 
  • thank god for the fire
  • but then he looks up at the sky and chuckles
    • hate to burst your bubble but that’s a satellite- an atlas v 401 probably 
    • sTOP, let enjoy my shooting star, nerd 
  • you sit by the fire till it’s nothing but embers 
  • shyly shuffling closer to peter because the cold is creeping in now but peter is forever warm
    • do you want to go to bed now? 
    • can we stay and talk in your tent? 
    • of course, that’s what i meant 
  • so snuggled in your sleeping bags, you guys play cards and gossip & tell ghost stories
  • you use the torch & a scary voice to try freak peter out 
  • it works
    • why did you have to tell a story about a weird thing in a forest! we’re literally right beside a forest!! i’m not gonna sleep now!!
    • it’s fine peter, i’ll protect you. even if it means sacrificing my flesh to the bogeyman of the forest 
    • ew, that just sounds gross
    • good, you’re not scared anymore” 
  • eventually you get really sleepy & the mumbling stops as you drift off
  • night 
  • night peter 
  • but then there’s a large rustling from outside the tent
  • it’s actually only may getting into her tent lmao
  • you can feel peter tense up before he spits out a bunch of words
    • okay-i-know-the-bogeyman-isn’t-real-but-can-you-hold-my-hand-please
  • sighing exaggeratedly, you’re not really all that annoyed
  • in fact you’re all giddy inside at the idea of holding peters hand
  • you fall asleep with your hands intertwined between your sleeping bags
  • and that’s how may finds you in the morning tangled & scrunched up sleeping bags & messy hair but still holding hands
  • tags under the cut

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you owe me a dinner

requested: please can you do imagine where y/n is on tour with shawn and he proposed to her and then before the Q&A it’s cute and fluffy and shawn goes to Q&A and fans ask about y/n so she goes to shawn and fans see ring and ask about it and shawn is talking about it and y/n says something like “you told it first. you owe me a dinner cute ass” bc they made a deal about who spills the tea about proposal 😊 also sorry for my English bc I’m from Poland 😊


also teen mendes helped me out again 😂😂😂 what would i do without her


“y/n!” shawn burst through the doors of the tour bus. you were laying across the small couch, not really having much to do while shawn was at sound check before his q&a. “come with me m'lady.”

he stretched his hand out to help you off the couch as you giggled at his cheesiness.

“where are you taking me?” you asked, following him out of the now empty tour bus. he led you away from the venue he was due to perform at in 2 hours, and into a small park area.

“let’s take a walk or something, i feel bad i have to perform on your birthday.” he apologized, again. you knew deciding to join him on tour would mean he would be performing on your birthday, and you were okay with it.

“shawn, its fine honestly. as long as i get to see you, i’m fine with it.”

he shook is head, “well i’m not fine with it. it’s your birthday y/n, it only comes around once a year! we’re gonna take a walk.”

you just nodded, interlocking your hands and letting shawn pull you along. thankfully it was a nice day here in new york, the sun was shining as you walked along the deserted pathway.

you loved that even with his busy schedule, shawn always tried to take some time in the day to spend with you. no matter what he was doing.

“i love you,” you sighed, thinking out loud.

he chuckled, “that was random but i love you too,” he kissed your temple.

you admired the scenery around you, the trees were decorated with little fairy lights for when it got dark and there were many gardens full of flowers as you walked along the path. you decided that this place must be busier at night.

in the distance, there was a lady walking her dog coming your way. even from afar, you could tell the dog wasn’t on a leash. shawn noticed too, hoping the dog wouldn’t run to him or else his allergies would act up.

“shawn! that dog is adorable!” you exclaimed, “i so hope it comes here.”

as if on cue, the dog runs towards you barking happily.

“hi!” you crouched down, meeting the small dog. it jumped on you multiple times, excited to see someone new. “aren’t you a cutie?”

the owner of the dog soon caught up to her runway dog, “i’m so sorry, she likes to escape sometimes. there’s usually nobody here at this time so i bring her without the leash.”

you were too busy playing with the puppy to answer, but shawn was quick to answer the elderly woman.

“oh no worries, as you can tell my girlfriend loves dogs. we don’t mind.” he said, smiling down at you and the dog.

“oh it’s very clear, she’s adorable. so what brings you to this path at this time of day? it’s normally empty.” the lady tried making small talk with shawn while you were pre occupied. he told the lady why he brought you here, speaking in a low voice so you wouldn’t hear him.

“okay girl, its time to go.” the woman called to the dog. “this cute couple needs some alone time.” she picked the dog up from your hands as it whimpered, not wanting to leave. you didn’t want it to leave either.

“bye! thanks for letting me play with your adorable dog.” you said as the lady continued in the opposite direction of the two of you.

as you walked along the path, shawn shoved his free hand in his pack pocked. sighing in relief seconds after.

“everything okay?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“oh what? yeah,” he said. “i was just checking to make sure i had my phone.”

you nodded, knowing fully well his phone was on the bus still, but you said nothing of it. it was probably nothing.

shawn released his grip on your hand, suddenly stopping a few feet behind you. you hadn’t noticed at first, you were to engrossed in the scenery around you.

“y/n,” he called, you barely heard him his voice was so soft. you turned around, greeted with shawn on one knew in front of you. you covered your mouth with your right hand, tears already welling up in your eyes. he grabbed your free hand quickly before beginning to talk.

“i was gonna do this tonight on stage but i couldn’t wait another minute. y/n when i first saw you at geoff’s birthday party i was left speechless because you were beyond gorgeous. i asked you out that night and lucky for me you said yes and i will never forget that. you gave me a chance and showed me beautiful things i never would’ve seen without you, when i fell in love with you it felt like magic and i want to make you feel the same now will you give me another chance but to let me show you unimaginable things this time and marry me?”

you simply nodded, not being able to form proper words or sentences right now. you held your left hand out for him to slip the beautiful ring on, as he did. both your smiles were probably the widest they have ever been.

“i love you,” you finally managed to get out, smashing your lips onto his. once you pulled away, he pulled you into him, kissing the top of your head multiple times. you stayed in his embrace for what seemed like hours until your phone started ringing.

sighing, you pulled away from shawn to check the caller ID. it was andrew, most likely looking for shawn. you put it on speaker before it connected.


“y/n where is shawn?” andrew asked, “he needs to be at the q and a in 30 minutes!”

shawn’s eyes widened, completely forgetting about the q&a.

“sorry andrew, we’ll be there. we just took a walk for a bit.”

andrew sighed, saying goodbye and hanging up the phone. you stuffed your phone into your back pocket and reconnected your hand with shawn’s.

as you walked, you admired the ring that now had a permanent place on your left hand. it was stunning, it was exactly what you wanted.

“do you like it?” shawn asked, noticing you admiring it. “if you don’t we can change it.”

“no,” you smiled, shaking your head. “it’s perfect. i love it, it’s exactly how i pictured it to be. i’m glad you didn’t wait until later to do this.”

“me too,” he smiled. “but are we gonna announce it right away?”

“well everyone on the team is going to see it, but maybe we could have a little fun with announcing it.” you smirked.

“oh yeah? like what?”

“well,” you grinned, a plan was already forming. “whoever spills about the engagement first before announcing it, owes the other person a dinner.”

“oh you’re on!” shawn exclaimed.

you arrived at the venue quicker than expected, the two of you entering through the back and finding your way to shawn’s dressing room.

“sorry i’m late!” shawn said as the two of you burst through the doors. “we got a little distracted.”

you blushed, smiling at the ground.

“i’ll say,” geoff interrupted. “y/n is that new?” he motioned to the ring shawn had placed on your finger only minutes ago.

shawn nodded, “i couldn’t wait until later, she was playing with this dog and i just had to do it.

“congrats man!”

the crew in the dressing room congratulated the two of you multiple times. you told them you weren’t announcing it right away when they tried to take videos of you for instagram and snapchat.

“i hate to break this up,” andrew interrupted. “but shawn you have to go to the q&a.”

he nodded, quickly kissing you before exiting the room with the rest of his team leaving you alone in the dressing room.

not even 10 minutes later, geoff appeared at the door, letting you know shawn wanted you to come out there. apparently the fans had asked about you.

you followed him to the small room where the q&a was being held, the room erupted in screams once you walked in.

you shyly waved, unfortunately you already forgot about the ring and you waved with your left hand.

“hey, a few of them wanted to say happy birthday.” shawn said, wrapping his arm around you as you stood next to the table where he sat.

“thank you.” you blushed, not enjoying having this much attention plus almost 100 cameras on you.

shawn picked a girl near the front to ask a question.

“this one is actually for y/n,” she said. “is that an engagement ring on your finger?”

you looked at shawn, hoping he would answer. mostly because you didn’t like to talk in front of so many people, but you also wanted a free dinner.

“it actually is,” he beamed as the crowed erupted in cheers yet again. you listened as he told them the details of what happened, so much for keeping it a secret.

“also shawn,” you butted in once he finished the story. “you told first.”

his eyes widened, “oh shit, so much for that.”

“tough luck,” you patted his chest. “you owe me a dinner babe.”

anonymous asked:

ur smut is amazing could you do a malec or pynch fic where they make a sextape?

It was possible that Ronan had come up with the most brilliant idea in human history.

Adam disagreed.

Ronan suggested it, nonchalantly and when they were with the rest of their friend group so Adam couldn’t outwardly freak out, almost a week ago, a month after Adam had cemented the date he’d be moving into his dorm and a little less than a month after Ronan had come up with the idea. Adam, let’s make a sex tape before you leave.

In that moment, Adam did not react except for a quirked eyebrow (and perhaps a fair amount of blushing). He was interested, at least. That was enough encouragement for Ronan; throughout the following week he gently wheedled and whined, preaching to Adam his deep interest in the subject and stoically enduring Adam’s refusals: You know I’ll visit often. What if Noah or Gansey sees it? You don’t even know how to use a tv, Ronan.

But he hadn’t yet said no.

It was Thursday night. Gansey and Blue had gone with Henry to a drive-in movie the local library was hosting, the invitation to which Ronan had turned down with an amount of scorn so lethal Gansey had banned him from being within ten feet of Henry until the foreign add-on recovered. Opal was sleeping over with Noah at Monmouth and Adam was working late, so Ronan spent the evening leisurely and lovingly doing his chores around the barns while Chainsaw flapped around him and he later fell asleep on the worn couch in the dusty moon-lit living room.

He woke to a text from Adam. You up? Ronan’s glaring phone screen told him it was just after eleven.

Ronan propped his elbows and chin on a pillow and typed out a reply with some difficulty, as his brain was still sleep stupid and his eyes unfocused. Always. you coming to the barns?

Adam’s reply was instantaneous. do you have that camera with you?

Ronan’s heart surged. Yes, he had the camera.

Adam must have assumed, because Ronan’s phone chimed again before he could type a reply. I’m on the way over

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Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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CH 2 - The Clean Up

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The young agent stared at the man before him and sighed. “So, how many are we up to now, Mr Mcloughlin?”

Sean readjusted himself in his seat and glanced down at his slowly growing file on the desk. “Uh…five?” he smiled sheepishly.

The agent reached down and pulled a form from one of the drawers. and handed it over. “I think you know how this works by now.”

Sean took the form and began to fill it out, he looked to ghostly figure beside him. “Uh…what did we decide your name was again?”

The masked man looked at him and flourished his arms dramatically, “Marvin the magnificent!” A large grin was plastered across his face.

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Author: @radiatingrachel

Summary: An imagine submitted by @radiatingrachel about going to the Grammy’s with the the boys.

Warnings: None, y’all all safe here.

Rating: Safe, no smut just a heck ton of fluff. 

A/N: Hey! My name is radiatingrachel and I’d love it if you checked out my works!! Have an amazing day!

Originally posted by pilotsnpvris

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EXCLUSIVE || One Direction Star Harry Styles’ Recipes for Success

Styles’ first single “Sign of the Times” to premiere on BBC Radio 1′s Breakfast Show on April 7th

This One Direction star has a sit-down with we of the AAS and spills the deets on the surprising inspiration behind his new solo career!

Harry Styles (23) of the wildly popular One Direction has at long last abandoned his reclusive ways and returned to the folds of society from his top-secret celebrity abode to release a single this coming Friday the 7th of April.

But even a mere 48 hours before the release of his debut single, fans are still confused about what the song might even be about. One anonymous fan commented,

“The cover art for the single honestly scares me a bit. It’s so red! Is it supposed to look like the world is on fire? I mean that’s what mine FEELS like whenever Harry does anything but like, is that what he’s going for? And the title is so apocalyptic. Is he trying to tell us his single is going to bring about the apocalypse? Because like, I believe him, but I also don’t want to die before I’ve heard the rest of his album, you feel?”

Another fan was adamant, and said, “Oh it’s just Harry trying to let us know about his home planet. None of us know exactly where it is or what it looks like, but all that red is supposed to bring up Mars and Martians. He’s been away from his alien family for a long time now, you know? I’m sure he’s feeling homesick.”

Styles recently reaching out and attempting to make contact with his alien relatives in space

We reached out to the star to get his side of things, and Styles explained:

“The title is actually a reference to an experience I had one morning. I had just come back from my morning run, back in the LA home, right? I remember the weather was just lovely. The afternoon heat hadn’t set in yet because it was still pretty early in the morning, but the sky was this beautiful shade of blue that reminded me of Lou’s eyes…And uh, usually I have a smoothie after my run, see, but when I got home and opened the drawer in the fridge to find the kale…because like, everything in the fridge is really carefully organized…there was nothing there! I swear I’d gone to the store and picked up some more, but I couldn’t find anything, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Like, how could I have a smoothie without kale blended into it, you know? And then I was like, uh, struck by inspiration and right there in our open-concept kitchen I jotted down the beginnings of the single.”

Styles on set recently filming his introspective music video  

Styles intends to go in a different direction for the single’s music video, however.

Some rather curious pics came out recently, showcasing the young star flying high in the sky with the help of cables and a harness hooked up to a helicopter. Styles explained,

“I eat a lot of free-range grain-fed organic chicken, because it’s good for building muscle, and with this album generally I really wanted to focus on exploring my relationship with the food I consume, and like, figuring out where my sources of nutrition come from you know? So I decided to focus on that in the music video, instead.

I really wanted to like, understand the bird’s perspective, you know? I needed that connection. But to do that I had to become the bird, so they hooked me up to a helicopter and I really get them, now. I feel a lot closer to the birds. They’re like a part of me, and I’ve become one of them. It’s a really beautiful feeling.”

Styles maintaining his natural diet with an order of salad with salad on the side

“To be honest,” the singer confessed, “I try to eat as little meat as possible. I prefer to get my protein from plants or powder blended into my smoothies. I feel bad about eating the poor animals. They didn’t like, ask to be eaten, you know? Especially now that I understand my main source of animal protein so intimately.

That day with the helicopters on set changed me. I’m a changed man. I just hope the fans will be able to experience that same kind of change when they watch the music video. I’m so excited about it. It’s definitely one of my greatest accomplishments so far as an artist.”

The namesake of Styles’ album, “Bullet”

The star continued, “You know, the name of the album is actually inspired by the name of my smoothie blender. It’s a Magic Bullet. It was originally a gift, because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning and it’s convenient, but it’s more than just a smoothie maker now. It’s changed my life and my art. I just wanted to convey that in my album.

In fact, the second single we have planned is one about juice cleansing with smoothies from my Magic Bullet. Smoothies from Booster Juice just aren’t the same, you know? The company just doesn’t understand the artistry. It isn’t just a food. It’s an experience. A way of life. Art in its truest form.

There’s a lot of raw emotion in this album, I think. Just like the raw vegetables I try to sneak onto Lou’s plate. It’s a work in progress. Getting Lou to eat raw vegetables, I mean. Not the album. The album is done, I promise!” 

Tomlinson eating a hamburger in the middle of a concert that a fan threw on stage

The star has received a huge outpouring of support for his solo efforts from fans, industry names, and his loved ones alike, but Styles reveals it doesn’t extend to all corners of his life. 

“I’m in the process of trying to transition Lou and I into an all-raw vegan diet, but he isn’t interested, even when I’ve explained to him the benefits. He just says ‘Sure, love,’ and meets up with the boys to go get some MacDonald’s”.

Tomlinson and his recent collaboration partner Aoki playing a game of collab goals

Louis Tomlinson (25), Styles’ long-term partner of seven years is well known for his disdain of new-age healthy eating trends. Even his love and respect for his friend Steve Aoki (39) didn’t stop Tomlinson from expressing his distaste towards Aoki’s answer of “cold pressed green juices” as his favourite snack.

Styles added, “I’m really grateful for Steve. I think he could be a good influence on Louis’ eating habits. I just wish Lou would let him. I’m beginning to think Lou might be a lost cause. Every time I tell him he needs more green in his life, he just says I’m all the green he needs.

It’s really romantic, but I see him eat his Spaghetti-Os on toast while I’m eating my garden salad and I worry about his cholesterol, or that he might develop diabetes.”

Styles on the Breakfast Show on BBC’s Radio 1

So what can fans look forward to in the future from soloist Harry Styles?

“I can’t say much, but fans should keep an eye out for a companion book for the album. It’s just being finalized now. Let’s just say the book involves step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures, all of which I took. And food. Lots of food. I’ve been getting Lou to test out the instructions in the book to see if they’re easy enough to follow. I’m excited. I really wish I could tell you more but…

Okay. It’s a recipe book. It’s a recipe book with recipes I was thinking about when I was writing and recording the album. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and I hope everybody loves the recipes. I’ll be keeping an eye on social media to see how people make out with the dishes! So I hope the fans watch out for that in the near future!”

Needless to say the star’s solo debut will be massive, so stick around with the AAS for the next big story!

(Massive thanks to everybody in the AAS gc because, as usual, I couldn’t do this without y’all and this goes out to all of you lovely wonderful people. Credits to @organicstunts for nabbing me the pictures and to any of you guys whose quotes I put into the article. Enjoy! 😘❤️)

Start Over?, Jack Maynard Imagine

-gif not mine but his smile <3-

- Jack and Y/N don’t get along at all and are forced to sped the day together-

-Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, Ive been drowning in schoolwork.-


You were at your apartment with your group of friends. You were in your bedroom looking around for the two tickets you had bought a couple days ago. You were supposed to take your boyfriend but he decided to dump you two weeks before hand.

They were for a play and you were sure you could go on your own if worse came to worse. Maybe you could take one of the boys. When you find them you hold them up and say, “victory” proud of yourself.

You walk out of your bedroom and find Caspar, Joe, Josh, and Mikey all sitting on their phones. Oli was out of town on a book tour and Conor was on his way over with Jack.

“Do any of you want to go to a play?” you ask anxious to get a yes from someone.

No-one jumps up from excitement and you instantly felt rejected. After a minute of silent Joe finally gives in with a groan.

“I can’t today I’m too busy with editing” Joe gives you a small pout and you look to the other three.

“Josh and I have lunch plans and Mikey has that Tinder date” they all nod to you and you groan.

“Conor is coming over with Jack soon so maybe take one of them” Joe gives you the option and your eyes twitched as he said Jack’s name.

“I’ll ask Conor” you say walking away into your bedroom.

Out of all of the boys, Jack was your least favourite. Everything about him made you fire up inside and you wanted to smack him for most things he said. You knew he was definitely not fond of you either and the two of you both always tried to not be alone together. You always had to go out in groups so the two of you didn’t argue. When there was no other choice, the two of you would talk and one thing would lead to another and you’d be yelling.

You change into a cute dress which was cropped in the front but attached in the back. It was dark blue and looked great on you. You let your hair fall and you brush it out so it sat nicely.

You hear your apartment door close and you were excited to see if Conor could come.

“Hey Con” you smile brightly as you walk up and hug him, ignoring his younger brother.

“Wow you look great” Conor says, looking to the guys with a confused face, “Did you and i have plans?” he turns his head back to you.

“No but would you like to?” you ask pulling the tickets out magically.

“Ohh, Y/N I wish I could but I was gonna take Jack home in a bit and then make a video with Alex” Conor gives you a small frown and you sigh, “maybe Jack-“

Before Conor could continue his sentence you bluntly said no. Conor was taken by surprise and you look to Jack to see his face fire up.
“Good cause i didn’t want to go, not if its with you” Jack fires back and you had to stop yourself from yelling at him.

“You guys have to go together” Conor says angrily and you and Jack were both confused at his anger, “I’m sick and tired of you two not getting along, you’re going, Jack I’m leaving so you cant get home until you go with her” Conor gives you a quick hug and then leaves.

You look to Jack and frown.

“Looks like you got yourself a date Y/N” Joe laughs, stopping when you glare at him. There was still an hour before you had to leave and the boys all hung out for about forty minutes before they left too.

Eventually you were stuck in a room with only Jack and it was silent. You were both on your phones.

“Are you really gonna wear that?” Jack teases your dress.

“Yes i am and you’re gonna be seen with me” you angrily say, not removing your eyes from your phone. You became a little insecure about your choice during the silence which followed that conversation and you decided to get up and change.

You hear Jack chuckle when you get up but you ignored him. You search through your wardrobe  once again for an outfit and struggle. You didn’t know how you would look in anything. You didn’t know why you wanted to impress Jack, but you did.

Finally you find yourself a short black dress which was loose at the bottom but tight fitting around the top. You throw it on and head out to see Jack in the same position you left him in. He looks up from his phone briefly and lets out a small grin at your outfit before quickly hiding it.

“Is something wrong?” you ask crossing your arms.

“Didn’t think you’d actually change” Jack laughs.


“Because I didn’t think id be able to distract you from the time” Jack nods his head towards a clock and you turn your head to look at it.

“Shit Jack, we were supposed to me there 10 minutes ago!” you yell. Jack did a pretty damned good job at distracting you, considering you thought you had way more time.

You quickly call a cab and grab your purse to wait outside with Jack. The entire cab ride there was silent besides your foot tapping angrily. When you get there you run up to the front desk and show them your tickets. Jack followed shortly behind you.

The lady stared at your tickets and glared at the two of you huffing from rushing to the play.

“Sorry, no access for people who are late” she points to the sign behind her and you could feel the hatred in her eyes.

With out throwing a fit, you simply walk out of the building silently with Jack right next to you.

“I didn’t know they could do that” Jack says to you to break the silence.

You felt tears starting to form, you didn’t know why, but they were there, “Jack Maynard, you’re a dick” you say as tears begin to fall lightly.

“I’m a dick? I didn’t mean for you not to see the play!” he yells and you jump back from him.

His face lightens when you jump and you could tell he felt bad. Before he could say any more, you turned away from him and started walking. You didn’t want to get in a cab with him. It was only a play but you’ve been planning to see it for a while and you were excited.

On your walk home, you dried your eyes and just walked silently when a cab rolled up beside you. The door opens and you see Jack inside, he hands the driver money and then jogs to catch up to you.

“Y/N, look I’m really sorry” Jack says with a sincere look in his eyes.

“It’s whatever” you say angrily, not looking at him.

He stops you from walking and pulls you over to the side of the side walk. He looks you in the eye and you look away from him.

“Look, I’m really fucking sorry I’m such a dick to you” he apologizes again.

“You can say sorry but that doesn’t mean anything will change!” you yell, tears forming again.

“Well maybe we can just start over and try to be friends, I don’t think you’re that bad sometimes” he says giving you a half hearted smile. You laugh and he smiles wider, “see it is possible to get along”.

You shrug your shoulder in response, “I guess it wont hurt to try”.

“Exactly, now can i take you to a movie to make up for the play?” he asks trying to make up for what happened.

“Sure, but it’s not a date” you lay down the rules.

“C’mon, it wouldn’t be that bad if it was, would it?” Jack asks with a cheeky smirk.

“No it wouldn’t, but its not what i want right now” you laugh pushing his shoulder.

He nods his head and the two of you call another cab and go to the movies. You and Jack started to get along and you were surprisingly happy in his company.


Like fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes launched his career by posting cover song videos online. The 19-year-old singer has come a long way, currently performing on his second world tour and, when his song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” recently went number 1, becoming one of five people to have two chart-toppers before the age of 20.

Looking back from your first concert ever to now, how do you feel like you’ve grown during this time?

It’s a world of difference, with 90% of it coming from how confident I am on stage. Confidence is everything when it comes to performing, so the more confident you get, the more exciting you are on stage and the more people are drawn in.When I look back at shows, I think the shows are well- produced, the music sounds amazing, my voice sounds good, but now I look back at a show I did yesterday and there’s an added magic to it. The truth is, I’ve played 500 shows now, and that’s why it’s a great show, not because it’s great production, great lighting, great set list – it’s the pure experience behind it.

How do your goals grow?

For me [my goals grow] whether it’s my music that I’m writing or it’s performing or it’s my personality and the way I’m handling business or anything I become very obsessed with it at any given time. As the tours get bigger, I become a lot more obsessed with making sure that the shows are good enough to be on the stage of an arena. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. Do you think that comes with growing as an artist or just growing as a person?

I think a little bit of both and a lot of confidence. With a lot more popularity, there’s pressure in a good way to be a lot better and I think that’s what’s going on right now for me. You know, I feel like the more people get to know me and with my name starting to really get out there, I find in a good way pressure to really show up when it comes to my live performances.

Yeah, I completely understand that. If you’re performing at these dream stages, what is the next dream?

It can never end, you know what I mean? The dream is just to go bigger and better, bigger and better, bigger and better and when you think you’re at your biggest and your best, you’re not so that’s kind of the beauty of things – not just music but of anything. There’s no peak and that’s really cool.

Have you found more confidence along the way?

Tons! Even now, though, sometimes I’ll lose it for a couple of shows and it takes a couple of shows to get back to where I was.

Has the fact that you got your start on Vine and other social media platforms helped you launch your music career or been more of an obstacle? Your start on social media seems to be a running theme in most profiles about you – does that bother you at all?

I kind of honestly just ignore it. But at the end of the day if people come to a show they’re going to leave knowing that I am a real musician and I write my own music but one thing I think I really learned and understand is that the whole world can’t truly know who you are and what you’re about in three years. It takes time, you know? The people who I strive to be have been in the music industry for ten or fifteen years and you can’t rush that process of how people think of you and what they think of you when they hear your name. That’s something that is going to naturally happen.

How do you navigate balancing the personal Shawn Mendes and the professional Shawn Mendes and figuring out how much to share with fans. Is there a difference?

I think just like you would [navigate] any job. This is a lot more confusing because it’s a lot more personal of a job but it’s really not. Anything that you think would be socially inappropriate or socially wrong to say because you haven’t known the person for two or three years – don’t say it. I think it’s a lot simpler than people expect but, with that being said, I’ve known my fans for two or three years so what people see online who don’t really know me, my fans know me better because they’ve been at shows and they see me after shows and we’ve talked. So it’s a confusing thing to talk about because there’s so many fans, who do know me a lot better because they pay such close attention instead of just what’s right in front of you. I guess what I’d say is I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t say to somebody I just met. But I’m also not scared of being myself.

One thing you hear a lot of artists say these days is that, thanks to social media, fans these days don’t seem to want to idolize musicians, they want to be their friend and they view them in a very different way. Have you noticed that?

I think yes and no. I think I agree with that statement and I don’t. Well, because for me I see [my relationship with my fans] as like this older brother thing, where he’s your older brother who’s the captain of the football team but he’s someone you look up to and admire and ask for advice and pay attention to. But he’s also your brother at the same time and I think that’s the best of both worlds. I know that they all look up to what I say, and I try to be a great role model. They truly appreciate what I say and what I do, but at the same time they all remember that I’m human and I’m just a dude and that’s really nice.

Is that responsibility stressful though?

I ran head first into the industry when I was 15 and so it feels very natural for me to be honest to be this way. I like being able to be a role model for people, especially younger kids.

Are you able to surround yourself with people your own age?

Yes absolutely. All the time I’m around people my age and there’s lots of people my age that are completely on the same wavelength as me who aren’t famous singers or famous athletes. I think that goes to show that it’s not about hanging around adults because you’re mature.

Are there any life experiences that your friends are going through that you wish you were going through, too?

It would be nice to turn an invisibility switch on and go to the bar with my friends and just relax in that way. With that being said, on the flipside, I also get to go to a bar in London, England with my friends and if there’s a couple of people that want to take pictures along the way, it’s okay because we’re in England, and this probably wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for that.

Follower Count

“Hiya, babes! It’s Laura!”

“Hello! It’s Laura! We hit a thousand, babes! We did it!

Laura was just another small time girl trying to hit it big with YouTube. There was hundreds of Youtubers like her out there. They put on makeup. They play video games. They review movies. They vlog about their day. They try weird products and make comedy shorts.

I found Laura on a late night. She’d made a comedy short with Katherine Short, a YouTuber I had followed for a few years. Laura caught my attention with her low voice, sweet smile, and odd eyes- she had heterochromia. One eye was dark brown, like her hair. The other was like a husky dog’s. Piercing blue.

Laura was new, she barely had a hundred followers when I first clicked subscribe. After that collaboration with Katherine, you could see her confidence soar. I had fun with her wit and hey, if someone’s entertaining, I’m gonna hit that magic red button.

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DEH kids x Reader at Disney World

A/N: A bunch of random things if the kids of Dear Evan Hansen went to Disney World together at the end of their senior year. There’ll be more parts because I miss living only 1.5 hours away from Disney. Anyway….enjoy! This first chapter is the planning and traveling to Disney World! ***It was longer than I expected so enjoy :))

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The Portal to Oxin - Part One

Summary: Dan doesn’t mean to send himself and Phil inside The Mark of Oxin, but somehow, the pair end up in Phil’s video game. With Dan as a soldier and Phil as a mage, they must find Alex, Emiliy, and Jake to help them find out who is responsible and what sinister force is so intent on capturing the creator of the game.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, soldier!Dan, mage!Phil

Warnings: swearing, minor mention of panic attack

A/N: Hey everyone! This won’t be an extremely long series, like my work Sugar on Top, but it will be a few parts. I just really adore Phil’s game and thought his universe was so interesting! Keep an eye out for some familiar faces that may pop up as Dan and Phil explore. This’ll be fun. I can’t promise how quick the updates will be since I’ll also be updating Sugar on Top (a baker!Phan AU that you should totally check out) but it’ll be as often as I can manage. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

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A Cinderella Story (Ethan Dolan)

part three. Read part one here: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/163310914487/a-cinderella-story-ethan-dolan Read part two here: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/164732941322/a-cinderella-story-ethan-dolan

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

“I can’t believe it Ellis it was magical. He is magical. He was looking for me Ellis little ole me.” I said twirling around in my room.

It was early in the morning and I had just finished telling Ellis about my magical night with Ethan. I got a rush performing on stage, and when everyone was complimenting me I felt for once that I was a somebody. When Ethan told me he’s been looking for me it made me feel like I was loved.

“except he doesn’t know it’s actually you, you left before he could see you.” Ellis said.

I got scared when Ethan started lifting the mask. I wasn’t ready for him to know it’s me yet so I ran.

“I was scared, what if he doesn’t like the mystery singing girl when he finds out she’s just little ole me." I said thinking of my words just seconds before.

Ellis came over grabbing my shoulders.

"then he’s got to be the dumbest boy ever. You’re perfect y/n you deserve this and then some.” Ellis said hugging me.

I wrapped my arms around her squeezing. This wouldn’t be possible without Ellis, she was like my fairy godmother you know if this was a fairytale.

“excuse me y/n has work to do.” Alice said barging in the room.

“coffee got it.” I said letting go of Ellis and grabbing my wallet.

I walked down to the café humming one of my songs.

“nice humming.” A voice said behind me.

I jumped turning around. Ethan stood there laughing.

“sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” He said holding his hands up in defense.

“it’s cool, what are you doing?” I asked him smiling.

“actually I was uh looking for you.” He admitted.

I could feel the butterflies erupting in my stomach.

“well you found me.” I said smiling at him.

 "yeah I did, uh do you want to get out of here for a little bit.“ Ethan asked rubbing his neck nervously.

I debated what I should do. I knew I’d get in trouble for going with him but this was Ethan Dolan we were talking about here. My heart wanted to go but my head told me it wasn’t a good idea.

"I’d love to.” I told him letting my heart win.

“great you’ll love this place.” He said really excited.

He grabbed my hand running out the door. I couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement.

“where are we going?” I asked trying to keep up with him.

“you’ll see it isn’t far from here.” He said causing me to laugh again.

“Ethan slow down I have asthma!” I shouted falling behind a little.

Ethan stopped running before picking me up in his arms bridal style. I could feel my breathing become heavier with his closeness. Finally he stopped running and set me back on my feet.

“we’re here.” He said smiling.

“wow.” I said admiring the view.

He took me to a little cliff that overlooks the beach. It was beautiful.

“I knew you’d like it.” He said going to the edge of the cliff and taking a seat.

I was awestruck. I admired the way the sun glistened on the water. 

“you coming?” He asked patting the spot next to him.

I laughed before joining him.

“isn’t this a little dangerous.” I said looking at how far up we were.

waves crashed against the cliff making a peaceful sound.

“people go cliff diving all the time y/n.” Ethan said laughing.

“wait you want to jump off of here?” I asked looking at him like he was crazy.

I knew him and his twin did some crazy stuff for their videos but this was borderline insane.

“yeah why not it’ll be fun.” He said standing up.

to be honest I was terrified but I didn’t want Ethan to know that.

“but we don’t have bathing suits.” I said trying to make up an excuse.

“we don’t need them.” He said laughing.

Ethan took off his shirt and pants leaving him in just his Calvin Klein boxers. I felt my face go red as I tried not to stare too long.

“you’re crazy you know that.” I said my voice growing quieter with each word I spoke.

“you can’t spend your entire life being scared y/n if you do then you’ll never really live it.” He said walking over to me.

Maybe he was right, I needed to take a chance every once in awhile. I shut my eyes as I peeled off my shirt and pants leaving me only in my bra and panties. I looked down making sure they matched, thankfully they did. Ethan stood there staring at me making me blush.

“well are we going to do this or not?” I said grabbing his hand.

He smiled intertwining our fingers. He walked to the edge of the cliff looking down.

“are you ready?” He asked looking at me.

“honestly no.” I said nervously laughing.

“don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand the entire time.” He said squeezing my hand that was in his.

I nodded at him taking a deep breath.

“1, 2, 3!” He said leaping off the cliff.

Originally posted by labyrinth-8

I screamed as we hurtled toward the water down below. I felt the icy water hit my skin as we went under. Ethan held my hand the entire time just like he promised to do. We resurfaced with huge smiles on our faces.

“oh my gosh I just did that.” I said looking up at the cliff.

“yeah you did.” He said laughing.

“thanks to you.” I said smiling.

Ethan swam closer to me. I could feel my heart beat racing as he got closer. He  splashed me in the face with water making me laugh. I splashed him back and soon we were having a splashing war.

“okay I surrender, I surrender.” Ethan said laughing.

I stopped splashing him, laughing still too.

“come on we should get out of here.” He said shivering.

He grabbed my hand and we swam to the shoreline. Thankfully it was still early so there was no one here yet. We got out of the water and I could feel the cool air hit my body. Ethan walked over to the cabana grabbing us a blanket. We sat down on the sand while Ethan wrapped the blanket around both of us. We sat there quietly just admiring the way the waves crashed on the sand.

“how was your party?” I asked looking over at him.

He was perfect. His jawline was perfect, his eyes, his hair, the little mole he had, it was all perfect.

“would’ve been better if you were there.” He said bumping his shoulder in to mine.

“please, I’m sure you had fun without me.” I said trying to control my rapid heartbeat.

“it was alright.” He said shrugging his shoulders.  

I could tell he was holding something back but I didn’t push it.

“well thank you for this, this is probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time.” I said smiling at him.

“really?” He asked looking at me with sympathy.

“yeah I mean I don’t exactly live a fairytale life.” I said looking back out at the water.

“well if it makes you feel better, you’re a princess to me.” Ethan said wrapping an arm around me.

Ethan looked from my eyes down to my lips. He bit his lip as he started to lean in. Our lips brushed against each other lightly.


Ethan and I jumped apart our faces going red. His twin brother Grayson came running over looking out of breath. Ethan pulled the blanket tighter around us so Grayson couldn’t see me in my bra and underwear.

“what do you want man?” Ethan asked looking annoyed.

“did I interrupt something?” Grayson asked pointing between me and Ethan.

“Grayson.” Ethan said rolling his eyes.

“uh we need to talk man like alone.” Grayson said looking at me and then Ethan.

Ethan looked at me with sympathy.

“give me ten minutes Gray than I’ll be in.” Ethan said.

Grayson nodded his head and ran back inside.

“guess we should go get our clothes.” Ethan said laughing.

“race you there.” I said taking off running.

Ethan beat me to the cliff, stupid asthma. We grabbed our clothes and walked back to the building. Ethan stopped me at the door grabbing my hand.

“we should do this again sometime.” He said smiling.

I shook my head yes not able to fight the blush that spread on my cheeks.

“yeah I would definitely be okay with that.” I said smiling and looking away.

“good, me too.” He said kissing my cheek.

I watched him walk in the building holding my cheek. Little did I know someone was watching me. Alice.

part four in the making (:

Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye

  I have read many comments and reactions to this video since it released.  I thought I would put my own thoughts out there as well. I have to start off by saying that I adore both Mark and Sean.  They seem like such wonderful people and the fact that they do so much for their subscribers and for others is truly admirable.  I really enjoy everything these guys work so hard to put out there for us to watch.  They deserve nothing but love and thanks for going above and beyond the “Let’s Plays” that their channels are known for.

 I was really drawn in when Mark and Jack decided to do their dark, alter egos because I love horror and sci-fi.  I have really enjoyed their videos involving these characters and was very excited to see them come together.  I will be honest, I didn’t care for the involvement of the others in this one, it would have been much better if it were just the 2 of them.  As the exchange got started, it set the mood and just as I really got into it… it cut away to other people that I don’t watch or even really know.  But I love to see a good collaborative effort and to see people working together instead of tearing others down to further themselves.  

  I could tell that both Dark and Anti were a bit off their game. I’m guessing that this was a last minute decision and probably done quickly while Jack was in LA for only a short time, not to mention busy with other things.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy for these 2 to stand in front of each other and play their role.  While they are good friends and I’m sure have spent plenty of time together acting goofy, this is way different.  If they had more time to work through the awkwardness and the giggles… it may have seemed more comfortable.  

  What I have seen pointed out the most was Anti didn’t have his gauges in his ears, and Dark was missing his tie and his suit was a mess.  Taking the above, and this into consideration, I chose to let it play into the story rather than ruin the experience.  We have all watched these characters come into play in their own unique way but separate from one another up to this point.  For anyone that has watched something similar, 2 evil beings coming together usually results in a clash.  

So here is how I let things play out for me…

  Anti hears that Sean is making the trip to LA for other business.  I can only assume that Anti and Dark are well aware of one other.  He knew he had to find a way to make this trip, which likely means finding the perfect opportunity to tag along.  With Sean being distracted by his other business and likely stressed, this was likely not terribly hard but still a risky move considering the travel.  Maybe the gauges were left at home intentionally, he had to appear to be as normal as possible to avoid detection.  Or maybe just a simple as they were forgotten since the focus was on making the trip.  They also could have been left behind after making it to LA, when the opportunity to finally meet Darkiplier face to face presented itself, there was no time to waste, he had to just go.

  That brings us to Dark, calm in LA enjoying some down time.  Not expecting to hear from Anti at this point, if ever.  Dark was likely caught off guard by Anti showing up, he never would have thought he would have the gall to challenge him this way.   He hadn’t needed his freshly pressed suit for some time, it was likely in the closet starting to wrinkle and he had to dress in a hurry.  You know how it is when someone you want to either impress or intimidate comes along, you want to look at your best but they get in your head which means things can be missed.  After throwing on the suit, Dark is unable to find the tie.  I can imagine Dark frantically searching which mumbling to himself looking for the tie.  At this point, I assume he is quite irritated and you can probably hear the high pitched squeal… people are wondering what is causing the noise.   It’s nowhere to be found… so he unbuttons his shirt, making the messy look seem intentional.  His ego leads him to believe it will only play into his sex appeal.  He figures he can use his calm demeanor and intoxicating way with words to keep the focus off of his absent tie and wrinkled suit.  Anti clearly caught Dark off guard which created a bit of panic, this explains why Dark seemed to stumble with his words.  Anti could pick up on this, and he found it hilarious, he could barely contain his excitement and keep from cackling during their interaction.  I also think the other people interrupting the moment threw off the focus a bit.  You could also see it another way, perhaps Dark was otherwise … occupied at the time.  Maybe his tie was currently in use when he was interrupted.  If they meet again, I am almost certain it will be more of what we have come to expect from Dark and Anti as individuals.  

  All in all… I really loved the interaction between these guys.  Even more, I loved the bloopers to see Mark and Sean interacting as well and completely cracking up with their friends because of their silly antics.  I would love to see something like this happen again.  But, unlike others, part of me doesn’t want to see these guys go head to head because I don’t want to pick a side,  I would love to see them team up to accomplish their goal.  Dark & Anti vs Mark and Sean, trying to take over.  But I know that in the end, one would have to betray the other to take ultimate control… it would still be fun to see.  

  Don’t let the flaws ruin the experience for you.  Both of these guys had said that a collab between Dark and Anti would likely not happen.  They knew the community would love for it to happen so they did it…. they did that… for US!  We all owe these guys a huge thanks and round of applause for making this happen.  The entire team on both sides.  Because we all know that the magic of Darkiplier and Antisepticeye is in the editing.  So a huge thank you to Robin, Kathryn, Amy, Tyler, Ethan, and anyone else that may have been part of this. I don’t know how involved Wiishu is in brainstorming or creating but thanks to her for being so wonderfully supportive of what Sean does.  Also thanks to all of the other YouTubers for coming together to create, that’s what they are all here to do.  I would much rather see their love for their craft bring them together than to split them apart, it makes for much happier people.  Thank you all for all that you do!

Happily Ever After

We we’re talking about the song Marry You by Bruno Mars and I got into all the feels and felt the need to watch proposal videos, which lead to disney proposal videos, which lead us to this. Now me, being the Disney trash I am, just had to write this. It’s honestly all 100% fluff so I hope you enjoy it.

I apologize for any mistakes in this or anything weird. I haven’t really written anything in two years so I’m a little nervous lol.

This is a song you can listen to since it’s kind of what this is based off of. I tell you the moment to listen to it if you want to add the extra feels’


word count: 2,515

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linathequeenhauchard-blog  asked:

The DR1 boys with a cold S/O who never laughed in front of them but one day they literally burst out laughing for something stupid the boys did

Had a lot of fun writing this one!

Makoto Naegi

  • He understood that it was your personality to be cold
  • But sometimes he just wants to see you smile or laugh
  • (Has actually spent some time trying to get you to laugh but has always failed)
  • Thankfully his luck helps him out with this
  • You two were walking down the stairs one day when he tripped
  • And when he tripped he means his while shoe came off of his foot as he fell
  • Thankfully someone was at at the bottom of the stairs to break his fall
  • Unfortunately it was Byakuya
  • So he’s at the bottom of the stairwell (hurt a bit but not really) laying on top of a confused and angry Byakuya
  • When he hears a wonderful noise
  • He looks up to see you laughing at him
  • (A cute puppy dog look sprawls itself across his face)
  • Doesn’t pay attention to Byakuya lecturing him at all and doesn’t mind getting shoved off
  • The only thing on his mind is trying to figure out a way to make you laugh again

Byakuya Togami

  • Doesn’t mind the fact that your cold since so is he
  • What he does mind is the fact that you have heard his laugh but he has never heard yours
  • Now that was unfair
  • He gets to hear you laugh on your birthday surprisingly enough
  • He heard (cough eavesdropped on) you talking with your friends about how you always wanted to be surprised with breakfast in bed one day
  • So why not do it on your birthday
  • Unfortunately because of his pride he does not ask any of his servants for help and instead tries to make it himself
  • Keyword tries
  • You walk in on him trying and failing miserably to make some pancakes
  • (Smoke fills the kitchen and you can see his servants nervously looking at him)
  • Seeing the Ultimate Affluent Progeny fail at such a simple task… you couldn’t help but laugh
  • He is shocked at hearing your laugh but quickly recovers
  • (You two decide to eat out for breakfast today instead)

Mondo Owada

  • It was weird for him that you didn’t laugh or smile much
  • But hey that was just you
  • He first hears your laugh one day when you he’s walking you home from a date.
  • You two were saying your goodbyes when your Pomeranian (Pom) heard your voice from behind the door and ran outside to greet you.
  • He audibly gasped as the small dog eagerly yipped at you
  • He knelt down and put his hand out in front of him
  • And when Pom licked him and went for pets he lost it
  • “Awww! Whose a good boy! Whoose a good doggy, you are! You are!”
  • Seeing a tough guy like Mondo use a cute baby voice and gush over a small dog like this
  • You burst out laughing (which caused Mondo to blush darkly)
  • From there on, he starts showing you more of his soft side (which in turn made you giggle)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Now he first heard your laugh before you two got together
  • He had no idea how to ask you out
  • So naturally he asked his classmates for help
  • Thankfully Leon and Junko gave him some full proof lines that were guarantee to get you to go out with him!
  • (God Ishimaru you pure bean never take those two advise!)
  • He waited until you two were alone
  • He pulled out his notebook and then told you
  • “It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out!”
  • …What..?
  • He blushed as you kept looking at him and decided to try to next one written
  • “Are you a musician vampire? Because my organ is filling up with blood.”
  • (Taka why)
  • Maybe the next one would work
  • That’s what broke you and you couldn’t help the laughter that escaped your mouth
  • (But Leon and Junko were very surprised when he told them that their lines worked and that you two were now dating)

Leon Kuwata

  • You two were such polar opposites
  • And though he has seen your smile, he wanted to see you laugh
  • Thus he tried everything he could think of to make you laugh
  • (Cute animal videos nothing, jokes nothing)
  • It seemed like nothing he could do would make you crack
  • Until finally he managed to it it (by complete accident no less)
  • He was dared by a couple friends of his to see how many baseballs he could juggle
  • And you just so happen to walk in to see Leon attempt to juggle 5 baseballs… only for them to fall on top of his head
  • As he groaned and held the top of his head in pain he heard it
  • The beautiful sound of your laughter
  • A goofy smile came across his face
  • (Then on he actually did try to learn to juggle… and with many failures he managed to it it eventually)

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • He was another one that found it a bit weird about how cold you ere
  • But when you reassured him that it was just your personality, he understood
  • He heard your laugh for the first time when he introduced you to Alter Ego
  • “Oh so your the Mistress that Master has told!”
  • He blushed so hard at that and tried to stammer to you that he didn’t tell Alter Ego to call you that
  • “But since you are my Master and she is dating you that makes her my Mistress correct!”
  • Alter Ego staph please
  • Watching his face get so red and seeing him trying to argue with his own A.I.
  • The giggle that escaped you made Chihiro go silent
  • God that was a cute noise
  • “Don’t worry Master I made sure to record that sound clip!”

Hifumi Yamada

  • He didn’t mind your personality much tbh
  • It was obvious you were a Kuudere after all!!
  • You were helping him at an anime convention when he first heard your laugh (You were dressed up as Kanade Tachibana while Hifumi was Yuzuru Otonashi) ((both are characters from Angel Beats!)
  • You two were working at a booth selling prints when you heard Hifumi a loud squeal
  • “Princess Piggles! May I take your photograph!”
  • He saw a Princess Piggles cosplayer and was instantly fanboying
  • Seeing Hifumi getting so excited over a cosplayer (who let Hifumi take several pictures and even gave him their card for their cosplay blog)
  • You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you
  • Hifumi blushed hearing this
  • “So the rumors that a Kuudere’s laugh has magical properties are correct..”
  • (When you offer to cosplay Princess Piggles next year he instantly hugs you)

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • (When isn’t this man doing something silly)
  • You two were hanging out one day at your house
  • He went to get himself a glass of water when he threw himself into your lap crying
  • Confused you went into your kitchen and looked around
  • Everything seems normal..
  • “Mew..”
  • You look up to see your cat staring innocently at you from on top of the refrigerator which where the cereal is located.
  • Understanding the situation you burst out laughing.
  • Yasuhiro heard your laughter and hurried over to the kitchen
  • (“Yasuhiro meet your ghost.” “…. OH  MY GOD YOU HAVE A GHOST CAT”)
  • (Which leads to more laughter)
June 28: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Eight)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Eight)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, stranger to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 2869
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Prompt:This chapter is brought to you by two cups of coffee and a 15 minute nap in the middle. I’m so tired guys, massive project at work, trying to get the house sorted for when squidge moves and I’m not really sleeping well.
But I didn’t want to disappoint you, or myself, by falling at the final hurdle of fedij. Only a few days to go and I really love this fic so I wanted to write something. I’m sorry if it isn’t up to it’s usually standard but I covered all the plot points I needed to.

FEDIJ Day: June 28

Previous Day | Masterlist of fics so far

[AO3 Link]

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Arrow 5x21 “Honor Thy Fathers” - After Thoughts

Main thought

Originally posted by nargleshateplums

After some pumped up, tension riddle episodes I finnaly got to breath and just enjoy myself. The emotional rollercoaster was there but it was softly paced and, to be honest, a bit predictable after the Inside and Sneak Peeks.

But lets dig in.

Oliver Queen / Green Arrow

The Theme was Father’s, Oliver’s father, Robert and Simon’s father, Justin. But of course that the chess move is Chase’s, and it fits his plans.

The openning gambit is clear and Oliver reads it correctly even if he knows Chase is feeding him a half-truth. Robert was no saint but he wasn’t a cold blodded killer; Oliver, of all people would know if he was.

Thea, on the other hand, takes the half-truth and believes it. I understand Thea; since Robert was gone her all foundations crumbled to pieces. She found her mother was behind the Undertaking with Malcolm, she found her biological father is in fact Malcolm Merlyn and not Robert. She was lied to all her life. Everything she had taken for granted since the day she was born was a lie.

It’s not a big step to think that a person that lied to her since birth, “pretending” to be her father, could also be a killer. Nevertheless the acceptance that Robert is a killer comes from a place of pain. Thea is not well, she’s still working on it but she’s still on a very bad place. And we know this because she didn’t go to Roy, the love of her life, she’s shielding him from her darkness; that’s not the way to go, we all know that.

Oliver understands Robert better than Thea. Oliver is in a better place, he knows his father loved him, he knows his father did things he regreted but he also made sacrificies, namely on Oliver’s behalf, like shooting the other guy on the raft and killing himself in order for his son to survive.

Still he has doubts, he rewatches Robert’s video to him, searching for the answer to the question “Was his father a murderer?”. But he knows the truth in his heart, he knows who Robert was, the man he was, not prefect but he was a father that cared for his children and that urged him to be a better man, a good man.

Oliver also understands Chase better. He knows what’s Chase is doing when he sends Councilmen Goodwin’s body to his office. He knows Chase is aiming at crushing all that made Oliver what he is today and Robert is a big part of that.

Oliver is also in a better place than Thea. We now understand why 5x20 was important for Arrow moving forward. No matter how much I love Olicity I knew the show wouldn’t spend a all episode this close to Season’s end just for the sake of Olicity, they needed Felicity to be there to support Oliver in his evolution to Green Arrow.

And she is. So very much so

Originally posted by arrowsource

“Maybe it’s time to stop living for your father and start living for yourself” Felicity appreciating the man she knows. It doesn’t matter why you came to do good things, it’s doing good things that matters. Oliver, Green Arrow, does good things, he makes people around him better, Oliver needs to embrace that, embrace who he is. The past is the past, it’s what you are and what you do moving forward that makes us, us.

And we have Green Arrow back

Originally posted by olivergifs

Sure of himself enough to face Chase on his own twisted mind game. Robert wasn’t perfect but Justin was far worse.

Robert killed himself in order for his son to survive; Justin was disowning Simon because his son was sick (insanity didn’t get better over the years but maybe with the right help it would have).

Prometheus / Adrian Chase /Simon Morrison

Chase is insane. Now we know he has been insane all his life. His father was disowning him because of it.

Chase is honoring a father that was abandoning him. And he’s honoring him by doing bad things, keeping on the bad legacy his father left him. Opposite Oliver that embraced the good part of the legacy Robert left him.

But CHase was way to acceptant of his “defeat” and he looked way to happy inside that ARGUS cell.

Originally posted by kyoka-sui-get-su

He’s still playing and he’s still “winning” in his mind. It’s a chess (all strategy games, really, kind of thing) we have to make sacrificies in order to win. You sacrifice pieces to protect other more important pieces, what matters is the King, he must be protected at all cost, thats the end game. While your oponent is moving in to “kill” off one piece you are moving another to your wishes.  I think that’s exactly what Chase is doing. He’s still some moves ahead, not the ten, but some.


Oliver is a planner. He has all figured out. Anatoly will pay the boat to go and “find” Oliver. From there he will pretend to have been a castaway on Lian Yu for 5 years. That will make things easier to explain to his family and friends when he’s back in Starling City.

But as soon as Anatoly goes away the most crowed desert Island in the Universe strikes again, Kovar and his man are there.

Originally posted by dondehaypelo

This is going to hurt.

Random thoughts

- Felicity not being hable to find William when Chase did it so seamlessly is beyond me. I was a bit p*ssed Marc told us we aren’t going to get and explanation for this, at least not this Season (here).

Originally posted by keep-calm-and-allons-y-whovians

- I didn’t particulary enjoyed the answers to our curiosity on how Oliver learn to fly a plane or the castaway look * overly amazed and excited advertising voice * “in an amazing 10 seconds” *end of overly amazed and excited advertising voice*. Robert taught him to fly a plane; Anatoly was KGB and they had mad “magic” for their agents to blend in

Originally posted by psi-cod3l1c4

- I loved the emotional way Oliver looked at Deathstroke mask. For him Slade is a friend. That will come to fruition later on.

- Loved Oliver snarky responses at the begining of the episode

Quentin: Where are we on finding Chase

Oliver: Right where he is. Nowhere

Policeman: Babble… I can’t let you…

Oliver: Then resign.

- Rene’s daugther storyarc was a downer for me this episode. Every time the scene moved to that arc I felt defflated. I love Quentin and Rene but it was just “get me back to the good stuff”

- Curtis working with Dinah worked for me. Which was a bit surprising.

- Rene shooting endlessly at Derek Sampson when Team Arrow knows the guy doesn’t even feel it was pointless and, to be honest, a bit stupid IMO

- I was happy Thea got to see Robert’s video to her. She needed that. She need to know Robert loved her. Not from others but from Robert himself. She needed to hear he always felt proud of her.

Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye

- We talk alot about OTA and Olicity being the core of Arrow relationship wise but the Queen’s sibblings are the strongest bond in the show. A bond that existed before Arrow existed, a bond that existed since the day Thea was born. No matter what, they are the strongest bond that exists on Arrow, Robert Queen message only made it stronger.

- About Robert’s message, I was left wondering if Oliver is still the weakest of the two. Robert taped the message when Oliver was just a lost rich kid that lived his life from night to night playboy style. Things are very different now. Oliver is not that man anymore, he’s stronger that he was back then. Is Thea still the strongest of the two? IMO at this moment they complement each other. Thea is stronger that Oliver in some areas, and she’s weaker than Oliver in others, together they are stronger than Robert ever envisioned.

- Robert and Moira would be proud of both Oliver and Thea.

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

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An Ode to Silver Boxes

To those who got into video games only in the last 10 or so years, the appeal of the Konami name might not be readily apparent. Newcomers to the hobby probably associate them with Metal Gear, soccer games, and probably little else. But there was a time when the Konami name was as good as gold; in the days of the NES, Konami built itself up as a gaming powerhouse, and it delivered its trademark brand of 8-bit action with a distinct, eye-catching hook: action-packed artwork framed by a silver border.

To me, that silver box, with its weighted lines on either side that faded away to showcase the dynamic art, was a promise — a promise that something awesome was inside. Whether it was flying through space to save the galaxy in Gradius, running through the jungles with a buddy in Contra, hitting the ice in Blades of Steel, maneuvering an assault jeep across enemy territory in Jackal, or driving a stake into the heart of evil in Castlevania, there was almost always something good behind that silver veneer. It seemed like just about any game could get the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, but to get into a silver box? That meant it had to be something special. It had to be elite: adrenaline-pumping gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, responsive controls, and some of the most memorable music you’ll ever hear from a sound chip.

Not every Konami NES game was great, of course. Top Gun was fun until you tried to land, and few games have disappointed me as much as The Adventures of Bayou Billy. But for the most part, Konami consistently delivered excellent game after excellent game. To me, Konami games were just as much of a reason to own an NES as the first-party Nintendo titles were. It could be considered sacrilege, I know, but as much as I love the Super Mario series, Zelda, Metroid, and Punch-Out!!, if I was forced to choose one library over the other, I might take Konami’s NES offerings over Nintendo’s.

And Konami’s appeal went beyond those silver borders. Konami’s second label, Ultra Games (created to circumvent Nintendo’s third-party publishing restrictions), didn’t feature the silver boxes, but typically delivered quality nonetheless (Metal Gear, anyone?), and Konami’s reputation for amazing gaming experiences continued late into the NES’s lifecycle and into the 16-bit era when Konami eschewed the silver frames for more conventional designs. But even when the silver was gone, the quality remained, with games such as Super Castlevania IV, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Axelay, Contra III, Rocket Knight Adventures, and one of my all-time personal favorites, Snatcher.

And let’s not forget Konami’s licensed offerings. In an era when movie- and cartoon-based games were frequently unplayable garbage, Konami made licensed titles that weren’t just good but brilliant. As a kid, I wasn’t even a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tiny Toon Adventures, or The Simpsons, but I absolutely loved the games. (Well…not the first, awful NES TMNT game.) These games were fantastic whether you enjoyed the property they were based on or not, and the games actually got me interested in the franchises they were based on rather than the other way around. Co-op brawler TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, technique-filled platformer Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!, and skull-crunching beat-‘em-up Batman Returns exude as much polish as anything released in the 16-bit era and remain among my favorite SNES games of all time. As for The Simpsons? Konami didn’t have home-console rights to the property, so when the opportunity presented itself, I bought the actual arcade machine.

As the gaming industry matured, consoles and gaming fads came and went, but Konami remained a leader, branching out into new genres, reinventing old ones, and pioneering its own with offerings that included Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Silent Hill, Zone of the Enders, and the groundbreaking Dance Dance Revolution and Bemani music series. When the Pokémon craze hit, I was excited by the prospect of this new, collectable take on RPGs, but I was even more excited hearing that Konami had its own spin on the formula with Yu-Gi-Oh, which I was sure would outclass Pokémon in every way. I was completely wrong, of course, and in retrospect I’m glad, but at the time, it certainly seemed like a possibility.

When I made my first trip to Japan in 1996, it warmed my heart to see a Konami building in the Tokyo skyline, complete with the classic red-and-yellow wave logo. “Those are my guys,” I thought as I looked at the building. I knew they were making magic in there. Maybe someday the Konami Omni Building from Snatcher would even be a reality.

But the magic didn’t last. Though Konami continued to pump out appealing games on both consoles and handhelds up through the PS2 and Nintendo DS eras (special shoutout to Contra 4, a game I’m incredibly proud to have had a hand in revealing), the company’s output dropped dramatically after that. The rising costs associated with the PS3/Xbox 360 era were not kind to Japanese gaming, and the teams responsible for beloved franchises got dissolved, development on some properties were outsourced to external companies, and resources were shifted to pachinko machines and lackluster mobile titles. Subsidiary Hudson Soft, purchased by Konami in 2011, was shut down, and its brands were all but wiped from existence. Later, reports trickled in of how some of gaming’s greatest minds were being mistreated by Konami management, and most of them abandoned ship at the first opportunity.

When I visited the once-proud company’s E3 booth on the second day of the show in 2014, it looked like an abandoned wasteland. An irate Konami fan once accused me of taking the photo shown here before they’d finished setting up the booth, but this was right in the middle of gaming’s biggest annual event, and they apparently didn’t have any products to display. Instead of warming my heart like it had 18 years prior, this Konami just made me sad.

Honestly, I applaud Konami for branching out into alternative revenue sources rather than go belly-up or face continuous losses like some Japanese gaming giants, but to say they threw the baby out with the bathwater is an understatement. By squandering their greatest resource — their creative personnel — and abandoning the brands that made them famous, Konami has eliminated the very things that made them special, and destroyed the good will and respect that they’d forged with a generation of fans.

Will Konami ever try to take back its place of greatness in gaming’s pantheon? Will they consider reviving brands like Gradius, Contra, Mystical Ninja, and Suikoden? Or could those series be licensed to talented outside studios who, like me, were inspired by Konami’s original works and would love to carry on the legacy? After seeing Konami’s revival of Bomberman R on Switch, it may be fair to say that those old brands may not be dead just yet.

Then again, if they are, I’ll still always have my old cartridges…and my memories of those captivating silver boxes.

My 4 year old nephew watches Cats for the first time....

He’s dancing along. 

Mistoffelees is his favourite until Rum Tum Tugger came on. 

He needs a little help balancing when doing Victorias dance right now but he says one day he’ll do it himself.

Being Munkustrap during the invitation to the Jellicle ball is very fun.

He had to put his shoes on so he could tap dance along with Jenny. 

He likes doing Tuggers hip thrusts and sways. 

He thought they said Tugger was a furious cat. 

He’s upset that Grizabella is pretty sad and it was naughty of Pouncival to scratch her. 

Grizabella has horrible long claws.

He seems to be hypnotised by Bustopher Jones. 

At this point he is still Tugger and Tugger needs a drink. 

He copied Bustopher almost falling off his hat. 

The first Macavity scare he said oh no it’s raining. 

When we explained it was a bad cat he warned Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer to look out for the bad cat. 

Speaking of Mungojerrie he decided he was the boy cat with the collar.

He asked if I could do the double cartwheel with him. 

At this point he used an empty bottle and pretended to be Bustopher again from no where. 

I said he couldn’t have my fizzy drink so he hissed and said he’s the bad cat. And hiding in the car. Now we know where Macavity is throughout the musical. 

Tugger came back on. We’re back to being cool Tugger.

“It’s a bad cat!” No it’s old Deuteronomy. “What?”

“I’ve got a collar on me like the grey cat.”

Dancing along with Munkustrap during The pekes and the pollicles.

Playing the bagpipes like Tugger.

Bark. Bark. Bark. Bark.- NOOOOOOOO!

He keeps standing in Munkustraps “Protective stance”.

He won’t accept that Rumpus cat is not a bad cat. 

He finally accepted Rumpus cat is not a bad cat. Hes a superhero cat. 

Finally saw Macavity. 

Obsessed with Macavity. 

Copying Alonzo dancing. 

Copying all the dancing. 

Jumping like a jumping jack. 

He keeps doing finger guns and saying I’ve got fur round me. I’m cool. 

Dancing along to the jellicle ball to the best of his ability. Mostly spinning and jumping. 

I don’t need my shoes on anymore I have paws. 

Tugger. Thats my name. Tugger. 

Can I have my face painted as a cat?

I can pick a lady cat up. 

Shaking his head like Mistoffelees. 

Watch those flowers! I’m a cat remember. Alright then. 

Roger did that! Who’s Roger? With the fur! He meant Tugger. 

Swaggering like Tugger. 

“Tugger is a Mane Coon cat.” “I’m a Wayne Coo cat!”

Calling Tugger Roger again. 

Roger needs the toilet! *Runs off*

Only responding to Tugger now. 

Tugger is tired now. He rolled off the couch. 

Roger is the black cat. That’s mistoffelees darling. Im wistofflies. 

Creating his own character. Roger. 

Roger cat zooms around the world. 

Back to being Tugger. Tugger is tired and rolls around on the floor. 

Telling him when he’s a bit older and if it’s on tour he can go and see it in real life. He got uber excited and said he’s going to touch Tugger. Alright then. 

Tugger can bake cakes….?

Rubbing his head on mine like Alonzo and Munkustrap did earlier. 

Ah the bad cat! No that’s a ghost. 

Tugger likes rolling. 

*Giving him a toy medal* Here Tugger for being the coolest. *Poses like tugger*

Another head rub. 

Is that Roger? No thats Gus. 

Tugger loves Kiwi Fanta. 

Tugger drank all the drink. 

You’re Shimbleshan the Rail cat. He’s super cool.

Who would like one of Tuggers medals?

Tugger is super cool because he has a guitar. And a trumpet. And a keyboard. 

Copying Skimbleshanks on the open boot of the car. 

Realising Tuggers gone and asking where he is.

Finds Tugger in a box behind the sofa. 

Macavity appears. I’m the bad cat with sharp teeth. 

Getting upset that Deuteronomy is stuck in a net. 

The bad cat’s coming back in a minute!

He’s called Macavity. I’m Cacvvivy.





*Running around growling and hissing*

Macavity’s not there! Yes I am!

Evil Macavity laughter. 

Dancing along with Macavity!

He took the lady cat!

I’m going to kick him [Munkustrap] with my leg. 

More evil laughter.

Jumping on the couch and pretending to disappear like Macavity. 

Excitement: Tuggers back. 

I’m Tugger! *Has to put medal back on*

I’m hugging Tugger!

You don’t own me I’m Tugger! Fair enough…

I am apparently Mistoffelees. I am okay with this. 

Light up jacket!!

Trying to sing along with Tugger despite not knowing the words. 

I have to try and get him with my powers. 

Identity crisis: Is he Tugger is he Misto? He can’t decide!

Tuggers with his friends!

I’m not Tugger now I’m magic! 

Actually copying Tuggers hand gesture when Mistoffelees chooses Cassandra. 

He licked my cheek like Mistoffelees does to Deuteronomy. 

Disappearing like Mistoffelees. 

*Sits in a box* Tuggers chilling out for a bit. 

Tugger needs the toilet! Make sure the bad cat doesn’t get my medal!

Tugger what you doing? Just chilling out lady cat!

*Farts* Enjoy Tuggers smell. Really?

Meowing on the toilet and yelling I’m Tugger!

Tugger has a long tail. 

Look at my new belt I brought yesterday from the cat shop. It has guitars on it. 

I’m your favourite cat Mistoffelees?


Stofenlees. Close enough.

My tails a a magic trick!

*Excitement seeing Tugger in the credits.*

*Excitement seeing Mistoffelees in the credits.*

Another head rub to end on. 

Once the video is over. “I want it on again!”