i got emotional making this ngl

Guess who cried again watching episode ten

Cleaned out Grandpa’s place today. Mom broke down crying as soon as we got to the door.

Interesting news? Turns out he self-published a book last year at 86 years old.

I’d call it inspiring if he hadn’t been such irascible old rattle-snake. Mostly, it’s just making me sad. Emotionally abusive fuckwad or not, I… I dunno. I think part of me is still that little kid that loves her Grandpa unconditionally. Urgh.

Anyways, if anybody wants a copy of his book for curiosity’s sake, give me a shout. There’s like 80 here.

(He had a Twitter, Facebook, AND website for this damn thing. He even had a book signing, apparently. Okay, fine. Color me impressed, you fuck. Color me impressed.)


Happy  Birthday  Kim Juhyeon (06/15/95) 

Happy Birthday to our sweetest rapper. You almost always find a way to make Madpeople laugh and look out for us. We appreciate your tenacity  and will always be by your side. May your birthday be filled with good times and memories. I love  you Buffy.