i got emotional making this ngl

Guess who cried again watching episode ten


Happy  Birthday  Kim Juhyeon (06/15/95) 

Happy Birthday to our sweetest rapper. You almost always find a way to make Madpeople laugh and look out for us. We appreciate your tenacity  and will always be by your side. May your birthday be filled with good times and memories. I love  you Buffy. 

anonymous asked:

can you do a 'Dating Would Include' for Mark from NCT? please and thank you. c:

Ngl, I got a little emotional writing this. All I could see was him being cute in NCT Life 


  • the shyest boy ever when he was trying to ask you out
  • lots of awkward laughing and shy smiles and shuffling
  • but when you said yes he’d completely stop and his face would brighten and he’d start babbling about nothing
  • and you’re not to the point where you can kiss him to make him shut up….
  • so eventually you settle on kissing him on the cheek
  • and his smile OH MY LORD
  • shy shy shy shy shy
  • please protect this boy
  • Mark’s pretty touchy so expect him to grab onto you a lot
  • walking to school with you? holding your hand
  • walking you to all of your classes? holding your hand
  • honestly he’d probably try to hold your hand during like P.E. and you’re like “please let go of me I need my participation points”
  • asking you to come watch his dance practices
  • smiling at you every chance he gets
  • you’re talking about something cute you saw and he’s all like “I bet you’re cuter…”
  • and he’s grinning like an idiot
  • him finally getting up the nerve to kiss you and then giggling afterwards
  • doing homework together
  • well, you doing homework and Mark admiring you
  • “stop staring at me… it’s distracting….”
  • “but you’re perfect”
  • “I know. I also know you’re failing chemistry.”
  • “…you got me there.
  • not a lot of dates out
  • but no matter how tired he was he would always try to make time for a date with you whether it be watching a movie at the dorm or going to a small cafe or even studying together
  • oh!
  • okay Mark would insist on carrying your backpack along with his to and from school
  • Mark would be so in love with you but he’d be so scared to admit it because he’s never been in love before
  • and the first time he tells you he loves you he looks right at you and you can tell he’s serious
  • he means it every single time he says “I love you”