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being a seungri stan can be so frustrating. because it’s almost like nobody appreciates him (i’m side eyeing you yg) even though, he works so hard, he does so much to interact with the fans (he’s learned languages fluently so he can mc at their concerts and everything i mean???) and promote bigbang b/c he’s the maknae and he loves his group. like literally since before debut, when yg gave him that second chance, this man has been working so damn hard to better himself and prove that he belongs in bigbang (and he’s proved that way too many times to count). and his album let’s talk about love was so damn good but how could people fully appreciate it at the time when he wasn’t even given proper promotions and gd’s comeback was literally on top of his? seungri needs more love and more hugs tbh.

You know what’s one of the absolute best things about Yu-Gi-Oh in my opinion?

Its protagonists are never asked to be violent.

The shonen genre is just drowning in these protagonists that fight all the time, for whatever reason.  Sure most of them are pure and good when you get down to it, but they will almost always take the fighting way first.

Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists are almost encouraged to be gentle.  They fight, but only because they have to.  Only because something or someone needs to be protected.  

Yugi’s whole character arc was about learning to be confident while keeping his kindness—Yami even says at the end that he had the greatest power of all, power that could surpass him, in the fact that he was kind. Gentle, loving, trusting, caring, believing in people and their potential to be friends.

Judai learned the hard way that violence was the wrong way to achieve things.  He had to learn how to be kind, truly kind, to not rely on his inner darkness but to seek gentleness instead.

Yusei was always gentle.  He never willingly chose the path of violence. He strove for equality and an end to discrimination and violence.  He wanted to find a way to save his friend without fighting but was unfortunately unable to achieve that.  But his entire being revolves around how everything is important in some way and thus nothing should be hurt or destroyed.

Yuma I think is the absolute best example of this.  He’s your ordinary shonen protagonist except he’s so damn trusting and believes so damn much that everyone around him is good.  His entire personality revolves around wanting to believe the best in people, about wanting to find common ground with people.  He tries to talk to people first, tries to make allies, tries to connect with and reach people, he trusts overwhelmingly and even when he is broken down and betrayed he chooses to keep trusting anyway.  He chooses not to hate or get revenge but to continue trusting in people, even though he’s been hurt so badly.  So many times he just begs for the fighting to stop. He doesn’t want to be a fighter.

And Yuya, Yuya is such a good example too.  He’s sensitive and tries to hide it with a smile.  He doesn’t want to hurt people—he wants to make people smile instead and he will try to make even his enemies smile.  He is the polar opposite of a fighter, a reluctant hero who is dragged to the forefront of combat when all he wants to do is help, not hurt.

Yu-Gi-Oh is amazing because it teaches boys that they can be gentle.  It teaches them that kindness is the greatest power you can have, and that you should try to make allies with people, that even if you are hurt you can still believe in humanity, that befriending will always be better than fighting.  That it’s not naïve or stupid to be kind and trusting and caring.  How many boy-oriented shows do that?  I mean really.

I just love Yu-Gi-Oh so goddamn much don’t touch me

A Note

After watching so many wedding videos on YouTube, I can honestly say, that I cannot wait for mine. When you’re in a serious relationship with someone, you always ask the question to yourself, “Is this gonna happen?”. “Will I become his/her’s wife/husband?” 

I’m so grateful to say that I did after I started dating Blaine. Like, not even our second date did I realize ‘Yeah, I can see myself spending my life with him’ 

And here we are, a few years, a break up, and two engagements later, I’m proud to say that I am marrying my best friend. I have so many things to be thankful for in my life, and he is one of them. I’ve been planning my wedding since I was the tender age of two. I’ve had locations picked, food, decorations, and so many other things planned out.

But none of that really matters. I mean it does, but at the same time, I really don’t care where I get married anymore. We could go to the courthouse and say our vows there and I would be the happiest man on Earth. 

Of course, I won’t object to a nice ceremony, it’s just the point I’m making. 

I never thought love existed until I met you, Blaine. You’ve made me feel so loved and so happy, and I can’t thank you enough for being my love.

I love you forever. And I can’t wait to be your husband. 

16:58 ignis: meanwhile im sitting here crying over jeongguk’s eye
16:58 jungkook stan: eh
16:59 ignis: he has such a pretty profile
16:59 jungkook stan: ?????
16:59 ignis: https://08a48896ea3035368b2db65fa06332cd816d9dfb-www.googledrive.com/host/0B9d3BhTsK3phYnRxakc1d0Ezblk
16:59 jungkook stan: …..
16:59 ignis: im vectoring this rn
16:59 ignis: and while i was going down his profile
16:59 ignis: i got emotional bc of the shape of his eye
16:59 jungkook stan: rubs temples.
17:00 ignis: ;^;

Babyjib isn’t much of a baby anymore, as evidenced by the picture from this weekend’s hike. She’ll be 1.5 next month, which completely blows my mind. 

She switched daycares today and I was so nervous! I had trouble falling and staying asleep last night and almost felt it was my first day of school. Her new teacher, Lisa, was welcoming and put us at ease immediately. Babyjib had no trouble getting settled and immediately got to work playing with some pretend food in the play kitchen area. After 20 minutes of chatting and play my husband and I walked out, then the crying started. To be clear Babyjib was fine but I got a little emotional for reasons I haven’t fully processed. 

Love this kid and already counting down the hours till I can pick her up!


These 18 guys you see in box 30 were my original teams in RSE. They have been with me for over a decade, I have seen so many people come and go from my life but these guys were always there for me. They help me escaped reality when I needed a break from all the horrible things that were happening to me. We travel to Kanto, Sinnoh, Johto, Unova and the Kalos region; we have won countless battles and contest. We also experience defeat and we try our best to improve. They don’t have perfect IVS or the right natures but I don’t care because I love them just the way they are. They are my pokemon, my friends and my family. And they are coming back home in just a week, with new moves and tricks. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you love 'One Thing' video the most and whats your favorite Larry moment?

LISTEN, do not ask me about the “One Thing” music video unless you want me to go on for eight paragraphs. The “One Thing” video was a blessing on this undeserving world. I’m actually considering having three more children so that I can dress them up and make them reenact that video on a daily basis. 

First of all, the outfits. Now listen, I understand that these were the “uniforms” being used to market them in specific ways, but at the time we didn’t know that. We just knew that they looked perfect. We had braces Louis, vest/tie Liam, cardigan Niall, plaid shirt/blazer Zayn, and turtleneck/POPPED COLLAR blazer Harry. All five of them looked amazing.

Second, the video is so perfectly British, so perfectly London. The London eye, the double decker bus, Big Ben- you can’t watch that video without wanting to take a trip to London or believing that London seems like a magical place where all your dreams come true. 

Third, the “One Thing” video captures One Direction at probably the most poignant moment in their history. They were getting big, but they weren’t THAT big yet. You can see it on their faces throughout the entire video- they were still getting comfortable with becoming famous, they were still just a tiny bit self-conscious with their dancing and their camera presence, they were still not completely convinced they were going to be something huge, like they still might blink and it would all disappear. The fan/band interaction in the video is so completely genuine, so 50/50. That could only happen for the briefest flash of time, and then it would never be possible again. They just got too big for that. Too many handlers and bodyguards and entourage members and safety concerns. 

I love the “One Thing” video because it takes you back to a time when One Direction wasn’t overworked or exhausted. When we actually trusted what we were seeing. Before Elounor, before Haylor, before Weedgate, before Bullshit 1.0, before “remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine.” Back then, who could have imagined that those things and more were going to happen? Not us. And I’m pretty sure not them, either. 

It’s not that things are all bad now, right? They’re just different. Everything changes, everyone grows up, but that doesn’t mean you forget. 

The “One Thing” video is like that picture you take at the perfect split-second, at just the right angle, in the most ideal golden light. Of course, that moment couldn’t last forever, but at least you captured the memory of it, at least you can look at it whenever you want to remember. 

One of my favourite things about Peggy and Angie’s dynamic, is the reoccurring elements and themes of safety, familiarity and home.

Within their first scene together, there’s this automatic (AUTOMATic, see what I did there) sense of familiarity between them. Angie is calling her ‘English’ like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and Peggy doesn’t bat an eyelid. Then Angie is able to tell when something is wrong with Peggy simply by her actions alone and just slides into her booth to comfort her even though she’s at work. Add this on top of the ‘doesn’t matter when you got legs like yours’ comment, and their first scene alone just shines with comfortable familiarity.

Peggy always finds herself coming back to Angie through the season. Someone who she can talk to in order to escape her hectic and sexist filled life, allowing herself to feel relaxed and without care of judgement. Hell, she even uses the automat as the meeting place for her and Jarvis, where the talk about things that shouldn’t really be talked about in such a public place tbh, probably because the place feels familiar - Angie feels familiar.

Peggy feels comfortable enough to drink schnapps with Angie, to talk about horrible coworkers, and to just talk and relax in general. Angie slowly becomes her home throughout the season, and that’s only further insinuated within the finale, where Peggy herself invites Angie to live with her.

Angie didn’t need to move homes. She didn’t really have to leave the griffith. But Peggy 'I’m afraid I wouldn’t make a good neighbour’ Carter, decides to invite Angie anyway. She’s come to love their talks and their special bond, and home isn’t really home without Angie Martinelli anymore.

Home wasn’t the automat, it was Angie Martinelli.
Home wasn’t the Griffith, it was Angie Martinelli.
Home wasn’t Howard’s mansion, it was Angie Martinelli.

Just like how Los Angeles won’t be her new home, because her home isn’t four walls, it’s a person. Angie Martinelli. That perfect cinnamon roll who has been with her and supported her since the day they met.