i got emotional


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YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I was happy enough when Anjali let me send her the book, and I was not expecting her to make a whole video response when it arrived!!! honestly, thank you so much. ;u; (thanks for the people that told me about the video too!! after watching it i got emotional so i had to take A Moment, that’s probably why i didn’t respond…. 😂) I’ve never seen a VA be so appreciative and supportive about what the fans create, and i feel the ow fandom is blessed to have a person like Anjali with us!!! THANK YOU ANJALI YOURE AWESOME! LOVE U!!


but the fact that robert always is the one to give aaron forehead kisses makes me so emotional because that small gesture proves how much he wants to protect him

for me, a forehead kiss is the embodiment of ‘I’ll keep you safe and I’ll take care of you because we’re in this together" and it makes me so emotional

who would have EVER thought that robert sugden from 2014 who denied his sexuality and wanted to act as if there was nothing going on between him and aaron would give aaron the softest of kisses the forehead kiss to show him how loved and protected he is

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[1] tbh sometimes i doubt jikook is real because a lot of things people take as 'proof' (the backhugs, the stares, etc.) are stuff that they do with other members too, but the two things that always make me believe there's actually something more between them are 1) the fact that jimin once asked jungkook for a kiss and another time pretended to go for a kiss (which always seems strange to me knowing how all of them make a big deal out of it usually)

[2] and 2) that moment in bon voyage? i think? where jimin was clearly mad at jungkook and jungkook kept bugging him and said ‘i’ll come to your room later’ and jimin was like 'now you’re just messing with me’, and it just??? it never feels like a normal fight to me, there’s just seems to be something charged between them??? ah sorry if i bothered you i suddenly got really emotional about them but i don’t have anyone to talk to

ahaha, never feel burdened for talking to me XD if anything i’m always so aware od whether or not I’m spamming you guys sometimes so don’t even worry

And I know exactly what you’re talking about, when you say that backhugs and sharing clothes and stuff at things that all the members do, so we shouldn’t be too reliant on those (I am slightly biased when it comes to heart eyes though, because why they do all look at each other and stare sometimes, I think the way Jungkook looks at Jimin is a little…different sometimes :P)

But yes, these are amazing points.I find a lot of Jikook shippers ship them nowadays because of the “sketchy” between them. Whether it be the seemingly uncanny coincidences, or the way they always do things that you don’t notice until later.

But honestly, this is a great point. Every time the other boys have to kiss each other on variety shows they all kind of act like something’s gonna explode XD Yet Jimin, over and over again, kept asking Jungkook for kisses and stuff back then (my “non-shipper” sister’s recurring argument too actually: “would you keep trying to kiss your brother and tell him to accept your heart?”

And yesssss, the second moment is from there NOW…2(1?) photoshoot I think, and I keep trying to find the video but I can’t. Either way, there’s always that weird atmosphere around them that I can’t stand, and that video was definitely one of them. Even when they bicker, we tend to get all worked up, because the way they bicker is totally cute XD

Anyways, thanks for sending me these thoughts~<3 definitely very convincing so thank you so much for sharing ^^


kana doesn’t know where she’ll end up, but she knows she’s never leaving the digital world. after years of napping under trees, winning fights, making friends, and travelling wherever she pleases, she knows she’s here for good, its where she belongs. in the years she’s been here, she’s never once considered going back home.

(though quietly, secretly, she misses her bachan’s cooking sometimes)

toramon doesn’t mind. the digital world is home to him, after all, and more so than that, home is where kana is. and if she’s going to live out the rest of her life in the digital world, then he plans on being there to protect her every step.

but in all honesty, i’m actually really cheesed. i knew i wasn’t going to get it because when will this drama treat ah ro right? but 1. you don’t have ah ro continuing to be a wonhwa? 2. you have her waiting around for boyfriend? THAT’S IT???

that’s not the story this should be. 

it’s a testament to how much i love her and the otp that i still got emotional at the end though. my babiessssss. 

also speaking of my xmfc days I am taking my oil painting class with a beautiful wonderful freshman I started talking to online when she was in high school and reading my fic. we met up irl when she was on campus for a summer program and I was on campus because I was………. too depressed to find a real job and found a work-study thing with data visualization at the last minute………. I deleted all of my xmfc fic couple years ago because I was embarrassed of it but it’s hard to denigrate it when someone who is good at writing tells me my dumb porn helped them get through high school. I got emotional about that.

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I lost my mom to cancer a few years back. Before she died, we talked about the shows we watched on the phone all the time. She watched X files because I did. Later, she tolerated Grey's Anatomy because I had a thing for McDreamy. Anyway, when I heard you and your mom on the latest podcast I got really emotional. Moms know us the longest; they do so much for us, and because of us, and this was such a beautiful reminder of that. It made me smile. Thanks to you both.

I’m so sorry for your loss.  

This is one of the most gratifying things anyone has ever said about the podcast. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for listening.


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

I think the thing that’s fucking me up about Stydia tonight is the idea that Stiles carries this love that he has for Lydia around with him literally everywhere. It’s embedded into him.

Whether he’s an eighth grade boy or a senior in high school, he just carries this thing around with him. There’s this big, enormous care in his heart– this gut feeling that lives inside of him– and it’s literally ever-present. It has never gone away from him.

He loves and he loves and he loves until it breaks him, until he can’t love her anymore because after eight years he has fallen so hard for her that he literally cannot handle its weight anymore. After all this time, it builds, and they become friends and oh my god that is when loving her hurts the most.

She’s on his bed, she’s grabbing his hand, she’s telling him she believes in him which is the most painful part of all. And it aches and it aches and it aches

The thing is, she used to not know he existed. She used to not acknowledge his existence even when he worshiped hers. Even when he was discovering new pieces of her.

And now? And now she’s telling him that he’s the one who always figures it out. She’s telling him that she knows him well enough to tell him that he’s smart– him. Stiles Stilinski. Being told that he’s smart by Lydia Martin.

She’s starting to know him too. She listened. She paid attention. She remembered.

She pays. Attention. To. Him.

She wants to be his friend

Him, the boy who brushes his teeth at night and looks in the mirror and tries to see what other people see that isn’t enough.

Him, the boy who brushes his teeth at night and looks in the mirror and wonders what kind of dream he’s going to be having about the girl who is in his heart, who occupies his thoughts, who he gave himself to while expecting nothing in return.

He would allow her to walk all over him because he knows, right at the bottom of his chest, that if he does, if he helps her, if he is a springboard for her, she could do fucking incredible things.

Lydia Martin has the ability to save lives. She’s so smart. She’s so fucking smart.

And he loves what her brain can do. He loves how small she makes him. Loves her significance. She matters, she is bigger than the stars, bigger than the moon, she ripples across this world and impacts other people.

Stiles just knows that whoever supports her gets to stand by her side and watch the aftershocks, the quakes, or her brain. Of her lasting presence on this planet.

(He wants to tell her that she makes him giddy. Instead, he tells her that she’s been right every time something like this has happened.)

And here’s what he gets to do. Here is Stiles Stilinski’s contribution to the world, as he wants it to be:

He stands next to Lydia, the girl who is permanent. The girl who makes things last. And he makes her smile. Makes her laugh. Makes her a little less serious. Makes her glow.

And her story is a little brighter because a semblance of his completely inferior brain made it so. Because he loved her as completely as an eight-year-old boy could love an eight-year-old girl, and a thirteen-year-old boy, and a fifteen-year-old boy who doesn’t know her at all, and a seventeen-year-old man who knows her better than anyone does, and an eighteen-year-old man, and a twenty-three year old man, and, and, and, and

auditioning for the x factor
  • me: hi my names parvati im 17 and im bi
  • studio audience:
  • me: I thought I'd get it out in the open now you know, just in case I fail at bootcamp, and end up in a band with my soulmate, and we're forced to suppress our love and only get to show it through a series of tactical nautical tattoos.
  • simon cowell:
  • me: it's been known to happen