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show me the meaning of bangtan love, my sweet passion fruit xD

Bangtan love is when Jimin takes care of the others when they’re not feeling well

Bangtan love is when Yoongi stays in the studio all night long to perfect their songs, to tailor them to each member, making sure that everyone gets to shine

Bangtan love is when Jin cooks for the others, pouring all of his love into it

Bangtan love is when Tae brings everyone’s spirits up and lights up the room with his presence, making them forget their exhaustion

Bangtan love is when Hoseok helps them with choreography, even though he’s dead tired himself

Bangtan love is when Jungkook feels comfortable enough to joke with his hyungs and show his true self around them

Bangtan love is when Namjoon leads them, givens them strength and support, even if sometimes he needs it more than anyone else

peter quill is fucking adorable…………………. im gonna die.

Brie Bella reveals gender of baby

Following the announcement of Brie Bella’s pregnancy, the former Divas Champion revealed the gender of the child she and SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan are expecting.

“When I found out it was a girl, I actually got really emotional,” Brie said. “I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter. Also, as a woman, I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It’s such a special feeling — my mini me!”

Bryan echoed his wife’s sentiments, before making a prediction that mom and baby will immediately have one quality in common.

“I’m so excited we’re having a little girl,” he said. “I’m sure that, just like her mother, she’s going to steal my heart.”

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HAPPY TWINNIVERSARY @buckyismybrother

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since we met! I recently read past messages to you and so much has happened this past year! We’ve both come so far!

You are probably the only person I can rp with without feeling massively insecure about my writing and I don’t think I’d understand a lick of rping on tumblr if it wasn’t for you helping me out.

You are there whenever I need you and you always have the right words. You’re definitely someone I look up to, and I just love you to pieces! (Reese’s pieces)

I’m so glad we met and thankful that you’ve put up with me for this long!

Here’s to another amazing year  🍷

Also. To anyone else who bothered to read through this. Follow my super talented twin!

I hate my life

and I have an MRI tomorrow

The CT scan of my neck showed absolutely nothing. Which I’m both really relieved about because I was fucking stressed beyond belief scared cause I knew what they were looking for, and really angry because I am in so much fucking pain but no one can tell me why or fix it. I’m on multiple kinds of pain meds and nothing helps this. Nothing even takes the edge off. I can basically drink lidocaine and it still feels like I swallowed glass. ?????

The doctor started in on his “I’m out of ideas… I don’t know what’s causing this or what to do” and I got kinda. emotional. I told him I was in a ton of pain, that doctors are always “running out of ideas” and I’m just being ignored and I have to just “deal with it” and I can’t. I can’t keep doing this. More and more things keep going wrong and I cannot handle it. I need actual help.

So he said he’d do an MRI. Straight up told me he has no idea what he’s looking for but, we’re doing an MRI. after that, if we can’t find anything still, then he’d thinking I should see a neurologist. but. I don’t even know anymore

I just. for once. in my fucking life. for something to go right

I just need to take a minute because John Boyega…I mean, he really did not come to play. Since Attack the Block days, he’s always spoken about the vision he’s had for his career. From strategically picking roles with underlying social commentary/messages to wanting to own and control his own image and create his own projects.

And then he gets an audition for Star Wars. He goes through seven entire months of auditions–auditions longer than anyone else, and actually books the part. Earns the part! Like, he DID that. And he killed the performance. And honestly, leading man in the biggest movie franchise ever? He could’ve stopped there. But he didn’t. He could’ve been satisfied. But he wasn’t.

He reinvested that money and co-founded his own production company and is already investing in another franchise and securing lead roles for himself. But it’s not just about him and you can tell he knows that. If it was just about his success, he could’ve stopped with Star Wars. He’s not just making sure that Hollywood will never be able to typecast or control him, he’s also ensuring that if he believes in a project or role for him or anyone else, he can get it done.

He’s been planning and working toward this for years and strategizing about how to overcome and breakdown the racist roadblocks in Hollywood and he’s making it happen. If his career so far is any indication, I can’t wait to see the rest of his plans unfold. I don’t know him, but I'm just so proud of him. Because we need him and it seems he’s up to the task. 

the amount of shits tumblr doesnt give about its artist base is so enfuriating like. come on guys. the most common things you see nowadays are like

  • an artist whos gaining popularity recently gets some callout post for some problematic thing they did like two years ago
  • an artist slips up a few times and next thing you know theres multiple blogs entirely revolving around talking shit on them and/or gathering every single solitary thing theyve slightly done wrong in their entire existence online
  • putting “i dont ship this but…” or “this would be better with…” in the tags and/or comments section of fanart
  • reposting without permission
  • using without sourcing
  • when they do something morally wrong they’re stamped with the PROBLEMATIC label and thrown under the bus faster than they can even apologize or realize what they did wrong
  • being called selfish/vain when they ask people not to use their art
  • being told fanart isnt “real art”
  • more stuff i cant even remember right now

like its gotta stop im so sick and tired of it. these people dont have to be posting art on here but theyre choosing to and the amount of artists on tumblr is dwindling out of fear of being deemed as a bad person. there’s a difference between genuinely problematic people and artists who make mistakes and the line between them has got to start being recognized

It’s fucking heartbreaking, it was terrible. I’m happy for Ray, Ray’s doing what Ray wants to do which is awesome and he’s doing a great job at it, and we’re all huge fans of Ray and we all love Ray, absolutely. […] I think everybody on this table loved working with Ray, and we miss him, honestly. […] I kinda miss having him around. […]

Whenever I read those posts on tumblr about people experiencing crowded Pokestops with devoted fans camping the area, I always assumed it was a rare instance and it wasn’t something I’d see myself.

Today, I proved myself wrong.

It’s a hell of a feeling to walk into a popular shopping center and to not only see Pokestop after Pokestop affected by lure modules, but to also see hundreds of people of all ages, races and genders crowded around attempting to catch Pokemon together.

I saw parents teaching their kids use the app so they could catch a Magikarp, kids clustered together screaming “Team Yellow!!” with pride, and groups gathered in a spot where a rare Pokemon just appeared.

At one point a Slowbro spawned, and you could hear different people yell “I got it!” every other second as we all attempted to catch it.

At another point a Pikachu appeared across the street, and the word spread so fast that crowds of people were running across the road to attempt to catch it (the bottom picture).

I captured a gym at one point and yelled “It belongs to Team Red now!”, and watched as within SECONDS others from Team Red added their Pokemon to the roster, before Team Blue put in the work to take it for themselves.

My friend and I sat at a bar and a man came up to us and chatted excitedly about Pokemon for a bit before his girlfriend found him and joined the conversation as well. I found out that he was level 18 and his strongest Pokemon was a 1180cp Venusaur.

Everyone was excited and amazed by the crowds, and it felt so easy to talk to strangers and to make friends because we all had this single aspect of common ground.

I’ve never, ever experienced anything like this. It honestly feels so close to the world we see in the show. Every single face I saw was smiling, everyone was happy, and I hope it never ends.