i got distracted by gif making

My brain decided that a) Team Thranduil needed a logo & b) It should be sparkly. Feel free to use without credit if desired. The background is transparent, so it will show the colour of your blog (or whatever) behind it.

It’s not quite perfect, since animating it forces the image to change from RGB mode to Indexed colour, which made the colours go a bit blotchy on his skin. 😡But still, glitter!

Happy (late) Thranduil Thursday (I started making this yesterday evening, but I got somewhat distracted) to @sweetfairy1 @bellevox @noclevernamelbr @lancelottie @lasimo74allmyworld @spanishleetrash @djladyextasy @thrandukill @thranduilicious @themirkyking @all-ringils-blazing @meztliel @melisandetumnus @dreamlikecyborg @peonies-and-poppies @earrinde-lancaeriel @shipstership @magicbunni @carrigold @lizcantspell @elerrian @whyisleepacesoamazing @elena-alariel @storytimeteller1 @ofplanet-earth @craptavaganza & everyone else on Team Thranduil, because I’m bound to have missed someone!


I made some gifs :D I woke up early making these not great quality though but oh well

Things i noticed when making the gifs.

  1. In the first gif creek was there maybe teaching yoga don’t know but his hair is different
  2. in the 3rd gif just look at branches face
  3. The 4th one i didn’t know how branch grabbed onto cooper but now i do(with his legs maybe)
  4. glitter butt

That’s all i have might do more if i find something


Hugh… Can I have a quick word?