i got da power


“Ooooo, looks like someone’s in trouble! So, I guess everyone who voted me safest kid must be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now!…Do I need a hall pass?”

B.A.P in a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Yongguk: *goes into war movie mode* Let's go, rock and roll
  • *loads a gun*
  • Himchan: We got da power- *runs away when a zombie approaches* I DONT WANNA BE EATEN. I'M TOO HANDSOME TO BECOME A ZOMBIE
  • Daehyun: *grabs all his food and hides in a closet* They will never find me here
  • *noms on a chocolate bar*
  • Youngjae: *runs away screaming* YAAAH! STOP CHASING ME. *runs around in circles*
  • DAEHYUN AH! WHERE ARE YO- AAAAAAH *screams some more*
  • Jongup: Zombies????? Wow, thats some cool costumes, zombie hyung! :D
  • Zelo: Yonggukie hyungggggg!!!! Take me with you! *trails after Yongguk*