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Have you seen the new Otayuri/Victuuri artwork yet? I love how Yurio is /again/ looking at Yuuri and sporting a small blush (it's tiny but they never really draw Yurio blushing ever soooo). :')

I just saw it now! Thank you for letting me know. XD This official art is so precious, and it’s very true that Yurio is looking right at Yuuri and blushing. (With Yuuri’s cute smile, you can see why he’s blushing!~)

To all my followers, Anon is talking about this picture here:

And the closeup here:

Pics from http://fyeahyurionice.tumblr.com of the preview for the new Spoon 2di

He is indoors so you can’t use the excuse that it’s just cold. YURIO IS BLUSHING. Let’s all celebrate~

UPDATE: It’s confirmed that they’re in St. Petersburg and Otabek is visiting Yuri.

On The Subject Of Virus
( corroded! crank )
On The Subject Of Virus

anonymous: Hey C.C. do you know Virus? Are you friends with him? Would make sense because you two are technology so.

Ugh, foolish humans, trying desperately to find meaning in sheer correlation in things completely out of their grasp of reality. You think beings past your intellect must all know each other, just like an ant must believe all predators are terrifying gods of wrath of the same kind. Hm, since you got me curious though. I will look into this… ‘Virus’ entity.


11x10 “Devil in the Details” // Promo Pictures

So following up on these thoughts. I wonder if these moments may be a sort of re-visit of 7x02 “Hello, Cruel World”. Meaning that the middle picture may actualy not truly portray Dean, but Lucifer disgusing himself as Dean - his expressions fels very menacing there, a little like when he tortured Metatron in 10x10 “The Hunter Games” (which is kind of neat as a re-visit exactly one season later). Meaning this would be prior to Dean’s and Cas’ arrival in the cage, so that Sam would not know which Dean is the real Dean until Lucifer holds Dean up grabbing his neck. Hm… I’m very curious about this episode… I got a feeling there’ll be some plot twist happening here.