i got confused and thought it was jongin

Why the fuck you lyinnnn?!

Xiumin: I bet you there’s not one person in this fucking band who hasn’t thought of fucking a boy









Chanyeol: Actually-

Baekhyun: Well-

Jongdae: Don’t deny you two are gay for each other.

Kyungsoo: We hear enough of Baekhyun screaming

Yixing: Wait. Wha-


Yixing: I’m uncomfortable too-


Yixing: WAIT-

Chanyeol: But I’m not ga-

Xiumin: You. Fucked. Baekhyun.


Baekhyun: *sighs* he’s a got a point, Yeollie.


Yixing: ????!!! *still confused*

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(((BONUS: Non exols reaction:

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EXO Reaction to her girlfriend having a bad sight and the way she stares at people is similar to Kyungsoo

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to pretend that didn’t just get the shock of his life* “Everything is okay… it’s my jagi.. not the movie I watched last night… with Kyungsoo.. no… it’s okay…pfff”


“I’m sorry baobei.. I didn’t mean it! please forgive me! Now smile.. no wait don’t smile like that… I need to stop watching scary movies with Kyungsoo”


*Well now you know how to get what you want. Kyungsoo has your back* “One of these days… you or Kyungsoo will end up giving me a heart attack xD”


*He knows well when running away is a wise choice xD* “Next thing I know she’ll throw me her sock like Kyungsoo!”


“Oh really? You think you are the only one who can make funny faces? Well I can too!” *He’s already immune so…*


“What is this…. I was beaten with just one stare… that’s an amazing super power jagi…” *He can’t fight against the stare*


*That moment when he realizes his life has ended xD* “The moment she teams up with Kyungsoo… I’m finished”


“It’s okay… resist… it’s all good… don’t break the eye contact… everything is fine.. uh… we need to get you new glasses baobei”


“The only thing that scares me is losing you jagi… it’s okay. If you don’t feel comfortable tomorrow we can go and get you a new pair of glasses” *Nothing scares this boy*


“We got the vibe going on~” *Squad/couple goals*


“Wait… did Kyungsoo teach you some… tricks… I thought you were the one teaching him how to cook…” *Really confused*


“Aigoo… you almost gave me chills… nah I’m kidding Kyungsoo trained me well. Come jagi, let’s go watch a horror movie” *This boi likes living to the limit*

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The War (Suho Mafia!au Fic Sequel) Chapter 6 - Not Even Birthdays Are Sacred Pt. 1

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Warnings: None.

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8(M), Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(Finale)

“I don’t see why you are so upset,” Junmyeon said, leaning back on the couch.

“Because I don’t want that kind of power,” I stated, “Chanyeol knows what you want done…they all know what kind of orders you would give them. I don’t need that kind of stress.”

“It’s not meant to put stress on you…” he replied.

“Oh then do enlighten me,” I said.

“Did you see him as threat?” he questioned.

“Well….yes,” I said.

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Exhaulted Part Thirteen

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Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five, Six (M), Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen (Coming Soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, etc.

Pairing: SehunxReaderxMinseok

Word Count: 4.5K

A/N: I am wrecked by The War. Hope you are too. I don’t know what to say as I’m in a permanent state of shock of how awesome it is!

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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 3

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” - Albert Einstein

Part 01 | 02

“Jongin.” Y/N said as she stared at her ex who had a beer bottle in hand, wearing tattered jeans and a plain black shirt. She hated how he can make something so simple look incredibly good.

“Hey.” He said as he took a step forward and Y/N instinctively took a step back. “Long time no see. How have you been?”

Y/N tried not to scoff at his teasing tone and resisted the urge to smack him in the face right there. “Fine.” She said through gritted teeth as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“What are you doing here?” He asked with a smirk, looking around. “Not your kind of place as I remember. You missed me?”

Y/N kept her mouth shut, afraid of what she might say. She then realized how this place was where he took her on their first date. She remembered how it was extremely crowded that night and yet Jongin managed to make it one of the best nights of her life with how he wrapped her in his arms, the two of them literally dancing the night away.

How weird that the tables have now turned and Y/N was beginning to dislike the place so much she wished she could burn it down.

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Deep Breath | two

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genre: angst/fluff

words count: 2.9K

preview, one, two, three, four, five, six

I hated myself for lying to him. I couldn’t shake from my mind the image of his face when the words left my mouth. The tiny smile he had on disappeared and in its place was a frown. He couldn’t understand my words just as much as I couldn’t understand why I said them on the first place.

All he did was force a smile and nod. He apologized for running after me, said he wouldn’t have done if he knew about it, said that he should have guessed about my feelings from the way I acted and by the feelings he got because of me. The fear that ran through my body was real, he had said.

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They find out another member has kissed their twin sister (EXO)

Xiumin: -Sehun. He felt like you were too old to be kissing him. He also felt like it was disgusting because you were his sister and all. You kinda shrugged it off as something not to get worked up about- “you kissed one of my group mates. That’s really weird. I mean you’re the girl version of me and all so it’s like they were kissing me as well”

Suho: -Kris. It found it so odd that you two would kiss. Neither of you had anything in common and never got along. So he instantly made a face when you told him like it was a casual subject- “but that’s ew. Like when did you two even get the alone time to do that”

Lay: -Chen. He began bugging Jongdae. You and him had been caught more than once in a moment like that but your brother never seemed to be the one to do it. So others told him and he took matters into his own hands- “so you like my twin is it because she and I look alike.”

Baekhyun: -Luhan. It was kind of odd because how alike the two of you looked. So he began joking about Luhan just kissing a girl version of him- “I mean you and I couldn’t be more alike can we?”

Chen: -Suho. He had been told his whole life he looked like you because you were slightly older than him. So he was confused on why Suho kissed you and didn’t see him or anything- “I mean they always tell me that they wouldn’t go for you because we look too much alike for that”

Chanyeol: -Tao. You two kissed before Zitao left. Kind of as a goodbye which neither of you talked about again. You told him and he was completely shocked because you two just weren’t the types to do that- “really omo do you like him or something?” 

D.O: -Xiumin. He was caught off guard by it. You weren’t one who just kisses people but finding out you kissed someone he worked with daily was a lot to take it- “you two kissed? Why?”

Kai: -Chanyeol. He was more mad that he didn’t know until a year or so later that you two had kissed. Jongin was very protective of you but he felt like the other boys truly cared about you- “I mean you’re my sister did you not trust me or something? I think Chanyeol and you would be decent together”

Sehun: -Lay. He thought it was something interesting. Finding out that you two had done this more than once added onto it. Personally he had no problem with it- “you guys might actually look cute together”

Kris: -D.O. He got confused because you two were never really even alone together. Kyungsoo kissed you when you more than once when you guys were around EXO- “why would he kiss my twin? Does he not see me when he looks at you. I mean I see me when I look at you”

Luhan: -Kai. He thought it was cute. You weren’t one to do that but when he was still with the others you and Jongin shared a kiss- “aw you guys would have been cute together”

Tao: -Baekhyun. You and Baekhyun had always been close so he kinda guess something like that would have happened but it was only a one time thing and you made sure that was clear- “I wouldn’t care if you guys did. You two would have been cute together” 

Do you ever imagine Kaisoo as sausages and they’ve been living in a pack @ Walmart for like 2 weeks then someone finally buys them and Jongin is like “it’s okay soo we’ll escape” then after a while Kyungsoo starts getting scared bc they’re the only sausages left in the pack so they have sex (that’s why there was more sausage juices in the pack the next day) finally someone decides to fry them so the person picks up Kyungsoo and Jongin yells no and jumps up and splashes his juices in the person’s eyes then he picks up Kyungsoo and hop away so finally they’re outside living happily then a bird starts pecking at Jongin and Kyungsoo can’t do anything or he’ll be pecked at too so they kiss one last time and the bird eats Jongin and Kyungsoo is left crying and alone then he decides to stop crying and stay strong so he hops to the street and didn’t look first and got run over by a car bc same

The Bet : Sehun X Reader FanFic (Part 1)

     'Man, that’s gotta be like the fourth one this week…,’ Sehun thought, watching yet another guy get turned down by “The Ice Queen”.  The guy that had been  rejected walked over to his group of friends.  "Sorry, man.  Better luck next time,” Sehun smirked.  "Yeah right.  Cupid, himself, couldn’t get a date with her,“ he replied.  "Looks like another heart’s been frozen by the Ice Queen!,” Baekhyun joked. All the guys laughed in agreement.  Chen, stepped forward and said, “See, you guys are punks.  Look, all you gotta do is have the right approach.  You can’t be all nice with girls like her. You need to let them know who’s boss.”  "So, explain to us why you’re still single,“ Sehun quipped, earning even more laughs.  "Shut up, dude! Just watch and learn,” the older male said, turning to said unattainable girl.  He walked over and placed one hand on her locker above her head with the other on her waist before saying, “Hey, Baby.  You and me. Dinner. This Saturday. I’ll pick you up at 7.” Her face went from pure disbelief, to a smile.  "You touch me again, and I’ll break your arm. Kay, “Baby”?“ she said, shoving his hand away. Then she rolled her eyes and continued to walk down the hall, her slight switch catching most of the guys’ attention.  "She may be evil, but damn, she’s fine…,” Chen mumbled.  Slinging an arm around his shoulder, Sehun said, “Alright, man.  I watched and I learned.  I learned what not to do.”   He laughed and replied with, “Yeah, well it worked on my last girlfriend.”  The group of guys started to move to their next class when someone tapped Sehun on the shoulder.  He turned around to see a female with a particularly large chest whose name he couldn’t remember for the life of him.  ‘Mandy?…No, Cindy…Was it Hanna-’ “Hey.  You wanna come and….talk…with me,” she winked.  "Sure, babe,“ he said before slyly turning to his friends to suggestively wiggle his eyebrows.

     After school, Sehun met up with Chen and Jongin.  "Hey. How was your "talk” with Jayla?,“ Chen asked.  'Damn…I wasn’t even close…,’ Sehun thought before speaking.  "Crap, that was her name? I got her confused with Cindy.”  "Well, that’s what happens when you try to date 3 girls at once.“  "Um…As of last period, it’s 4….I think.” They both laughed.  "My gosh, man, how do you do it?!,“ Jongin asked.  "What can I say?  I have a gift.”  "Yeah, but I wonder if The Ice Queen would fall for your “gift”…,“ Chen said with a smirk.  "What are you getting at?,” Sehun asked, running a hand through his hair.  "Well, you think you can get any girl you want, right?“  "No. I don’t think. I know.”  "Then why not her?“  ”…I just don’t want her…“  "Yeah, right. You’re just scared of her,” Jongin added.  "Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Oh Sehun fears no girl!“  "Then why not give it a shot?”  "……..Fine.  I’ll start tomorrow.“  

     Sehun walked into the locker room, only to be attacked by all of the guys talking at once.  "You told them, didn’t you?,” he sneered at Jongin.  "Um…Yeah, well, you see, what had happened was-“  "Save it.”  Tao came up  and asked, “Is it too late to place a bet?”  Before Sehun could respond, he was cut off by Chen and Jongin pulling him to the side.  "Look,“ Chen started. "When I told the guys, they started saying that there was no way you could do it.  That they’d pay to se it happen…and so that’s what they ended up doing….”  "So, you guys bet money?!“  "You’re not mad are you?,” Jongin chimed in.  Ignoring his question, Sehun asked, “How much?”   “Well…it’s not that much. Nothing for you to be concer-”  "How much?!“  ”$250… so far, anyway…“  "You’re kidding…..Well, hand it over.”  "Sorry, bro. No can do, until you actually win the bet,“ Chen intervened.  "Fine….What are the terms of the bet?”  "Basically, you just have to get her to fall for you.  Work your charm, make her fall hard, get some sort of public proof, and then you can dump her.“  “Public proof?”  “I don’t know, like a love confession or something.”  "Sounds simple enough…”  "Alrighty, then!  Deal?,“ Chen asked, holding out his hand. Sehun thought for a moment, then took his hand to shake it.  "Deal.”  Then, Jongin turned around and yelled, “He’s in, guys! Place your bets!”

If You - Kai (Christmas Series - Day 3)

A/N: My favorite so far! You guys know, I’m Jongin trash for life, so when I read that request I immediately thought of him, and since 3 is my lucky number, I reserved it for Nini <3

Day 1 (Chen) / Day 2 (D.O.)

You looked away from your book when you heard your phone buzzing , it surprised you but you still knew there was only one person that could be calling you at 3 AM, and that would be your best friend Jongin. You picked up the phone and said “hey”, “hi Y/N” , “how are- oh what’s all that noise?”, “it’s just the street”, “you’re out this hour?”, “yup, and i’m coming to see you so”, “you are what?”, “I want to take a stroll”, “Jongin, it’s 3 AM!”, “It’s not like you were sleeping” , “okay, but I can’t just go out, what if my parents wake up and find me missing?”, “they won’t wake up, you just don’t make any noise” , “Jongin…” , “we won’t take long, hurry up and get a coat, it’s cold in here”, “aish, fine, only 15 minutes”, “uhum, now come down”, “I’m coming”, you finished the call and got one of your big coats.

As you awkardly managed to leave the house making no sound, you finally took a deep breath as you got out and spotted Jongin waiting for you on the sidewalk. He smiled at you and offered his arm “let’s go”, you giggled and said “you look like a bear wearing these clothes”, he side smiled and you two started walking , “I was walking around and I saw the light decorations of the neighborhood”, “ah yes, there are some that are really pretty this year”, “we should give them notes”, “like rate them?”, “yes, from 1 to 10″, “why not 0 to 10?”, “will you really give 0 to a light decoration Y/N?”, “ah, you never know”, “fine, then 0 to 10″

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jealous chanyeol please! Ps, im quite new to this fandom so all of these beautiful humans are seriously overwhelming, help!

So many dramas, so little time!

You were browsing through your DVR, wondering which show to binge-watch next. You were going to go out wiht your boyfriend, Chanyeol, but your cramps were so bad there was no way you were going out.

You love Chanyeol and all, but he is not one for a quiet night in. You just needed to chill and eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s by yourself.

You pulled the fuzzy blanket you had wrapped over yourself tighter and made a decision on what to watch.

The Heirs… leggo

You pressed play and felt your phone buzz underneath your butt.

How in the world did that get there?

You untangled yourself from your blankets and food wrappers and finally got to your phone. You answered without looking who it was.


”_____ I know it’s late, but I need to ask a favor.” You pulled the phone away from your ear and looked at the caller ID.

Jongin never calls me…

“Is everything okay?”

“Minji broke up with me and kicked me out.” You sat up straight, shocked. Jongin was going to propose to Minji in a few weeks.

“Are you serious? What did you do?!”

“Nothing! She said she met someone else…”

“That’s terrible! Do you need somewhere to crash?” Jongin was one of Chanyeol’s best friends and ever since you and Chanyeol started dating, you and Jongin got to be close. Since you lived within a few blocks of each other, it wasn’t that uncommon for him to swing by whenever Chanyeol was at your place.

“That’s what I actually called you about. My friend Kyungsoo is going to let me move in with him, but he doesn’t get off work for another three hours. I just need somewhere to hang out for a little while and I don’t really feel like being by myself.”

“Of course! I just have to warn you. I’m wearing one of Chanyeol’s old sweatshirts and don’t have a stitch of makeup on so approach at your own risk.” You listen as Jongin laughed and sighed.

“That’s alright. Are you sure it’s okay? I haven’t been to your apartment without Chanyeol there.”

“I’m helping out a friend in need. I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Cool. See you in a bit.” You said your goodbyes and hung up the phone.

Well I guess I have to put pants on now.


You were just really getting into the drama when you heard a knock at the door. You hurriedly paused the tv and ran to the front door.

You opened the door to a defeated Jongin. Your heart broke. He sounded so collected over the phone.

His eyes were puffy and red, as if he had been crying. His hair was disheveled. All he had on was a pair of skinny jeans and an unzipped hoodie.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt, you idiot! It’s freezing out! Here…” You pulled him inside and immediately gave him Chanyeol’s sweatshirt. All you had was a tanktop on underneath, but you didn’t really care. You were never one for boundaries.

“Thanks. Trade?” Jongin took off his hoodie and handed it over to you. You both traded and flopped on the couch. You pulled the blanket over the both of you and turned to face him.

“Alright. Tell me what happened.” Jongin sighed and rested his head on the back of the couch.

“She didn’t feel like our relationship was going anywhere. She met some hispter guy at work and thought he was more interesting than me so… here we are.” You could tell he was upset about it. You saw his eyes mist and panicked.

“Have you ever seen Heirs?” He turned his head to look at you.

“Are you kidding? I love that drama!”

“Well good, because I just started it and I am all kinds of confused.” You pressed play and pulled the blanket in closer. Almost simultaneously, your stomachs growled.

“You got anything to eat?” Jongin asked.

“I have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer I was saving for a special occasion.” You started to pull the blanket off of yourself, when Jongin stood up and stretched.

“I’ll get it. You stay here. It’s the least I could do after you letting me hang out here for a bit.” You sank back into the couch and started to get comfortable when someone knocked at the door.

Must be Kyungsoo.

You flipped the blanket off of you and opened the door.

“Surprise!” You were greeted by a smiling Chanyeol who held several plastic bags. “I brought a heating pad, Ibuprofen, chocolate, and movies. You can’t cancel on me that easily, _____.” He leaned down and kissed you on the cheek and made his way into the apartment.

“Wow. This is a surprise! I wasn’t expecting you at all!” Chanyeol landed on the couch and burrowed into the spot Jongin was moments before.


“Oh, hey, guess what hap…”

“Hey, _____. Where do you keep the spoons?” Jongin asked as he wandered into the living room. Chanyeol looked confused as ever. He turned to see who else was here.


“Oh, hey Chanyeol. I had no idea you were coming!” Chanyeol stood and stared at the sudden guest. He turned back to you.

“What is going on here?” Chanyeol just stood in the middle of living room, confusion hanging on his brow. “Why are you wearing my sweatshirt?” Chanyeol pointed an accusatory finger at Jongin.

Oh crap.

“I gave you that sweatshirt for when you were feeling lonely. Why is he wearing it!” Chanyeol was getting more and more angry by the second.

“Because he didn’t have a shirt on…”

“Why was he shirtless?!” It just dawned on you what this looked like. You flashed a panic look towards Jongin.

“Chanyeol, look…” Jongin walked over and put a hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder, who immediately shrugged it off and pinned Jongin to the wall.

“You never answered me! What are you doing here!” You ran over to the two and tried to pry Chanyeol off of Jongin, but you were only pushed out of the way.

“Minji kicked him out so he’s been hanging out here while he’s been waiting for Kyungsoo!” You yelled. You couldn’t believe your boyfriend right now. He was acting crazy!

“Nice story. I’m sorry, Yeollie. I can’t go out tonight. My cramps are terrible. I can barely stand. Yeah, right. You blew me off just so you could have some alone time with your Cuddle Buddy!”

"Hey, man. She’s telling the truth!” Jongin kept trying to be a hero, but Chanyeol was in no mood for reason.

“You get out of here! Before I completely destroy you!”

“Chanyeol! Will you calm down for just a second! Listen to me!” You reached up and cupped his face in your hands. The look in his eyes was similar to that of a caged animal. “Listen. I’m not cheating on you. I would never do that to you. I love you. I was telling you the truth when I said that I wasn’t feeling well.”

"So you called Jongin instead of me.” The fury in his eyes was replaced by hurt. His eyes were glossy and it tore you apart that he was hurting.

“Is everything okay here?” All three of you turned towards the open doorway to see a confused and innocent Kyungsoo standing there.

“Hey, Kyungsoo. Everything’s fine. I’ll be out in a minute.” Jongin called.

“See?” You let go of Chanyeol’s face and unzipped Jongin’s jacket to hand it back to him. Jongin pulled the sweatshirt over his head and handed it back to you, putting on the jacket.

“Thanks again, _____.” Jongin said as he made his way out of the door.

“No problem. Sorry about my idiot boyfriend.” You turned and hit Chanyeol’s chest.

“It’s okay.” Kyungsoo and Jongin waved and left, closing the door behind them.

“God! Could you have been more stupid?! I can’t believe you would ever get that jealous!” You flopped back onto the couch and pulled the blanket tight around you.

”_____ look at it from my perspective. I thought you were alone and then all of a sudden, there’s another guy in your apartment.” Chanyeol sat back down and reached for your hand. “I’m sorry for lashing out on you.”

You pouted for a moment and sighed.

“I guess there was some lapse of judgement on my part.” You grabbed and kissed the back of his hand. “I love you, you gigantic idiot.”

“I love you, too. But seriously, why was he wearing my sweatshirt?”


Since there were a few jealous Chanyeol requests, I combined a few to kill a few birds with one stone. I hope you enjoy exotic-dimples!! Welcome to the darkside hehehehehe

You picked a good time to hop on the EXO train. This comeback is about to be KILLER!!!!

I Should Get A Ring Now ( Kai x You)

Ever since you and Kai had gone public, a few modeling agencies have asked you to have a trial photoshoot and try out the modeling career. You were honestly quite baffled from those offers. You’ve never seen yourself as those model material type. In fact, you never even tried to compare yourself to those models since you felt you would never match up.

Another reason would be, during those short interviews some models have, they always seem so prim and proper. So well groomed and just simply elegant. Then, there was you. A girl who didn’t really care if you looked crazy in front of other people, as long as you had fun. You were slightly more on the out-spoken and cheerful, funny side. MBC saw this and offered an MC spot for you to try. 

“You should try it out! Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with that, i’ll be supporting you!” Kai grinned, placing both of his hands on your shoulders. With your boyfriend’s support, you accepted the offer. Of course it was the job for you. You felt more relax and free, it was easy throwing in funny remarks here and there while being serious too at times. 

Alongside N, Minho and Yeri, you four were a great group. You enjoyed hosting with them and your practice sessions together. “So how are you and your boyfriend doing?” Minho wriggled his eyebrows suggestively as you guys were in the car on the way to have a practice run with the microphones.

You had stopped by at SM building, they were kind enough you let you ride along with Minho to reduce the hassle, and possibly Kai’s fans chasing after you. “We’re doing well.” You stuck out your tongue at him. The two of you continued talking about random things, you got to learn more about his past and you did your part of the sharing as well.

Your phone buzzed, indicating that you had received a message. 

Jongin - Hey! Does it sound good if I can drop by after my practice later? 

You - Of course!! See you later! Have fun (:

Jongin - See you later ;)

Minho peered over cheekily, you smacked his arm and he laughed at you. “How sweet, your boyfriend’s picking you up.” You felt your cheeks get hot and a smile threatening to show on your face. You kept a glare on your face and smakced him once more.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll stop teasing!” 

“You better!” 

Yeri arrived slightly later than the rest of you as she had an interview earlier. Most of the time, you four were joking and playing around, making weird noises with the microphones. The tech staff had to calm you four down. “Stay away from me!” You yelled, running onto the stage. Minho had been poking you persistently and you were extremely sensitive. 

Spinning around, you held your microphone as if it were a knife. “Don’t you dare take another step closer.” Minho gave a mischievous smile, “Oh I dare.” He said in a mocking tone. 

Staying true to his words, he took a step forward. “ Hak yeon-oppa! Save me!” You cried desparately. N stepped up to help but the next thing you knew, they were both chasing you. 

“Yeri! You’re my only hope!” You cried, hiding behind the smaller girl. Yeri laughed, “I’m sorry unnie! You attacked Minho-oppa a lot last week!” She admitted, stepping aside.

“Karma!” Minho laughed evilly, grabbing you and tickling you till tears were forming in your eyes. “Ah! Stop it ticklish so much!” 

You bit on his arm and he pulled back immediately. “What was that!?” He exclaimed. You grinned and pinched his cheeks, “My form of protection!” He shook his head and pulled you into his grasps. “This time it’ll be worse.” 

You heard the door close and assumed the tech staff had arrived back with Yeri’s fixed microphone. But no one walked in. Confused, you tilted your head and stared at the black door. N walked up towards you, “(y/n) I didn’t know your boyfriend was coming. Why did he go out though?”

Oh shoot. You thought, “I’ll be right back.” You handed Minho your microphone and left, hoping you were fast enough to see your boyfriend. “Jongin-ah!” You shouted after him who was walking down the corridor. The talented dancer turned back and you were taken aback by the hurt expression on his face.

“I’m sorry if you got the wrong message, we were just playing and Minho was getting revenge for what I did to him last week. I swear it’s noth—”

“It didn’t look like nothing. You guys seem really close.” He said in a soft voice. He wasn’t angry at all. You knew that. He was hurt and upset. You took a careful step forward, “I swear we’re just best friends. My boyfriend over my best friend anytime, I promise.” You pouted, hoping he would trust you.

Kai looked at his phone, “I have to go.” 

“I thought you ended practice?”

“I have to go (y/n).”

“But you just got here–”

“I said I have to go why are you so stubborn?! Go back and play tickle fights with him.” 

You were about to say something when the door opened. “Hey uh I’m really sorry if it looked like something else.” Minho approached Kai. Not forgetting respect, Kai politely bowed towards him. “It’s okay, I was just leaving anyway.” Minho looked at you and you gave an exasperated look. “I really hope this doesn’t affect your relationship in anyway, you know I don’t like (y/n) that way.” Minho gave a short nod and left.

Kai looked at you and you faced the ground, finding the while tiled floors really intriguing. “I don’t like seeing you with any other male idol being so close and…” He trailed off, feeling very shy that he was jealous. You gave a small smile, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.” You apologised. Kai shook his head, “It’s okay really. I was just being a jealous boyfriend.” 

He laughed and you knew you were both fine again. You smirked and pinched his cheeks, “Aw is Kim Jongin jealous? So cute!!” You gushed, squeezing his cheeks. He smacked your hands lightly, “It’s not funny.” He pouted and it was super adorable you wanted to scream.

You hugged him and he did the same, resting his head on top of yours. “Just don’t be so close with others. I don’t want to lose you.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be your girlfriend.” 

“But what if I ask to marry you? Then you can’t be my girlfriend–”

“Kim Jongin!” You exclaimed, hitting his chest. He laughed and pulled you closer, “I may have to ask you to marry me so no one will steal you.” 

“It’s too early for that.” 

“Oh? But you didn’t reject the idea of getting married.”

“Hush.” You smiled sheepishly, you head against his chest as you felt the vibrations when he laughed. “Maybe I should get a ring now.” 

“I’m so done with you.” 

“No you’re not, you’re in love with me.” He teased. 

“Okay that’s it!” You laughed, pulling away from the hug. Kai laughed even harder, after seeing your pink cheeks and shy expression. “It’s your fault!” You frowned.

“That’s what you get for making me jealous.” He stuck out his tongue at you. You laughed and smacked his arm. “I have to go back and finish the sound check, wait for me?”

“Of course, wouldn’t want to leave you with them.”

“Hey be nice, they’re your seniors.” 

“I know, I was joking.” He said with a cheeky smile. 

“No you weren’t.”

“Okay maybe not, but it’s because I love you.” 

“And I love you too.” You kissed your boyfriend on the lips and headed back in. 

*** Extended Ending ***

“Are you two still together? I hope I didn’t ruin it.” Minho said, looking guilty. “It’s fine don’t worry, he’s cool.”

“Good because I wanted to be the god father of your babies.”

“Don’t think about that!!”