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EXO’s Reaction to you being as sassy as Sehun

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*Confused as to where and how you got that attitude*

“You’ve either been hanging out with Chen or Sehun too much..”

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*Not even surprised that you’re turning into Sehun*

“I once took care of 10 children. I can handle you just fine.”

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*Surprised that you, someone he thought would be shy, would say something that Sehun would say*

“Wow…that took a turn..”


*Makes up bullshit in attempt to get you to drop the sass*

“No, you cannot do or say that. Why? Because I heard that if you act like that and don’t stop, you’d be trampled by a herd of buffaloes. Consequences.”


*Sasses you right back. Soon, him, Sehun and you became the Holy Trinity of sass.*

“Oh? You think you’re sassier than me? That’s a very interesting theory but keep dreaming.”


*Whenever you try to sass him, he brings out his height for defense. Sometimes, he goes on his tippy toes for extra effect*

“Say that again to my chest.”

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*Not having any of it.*

“Sehun can’t sass me, what makes you think you can?”


*Doesn’t know whether he’d be able to handle three sasses in the group and asks you why you would take after Sehun.*

“There are 8 other guys in this group…why did you choose to act like Sehun?”


*Proud yet offended*

“As much as I love your wonderful, fantastic, sassy attitude, it needs to stop. There is no way you’re surpassing me at sassing. You can surpass Chen but not me.”


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