i got chills from this scene


All of a sudden, out of the middle of the trees in front of us, a thin, high, trembling voice struck up the well-known air and words: “Fifteen men on the Dead Man’s Chest Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” I never have seen men more dreadfully affected than the pirates. The color went from their six faces like enchantment; some leaped to their feet, some clawed hold of others, Morgan groveled on the ground. “It’s Flint, by –!”

i want a scene in the future where the team is just chilling in a circle or whatever, bonding over their shared hatred towards the garrison and the occasional funny memories here and there.

and then keith brings up how much of a dick commander iverson was and lance immediately jumps right on that like “RIGHT?? the guy always seemed to have it out for me -__-“

pidge points out the she always got the vibe that the garrison was hiding something. hunk is nodding in agreement. shiro is sipping his tea from the void.

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Anon said: I think all the ot3 shippers are going to love this chapter. Also. Resident phone charger spotted


  • Kirishima’s unbreakable form is THE COOLEST thing I’ve ever seen I wanna draw it???? help
  • Like seriously I’m s h a k i n g he’s SO COOL talk about being flashy HOLY HELL
  • By the way did he add the sleeves to his costume just so they could rip when he used this form I need to know for science
  • He actually got an issue with the villain acting like a villain BECAUSE HE DIDN’T STICK AROUND TO HELP ALL THE WAY THROUGH Kirishima your priorities are fucked I love you
  • Did I mention how damn pretty he is in this chapter because I’m weak
  • He’s!!!! The most hero character in the whole manga??? Tries to comfort the villain when he starts crying, helps him get up and actually asks him if he’s okay, tries to symphatize with him and the first thing he thinks about when he sees the upgrade is I can’t let this reach the main road like RIP ME
  • All the squad boys just chilling together like I will never need anything more in my life to be happy
  • Baku and Kami are once again sitting next to each other and that’s a recurring trend that makes my heart sing
  • Tokoyami was WITH THEM try and pry him away from the squad in my head now he’s part of it and I’m not letting him go I’ve been waiting for this to happen since I got into this manga
  • Kiri!!!!! feeling comfortable enough to share his doubts with his friends!!!!!! Like rip me!!!!!!!! Holy fuckkkk!!!!!

  • I LOVE this panel let me tell you WHY I love this panel 
  • Bakugou can’t even understand what Kirishima’s talking about right here and that’s because when Kirishima said “I will be a horse that won’t crumple” Bakugou saw it as Kirishima’s whole point as a hero 
  • he won’t bend, he won’t fall, he won’t break till the very end that’s what heroes are for Bakugou, that’s what he admires the most in All Might and that’s why he was so ready to accept Kirishima as an equal
  • the possibility of Kirishima not seeing his quirk as worthy just does not compute in Bakugou’s head
  • “Keeping up? Why would you be unable to keep up? You said you won’t break, didn’t you? What else do you need to be the strongest?”
  • and then he proceeds with cOMPARING HIM TO ALL MIGHT
  • RIP ME
  • i won’t be able to think about anything else for the rest of my always i’ve read this chapter dozens of times already life really is beautiful
Okay let’s talk about my fave parts of episode 94

Am I the only one that thought how cute Krillin looked when he drank from his bottle? No? Okidoki, moving on. 

I had so much pleasure watching Veggie struggling like this ngl. The self loathing after uttering those words was amazing hehehe. 

Vegebul shippers must love this scene below I guess. 

And then the part with Goku asking his best bud to take Trunks and Goten to 17′s island. 

But there was a problem.

Nah, you’re just a awkward chestnut and your bro-in-law didn’t made it any better for you. 

I guess he’s just not interested in mindless pleasantries since he got his fair share from his own colleagues, or maybe he’s just a tiny bit annoyed that Krillin was acting that way and couldn’t help but be petty for a second there. 

But oh well Krillin got his shit together and it turned out great. Thank god.

“That’s my cue ball.” 

Bros having a nice convo with 18 watching the scene. So chill. 



I want more sibling bickering/teasing after this though. 


Hoe don’t do it Hoe don’t do it Hoe don’t do it Hoe don’t do it Hoe don’t do it Hoe don’t d-

Oh my fucking GOD.

He really went there. 


I want believe his crap jokes got him sleeping on the couch several times by his wife don’t @ me on this. The woman married a troll so it’s possible. 


Why are they back???

Never mind. Those kids can handle them. 

And then the part that almost had me yelling at 2 in the morning. 

Wait for it….

BROTP to the max. And lord 17′s arm…

God this episode was cool. 

Transformers things you may have forgotten about

- Carbombia

- “Give me your face”

- the fact that Brains exists

- Starscream being voiced by Spongebob at one point

- That time Rattrap kicked Waspinator in the dick

- Spider nipples

- “GARBAGE!!!!”

- The fact that Wheelie was voiced by Spongebob at one point

- G1 Orion Pax being an actual fucking DWEEB

- The fact that there is a deleted scene in the G1 movie where Megatron is running around literally killing EVERY SINGLE AUTOBOT that were in the first two seasons

- Elita having the ability to FREEZE TIME

- G1 Wrek-Gar had a girlfriend and her name was literally just “Nancy”

- Those fucking Dr.Smoov videos oh my GOD

- The fact that Elita One, Chromnia, and Arcee were in the second Transformers movie

- Mudflap and Skids

- Cybertronians start off as children in Bayverse??? (although its kinda hard to tell for sure with all the plot holes those movies have)

- Those friggin Unsolved Mysteries videos

- That one time in G1 where Spike was turned into a transformer and had NO CHILL

- When you saw the trailer for Dark of the Moon for the first time you thought Sentinel Prime was Alpha Trion didn’t you?

- That??? Weird pet thing Megatron had in in Dark of the Moon???

- The Oreo commercial


- that time in G1 when Commander Cobra from GI Joe made a cameo

- that time in TFA where Bumblebee got his fucking feet sawed off and was shoved in a locker

- “Push, Punch, Press, Release!”

- That one commercial where Optimus Prime tries to order a whopper

- Orion Pax’s friend Dion


- That fucking scene in G1 where Hound is massaging Spike’s back

- “I’m like a fat ballerina”

- Yeager program

- Not having to sell your house in order to afford a TFA figure

And last but not least:

-Megatron the perv

aight friendos so while i’m in the process of catchin up with stuff i will attempt to compensate for never writing by giving u dis- jerome fluff (requested by @sideblogsfordaysss )

i’ve had the concept of the reader being in arkham (while she isn’t criminally insane, she does have bpd and lashed out at the wrong person at the wrong time) and is trying to keep to herself and be let out on good behavior/no signs of insanity, but catches our favorite ginger’s eye ((((-;


In retrospect, maybe this was all your fault. After all, it was you who made the decision to go off of your meds during lacrosse season. It was an extremely unhealthy choice, sure, but you had figured that the aggression that came with Borderline Personality Disorder would be helpful on the field. It was, to an extent, until some pretentious high school boy made an obnoxious comment during one of your games.

That particular game was pretty successful; your team had won and you and a group of friends were going to go get ice cream to celebrate. On your way up from the field, you heard that absolute prick call out, “Hey babe, smile more,“ and then proceed to smack your ass. Immediately, your lacrosse stick connected to hit face you you managed to give him a black eye and a broken nose before anyone was able to pull you away from him. Unfortunately, the guy came from a highly wealthy family of lawyers, who threatened to either pressed charges on you and your family or manage to convince the judge to sentence 6 months in Arkham Asylum. You didn’t want to cause any more problems for your family and make them pay for your mistake, so you asked your family lawyer to go with the Arkham option. You would be put on a program called DBT, and you promised yourself you would do absolutely everything in your power to get out as soon as humanly possible.

You learned, very early on, that as long as you kept to yourself in the corner of the rec room, nobody would bother you. You read the same pile of magazines every day, unless you family, friends, or your lawyer (occasionally) came to visit you and fill you in on what had been happening lately. Those days were few and far between, but sometimes your lawyer would come and she’d give you music and books; she convinced the judge to grant special treatment since this was your first offense, you showed remorse, and you were a minor.

One day, the way you had envisioned your whole sentence doing was completely disintegrated when a boy, no more than 18, came to the asylum and was automatically intrigued by you. He had ginger hair, a wicked smile, and a hell of a lot of issues. You really didn’t even notice he was there until he bothered you in your corner one day.

You were kept to yourself, curled up, headphones on and reading Americanah when you felt a finger tap your knee. You stopped your music and looked up from your book.

It was the ginger, only a few inches away from your face, grinning wildly. “Hey there cutie. I’m Jerome. What’re you in for?” He had a deep voice, and when he used the particular tone he had just spoken to you with, he sounded almost… croaky. You indulged him with short, uninterested responses in the hopes that he would feel disheartened and leave you alone.

“I have BPD and got on a rich boy’s bad side.” His eyes lit up, and he questioned you further.

“Did you kill someone? I did,” he bragged, “my mom. She was a bitch, she deserved it. Did rich boy deserve it?” he questioned, chin in his hand, staring at you. He was too close and you were not a fan of it. He was cute, for sure; but the kid just bragged about killing his mother, the woman who birthed him! It was repulsive.

“I’m not answering that,” you deadpanned, and proceeded to read your book. The jerk had the nerve to take it out of your hands and hold it behind him!

“Hold on,” he said, “you can have it back when I’m done. What’s your name, beautiful?”

“(Y/n)”, you answered curtly, “give me my book back, please.”

He laughed. “Is that any way to talk to a friend?”

“You’re not my friend.”

His expression softened. “C'mon, (y/n), a girl needs a good friend in here,” he tried to reason.

“Funny, I haven’t needed one yet. And I plan to keep it that way.”

He started to stand up and walk away, shrugging. “‘Least I tried,” he said, and walked away, your book still in hand.

“Hey, wait!” you called. He turned around, grinning. “Gimme back my book!”

“Nah, I think I’ll keep this. Maybe if I read it, I’ll have something in common with my new friend (y/n)!” he exclaimed, and then went back to his table full of other inmates.

“Jerk,” you whispered incredulously. You simply picked back up a magazine and put your headphones back on, determined to move past the encounter. ‘That was a damn good book, though,’ you thought.

The next day, a different book in hand (milk and honey, this time; Rupi Kaur was a favorite of yours), Jerome came back to bother you some more. “Hi, gorgeous,” he began, “miss me?”

You scoffed. “More like I missed my book.”

He just laughed. “You’re funny! I like a girl with a sense of humor.” He tapped you on the nose. “It’s cute.”

“Don’t touch me. Please leave me alone unless you’re here to give my book back.”

“I’ll give your book back!” You got hopeful for a second, but he ended the sentence on a note that implied he wasn’t finished talking. “When I finish it.”

“Whatever. I don’t care.” All he did was scoot closer to you so that you were side-by-side. “Please leave me alone, dude.”

Jerome shook his head. “Can’t do that, gotta keep an eye on my best friend! In case someone tries to hurt ya,” he explained.

“Oh, we’re best friends now?” you questioned. “Whatever.” You did you best to ignore him and continue reading, underlining passages here and there, but after a few minutes you broke the silence. “Would you stop staring at me?”

He grinned. “Can’t. You’re just too cute!” You rolled your eyes and went back to reading.

‘You know what? Whatever,’ you thought. 'There’s no use. I just wont talk to him, he can waste his time if he wants.’ You continued reading, and underlining every few lines that caught your eye. Jerome eventually laid his head on your shoulder, never looking away from the book. “It’s boring, if you ask me,” he commented off hand.

You rolled your eyes, but beneath them was a hint of annoyance. “It’s not boring, it’s poetic. She’s a wonderful writer. You just don’t know how to analyze it properly.”

He lifted his head from your shoulder. “Where’s the action? The adventure? The surprise?”

“Are you kidding me? She’s writing about her life, she isn’t writing a dystopian Y.A. novel. It’s all there, you just have to look for it.”

He smiled, for the millionth time. “Smart, too! Just another reason I like you so much.” You raised an eyebrow. “Go on then, explain it to me. Show me what I’m missing.” You weren’t really sure, looking back on it, why you decided to go along with it. He was annoying and you wanted him to leave you alone; but when you were provoked about something that was meaningful to you, something you were passionate about, you could talk for hours. You spent the rest of the day telling him about each passage in milk and honey. You had the slightest feeling that he didn’t really care, but with all the time he had wasted trying to get you to open up, he’ better have taken what you were giving.

Listening to you talk, for him, was an experience. The way your eyes lit up and how excited you got, you looked ethereal to him. He didn’t care all that much about the book, but he loved listening to you be happy. He wanted you to always be like that- happy, carefree, excited.

The days went by, and each encounter you had with Jerome, you warmed up to him a little bit more. One day, you even let him listen to your music as you read another book. (It was a Y.A. novel that time, called 'The Supernatural Enhancements.’) “How do you read so fast?” he had asked you at some point.

“Because I like it,” you responded, and went back to your book. He casually draped an arm around your shoulders, like he was testing the waters of your relationship. To your mild surprise and his joy, you didn’t shrug him away.

Thankfully, your friendship didn’t interfere with your treatment program. You were still sane as ever and becoming more and more stable each day.

You were comfortable calling the bloodthirsty ginger your friend, for the most part. He was perfectly civil around you and never did anything to make you feel like you were in any sort of danger, whatsoever. As long as he continued to get the treatment that would help him, and bring him to sanity, you had no problem with it at all. For the most part though, you just enjoyed his company. You were on your fourth book since you had met him, 'The Coldest Girl in Coldtown’, when you were taken from your beloved corner and your only friend. “What’s going on?” you questioned.

“You’re being let out. They say your treatment is done and you’re good to go.”

“Oh. Okay,” you responded calmly. Jerome, on the other hand, was not as calm about the situation at hand.

He stood up as you were being led away. “You can’t take her,” he said to the guard escorting you out. he followed you to the gated door; you were ushered through while he was detained by someone else. “HEY! Get back here! You can’t take her away from me!” he called after you. You didn’t have time to turn around and tell him to chill, you were pushed down the hall to collect your personal belongings before being freed. When you had gotten all of your stuff together and made your way back down the hallway, Jerome was still causing a scene. “(Y/n)! (Y/n), you can’t go. You can’t leave me.” He was leaning into the metal bars separating the rec room from the hallway.

You did feel a little bad that you would be leaving him, seeing as how he wasn’t taking it very well. “Jerome, they’re letting me go because I got better. You have to get better, too, if you want us to see each other again. Okay?”

He just burst out into maniacal laughter. “Get better?” he cackled. “I don’t need to get better! I’m free! I’ve broken free from the machine, don’t you see?”

You rolled your eyes. You tolerated him while you had to, and you were willing to tolerate him some more if he would cooperate, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. So you dropped the facade. “Whatever. You need serious help. Bye, Jerome. I really hope the best for you, but I’m not gonna deal with this.” You turned around and carried your belongings away with you, out the door and to the outside world, where you family and friends eagerly awaited your arrival.

But on your way out, you couldn’t help but ignore Jerome’s yelling. “I’LL FIND YOU!” he called as you were walking away. “I’M GONNA FIND YOU WHEN I GET OUT, (Y/N)! I’LL COME FOR YOU!” You said a silent prayer that none of those things would happen, but there was still a pit in your stomach as you left all of your Arkham memories behind. And there was a cloud of anxiety and fear looming overhead as well; that what Jerome was threatening would happen. 'Yeah, sure,’ you chided yourself. 'Like he’ll ever manage to escape a freaking asylum.’ Still, you couldn’t help but fear what would happen if he ever did break out.


so that went from fluff to angst in like .8 seconds, my bad, i didn’t really plan this all through. I just kinda went with whatever popped into my head (in case you cant already tell, i do that a lot). i still hope you enjoy anyways!!/i hope it wasn’t, yanno, complete trash and i did you all -some- level of justice. feel free to send in a request if you want to!!!!!! i aim to please the people (i am a virgo after all)

Moments in The Vampire Diaries that make the show worth remembering.

• “You won’t be sad forever, Elena.”
• Bonnie, so bubbly and beautiful and kind, discovering her powers for the first time. Bonnie lighting up an entire room full of candles. Bonnie predicting Tanner’s death.
• Caroline circa S1 trying her goddamn best to be enough, and to be recognized as enough (“Do you ever feel like there’s not a person in the world who loves you?” “I’m Matt’s Elena back-up. I’m your Bonnie back-up.” “I’m never the one.”)
• Caroline’s development as she transformed into a vampire. Caroline helping Tyler and showing him that he was stronger and better than he believed.
• Bonnie having to accept that her best friend became a vampire. It shook the very foundation of who she was. My heart aches every time I watch these two girls come to terms with the new change.
• Stefan telling Caroline that she doesn’t have to pretend with him. Stefan joining the three girls together for a sleepover.
• Elena and Caroline talking about losing their fathers. Something about this moment made me cry so bad.
• “Hey Judgy. Thank you.”
• Katherine telling Stefan that there were “no rules.”
• Matt admitting that once you fall in love with somebody, you can’t ever shake them. (**arguably my favorite line from TVD, and TVD had some damn good ones.**)
• Elena and Stefan going to her parents’ lake house.
• Elijah fucking Mikaelson, a legend.
• Klaus fucking Mikaelson, another legend!
• The poignant moment in the closet when Elena and Stefan see each other for the first time in three months.
• “You’ll fight because after everything we’ve been through, you owe me that.”
• “I can’t do that. I feel. I feel everything.”
• Stefan and Elena thinking about the future. What could have been. Marriage. Kids. All the parallels to when they first met.
• Stefan telling her that the life they had was amazing, too.
• When all of the Originals are undaggered and Esther walks in and Klaus is SHOOK.
• Klaus telling Caroline that there is an entire world out there waiting for her. Klaus helping Caroline appreciate the life and opportunities ahead of her.
• Finn and Sage.
• Everything about the Originals. They brought so much history and heart and family to a show that got lost amidst all the romance.
• Caroline telling Tyler that she would go anywhere with him.
• Tyler showing up after Caroline’s prom. Tyler showing up at Bonnie’s funeral. Caroline and Tyler. Caroline and Tyler. I swear.
• “Put yourself in her shoes. She loves you so, so much. But somehow she’s always the one who gets hurt.” • Bonnie telling Damon that he had a choice. Damon later saying that he’s made some questionable choices. Bonnie, five seasons later, telling Damon that it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t have a choice.
• “He doesn’t hate her. I think he actually kind of loves her.”
• Elena and Jeremy are heartbroken that Bonnie’s dead, but Damon is the one who brings her back.
• Bonnie and Damon in the prison world together. Bonnie sees hope in him.
• Damon is back from the prison world. Everything is different. Jeremy doesn’t realize it. Elena does. He’s doing it for Bonnie, not for her.
• Their phone calls when Bonnie is at the night club. The smile of relief on her face. Damon tells her he’s a fever she can’t shake.
• An intimate Bamon conversation that somehow manages to overpower the sex scenes that came before it. Bonnie tells Damon that what he wants to do with the cure is up to him. (I got chills. It’s beautiful. They’re beautiful.)
• Bonnie’s face when he saves her life. Bonnie’s face when he carries her the hell out of there.
• Damon staying in Bonnie’s dorm room.
• Bonnie and Damon drinking together at the bar.
• Damon constantly telling her to stick with him.
• Bonnie calling Damon out for choosing to die. Bonnie being honest and vulnerable and saying his decision HURTS her. Bonnie not letting him get away with this shit. Damon telling her, one season later, that he couldn’t stand it if he let her down.
• Bonnie saying that she doesn’t know what they were. (Because they were more than friends, and, to me, more than boyfriend and girlfriend.)
• Bonnie moving on. Damon being jealous. The parts of TVD that felt like fanfiction.
• Damon smiling at Bonnie when they danced.
• Caroline telling Stefan that she would remember their memories for the both of them.
• Elena reuniting with her family. Matt being recognized as an incredible, moral person. Caroline opening a school. Bonnie recognizing that she’s bigger than Mystic Falls.
• Defan endgame.

Movie Affair

Chapter III

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Mentions of alcohol and pregnancy, lots of “God” and “Oh My God”.

A/N: In this chapter the reader and a friend talk about two real movies I do not own the credits to. However the reader’s characters come from my imagination.


Aaron drove me home after exchanging numbers to keep in touch before starting to film. Right now I found myself alone with all the thoughts I’d pushed to the back of my mind since seeing him.

I owned what they call a micro apartment, it was very comfortable and cute. As I walked in I drop my stuff in the kitchen counter and fall onto my couch. Pressing my face against a pillow and wiggling the shoes out of my feet like a little girl. “Im going to hell” I say against it but it comes out as a muffled groan.

There’s a knock on my door and I groan louder. Standing up I open the door slightly, hiding behind it. I sigh relieved when I see my neighbour Kelly outside and let her come in. “How did it go?! Did they tell you what part you’re gettin yet?” she asks excitedly dropping sat on my bed. I smile sadly and walk over to the couch. Giving her suspense. Kelly was a 24 years old hair dresser I met moving in, she was a sunshine and the mom friend type.

I look at her as she waits for a response impatiently. “I GOT THE SECOND MAIN CHARACTER!” I yell and she jumps excitedly in her place, cheering me. “That’s so great Y/N!” she exclaims. I smile widely, I loved having someone understand my excitement. “You are looking at Agent…” I make a pause, trying to remember the name of my character “Carsey? Cassidy?” I frown to myself, none of those were right.

“Oh my God you forgot” she giggles and shake my head, c'mon I knew I could get it. “CARINA! HA!” I stand in victory shaking my shoulders “With a C” I specify pointing at her, moving towards the kitchen. “I’ll make us a drink” I say turning towards the fridge, Kelly was a sucker for the sweet alcoholic drinks I used to make every now and then. I bend to get a better look at the contents on my fridge and Kelly slaps my butt. You could say she was my bestfriend, but it’s not like I had any other friends in New York.

“Actually…” she trails off and I look at her raising my eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna take off with your boyfriend again!” I scold standing straight again, she bites her lip but shakes her head. “What then? I have so much to tell you….” I trail off putting a fake sad face, she was gonna abandon me before I even got to tell her about Aaron.

She is trying to contain a smile as she reaches for the back pocket of her jean. Her big green eyes staring into my own as she shows me a pregnancy test. Every expression banished off my face I freeze. Did it say positive? Did it say negative? Who knows? But because she is showing me - after I offered her alcohol- I assume it says positive. A little unsure and stunned I look at her wide eyes. “You’re pregnant?” I ask very softly, hoping not to make a fool of myself. She smiles even more and nods “I’m pregnant!!” She jumps in place and I hug her immediately.

“That’s… great, I hope your boyfriend gets happy!” My voice sounds as unsure as I am, she let’s go and chuckles. “Y/n believe it or not there are people who want kids” she says mocking my startled state. I laugh and scratch my cheek, “I know its just that…” she stops me by raising a hand. “You’re young, you don’t see it now.” I shake my head laughing even more. “No! It’s just that if one of my friends came to me saying she was pregnant I’d expect tears and regret and all that…“ I dramatize with my hands “I just forget how old you are” I tease and she pushes my shoulder back.

“But really, those are big news Kel. I’m very happy for you” she gets a huge grin. “Sooo, let’s make a milkshake instead” I propose turning towards the fridge again. “Oh yess please” she says sitting on the counter.

I take out everything I had to make a milkshake as I tell Kel about Aaron. “Oh the guy from Savages right?” she asked and I nodded, oh boy I loved him in that movie. I told her everything since I ran out of the cab until I got back home. After many “Oh my God I can’t believe you know him!” and “Oh he is SO HOT” she finally asks how did we even met. “Filming an Avengers movie, had many scenes together” I tell her. “You are in a super hero movie?!” She asks and I snort.

“You didn’t know this when we became friends?” I ask her and she opens her mouth but stays silent for a minute. “I did not! Do I look like I watch super hero movies? I just thought you were in that show you moved here for.” The sound of the blender interrupts her and I smile, she puts a poker face knowing I did it in purpose. “I just make special apparitions on that show, I have a contract with Marvel.” I tell her over the sound of the blender. “I’m a demigodess that can poorly control ice” she gives me a smug smile and I know she’s about to say something stupid. “Like Elsa?” her eyebrows dance up and down and I roll my eyes.

The blender stops and Kelly hands me two glasses. “Anyhow, point is unlike Aaron my…” I stop mid-sentece and squint my eyes, a devilish grin appearing on my face. I look at Kelly as I hand her a glass of milkshake. “Do you wanna see the Avengers movies?” I ask kicking an eyebrow up and down. She takes a sip and licks her lips “Sure”. I smile, internally celebrating.

I was about to do two things. First; introduce her to MCU and make her love it. And second; make her ultimately love Pietro so much she wouldn’t even see his death coming. I smile to myself setting up the tv. What? I was a fangirl, I was going to make her suffer with me.

“Was wondering…” She trails off getting down from the counter. “Could I like, throw this in your bin?” I turn my head and she holds up the pregnancy test, I nod repeatedly. “You peed there, why are you still holding it?” “I want to surprise my boyfriend. Don’t want him to find out by seeing this in our bin when he comes home.” She says as she disposes of it on the small trash bin hidden under the counter.

“Sure, barely use it anyway.” I say sitting in my bed careful not to spill the milkshake. “Let me go get my movie blanket” she says and I laugh, getting her middle finger as she disappears behind the door onto her apartment. My phone buzzes and I answer it without looking. “Hai” I greet with a half-full mouth.

“Hey” a deep male voice greets back laughing. I choke on the milkshake and cough loudly sitting straight.

“Aaron” for a moment I’m shocked “checking if I gave you the right number?”

“Nah. Just looking through the contract still…”

“Oh yes? See something interesting?” I ask and he hums unsure.

“We got a kiss scene darlin’ ” my mouth falls open to his words. Without thinking I put the call on mute and squeal, putting the milkshake down I jump from the bed with the phone in hands.

“OH MY GOD! OH LORD I GOT A KISS SCENE!! OH MY GOD ” I’m ecstatic as I dance around to a song only I can hear. “I GET TO KISS AARON!! GOD THANK YOU!” I yell like a fucking 13yo But something pulls me down from my cloud.

“Hello?” It’s Aaron’s worried voice. I breathe a bit and chill.

I put my most serious face in order to relax my tone “Hey! sorry, my neighbor is here and I didn’t want her to know anything about the movie before seeing it” I say completely achieving a calmer tone. God I was a good actress.

“Oh alright. Well just letting you know little one, in case you’re not comfortable with it.” I see Kelly run inside my apartment with wide scared eyes. I shush her putting my finger on my lips violently and she sighs throwing her head back.

“Ok first you’re gonna have to stop calling me little one A, It’s gonna get weird.”

“I know you’re saying that so I quit it. I will not”

“Ugh you’re a pain” I joke.

“Deal with it big girl”

“Oh please” I roll my eyes and after seconds of silence we both end up laughing. Once we’ve stopped I say “Honestly I don’t have a problem with it, you?” God don’t let him have a problem with it pleaaase? I get on my knees on the couch and make faces waiting for his answer.

“Not at all little one, it’s the job.”

He sounds like he wants to say something else, but he doesn’t. Neither do I for a minute, hoping he’d gather the courage to say it. But perhaps it was just my imagination.

“Y/n movies are waiting” Kelly says loud enough for Aaron to hear it on the other line. I fall back on Earth and nod without looking at her. “Sorry about her, she’s excited that I’m about to introduce her to our acting” Kelly passes behind me and slaps my shoulder as a complaint.

“Say nice things about me, he’s hot.” She fake flirts and Aaron chuckles, used to the attention. “And you’re pregnant go away” I tease turning to see her and she flips me off.

Aaron’s laugh fills my ears. “She freaking flipped me off” I complain and he laughs harder.

“Tell her I like her”

“You’re both so mean to me!” I complain and Kelly snorts.

“Cuz you’re little” she says and I gasp.

“OHH! I heard that! I like her even more!” I laugh throwing my body on the couch and putting Aaron on speaker, peeking Kelly’s interest.

“I’m never letting you two meet” I mumble

They both laugh. “It would be a nightmare, I can see it”

“Yeah cuz little one’s are easy to bully” I frown at my phone, Kelly laughs without a sound.

“Aaron I’m your friend!”

“Kelly can be my friend too” he flirts and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“UGH, old people” they both laugh again. FOR REAL?!

“Well I’ll leave you girls to it, wouldn’t wanna steal your friend Y/n”

“She already likes you more than she likes me!” I joke

“Das not truee” she says and I smile, taking the speaker off.

“Better not be, he doesn’t make milkshakes like I do” I reply and Aaron chuckles. “Hey, well see you soon then”

“Real soon little one, have fun” “Bye” and with that he’s hanged up. My mind immediately runs back to his news. I jump from the couch “Oh my God Kellyyy” I sing and she looks at me. “You like him” she states and I frown. “What!? No!”

She raises her eyebrows, not buying it. “Ok then what were you gonna say?” I stop and think. If i actually told her how excited I was about this kiss scene she was going to think I did like him. “Ugh!”

“See? You do like him” “No I don’t” I crawl in the bed and sit down next to her. “I am just getting my first kiss scene” I say low. “Is it with him?” she smirks knowingly and I groan throwing my back against the wall.

“Knew it” she teases putting the movie on play. I pause it again. “I Don’t!” Her eyes turn to me “This is stupid…. I might just have a teeny tiny desire for him” I explain and she frowns “Like… sexual.. desire?” “Yes like sexual desire Kelly” her mouth falls open.

“Oh you WANT him” I chuckle “Shut up” I say playing the movie and laying down next to her.


“You’re an ass”

“I know” I say handing her another tissue. She pushes my hand away. Ok she’s just mad, not crying anymore.

We sit in silence as the credits play in front of us. She turns her head to me and stares like a little angry kid, I try to hold back a laugh. “Is it bad that I would’ve preferred the kid to die?” She asks and I explode in laughter. After I take a breath I look at her “Considering you are going to have a kid yourself, yeah” she groans and shifts.

“Tell me about set” she asks putting her empty glass away. Oh yeah, I had to make two more milkshakes for her because she debuted her newly acquired pregnancy card on me. I sigh and shrug, going back in my mind.

“It was so much fun, but tiring too. They would have to take so many scenes again because the guys were fooling around or something.” I chuckle at the memory “Elizabeth makes SO many faces when she’s not rolling” I laugh now and so does Kelly. “And Aaron putting up that accent… Oh MOTHER” My memory travels back to those moments.

《 Avengers:Age of Ultron set 》

I pretend I’m freezing something putting my best concentrated face. Then, as rehearsed, I turn and my character accidentally freezes the floor. Causing Pietro to slip and slide all the way to me, colliding with my body and throwing us both to the floor. Once they’re done with Aaron ‘slipping and sliding’ they make us lay on the floor, him in top of me. We make the take and my character apologizes many times as Aaron stands and I do too. “You’re gonna get me to die” he says angrily in the heavy accent. He is very close, his breath moving my hair, my character looks down in shame. “I.. I can’t help it” she says in a low voice, but Pietro is gone.

《 Back in 2017 》

“I bet you got all kinds of feelings having him that close” Kelly teases and I snort “You have NO idea”

“I don’t know how you people do it” she says shaking her head “I’d literally die right there having a daddy like Captain America so close” “Kellyy!” I scold and she laughs “You have a boyfriend for God’s sake” “He’s in like China or something girl, don’t worry” “Oh my, poor man” .

“ Anyhow, well when you work for movies like this your character has a reputation to live up to. You gotta transform yourself into another person because there is people that have read about this characters since they were kids and you gotta give your best and it’s exhausting. But the cast is by the most part so nice and all goofs, they make everything better…” My mind lingers for a bit longer “Gosh I miss Aaron in set with us, he smiles so much” I say and Kelly rests her chin on her hand.

“Anyway… um, the guys are the worst you should see them” I laugh trying to get Aaron’s face out of my head. “Captain America kissed Iron man once” her eyes go wide, he face lighting up “There is no evidence” I shake my head slowly and she fake cries.

“And I learned that Hemsworth loves to get wet” I wink as she drools at the image playing on her head.

“Yup, sounds like a good job” she states. I snort, she wasn’t wrong.

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Omg I am so bitter about this I've become that guy from the ds forums you know who I mean I need to take a chill pill lmao

a n o n lmaooo

Do you want some happy things to think about? Because I’ve got them.

20 things to be happy about today:

1. We should get previews today 😍

2. On Sunday, we’re gonna get a bunch of joint Ryan/Danny interviews (and there was definitely a picture of someone filming one, so… we may get a video…?)

3. On Monday, This Morning are gonna air their behind the scenes segment

4. We also get Danny’s pretty face and probably another preview clip on Loose Women

5. Liv is gonna be running around with a clipboard making sure the wedding goes to plan bc this is her family and she cares




9. This entire wedding is like… the ultimate Robert Sugden romantic gesture?????? And it’s going to be the happiest day of Aaron’s life?????


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Today I rewatched the episode "Mirror Gem", and the scene where Lapis appears, like, really got me?? It got me because the chills it gave me aren't in SU anymore. It got me because this mysterious character, with an awesome introduction, is now a plain character that is no longer taken seriously. It got me because I remembered how excited I was about a new gem. Like, scenes like this represent for me everything that I miss about SU.

Mirror Gem was such a powerful episode. Probably one of my all time faves, I’m disappointed with what’s happened to Lapis since then. I really wish we had more amazing episodes like that now.

On a side note: Lapis’ theme song from Ocean/Mirror gem gave me chills. I swear they don’t even use her theme any more??

Shingeki No Kyojin Episode 9 Discussion + Spoilers








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alexbracken: I just got back from my amazing visit to the set of #thedarkestminds and am still 😱😱😱about everything! There’s not much I can show you since we’re still so far off from the film’s release but I AM EXCITED! Thank you to the truly incredible cast and crew for inviting me and for all of their hard work and passion. (And for letting me fangirl at them over everything!) I loved meeting the team and seeing sweet @miyacech again! ALSO… I got to watch as they filmed a few scenes (!!) and they shared previously shot footage that gave me full body chills (!!!). Seriously. There was one scene in particular where I had to fight to stay vertical while watching on the monitor and not, you know, roll around on the ground in amazement and joy at how perfect it was. Director Jen’s and the crew’s vision of this world is SO COOL and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

A Japanese perspective on imagery in Mothra vs Godzilla

Hiya both,

Great job on the podcast, guys, I just recently started listening as I am midway through my own non-chronological run through the bulk of Godzilla films. I was glad to see you both enjoyed Mothra vs Godzilla as much as I did. It is one of the very best in my opinion also. I just wanted to add a little wrinkle from my Japanese cultural background that might not be obvious but might make MvG that much more poignant to the non-Japanese observer.

Two points to make, really…

One: The scene when the kindergarten/primary school teacher is fleeing Godzilla with the pupils to the other side of the island.

This scene, needless to say, is incredibly affecting just on the surface of it. The scene sells the high stakes - losing innocent children to the monster (rather than just greedy/stupid fishermen and their homes) and the manic desperation of the headmaster ashore on the mainland. However, in addition to that, some cultural background makes this scene even more chilling. By way of explanation, first, indulge me a short paragraph of history.

During WWII, Japan’s battlefront with the US was mainly aerial bombing of strategic targets, and the main ground warfare avenues were in Japan’s imperial conquests, the Pacific islands, famously Guadalcanal in the Solomons. The only time US-Japanese forces clashed on either country’s home turf was in the closing stages of the war when American forces reached Okinawa. For the first time civilians were forced to reckon with a physical enemy presence in their towns and homes, and the self-sacrificing, brainwashed nature of contemporary Japanese society would manifest in unimaginably awful incidents.

You can Google “Okinawa children mass suicides” for details (Reuters, The Guardian, NY Times have covered it), but in a nutshell, the military would hand out two grenades to classroom teachers to use when cornered - one to throw at the enemy, and the other to commit suicide instead of being taken alive. On small islands like in the Okinawa archipelago, there’s only so far you can run before the enemy catches you.

Of course, the Godzilla movies are no stranger to stoic death (the family in the 1954 original accepting their fate at the mercy of Godzilla so that they could meet their deceased father comes to mind) but the mechanics of this scene really stand out to me as the product of deliberate, conscious choices:
• The fact that the scene plays out on an island, with the mainlanders unable to offer support to the women and children - an obvious reference to Okinawa’s physical separation from mainland Japan
• The children, crying as their female teachers console them, are forced to grow up before their time, being made to “march” over a steep hill to get to the far side of the island
• Godzilla, the embodiment of atomic might (wielded by the United States over Hiroshima & Nagasaki in the context of WWII) is the force of doom
• The children and teachers hide in a cave on a sandy beach - in popular culture, the child and infant suicides from WWII are often depicted taking place in hiding spots at the edges of islands - usually stone cliffs and coastal caves

Even without straying from the text of the film, the scene is an emotionally wrenching one, but with the added historical and cultural background (women and children in peril at a coastal cave), the effect is a bone-chilling pathos and dread.

(sorry if that got a bit heavy!) Now for the second point, which I swear will be shorter…

Two: the Japan-specificity of the criticism of (a) theme park construction and (b) over-development of coastlines.

As you’re doubtless aware, in the immediate post-war period following the rewriting of the new demilitarised constitution in 1947, Japan experienced high economic growth, basically from the 1950s through the 1980s. This included wholesale embrace of American pop cultural entertainment-business products such as the movie studio system, Disney and Warner mascot characters, and theme parks.

Even today, Japanese theme parks and extreme rides rank highly in international lists of extreme rides, and Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disneyland in Asia, even before Hong Kong or Singapore, international playgrounds of the Asian affluent. I appreciate you touched on the criticism of capitalism, but I might just add that theme parks are particularly central to Japanese society as an affordable entertainment venue.

Lastly, I’m not sure if you’ve been to Japan, but many coastlines are covered in concrete “tetrapods” as a measure against coastal erosion and tsunamis. These sorts of large-scale, concrete-heavy (in many cases) white elephant projects in rural areas came under intense criticism, especially in the 1990s, as it was revealed that many projects had been fronts for yakuza-related local government corruption. It was also in the 1990s that many opulent theme parks that had sprung up in economically unviable situations in the 1960s through the 1980s went out of business and decayed (the inevitable hangover from three decades of heady development).

The principled messaging of Mothra vs Godzilla, and its optimistic depiction of the idea that the press could influence the people for good, should be commended, especially with a view to how specifically Japanese the major social-economic problems raised in the film are.

Anyway, sorry about the long message. Keep up the good work! Loving the podcast.


Thank you so much for this! 

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Can we keep the Barry from tonight? The one that actually used his brain and not relied on the team? What he did with the fire was sick. I didn't even know it could be done that way.

Listen, I am super impressed by that scene – like I got chills. So well done, and I need Barry Allen to be great. 

Dylan O’Brien H.S

“Harry hurry the movie is gonna start!” I yelled into the kitchen so my little boyfriend can hurry his little ass on the sofa. Me and Harry decided to go for a movie night, and after two hours of arguing which movie to watch between ‘'The First Time’ and ‘Independence Day’,we decided on ‘The First Time’ starring Dylan O’ hottie. Two hours of Dylan? hell yes.

“I’m coming! Jesus, ever heard of patience?” Harry said walking into the living room with a beautiful hot bowl of butter popcorn, and himself looking effortlessly beautiful in his low sweatpants and oversized sweater. I feel like I don’t deserve him sometimes. He’s too damn beautiful. “Where there is Dylan, there shall be no patience” I spoke. Fucking words of wisdom bitches. “Oh really?” Harry rose a brow plopping down on the sofa. “Damn yes” I said looking right at him.

Harry rolled his eyes at my comment as the faint light of the movie coated the room and Dylan’s beautiful face came into veiw. How is it possible to be so damn perfect? But that bitch got nothin’ oh Haz, with his perfect hair and gorgeous green eyes. A few minutes into the movie, I felt Harry tug all of the covers off of me, leaving my legs bare. “Harry…” I whined, “give me the covers”  I screeched. 

“Get your own” he argued. “"These are mine!” I argued getting to my feet. “"Well now they are mine” he said, chin tipped high into the air. The fuck he think he is? Queen Elizabeth or something? I leaned down close to his face before whispering, “No cuddles for you then”, looking him straight in the eyes. Leaning in closer he whispered,“Fine I have Mister Cuddles” he said, grabbing the teddy bear from the side of the sofa. Smart ass.

I huffed before walking away to grab another cover from the closet. Sinking down on the sofa, Harry had decided to finally leave the covers for me after I bought another one. “Now you wanna give them to me?” I asked looking at him. “Mister Cuddles can’t cuddle like you” he said, looking at me with wide eyes. Don’t give in. I am stronger than this. Stop it. Stop looking at me like that. Stop it. Not happeni- “Fine you can cuddle with me” I gave in, lifting my covers up for Harry to get in.

He jumped on top of me making me release a small ‘oomph’ before he wrapped his arm around my waist, holding on to me like I was going to let go any second. He nuzzled his face into my neck and mummbles a small ‘Thank You’ which made chills go down my spine.

Even the smallest acts from Harry can give me butterflies and chills and he doesn’t have any idea. I wonder if I have that effect on him? Nah. Even him holding me like this, can bring out a whole swarm of butterflies in me.


An hour into the movie, there came a scene where Dylan was shirtless. And let me just tell you. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? I mean he is hot. But have you seen Harry? He got nothing on Haz. In fact, I don’t even think you could compare them. At all.

“Dylan is really hot” I spoke up. “What y’say love?” Harry asked. “I said that Dylan O’Brien is really hot” I repeated. “I don’t think so” he shrugged. His hot breathe started fanning onto my neck, making shivers go down my spine and goosebumps arise on my arms. I hated the effect he had on me.

 A couple moments later, Harry decided to speak up. “More than me?” He whispered. “Huh? What?” I asked, not getting what he meant. “Is he hotter than me?” He asked. 

“Harry, you’re  perfect, you can’t even be compared to him” I coo’ed, turning towards him. “Really?” He asked, hope lightening his voice. “Yes Harry, nobody is better than you” I said. After a few seconds, I felt Harry shuffling, and in no time, his body had pinned mine down to the sofa.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I stuttered, feeling his hot breath fanning my face. “I love you so much baby” He said, hands trailing under my shirt. “I -I love you to, but Harry the m-movie is playing” I stuttered. “You think that that can stop me love?” He said, his lips coming down to my neck to leave wet open mouthed kisses trailing down my chest.

He knew he what effect he had on me. He could probably hear my heart beating. “H-Harry n-no” I moaned. “Are y’gonna stop me love” He asked, lips just ghosting over mine. “F-fuck no” I gasped, he did things to me. I loved the effect he had on me. “Harry f-fuck” I groaned, before finally he,

Attached his lips to mine.