i got carried away with this can you tell

  • Sarah: You alright babe? While you were sleeping you kept whispering Ryan-
  • Brendon: Gosling, yeah. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling so I dream about him sometimes.
  • Dallon: Dude, what was happening in the dressing room? Sounded like you were moaning Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Gosling? I know, I got a bit carried away he’s such a handsome guy.
  • Zack: Bren...I heard you singing Northern Downpour and sobbing the name Ry-
  • Brendon: Holy shit, can’t a guy just get emotional about his crush Ryan Gosling?? Jesus!
  • TMZ: So tell me about the thing with Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Ross? Yeah, we text sometimes. Actually I ran into him at a Halloween party and I almost didn’t recognize him cause he was wearing a gremlin costu- fuuuuuck.

“Then what do I do about my feelings for you?!”

Seven’s route is hard.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I made two versions of this, one with dialogue (and spoilers for 707′s route, obviously) and this one with no dialogue, which you can still tell when in the game this takes place if you’ve played it before, but doesn’t give it away for those who haven’t yet.

This was SUPPOSED to be just a short doodle comic, buuuut of course I got carried away, as usual.  XD  Here’s the (SPOILERY) version, put together into a video.  HUGE thanks to @fluttershadowed for her wonderful cover!!!

I also decided to include the name I used in-game for the main character during Seven’s route, Faith, instead of calling her “MC” like I’ve seen in a few other comics.  I felt like it made this particular comic feel more emotional and personalized.

Comments about this comic (and obviously some spoilers) under the cut:

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✨ imagines; theme: "in love with you" ✨

🌻 imagine dan as the boy with anxiety , the boy obsessed with the stars and reading mystery novels, the nervous seeming boy who always shakes and stutters and avoids eye contact and phil as the popular boy who doesn’t even try to be liked, who has girls and boys alike throwing themselves at his feet. and he falls in love. with dan howell.

🌻 phil hating his glasses, not wanting to wear them but they’re the only way he can see, and he tells dan. dan just frowns with a “well let’s see” and takes phil’s glasses off, tilting his head to the side and he smiles softly. when phil asks what, why is he smiling, dan just smiles harder, putting his glasses back on. “i think i like it better like this. you look more like the phil i fell in love with.”

🌻 dan getting slightly (*very) tipsy while out with his friends at a bar, and he sings halo at the top of his lungs; it starts with humming and light tapping of his fingers before his friends start encouraging him , and soon he’s on the fucking piano, spinning around and around and singing (and if they’re honest it doesn’t sound half bad) before he starts to fall ; cue bartender phil rushing forward and catching him bridal style. dan giggles, his face tinted pink and blowing away the soft curls falling in his face. “can i have another drink pweasee?” phil chuckles. “i think you’ve had enough, love.”

🌻 phil befriending his best friend’s younger brother who’s always shunned by him; inviting him to hang out with them and soon enough just him, pulled in by dan’s sweet squishy face and his dimples and the way dan’s eyes twinkle when phil makes him laugh. one day dan’s being very reserved when they’re sitting on phil’s roof; he keeps biting his lip and pulling his sleeves over his hands and avoiding phil’s eyes, so phil asks what’s wrong. dan looks up, blushing like hell, holding his hands to his mouth like a chipmunk, his eyes wide. “i think i’ve fallen in love with you, philly.” his bottom lip trembles he lets his face fall into his hands. “i’m sorry, please don’t hate me.” phil grins, touching his arm. “hey,” he says gently, offering him a smile. “don’t worry. i think i’m falling in love too. so…” he takes dan’s hand, intertwining their fingers, and dan stares at their hands. “so we’ll fall together. okay?”

🌻 phil using pick up lines on dan all day, every time he walks into the room. “are you a magician? because when i look at you everyone else disappears.” “hey, dan? tie your shoes. i wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else.” and every time phil says one he gets this look on his face, his eyes lighting up and an excited grin stretching across his face, and dan can feel himself melting more and more every time but he just rolls his eyes until, finally , after phil compares his face to the night sky he blurts it out; “fuck you, phil, i’m fucking in love with you,” and leaves the room, leaving phil with his mouth dropped open.

Oikawa and Iwaizumi Aesthetics

Oikawa: Primp and proper like a European model. Collared shirts and expensive trench coats. Prick of dawn in a winter sky. You’ll be fine, trust me. Grinning into a fresh cup of coffee. Ironed slacks and suede shoes. Scent of pine at dusk. Perfect posture. Tick of a Swiss watch. Endless cafe’s and French pastry. Caring, unstoppable laughter. Carefully coordinated glasses. Soft, engulfing hugs.

Iwaizumi: The graffiti at a skate park. Trusty sneakers and toasty hoodies. Dark jeans and tattered sleeves. Mapped veins. Easy, lax posture. Bonfire on the beach. I’m here, don’t worry. Unintentional forward hips. Hamburgers at midnight. Irreplaceable, blazing summer sunset. Scent of the breeze in autumn. Honest, hearty laughter. Dry, white knuckles. Warm, secure hugs.


Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Word count: 1,774

Genre: Angst…?(idk you tell me)

Request:  Can I get first angst and then it turns into fluff scenario with jungkook (BTS) (I really really like school scenarios or when you are working with then or like he is an idol and you’re fan) 💕❤

A/N: I don’t know if you  could tell…. but i got a little too carried away. But i hope you like it! and sorry if there are any typos, its like 2 in the morning and i was too lazy to re-read everything.

Jeon Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him, even the teachers loved him. With his jet black hair and breath taking smile. He can sing, dance, and rap, what the hell can’t he do, he was perfect, not to mention that he was a mastermind with the ladies. Everyone loved him.






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I love you. If I can find you, I will. If not, stay alive.

critrole relationship week day 1: Zahra and Vex

I got very carried away with this and made it gigantic on accident, so starting the week off with a bang I guess. I was just going to do a doodle of this scene and then it got much more involved haha. I seriously doubt  I’m going to have time to do anything like this the rest of the week so this one’s special.

Okay, so, uh…

This started as another silly headcanon -
We know Saitama is frugal to a fault and eats parts from monsters he kills (why waste free meat?!) so the idea was, what if he sees all these metal scraps laying around whenever they’ve fought something mechanical… and maybe he also saw Genos salvage the G4 remains after that battle and so he starts to pick up little bolts and screws and whatever he finds and gives to Genos “in case you can use them”.

99 % of the time Genos can’t, but he would never tell Saitama that. He protects them with his life in a box he keeps at Kuseno’s

As for the drawing itself, I’ve not done anything traditional for a while and I missed it. I drew this last night (New Years Eve) while waiting for the clock to strike midnight so I could go to bed (a real party animal here) and I got a little bit carried away… I feel like the background is a bit too dramatic now for what it depicts but whatever (maybe it’s Genos-vision?!)


I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me x

I thought that the lyrics to Shelter matched really well to Keith and Shiro in regards to the season 2 trailer…… but then I got carried away and made a wholeass AU out of it kinda??

Love gives your enemies a perfect target


Paul x imprint!reader

Warnings: Swearing, kidnapping, torture 

Request: “can u write a paul imagine where he imprints on the reader but doesn’t tell her but since it’s so obvious, some vampires kidnap and torture her to get back at him and he saves her and it’s super angsty and paul being a mess and a fluffy end? thanks!”

-There will be a part 3 i got a bit carried away in this part, and writing torture is harder than i thought i wasn’t creative enough hahah but there will probably be more in the next part, hope you enjoy<3

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wonwoo the type of boyfriend to blow up your phone with files of his latest lyrics.
“Is this good? Do you think Jihoon would use some of it in our new song? Do you think the beat is too slow?”
“The lyrics are meaningful and the beat sounds great, babe. Give it a shot, he might accept them!”
“Thanks, jagi. I love you.”
“I love you too, Wonwoo.”

I’m so sorry, it was going to be a single picture and then I got carried away and now I’m crying I don’t even know what’s happening here
In case you can’t read the words:
John, seeing Alex: f*ck
Laf also seeing Alex: Oh, he’s cute
John: I know right?!
Laf: dude get his attention so we can flirt
John: Okay. *walks over to Alex telling himself, ‘be cool John be casual’
John, next to Alex: *deep breath* YO YO YO
Alex: jfc
Laf: Why?

*throws at you then runs away*

I met Carrie Fisher last April during Fan Expo Vancouver 2015. As soon as she was announced, I got permission from my boss to leave our booth at a specific time to get a photo with her. This was a big deal for me.

I waited in line for over an hour, absolutely jittery with excitement. I got 4 feet away and burst into tears. I’m usually pretty good with celebrity meetings but this was something else.

She noticed me crying, flagged me over, introduced herself, gave me a hug, and made sure I was okay. You can tell in the photo that I had been crying like a huge dork. She was so sweet.

After the photo, I looked her dead in the eye and said “I love you.”

She’s a skilled actress. In a moment she was gone and held this regal posture. She felt powerful and stern, but loving. She looked at me back and gently said two words in what felt like full sincerity:

“I know.”

I cried more after that. It was such a phenomenal experience.

She’s an icon in film and storytelling. She was a hero for living with mental illness openly and challenging her demons despite how it made her look. She was incredibly brave, intelligent, and fierce. For everything, I admire her.

I’m very grateful that I got to meet her. I’m devastated she’s no longer with us.

Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher.

An Angel’s Preening (Prompt Request)

The LOVELY @mylittlesupertimewolf : 42. What’s going on? 53. Do you trust me 116. Wait a second are you jealous? Hi can I request a fic with Gabe and Cas where reader has a greater connection with angels and can see their wings. Gabe finds out and uses it to get a wing preening session. Castiel poofs in on them and hence prompt 42. He admits he’s never had his wings preened before. You can go where you like using the other prompts and I don’t mind how the angels react to having their wings touched. Keep up the good work!

Okay so I got SOOOO carried away with this one. I got SO carried away that I had to give it a title! This prompt request was SO FUN TO DO. I’m still doing ships in my inbox (just tell me a little about yourself) and I’m still doing prompts from this list

Characters: Gabriel, Cas, Y/N (reader) -no pairings-

Warnings: slight wing kink, fluff

Word count: 859

Ever since you were born, you had a special connection with the angels of heaven.  You could tell which humans were actually angels because you could see their wings.  All angels knew who you were.  

You slid the sweater over your head, pulling it down your front.  You turned around, slightly startled by Gabriel’s sudden presence.  Nevertheless, you smiled warmly at the archangel, “what’s up Gabe?”  His golden wings barely fit in your room, but he managed.

“So you know how you can see our wings,” Gabriel started.  You nodded watching him slowly walk up to you.  “I need you to preen my wings for me.  It would help them shine more.  You know how much I love a good entrance [Y/N],” Gabriel smirked.

You rolled up the sleeves of your sweater, rolling your eyes.  “You know how large your wings are right?  It’s going to take at least an hour,” you huffed, putting your hands on your hips.

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What are you hiding from me? w/ Alec Lightwood x Fem!Reader

Request: Hello! Could you do one where Alec is assigned a mission to take care of a demon that’s causing trouble at the local mundane university. When Alec is there, he sees the mundane reader hiding in the library and she’s having a breakdown due to stress. Alec comforts her and they become friends. But she grows suspicious of Alec because she’s the only one that seems to notice him around since he uses his glamour when he’s not with her. Before Alec can tell her the truth she gets kidnapped by the demon.

A/N: This is actually part 1 of “what are you hiding from me?”, I got a bit carried away, so I decided to split this up and post a second part to it next week. I hope you like it so far

Part 2

I was in the NYU library when it all happened. I was just casually studying for my upcoming exams when people started screaming and running into the library to hide away from something. I think in that moment instinct kicked in and I went to hide behind a shelf finding that I wasn’t the only one with that idea. “What is going on?” I asked the girl next to me that cowered just like me, trying to get as small as possible to not get noticed. “A student is running amok around the building and people say he doesn’t look like himself anymore” she whispered back to afraid to make loud noises. The moment she told me how serious the situation was I tensed up and started shaking slightly. It was like I was trapped inside my own head, my thoughts running wild, thinking of all my family and friends back home and how I have literally my whole life still in front of me not ready to lose it just yet. I thought of every possible scenario of how this could end and  my mind simply went into overdrive, I started shaking even more and struggled to breath, I couldn’t move my arms or legs, I just couldn’t it was like my body wouldn’t listen to me, as if it had a mind on its own. I was so focused on myself that I didn’t notice what was going on around me. I didn’t notice how the girl next to me told me it was over or how she left, I just stayed in the same position still struggling to breath. That was until someone kneeled down in front of me and started talking to me, trying to get my attention and calm me down and it actually helped, his voice somehow calmed me down and my breathing went slowly back to normal. When I was fully recovered I took a good look at my savior and whispered a quite ‘Thank you’ too afraid to talk out loud. He seemed tall and well build judging on how his jacket clung to his arms, he had dark hair and dazzling hazel eyes. “Are you okay?” the mysterious guy asked “Yeah, just peachy. Thank you…” “Alec” he filled in “Well then, thank you Alec, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Y/N by the way” I told him, slowly going back to my normal self. “Nice to meet you too Y/N, I hope you are okay, but sadly I have to get going” like on clue the doors of the library sprung open and someone shouted Alec’s name. With that Alec helped me of the ground, gave me a reassuring smile and left.

That day I was still wary about my surroundings, feeling that this wasn’t everything that was going to happen, but as I finally fell asleep around midnight this feeling left my gut. Waking up the next morning, I started my day rather happily hoping to maybe meet Alec again, now that I know that the NYU has non douche attractive guys that notice me, not that I am not noticed by guys but I like to stay inside my group of friends. Sadly that day I haven’t seen him around, but what was I thinking, I haven’t noticed him before either.

Meanwhile at the Institute

“Alec, where are you going? I thought we wanted to train together.” Izzy asked, hands on her hips hoping to get her big brother to tell her what’s up. The whole day Alec didn’t seem like himself, like he was somewhere else with his thoughts, unlike his usual self. Alec knew he couldn’t lie to his sister, she would know, so he decided to be honest with her. “I’m going to check up on that mundane university, see if everything is back to normal again or if there are still demons running around” leaving things out wasn’t lying Alec thought to himself, Izzy didn’t have to know that he actually wanted to check upon Y/N to make sure she was still okay, he also wanted to see her again something about her made him want to get to know her. Izzy looked suspiciously at Alec “You want to check up on a mundane school? You despise mundanes, so why would you voluntarily check up on them?” “Because it’s part of the job” Alec answered and left without another word the institute, not wanting to be further confronted with sister.

Back at NYU

I was sitting in the library again, but this time not alone my best friend bff/n was with me and we tried studying for the upcoming exams, but again I didn’t made it to the studying part, because me and bff/n just couldn’t stop talking, I told her everything that happened yesterday and she was just as exicted as me. It’s not every day that a hot guy calms you down from a panic attack, even though she told me she never heard or seen that Alec guy around, not suprising me since there are hundreds of students visiting the NYU. “Maybe he will come by the library too, I mean you don’t just introduce to each other and then never meet again, that just not how it works” Bff/n told me. I just agreed with her, I honestly wanted to see him again and get to know him, he seemed different and exciting, worth getting to know. While being in the middle of a conversation about our new found love for Captain America: Civil war, I abruptly stopped talking. Behind bff/n stood the one and only Alec with a small smile gracing his face. Bff/n looked at me like I was crazy, apparently to me being in trance and not forming any words that was until she looked behind her and saw him herself.


Requested by: @antionicia  

Request: Hi! Can I request an imagine for Harry? I was thinking just something really cute, the cliche “best friends but secretly like Each other and everyone but them know it’ thing xD I’m an odd duck, worrywart, who loves cuddling, bossing people around, being silly, singing, reading, and making people smile! Thank you .3.

A/N: so sorry this took so long for me to write, school was very hectic. But now its break! So probably more imagines! I got soo carried away with this imagine though, I really enjoyed writing it. The ending sucks, oops. Thanks for requesting it xx

“We need to do something about Harry and Y/N, they are going to drive me mental I tell you, mental!” Ron exclaimed to Hermione as they entered the Gryffindor Common Room together.

“I know Ronald, but we’ve got to let them figure it out by themselves, we can’t force them into anything they don’t wa–,” Hermione said before she was interrupted by Ron’s ranting.

“No, it is obvious that they want to be together, it’s probably just self-denial on both sides. That’s what I reckon—speaking of the devils.” Ron said the last part in a whisper because you and Harry were entering the common room, hand in hand.

“Hey Ron, hey Hermione, how are you guys?” you said cheerily, with an equally happy smile plastered on your face. You were oblivious to Harry as he glued his green eyes to one side of your face, basking in the rays that your wonderful smile gave off.

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I can’t stop thinking about this actually-not-so-improbable theory that Lord Vetinari is the son of Susan Sto Helit and Lobsang Ludd let me tell you about how much that would actually make sense okay just hear me out.

- First of all that would explain so much about Havelock. His amazing ability to camouflage himself and disappear better than anyone else, his coldness and ability to manipulate people so easily, his super human reflexes, affinity for cold logic and ability to learn and solve complex problems on the spot, now who does that remind me of

- for all we know he might well be able to manipulate time too, doesn’t seem to need sleep or food and is able to very accurately predict future events and the way current decisions will make them play out.

- also he is slender, pale, black haired and always dresses in black and he doesn’t age according to Lady Margolotta i mean

- So as we know, Susan spends most of her page time aggressively asserting her humanity and trying to run away from her family heirloom. She only reluctantly accepts her role in world saving shenanigans, and wishes she was completely human. Now imagine what she would do if sometime down the road from the events of Thief of Time, she got pregnant. She wouldn’t want her child to have that same life. In fact she would learn from the unsuccessful attempt of Mort and Ysabell to shield her from her grandfather, and make Death swear to her to never try and get in touch with the child let alone use him as a tool in the same way he used her.

- (you’ve gotta admit that it’s pretty interesting that Havelock has never had a brush with Death, when practically every other major character has encountered it, even Vimes.)

- inevitably, Susan would come to the conclusion that the best thing she could do for the sake of that child is cut all ties with him, no matter how much she would love to keep and raise him. After all, she wasn’t even able to shield the children she was a governess to in Hogfather and her class in Thief of Time from Death’s meddling. In her own eyes, becoming a good mother wouldn’t have been sensible of her.

- Lobsang would absolutely not be of any help I mean let’s face it, he already struggles just to keep himself in one physical shape for too long, and he has bigger issues to deal with assuming the role of Time and all. Already just dating Susan is a struggle for him, and I can’t see him wanting to settle down and start a family with her. For him it would only make sense that the story of Lady Time and Wen the Eternally Surprised would repeat itself. He would suggest they leave the child on the doorstep of a guild, as it was done for him. Once again, for the child’s own sake.

- After birth, he could drop off the child at any! point! in time! which would explain why Vetinari had already grown up and was ruling over the city way before Mort and Ysabell were even teasing each other in Death’s gardens. Technically, from Nanny Ogg’s perspective, Lobsang and Jeremy were born like two weeks before the events of Thief of Time so really the order of events is pretty much irrelevant.

- We don’t know practically anything about Vetinari’s past, except from the fact that he was raised by one of his aunts before ending up in the guild of assassins. Susan, having grown up as a duchess among nobility (her parents even knew Sybil Ramkin) wouldn’t have a hard time choosing the kind hearted noble lady Meserole among the acquaintances of her parents that would require only a bit of ‘‘persuasion’‘ to raise the child as her own nephew.

- The Vetinari family history and crest could either have been fabricated, or the family really did exist and Susan simply presented the boy as their last descendant or something of the sort, for Lobsang and her a bit of meddling like that would have been pretty easy.

- the bitter and beautiful irony of the great grandson of Death ending up studying at the guild of assassins oh my god


- not to mention that special weird clock he has in the waiting room.

- I’ve heard theories that Vetinari is a vampire or a zombie but honestly I think having parents with those special abilities would explain a lot more of his own.