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The Mistake (Bonus #8) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Different Updates”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Allison McCall & Reader

Author’s Note: This is the last one I have for you guys. It takes place after Scott and Allison get home from their honeymoon and finally get updated on what happened with their two best friends while they were gone. I enjoy the gender norms/role reversal here. Thank you so much for reading The Mistake. I have loved every minute of it. I hope to see you guys enjoying my other work :) *waves bye for now*

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“So, you guys are officially together, huh?” Scott asked, sitting on the hot grass next to his best friend, watching their dogs chase each other around the park. 

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You should share with the class what you wrote out in our conversation based off this picture 😊 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/59059ad583ed9e79797d165821d8f528/tumblr_nn6de9lsiP1sb8cuko1_1280(.)jpg

i told you i’d only do it if you called me daddy but you didn’t but since i’m an amazing person whose generosity is unparalleled i’m gonna do it anyway

One of the worst things about being on tour is how exhausted everyone gets.

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What would the RFA (including Unknown) think of MC's navel piercing/belly bar?

Author’s note: ok tbh this isn’t nsfw BUT I’M AT SCHOOL NOW I CAN’T SIN YET


  • “Did it hurt?”
  • you laughed until you saw the genuine curiosity in his eyes
  • “It did at first, but it was really more uncomfortable. I can’t feel it at all now!”
  • he smiled started messing with it
  • “What kind of jewelry do you wear with it?”
  • You showed him your collect and he asked if he could pick out the one you wore tomorrow
  • You weren’t surprised when he chose the golden heart
  • “Think of me when you wear this..”
  • God he is so cheesy, you love it


  • holy turned on
  • like
  • the beast has been released
  • “Hey, Zen, have I ever showed you my belly button when it has jewelry in?”
  • “…No.”
  • “Oh, well I just put one on and I thought I’d show you.”

  • and maybe you should’ve chosen a less provocative one
  • but I mean
  • Zen seemed to like it
  • “So what do-”
  • He walked around the room and kissed you
  • when you pulled away he put his forehead on yours
  • “Let’s test and see how fast I can remove that with my tongue.”


  • “Oh… I thought I saw a little bump in your t-shirt!”
  • “Yup, I’ve had it for forever!”
  • she nodded
  • “So… do you think I would look good with one?”
  • you gave her a questioning look
  • “What?”
  • “I was just asking…”
  • “No, I didn’t mean it like that! You just don’t seem like the type who would go out and get your belly button pierced.”
  • “You’re right.”
  • “Yeah… what made you want one?”
  • “Well, it me ten times more attracted to you then I already was, so I was wondering if it would do the same for me.”
  • you chuckled
  • “Oh is that so? Well I’m going to need to further inspect you to determine whether or not you would look good with one.”


  • you lifted up your shirt to show him
  • “See! I got it done when I was a teenager.”
  • “Hmm…”
  • he walked over and put his hand on your stomach
  • He ran his fingers over the stud
  • when you shivered he smiled
  • “You know… you should treat your body like a temple…. I hope this didn’t put a risk to your health.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • “You sound like my mom.”
  • he glared at you, retracting his hand
  • you sighed and started to put your shirt down
  • “What are you doing?”
  • You gave him a confused look
  • “… Putting my shirt down?”
  • “Did I say you could?”
  • oh
  • you knew where this was going


  • he lifted up his shirt to show his matching one
  • “What? I didn’t know you had your belly button pierced?”
  • “Are you surprised?”
  • “…No.”
  • after weeks of begging and ensuring no one would see it
  • you got him to wear a butterfly shaped one
  • “I hate you.”
  • “You love me.”
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”


  • He didn’t believe you at first
  • Yeah, and I sometimes dye my hair blue.”
  • you smiled
  • “So you don’t think I have one?”
  • “Uh, no. You aren’t bad-ass enough to get one. And plus, as my girlfriend, I think I would notice it.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “I mean, wouldn’t I see it when we have sex?”
  • “SEVEN!”
  • “Just sayin’.”
  • “You wanna bet?”
  • “Bet that you have a belly piercing?”
  • You crossed your arms and tried not to smirk
  • “Uh-huh.”
  • “Oh, hell yes! And when I win, you have to actually go and get one.”
  • “And when I win, you have to dye your hair blue.”
  • “That’s if-”
  • he stopped when you took off your shirt
  • “Told you.”
  • “Shit.”
  • the next day, when he came home from the hair dresser you smiled
  • he looked at you and sighed, plopped himself on the couch
  • you sat next to him and smirked
  • “What’s wrong, Seven? You’re looking kinda… blue.”
  • he glared at you
  • you loved being on the other side of the joke
Learning Lines - A Samoa Joe Story

My very first Samoa Joe fic, based on that epic promo between Joe and Paul Heyman on June 5th 2017.

Comments will be greatly appreciated!

Another week, another Monday Night Raw on the horizon. I’m sat in my makeshift office, the script for tonight’s show laid out on my desk. I massage my temples and sigh at the red lines sliced over various pages of the script, Vince already having savaged through half of it, and I wonder how quickly I can start rebuilding with only a handful of hours to go. I remember how ecstatic I was when I got this job, a little over two years ago. A huge WWE fan since I was a child, I was so eager to lend my words to the wrestlers’ voices, help them distinguish and enhance their characters. Little did I know that my contribution would be reduced to generic blandness because the Boss is more interested in catering to Corporate’s every whim and dumbing down the content at their behest. It doesn’t stop me from doing my best though, trying to make these guys and girls sound as authentic and organic as possible.

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Sober by Selena

- I hadn’t heard this but now I love It
- words: 840
- Warnings: fluff, cursing

There’s frustration that comes with my relationship with Shawn. He’s my best friend, the person I trust with my everything… the person I run to. We’ve been friends since we were kids which is where the frustration begins really because over the years at one point or another and completely oblivious to the other person, we’ve both had a crush on each other. Sometimes they’d go on for months other times it’d be a couple weeks but whenever we were aware of these feelings we were developing for each other the other person was completely unavailable. Either we were in a relationship or we weren’t in the place for a relationship and all we wanted was each other but in a completely different way to the other person… up until a year ago.

It started after celebratory drinks. Tequila, vodka… honestly I couldn’t even tell you what we were celebrating - heck I couldn’t even tell you who else was there the only thing I can remember is how the night ended. We both found ourselves back at his house, the after party, in fits of laughter now drinking from the bottle and using his couch as support. Why does it always seem like we’re on the floor when we’re drunk? Anyway this was when we first admitted how times had come and gone that we’d both at one point or another been crushing on each other. We talked about our relationships and if I remember correctly I think we joked about how funny it’d be if we started dating. How we could skip past all the awkward parts like avoiding farting in front of each other and first kisses since a 14 year old version of ourselves had already got that out the way so we’d be good for when the real thing comes. Then we slowly leaned in and…

Sometimes I’ll still get flashbacks to the first time… how he had me around his waist and against the wall kissing down my neck, his hot breath on my– that’s besides the point. The point is it’s completely frustrating because the morning after we woke up we’re back to being nothing but best friends. There was this blissful second where we woke up, looked at each other and just burst out in a fit of laughter. We twinned our hands and smiled and before you knew it all was back to normal. I was helping him with girl advice, joking around and talking everyday but never addressing what happened. I get it, I do, I’m way too scared to persue any feelings that might be between us because I don’t want to lose my best friend but I mean c'mon. What’s worse is every time we get drunk again we’re back in the same spot: Waking up in bed, wrapped in each other with red handprints and red hickies marking what was once “ours” the night before.

The sex… fuck the sex is so good. It’s like he just knows where and when and I mean I’m ridiculously drunk to the point where I’d be able to forget how I got home but the one thing I never forget is this one thing he does with his tongue… or how he makes me feel when we’re together. I can never forget his voice in my ear and the way he throws his head back. He looks so breathtaking beautiful in a way I hadn’t seen before. But it’s more than that because I can’t forget how my heart feels when I wake up beside him and how easy it is for me to block out the world because the butterflies in my belly are fluttering way to hard for me to care about anything else but him but what’s more is I can never ever forget the way I can imagine doing that for the rest of our lives. Fuck he’s got me whipped!

There’s three words that run though my head each morning and I want to blame it on the alcohol, I want to blame it on the hangover but it’s all his fault. It’s him and his stupid eyes and his stupid smile and his stupid big heart. I love him.

“What are you doing?” His voice startles me as well as the soft kick that accompanied his question. I look up at him smiling as he spreads his top half across the bed. His brown eyes glowing in the sunlight that was peaking through the curtains. “Just thinking” I shook my head laughing as he began to move down to the bottom of the bed and sit beside me. When I don’t continue speaking he softly bumps me with his shoulder. “About what?” He chuckles and for a minuet I find myself just pushing to tell him everything that’s running through my mind and just get this confusion over with but “what to have for breakfast” escapes my mouth instead.

Send me a song and i’ll attempt to write a blurb based off it

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How cute would Niall's wedding be to the missus' imagine how happy emery would be

Awe. I’m crying. How sweet. Ugh, you lot are putting me way too deep with emotions based on his AU.

Her very first instinct encouraged a tantrum and tears, until she’d FaceTimed Daddy, before she fell asleep. She wouldn’t be very pleased with her mother, because she didn’t enjoy him not being home to tuck her into bed and read their favourite bedtime story, their new book being Charlotte’s Web, and no one could read with her, except him, because he could do every impersonation and anyone else reading wouldn’t do his part. She didn’t understand why he couldn’t see her before their wedding, because why would their wedding day be different? He kisses and sleeps with her every night. What would make a difference?

She pouted, her lips pursed, her arms folded across her chest, her knees tucked against her duvet as she cuddles into her pillow, Niall’s sweatshirt covering her entire torso, nearly falling over her ankles. She wouldn’t perk up until she’d heard her mother’s footsteps near her bedroom, her father’s voice sounding through her bedroom door. Her lips would curve a smile, her bum bouncing on her mattress as her mother shuffles in with her iPad in hand, Niall’s grinning features appearing on their screen.


“Hey, piglet. What’cha doin’?”

“Nothin’. Why aren’t you home wit’ us?”

“’cause I can’t see Mummy t’night?”


“It’s a tradition, baby. I’ll see you bright and early, yeah? Nona is goin’ to bring you to me in the morning, and you can have breakfast wit’ me, how does t’at sound?”

“Okay! How long do I have to wait?”

“If you go to sleep, only a few hours. I’ll be t’ere before you know it.”

“Ugh, fine.”

“Can you be a good girl fo’ Mummy, please? Or else I can’t take you wit’ me tomorrow.”


“Mhm, you ‘ave to be a good girl.”

“I will, I will. Swear.”

“Okay, Piglet. I love you to the moon.”

“I love you all the way back.”

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

“G’night, poppet.”

His heart would thump heavily in his chest, his smile widening as he admired his fiancée kiss their daughter’s forehead sweetly, lifting their iPad into her hold, her fingertip flicking her bedroom light off before padding into their master bedroom. Her smile would build his tummy with butterflies, his heart swelling as he observed her disheveled and exhausted features.

“Y’a goin’ to sleep, baby? Y’a look tired.”

“Exhausted. She’s been crying all day without you.”

“Awe, my baby.”

“Y’know, you really fucked me over, on this one.”


“She’s so attached to you. ‘s like she’s forgotten who I am. Can’t even console her. Screw you.”

“Will be doin’ t’at tomorrow night.”

“Shut up.”

“Haha, ‘s okay, baby. She jus’ knows she’s got me wrapped around her teeny finger and uses it to her advantage. When she’s older, she’ll forget all about me, because I won’t be so cool anymore.”

“She better. I want my turn back, thank you.”

She would giggle quietly, her cheeks blushing as he compliments her, a whisper of “I love you” and “Goodnight, baby” making her heart swell with love, a blown kiss ending their FaceTime video, before she nuzzled underneath their comforter and snuggled into his jumper, her blonde locks splayed messily across his pillow, a picture frame of him and their daughter swirling butterflies in her belly as she begins to fall asleep.

Niall paced back and forth in his designated bedroom, his ears perking as he heard light footsteps and a soft voice echo through the corridor outside his hotel suite, his baby girl’s petite figure leaping into his arms as soon as she stepped inside his foyer, his arms wrapping around her tiny body, her arms and legs around his neck and waist, squeezing him tightly.

“Missed you.”

“Missed you too, Piglet.”

His smile curved on his lips, his hand held by hers as she strutted beside him as he entered their wedding hall, an officiant and his father speaking quietly. She’d released his hand without hesitation, immediately moving towards her grandfather as he scoops her onto his hip, holding her up as he finishes his conversation, before turning to her and beginning to speak.

“Y’a ready for today, Little One?”

“‘m so excited for Mummy and Daddy to get married! I’m the flower girl, y’a know? I get to stand right next to Mummy and take her flowers!”

“I know. How excited are you?”

“Super, super excited. Oh, and I get to have a dance with Daddy, too!”

“I’m sure he’s excited for that, isn’t he?”

“Of course, I am.”

“Grandpa, I have to go get dressed. Will you come see me before I have to come downstairs?”

“Of course, precious.”

“Okay, see you later!”

“C’mon, poppet. Let’s go get dressed.”

“Daddy, are you happy?”

“I’m so very happy. Em, are you happy?”

“I’m very very happy.

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hi I love imagining what Pierre's belly laugh would sound like if Natasha came up and just tickled him senseless! He has a great laugh and Natasha never gets to hear it so do what you gotta do

okay i literally just held my breath and got butterflies thinking about this like Pierre’s laugh would be BOOMING and the first time Natasha hears it she’s so taken aback and he gets all embarrassed and is like “sorry I know my laugh is ugly and too loud” and she’s like “no! no not at all! it’s just that….you have the loveliest laugh I’ve ever heard” and Pierre turns DEEP red 

Happy birthday Addy !!!

@tvshows-addict I know I’ve already said it to you but I wanted to say it here because you deserve all the love, always <3 

Last night, we got this gem :

It’s so cute and we can’t get enough of it so obviously it reminds me of you :) So I thought I would send you all the tummy™ pics and gifs I could find … for your eyes only !

Look at this cocky boy !! Tommo the tease yeah …. ;)

Fly my little butterfly, flyyyyyyyy 

And now with the boyfriend, can you believe these soft tummies touch ??? 

He’s like “come and get it” ! who could resist him ???

Originally posted by back-toxthe-start

Light chest hair, curves, caramel skin, cute belly … Harry is sooooo lucky !! (bloody hell !)

He can’t stop touching, who can blame him, seriously !!! 😩

Finally, he had to show a little bit of the Tummy™ in his music video because he knows we love it !!! This man is so thoughtful !

I hope you had a good time watching these pics as much as I had putting them together :)

You’re a wonderful friend, always so cheerful and kind. On top of that you’re a fantastic writer and you help me dive into this amazing world of fanfiction when I need to get away from the real world so thank you so much !!! 

Can I just brag a little ? because I’m the only one on this website who slept with you so yeah, I wanted to throw this out there :P

Anyway, I can’t wait to see you again in a month and laugh with you !!! It’s gonna be such a nice couple of days I can feel it <3

Joyeux anniversaire ma belle 😘

(PS : none of these gifs/pics are mine so kudos to the owners/gifmakers)

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Could we get a baby update

Heck yes!

I’m pretty much 17 weeks now, which means babbo is about 5 inches long from head to rump (growing so tol) and weighs about 5 ounces.  Its able to bend its joints freely now, and the cartilage is hardening into bone in the long bones.  From here on out, baby will start growing roughly half an inch a week, and start exploding in weight.  That being said, I probably only have a couple more weeks before I look like an unmistakably pregnant person! 

1.5 weeks until my big anatomy ultrasound, where we’ll spend probably 45 minutes to an hour examining the major organs and checking the development.  This is also when you can learn the sex of the baby! 

Its really interesting seeing the secondary side effects of pregnancy as well.  Hair and nails grow significantly faster (like I got my hair dyed 4 weeks ago and I am already ready to get the roots redone), skin is clearer than its been in ages, I now cry at songs and when I see really pretty pictures, I’ve left the groceries in the car like 5 times this month (pregnancy brain bruh, hope it doesnt get me fired lmao), and food aversions are constantly changing (this week its fried foods, particularly french fries xO). Also, baby kicks are pretty cool. They are still really soft atm, but it feels like butterflies or bubbles in your lower belly! 

Aaaaand thats about as much of an update as I can think of right now!!! :D Thanks for asking, anon <3

Peggy’s First Mission - Part 3

Spy Peggy stood clutching Sally close, watching the playground. She was observing again.
Alex and Thomas had both been let out of time out for playtime; Mr Washington had said hopefully they would take that time to “let off steam” and make up. No such luck. Alexander was currently sitting in the sandpit, stabbing into the sand with an old spade. He had even said no when John and Aaron had offered to play ball with him! So they were over with Lafayette and Angelica, kicking the ball between them.
Meanwhile, Thomas was playing on the climbing frame while James watched nervously below. Charles and Eliza were taking turns on the slide, seeing who could go the fastest. And Hercules was no where to be seen, but Peggy knew he was staying inside eating the fruit snacks.
Everybody seemed to be busy and distracted. So Peggy’s plan could go underway. She glanced around one final time, and then made her way nonchalantly over to the railings that backed onto the middle school opposite. The middle schoolers would be outside for their recess in about five minutes, but Peggy figured that was enough time for her plan to work.
As she reached the railings, she began flying Sally around and making plane noises. “Fairy Sally can fly so high!” She called, in the hopes that Thomas or Alex would hear. When neither of them turned, she tightened her grip and shouted, “Fairy Sally flies the highest of them all! Watch how high she can fly!” Pausing, she saw that the boys still hadn’t taken notice. Frowning with one last final effort, Peggy yelled, “FAIRY SALLY FLIES SUPER HIGH!!!” and launched Thomas’ doll into the air, aiming expertly for the bit at the top of the railings that connected them together. Sure enough, Sally swooped back down and landed right on the tiny platform. Peggy clenched her fist triumphantly; her plan was that Thomas would be worried about Sally being stuck, and Alex who always had to prove himself, would have to help get her down.
She looked back, but Alex was still stabbing at the sand, and Thomas was still climbing higher much to James’ dismay. Peggy sighed and prepared for her last resort; she opened her mouth and breathed in, ready to scream–

“Oh! What do we have here!” A snooty voice made Peggy freeze and she turned around, looking up. King George was staring down at her with a smug smirk on his face, pushing up his paper crown. Samuel as always was right by his side.
“Yeah, what do we have here?” Samuel echoed with a snicker. Peggy clasped her hands together nervously.
“My dolly.”
“Your dolly?” George mockingly gasped. “Well, how did your dolly get allll the way up here? You’re much too little to reach this high!”
“I threw my dolly,” Peggy mumbled. George made an over-exaggerated shocked face, and Samuel giggled again.
“You threw your dolly? And she got stuck in the railings? Oh dear, oh dear!” George tutted. “How irresponsible of you!”
Yeah, irresponsible!” Samuel repeated.
Peggy’s belly was already bursting with butterflies, but it just about turned to ice when she saw George reach effortlessly to the bar and grab Sally, pulling her over to their side of the railings. Her lip began to tremble, and she said “That’s my dolly!”
“It may be your dolly,” George sneered, “But you haven’t been taking very good care of her. Looks like we’ll have to take her off your hands.” He flung Sally carelessly to Samuel, who held her by the leg and started swinging her.
Peggy, filled with fear, but enraged by their attitude, jumped at the railings and pushed her arm through, trying desperately to reach Sally. What if they took her into their school- suppose Sally was never seen again! Thomas would be so upset- and it was all Peggy’s fault…
Peggy started to cry as George and Samuel laughed, taking turns at wagging Sally in front of the toddler just out of her reach. Peggy furiously made attempts to grab her, and the railings started to hurt her arm as she pushed harder and harder. She wobbled back, wiping her eyes, panicked, wondering what on earth to do.

I love this so much. Also, KING GEORGE YOU LIL SHIT. STOP.

Bones, blood & teeth erode. (a H.S one shot)

A/N: So, there’s a storm today in my country and there’s nothing else to do here but sleep, so my mind started wandering through all these ideas for a one shot and so I decided to write it down. :D If you want, listen to this song which was the one who inspired me to write it even though the lyrics has nothing to do with it but…it’s the feel of it. hehe. 

Hope you guys like it!

Warning: Sexual content. Read at your own risk.

We lay in silence. The soft rain against the glass window and our heart beats the only sound. Our bare bodies wrapped around each other, a blanket on top to keep us warm. As I run my index finger softly against his chest, last night’s memories come to my mind…

Harry taking me to a small house in the middle of a forest. Eating dinner then playing some music on the piano in the corner of the narrow room. Making love for the first time… He treated me so gently, like a precious treassure. I felt so loved, so beautiful.

“What are you smiling about?” his husky voice startles me from my thoughts.

I didn’t noticed he was awake. My lips press against his birthmark below his nipple.

“Mm? What’s in your head, love?” he smiles, running a finger down my cheek.

“Last night…” I whisper, resting my chin on his chest. My hair falls in waves around me.

“What about last night?”

“You treated me so lovely. Last night was magical. This place is magical. Thank you.” I shyly smile.

“Thank you, for trusting in me.” He runs the pad of his thumb against my botton lip. I slightly open my mouth and take his thumb between my lips, playfully biting it.

We’ve been dating for a year now. Being in a relashionship is so new to me, that the things Harry made me feel were so foreign to me. When things got heated up one night, I stopped him from going further. I didn’t spoke to him for two days, thinking he thought I was a stupid, silly girl. But I was just afraid. Afraid of my feelings for this man. This man laying beneathe me stole my virginity last night. He was patient, and I’m thankful for it. When I spoke to him after the heated night, I told him of my fears, and he understood.

“No, baby…you’re not stupid. I’m the stupid one. I got carried away that night. I’m sorry for scaring you. Those aren’t my intentions with you, love. Just…don’t be afraid to tell me how you’re feeling. If you ask me to stop, I’ll stop. If you want me to wait, I’ll wait. I want you to be comfortable around me. I want your trust.”

That day I told him I loved him for the first time, never taking my eyes off his.

“I love you too.”

After a few seconds of silence, I sit up. The white blanket falls from my upper half, exposing my chest to those deep green eyes, who are now very awake.

I chew on my bottom lip. My eyes travel down his chest, admiring his tattoos. He has so many. I want to count them all…with my lips. My fingers trace his butterfly tattoo. This glorious man is mine. Laying naked below me. I feel my cheeks turn pink.

“What are you doing, love?” his knuckles softly brush up and down my bare thigh.

“I want to kiss your body.” I’m sure he can hear my heart beating loudly on my chest. After last night I feel confident, but I’m still a little nervous.

“Kiss away, beautiful…” a dimple appears on his left cheek. He wraps his arms behind his head to have a better view of me.

And I start kissing him.

First his plump lips. Then each cheek, each eyebrow. When his eyelids close, I softly kiss them.

My curious lips travel down his chin to his neck, staying a few seconds longer against his pulse, feeling it quicken. I smile. I’m the one making his heart race.

I kiss the crook of his neck. His barely-there adam’s apple. Then I got up and kiss each of his ears, making sure I softly bite his earlobes knowing how much he loves when I bite them. He softly moans. My inner naughty self feels proud.

I kiss his collarbones. Both of his bird tattoos. When my lips touch his nipples, I stuck the tip of my tongue out and lick them twice, making them hard…

My lips pay more attention to his butterfly tattoo. I kiss every inch of it.

Then my tongue meets his precious belly buttom and happy trail. Harry hums from pleasure. My too eager hands massage his hip bones and V line. “I like these.” I slightly lean back to admire his leaf tattoos above his V line and then kiss them.

I take my time kissing his lower half. Once I’m finished I go back up and kiss his biceps and the inside of his arms, purposely forgetting his very eager and desperate friend. My right leg is between him and I can feel him begin to harden.

Harry desperately groans and I try to swallow the chuckle in my throat.

I run my hands from his biceps to his armpits to his rib cage. Resting my forehead against his chest, I glance down at his member. Happily up, the tip of him slightly red.

I’ve never touched him that intimately before. Suddenly, I’m reluctant to move.

“Can I touch you?” I whisper, glancing from his beautiful and already aroused thick shaft to his blazing green eyes.

“You can do anything you want with my body, baby. Yes, you can touch me, Y/N.”

He’s telling me I’m in charge today. Tears build on the corner of my eyes. I trusted in him last night that he would take care of my body, and today he’s trusting in me to take care of his body. I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with this man a lot more.

My fingers gently curl around his member. Another soft moan leaves his plump lips. Gently trailing my fingers up and down him, my other hand reaches down his balls, and begin a soft motion of circles with the pad of my thumb around them. He’s so…soft, yet hard. And big. He was inside me last night? I blush at the thought of him stretching me oh so good.

After what feels like minutes of me curiously touching him and looking at him, Harry takes a deep happy breath and whispers, “You’ve never seen a penis before?”

My head snaps up to meet his eyes. He’s looking down at me with so much beauty and wonder and true love, a smirk on his face…but that doesn’t stop me from blushing deep pink. “Harry..” I say, my hands leaving his member and touching my forehead against his thigh, hiding from his amused stare.

He chuckles, the movement making the small bed shake.

“I’m sorry,” he smiles, “Don’t stop what you were doing.. it, um,” he coughs, “It feels good.”

Recollecting myself, I go back to my little exploration.

I look back up at him and his eyes are closed. His face looks so relaxed.
After a minute, without stopping my curious fingers, I mumble, “I have seen a penis before.”

Startled, he opens his eyes and looks down at me.

“Just not up close, you know.” I add.

He smiles.

“What are you thinking?” I ask.

“I’m thinking…that I’m glad it’s me and only me your hands are touching for the first time. Glad it’s me your eyes are looking at with so much wonder.”

I hum in agreement.

My thumb gently touches his pink tip. He shifts uncomfortably.

“You’re driving me crazy, love.”

It wasn’t until now that I notice his rapid breathing.

“What do you want me to do?”

“You know, baby, that’s the only place from my body you haven’t kissed.” He smiles, looking surprisingly shy.

“You noticed.” I smile.

“Oh I noticed alright.” he smirks.

My inner naughty self comes out from her shelf, doing a cheer dancewith pom poms. 

I bring my lips down and press them against the tip and begin a line of kisses down his member.

I kiss my way back up and softly lick his tip like a kitten. He moans, bringing his bottom lips between his teeth.

Thinking his balls are lonely, I lower my mouth and softly press my lips to each of them. Then I run my tongue from the middle of his balls and back up to his tip.

“Fuck…” he hisses and moans. This time his eyebrows are furrowed, eyes tightly shut.

That must have been a toe curling sensation. Hmm.
I repeat the pattern and he grips the bed sheets. This time I circle my tongue around one of his balls and he rolls his head back. I must make a mental note: Licking his balls drives him crazy.

Feeling some kind of courage, I take his member in my mouth, wrapping my hand at the bottom. I bop my head up and down. I’m so new to this…it feels odd. But seeing his face in pure ectasy and pleasure makes my body tingle.

I drop him from my mouth making a pop sound and then I roll my tongue around his tip.

Tiny drops of sweat appeared on his chest and forehead. Suddenly he makes the most erotic sound I’ve ever heard. I had the pleasure to hear it last night and I wondered if I would hear it again. His body has gone mental. Hips softly moving up to meet my mouth. He moans my name.

“Baby…stop…” he tries to push my shoulders back.

No way. I want him to finish. I want to see his face come loose in pure ecstasy.

I take him in both of my hands and begin pumping up and down.

“I want to see you, Harry. Let go for me…” I whisper, biting his V line.

And that’s what it takes for him to reach his climax.

I watch in awe as his mouth forms a beautiful “o” and his eyes shut tightly and eyebrows furrow. His hand gently grips my hair.
A few juices run down my knuckles and a few fall to his stomach.

My fingers continue gently moving up and down, making sure he releases completely. When I feel him soften against my hands, I kiss his tip one last time.

I lick my knuckles clean from his juices then I lean down and lick the juices on his stomach.

He’s still breathing hard.

I lay beside him and run my fingers through his now slightly damp hair.

Once he’s calmed down, I ask, “Was that alright?”

He exhales a happy breath and nods. “I’m…afraid I can’t form a coherent sentence…”

I chuckle. His eyes begin to close.

“Sleepy?” I ask.

“Mhm…and hungry. But sleep first.” he whispers, and rests his forehead on the crook of my neck.

I wrap my arms around his waist.

“I love you.” I sigh.

He hums again and the next thing I hear are his soft snores.


End note: I enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys like it! message me if you liked it! :D I’ll be on my phone so idk if my tumblr app will let me see the messages but! send me ideas for more one shots, if you want :) thanks! 

Aly xx

Imagine being pregnant with Filip, but you’re afraid to tell him.

Warning: Could be triggering for people who self harm, no self-harm directly in the story but y/n hurts herself. 

-This is not the story I asked you guys about, the fluffy ask, it will be part2 of the “Love at first sight moment with Chibs”-

Filip and you have been together for a couple of years now, the first year had been a stressful year with the club and after all the shit the guys took that year you still stood by Filip’s side, earning huge respect right away from everybody. 

After that he had finally asked you to be his old lady, and now you’ve been together for three years. Also you never called him Chibs, you always thought his birth-name fit the guy you loved so deeply and loved you back so deeply, so much better. He might look like a real badass biker, but he was the most passionate lover. So the name Chibs was only something you used when you’d speak of your old man to somebody else who only knew him as “Chibs”


 “After Kerianne I don think I could evar be a Da again lass, I messed it up so bad with my girl..” Those where Filip’s exact drunken words the first samcro party you and him had gotten drunk together. It was one of those really deep “meaningful” drunken conversations, telling each other everything about yourself, every broken piece you had, you laid it out there and so had he. Quickly realizing how your broken pieces fit together. 

 And now here you are on the bathroom floor, of the house you only just bought together, panicking because that stupid stick said: “Positive, 3 weeks.”  Standing up you leaned against the wall staring at your reflection in the mirror. “He doesn’t want this baby with you y/n” you whispered to yourself. “Filip has had a baby with the woman he loves and that turned into complete shit” you said a bit louder. “HE DOESN’T WANT YOUR BABY Y/N! HE DOESN’T WANT THIS FAMILY” you were starting to let your negative side take over and you punched the mirror down, only to slip and fall onto the floor where the broken mirror collided with your skin, cutting your arm, hands and face.


“Love, I’m home, I brought us some Chinese take out.” Filip had walked through the door, hanging his kutte on the doorknob and taking off his boots he walked into the living room. “Love? Are yeh there?” You were in the kitchen, not wanting to look at him with all the cuts and pieces off glass in your face. “Hmm” was all you could say, he lifted his head at the sound of your hum, making his way to the kitchen. 

“Lass are you alrigh?” He frowned as he saw you standing with your back towards him, arms crossed. “Hmhm” you wanted to grab a drink from the table to clear your throat, Filip grabbed your arm and turned you around. “What happened love? Why are you not talking to me?” But he quickly stopped as he saw your face and hands “Lass!! Who did this?” His face full of worry, cupping your face, taking a better look at you. You felt tears coming to your eyes and their was a huge lump in your throat, he looked so worried and now you had to tell him you did this, and then… Why

 "Filip…“ You finally started talking, taking his hands from your face, you looked him straight in the eye ”I did this babe.“ He stared at you in disbelieve not understanding what was going on. "But why lass?” “I.. I.. got frustrated” he put his arms around you and stroked your back, you just sat there for a while. 

 "Do you remember what you said to me our first Samcro party?“ He was still holding you tight. "That I liked ya?” “No hun, something else?” “Lass tell me what s going on" 

"I’m pregnant Filip” He stood up looking you right in the eye, he now remembered what he had said to you, and why you had gotten so upset at yourself. Suddenly he picked you up and spun you around, kissing all your cuts “A sweet baby, my love! That’s wonderful news!” He kissed you everywhere and then put you down on your feet again. You laughed “really?” He nodded at you, happy to see that all the worry on your face was gone. “Your gonna make me a Da again lass, I’m gonna do it right this time love" 

"I believe you will Fillip” Fillip hold you tight again, only now their were butterflies that filled the room, the two of you where beyond happy. “I love you y/n, you’re my world lass. I want this, this famaly with you, and our little baby girl” he put his hand onto your belly. You kissed his forehead tenderly, he felt your lips form into a smirk “a girl?” “Ye, I got this feelin, love” he got up and grabbed the Chinese food, “Good thing I got a bit extra, you’re eatin for two now love” you grinned at him. This couldn’t have gone better.

I was so afraid of you. Sometimes I think I fucked everything up because I was too young, too naive… But now, now that I’m not that young anymore, I see that I was just afraid of how I felt about you. How you put butterflies inside my belly, how I got chills when you touched me, how I was always on the edge of kissing you. Every time you said you felt the same, I ran from you like you would hurt me, I ran like I was this scary animal lost away from its habitat, afraid of the cars, the people, the sun, the touch… You were so brave, babe, you were so brave and I was so fucking scared all the time! You wouldn’t mind if anyone knew about us while I was freaked out only knowing that you knew how I felt, that you felt the same, that you wanted me with you every day and night. I couldn’t sleep well without you, remember that? I was so needy I felt pathetic. And you were always taking me to places where we could just kiss, watch the sky and ignore the whole stupid world. The world used to make us so sad, it still makes you feel miserable? It still makes you feel like nothing is worth it? I hope not. One day I decided to push away because I knew I could never make you truly happy, it would always be missing something to you, something that I couldn’t give you. You went crazy with that, you told me that I ruined everything… I know that after somedays, when we started seeing each other again, you said you were sorry, that I would never fuck up what we had… Well, I think I did. I mean, it wasn’t only me, but I did. I ruined everything hardcore. That day you saw me crying and passing out drunk because I couldn’t stand anything anymore was the day you decided to leave me. I’m sure. I know it with all my heart! You felt guilty, you thought it had something to do with you, but it hasn’t! I swear!!! I just hated myself so much. You stopped answering me… the door, the messages, the calls, everything. They told me you were a liar, that you were only using me, but really? You would never do that, you were too kind, you liked me too much, you heart beated too fast when you were with me… I was even more sure by the way you started to look at me when we casually saw each other at school, the streets, some parties… You made everything up so I could finally get over you. You broke me into a million pieces and it took me ages, literally ages, to get over you completely. To stop feeling this urge to run after you, to kiss you, feel your body, your smile against my skin. I know I hurt you, but well, you hurt me too, and you did a good job making me cry until I sleep. After something like 2 years and something, when I saw you and felt nothing, it hit me like a train. That moment, I knew that everything I felt was really gone and it made me so sad I almost threw up. The moment you saw me at Gabe’s door I saw your hesitation. I think you wished you could just run away because you looked at me with broken eyes and it made me feel worse because I felt nothing but agony of seeing you like that. You told me you couldn’t hug me that night, you didn’t touch me or stood near me, you couldn’t even look at me and I felt like I was disgusting, like something was wrong with me, it was painful, but I understood, obviously. Four months after this we saw each other again. You gave a sad smile, you took some steps back, but then you came near and hugged me. You hugged me for whole 13 minutes and we didn’t say a thing, when you pulled apart, you looked at me and told me I looked good, that you missed me, but that you didn’t know how to deal with the whole “us” thing, that you couldn’t be my friend like before, that you couldn’t know about my life, about who I was with, what I was doing, you just wanted to know if I was ok and happy once in awhile. I understood again. Of course, and you had sincere eyes. You made so fucking happy when I was with you, you made me feel like the hate I felt over myself was going to pass someday, that I would be ok, that life would be ok even with some bad days and I know I made you happy too and I feel sorry that we (I) fucked everything we had up, but look, I’m glad I had the amazing chance to feel your feelings, your lips, your body and your soul. I’m sorry we had to break our hearts in pieces so we could move on, so we could have some peace again while looking at each other in the streets. I know you feel glad about everything too, I can see it in your eyes when you come to hug me and tell how much you miss me and that you’re glad I’m doing fine, you’re glad I’m studying, eating, going out with my friends and I know you feel sad when you read somewhere or when someone tell you that I’m having some bad days… You tell me that you wish you could do something on my bad days, but you know that we’re poison to each other. I know we could only hurt each other. We would hurt us until hate overcome the good thing we felt. I must say that sometimes, when I see you and you smile, I feel this needy thing, you know? Like I can feel your lips on mine like a ghost and need to kiss you again to feel if anything changed. I doubt. You’re the same person and I’m glad you still shine so bright! I learned amazing things with you and I’m happy I was part of your life, I don’t care if we lasted long or not, I know how it was, what it was. I just want to thank you for everything. Thank you.
With love, L.
—  Some parts of the awkward letter I wrote you to say everything I’ve been keeping for years.

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I am such trash for this ship, like I can’t even begin to explain it. Okay, here we go…

@ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen because you wanted to see this too. ;)))

  • Who’s more dominant: LOL, Yoongi likes to think it’s him, but in truth he is a soft bitch in love and Hoseok owns his ass.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Hoseok loves cuddling and touching, and he just needs a lot of reassurance, okay?? And Yoongi needs it too, as much as he would deny it.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Hoseok is usually the little spoon. He likes having his hair stroked as they fall asleep. They both like to sleep curled up though, so eventually they wind up back to back both curled in their respective balls.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: They’re pretty lowkey together. Their favorite way to hang out on the weekends is heading to a cafe in the morning, grabbing Americanos and sitting next to each other on the bench seating while they sip and share a chocolate croissant. Afterwards, they usually go to the park and hang out for a few hours in the sunshine on the grass, watching the street performers.
  • Who uses all the hot water: Neither one of them does when they shower, but filling up the tub for Yoongi’s baths empties the tank.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Each other’s looks. They both have self-confidence issues. Yoongi worries he’s too skinny and doesn’t understand how Hoseok can like his body. Hoseok is really self-critical about the fact that he can’t put on muscle/be obviously toned. To compensate, they ladle the praises on each other, and have to deal with each other’s refutations.
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Hoseok does it without even thinking about it. He is Grade A neurotic about it.
  • Who has a season pass on their DVR/Who controls the Netflix queue: Hoseok controls the Netflix queue because he can’t stand some of the horror movie shit that Yoongi’s into.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Yoongi is really good at that sort of practical side of caretaking.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: While neither one of them is really a slob, Yoongi has a tendency to stumble in half-dead on his feet, and then he just drops his clothes wherever and crawls into bed.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: They both do because they do this weird thing called communicating where if they notice the milk is empty and the other person is out of the house, they ask their s.o. to stop and get some. It works well. They’re thinking of patenting it and marketing it to other couples. Yoongi thinks they’d make a “butt load” of cash.
  • Who remembers anniversaries: Both of them do because they are saps.
  • Who cooks normally: It depends. They’re both adequate in the kitchen; not great, not Namjoon-levels of bad either. Yoongi usually cooks the meat, and is an expert at following the directions on the backs of boxes. Hoseok is better with vegetables and side dishes, although his experiments sometimes go awry. They try to eat at Jin-hyung’s a lot to get that fancy food experience.
  • How often do they fight: When Yoongi’s got a deadline looming and has been spending a lot of time at the studio, things get tense. Hoseok is usually good at balancing him out, but if he’s feeling the pressure at the dance studio too, things are likely to get explosive. They have 3-4 blowouts a year.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Yoongi and Hoseok aren’t very clingy. They mostly go about their days unless there’s a practical reason for contacting each other: pick up milk on the way home, wanna meet for dinner instead of cooking? That sort of thing.
  • Nicknames for each other: Seok-ah, Seokseok-ah, Hobi, Handsome, Beautiful, Sunshine… Yoongi is a soft bitch in love, okay?? He uses a lot of pet names in private. Hoseok is a little more conscious of the age gap between them, so he’s less likely to use nicknames. His favorites are as follows: Yoongi-ah, Yoongles, Babe, Gorgeous, Beautiful… He calls Yoongi “babycakes” when he wants to get his ass spanked.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Yoongi. It’s the age gap. He feels responsible.
  • Who steals the covers at night: Hoseok.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Yoongi gets a boner from all that tech stuff, so Hoseok loads him up with gadgets. He jokes that Yoongi’s theme song is that “I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty” one from Little Mermaid. Yoongi sometimes buys Hoseok toys or figurines, but lately Hoseok’s been into fashion and accessories, so it’s been a lot of that stuff.
  • Who kissed who first: Hoseok.
  • Who made the first move: Hoseok.
  • Who remembers things: They both do. It’s very cute.
  • Who started the relationship: Hoseok; it was a couple months after meeting. Both working in the music industry, dancers and production staff occasionally cross paths. Okay, actually it was all Namjoon’s fault. Hoseok was looking for new tracks to use in his routines, and Namjoon recommended his friend, Yoongi’s Soundcloud. Hoseok was a bit of a fanboy when he finally was introduced to Yoongi, but he was surprised by how quickly the fiercely rapping Agust D could turn into a blushing, giggling, gummy-smiled sweetheart offstage. They clicked immediately. One night, Yoongi stopped by the dance studio because Hoseok wanted to show him the routine he was choreographing to one of Yoongi’s tracks. After, wiping the sweat from his collarbones with a hand towel, Hoseok caught Yoongi staring. Quelling his nerves, Hoseok licked the sweat from his upper lip, and went in for a simple kiss. Yoongi let out the tiniest gasp, grasped his wrist, and tugged him closer for another. From that point on, it was as easy as breathing.
  • Who cusses more: They are both foul-mouthed fucks.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Hoseok occasionally gets injured. It’s just part of the life of a dancer. Yoongi’s learned not to overreact to it, and when he needs to step in if it’s out of the ordinary. Then he’s efficient. Most of the time, Hoseok takes care of himself just fine. When Yoongi’s hurt, it’s a different story. First, it should be noted that Yoongi is a big baby. He whines and complains so much when he’s sick or injured. This brings out the Mother Hen in Hoseok. It’s not unusual for him to take the day off and spend it taking care of Yoongi at home, making sure he’s available at Yoongi’s beck and call. They both feel better that way though.
  • Who is the dirty talker: Yoongi spits some filth on the mic, but in bed Hoseok is the dirty talker. A++ X-rated shit. Yoongi thinks it’s a necessary skill he developed, because when he goes on the road, they have little choice but to satisfy themselves with phone sex and Skyping, and Yoongi gets so tongue-tied when he’s turned on that he’s all but useless in that regard.
  • A head canon: The phone rings at a little after five in the morning. Yoongi groans, fumbles a hand out from beneath the covers–he’s always cold when he sleeps alone now, and huddles under the blankets like he’s hibernating–patting on top of the side table until he touches the cool, plastic backing of his phone case. Unsticking his tongue from the roof of his mouth, he grunts into the receiver, “Yeah?” “Heyyy, beautiful,” Hoseok’s voice comes, low and sweet, and something in Yoongi’s gut immediately begins to unfurl, a tendril of warmth reaching for the sun. “Sorry to wake you. I know it’s late.” “Early,” Yoongi corrects, but yes, it was. “Thought you were calling hours ago,” he grumbles. “Sorry, babe. I’m sorry. You know how it is. Take down, after party, schmoozefest; I just got back to my hotel room.” Hoseok sounds tired, his voice a little rough like he’s been drinking or smoking; they quit together last year though, so Yoongi hopes he hasn’t picked it back up again. “Mm,” Yoongi hums beneath the blankets, “Miss you. Cold.” “Turn up the thermostat,” Hoseok suggests gently, and Yoongi knows that’s the logical thing to do but he’s a stubborn fuck. “Not the same,” he says, “You know it’s not.” His boyfriend’s soft laughter does things to him, flipping his gut. Yoongi slides a hand beneath his pajama top, feeling the soft skin of his lower belly, the place that houses all his butterflies and warmth and Hoseok-induced churning. He sighs as he pets himself. “What are you doing?” he asks instead of the cliched question he wants to. Luckily Hoseok understands what he means. “Hmm,” he breathes consideringly, “Taking off my shirt a button at a time, that black silk Oxford you got me for Christmas.” “Oh,” Yoongi replies, licking his lips as they part like he can’t quite get enough oxygen, fingertips sliding beneath his waistband. “I like that one,” he says, breath stuttering as he scratches his blunt nails just beneath his belly button, “’s soft.” “You’re soft,” Hoseok retorts automatically. “Mmnot,” Yoongi slurs in response. “No?” Hoseok asks, whisper-quiet, “You hard for me, gorgeous? Wanna play?” “Yes,” Yoongi hisses. He nearly mewls when Hoseok says, “Then touch yourself for me. Wrap your hand around your pretty cock and give it a pull. Just one though; don’t be greedy.” It’s with a sense of relief that Yoongi slides his hand down further, that he lets the cocooned warmth of the blankets and Hoseok’s dreamlike voice take him away. He pants and squirms to Hoseok’s explicit instructions, his detailed fantasies about all the ways he’d take Yoongi if only he wasn’t a hemisphere away, and comes with Hoseok on his mind, in his heart, the sound of his partner’s satisfied moan reverberating in his ear. “I miss you,” he repeats afterward, the come not even cooling yet. “I miss you too, beautiful,” Hoseok sighs as he gets ready for bed. “Remember to turn up the thermostat,” he adds, and Yoongi grins stupidly because god, he just loves it.

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Adrienette April: Day I: Kisses

God, I wish I could do something right for once.


To some cats, catnip was the only drug that mattered. The not-so-innocent plant incited raw emotion, all worried vanishing as felines let themselves bask in their carefree days.

Well, with all due respect to catnip, Adrien had a different drug in mind that was far more mind-numbing and addictive.

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Hey are you aro? If you are, how'd you figure it out?

hello :)

Yes, I think I am aro. In my case it took very long to figure it out for me. Mostly because I didn’t even know it was possible to be aro until… well, this year. 

The first time I felt different from others was, when I started trying to date. I was sixteen. Compared to my friends that was already late and I felt pressured to date as well. So there was this guy and he liked me and I thought, you know what? let’s try it! He was nice and caring (at least for the time he thought we would get together) and good looking, so that seemed like a good Idea.

First of all: All my friends and Family told me kissing is awesome. For me it isn’t. I wish it was different, but it’s not. I just feel nothing when I kiss someone. And at night when I tried to sleep during that time I got very bad cramps in my belly. First I thought it were butterflies in my stomach, but this pain was awful. Like my body tried to tell me that it didn’t want it. So the next day I told this guy, that I wasn’t ready for a relationship (after that I never saw him again :D). But I felt so much better! 
That happened a few times and at some point I thought I might have commitment issues (which is not true).

I believed in that until I talked to a friend, who told me I might be in the ace spectrum. And I wasn’t really sure about what that is, so I googled it and then I found out about aromanticism, and that you can be of any sexuality and still be aro and that opened my eyes for me. It told me about squishes - little crushes you could have on people that don’t evolve into falling in love, which I had, that made it so hard for me to tell. And in the end I figured all these “crushes” I had, were just with people I barely know. I wanted to be best friends with them. I wanted to spend time with them. But I never really wanted to be in a romantic relationship with them. Or you know, sometimes I wanted to be in a romantic relationship, but my body said no, like usual.

The point about this is, I grew up in a society where they tell you love is the strongest and most beautiful feeling in the world. Everybody is telling you, that you’ll find someone to love eventually. “You are just a late bloomer”, “Your standards are to high”, the usual shit. DON’T FORCE YOURSELF INTO A RELATIONSHIP! IT WILL HURT YOU! 
I spend a year at the psychologist, because I though I had commitment issues. And yes, I do have social anxiety, but that never explained all my problems. 
I really wanted to be able to love romantically. I still want to be able to love romantically. But the fact is I can’t. 

I think it wouldn’t be so hard for me, if romance wouldn’t be everywhere. If it wouldn’t be seen as the most normal thing in life. They force romance on everything. They ask you about your crush already in kindergarden. If you aren’t dating anyone they think you are gay or you are “to complicated”. They never even consider that aros even exist. 

It took me 5 years since I first tried to date until I found out about being aro. 
Five years in which I struggled so much, because I thought I was broken. 

I still struggle. And yes, I still hope I am demi. But that fact is, I only want to be demi, because I don’t want to end up alone.
I want to be with someone as best buds forever. I want to share intimate moments. I want someone I can hug for eternity when I feel down. Someone who I can support and vice versa. It’s hard to find someone who feels the same and is compatible with your personality.
I was kicked from the “most important person-throne” a lot when the current best friend started falling in love with someone else. And that hurts.

As you see, being aromantic is a complicated thing. There isn’t one way to be aromantic. Figuring it out can be very hard. And finding support in being aro might be even harder. Most people I know aren’t even aware of it. Romantic Love is still seen as a basic need of the human being. 

For me it isn’t.

There is much more I can tell to explain how I found out about being aro, or how I feel about it. I really don’t want to talk bad about it. I just envy people who are able to love romantically. It would make my life much less complicated.

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Something fluffy? Pardon me for asking, but could you do something shippy with Varric and the Inqisitor?

“I didn’t figure you for a stargazer, Inquisitor.” Varric came to stand beside her. For once, his shoulder was unburdened by his crossbow. 

She shrugged a little and smiled, glad he’d agreed to come. “I know you don’t like being in enclosed spaces when you can help it." 

"And yet that doesn’t stop you from taking me down into every cave we come across." 

"Yes, well,” she laughed, nudging him in the shoulder, “I can’t leave my best marksman behind, can I?" 

Varric chuckled, his head shaking. "You flatter me, Inquisitor." 

She smiled and slid closer to him on the battlements until her arm brushed against his. Her heart fluttered when he didn’t pull away. "I’m glad you agreed to come, Varric." 

His eyes darkened for a moment as he continued to stare up at the stars above them. "I…" 

She bit her lip against the restless butterflies in her belly. She waited, the seconds stretching on into minutes. She almost jumped when his hand brushed against her own, fingers overlapping. 

"I am too." 

Marc Bartra Requested Imagine -;

‘The number you have dialled is currently unavailable, please try again later’
I have heard that annoying voice at least 20 times in the last hour. Why the hell wasn’t Marc picking up!?
He told me he was going to visit a friends house and that he would be back in an hour. It was now midnight and my heart was hammering with worry and anger.
He knows how worried I get so why isn’t he picking up? Maybe he’s been in an accident? What if he’s hurt? Maybe he just doesn’t want you anymore my subconscious adds and I groaned and put my head on the table, exhausted physically and mentally.

I heard a loud knocking on the door and lifted my head up off the table. I glanced at the clock which read 2 in the morning so I must of gone to sleep. I wondered who it could be until I realised that Marc still hadn’t arrived home yet.
“Where the hell were you?” I questioned loudly rubbing the sleep from my eyes as he strolled in.
“Sorry” he mumbled running his fingers through his hair
He has got to be kidding me.
“Sorry? I’ve been waiting up all night sick with worry and all you say is sorry!? I hiss. I am fuming.
"I just got caught up in some stuff and fell asleep I didn’t mean to worry you I swear” His eyes are filled with concern as he tries to cup my face with hands. I immediately shrug him off and sigh loudly, pushing some of my hair off of my face. 
“Then why didn’t you answer my calls? I must of called you at least 20 times? You cant even begin to imagine how worried I was. Not knowing if you were just ignoring my calls or if you were actually hurt in some way” I begin to explain, grabbing a tissue from the table and blowing my nose.
“My phone was on silent and I meant to text you but I went to sleep. I am so sorry baby” he spoke calmly his eyes softening.
My heart wanted to forgive him because he had a valid reason but he still left me at home worried sick. Even if I did forgive him he would probably think it was okay to treat me like this

“Babe? You’re not angry at me are you?” he questioned softly

“No” I mumbled even though my entire facial expression begged to differ.

“I’m going to bed” I murmured, walking up the stairs.
I entered our room and closed the door behind me. I believed him but I was still very annoyed at his careless actions.

By the time I had changed into my pyjamas it was already 3 in the morning. I got under the covers and was about to set my alarm when I heard a soft knocking then Harry’s voice pleading with me.

“Come on babe please! I know you’re upset it was an accident. I couldn’t bear it if you were angry at me because I love you!” he sounded frantic and my heart warmed at his loving words.

I felt so guilty and terrible that I had made him feel so bad.
I got up out of bed and opened the door and found him sitting next to it.

“You do realise it wasn’t locked right?” I smiled trying to lift the mood
“Yeah I know but I didn’t know what you would do if I came in” he sniffed and got up off the floor. 
“Marc I know it was an accident but I love you so much I dont want to lose you” I explained biting my lip.
“You will never lose me baby” he smiled tucking some loose strands of hair behind my ear and then stroking my cheek. He leaned down and planted a soft warm kiss on my lips. He then pulled back and scanned my expression, trying to figure out if I wanted him to continue. 
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him towards me. Our lips met and the butterflies in the pit of my belly were fluttering uncontrollably.
He smiled against my lips and I tugged and ran my fingers through his tamed hair to which he realeased a deep throaty moan.
“Baby” he breathed.
He shut the door with his leg and took off his jacket whilst kissing my neck.
“I want you,” he murmured and those three words made me convulse. My fingers moved into his hair, pulling his head back so I could claim his mouth, fire licking hot and high in my belly. He groaned and pushed me back onto the bed. He sat up and ripped off my sweatpants, undoing his fly at the same time.
“Ah …” I groaned as he filled me and he stilled, grabbing my face between his hands.
He moved in a torturously slow pace. “I love you baby,” he murmured and very slowly, very gently, he made love to me until I came apart, calling his name and wrapping myself around him, never wanting to let him go.
We laid down breathless and sweaty after the best make up sex ever. 
“I’m so sorry for worrying you I won’t ever do it again I love you so much” Marc breathed. 
“It’s fine I just over reacted, I shouldn’t worry so much you’re a big boy you can take care of yourself” I muttered as sleep began to slowly wash over me.
“It’s not your fault it’s mine. Sleep for me baby” I heard Marc murmur as he kissed my forehead and I slowly drifted into a deep but peaceful sleep.