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sonic heroes’ amy rose is the amy rose I wish I still had… her design and animation were much sharper and I miss it, y’all…

just from body posture and expression, she had spunk, she had attitude. it’s something I noticed lacking since then… somewhere along the way, they’ve animated (and written) her more delicate and although I don’t mind a young girl being girlish, giving her this dainty body language just kinda lost me.

they erased her sass... it occasionally bums me out bc heroes’ amy rose felt right, no bullshit. even her dialogue is pulled back now. sonic heroes was good at being tongue-in-cheek about her “undying love for sonic” lol but while the writing was all in good humor, they made the dialogue powerful. they made her body language powerful. they made her facial expressions powerful !

the writing knew she wasn’t just a love-stricken girl, she was a leader and an achiever. she made her own rules. while in recent versions, she’s just kinda… soft… and kinda boring…

I mean… she’s just…  smaller or restrained in how she approaches things now. she’s practically impassive compared to her heroes counterpart.

like damn girl, where’s that vigor at ?! I know ya got it ! and even when she’s feeling doubtful or scared, she’s animated nicely. the animation understood how these characters’ facial expression should work. (it’s the eye ridges, guys. not the eye lids lmao !)

I know I’m comparing heroes’ cg graphics to this era’s in-game graphics but come on… 1. in-game graphics have kinda stepped up ? 2. heroes’ in-game graphics, although not as expressive in the face, were still much better at portraying emotion and confidence through body language and 3. the odds of getting an honest cg cutscene that isn’t sonic alone (excluding colors’ tails) is rare nowadays. (satbk was the closest but tbf they were head-to-toe in armor and also amy wasn’t in those scenes.)

point being… you can’t get any better than heroes’ amy rose… unless you’re tyson hesse’s and ian flynn’s mega drive amy lol !

krizariel  asked:

I've read quite a few of the top 10 moments on the rival series that are so hilarious/lovely/cute/aww that seriously gotta compliment you for this nice touch. Not sure if this top 10 is somewhere in the page (lord I just stopped looking for a few days and its so full can't keep track) but here goes: top 10 moments where Yuuri unknowingly (or knowingly) said or did something that made Victor blush in public (and was caught by fans). If its already somewhere just let me know and ill look it up

Sorry, I couldn’t think of Ten so I did five instead 😄

Top Five Times Yuuri Made Viktor Blush In Public:

5) After they got together Yuuri came to watch the Russian Nationals. When Viktor got off the ice Yuuri complimented him on how amazingly he skated and since they had only just got together, Viktor wasn’t used to Yuuri praising him and started blushing and smiling at the rink side

4) During his ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Too’ routine for an ice show when he was wearing the Eros costume again, Yuuri winked at Viktor and blew him a kiss while he was skating and Viktor went really red and also all heart eyed

3) The first time Yuuri said ‘I love you’ in public (he had done it a lot in private before but not in public) Viktor blushed and could barely get out his ‘I love you too’

2) During one of the banquets Viktor was whining about being bored and to shut him up Yuuri just tugged him down and whispered something in his ear and Viktor went bright red and behaved perfectly the rest of the night and then practically sprinted back to his room as soon as the banquet was over

1) At their wedding when they were dancing together, Yuuri just looked up at Viktor and said ‘I don’t know how I ever got lucky enough to have you’ and Viktor blushed really hard and also kind of got a bit teary eyed because he was so happy


Hello! I know you’re probably confused as to why an Evak fics recs blog is posting a Yousana masterpost right now… At first I only meant to reply to an anon’s request for a few fics, but then it kinda turned into this, so I hope y’all don’t mind. I think we all are in the need for some kind of glimmer of hope and light in the form of fluffy fics right now anyway. 

The list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics and will be updated over time, so make sure to like/bookmark it.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ” 

All the fics can be found under the cut. Have fun.

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One Piece ワンピース [East Blue Saga] : Shichibukai Dracule “Hawk-Eyes” Mihawk vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro

“My name is Dracule Mihawk!! It’s too soon for you to die. Discover yourself. See the world! And grow strong, Zoro!! However long it may take…I shall await you at the top. Strive with your whole heart and mind to best this blade, fierce one!! Strive to surpass me, Roronoa Zoro!!”

My favorite Shichibukai. In my opinion, what Oda does better than most other mangakas, is establishing the power levels of characters. He introduces many of his “strongest” characters early in the game so we have an idea what the “TOP TIER” looks like and then balances everything from there. Many times in other mangas, the strongest characters are later revealed to become twice if not three times more op than they were and more often than not, there suddenly is a random character that takes them down. In One Piece it’s constant, we know who is strong and they stay strong, and we follow the journey of the lower tier characters through their blood, sweat, and tears until they finally reach the summit that we have so longed for. Oda does this beautifully. That being said, “Hawk-Eyes” was truly an eye opener for everyone when he came out as we really got a taste of the “New World”. Everyone thought this murderous Don Krieg was the Butcher of the Seas and then this single swordsman floats in out of nowhere and cuts his shit to pieces. Amazing. I also love the fact that he duels with Shanks from time to time and through that Shanks’ rep went up. I believe Mihawk is practically Yonkō tier, he just uses the Shichibukai title to travel & cos he’s bored. The Worlds Greatest Swordsman!! 

♪ : Mozart - Requiem Dies Irae


Reverse Batfamily Fic

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth

Summary: The Batfamily goes trick-or-treating

“Bruuuuuuuuuuce!” Bruce immediately held his arms out and caught Dick.

“Dick, you know you’re not supposed to slide down the banister.” Bruce’s lips twitched as he tried not to smile.

“But it’s so fun.” Dick jumped out of Bruce’s arms and spun around, flinging his arms out. “Look at the costume Alfred made for me! Isn’t it the best costume ever?”

Bruce finally took in Dick’s costume and nearly scowled, just barely able to hold it back. Dick was wearing a Superman costume; he even had the signature curled hair on his forehead.

“It’s…great.” Bruce forced a smile on his face as Dick took off, holding his arms out and making whooshing sounds. Jason was the next to bounce down the stairs, wearing a Han Solo costume.

“Bang!” Jason aimed at Bruce. “You’re dead!”

Before Bruce could say anything, he heard a scoff at the top of the stairs and looked up to see Stephanie and Cass descending, each wearing the other’s costume. “It’s not ‘bang’, Jason! It’s ‘pew pew’! Everyone knows that!”

Jason rolled his eyes. “But that sounds so lame. It doesn’t nearly sound as badass.”


Bruce was ignored as Stephanie answered Jason. “Like ‘bang’ sounds any more badass?”


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Whenever I see a gatekeeping witchcraft post like the “you can’t use a plastic knife for an athame!” or “you can’t use electric tea lights in magic” I think 3 things. One, someone disagree. Two, they disagree so much they are unable to shrug it off and must confront someone to tell them how their witchcrsft is wrong. (and by wrong they mean not like theirs)
Three, how uncreative and boring their witchcraft must be. A little magical brainstorming can be really helpful. It helps you see your place in the world around you and opens you up to your own agency. Sometimes witches just gotta work with what they got.

Part of my study and practice of witchcraft is creating a safe, happy, and productive world around me. It is being aware of the space around me and being conscious of the choices I make.

I have always thought it was strange how I can’t look at words and not try to read them. When I started studying plants I couldn’t stop looking at plants and saying their name in my head and thinking about their magical and medicinal uses. Now I look at objects and my brain often goes to what kind of magical uses I can think about. What is its purpose? What color is it? What does it look like? A key opens things and locks things. A pillow is a rest for you head, something to sit on, or a way to muffle sound.

While I might not choose to use a plastic knife, or actually any thing like and athame, I would never ever presume to tel someone else how to witch.

Welcome Home

Finn Balor x Reader

requested by @nickysmum1909

tagging: @ambrosegirlforever

Prompt: After his appearance at the houseshow in Buffalo, Finn has his way to celebrate with his girlfriend

Originally posted by mistressbalor

The crowd in Buffalo went crazy when Finns theme hit. All the fans waited so long for him to return and after almost a year Finn eventually got cleared. He already appeared at the United Kingdom Championship Tournament and at a house show but it was a whole different story to see him in the ring again.

Sami ran up to Finn hugging him eagerly. They teamed up with Jericho against Joe, Triple H and Kevin. What I could see backstage was mesmerising. It felt so good to see him back in action, doing what he loves, a wide grin plastered over his face.

“Finn!” “Great to see you!” “Your back again!” is all I could hear when the boys made their way back. Bayley was quick to hug him tightly, Cesaro and Sheamus right after. Excitedly they blabbed over each other. It was a joy to be a silent observer. It seemed like almost the whole roster was there to welcome him back. I couldn’t help but smile. It warmed my heart to see him all flustered and happy.

“Y/N! Great to see you too!” Bayley squealed when she discovered me. I got hugged too and got pushed into the crowd. I stood right next to Finn who nuzzled into my hair, I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

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You’re My Favorite Color

A Snowbaz Soulmate!AU. In this world, you are colorblind until you touch your soulmate. You gradually get full color vision, but the first color you see is the color of your soulmate’s eyes. It’s long, I’m sorry! This was a request from an anon, but I changed a few things!


The first time I see color, it isn’t a slow bleed like some people say. It isn’t a gradual bloom of green or brown, like some scholars write, when they first touch their soulmate. It doesn’t happen slowly over the course of several minutes.

It isn’t gentle, or like a watercolor painting coming to life, or whatever fucking simile poets like to use.

It is a sonic boom of blue.

It is obnoxious, all-consuming, and entirely too much.

When I first met Simon Snow, I had been really fucking upset. How could I not be? It was my first year of uni and of course my roommate would be this attractive. He was all tumbled curls and scuffed trainers, like he’s always just stepping out of a tornado.

“Hey, bro,” he’d said, sitting on one of the beds when I’d first walked into our dorm. My mouth had went dry.

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Creepypasta #1081: In My Line Of Work, You'll Learn That Cheaters Never Prosper

Length: Super long

I’ve always found it funny that people like to call prostitution “the world’s oldest profession.” It doesn’t speak all that highly of the human race’s priorities, does it?

Paint on cave walls. Discover fire. Pay someone to fuck you senseless.

Get that in Latin, and we could engrave it at the base of every statue the world over - or better yet, build new statues, all shaped like giant brass cocks at full salute. That’s the human mission statement in a nutshell right there: here, we have two types of animal, the ones with the dicks, and the ones getting fucked by them. And we will always - I repeat, always - be the ones with the dicks.

Yes indeed, the world’s oldest profession. I can think of an older one, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s outside of a motel called Restin’ Easy that we lay our scene. Picture this: a gorgeous woman stands up against a sand-blasted brick wall, dressed to the nines in designer silks and a leather jacket. She’s taking a long, sincere drag off a slender cigarette, and leaving blood-red lipstick rings on the unburnt white paper of the shaft. She’s got the good looks of a 1960s movie star - a regular Audrey Hepburn in the making. Her black hair falls just above her shoulders, and sways gently in the night’s breeze.

That’s me.

The balding middle-aged man in the tan jacket with a face like a slapped ass, that’s Dave. Yeah, Dave with the greasy skin that tosses back the neon rays of the glowing “VACANCY” sign above us. Dave the big spender, flashing the wad of hundreds in his faux-leather wallet.

Dave the asshole. Dave the John.

“Crystal recommended you to me,” He says in an unbearably cocky tone, like I’m a new brand of aftershave he’s been meaning to try out for a while, “She said you do things no other girl will do. That right?”

“More or less.” I say, feigning a provocative grin.

When you’ve been in the business for as long as I have, you get pretty good at sizing up your customers with a glance. Sometimes, it’s necessary to survival - you look the wrong way in this line of work and you’ve got a seven-inch stiletto buried between the links in your spine. Sex does weird shit to people’s heads.

Dave, for all his faults, is easy to read. He wears a look of contempt, like he’s too good for the situation he’s putting himself in. He’s wealthy, and entitled. He doesn’t know why he’s paying for sex - a man of his stature should be beating the ladies off with a stick, surely.

He probably sells used cars for a living, I think, suppressing a smirk.

“What can I do for you that Crystal can’t, sugar?” I ask with an innocent flutter of eyelashes.

He grunts, one side of his mouth curling into a sneer.

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BTS' Reaction To: Their New & Younger Trainee!

hello! can you do a reaction of bts to a new trainee (a girl), and they feel protective of her bcs shes very younger then them?

Sure thing!


  • Would get really excited about the new trainee after he found out how young you were. 
  • He’d probably be your second mother tbh, but it’s just because he cares~
  • Did you eat today? Do you need vocal training? He’s gotcha covered! 
  • Would be the type to be openly concerned about you and would actively talk to you whenever he had free time. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks


  • Would be shocked about how young you are, but wouldn’t verbally support you. 
  • Meaning he’d indirectly support you. So like a behind the scenes type of guy who wouldn’t want any credit for it.
  • Is the type to leave small little notes of encouragement around the building for you. 
  • If you also compose your groups songs, he might actually verbally support you and give you tips. 
  • He’d be the silent guy that supports you from afar. 

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty


  • Would be fascinated about your age and would be the type to ask you a million questions about what it’s like to be such a young trainee. 
  • Is also the type to show small moments of support. 
  • So small note and little snacks. He’d probably be at your first debut show with a big ass bouquet of flowers.
  • If you’re apart of your groups rapper line, then he’ll help you come up with great lyrics. 

Originally posted by jjeonguk


  • Would be the most excited to meet you tbh. 
  • Will probably be like a brother to you by the time a month passes. 
  • Will gladly help you practice dancing and sharpen your skills with rapping any day or time. 
  • If you ask for dance help, BE PREPARED. He’d be a literal ball of energy/ray of sunshine once you asked him. 
  • I can also see him to be a cheerleader for you while you’re training. 
  • He’d totally be the type to leave small notes of encouragement or little snacks to make you feel better. He’d definitely have an eye on you.

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy


  • Would be all giggles as soon as he saw you. 
  • You’re just so young and energetic! And he just thinks it’s the most precious thing in the world??
  • Would also try to get close to you and would try to be like a older brother to you. 
  • Would get really excited when you ask him for help when it comes to singing. 
  • Would hands down give you a cute ass nickname that you may or may not despise, but oh well. 

Originally posted by jimiyoong


  • Would be an actual ball of energy when you meet him. 
  • He’s the type to go out of his way to find you and befriend you ngl. 
  • Would be like Jimin and give you a cute nickname, but it’d literally make your heart melt every time he says it. 
  • Would screech if you ever asked him for help with practice. 
  • Would pinch your cheeks or pat your head every time you did something right. 
  • He’d be a REALLY good friend of yours. Maybe even like a brother to you. 

Originally posted by memesta--x


  • He’d be so damn shy after he heard about you. 
  • He’d be a 50/50 shot when it comes to him talking to you first. 
  • On some occasions he’d approach you first and strike up a conversation about your training and other times you’d have to talk to him first. 
  • After he gets used to you, he’d probably text you 24/7 about how practice or tour is going for them. 
  • I feel as if he’d be a softie for you and would spoil you sometimes? 
  • Like you’re hungry? I got ya! You’re tired and bored af? He’ll pull out the video games. You’re feeling upset? MOVIE NIGHT! 
  • He’d literally turn into your best friend.  

Originally posted by nnochu

Thank you for this wonderful request! I hope you enjoy it and i’m sorry we haven’t been so active recently on this site! 

- Admin Ryn

Stole The Show

Jughead x Reader


Requested: anon said: 

Hello! May I please request something? So I’ve always read stories of where the reader is an amazing artist or a great writer but I’d like to read one where the reader is a dancer or something like that. I’m a dancer and I’m in my high schools color guard(not rotc). It could take place at a game during half time or a pep rally. Maybe the reader could have a solo or Something like that where jughead see them. Anything like that would be amazing 😁 please and thank you 💕

A/N: im really sorry for making you wait this long :(

Words: 1168

Warnings: 0

Today was the school’s first pep rally of the year and Cheryl had kicked me off the cheer team for the night insisting that I perform a solo at halftime. Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing but doing a solo at the first event of the year was a little nerve racking. I practiced day and night, I even ran through my routine when I got bored in class.

I was stood in front of the mirror in the locker room fixing up my face paint as Betty tied blue and yellow ribbon around my pigtails. All the cheerleaders sat around chatting, they were doing the same routine from last year so everyone was unfazed at performing because they knew the routine perfectly.

“What if I mess up?” I groaned while sponging blue and yellow stripes onto my cheeks.“

“You’ll be amazing Y/N/N!” Betty argued and pulled another strand of ribbon through my hair making me wince slightly as she tugged my hair.

“Yeah, you’ve been practicing for weeks and no one knows your routine anyways so if you mess up just freestyle it.” Ronnie commented. “Are you going to watch the first half of the game?”

“I think I might watch you two,” I said looking at her in the mirror, “then I think I’ll sit with Juggie and Kev. You guys will be off before I go on right?” I went back to fixing my face paint as they spoke.“

"Yeah, Cheryl said were all going to watch you.” Veronica said before the locker room door swung open.

“Hey, is Y/N- oh there you are.” He chuckled and stood in the door eyeing me slightly. “You look great babe.” He gushed and leant against the door frame, letting the door push against his other shoulder.

I rolled my eyes at his comment, I was wearing as little clothes as you possibly could, Cheryl had given me a pair of hot pants and a baseball style crop top to parade in, in front of the whole school, in like the middle of fall. “I look cold.” I grumbled looking at him through the mirror, his body still wedged in between the door.

“Aye! Jug, you lucky guy! Let me join!” I heard Reggie yell as he walked out the boy’s locker room.

“Fuck off Reggie.” Jug growled making him walking off in hysterics. “You’ll be fine, don’t stress.” He said gently as he turned back to me. “I’ll go find our seats, Kev said he got good ones.” He said and smiled once I had finished my makeup then stepped away letting the locker room door close completely.

I turned to face Betty and Ronnie “What?” I  blushed seeing the faces they were pulling at me.

“You two are so smitten!” Ronnie squealed then looked over to Betty who was nodding, backing up her statement.

“You’re making me more nervous.” I whined and sat between them on the bench and rested my head on Betty’s shoulder.

“Your boyfriend makes you nervous?” Betty giggled and rested her head on top of mine.

“You guys know what I mean!” I groaned, just as Cheryl burst into the room.

“We’re on in two minutes girls!” She yelled causing people to throw bags, shoes, clothes and so on into their lockers and follow her outside.

“Good luck girls.” I whispered as I hugged Betty and Veronica before they thanked me and rushed out joining the rest of the team. I got up from the bench and checked my myself once more before leaving the locker room and making my way to the football field.

“Well here she is!” Jug cheered as I slid past the people to my seat between him and Kev, which had food piled on it. I gave him an uneasy smile while I stood back brushing my arms up and down trying to keep warm as the slight breeze nipped at my skin. “You must be freezing.” Jug commented once they had moved the food and I had sat down.

He pulled his jacket off and handed it to me, “Cheryl might as well put me out there in a set of underwear.” I grumbled as I pulled on the heavy denim jacket. “Thanks though.” I gave him a grateful smile before kissing his cheek. The jacket only reached my mid thighs making my legs start to shiver but I couldn’t really tell if it was from the cold or from nerves.

He took my hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly before turning back to the game, only really concentrating on Archie. The game was going pretty well but the crowd wasn’t really cheering them on as much as I would have hoped which made me more anxious for my performance, what if nobody cheered for me? I got more and more antsy the closer half time came.

“Holy cow, I’m up in like ten minutes.” I said after watching the game for a while, I got up and pulled Jug’s jacket off, “I’m going to head down to the field so long.”
“Okay, good luck baby,” He said before pressing a kiss to my cheek, “you’re going to do so well.” A bright smile spread across his face as he pulled back.
“Oh my word, you’re making me blushy,” I cooed, “but I got to go.” I chuckled.

“Break a leg!” Betty yelled as I run past them as the team made their way onto the side lines, I smiled back and waved while they all cheered me on. I stood in the middle of the field looking out at the crowd while I waited for the music to start, I had no time to get nervous though because the music started almost immediately. I counted down when I heard the first beat and started my routine once I had got to three, the whole school went crazy, cheering, whistling, you name it.

I kept looking for Jug in the crowd when I had the chance but I had no luck in finding him. Everyone cheered as I started finishing, a huge smile spread across my face once I had ended the dance. I gave them a playful bow before I was tackled into a group hug from the cheer team. “You did so well Y/N/N!” veronica squealed as she pushed her way closer to me and gave me a big squeeze. Before I could say anything, I was lifted up into the air by Archie before he placed me on his shoulder as the whole football team joined us on the field. I looked around in amazement, everyone was jumping in celebration around me and the whole school was still cheering. A huge smile spread across my face when I finally spotted Jug in the bleachers he was cheering loudly with an insanely adorable smile plastered on his face too. When he saw that I was looking at him we blew each other a kiss simultaneously  making the school go even more crazy.

A look back at intern year

A long and brutally honest look back: 

A year ago, I packed up everything I owned, got on a Greyhound bus, and moved to an apartment I’d never seen in a city I wasn’t at all acquainted with where I didn’t know one.single.person. I left behind my friends, my family, my husband, my dogs, my entire life. 

I was more excited than I can describe. I was more terrified than I know how to express. It was exhilarating.

A year ago, I sat in a room way up high with a view overlooking my new city with the other new surgery interns while the senior residents gave lectures about what to expect, how to tie knots, the pointy knife is a #11 blade and the round one is a #10.

I believed them desperately through my terror as they said, “intern year is so fun,” “I miss intern year,” “you’re going to have the time of your life.”

I believed them, but I shouldn’t have.

Intern year was not fun. It was not the time of my life. It was hard. It was miserable. I will not miss it.

I started the beginning of the year off service on ortho and urology. Off service, AKA where they don’t have to care about you. I worked insane hours reducing fractures without appropriate supervision and answering the multiple pagers I was carrying at once. I didn’t step foot inside of an OR. I literally physically felt like I was drowning. I seriously wondered if I had made a mistake in choosing surgery.  I sobbed on the phone to my husband on more than one occasion.

Then I went into the SICU for two months straight. In House of God, the narrator likes the ICU because it’s easy – just a bunch of numbers and formulas, no “real” medicine. The truth in this is dumbfounding. The SICU became comfortable quickly and I got good at it quickly and I got bored of it quickly. At the end of two months, I could practically adjust a ventilator or pressors or tube feeds in my sleep. My opinion was valued highly by the attendings on rounds (which – kill me – lasted 2-3 hours every morning), but outside of rounds, the fellows viewed me as a note-writing scut machine. The saving grace was that I had a lot of time to be able to teach the medical students rotating through the SICU.

In October, I finally got to join my people in general surgery when I rotated on to our colorectal service – a notoriously busy and hectic rotation with demanding attendings. After the serious learning curve that was adjusting to being back in the surgical world, I actually had a pretty good month. My team was amazing - we all worked hard, often laughed together til we cried, and had a blast teaching our awesome med students we had that month. Though I was still terrified of being a doctor, scared of the OR even as much as I loved it, and learning how to navigate the hierarchy that is the world of surgery, I could feel myself easing in. It felt awesome.

With November came surg onc with it’s own set of challenges. I lost my first patient – I will never forget the image of him hemorrhaging out of his mouth with fear in his eyes.  I told his mother by myself while my chief was in the operating room that her son had died unexpectedly. It ripped me to pieces and I lost sleep over it for a long time, but my colleagues (interns all the way up to chiefs) rallied behind me.

December was vascular surgery. Vascular has a reputation of being the hardest rotation of intern year, and there is a very good reason for that reputation. If there is a hell, it is being an intern on vascular surgery for eternity. The hours were truly brutal, the patients sick/dying, the leadership totally absent, the attendings not only mean but unethical and immoral. Winter descended so it was dark when I went to work and dark when I left. It was cold. The stress of the ABSITE hung over me always. The stench of dead feet never left my nose. I was often relegated to assisting on angios for days at a time with an attending who is notorious for not letting residents do anything except hold wires. Vascular broke me. I was desperate for anything but vascular by the time to new year rolled around.

The new year brought with it my happy place – our public city hospital. The atmosphere was more laid back, the attendings seemed to truly value resident input, I saw a lot of true general surgery (gall bladders and appys and hernias galore!). The patients (90% of whom speak no English) were incredibly grateful to their care team. I took consults as an intern, which was a really fun learning experience, even if it was exhausting at times.  It was here that I truly began to become comfortable in the operating room as the attendings let me stand on the patient’s right side. The ABSITE came and went. Six weeks there flew by and then I was whisked back to our mother ship for six weeks on our program director’s service.

Six weeks with my program director was stressful, as anticipated, but what truly killed me slowly over that six weeks was the amount of scut I was doing. By this time in the year, I was finally coming into my own as a doctor. At the beginning of the year I hadn’t minded scut – I didn’t know how to be a doctor so I was happy to just take direction and be useful however I could. By February, I was good for more than just transporting patients and prescribing medications to patients the senior residents had operated on because the seniors couldn’t be bothered to do it. It began to eat me up. And not just me – my classmates felt the same way. But we were totally helpless, literally everyone had more power than us. Morale was low.

April came and I spent a second month on colorectal. The level of scut was out of control, and on top of it all my cointerns would often comment that our already difficult-to-please chief was harder on me than anyone else.  Outside of the OR, I was miserable, but inside of the OR, I finally found something I was actually really good at (though I probs should not admit that I am very, very good at sewing inside of an asshole). My confidence blossomed, which did not help the misery of being stuck doing “intern work.”

May was a nice wind-down-to-vacation month as I rotated on plastic surgery. I always work hard, but it was nice not to have any real expectations since I’m not “one of them.” It was relaxed. Everyone was so happy and so nice (residents AND attendings)! The chief never yelled if someone was late to rounds because they’d been stuck in the hospital til 2am, residents would scrub into ORs they weren’t assigned to to help speed along the surgery so everyone could go home at a reasonable time, my weekend calls were home calls. I think I only transported one patient all month. I was treated like a resident more than an intern.

The chiefs graduated at the end of May. I won a teaching award at the banquet.  I celebrated with my cointerns who have become family, each one of them with their strengths and quirks, each one of them with their special home in my heart.

June – sweet, sweet June. After going 11 months without more than 2 days off in a row, June finally came and with it came vacation. I walked out of the hospital (late, of course) on the last day of May and literally did not look back. And now here I am.  

A year ago, I sat in a room way up high with a view overlooking my new city with the other new surgery interns while the senior residents gave lectures about what to expect, how to tie knots, the pointy knife is a #11 blade and the round one is a #10.

I believed them desperately through my terror as they said, “intern year is so fun,” “I miss intern year,” “you’re going to have the time of your life.” They were wrong.

But what they were right about was, “ you will form incredible friendships this year,” “you will grow so much,” “in a year, you won’t believe where you started and how far you have come.”

I adore my surgery residency family, especially my co-interns. I have grown into a doctor, the beginnings of a surgeon. And I truly can’t believe I got here from where I started. It has been a harder journey than I had ever imagined, but here I am, after it all, standing upright. Here I am, ready to continue hurtling forward.

mini andrews ; archie andrews & reggie mantle

fandom ; riverdale

summary/request ; being stuck on a bench in the cold sucks but maybe it gets a little better when you have someone to keep you company.

word count ; 782

character count ; 4,452

estimated reading time ; 2 minutes, 50 seconds

warnings ;  slight bughead bashing, slight angst

author’s note ; bella andrews is 12-13

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this is for @ilgaksu for her biiiiirthday <3

“What the fuck is with you today, Minyard?” Wilson asks, somewhere between aggressive and honestly puzzled as he picks himself off of the floor.

Andrew shrugs, aware it barely shows under his bulky gear, and says, “Try harder.”

The ball’s already long gone down the other end of the court, cleared by Andrew with one hard swing. Wilson, scowling, turns and jogs back towards his backliner mark for this scrimmage. 

“Don’t break them,” Cooper says. She sounds amused from her position as Andrew’s other backliner, and more relaxed than usual. That’s probably because Andrew’s doing her job for her. “We don’t have enough game-ready strikers on the roster for you to start injuring them just because you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

“Don’t let them get so close, if you’re concerned,” he replies, all boredom. Playing goalie means he doesn’t see much contact, but when they’re in his territory offence are fair game.

They might only be trying to get closer to the goal because shooting from a distance isn’t working out so well for them today. They can’t complain though - stopping goals is what the Rebels signed Andrew for. 

He left Neil warm and not quite awake in his bed for this practice. They better make it worth his while. 

“I notice you’re not denying that you’re in a bad mood,” Cooper calls, though her attention is already back on the ball. Andrew doesn’t bother to respond. This team is already overly invested in making friends with Andrew, and talking to them only seems to encourage them, no matter what he says.

He turns aside four more attempts at scoring before Rawlins knocks twice on the door to signal a change over, calling Andrew’s side off the court. He’s the last one out, which earns him the sole focus of the defensive coach.

“Good work,” Rawlins says. He’s a man of few words, which makes him considerably less annoying than most of the Rebels. “Your visitor’s up in the stands.”

Said visitor already has the attention of the rest of Andrew’s teammates, who are looking and muttering amongst themselves. They’re probably wondering whether he’s here to scout out their strategies. That’s ridiculous, because there’s no way Neil Josten can score on Andrew if he doesn’t let him.

Andrew hangs up his racquet on the rack and heads up into the stands, removing his gloves and helmet as he goes. Neil’s slouched in a seat about ten rows up, his feet up on the plastic back of the seat in front of him. He looks up at Andrew from underneath his eyelashes as he approaches.

Andrew gets a sudden and vivid sense memory of Neil this morning, fingers curled into Andrew’s shirt and his sleepy insistence that Andrew go to practice like his hands and mouth weren’t the things keeping him right there.

“Hey,” Neil says. His expression is characteristically serious, but his easy posture and the pink marks that Andrew left on his throat last night make him look younger than he is.

“I thought you were staying in bed,” Andrew says. Neil said that this morning: I’ll still be right here when you get back, with a luxurious little stretch against Andrew’s sheets. 

Neil shrugs. “I got bored. Thought I’d come over and watch for a while. They were pretty casual about it.”

They would be - management knows about Neil. “So, are you feeling entertained now?” 

Neil reaches out and hooks a finger into Andrew’s jersey, pulling the fabric taut between them. Andrew can just about feel the attention of his teammates narrowing onto that very over-familiar action. 

From anyone else, it would be teasing. Neil’s face is ridiculously earnest when he says, “You’re playing really well.”

Andrew would roll his eyes if it weren’t for the gleaming intensity in Neil, the trace of heat that means I like you like this. Stupid as the reason for it is, Andrew likes that expression on Neil’s face.

“Yo, Minyard! Bring it in,” someone yells from the bench. Andrew doesn’t spare them a glance.

“Are you going to introduce me?” Neil asks, moving to stand like Andrew’s yes is a given. If Andrew were a liar, he’d say that’s the reason he puts his free hand on Neil’s chest to hold him in his seat.

“Not likely,” he says, and when Neil tilts his head back, mouth open like he’s going to speak, Andrew kisses him instead. Neil makes a muffled mmph! before going pliant and sweetly welcoming, his fingers in Andrew’s jersey just like a few hours earlier.

He’s rosy-cheeked when Andrew pulls back. There are several brave catcalls and the sound of hammering feet from below, which just serves to prove that all Exy players have a death wish. Fortunately for them, when Neil throws them a heavy-lidded glance and the corner of his mouth twitches, Andrew isn’t quite so interested in killing them.

Soft as Neil can be, there’s a very hard edge to the smugness of that smirk.

promises | john shelby

anon requested reader being super pregnant and john dealing with the kids

John took his time down the street, racing what was left of his cig to the door. He’d promised he wouldn’t smoke while you were pregnant but after the week he’d had he needed something on the way back. Being stuck in the van with the rest of the lads, none of who had promises to keep of their own, was torture. So he’d bummed one off Tommy with a strict warning that he wouldn’t tell his wife about the smoke unless he wanted his wife to know about the grave they’d had to dig.

The trip had been a clusterfuck to say the least, but it had ended well, and the business was sorted. The last bit of business before the baby was due. He was a free man now, for at least a couple of months, no big deals coming their way. Just day-to-day. Practically the 9-5 office job he’d planned on when you first got married. Almost.

“I promise you a boring life after this last job”. Broken.

“I promise you no more kids after this last one”. Broken.

“I promise I won’t smoke after this last one”. Broken.

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(Translation) Calling Bloom vol. 3 + tokuten

Calling Bloom vol. 3  (R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Kitayama Kyousuke

T/N: Commissioned! There were some hiccups along the way I’m so sorry but thanks for the commission! Stellaworth and Hobigirls tokuten are included after the main CD, and you can CTRL/CMD-F to skip to the tokuten.

Ok, the plot is kinda strange, you might go wha-? at first but I’ll explain later at the end of the post.

Actually, I really like this dude lmao! He’s adorable with all his stuttering and slightly awkward moments. Too cuteeee no no no i don’t have a type what do are you talking about

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Midnight Singing {College! AU?}
  • Pairing: Doyoung X Reader
  • Genre: Fluff; College! Au???; Bulleted Scenario
  • Request: “Hola amiga! Can I request a fluffy scenario where Kdy hears reader sing an aria (a song from an opera) and he really likes it, so he wants to get closer to the reader? Eventually they fall for each other? Thanks and have a great day honey” - @trashforyugyeom
  • Word Count: 716
  • Summary: In which your beautiful voice leads to a beautiful new relationship.

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Miles Wood - Needy

Originally posted by adamhenriques

Request: “ Hi! Can you please do a Miles Wood imagine of how y/n is busy on the phone and Miles is in a needy mood so he tries everything to distract her and get her away from the phone. Then he tries cuddling with her and massaging her and kissing her on the neck and it starts to work and y/n tries to ignore him as much as she can but she fails and ends the call and gives in to him! Thanks!

This is a very detailed request and quite frankly I’m living for it.

Warnings: None!

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