i got bored so instead of art major work i doodled these

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Clarke/Lexa fic where one of them either texts a random number or finds the others number in a book or on the bathroom stall in a school (or anywhere) and they start texting it. Turns out the number they texted turns out to be the other one. They don't know who the other is. They both text each other until they finally meet each other millions of texts later?

Clarke wouldn’t say that she was proud of herself. Hiding in the boys bathroom stall to avoid her friends wasn’t the highlight of her day. Actually, her whole day had been one step downhill after the other so she couldn’t be too surprised that she ended up here. Here being, sitting in the public bathroom, feet tucked up on the closed seat underneath her, and playing with her phone. Here also being the mental state of fuck fuck fuck and fuck my life and I probably deserve this. She could hear Octavia’s voice outside and distracted herself with the bathroom graffiti. 

gry waz here. Succinct, to the point. She’d give it two stars for that at least. The constellation design on the other wall was pretty - three out of five. The crass poetry was kind of genius, though rhyming dick with thick was kind of boring and she could have done better. It was the number written in bold black that caught her attention though and the message underneath made her frown.

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